Dear Justin,: A Justin Bieber One Shot

Lily’s POV

The fall leaves that had fallen from the beautiful maple trees around me twirled in the slow breezing wind, like miniture tornados all around me. The sky was close to twilight so a pink beam shaded over the usual blueness, causing an orange glow to light my path home. I was doing my best to not trip over my black converse in each dip of the broken cracks of cement in the sidewalk, my hands were shoved in the small pockets of my sweater to keep me from tracing along the nearby bark of trees. Thats what I did to pass the time on my way home from school, but it was too cold to have my bare skin out in the open crisp air. I know what your thinking… what is she doing walking home from school if its already alteast past 7:30 pm? Well as usual I had detention today. This time it was for causing trouble with ‘Bella’ the school’s little princess. Yeah, yeah, maybe her daddy who was the headmaster’s, little princess.
News flash: Bella’s a bitch.
Just like all the rest of the rich snobs that lived in my tiny town. Hardly called a town if you ask me. More like a gated community of pyschopathic adults with too much money for their own good, so they spoil they’re demon kids and shower them with $100 bills. Some call me an outcast, rebel, loser, geek if you must but I was none of those things. Okay maybe a bit of an outsider, but I just didnt fit in cause I didnt dress in designer clothing and my house wasnt exactly in a proper neighborhood for their liking but guess what? Thats life! Its a bitch, and it hates me so yeah I wouldnt have the perfect world like they do.
A smile, well a smile for me considering I didnt smile that often so it was more like the sides of my mouth curved in an upward motion slighty, crept to my face when Down To Earth by Justin Bieber came blasting in my ears from my head buds; drowning out Beautiful by Eminem. This song was amazing, and it fit me so well. Kinda…it was mostly just his voice and the intruments. I loved it.
Like the ‘mommy you were always somewhere, and daddy I live out of town’ part, that fits me sorta in a round about way. You see my mom is always somewhere, like a bar or some strange guys house instead of off working a normal job like Pattie was. And my dad does live out of town. Out of state. Out of country. Out of life. He’s dead. He blew his fucking head off with a shotgun when I was 12 years old and he found out my mother was cheating on him. Worst part?

He did it in my room at the edge of my bed at 1:37 am. His brains and gush went all over my sleeping face, imagine my suprise when I woke up to a gun shot and find the headless body of the only person who ever cared for me. So it wasnt exactly like Jeremy but close enough… Anyway life moves on, just like my mom did. Maybe thats why everyone at school stares at me like I have a whore as a mother. Wait I do? Oh, yeah I do. She works the bars Monday through Sunday from the time she wakes up to the time she comes home to change her clothes and check to see if im somewhat alive. Like she cares.
I sang along in my head till I reached the dead brown grass of my front yard, forgetting the broken path to the porch I cut threw it and headed straight for the backdoor since it was the one that didnt have a lock. My so called mom, Patricia, would lock the front door and then be so wasted and high that she’d forget to leave me a key for when I got home from my public school. So backdoor it was, then straight to the kitchen to open my empty fridge as if to double check that there was no food. Again. My stomach growled in protest to the nothing that sat on the shelves so I just slammed it shut and went to the closet next to the front door. I had a secret stash of cookies that I stole when she passed out last week, hidden beneath the loose floorboards. After snatching them in my skinny hands my feet slowly made their way to my small room on the other side of the smallest house in the world, to shut my door which had one hinge broken just to realize that the bag was empty and a note was in there. It read, in very sloppy handwriting I might add,

‘Nice try Lola. Next time go out and buy your own food, I dont have the money to feed you too.’

Wonderful isnt she? And she couldnt even get my name right!
Running my fingers in my dark brown, almost black, hair I tossed the wrapper on the nearest object that was next to me and let out an angered groan.”Effin A!” a few salty tears snuck their way down my cheeks from the pain in my chest. Not from the hunger, but from the feeling of being unwanted. Un-cared for. It was the worst feeling anbody could endure…and it was controlling me the majority of my life. Looking around frantically I saw it and bit my lip hard to stop even more tears from streaming, then jumped on the old mattress that was on the floor as my bed. My precious laptop.
My dad had gotten it for me when I was 11 so it was a bit outdated but who cares? This was bank for me, and even the junkie neighbors could afford wireless internet so score one for Lily! Steal that and I was ready to go. And by go I mean go automatically to facebook. Yeah I get it, why do I need a facebook? One reason and one reason only… I could send longer messages to Justin Bieber through here than I can through twitter. And by messages, I mean my daily ones… the daily ones.
He was my own personal therapist. A bad one at that,considering he’d never ever replied or atleast took notice to me. I know he probably didnt see my stupid complaining letters telling him of my life, all my problems, and how him as a person has helped me. In a way I couldnt describe it, my feelings for him. Technically we have never known eachother due to the fact that I didnt know him personally… but it felt like I knew him. Like I can understand him. Of coarse I wouldnt dare to repeat that to any human who had ears, did you get how corny and obsessive that sounds? I mean I love him…alot. But im not IN love with him… but it sure damn does feel like it. Whenever I see him or hear his voice my heart automatically quickens and for once I feel, safe. He makes me feel all warm inside and all my worries dissapear. Dear Lord listen to me! Im talking like an actual girl, not the piece of dirt I am. I am trash. I am invisible. And I have nobody…
Everytime my shaky fingers hit the keyboard though I can’t stop myself, I just pour out all my feelings to him as if we were bestfriends. The reason I sent him all these messages even though I know for a fact that he doesnt see them or doesnt care about me, is because I know im dying. Not just on the inside but on the outside too, physically. The diet I was suppose to be getting since I had diabetes was way off the charts and my blood sugar was low it almost hit negative numbers, my living enviroment was less than healthy and I was starving to death. Soon I would dead. Just like my father. And this wasnt exactly a bad thing. A part of me couldnt wait to see him on ‘the other side’ so if my body didnt go naturally in a few days then I would take control of the situation myself.


The word made it sound more creepy than it was. Still it scared me, what way should I take? I could always do the old fashioned noose around my neck and hang myself but that was so predictable. Over dose? This sounded tempting, my mom had plenty of pills I could take from her room…
Pills it was but only if it came to that.
Anyway atleast now nobody could say that I didnt try to get help. I talked to Justin. But he was too caught up in his fame to take notice to my repeating and daily messages. Either way it made me feel at peace in that area so thats all that matters. As each second passed my heart broke more and I became more depressed from my realization of how pathetic I was. Sending pitiful messages to some popstar who could care less. My hands went up to my head, rubbing my eyes gently trying to stay awake. Suddenly I felt light headed and dizzy, sleep was sounding more and more delicious. Thats what I wanted. A never ending sleep. When I slept I dreamed, when I dreamed I had Justin and others who loved me in my arms, and thats what I want more than anything else in the world. To just feel loved.

The depression was too deep in my skin, it was taking over me. All at once it felt as if darkness filled my lungs and body, I couldnt breathe. It was as if my soul left my body and was watching from the sidelines as I typed my very last message to Justin Bieber…

Dear Justin,

I cant take it anymore. I have nothing in the world for me anymore, im all alone. You have no idea how proud I am of you, for doing something with your life. You are so very talented and I wish I had the persistance in life to make something of myself but I dont. My grades have slowly been slipping like Ive mentioned before and I now know that college isnt an option for me. Without a scholorship and thats even if I finish high school. Which I wont. Before I leave I just want you to know that this will be my last message to you. Thank you so much for giving me hope enough that ive made it this far but im sorry, I cant do it anymore. The darkness has taken over me and I feel nothing now. Im holding on to my last thread of love to write this to you. Please forgive me and know that I love you so much. You’ve helped me more than I can say by just being yourself. Stay true and dont forget where you came from.

My Last Goodbye,

The cold metal of a razor blade was being held in my fingers. When did I get this? I dont know but the only thing I wanted right now was just for it all to be over. The pills would take too long to kick in, I needed to end this now. My knees buckled and my legs shook as I inched it closer to my wrist, letting hot tears run down my face in an endless river of bleakness. My face was burning red hot from the sobs erupting in my chest and I cried out loud taking one last glance around my room. The peeling paint, ripped carpet, and all too familiar mess of trash littered all across the ground.
As if I was under water a very strange pounding noise was echoeing and I thought it was my heart beating in my ears until I realized someone was knocking on my front door. Just fucking great. That bitch was home and she lost her key so she couldnt open the door! Her presence was a reminder of my life and it gave me a new found motivation of wanting it all to go away. I wasnt sure if I was still crying from my mental pain or if I was balling my green eyes out cause I had just slid the razor over my left wrist, quickly switching hands to watch the sensative skin be split in half and dark oozing blood rush from the slice of my right wrist. There wasnt enough oxygen around me so my knees hit the floor and I just layed down, gasping for more air watching my body go pale from loss of blood.
Taking my last breath of air that Id been saving I let out the loudest, most painful, and amplifying scream anybody could hear.
Before I could close my eyes I saw about three people rush into my room, their warm blood filled bodies touching mine in a worried frenzy. And last but not least a teenage boy stood beneath my broken door frame, his gorgeous brown orbs watering as he ran one hand through his silky Bieber cut hair.

Justin Bieber.

I must be in heaven…

Beep. Beep. Beep.
What the hell was that annoying sound? It wasnt suppose to be like this in heaven, where was my dad?
My eyelids fluttered open in a groggy rush. A white roof stared at me, with swirls like water waves as the texture of it. Blinking a few more times I diverted my eyes to my sides, taking in the butterfly curtains and heavy machines all around me. The aroma of strong alcohol traveled up my nostrils giving my brain a burning sensation which caused me to wrinkle my nose. An idiot could tell where I was.

The hospital.

My throat was so dry and sandy that I knew not to try to speak. My lips were so dry, I ran my tongue along them in an attempt to wet them. Fail. It wasnt until the stinging feeling flared in both my wrist that I noticed a male figure leaning on my bed, his head rested on my thigh while his left hand held my right one in it firmly. He was sleeping. And it was quite a beautiful scene I should say, my heart warmed and I felt safe. Suddenly he opened his eyes and inclined his head up to look at me, wiping the slight drool off his mouth with his free hand.
“Lily?” an angels voice rang in my ears. It was even more breathtaking in person and by breathtaking I literally mean that. After seconds passed I remembered to breathe, gasping slightly then choking on my rough throat.
Okay.. calm yourself. This is only a dream, or im dead. Either way, just play it cool.”Am I dead?” my voice was barely a whisper and at first I thought he didnt hear me but then he scooted closer to me and a gorgeous smile came on his plump lips.
“No, your not. Thank God.” he chuckled then looked at me very seriously and took my hand in both of his. Both my wrist were wrapped tightly in a white cloth type material.”You tried to kill yourself…”
My eyes wandered around the room, acting like it was rude to look at him.”Is this real?”
A puzzled expression came on his face.”Why wouldnt it be?”
“Because your Justin Bieber and I dont know why your here…” I stated with a grimace. This wasnt real. I was dead or these drugs were really kicking themselves into my nerve system.
After taking a breath he smiled wide.”I got your messages Lily. And Im so sorry for what you’ve had to go through but… its over. Your safe now.”
My brows pulled together on my forehead. This couldnt be happening. This wasnt real and I was about to wake up to find myself alone in a hospital, or maybe this was some kind of test to see if I was going to heaven? Maybe I really was dead…
At a loss for words, I was speechless. I didnt know what to say so I just sat there in my hospital bed, looking at him like he was an alien. Was it possible that this was really happening? Could he have gotten my messages?
His face came near mine, so close that I felt his warm and moist breath on my cheek. He smelled delicious.”Lily…” he whispered with a slight grin before pecking my cheek.”I love you… and your not alone. Im here.”
My heart hammered in my chest. By the sound of his voice he wasnt talking about being IN love but it was sincere enough that I could tell he was telling the truth. He loved me…

Somebody loved me…


I Love The Way You Lie: A Justin Bieber One Shot

Made by Ex_Belieber

from FanFic


Scarlett slammed the taxi cab’s door with such force that she thought the window might break from under the pressure, and then clicked her heels vigirously against the grey concrete ground with her glossy peach lips pursed into a cracking tight line and her eyebrows furrowed into the middle of her forehead making her have a pouty type of look, while headed straight for the front door to their home. Justin’s Range Rover plowed into the driveway directly after her, so fast that he nearly bumped into the almost scratched white metal garage door, and he swung his body quickly out his door looking a bit aggitated from having to follow her all the way home instead of working out their problems while calmly driving back to the expensive house that he was now paying for, of course, for her. He wanted her to have the best. Thats why he was so annoyed by her anger towards him.
“Scar, can we please talk about this?” he urged her while chasing towards the door in hopes that he’d get there before her and stop the entrance from being opened.
The late teen’s lips didnt tremble at all. She felt confident that she was right and was gonna prove it, her boyfriend for three years now (going on marriage), had been late to dinner for the fourth time in a row and Scarlett could no longer hold in the hatred that exploded all over inside her. He’d done things like this for the past few months now. Giving him the most seriously angry face she could, her lips barely moved to mutter a ‘no’ then she flung the door open and stormed through the framework and into the entrance hall of their home.
Justin followed her inside and then shut the door lightly behind him while taking off his blazer and hanging it on the coat rack, annoyed.”I dont understand why your so mad over this, I said I was sorry at least twenty times already.” He was wearing dark blue skinny jeans, but not too tight, with black converse and white V neck T-shirt that had just been underneath the black blazer, that now hung on the rack.
“But you dont even mean it!” she exploded setting her purse down on the edge of their tan couch and tossing her long soft brown curls behind her back.”Thats the fourth time Justin! And all you can say is ‘your sorry’ and that ‘you forgot'” she mocked him scrunching her eyebrows in frustration. Forgot was an understatement. He had left her waiting at the resturaunt for two hours worrying about him, the first time, and then when she got home she found him safely in bed sleeping. The second time he had to work late and it ‘slipped his mind’ to tell her not wait for him at the theatre, the third time which happend to have her parents included, he had went to hang out with his friends totally forgetting her once again. This last time she had only waited half an hour, already guessing that he ‘forgot’ again like his new upcoming schedule.
“Of course I mean it Scarlett!” he half shouted and used her full name. This meant business if he was using her full name, because he never did even when they were friends at a young age. It was always Scar.”Work has been hectic lately and my mind is forgetting things, I’m sorry!”
“Shut up!” she shrieked now standing in the hallway heading to their huge bedroom.”Just shut up! Im sick and tired of hearing your pathetic apologies!”
“Well I’m sorry,” he retorted sarcastically and followed her quickly trying to make up to her but it just seemed to make her angrier.
Manicured nails went up to reach the headband in Scarlett’s hair, tugging it out and tossing it onto the bed.”Look Justin, this has been going on for months and I cant take it anymore..”
His lower lip trembled slightly so he bit it to stop the sudden emotion.”What are you saying?”
Her clear green eyes met his brown chocolate orbs in a powerful gaze, searching for something that she didnt know she wanted. The green eyes began to simmer with the tears and Scarlett looked down at her black boots anxiously, debating whether she really wanted to say these words.”Im leav-“
“Dont you say that!” he almost yelled but the sadness in his voice cracked and it sounded more like a loud whimper. When he woke up this morning or even when he was on his drive home, following her, he hadnt honestly thought that she would actually leave him. Ever.”Please…dont say it..”
“Justin,” she looked up to see his eyes begin to water and it only made her more confident with her choice…almost.”I dont deserve this kind of treatment. Im leaving.”
“No, your not.” he asserted quickly in an attempt to convince her and himself that she didnt mean what she had just spoken.
“Yes I am.” Scarlett spoke with defiance in her voice.”You cant tell me what to do-” but her sentence was not finished. A loud pop echoed through the walls of their cream colored room and her left cheek began to stinge with pain, tracing down to the corner of her lip. Startled female hands went to her face and felt liquid seeping out of her own plump lip…blood. His engagement ring had busted it open.
Tears now poured out the creases of her eyes from physical pain and Scar stared straight into the eyes of her fiance that were now filled with regret.”Y-you s-sl-slapped…” she couldnt seem to find her voice to finish the statement.
His hands came out in front of him in a surrender type look,”Scar im so sorry..I didnt mean to..” and then he went to cup her face in his hands but she had yelped in fear and turned around quickly to dodge into their bathroom, locking the door tightly and sliding down on the floor against it, letting hot salty tears caress her cheeks.
“Scarlett!” Justin yelled in a pained voice while chasing her but missing the door by seconds, so he pounded on it with his hand and fist halfway gentle.”Baby please, im sorry! I didnt mean to!”
He truly hadnt meant to hit her. Intentionally. One second he was heartbroken from her words and then something, a power, took over him and swallowed him in anger. He remembered thinking that she wouldnt and couldnt leave him. Justin could not allow it. He loved her, more than anything in the world.
“Im sorry Scar…” he moaned sliding down the door, also, to speak more clearly.”Baby…im sorry..”
Scarlett couldnt speak. Her voice was lost in her feelings, she couldnt believe he had slapped her. Loud sobs erupted from her throat unforcefully and she hiccuped through her tears with a flushed face.
“Baby, please, Scar come out of the bathroom. Im sorry. I promise it was an accident and I’ll never do it again.” he whispered alluringly through the door and put his hand on the door before slipping his other hand to the carpet and shoving three fingers underneath the door in desperation that she saw them and believed him, he sighed and held his breath.
She coughed mechanically and then saw his long fingers slip from the other side of the door, almost scooting away from them but then memories of when they first met and when they first kissed, first made love, and when he proposed to her flashed her mind in confusing hot waves. Scarlett loved him more than anything in the world and the thought of being away from Justin permantley scared her. Thats why when she had said she was leaving she didnt truly mean that, just that she would go to her friends house for a couple days to cool off and then come crawling back to him.
“Scar…” he said seriously and slightly wiggled the fingers.”Im so sorry. I love you, baby.”
Inhaling strongly she touched her bloody lip and panicked but then layed her eyes on the engagement ring…
ignoring the feeling in her gut and the screaming in her head she went with her heart and layed her small two fingers on top of his, intertwining them together slowly.”I love you too, Justin.”
He smiled widely at her words and felt her let go, standing up quickly as he did the same then her petite frame came crashing out of the door and into his warm embrace. Justin wrapped his masculine arms around her waist, lifting her off the ground a couple inches in a hug.”Im sorry, love. Forgive me?” he pleaded with deep serenity.
“Yeah..” she sniffled and nuzzled into his neck with a small smile.

A Part Of Him: Justin Bieber Oneshot

Made by Ex_Belieber

from FanFic



Ivy’s POV

My heart pounded in my chest as I slunched in the plastic school chair uncomfortably. Last period of the day and then I was free, free to depart from the boredom of school and into the arms of my beloved boyfriend Justin Bieber. It was no question that we were hanging out after school, like we did every other blessed day.
Justin and I were ‘that one couple’ every school has where you can just tell they were meant for eachother, you know. Inseperable, head over heels in love, but most of all I think what effected us the most was that we were bestfriends. Of coarse we had a romantic relationship but he was the most important person in my life, and we had no secrets. Bestfriends forever. Anything that he could hear I could hear too, vice versa.
“Psst Ivy!” my friend Jackie hissed, chucking a wooden pecil at my tanned forehead causing it to get stuck in my blondish brown hair which hung in wide curls down my back, midway. Jackie was my bestfriend that was a girl, but as always Justin came first. We connected better.
Keeping my eyes ahead to the front of the class my mouth moved slightly.”What?”
“You wanna hangout after school today?” her husky voice asked with a hint of prepared annoyance hidden in it.
The teacher, , pivotted around to write on the chalk board and that distracted me for a second. I hated the dreadful sound it made while a person wrote vigirously on it, but soon I snapped back to reality and inclined my head to her. “I can’t. Justin and I are chilling at his place.”
“Oh I see… screwing your boyfriend, who you are with everyday I might add, is more important than your bestfriend?” her voice rose an octave higher but was soon drowned out by the bell ringing. Signaling that my fellow students and I had survived another day.

The tic tac sized comment sunk into my head like a sponge. Screwing? Yeah maybe that was what everybody thought we did, and blamed that for our healthy relationship but it wasnt.
You see Im still a virgin, and so is Justin. We’ve both decided to wait until marriage which I planned would be with him. Someday.
“Thats not what we do.” I replied heat pulling to my cheeks as I scooped my homework in my side bag and headed out of the classroom with her on my tail.

Justin’s POV

I beamed as my feet lightly bounced against the marble flooring, as usual I was heading to Ivy’s last period to wait outside the door. Oh man… Ivy.
Ivy Graham was my senior girlfriend, as I am as well. But she wasnt just my girlfriend, she was my bestfriend. The most important thing in my entire existance, more valuable than anything God could ever create for me. All my friends, such as Ryan Butler, said that I was whipped. And maybe I am but if I was then im glad, only if its by Ivy though. Anything that had anything to do with her was amazing, only that doesnt include her being hurt or upset.


Speaking of her being upset, my stomach tossed from anxiety. What was I suppose to do about my little issue? Was I making the right decision? Creasing my forehead in wrinkles I sighed drastically and the bell rang loudly, echoeing throughout the halls.
“Ivy?” I barely whispered licking my lips from excitement at her face. And not in a pervy way at all, not that I didnt think of her in ‘that’ way. I did but it wasnt like the way Ryan and Chaz looked at girls… with lust. If I got those feelings it was because I knew I wanted it. With Ivy. No one else.
“Justin!” a beautiful smile lit up her face, causing small dimples to crinkle in her cheeks slightly.
My muscles tightened around her waist from my arms, enclosing her tiny frame into a warm embrace. Lifting her heels a few inches off the ground with huge grin riding my pale lips.”How was your day my love?”
“Not too dreadful, but I missed you at lunch today.” she spoke wistfully as her feet hit the floor with a thud.
A painful twist squeezed my heart but I supressed it, still a frown pulled at the edges of my mouth.”I know… my mom needed me to come home and help her before she left for work.”
“Oh… is she okay?” her angelic voice asked like a harp.
“She’s perfectly fine.”
A forced smile came across my face but it didnt meet my eyes and she knew, her front white tooth chewed her plump bottom lip nervously.”Are you okay?”
“Im fantastic baby.”
Another pressured smile lightened the mood.”Wanna stop to get something to eat before we go to my place?”
Ivy’s arms draped around my shoulders, colliding our lips in a passionate kiss next to the stained grey lockers.”Sure.”

Ivy’s POV

Justin sat next to me in the driver’s seat of his old pickup truck, a pondering look written all over his Godlike face. My polished fingers pluckered absentmindedly at the plushed foam oozing out of a slice in his seat while my other hand held my drink to my lips, sipping often.
“Justin…are you hiding something from me?” I spoke as if this was casual pillow talk even though inside it was eating at me. Like I said Justin and I are bestfriends so I knew when he had something important on his mind and it bothered me deeply that he felt he couldnt talk to me about it.
A dazzling smile flashed his teeth and he relaxed in the seat, taking notice of my attention towards him.”Of coarse not. What makes you say that?”
I ignored his question and glanced out the window at the passing green trees, we were on our way out to his country home. Justin wasnt rich…at all. Dont get that statement wrong, its not like he goes hungry or anything but considering his mother Pattie is a single mom who has two jobs they werent exactly living it up like I was. And it made me feel so guilty when he refused my ‘donations’ as Justin called them but if they were ever behind on a bill I was always there to sneak a couple hundreds to Pattie under the dinner table while his eyes were on the well prepared food.
“Your eyes arent gentle like usual. Ive figured out, that on days when your worried your eye color hardens to a strange hazel color, as oppose to your natural brown.”
He scrutinized my face with caution, switching grips on the steering wheel.”Maybe you should stop worrying.” His eyes left the road briefly to gaze into mine, intently.”Ivy everything is fine.”
A warmness surrounded my heart at his voice. If he said not to worry then it couldnt be too bad, if anything. Flipping my head to get the bangs out of my face I grinned sheepishly.”Alright.”

Justin’s POV A smile covered my face as I watched Ivy swing my door open happily, with a giggle.”I love your house!”
“Why would you say something like that, when your house is three times the size of mine?” I wound my arms around her waist from behind to lead her through the hallway to my room. Annoyed squeals came from her mouth but she hugged my arms to her tighter, playing with the string on my rolled up cuffs.
“Because your house feels like home…” her smile was replaced with a grimace of horrible memories.
Immediatley I registered what she was talking about.”Parents fighting again?”
“Not too bad, they’re getting better or just not doing it in front of me anymore. Either way it doesnt matter… as long as I have you then im perfect.”
“You… are perfect.” I agreed with a slight grin. It was hard to be happy when I knew all the troubles that lay ahead were soon to be crashing down on me. And her. Well… maybe there was a way to keep this deal away from her attention. She didnt have to know, it would be better if she didnt feel the need to be guilty, but for that to work then I would have to have eveyone lie to her. How could I do that?
It melted my insides when Ivy blushed crimson then put one leg underneath her as she perched her amazing body on my messy bed.”Music?” she questioned batting her blue eyes at me, adorably.
“Yeah, sure.” my fingers rolled on my sterio to turn the volume up before I sank next to her on my bed, rubbing her arm softly.

Ivy’s POV

Justin’s fingertips stroked my arm giving goosebumps to my sensative skin. I transfixed my light blue ocean eyes to his purity ring. I had one too, just like it… remembering the day we both got it.


“How about this one?” I asked picking up a small silver ring, letting him examine it.
“How much?” was his immediate response. A sigh rose in my throat, impatiently.
My hands practiced the metal on my marriage finger, testingly.”Justin, money is not an issue. Do you like it?”
After clocking the price tag his eyes widened to me.”I dont have enough for that!”
It felt as if the world had been dumped on my shoulders, pinning me to a hard surface.”Im buying. What size do you wear?” then I directed my body to the cashier who had been eyeing us nervously. Especially Justin, since he wasnt exactly dressed in what their usual customers wore.”Two of this one please?”
Pain met his gorgeous chocolate eyes before he bit his lip, sighing then contining to tell me his ring size.

(end of flashback)

Ivy’s POV “So are you ready to move away from Pax Valley?” I questioned him, glancing around his room carefully. It was small, with just a bed and dresser against the oposite wall but somehow it felt safe. A nightstand with a broken leg perched on the side of his ruffled bed. Blankets scattered everywhere along with clothes and shoes. Justin’s bedroom was a mess… but I liked it. Definaltey the smell, a smile lit my lips at this thought. You’d think by the way it was organized that it would have a bad stench but no, it smelt of Justin’s cologne. Which was my weakness, the delicious scent always filled my nostrils whenever he was around and it made me want to just hug him 24/7.
He ignored my question and started plucking at the material of my shirt, gently. With his face distracted he stared into space,”You know whats funny? We live in Pax Valley… and in latin Pax means peace.” after a second of thinking he went on.”I guess its peaceful here. There’s never any murders or robberies. Children are safe.”
Angered by the fact that he was ignoring answering my questions today, I fixed myself on his chest and looked up at his upside down face with my hands cupped to his neck. He wasnt gonna do this to me again, we already had this conversation a million times but if push came to shove then it would be a million and one.”Baby your coming with me this summer. We both got accepted and were both going to the University!”
His eyes shut and he let out a breath of annoyance, these were the only fights we ever had.”You know I cant afford to go there, Ivy.”
“So your just gonna stay here, working at the diner for the rest of your life?”
“Its complicated-” he began but I shot upward and my brows narrowed.
“Dont even dare blame this on the whole ‘my mom needs me’ thing okay?” he looked to the side and I knew it hurt him for me to say that. Shit. Keeping my voice more calm I started again.”Justin… I can give your mom some money. If it helps she can pay me back later or she doesnt have to. Doesnt matter but whether you like it or not… your going to college.”
It confused me when he didnt have an annoyed or slightly upset face, but instead a perplexed expression blew my mind. What was he thinking about?
Forcefully, I crawled next to him and snuggled against his side.”I dont wanna fight…but going four years without you isnt an option. So if your stubborn enough to completley reject the mere idea of going to the University with me then…” twisting my fingers in his nervously I sighed in defeat.”I guess im going to Pax Valley community college so I can be near you…”
“What!” his head jerked down to glare at me suprised.”You’d give up going to the college you deserve because I cant go with you?”
“Well actually you can go, if I paid but since you refuse then… yes.”
“Why do you have to be so perfect?” he asked moving his hand up to hold my right cheek in his hand.
Pursing my lips, my eyes moved from his gorgeous orbs to his lips. Up and down for a minute of silence.”Kiss me?”
Justin’s eyes tweaked with confusion but he pressed his warm mouth to mine gently, only parting my lips a tiny bit. My arm wound around his neck as I sunk into the bed, pulling his body ontop of myself with ease. This was normal… we’d made out before.
Colorblind by Counting Crows played in the background softly and I had to admit that it helped the mood be a little more romantic.
A hot tongue pushed past my lips to fill my mouth in heated passion, and I hitched one leg to his waist while shoving my long skinny fingers into the depth of his soft hair. By now my heart was hammering in my chest, and I was sure he could feel it through our touching skin. My nerves thrilled me to go on… on to what though? Sex?
His mouth left mine and slid down my jawline to suck the crease of my neck, causing me to let out ragged gasps while trying to clear my mind but failing when his right hand traced around the back of my knee cap to hold my thigh against him strongly. An involuntary moan escaped my lips when I felt him rock hard on my leg. Right as my eye caught my left hand that was gripping at his headboard, a shiny silver ring winked at me.
My purity ring…
The staying pure till marriage was my idea. But when we got the rings, we already knew that someday it would be us. Together. Getting married. So if we both knew we were gonna be together for the rest of our lives then… why wait? A part of me kept screaming to do this, it was right for me to do this. ‘I am ready.’ from the song cooed in my ears, silently… I was ready.
Without taking a chance to hesitate my shaking fingers stepped down to my shirt and un-buttoned the first button, then the second. It took a second for Justin to get what I was doing so he pulled back a couple inches to look me straight in the face.
“Ivy, what are you doing?” he asked peaking at my slightly opened top before grabbing my wrist in his hands to stop me from taking my clothes off.
A breath released my lungs from the pressure that was accelerating down on me.”I dont want to wait anymore…I love you Justin Bieber. And I want to spend the rest of both our lives together.”
“But what about our pur-” he started but my finger went to his lips, shushing him.
“Shh…” inclining my neck to give his neck a quick peck, my mouth met his firmly before pulling back to smile at him.
An answering grin crinkled in his cheeks, and he stroked my face with his thumb.”I love you too Ivalyn Graham.”
Wincing at my full name I giggled and then crashed our lips together again. Until then I hadnt taken notice of how huge his bulge that poked me through his ripped jeans, was. Thats when the nervousness sunk itself into me, this was my first time. But… this was Justin’s first time too so when he flashed me a shaky smile it made me feel better.
Reaching for his belt, I kissed him with all the passion my body could hold.

After doing my last button to my shorts I reached my hand around to cup my own neck, smiling. Justin lounged on his bed comfortably, watching me get dressed intently for he was already fully clothed.
Slipping on my shoes I strattled his legs and wrapped my arms around his neck, searching for something to say. At a loss for words I kissed his mouth tenderly.
“That was amazing.” he said almost inaudioable.
Blushing I ducked my head in his shoulder then went back up to kiss him once again.”You were amazing…”
“Wanna go see Ryan?” he grinned against my lips, enclosing his arms around my waist.
“Mmmhhm.” I agreed with a nod before standing up, intertwining our fingers. We were both a bit sweaty still and I hoped that it would go away before I had to visit friends in town. Though by the looks of the gray clouds overhead… heat wasnt a problem.
Once we started driving to town in his pickup it gave me time to think about what just happend. He took my virginity. And I took his. Wow it was magical, unlike anything I could ever describe.
“Should I take off my purity ring?” I asked quietly, shooting a glance in his direction.
Justin sat still for a moment, thinking hard.”No.” he finally answered.”Just think of it more as a promise ring now.”
A cute smile played on his beautiful lips, so I gave him one back. He was my world and a promise ring meant he promised to be there for the rest of my life. We would get married and grow old together.
“Promise you’ll keep that promise?” my voice cracked from the smile on my face.
“I promise.”
Hand in hand Justin and I walked up the rocky steps to Ryan’s front door. Ryan’s house was normal sized with bricks as walls, Id always loved the huge garden he had wrapping around his porch and the stone pathway leading to the sidewalk. My boyfriend knocked on it with a fist then kissed me, smiling.
Sadly I had to pull away when a water droplet splash on my tanned cheek.”Oh no. Its starting to rain!” I complained having a stare down with Justin’s truck that was parked on the other side of the street.
He licked his lips as his brows furrowed pondering, taking a step to look out at the upcoming rain.”Here. Take my keys and wait in the truck for me, I’ll only be a minute.”
“Thanks.” I muttered and pecked his lips one last time before jumping off the porch with his keys in my hand, my heels clicked rapidly on the hard ground. The rain was sprinkling down now and I faintly heard Justin say my name so I spun around to look at him while taking my last step out into the street.
“Ivy look out!” he shrieked throwing his body off the porch.

It felt as if something heavy slammed into my body, knocking me to the ground. Oh wait. Something heavy did slam me into the ground. Suprised, my eyes fluttered open trying to take in what was happening around me but a pain shot through my side.
The rain was still misting down and noises erupted everywhere, a loud schreeching sound then a big boom. Where was I?
My eyes locked on the body that was being thrown in the air like a rag doll, then it came plummeting back down to earth smashing the back windshield of the car it just landed on.
“Justin!” my voice croaked and my whole entire body went numb at the sight of him. Forgetting about the sharp pain in my side I tried to stand but failed so I used all fours to bearclaw to my boyfriends limp body.”Justin, Justin!” I cried as tears poured over my eyes which had black smudges around me like a raccoon from the rain and my tears. Everything was happening too fast.
“I-Ivy.” he choked, coughing.
Oh God… my mouth gaped open at the blood.”No…” I whined picking his head up gently to sit it in my lap.
“Ivy I l-love you…” he whispered as more dark red blood spilt from the corner of his mouth.
What just happend?”No, no, no! Justin stay with me!” I cried hopeless, running my fingers along his body trying to think of something to do. Where the hell was everybody!
His gorgeous eyes started to close slowly and it kick started my heart.”Justin you cant leave me! You promised! You promised to be there with me baby! Dont close your eyes!” Sliding my fingers in his hair I felt the sticky and warm blood, oh…my…God… somebody must have called an ambulance cause sirens blared around a close corner.”Help is coming, your gonna be fine Justin okay. Just keep your eyes open and breathe.”
“I-I c-cant.” he stuttered reaching his hand up to cup my cheek, rubbing it with his thumb.”Im scared.”
My heart shattered at these words. What could I do to make everything okay? I knew he was hurting and it killed me to know there was nothing I could do to make it all go away.”Justin I dont know what to do.” I admitted foolishly, holding his other hand to my chest.
“Tell me…everything is gonna be okay…” he barely spoke from the tears flooding in his eyes.
I let out something between a huge breath and a cough nodding.”Your gonna be alright baby. Everything’s fine. I promise.” I hated lying to him like this. How could I promise he was going to be okay when the ambulance was taking so long to get here. As I thought these words they pulled up and people started scattering everywhere.
If it were possible then I would have been drowning in my tears right now, and I felt bad cause I knew I was probably squeezing his hand a bit too hard but it felt as if my whole world was ending. Like his literally was.
“Excuse me.” a medic said as two of them started putting an oxygen mask on his face, pulling a little trolly along while they bandages up his other wounds.
“Please help him!” I begged letting tears fall again in an endless river.
Justin looked at me with a plead in his eyes. I understood what he was saying without him speaking it.
“No! Justin dont, you have to fight!”
His other hand left me to slide off the mask, finding his voice.”Im s-sorry Ivy-”
I cut his voice off with my hand by pushing the oxygen mask back up on his nose.”Breathe!” I commanded knowing what would happen if he took it off.
Another tear fell off his fair cheek, and he tried to talk with it on causing blood to splatter against the clear plastic.”I love you.” he brought my hand to his face, leaning on it gently.
“Baby please…” I whimpered sobbing hard, my heart was breaking even more. If that was possible.
Justin nodded but I refused to accept it. He was giving up. Suddenly his chest jerked up and then he looked into my eyes with that crooked smile except pain was obviously showing in it.. His pupils gradually dilated till he had a blank expression on his face, the smile gone.
“NO!” I shrieked lifting his arm up but it dropped to the ground lifeless.
“Ohh no.” a medic said panicking.”Ready on clear!”
They got the paddles out from their trolly and ripped open Justin’s shirt revealing an unmoving chest.”Ready…set…CLEAR!”
I watched pathetically as they shocked him, trying to re-start his heart with more than five failed attempts. One stopped to look at me with a pitied expression.”Call it…” he murmered to the other one and Id seen enough movies to know what this meant.
“Time of death… 7:53 p.m-” the other one started snatching out a pencil and clipboard.
“No! Dont stop! Keep trying, he’s not dead! He’s still here! You have to keep fucking trying, please!” I shouted angrily at the fact that everyone seemed to give up so easily.”Why are you stopping?” I asked between sobs.
“Im sorry miss… he’s gone.” a rough hand patted my back but I shoved it off and held onto my boyfriend’s body, hugging it tightly. Placing soft kisses all along his chest and face, begging for this to not be real.
“No he’s not! Justin wake up! Please wake up!” my voice was so hoarse from crying and my body was no longer numb, I could feel all the pain that knifed through me like swords. They tried to pry me off him, so they could zip him in the death bag but I wouldnt let go.”NO! STOP IT! You cant take him from me! JUSTIN WAKE UP!”
“Ivy you have to let go.” Ryan whispered in my ear, rubbing my back. Apparently he had been watching from the sidelines.
“No Ryan! He’s not dead! He cant be, he promised…” I started speaking jibberish.”He promised Ryan… please dont make me leave him.”
“He’s already gone Ivy…” he murmered with a frown then his arms wrapped around my waist, picking me up and tugging me away from Justin Bieber’s lifeless body.
“No! Dont!” I thrashed my hands and feet furiously trying to get loose as I watched them lift him up and hide his face behind the leather bag.”Justin!” I cried out one last time before everything went black…

*Two Week Later*

Two weeks had gone by since two things happend. One… Justin Bieber took my virginity as I took his. But also thats where number two comes in… on that very night Justin Bieber died of a hit n run. They still havent been able to find the person who hit him, they were intenionally going for me but Justin had pushed me out of the way…killing himself.
Im not too happy with my parents, considering it was one of their old friends that held a grudge on them but everyone knew that by now. Everyone knew about his death. At the moment I was at the memorial the school was having for him, did I mention I’ve barely spoke? Yeah. And they expected me to do a speech.
Ivy- .com/she_believed_he_lied/set?id=23558393 “Hey Ivy… how are you doing girl?” Jackie walked up to me and gave me a tight hug.
Instead of answering I just let more tears fall seamlessly. I didnt care about anything anymore…
“She’s fine.” Ryan spoke putting his arm around my shoulder. He has kind of become my voice, he knew exactly how I felt at all times. Well…almost.
People came and went, giving me less than fake apologies without serenity. Inally pattie stepped up to me, she was teh only one who came close enough to what I felt about Justin’s death. Even more than Ryan could tell.
I ran up to her, wrapping my arms around her small body to give me a hug. We both started crying, while holding eachother. I loved her so much, she understood. Unlike my parents who could obviosuly care less.
“Honey you have to give a speech in a minute.” Pattie said with sincere sadness.
“I know… ive prepared one. Though I dont really know what it means cause it doesnt make sense to me…”
“It was probably God talking through you…” her hand came up to wipe away salty tears on my face.”I love you.”
“I love you too Pattie.” my lips met her cheek with just a tiny peck before the principle ushered me up on the stage. Staring out into all the crying faces just seemed to make it worse for me, it made it more real. Justin Bieber was dead. My entire reason for living…was dead.
Choking with my tears I attempted to clear my throat and stumble through the poem I wrote-

“May God rest his weary body and bless his soul, for he rises to stand before God and said his grace then entered the gate of peace for his job was done on earth. He left his smiles behind as a legacy to you all who knew him as Justin Drew Bieber.”

It was short but even then I could barely make it through without running off stage. My face was soaked in wetness and I sniffled then basically had to have help to my seat, once in the chair I cried. Really hard. And thats when I realized I couldnt take it anymore so I tried to be as silent as I could when jumping from my seat and sprinting outside.
More tears fell from my face but I started choking when I felt a nauseated pain in my stomach.”Oh no..”
“Ivy!” Ryan called, flinging the door open to skid next to me.”Are you okay?”
“No…im gonna be sick.” and as I spoke these words the vomit came from my insides, up my throat and onto the sidewalk. Acid burnt my mouth and it only made me cry harder.

“C’mon let me take you home…” he whispered comfortingly while leading me to his car.


Ivy’s POV

“Are you sure your gonna be okay?” he asked through the open window of his car which was parked outside my house.
Sighing I nodded then waved goodbye, unlocking my frontdoor.”Mom? Dad?” I shouted hoarsly. My voice dissapeared when my heart did.
No answer.
Guess they were out…thats good news. Id rather not have them nagging in my ear that I need to move on and get over it. The burning feeling came back in my stomach and I pounded up the stairs, hoping I made it to the toilet soon enough.
After upchucking a few more times I lifted up my dress and sat down to pee. Why the hell was I so sick? ‘He’s dead, thats why’ a small voice told me in the back of my mind. It was just too unbelievable… how could God do that to me? Do that to him! He was an incredible person and deserved to live, why him! As my mind clouded with related thoughts tears sprung in my eyes and I threw my head in my hands letting out pathetic sobs.
How could I be so stupid? If I would’ve watched where I was going then this wouldnt have happend. I couldnt blame it on Justin anymore…


“Ivy how can you say that Justin didnt love you?” Pattie asked confused as we sat in his bedroom one day after his death. It took all I had to come in here…
“Pattie he gave up, he could’ve fought and be living right now but he didnt care about me enough to even want to live.” as usual tears were in my baggy eyes. Everynight since the incident id cried myself to sleep.
“You have no clue sweety…” her head shook sadly.
My brows furrowed and I used my sleeve to sniffle.”What do you mean?”
She sat up to sit with me on his ruffled bed. The very bed Justin and I had sex on less than a week ago…a slight smile appeared on my face from the memories.
“Ivy…you know how Justin use to sing and play the guitar?” she asked kindly.
“Yeah… I always told him that he had too much talent for Pax. Why?” I inquired impatiently.
A small grin rode her lips and she tried to laugh.”A guy named Scooter Braun wanted Justin move to Atlanta so they could pursue a singing career…”
“What?” my jaw dropped. How could he have not told me this!
She nodded hard and went on.”He could’ve made it big…but he said no.”
My teeth dug into my lip harshly.”Why would he reject that?”
“Because of you Ivy… he couldnt leave you here alone.”
I tried to start a sentence but kept stuttering.”How could he do something so stupid! Did he not realize how lucky he was?”
“You meant the world to him…he didnt want to leave you honey. Just.. put yourself in his position. He was in pain and I think that he knew he was gonna die anyway.” tears dribbled down her cheek flawlessly.

(end of flashback)

Everynight I had the same dream… the memory of Justin and I in his bedroom the day he died. It was so romantic and just perfect. Words cannot describe the type of love that was there, it wasnt just sex. It was like a miracle happend… we had made love.
We had made love.
We had made love!
We had made love?
We had made love!
“Noo…its not possible.” I said outloud but still I reached over the counter to get the tiny box under the sink.
A pregnency test.
Was it possible that Justin got me pregnet that day…? We used protection, didnt we? Oh my God. We hadnt.
I should’ve known that something was up when I didnt get my period last week, but my mind automatically thought it was just from my depression. My shaking fingers trembled over the plastic stick, and I held my breath as I peed.
Why was I not freaking out? I could be pregnet!
With Justin’s baby…
A spark of excitement fired through me, his child could be inside me right now. And even though I wasnt exactly planning on a kid this was something of Justin’s. Something I never thought I could get.
Pacing back and forth in my bedroom, now, my knees were locked. Id changed into pajama pants and a purple tank top. While the clock ticked it made me wonder…was Justin watching right now?
“Here it goes Justin…” I whispered and looked at the pregnency test, anxious. A pink plus sign popped through my eyes. It couldnt be happening… a little person was in me now.
So many questions…what was I gonna do? Who should I tell? Was this gonna screw up my life now? Would I end up liek Pattie… a single mother with two jobs?
Laying on my bed I criss-crossed my arms on my stomach, resting it there softly.”Im pregnet.” I stated.
Even though I had no plan on what the hell I was doing a smile appeared on my face.”We’re having a baby, Justin.” I talked as if he was right next to me…and I think he was.
When I felt a warm kiss on my cheek I sighed happily and closed my eyes, for the first time since Justin Drew Bieber died I felt at peace. And I was 100% sure it was because A Part Of Him was inside me and would always be with me…forever.

Ivy Graham changed her name to Ivalyn Graham Bieber after her and Justin’s baby boy Justin the second was born. He grew up around his single mother and grandmother Pattie. Ivy never got married or moved on from her first and only love… Justin Drew Bieber.

Afraid Healing Wounds: A Justin Bieber Love Story

Made by Ex_Belieber

from FanFic

(I was about to divide this into chapters because it’s too long but I didn’t have enough time. Sorry)



Alexis POV
I would give anything to get it back. But I cant, he has it and there is nothing that I can do to just get it back. I wish I never went there but atleast one good thing came out of this miserable experience. I learned that they cannot be trusted, any one of them so now I am aware. I can protect Gabrielle so she wont go through what I had to endure.
“You ready yet Gabrielle?” I asked yelling up the staircase.
“Almost,” she giggled histarically.
What the hell was she up to? I stomped up the stairs to let her know I was coming and as I did I heard a hurried drawer slam shut.
“Are you getting into my makeup again?”
“But I want to look good like you always do,” she complained dropping my lipgloss.
“First even if you were old enough,” I started putting all my makeup away, “we are going to see a movie. It will be dark and no one is going to see you. But your not old enough and even if you were dont try to impress boys, alright.”
“Yea I guess your right, Justin likes girls without makeup” she sighed dreamily.
“Oh my go- youre not Gabrielle! Ive told you so many times. Celebrities only care for themselves and nobody else! Even Justin Bieber.” I concluded.
Her eyes dropped sadly, I immediatly felt guilty. “Listen Brie how about we skip the movie and just go to that ice cream shoppe on the other side of town, ok?”
Her face lightened up, “Yes I didnt want to see that movie anyway!”
I giggled at her facial expression. “Ok let’s go.” Smiling we both got in the car then got our ice cream, on the way back it was silent until Brie suddenly asked what I hated talking about.
“Do you miss Mommy and Daddy?” she asked licking her melting strawberry ice cream.
“Of coarse I do, dont you?” “Yea but I dont really remember them and you’ve taken care of me for awhile now.”
She had no idea. My parents both got sick when I was 12 and Gabrielle was 4. They knew they were gonna die so they wanted us to be taken care of. They sold everything that meant most to them the passing year so when I was 13 and they died, I never had to worry about money. People were there to care for us for awhile but by the time I was 15 I was raising Brie by myself. I dont know what i would have done if they hadn’t of looked out for us. I thanked them every day. I could relate to how much they cared for us because, I loved Brie so much. She was my life.
“I love you you know that right Brie?” I asked.
“I know…I love you too.”

*Next Morning*

“This is what you always wanted isn’t it?”
“Please stop, Im sorry, Stop!” I begged through tears.
“But you love me…dont you?”
I cried hysterically, yelling for help that wouldn’t come. “HELP! Somebody…please, help me.” I sobbed.
“DONT YOU!” he raised his hand and back handed me.

“Ahh…” I awoke with a jolt and a loud gasp escaped my mouth.
Shit, it was the dream again. the dream I had over and over every night. I got up soaked from sweat to go get a drink. Tip toeing down the stepd to the kitchen where I poured a glass of cold water into a cup then got a dry towel to wipe off my body.
Why couldn’t I just have a normal dream for once! Since that night Id had a replay of it every night in my head and now I dreaded sleep. I reached around to feel my back and trace the outline of clawing marks that scarred my skin. Then slowly after taking a sip of water, I leaned my head back against the wall and began to softly cry to myself…

*Next morning*

I faintly heard a mumbling noise then everything came into view when I opened my eyes to see my little sister, Gabrielle’s, big green eyes burning a hole into my tired face.
“Alex!” she yelled slapping my arm. “Wake up Im going to be late!”
“Huh?” I mumbled sleepily then I snapped back into reality. “School! Your gonna be late. What time is it?”
“7:30,” she said back with attitude. “Why are you sleeping in here?”
“Oh,” Id just realized I was laying halfway on the kitchen table, “I must have sleptwalked, Im fine. I’ll be right back, make sure you have your homework!”
“Yea alright”
I ran up the stairs and into my room as fast as I could. I didnt have time to get fancy so I grabbed a pair of blue jean shorty shorts and a turquoise T-shirt with light blue converse. After stripping down I jumped into a hot shower then finally relaxed.
I stood under the burning water closing my eyes trying to push every bad thought from my mind. Gabrielle had to be to school in a hurry, I had started homeschooling a couple years back so I could graduate early and take care of Brie. Id finished a couple months ago but I insisted on keeping her in school. She had friends so even if I allowed it she probably would choose to stay in public school anyways.

I ran my hands down my wet body and thought about how I wasnt ugly. I stayed in shape from yoga and exercise, my hair was brown with natural blonde highlights which hung halfway down my back in loose curls. I could wear B and C cups in bra sizes, the only real unattractive thing was the scars on my back and thighs. I felt the pounding water on my back almost releasing the strong tension in my body from stress. When I stepped out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my figure and brushed my hair then blow-dryed it. Hurrying I put my clothes on and did my make-up, quickly prancing down the steps my curly hair bouncing. .com/afraid_alexis_chapter/set?id=26054903 Rushing over and grabbing my purse which held my keys, phone, and important accesories. “Brie, did you eat breakfast?” I asked slipping on my shoes.
“Yea,” she muffled with a poptart stuffed into her mouth.
“Let’s go, grab your things.”

After dropping Gabrielle off at school and wishing her luck i did food shopping and my everyday errands. Finally able to relax I opened the front door of my huge house while still on the phone with my best friend, Brittney Stonebraker.
“Hurry up and stop by or I will start without you” I giggled.
“Almost there,” she said and hung up.
Its a good thing I was doing a yoga session today cuz i really needed to relax for Gabrielle’s sake.

Listening to calming ocean waves I had small talk conversation with Brittney.
“So Justin Bieber is the new big thing, huh?” She asked in a downward facing dog position.
“Yea I guess. Brie wont shut up about him.” I laughed.
“Remember when the big thing was Jesse McCartney!” she exclaimed.
“Yea,” Id managed to squeeze out of my mouth.
“I remember when you went to that concert of his! And I wanted to go so bad but I couldnt, I would have killed to be in your position.”
I slammed my eyes together to keep that tear drop from falling,”You know,” I gasped, “Im just not feeling yoga today and I gotta go pick Brie up in an hour so…”
“Oh ok,” she said a little shocked from my sudden change of mood.
“I’ll talk to you later though,” I added. “Ok umm bye,” she said hastily leaving me alone on my sun room floor.
I burst into tears as soon as I heard her car skid down the driveway. Oh my god, what was wrong with me it happened over a year ago. Why couldnt I go a day without thinking about it?
I wiped off my tears and started to put away all the yoga mats. I had to go pick Brie up soon.
*In the car on the way home from school*

Brie had just gotten into the car when she burst into immediate conversation.
“So I did this contest today and it might allow us…if I win…to go to the Bahammas! For free, not like we couldnt afford it but you never want to use alot of money cuz you think its flashy” she mocked then took a deep breath.
“Well your not going by yourself-”
She interupted me “You have to go to!”
“Oh do I?”
“Please, please, please!” she begged.
“Alright, that is, if you win. And these things have alot of people entering them so dont get your hopes up.”
“Yesss!” she squealed in victory.”The results are tomorrow!”
“Then you better get some good rest tonight, after homework is done.” I chastised.
“Alexis how come my eyes are green, and your eyes are blue?”
“Because everyone is different and we just got different traits from our parents. You have dads eyes, and I have moms.”

*4:27 a.m*

“Please just stop! Help!” I begged pathetically.
“Look at how cute she looks when she’s in pain,” the man mocked her.
“Dont…please…just stop…help me…anyone” I cried lifeless.
“Thats right…sshhh…be quiet.” And then I felt a sharp pain on my side.
“Oww,” I yelped in pain.

I awoke with a gasp again. Breathing heavy I decided sleep wasnt worth going through that dream again so I got up, drowsy and took a shower. When I was done getting myself ready for the day it was only 6:00 a.m and I decided that to get my mind destracted I would cook a huge breakfast for Gabrielle when she woke up as it was Saturday. By the time of 7:30 a.m Brie came running down the stairs completly dressed.
“What are you doing up this early?” I questioned “The winner is being announced on the radio at 8:00″ she explained.”Im really happy your coming,” she smiled sweetly.
“Just becuz you wouldnt have been able to go if you won, cuz im your guardian,” I raised my eyebrows.
“Thats part of it.”
I laughed, “Well eat breakfast until its announced.”

*8:00 a.m*

I was washing the dishes while brie was in the other room listening to the radio. If we do win it will be pretty cool. Being able to sit in the sun all day, get massaged, tropical drinks, and scuba-diving. I was getting myself almost as excited about winning as Gabrielle was. Thats why when she screamed I panicked and ran into the room.
“What’s wrong? Are you alright?” I asked running my hands frantically all around her small body.
“I cant believe it-we-we-” she studdered.
“What Gabrielle?” I shouted, worried.
“We won…” she said smiling.
I was a little shocked.”Are you sure Brie?”
“I gave them your cell phone number, they are gonna call.” She laughed happily.
A soft buzzing noise was heard and I grabbed my phone.
“Hello!” I answered like a mad woman.
“Hi we are calling to confirm that your First Class Tickets should arrive anytime today and your flight leaves tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. Congratz on your winning this contest. If that is all today we wish you luck and say thank you.” then they hung up.
“Wow,” i said shocked. “We’re going to the Bahammas tomorrow…”

*Next Day On the Plane In First Class*

I couldnt believe I was on a plane to the Bahammas right was like a dream! Speaking of dreams I thought to myself id had the same dream again last night, Id started to remember it and the thoughts made a shiver go down my spine. I looked around the plane for someone to get me a drink. It was completly empty except for Gabrielle right next to me, and a flight attendant at the back.
“Excuse me, can I get a glass of water?” I croaked.
“Of coarse Miss,” and she poured one before my eyes.”Anything else?”
“No Im fine.” I smiled.
“You’re very lucky,” she gigled as I smiled again.”Getting to meet Justin Bieber in the Bahammas and spending 3 weeks just hangin out!” she squealed unprofessionally.
“What?” I asked her confused.
“Justin Bieber of coarse,” she laughed walking away.
I turned my eyes to Gabrielle who had been watching the whole thing silently.”You lied to me!” I accused.
“Im really sorry but I knew that you wouldnt go if you knew that was the prize, please we are already on the plane! We have to please, please, please Alex!”
I leaned my head back against the pillow, “I should’ve known,” I whispered to myself. Once again I looked at Brie and gasped when I saw my father. His eyes. I swallowed hard choking back the lump in my throat. “If anything goes wrong we are going straight home…”

*7:30 p.m the plane just landed and now they are in the hotel lobby waiting for Justin*


“Im tired,” Brie complained her head sagging.
“Look there they are,” someone pointed.
Oh Em Gee…! I blushed as I saw a guy with a very delicate haircut, wearing red pants and a white T under a leather jacket walk, or I should say swag, towards me. Justin Bieber was even more beautifully sexy in person, my breathing quickened and then I remembered. Though he is hot he is no different than the rest. I got angered at this thought, narrowing my eyebrows and my eyes filled with distaste.

Justin’s POV My breath caught when I saw a beautiful girl with gorgeous long tan legs standing next to a younger girl. The older one had brown curly hair with matched blonde highlights pulled up into a sexy clip, her blue eyes were an ocean blue and she was absolutly perfect. I thought id just seen an angel frowning at me. She was frowning at me…I felt my heart sink.

Alexis POV “Hello Im Kenny Justin’s bodyguard I will be with you guys, all the time.” a huge man glared at first but then his face smoothed into a gentle and very good looking smile.
“Hey Im Justin Bieber” he said beautifully to my sister. He sounded like an angel. But when he reached out his hand to pull my sister into a hug I nearly ripped his throat open, but I had to play nice so Brie could have a good time. When he came over to give me a hug I put a fake smile on.
“Hey,” I said. He wrapped his arms around me and I couldnt help but smell him. I shivered when his delicious cologne went up my nose, swirling me in heaven.
Brie yawned loudly. Trying to keep her eyes open.
“Would you mind if I took her up to bed its been a long flight.” I asked politely.
“Of coarse,” Justin blerted out. Then he blushed.
“Alright,” I smiled taking her hand leading her to our room.

*In the lobby after Brie is put to bed*

“It’s only 8:00 do you wanna do something,” Justin asked breaking the silence.
“Uhhh,” I choked. “Sure whats there to do around here?”
He looked around then saw a sign and pointed at it. ” A club.” he suggested.
I looked at him suspiciously,” Alright,” I finally answered.
“So,” he motioned for me to walk ahead but there was no way I was turning my back on him so I walked beside him. Suddenly I remembered I wasnt fit to go to a club right now so I interupted our walking, “Im gonna go change, I will be right back.” I told him then went back to my room. .com/afraid_alexis_chapter/set?id=26092813 My hair was hanging down my back loosely after Id taken it out of the I went to meet back up with Justin. I pretended not to see that he was checking me out as I slowly walked toward him. I couldnt believe I had to put up with this for 3 weeks! What was I thinking I shouldve got another plane back home already. We stepped into darkness with bright lights flashing everywhere and music pounding in our ears.
“You wanna drink?” he yelled over the music.
I nodded and he escorted me over to the bar. Before I knew what I had done I ordered a shot of tequila and a beer. I was expecting the bartender to ask for ID but he just handed the drinks to me and looked at Justin, who was watching me. I did the shot then downed the beer ordering another.
“Are you alright?” he asked me carefully.
“Yeah,” I shouted chugging another beer. ” Aren’t you?”
“Yea but you your acting wierd now,” he stated.
“Nothing bad is gonna happen,” I said. “Is it?”
“No I wouldnt allow that but still…” I could feel the alcohol coarsing through my body. Id never drank before so I knew I was already getting drunk but I couldnt stop doing shot afer shot. “You wanna dance?” I asked him already pulling his waist towards the floor. We went to the middle of the dancefloor and I started swaying my hips with his to the music. Staring into his eyes I wanted to melt, he was so gorgeous and nice. Slowly we danced closer and closer together until our bodies were grinding eachother. Id already wrapped my arm around his neck and now he smiled sexily at me. He wanted to kiss me, I could see it in his eyes but instead I turned my body around rubbing myself down his front.
Automatically I felt him stiffen a little so I pushed even harder, enyoying it. He grabbed both my arms and wrapped them around his neck staring deeply into my eyes. I spun around and when I did I was so close to his face I could feel his ragged sweet breath on my face. He licked his lips and I moved a little closer then he went in for it. I felt his soft lips moving with mine for a minute or maybe it was months and years. I didnt care. Only him…wrapping my leg around his waist I grinded on him so hard I heard him moan a little. He was obviously hard now and he crushed his lips against mine, I didnt realize it but we had been slowly making our way through the crowd to the door. I giggled and grabbed his hand pulling him into the elevator then slamming him into the wall and kissed his neck hungrily. It reached our floor so we stopped kissing long enough to get out and into the hall then we continued. He smiled as we walked over to his room door and he kicked it open. Once inside he placed hungry kisses down my neck and I groaned in delight from his touch. Once again I pushed him to the wall and pulled off his shirt admiring his chest then reached for his belt buckle. He was exploring the inside of my mouth with his tongue when I finaly got the belt off. Kissing his chest and moving down the last thing I heard was him moaning.

I couldnt move. It was like I wasnt even in my body but like I was watching it happen.
“C’mon man…my turn!”
I watched as the pathetic men quarreled with eachother. Over me, a helpless and lifeless body.

“No please dont!” I screamed and sat up quickly, then fell back down when I realized I had a headache the size of the moon.
“Owww” I moaned, putting my hand up to my head.
“Woah, are you alright?” a familiar angel voice asked.
I looked over and saw Justin Bieber staring at me with a glass of water and a couple pills in one hand. Suddenly memories from the past two days came floading into my head. Winning the tickets, Justin Bieber, putting Brie to bed, the club, and kissing Justin all the way to his hotel room.
“What are those pills?” I asked him squinting from the light.
“Just aspirin for your headache,” he said.
I carefully took the glass and pills and swallowed the medicine, then put the glass on the nightstand.
“What happened last night?” I asked slowly.
“You dont remember.” he stated.
“We went to the club to hang and I had a few drinks…”I remembered.
“More than a few, you were drunk. Thats why you have a headache, hangover.” he informed me.
I glared at him. “We-we got…intimate.I remember coming to your room and then its a blur.” I said frustrated.
“Well intimate, yes.” he looked me down.
I dropped my eyes to see that the only thing covering me was a sheet and that I was completly naked.
“Oh my God- we-we-you,” I studdered shocked.
“Wait!” he said quickly when he saw the look on my face.
“You took advantage of me!” I shouted.
“No I didnt! Its not like that,” he started but I cut him off.
“I was really stupid for getting drunk but you,” I pointed at him.”You were not drunk! But you had sex with me anyway though I had no idea what I was doing!”
“We did-” he began standing up.
“No,” I stood up quickly bringing the sheets with me. ..”Stay away from me,” I warned backing towards the door.
He looked so shocked and hurt. “I wont hurt you…Im just trying to explain what happened.”
I picked up my clothes that were on the floor and opened his bathroom door. “I dont need details Justin! I want to forget.” Then I stepped inside and locked it so i could change into last nights outfit. I heard Justin pacing outside the door.
Quickly I opened the door and walked to the front one. “Dont try anything smart with my sister becuz I will kill you if you hurt her in any way!” Once I walked out and slammed the door, tears filled my eyes. Not again! Oh no! He better of used a condom last night!

*Later that day*
After Id changed into a bikini with shorts and and over sized swimming tank top over me, we went to go do an activity. When we got there Justin was there too, I swallowed hard trying not to look at him. Apperentley we were feeding dolphins and swimming with them today. Brie had to stay with a bodyguard and had a lifejacket on. I took my shirt and shorts off and went into the water. Id pulled my hair into a clip earlier. I tossed a dead fish a few feet away from where I was standing waist deep in water. I felt a tap on my shoulder and spun around to see Justin looking at my back.
“Where did you get those scars?” he asked confused.
“Its none of your damn buisness, Bieber! Now please leave me alone before i make a scene.” I said forcefully.
“I just want to talk.” he tried to convince me.
“Im done talking to you.” I said and paddled away from him. i heard a splash behind me where he had hit the water angrily.

*A few days passed after the water incident*
The past few days had been horrible! My dreams had been worse as ever and Justin started to ignore me as much as possible. I thought Id appreciate this but when he didnt make eye contact and looked so sad all the time it really made me feel guilty about yelling at him. No matter how much I didnt believe it or denied it, Justin was gorgeous. His eyes are like liquid and his lips made me go crazy, whenever I let myself daydream about him. But then Id think about what he did to me and it would anger me all over again. I was glad today, we were doing a relaxation class. I needed it. All the tension to get away and out of my body. Brie decided she didnt want to go and went to a water park instead, with Kenny. I didnt like this idea too much at first but I trusted Kenny.
“Please stretch a little and warm up.” the instructor told us.
I relaxed and stretched my legs and arms. I was enjoying this so far.
“Alright now please pair up.” she told us.
My mouth dropped open, I looked around and saw that it was just me and Justin, who apparently had been doing the same as I.
“Quickly now young ones. We dont want to waste time.”
Justin walked over to me and sat down looking really uncomfortable. “Now sit in the V position with your partner to make it a diamond shaped. Then grab your partners upper arm or shoulder. Gently, its just to stretch your back.”
I was so angry at how things were turning out, looking grumpy I leaned forward and so did he. Once we were gripping eachother we both looked down, uncomfortably.
“Look in your partners eyes…” she instructed us as man in a wet suit walked in and motioned for her to go to him.
“Give me one minute, Mr. Bieber.” She explained.
I slowly glanced up to see he was already looking at me, our faces were so close together it reminded me of “that night” with his sweet breath panting on my face. his eyes looked as if he was seeing into my soul. I felt violated. He just stared at me sexily.
“Mr. Bieber?” Justin said, “I hope she knows your in the room too” he finished laughing a little trying to make conversation.
“Im still upset about the other night, so your wasting your breath!” I snapped.
A hint of anger was in his voice. “So you wont atleast let me try to explain?” he asked and when I shook my head he stood up.”Whats the point in being here then…” he snapped right back at me and walked out of the room.
“Please! Justin dont go, Im done talking!We can continue now.” the teacher yelled after him.
I felt too emotional to stand so I fell back on the mat closing my memories flooded my mind.
I was kissing down Justin’s chest and he was moaning. I took off his pants and looked at the magnificent bulge in his boxers and he moaned like crazy when I touched it lightly. Then he suddenly pulled my head back up and said, “Your drunk. You dont want me, so just stop…” This angered me. “I want you. So bad! And you want me too I know you do.” I said as I reached down his boxers with one hand and gripped his groaned loudly and closed his eyes. “You see?” I said gripping him tighter.”Ohhh God yess..” he moaned smiling then with a struggle he frowned and said “No,” as if he was convincing himself then quickly pulled away. “No…You dont,” he said his voice shaking. This really pissed me off so I was gonna have to play dirty, huh?. Reaching around my back I un-zipped my dress and let it fall revealing my naked body. His mouth drooped open and he looked like he might slam me against a wall and screw me that second. His dick hardened and I smiled but he fought back against his urge, squirmed and walked quickly to the bathroom.I frowned then got dizzy so I sat down on the bed with my head pounding…slowly I passed out.
I gasped when I realized,” He didnt take advantage of me…Oh shit…” I spoke to myself.

I felt like I needed to puke. I looked back and remembered all the times he had started to try and tell me but Id cut him off before he could explain. The pit of stomach had knots tied in it, how could I just assume like that without even talking to him! Tears jerked at my eyes when I remembered how he struggled with “himself” so he didnt take advantage of me. It was truly a sweet thing. And I acted like such a jerk! My need to apologize burned within my skin so I sat up off the mat and walked out into the sunlight. Where would he go? First I went to check the lobby but he wasnt there and so I headed to his room, rehearsing what I was gonna say. But what if he didnt forgive me? He may be a celebrity but part of me thought that he wasnt ruined yet. Not a famous big-headed idiot. I had to force him to forgive me, though I wouldnt blame him if he didnt. I was really rude and the more I thought back to what all I had said to him it just made me feel more like a hopless-stupid-girl. Taking in very deep breaths and fixing my shirt I walked up to the other bodyguard who was standing by the door.
“Is Justin in there?” I asked.
“Yes mam but he does not wish to be disturbed.” the deep voice rang in my ears.
“Well I really need to talk to him cause-” I started but got cut off.
“He doesnt want company.”
I decided a lie was in order here. “Really? He told you that? Cause I talked him in the activity we were just doing and he said for me to meet him up here at this time, that he needed to talk to me.” I fibbed biting my tongue hoping he would believe it was true.
He looked like he was struggling with a difficult math problem. “Well, ok but if I hear anything wrong…” he warned.
“Ok, thank you” I said and reached for the door handle opening it and closing it lightly behind me.
“Rob I thought I told you I wanted to be alone!” Justin said irritated, laying on his big bed with one of those eye masks covers on.
I quietly tiptoed next to him and sat on the end of the bed. “So thats what his name is. The bodyguard outside.”
Justin sat up faster than i thought possible and ripped off the mask, messing up his hair.
“Oh God, what are you doing here? Come to kill me for revenge?” he mocked plopping back down on his pillow.
“No…” I said in almost a whisper. “I came here to apologize.”
One of his eyes peeked open and he sat up flinging his legs over the side of the bed, looking at me questionaly. “Am I missing something?” he asked sarcastically.
“After you left the activity, I suddenly remembered what really happened that night.” I said my face flushed. “And I came here to apologize. I was drunk and didnt remember so instead of doing the logical thing and talking to you, I assumed the worst…Im-sorry…”I finished. “Truly, sorry for what ive done.”
He looked puzzled then relieved. “So what exactly do you remember?” he asked his cheeks turning a little pink.
I smiled cause he didnt sound angry. “Well after getting drunk from the club we came back to your room…kissing.” My face must have been cherry red cause I was burning up from embarrassment. “When I went to…go down on you, you stopped me. Then when I-I…-when I grabbed you,” I said grabbed you like it was a cuss word. “You still didnt give in and stopped me because you knew I was drunk. I woke up naked because I took off my clothes…in a last attempt to seduce you, but again you struggled with yourself and was kind enough to stay in the bathroom to…calm down. I passed out on your bed…I cannot thank you enough for doing what you did for me. When I stupidly got drunk!” I said swallowing down the lump in my throat. ” I could have hurt myself or somebody else! I could have hurt Brie! I dont know what I was thinking, Im never like that!”
“Its alright, nobody was hurt. And that morning you were just scared, I dont blame you.” he said touching my shoulder lightly. I jerked back away from his touch uncontrollably.
“Im sorry,” he said and looked down.
“Its not you.” I said.”I have issues…its a long story,” I mumbled full of fear.
“Ive got time, if you want to tell me.” Justin said softly.
“Thank you but not now. Maybe some other time,” I lied. Id never told anybody. Why would I tell him?
He could tell I was lying.”Ok well Im here if you need to talk,” he said. “Im not a bad person, I dont bite.”
I laughed.”I know…so can we just be…” I struggled to find the words I wanted to say.”Nice, to eachother? From now on.” “Of coarse! We can be, you know friends.” he said smiling.
“Ok,” I smiled back. “You wanna come with me to go find Gabrielle in the water park?” I asked blushing.
“Yea sure. Lets go…” he said motioning towards the door.
*Later that night*
“You like that girl, huh?” he said into my ear.
“No! Please stop,”I begged.”Justin help me!JUSTIN!” I cried “Justin isnt here to protect you now” the man teased.

I awoke drenched in sweat, breathing heavily. Brie was snoring lightly in the bed next to me and the room was completely dark. I got up in my underwear and tank top walking to the bathroom taking slow but deep breaths. Looking in the mirror I splashed water in my face then dried all of my wet body off. That dream, I thought…was so wierd. Ever since the night of my attack I had dreamed of memories of it but that wasnt a memory. I didnt even know who Justin Bieber was then, why would I call for him to help? I didnt call for him in reality but even in my dream…why? I felt a knot in my chest and gasped when my brain started putting it all together. After Justin and I agreed to be friends we walked to the water park and sat down chilling, waiting for Brie to finish playing. When we started talking I laughed and he laughed. We were having so much fun and I really liked talking to him. I told him more about me than I could tell my best friend Brittney back at home! Not of my attack of coarse but still alot, he listened to me and was totally nice about everything!
So I was obviously attracted to him, I felt there couldnt be a person sexier than him, but also I liked him. As a person. I couldnt believe it…I think I was falling for Justin Bieber? A celebrity too! How could I be so stupid, even if i did want to want him, he would never want to be with me…
I quickly took a shower and got dressed in .com/afraid_alexis_chapter/set?id=26433285 Id done my make up so by the time I came out of the bathroom it was dawn and Brie was still sleeping. I grabbed my bag and cell then headed down to eat breakfast, locking the door behind me. Remembering that I left my house to come here without even telling my friend Brittney I checked my call list. Id had 34 missed calls from her. Lately I havent been using my phone but right on que my phone rang and it read “Brittney Stonebraker…is calling.” I picked up and laughed.
“Im so sorry, I forgot to tell you!” I quickly began but got cut off by screaming.
“Ahhh! I cant believe my best friend won a contest to meet Justin Bieber and I had to hear about it on the radio!” she shrieked, laughing. “You hoe! I cant believe you entered?”
I smiled at my the sound of my friends voice, I hadnt spoke to her in awhile. “Actually, hoe,” I said. “My sister entered and told me it was just a vacation…”
She gasped, “No!” then laughed. “What’d you do? How’d you find out?”
“The flight attendent. And I just stayed to make Brie happy but-”
“OMG! I forgot to ask the most important question! Whats Justin like?” she screamed, hyperventilating.
“Calm down!” I said grinning until she slowed down her breathing.”Ok so some stuff happend the first night I was here and its been awkward until last night, so I havent really spent much time with him. And before you ask Im not telling you what happend yet, its too long and wierd of a story. But when I get home I will.”
“Alright well I gotta go. I love you Lexi! Call me and get cozy with that Bieber Fever!” she said cracking up into the phone.
“Whatever Britt,” I laughed. “Love ya too. Bye!” I hung up and walked into the breakfast room to see Justin already there eating waffles.
“Hey, your up early.” he commented when he looked up and saw me. “Looking beautiful as always I see.”
I blushed pink. “I could say the same thing.”
“I know Im beautiful,” he joked.”Im always up early. Habit I guess from going on tour and being busy,”he grinned.
He’s always making me smile.”What are we doing today?” I asked picking up apple juice and waffles.
“Ummm…scuba diving and looking at cool fish and stuff.” he said swallowing a bite of waffle.
“Ive always wanted to go scuba diving, it sounds fun.” I said smiling cheekily.
“It is. Your gonna love it,” he said, talking from experience.
*Later while diving*
Id spent most of the time keeping an eye out for Brie so that now she was back up on the boat, done diving, I actually got to look at the stuff. I didnt understand how it was possible to speak underwater but the things we were wearing allowed us to hear eachother. Justin smiled at me and pointed to a really colorful fish, I swam over and admired it. The back of my shoulder blade had been touched and I spun around alert.

Justin had rubbed my shoulder to get my attention, so I looked at him confused. When I followed his eyes my heart hammered and I thought Id had a panic attack. A medium sized shark was swimming over and around us. My hands found Justin’s arm and jerked him towards me. Holding his arm with my arms and wrapping one leg around him, cuddling behind him I squealed a little. He laughed,”Its not a human eater, it wont hurt you.”
“I…dont…like…sharks,” I whispered frightened.
“Its not even bothering us,” he spoke calmly.”Just ignore it”
“No…I want to go back up to the boat…” I said shivering.
“Alright then, go ahead,” he said waiting for me to move.I turned to see he was looking into my eyes and I lost thought. His eyes were so beautiful, I felt as if I could jump right into the brown liquid.
“Oh-uh…Im not going alone!” I said squeezing him tighter.
My heart jumped when I heard his sexy laugh,”C’mon, I’ll escort you.”
He grabbed my waist with his arm, and I closed my eyes at his soft touch. Before I knew it he was paddling us up until we reached the surface. When we did I threw my mask off onto the boat and slid up the side taking my feet out of the water quickly. Justin threw his mask and started climbing up the ladder. I extended my hand to help and he grabbed it, pulling himself fully onboard.
“So your scared of sharks, eh?” he said ruffling his wet hair.
“Only they’re teeth!” I said. “All 6 million of them.” I laughed and so did he. We both stared into eachothers eyes, just like down underwater. It took awhile before I remembered I hadnt been breathing and I gasped for air, blushing.
*A couple days l8r on the beach*
It was already dark out and Justin and I sat side by side, up against a piece of a log. A fire cackled in front of of us, along with the waves of the ocean. Brie had layed with me for awhile but now had her head in my lap, sleeping. Brushing her hair out of her face slowly as she slept, I sat quietly with Justin.
He was wearing a very sexy outfit . and I had decided on . with my hair like this I saw from the corner of my eye that he was watching me, stroke Gabrielle’s hair. I sighed.
“Alexis?” he asked.
“Yea,” I mumbled looking up at him.
“Im just wondering…where did you get those scars from?” he asked me while he ran the tips of his fingers down by back and up to my shoulders.
My skin tingled at his touch. “You know how I said earlier that I had issues and the long story thing?” I asked and he nodded.”Well…thats just part of my story.”
“Id like to hear your story,”he said quietly. “But not if you dont want to talk about it, we have plenty of time.”
I took advantage of the excuse to change the subject. “Not really,” I said frowning. “I have a little over a week and a half.”
“Still…” he said touching my cheek gently.
I curled into his touch closing my eyes. Then footsteps interupted our conversation.
“,” Kenny directed his voice to me.”would you like me to take Miss. Gabrielle up to bed?”
I smiled, turning my head away from Justin. “Thank you Kenny.”
He picked up my sister helping her to our room, after Id said goodnight. A breeze came by and I shivered. I felt Justin’s eyes burning a hole in my face.
I had tried to not be attracted to him, and ignore him, but I now knew that…I was falling in love with Justin Bieber. I didnt want to fight it anymore, a voice inside my head said not to trust him. He could break my heart…but my heart said I dont care! I just want to hold him and kiss him. Love all of him and put my trust in him. He was different. Now my heart was screaming way louder than my head.
I reached up my hand and cupped the side of his neck, stroking it slightly. He put one hand on top of my thigh and turned his body to face mine. His cold hand held my chin and he pulled me in closer. I looked into his beautiful eyes one last time before closing mine and leaning forward, eagerly. His lips softly brushed mine, then he fully planted them on mine kissing me. My head was a little dizzy but he tasted so good… I couldnt get enough of his mouth and my mouth moving in only important thing in life right now, was his they existed. And he existed. I wanted everything about him…forever.

I felt the warm fire beating against my skin, one of Justin’s hands laying on my thigh and the other around the nape of my neck, and his lips moving softly against my own. It couldnt have been more romantic. He stopped to take a breath and so did I. His eyes stared into mine he dragged his hand from my shoulder, along my body, all the way down to the back of my upper leg. Justin was now leaning on me, pushing me back against the log, but I didnt mind. His thumb was tracing little circles on my thigh while the other hand grabbed my waist. Licking his lips, I could tell he wanted and was going to kiss me again…and I wanted him to. My heart was beating so loudly I bet he heard it, I wrapped my arm around his neck and the other on his back. His lips softly pecked mine then he used his bottom lip to part my lips. I tasted him again and it tasted like something I couldnt describe. Not food but a flowery, mint taste.
I pulled away a few inches from his lips, breathing hard. “Justin…” I whispered looking at his beautiful face.
He smiled and looked from my lips to my eyes,”I know…” he whispered back. Then intimatley pecked my lips.
He fell down on his back and pulled me with him. I giggled when he put his arm around me. We both looked at the sky, and I thought, “Im here! Cuddling with Justin Bieber under the stars…” then smiled up at him happily.
*Next Morning*
Last night after laying under the stars for awhile, Justin walked me to my room where he kissed me goodnight. The next morning I woke up smiling. Id started to get up and into the shower when I realized, I hadnt dreamed of my attack! That night I dreamed I was on the beach with Justin, kissing just like last night. A smile so big was on my face, it almost hurt but I couldnt stop. He helped me not have to relive the nightmare! I never stopped smiling the whole time I was getting dressed in .com/afraid_alexis_chapter_11/set?id=26435192 I felt amazing! Well last night was the first good night sleep Id had in over a year so Im not suprised. On my way down to breakfast I ran into Kenny, “Hey Kenny!” I said cheerfully.
“Hey Alex,” he said. “Gabrielle woke up last night with a fever and she is sick. Thats why she isnt up…she’s sleeping it off.” When he saw the troubled look in my eye he quickly added, “Its just a little cold, she went to the doctor and everything. She’s fine.”
“Uhh, ok I guess.” I said slowly. “Bye.”
I almost reached the breakfast room when I wondered, what if what happend last night didnt mean anything to Justin? But it had to of, there was a connection and we both felt it. Still worried I walked into the room not knowing what to do around Justin. He looked up at me in his sexy clothes.
Smiling he said,”Hey beautiful. Good morning.”
My heart floated at the sound of his voice,”Hi,” I said smiling sitting next to him.
“So when I heard Brie was sick, I cancelled everything for today and thought we could just…do whatever.” he grinned.
“Sounds good,” I laughed, watching his eyes.”Come here,” I whispered, leaning closer.
Justin smiled and leaned closer, knowing what I wanted. He slowly parted my lips and kissed me with passion. My head got dizzy again and I grabbed the table for support. Breaking our kiss I softly spoke, “That was nice to wake up to.”
“Yes…it was.” he said laughing a little and laced his fingers in my hand.
“What are we doing today?” I asked looking at him in awe.
“Well first I wanted to confirm that you felt the way I felt about last night. And that kiss…confirmed it,” he laughed.”So now I was going to just stay here, away from everybody…that is of coarse if you want to! This your vacation and I shouldnt have asked you-”
I cut him off smiling,”Great! Cuz if you wouldnt have said that then I would have. Lets just hang out…”
*L8r in Justin’s room*
“Oh! OH! Haha,” I laughed. “Beat you again!”
“Aw C’mon! I suck…,” he said in defeat.
I squeezed in closer to him, grabbing his hand. “I cant believe this is happening…”
“I know,” he said leaning his forehead on mine.
“I didnt think I was ready to like someone again, especially a celebrity. Like you…” I said quietly.
He smiled faintly,”What do you have against celebrities? I mean I know alot of them are big-headed but not all of them.”
I didnt know how to answer that so I just looked into his eyes, blankly. He reached down and kissed my lips…I couldnt get enough of it! He was the most delicious thing Id ever tasted, and kissing him felt so…right! I wanted to kiss his soft lips and just never stop, for our lips to be together so much that finally they will just become one, as our hearts already were…

*about a week l8r*
Brie, Justin, and I had been swimming in the outside pool but were now walking back up to the rooms. The whole time swimming, all we heard was Brie complaining about how disgusting Justin and I were for kissing and flirting innocently.
“What about you knowing sooo much about love, Brie?” I smiled sarcastically as Justin held me in the water, rocking me back and forth. She grimaced and swam away.
I was wearing this on top of my bathing suit .com/imgres?… . When we walked by my room, Brie walked in and as I turned Justin pulled my arm. Dragging me back into the hall, I laughed and he wrapped his arms around my waist. Smiling still I kissed him hard against the mouth but suddenly my feet were lifted off the ground.
I giggled histarically because Justin was holding me bridal style,”Justin! Put me down, its not funny!”
“Then why are you laughing?” he asked and started walking to his room, smiling at me.
“Wait? Justin, I have to go get dressed! Brie is waiting,” I laughed but instead wrapped my arms around his neck.
“She’s fine,” he smiled and opened his door. Setting me down inside then grabbing my waist while kissing my neck.
I slowly smiled and leaned my head back. He stopped and looked at me, and oh my God he looked good. His hair was still wet and he was shirtless, it made me feel on fire. Stepping away slowly I took off my over dress, leaving me in my bathing suit. My head turned around and I winked at him. This drove him mad! His hands were on my sides in a matter of seconds. I laughed,” I dont know if I want you to touch me, your awfully dirty.”
He grinned and gently pushed me on the bed, climbing on top. His hands pinned my wrist above my head and I smiled.
Justin smiled back and crushed his lips against mine. The sweet smell of his breath and the taste of his tongue, turned me on.
Smiling against the kiss, I gripped my legs tightly around his waist. Pulling him down to me more. He stiffened at my touch. “Guess what?” I asked as he let go of my wrist to feel my thighs.
“Hmm?” he asked kissing my jaw, then stopped to look at me.
“That wasnt a smart move,” I laughed and rolled over so I was on top now. He smiled so I placed butterfly kisses on his neck,”Bieber Boy…” I laughed. Then sucked his neck softly. I felt him start to get hard on my leg.
“Lexi,” he moaned and I heard a cough, though it was probably just another one of his body guards checking in. Justin turned his head then shouted, “Mom!”
I reacted as fast as I could by jumping off him and standing up straight, startled.
“What are you doing here?” Justin asked getting up and blushing. “I thought you werent coming until tomorrow?”
Pattie Mallette’s face was sort of pale and a shade of purple. “Well I came here early to suprise you!,” she said raising her voice.”But you…suprised me…”
I saw my black dress by Justin’s feet and quickly grabbed it, pulling it on. My face was on fire from embarrassment. This was Justin’s mom! And I met her like this? “Hi, Mrs. Mallette. Im Alexis Davis, I uh won the contest with my little sister,” I said trying to sound confident and put out my hand.
She looked at my hand for a second then shook it.”Nic-well umm…meeting you,” she said uncomfortable.
I looked at Justin who seemed to be in a trance. Then when I nudged him he snapped out of it,”Ok mom…its not what it looks like…” he said hopefully, pointing to me.

“Oh so its not my 16 year old son about to have sex?” Pattie asked crossing her arms. The look on her face told me she was pissed.
We were just fooling around and having fun, we werent gonna have sex, atleast I dont think we were? I felt like dying inside, Id wanted to meet Justin’s mom and make a good impression…this was not it.
“Maybe…I should go,” I said quietly looking down at my feet. I felt so ashamed.
Justin looked desperatley at me, after a few seconds he stepped towards me and kissed my cheek.”I’ll talk to you later.”
I tried to manage a smile but couldnt,”Bye…” Id walked almost to the door when I stopped and turned around with sudden courage. “Mrs. Mallette, Im really sorry we had to meet like this. I wanted to make a good first impression and this wasnt it.” She frowned.”Im sorry,” I whispered and opened the door going back to my room.
When I got to my room I just sat quietly on the bed with my head in my hands, thinking about what just happened.
Justin’s POV My stomach churned, why the hell did my mom come now? Well there’s nothing like an angry mother to scare away your erection and scare away the girl who gave it to you. We stood quietly for a minute then I began,”Listen mom-”
“No you listen Justin Drew Bieber! You asked me to trust you and you said you could handle it without me. I came to check and see if your ok and when I show up,” she yelled.” I find you about to have sex! With the contest winner? Justin you can get in so much trouble and ruin your career if that girl tells the press, and she is probably going to!”
“Mom you dont understand! She’s not like that.” I begged.
“She is a crazy female teenage fan, she is like that!”
“No she isnt. She didnt even like me when she came here, her little sister lied to her about this trip.” I persuaded her the best I could. “C’mon Mom you have to give her a chance. Let me talk to her…”
Alexis POV I cant believe that happend! When I heard a knock on the door I said, “Just a second!” Putting on shorts and a tank top over my still wet bathing suit I went to the door and Justin was standing with Pattie.
I looked at Justin then Pattie, “C’mon in.” I said opening the door more.
“Just stay here Mom, Ill be right back,” Justin said sternly and walked in shutting the door. Authors N/O: Pattie is listening at the door (lol)
“Im…so sorry for that,” he started talking, holding my hands.
“Justin that was so embarrassing! I wanted to meet your Mom but not like that!” I whined.
“I know and Im sorry but lets just try to forget that happened.” he spoke lacing his fingers through mine.
“I dont think your Mother is too keen on just forgetting that Justin. She hates me now, I can tell by the way she acted.I cant blame her if she thinks Im a slut.”
“No dont say that, your not a slut! Making out with your boyfriend isnt a crime,” he laughed.
My boyfriend…Justin was my boyfriend. I sighed leaning on his shoulder,”That was horrible,” I giggled.”I thought I was going to pass out.”
“I know and I had to have her yell at me” he laughed kissing my forehead.
“You ok?” I asked touching his cheek.
“Yea, it wasnt that bad…” Justin said smiling.
“What are we going to do?” I asked him worried.
“Im going to properly introduce you to my Mom.” Justin pushed my hair out of my face and pecked my lips. “Let’s go.”
He opened the door and Pattie was standing against the wall. Justin spoke first,”Alexis this is my mom, Pattie Mallette. Mom this is Alexis Davis, my girlfriend.”
Pattie’s mouth dropped open a little bit,”Are…are you sure?” she asked.
I felt insulted, was I not good looking enough? She saw my face and added, “Not that there’s anything wrong with you honey,” she said to me.”But this is a big deal…”
I glanced at Justin who was looking deeply into my eyes. My face couldnt help but light up when he wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my lips tendedly.”I am sure.” he said softly.
I was so in love with him…

After Pattie and I talked for awhile I had to admtt that I think she liked me! At first she was still a little upset about the fact that we were together and she HAD walked in on us making out but by the end of the day, she said I was really nice and polite. For my boyfriends mom she was actually pretty cool and chill. Since we had stayed up late talking, the next day Justin and I had fallen asleep on my bed while watching a movie…
*”Please dont hurt me? Im a big fan,” I pleaded.
“Oh yeah? C’mon in boys,” he smiled.
Three more men walked into the room laughing stupidily and pointing at me, joking.
I looked into my idol’s eyes as mine started to fill with tears,”Please dont…what are you going to do to me?” I freaked and tried to run but one of the men to the left caught my waist pulling me back.
“No! Your not going anywhere!” he grinned tightening his hands around my arms, cutting off the circlation.
I cried harder and slapped at his chest doing no damage.*
Someone was holding my arms shaking me violently.
“Alex! Baby wake up!” Justin’s voice urged me.”C’mon wake up!”
I jolted awake, opening my wet around I saw I was in my room, with Justin. He was holding me in his arms but wiping away my tears with his thumb.
“Jeeze Lex you scared me. Whats wrong? You wouldnt wake up.” he asked worried.
Tears began to fill my eyes again as I thought about my dream, it felt as if I was surrounded by nothing but darkness. “Shit…” I sobbed.
“What’s wrong? Talk to me…” Justin pleaded. Pushing my hair out of my sweaty face.
“It was just a dream…a bad dream.” I said sniffling.
“Alexis…you did this same thing the night you slept in my room. The other bodyguards said they keep checking you when you sleep becuz you scream! Babe please,” he begged.”Im worried! Talk to me.”
I looked into his eyes and my heart began physically aching, Id wanted to tell someone for a long time and right now, I wanted to tell him more than anything. The weight of the pressure had built up over the past year and I exploded. Tears streamed down my face in a never ending river,”I cant! I want to but I cant!”
“Lexi look at me!” he pulled my face up to look at him. His lips kissed mine quickly but still full of love. “You can tell me anything…I-I love you.”
Love? I knew it was there but this was the first time either of us had actually said it. My heart melted and my lungs werent working right. I couldnt tell him of the attack, I didnt even know for sure myself what happened. Looking in his eyes I knew for that second that I was safe now, he couldnt hurt me. Not while Justin was here with me. Trying to blink the tears out of my eyes I grabbed his hand, putting his palm against my cheek.
“I love you too,” I whispered.”More than I thought possible for knowing someone only 2 and a half weeks.” I smiled.
“You can tell me,” he pressured.
‘Justin just not right now, ok?” I told him even though I was dying inside.
I could tell by his facial expression he didnt want to pressure me any more. So instead he sat up against the pillows and pulled me onto his lap.” Alright.” My head turned around against his chest and I reached up as far as I could, he bent down the rest of the distance until our lips met. It started out as an innocent peck but soon I twisted around on his lap to strattle his waist. Deepening the kiss, his lips were hungry for mine but I could sense that he was still worried about me.
It was about 8 pm so when there was a knock on the door I already knew it was Pattie. Justin sighed and slowly I climbed off him and sat down, starting the movie around the middle of it.
“Come in!” Justin yelled.
Pattie walked in a couple feet then said,”Justin you need to go talk with Scooter on the phone then get in bed.”
“Alright let me just get my phone.” he said and walked over to the table as Pattie left the room. Once she did he peeked back to make sure she was gone then ran up to me, “I’ll be back in an hour and a half, leave your door unlocked.” he smiled then kissed me. My tongue slid into his mouth and he sighed enjoying it for a moment, then he pulled back smiling.”I will be back for more of that…”
I giggled and pecked his lips one last time before he left.

After Justin left I started pacing the room. Was he going to come back to just make out with me or was he coming back for sex? My breathing quickened and I got a glass of water to calm me.
Earlier Brie was still sick again so they decided to give her the ajoining room next to me for my safety from her germs. Sitting in the dim room for about ten minutes, finally I decided to just get ready for bed as I would any other time. Our first time having sex isnt supposed to be planned out anyways. But thats even if we were going to have sex! As the clock kept ticking I thought to myself, “Was I ready to make love? After what happened, I should probably tell Justin before sleeping with him but what if he reacts badly? I cant stand to lose him.”
Taking deep breaths I decided to just let things happen how they happen. It was a good thing that Id had my period dirctly after the first night I was here so 1.) I could tell I wasnt pregnet though that wasnt needed becuz we didnt end up having sex and 2.) I was on the whole week I didnt talk to Justin.
After showering and putting on make-up I starting to put on Pajama’s . with my hair like this I nervously layed on my bed when my phone rang. It was a text from justin-
“Hey beautiful, I cant wait to be there =)”
I smiled. This was Justin. I didnt know why I was so nervous, I could always be myself around him.
*A couple minutes until Justin would come, Alexis had the TV on but wasnt really watching it*
I felt half asleep when I heard a tap on my door then slowly it opened and Justin walked in wearing .com/image/justin%20bieber%20pics/_skatergurl808_/jus… .
As soon as I saw him, I was wide awake. Especially now that I knew something was going to happen…
“Hey,” I smiled standing up.
“Hey yourself,” he grinned walking towards me.” You look…a-mazing!”
I laughed. “Im in sleeping clothes Justin.”
“So…you still look beautiful.” he said gripping my waist, then kissed my cheek down to my jaw.
I shivered at the feeling of his soft lips on my skin, whenever he touched me I felt as if I could no longer think on my own. His hands and lips controlled me, when he gave my neck butterfly kisses I realized I hadnt took a breath in awhile. My breath was ragged cuz I was shaking. Justin kissed my cheek then pulled back and asked, “Are you alright?”
I couldnt answer, my voice was gone.
“Do you want me to stop?” he asked taking a step away from me.
I realized what was happening again and got energized. “No dont,” I said quickly grabbing his arm.”You just make me feel…” I couldnt finish.
Justin smiled in response, and kissed just below my mouth. I giggled a little and asked,”Where is your mom? Doesn’t she notice your not in your room?”
“We have ajoined rooms…I locked my side and she cant get in. She’ll never know.” he kissed my mouth fully. This time I didnt feel dizzy but instead felt a surge of fire run through my veins.
Grabbing a fistful of his shirt in my hand I pulled him closer to me, his mouth was taking over my own. It was kind of romantic and sweet as he lightly pushed me against the wall. I smiled through our kiss and lifted his shirt up, as he cupped the sides of my waist. Justin helped me by lifting up his arms. He pushed me against the wall so I could wrap my legs around him. He smiled wider and carried me to the bed where he slowly climbed on top of me.

Justin sweetly pecked my neck then started sucking on it gently. All the while his hands were sliding up my leg and waist. His right hand slid up to my shoulder where he pinned my arm against the bed. His other hand had stopped and he was now groping my right breast. He silenced my little moan with his lips then trailed back down to my neck. I wrapped my legs around him even tighter, and I felt his dick grow harder. When I felt him against my thigh it turned me on. I wanted Justin more than ever. All of him, including this. When I closed my eyes I saw flashbacks in my mind of my attacker clawing at my bleeding back. I dont even remember the whole night but I was sure that I was ruined. I was filthy and even though I wanted nothing more than Justin I couldnt didnt deserve that.
“Ahh,” I gasped and pushed Justin halfway off me.
His eyebrows pulled together in confusion,”Did I do something wrong?”
My eyes started to burn from the tears that filled my eyes. I looked at the ceiling trying to stop the tears. “No Justin you were perfect.”
He saw the tears in my eyes and asked worried,”Oh no! Baby, did I hurt you?”
“Im fine but I couldnt be selfish and let that happen.” I said crying a little.
“Sweetheart, I wanted that too,” he said happily smiling.
“NO. No you dont! Im ruined Justin,” I sobbed.
“Alex dont cry. I just dont understand?”
“I want to but I cant, just like I want to tell you but…” I mumbled wiping some tears away.
“Are you talking about earlier?” he asked then cupped my face in his hands.” Please babe tell me so I can help!”
Even more pressure than earlier was on me now, and when he touched me and called me baby…I almost cracked.
“Baby please?” he begged, worried.
Once the words left his mouth I knew it was too late to turn back now. The truth was going to be told, and I wiped away the rest of my tears. Justin helped dry my face off.
I grabbed his hands,” Ive never told anybody this before Justin,” I told him struggling with words.”Last year when you werent famous yet, Jesse McCartney was the “big thing”. I was crazy about him, posters, CD’s, everything. I finally got tickets to see him after my parents died. So I took a Taxi a couple hours away and went to the concert. It was amazing and everything Id always dreamed of getting to do.” I managed to mumble through without throwing up.
He looked at me carefully, paying attention to every word.
“I got to do a meet and greet with him. Id always fantasized about kissing him and giving him my number. Well I thought I didnt have anything to lose so I gave it to him. On my way out I got a call.” Justin nodded listening intently. “It was Jesse… and he gave me directions to meet him I did we talked then made out for awhile but when he started pushing me towards the dressing room I told him no.”I couldnt breathe.” He forced me in then called some of his backup dancers to help him hold me to the bed.” I choked up and started crying again. Justin squeezed my hand and said “Go on…”
“He and the others beat up on me and clawed my back,” I sobbed.”Thats where those scars came from…but then I dont know. I got knocked out I guess becuz I dont remember!” I cried almost as hard as I did when it happened. He hugged me and I soaked him in my tears.”Justin! I think something awful happend…I think he violated me!” I sobbed into his chest.” But I dont know! I woke up in the back alley outside the stadium. I never told anyone becuz I thought they would blame me! You see Justin? I want to have sex with you but I cant! Im used trash!”
Justin looked at me with his eyes almost watering,”Alexis…Im so sorry that happened to you.(I cried into his chest more)but you…are not trash! Alright?” he hugged me tightly. “And tomorrow we are going to see a doctor, he will find out what happened. Oh my God honey…Im so sorry…” a tear rolled down his cheek.

Im going to require a comment limit before the the next chapter? Sorry but I need feedback lol Justin held me close and rocked me slightly. I cried, it felt like my heart was getting pressure let out of it so I continued. Enjoying the sensation of being calmer, I lifted my face to gaze into his beautiful eyes. They were shining from where he had teared up. Cold hands were wiping my tears away as I sniffled and gasped short, quick breaths.
“I promise everything is going to be alright…you should try and get some sleep though.” he told me sliding off the bed to stand up straight.
Fear radiated through my body at the thought of him leaving me alone, my eyes were big and round-like when I basically screamed at him,”No Justin! Please dont go, stay with me tonight? I cant be alone,” I threw myself against him and grabbed his cheek & shirt. I was so needy but I didnt care, I couldnt stand to be alone again. My heart was beating vigorously in my body. It wasnt possible that he didnt feel it when we were so close. His arms and safe embrace were the air and I was needing oxygen, fast.
Justin’s POV Alexis slammed against my body, begging me not to leave her. I didnt want to leave her and by the look on her face I couldnt. If I get in trouble with my mom then I’ll take the punishment but her gorgeous face was stained with tears. Her tiny fist had a handfull of my shirt which I had put back on earlier, the beautiful eyes were big like a puppy’s. I was still kind of in shock after what she told me. Someone had hurt her, clawed her back so much that it left scars! And at the thought of her might of being raped repelled me. Just thinking about him touching Alex made me so angry, I could kill.
“Lexi if you dont want me to go, then Im here. Im not going anywhere unless you want me to.” I said to her, stroking her cheek with my thumb.
Alexis POV Justin’s touch automatically calmed my nerves and his words made me relax completley. He gripped my waist and pulled me on the bed with him. I smiled when I layed down next to him and he wrapped his arms around me, kissing my forehead.
“Goodnight, love. Please get some rest.” I snuggled as close to him as our bodies could get.
“Thank you Justin…goodnight.” I rested my head against his chest closing my eyes.
*Next Morning*
“Alex c’mon get up!” Justin shook me gently.
I sat up slowly, rubbing my eyes. “Oh, good morning.”
“I talked to my private doctor here and he said he can help…so if you want. You should probably get dressed.” he said helping me stand up, then pecked my lips.
I got up and showered then got ready in . and ./_NO2UOMMYKZ0/SIG1adw2RDI/AAAAAAAAAk0/3N-B15j6xaw/s40… . “Ready, beautiful?” he asked outside the bathroom door.
“Yeah I think so…” I whispered grabbing his hand.
*At the private doctors office*
I was sitting in a chair with my legs in the strattle pads. “Justin stay in here, please?”
“Ok,” he said lacing his fingers in mine.
“This is going to be uncomfortable but this is the only way. If you feel too much pain just let me know?” the old man with a huge bulbous nose said, the doctor.
I pushed my eyes away from my legs and got extremly uncomfortable when I felt the rubber gloves touching my inner thigh. Quickly I looked at Justin who was watching me, and frowned as I felt pulling. His hand was still in mine and I squeezed it harder, frustrated. When I finally felt the doc back away from me, Justin and I both sat up. Anxiously…
He took his rubber gloves off and I winced as they snapped,”Well Alexis. You’ve definatley…”
Doctor Williams snapped his gloves when pulling them off, and I winced. “Well Alexis, you’ve definatley been violated in a way.” he told me with a serious tone. “Your skin has a certain feel to it that tells me that it was once bruised very badly. Im suprised, medically, that there is no visible permanent damage.”
“So…?” I asked not quite inderstanding.
“What that means is someone obviously got violent with you and perhaps was going to rape you. By the bruises I thought that you had, but when I felt inside,” I shivered as he said that. This time Justin tightened his grip on my hand.”the membrane has not been broken…your still a virgin.”
My whole body felt like it was flying. For a whole year I had lived thinking that Id been raped and my innocence stolen. To hear that I still had it, made me smile so big I looked like a fat kid in a candy store(Authors N/O: haha sorry had to put that lol). I was so wrapped up in my own relief that I forgot about Justin. His face once pale face was now red from blushing.
“Oh my…” I said pulling Justin into a giant bear-like hug.
“This is amazing!” he spoke quietly but with joy.
“I’ll leave you two, to talk…” Dr. Williams told us politely. Leaving the room and shutting the door quietly.
“Oh baby, Im so relieved,” I said almost tearing up.
His chocolate eyes gazed into mine adoringly,”Your not supposed to be crying…this is good news!”
“I know, its just Im so happy. I feel like I just got 200 lbs of pressure off my back.”I mumbled not really paying attention.
He smiled a crooked smile,”What do you want to do today? We only have a few days left…”
At these words my heart dropped to my stomach. “Justin…,” I said avoiding his eyes.”What are we going to do…about us?”
His lips were not smiling now but pursed in a tight line.”Lets not worry about that now.”
“Were going to have to face reality some time?” I raised my voice louder than I ment to. But I didnt care, avoiding this conversation was going to get us nowhere. You cant delay the inevitable.
“Look we just found out amazing news, why are you yelling at me?” he asked raising his voice too.
“Because Im tired of you putting this off. I love you but…” I tried but couldnt finish.
“But what! There isnt suppose to be a “but” Alex…thats means its limited.”
“Justin…” I said confused. I didnt mean to say that.
His face was a mixture of anger and pain. He still looked sexy when he got up and paced back and forth around the small room with his hands behind his head.
“Ive got to go uh…cool down. Ill see you later.” he said abruptly, leaving the room.
My heart seared with pain, and my eyes watered. “Justin wait I-” but he had already left. I stood up getting dressed and leaned my head against the wall, banging it a few times.
I dont know why I said that. I loved him…no but’s. I was in love with him unlimited and uncontrollably. Slowly I walked back to my room crying softly, when I opened the door Brie was up.
Rushing, I wiped away my tears and tried to to stop new ones from coming. “Oh…hey Brie. Your up?” I asked half smiling.
“Not for long, I was just getting a drink. Why are you here?” she said wiping her eyes from the sleep in them then sneezing.
“What do you mean?” I asked my eyebrows pulling together in confusion. I wasnt really interested in this. My mind was on the fight Justin and I just had. I phased out…
“Hello? Are you even listening?” she asked me desperatley.
“Im sorry, what?” I asked.
“Ugh! Nevermind!” she said walking back to her room slamming the door.
What was wrong with her? I felt like I needed to go talk to her but I didnt have the strenghth in me. My mind was on nothing but Justin. Like the Glad plastic bags commercial but instead of hefty, Justin! Justin! Justin! I had no idea what to do. Justin was mad at me so…now what? I couldnt apologize, it was partially his fault too! I cant believe it, why he couldnt just talk to me about it. Did he want to just leave and forget about me? Was that why he was avoiding the subject, at this thought my body locked up. I didnt want to lose him. But then I realized, he was a popstar and I was just a fan…why would he want me?I couldnt have anymore heartbreak in my 8 p.m my mind went blank. As if I was asleep but not really sleeping. I wasnt in my body but watching from above myself, I couldnt move. My face was wet from silent tears that ran down my feverish face and hadnt stopped in phone vibrated on the bed side table and shook the lamp. I picked it up and saw that Justin was calling, I dropped the phone after shutting it off. If he wanted to talk to me he could walk down to my room, but I didnt want to talk to him. I knew I was guilty, I had started the fight. Either way I got up and changed clothes into ./wp-content/uploads/2009/04/baby-phat-tank-top-boxe… and my hair like /wp-content/uploads/2009/04/shenae-grimes-… .Tired yet so full of enegy I slumped to my bed, when I heard an impatient knock on my door I sighed. Pulling the door open grumpily I saw Justin Bieber standing in the hall looking worried.I was shocked that he came so when he asked,”Can I come in?” it awoke me. “Why?” I said face twisted with my resent and I could tell he choked up. Justin’s eyes were so beautiful and sad, it hurt to watch. Immediatly I felt guilty again and said,”Im sorry. Yeah you can come in…” while holding the door he stepped inside I shut the door, then like a timer went off and he only had a little amount of time to talk he started speaking.”Alexis, you have no idea how sorry I am! I went back to my room and felt horrible about our arguement. I acted like such an asshole because-” I cut him off.”You werent the only one acting like an asshole. Im so sorry, it was my fault!” I said walking up to him slowly. “Its just I love you more than I thought possible and Im scared. Of whats gonna happen when its time to leave.” “I know and I just didnt want to talk about it. I thought somehow by avoiding answering that question that maybe it wouldnt happen but…I know thats not possible now.” he said cupping the side of my neck.I stared into his eyes and everything was ok again. The need for Justin burned in my body, so I grabbed his neck pulling him to me. Crushing his lips to mine, I felt powerful.
He leaned his forehead against my own when he took a breath.”I love you…” he breathed on my moment was almost perfect, but good enough for me as long as Justin was with me. I smiled, “I love you too…” then spoke again in a whisper.”Terminal love…” “No…” he said shaking his head. “Forever love…” His lips found my jaw then went to my neck which he started sucking on, hard. I smiled in hands found his waist and I pulled him to my bed, he looked at me adoringly then kissed my lips fully. I felt his tongue sliding against my lip pushing. Wanting entrance permission, I let him in and sighed as his tongue explored the inside of my mouth. Justin was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted, I could never get used to it. He lowered me down to the bed, gently. My fingers pulled his shirt off hungrily and I wiped my hands down his chest, he shivered at my touch. Justin came back to my mouth, kissing me deeply. My lungs needed air so I pulled away after a minute, breathing smiled as he pulled my tank top off and left kisses down my flat then sang softly,”Your body is a wonderland…” and I laughed. Reaching down to his belt, I rushed to yank down his pants but he grabbed my hands then took his jeans off himself. When he climbed back onto the bed I couldnt help but bite my lip, he was so damn gorgeous.”Wait…” he said suddenly.I sat up,”Whats wrong?” I asked my face flushed from kissing.”This isnt right. Its your first time and you should have the best, most romantic memory of it as possible.” he said body ached inside, “I dont mind…this,” I said smiling.”Yes,” he said laughing. “But you deserve better.”Inside my heart and mind was spinning. Sighing I put my shirt back on and he got dressed too. “Maybe one day,” I said standing up and putting my arms around his neck. “We will actually have sex…” “Baby I want to. You have no idea how bad I want to,” he smiled, pushing strands of hair out of my face. “But I want it to be special.”My smile widened. He was absolutly perfect.
I slowly kissed his neck then said, “You know something?”
He laughed and said, “Mmm…what?”
“Im so in love with you…” I whispered.
Justin stared into my eyes intently. “Im glad because I am so in love with you.” he smiled and kissed my lips passionatly, stroking my cheek.
“So your mom is pretty pissed about you sneaking out last night?” I asked Justin playing with his hand. He had sat in an armchair and I was laying across his lap, he twirled my hair in his other hand playfully.
“Naw,” he said smiling crookedly.
After giving him a questioning look he went on telling me,”I told her you were having a rough day and wanted me to stay with you. But nothing happened.”
I couldnt help but smile at him. His eyes made me feel like we were the only ones in the world but yet…I saw the whole world in them. Happiness, support, love, everything important in life. I took a moment to just take in everything happening in my existence the past few weeks. I came to the Bahammas with my little sister that I adored, which was already lucky. I had met Justin Bieber, almost have sex with Justin bieber, and get mad at him. But most importantly I fell in love with Justin and he fell for me. That couldnt have happened in my wildest dreams, a month ago but now. I was the luckiest girl in the world. He was just as important to me as Gabrielle was, I wouldnt and couldnt lose him.
“What are you staring at me for?” he asked smiling again.
“Just realizing how lucky I am, to have you in my life. Im eternally grateful.” I chuckled.
Justin looked at me very seriously,”Alex…I am the lucky one. I thought Id never be able to fall for anyone because I wouldnt know if it was real or fake but, this,” he pointed to his own heart then mine.”This is real. It has to be, I can feel it.”
“Oh your wrong! Im just here for the fame and bling,” I laughed.
“Yeah?” he asked me sarcastically then laughed, tickling me.
I cracked up and squirmed trying to get away from him.”Justin-stop,” I laughed.”It tickles!” I screamed.
“Thats the point isnt it?” he stopped for a second then continued but the phone rang.
“Thank God! My rescue,” I laughed getting up and picking up the phone.
“Hello?” I said into the receiver.
“This is the front desk. We are getting complaints of someone screaming. Are you alright, mam?” the voice said.
I covered the reveiver and silently laughed. I could barely say,”No, no, Im fine…just uh goofing off.” I smiled at Justin who mouthed “Who is it?” I mouthed the words “Front desk” back to him.
He laughed and and took the phone from me. “This is Justin Bieber and Miss. Davis is fine. Thank you for your concern, bye.” and he hung up. I fell into his arms, laughing, but soon looked up and said “I hate to say it but you should probably go to bed. In your room tonight. I know it will make your mom happy.”
He looked devasted,”Your right…but I dont want to.” he whined smiling. I reached up and kissed goodnight then went to bed. Having a dreamless sleep.
*Two Days Later*
I awoke at 6 a.m and couldnt get back to sleep. My life felt perfect and I was too happy to sleep. Getting ready in my outfit for the day .com/afraid_alexis_chapter_21/set?id=26735689 I went into Gabrielle’s room but she wasnt there. My head was so full of Justin I didnt even think to worry, bouncing with each step I took I went to the breakfast room where Justin, Kenny, and Gabrielle waited. What time was it? 8:36 a.m Had I taken that long to get ready?
My favorite thing about being in the motel was there were not allowed any papparazzi. Outside Justin and I could barely touch eachother or it would be headline news. But in here I was safe to walk up to my boyfriend and kiss him softly on the lips. He tasted of mint from his toothpaste, I giggled.
“Whats so funny?” Justin asked grabbing my hand gently.
I looked over at Brie who was listening to our every word. “Nothing,” I giggled again.”So Brie…your healthy again!” I smiled.
Justin laughed but Gabrielle said bitterly “Sorry its so unfortunate for you.”
“Woah! Wait, what are you talking about? Why would I not want you healthy?” I asked concerned.
“I tried telling you the other day but you didnt listen. Kenny can you take me to the gift shop?” she asked looking up at the big man.
Kenny looked at me for permission and at first I was going to say no but then I thought, “She just got better. Let her have some fun.” So I nodded.
She practically pulled Kenny out of the room. “What was that about?” Justin asked drinking orange juice.
“I dont know…” I said slowly.
“Come on babe, cheer up. I have all day planned so lets go…Ive got a suprise.” he said happily.
“What is it?” I asked smiling.
“You cant know yet, thats why its a suprise Alexis.” he laughed. “C’mon.”
I grabbed Justin’s hand and he led me up to his room to grab a back-pack then we walked out the back of the hotel.
“Where are we going Justin?” I asked getting excited.
“Hiking…” he said. “not all day but we have to hike to get to the suprise.” He smiled again and kissed my lips. I couldnt help but smile, the whole world was perfect right now. I didnt want to think about anything or care that tomorrow would be my last day here, or what Justin and I were going to do with this love, or even what was gonna happen to me. I had already been changing since the moment I got here and layed my eyes on that angel like face, he tought me to be open up and give people a chance. Not being too trusty but enough to get to know them first without just shutting them out of my life.
“I love it when you smile,” Justin commented. He had been watching my face but I hadnt noticed.
My smile grew. “And I love it when you be yourself. Which you always are.”
He laughed and sqeezed my hand, lovingly. We had been walking for awhile when I asked,”How much longer?”
“Well why dont you look ahead of those bushes?” he smiled.
Pulling back the bushes and stepping through, my heart pounded. The most beautiful setting I ever saw was right before my eyes. It was like a picture from a book, so unreal.(This is basically what it looks like, /images/forest_pond_ but with completely clear water and more grass and green bushes and trees surrounding them) Gasping in shock I turned my eyes towards Justin who was smiling gorgously at me.
“Jus-Just-…Justin…” I gasped again, staring around. Trying to take in everything.
“Do you like it?” he asked hopeful.
“Like it?” I asked grabbing his hand. “Baby this is amazing! Ive never been to a place so beautiful and romantic.”
His smile beamed at me. “I was hoping you liked it…and I also brought this,” he said, taking some supplies out of his back up and setting them down in this formation… .com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/349bh-loca…
“Your incredible Justin.” I smiled almost crying from what he has done.
He pulled me down to sit next to him on the blanket, “Lets eat. Its not much but we did just eat breakfast so I thought some snacks would be alright.”
“Its perfect…” I said pulling his face to mine so we could kiss.
*after eating*
I was laughing at a joke Justin had just told me when he asked, “Do you wanna go for a swim?” winking at me.
My cheeks flushed, “Sure.”
I couldnt help but look as he took off his pants and shirt, leaving him in his boxers. It made me realize I wasnt wearing a bathing suit but apparently it didnt matter cuz he wasnt either. I stripped down to .com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/robot_bra_ and stepped in the water. It was warm so I slid deeper up to my neck, he had waded over to me and was now gripping my waist and smiling. I couldnt breathe again, he was so perfect. Justin leaned in to kiss me but before he could I playfully dunked underwater, making him miss my lips.
Paddling away under the water I heard him chuckle but then I felt a hand wrap around my ankle. Keeping me from swimming away. He pulled me above the surface and laughed, touching the small of my back. Slowly I grinned at him…
“Your beautiful.” he stated dreamily.
I blushed and said “Not too bad yourself,” then giggled.
He was staring intently into my eyes as if he was searching my soul for something, this time I didnt feel violated but happy. He wanted me…I could tell from his eyes. And at that thought, I wanted him. Every part of him and all of it.
“I love you Justin…” I said cupping his cheek.
“I love you Alexis,” he spoke softly then kissed me passionatly.
His lips molted with mine like clay, my own hands were holding his underneath the water. Nothing could get better than having his lips moving against mine, it was my favorite thing to do ever. The thought of needing someone’s lips as much as I needed his made me so confused. Justin’s lips were like a drug…and I was addicted. The taste was devine and unique, the feel of his soft lips made my knees weak and shaky. My head was spinning yet I was in complete focus, kissing Justin…
I pulled back a few inches and took a breath, “I was worried that if I give myself to you,” I half smiled.”Then you will have nothing that you want from me anymore…but right here…right now. I dont care if you leave me as just a vacation romance or whatever and never speak to me again. I want you…” I said running the back of my hand down his face, caressing him.
Justin’s face looked almost amused.”Im not leaving you. This isnt just a romance for me, I dont do this all the time. I love you more than anything,” he grabbed my waist.”And that’s why when I go on World Tour, your coming with me.” he grinned but looked a little anxious.
I couldnt believe he just said that. “Wait- are you serious?” I asked in disbelief.
“As serious as ever…” he spoke quietly but very seriously.
I smiled a little, “Well what about Brie?” I asked, testing his self confidence.
“She can come too!” he said laughing. “My bus has more than enough beds for everyone,” Justin chuckled.
My heart was pounding in my ears, “Your not kidding…” I stated.
“Im not.” he said serious again.
My smile spread across my face and I jumped on him. My arms were wrapped around his neck when I smiled,”I cant believe this! Your amazing, you’d do this for me?”
“I’d do it for you and I’d do it for love. Which is the same thing…”
Gazing into his eyes I kissed him. With the most passion my body could ever hold inside, my need for him burned within my skin. The blood was boiling under it and I couldnt wait. My tongue pushed into his mouth, taking the make out another step farther. He was suprised by my sudden urge but that didnt stop him from pulling my legs tighter against him, grabbing the back of my thighs, wanting me.
A moan escaped my lips when he began to suck my neck, teasingly. Falling back I layed on top of the water as he half kissed and half licked down my chest until he reached my blue lace bra. I felt his cold hands move across my back to unclip it and toss it to the land. Now my breast were fully out and showing. Something hard rised against my thigh and I smiled, feeling him getting aroused by me turned me on almost as much as when he groped my right breast and continued sucking my neck. His fingers tightened around me and I let my eyes roll back, moaning quietly loving the way his tongue felt against my skin, and suprisingly my breast felt so sensative against his touch. When his wet mouth closed over one I floated out of my body and into heaven. Biting my lip to keep me from moaning wasnt helping at all, Justin smiled and came back up to my mouth.
After awhile when my lips felt almost swollen I had started placing butterfly kisses down his neck. Cold fingers were running up and down my back, he picked me up and waded over to the little shore setting my bare back against the sandy ground. His smile was so sexy and when he kissed down my stomach, it drove me insane. Justin’s hair was still wet and dripping when he kissed my lips saying,”I want you…”
My blood boiled like fire. “Take me then…” I whimpered.
His hand dragged down my side, caressing my body until he reached my panties. Our mouths met again but his hand was still working on my legs. My tongue meshed with his and I moaned when his hand came towards my inner thigh, he smiled at my weakness. Using his thumb, Justin went inside my underwear and pulled them down. Inch by inch…
I made a strange sqeuaking noise when he slid past my lady part. He grinned at me, “Baby…”
I shivered, “Oh God…Justin.” I moaned arching my back up so I could feel his hand against me.
His erection grew when I did this as he smiled and kissed me but I was too much focused on his hand to kiss him back. Two cold, skinny fingers touched me softly, slowly he inserted them, moving in circles. Going deeper and deeper with each thrust.
Moaning loudly I was muffled out by Justin kissing me and I couldnt help but grab a handful of his hair, pulling it lightly as he kept smiling againt the kiss, enjoying seeing me in pleasure. By this time I was throbbing inside and I honestly had no idea what I was doing or gonna do. This was the first time I had ever done this before but I was glad it was with Justin…
He continued stroking and smiling. My whole body felt an explosion coming, my feelings were so mixed. Happy, excited, anxious, and begging for more. Moaning loudly I crushed my lips against his, hard. Our bodies were shaking from me doing little jerking movements, like a siezure but not. This was pure pleasure.
The pressure was building and when his two beautiful fingers hit my sensative spot I screamed his name, aching with enjoyment I slowly felt myself start to cum. The smile on his face was as big as I’d ever seen it before, he laughed a little. I didnt have time to feel embarrassed at what just happened, even if I did have the time…I wouldnt have felt ashamed. I loved him with everything in my body and world.
Justin grinned again pulling his fingers out of me. I was breathing hard when I slowly kissed him on his lips, running my hand through his drying hair. My tiny fist slid down his chest to his boxers, automatically he froze up. This time I smiled at him, feeling his huge bulge through the underwear. I wanted him so bad. When my cell phone vibrated in the pocket of my pants a few feet away, I let it go. Who ever it was they could call back later…I was busy right now.
“You gonna get that?” he asked smiling.
My hand went down his blue plaid boxers in a matter of seconds, gripping his dick tightly and holy crap that thing was huge! He squirmed from excitment then closed his eyes. “No…” I said slowly.
“Oh…” he moaned leaning his head back. I pushed on his chest with my other hand so I could be on top of him. Kissing his stomach I began to pull on him as he moaned strokes were interupted by his cell phone ringing.
Justin grabbed it angrily, “Its Kenny…probably wondering-where we-are,” he said between moans then shut it off and threw it. “Oh God damn.” he said smiling.”Youve never done this before?” he asked shocked.
“Never…how am I doing?” I asked sarcastically, grabbing him tighter as he throbbed in my hand. I wanted to feel him cum for me, and taste him but as I kissed down more another phone rang.
“Dammit!” he cursed really mad but was still moaning and repeating my name.”Its my emergency phone…” Justin picked it up and answered, “What!”
I heard frantic talking in the phone but continued, he was trying so hard not to groan.”Oh…what? Are you serious!” he asked then hung up.
“What?” I asked, slowing down my stroking letting him loose. I could tell that a part of him wanted to forget the phone call and continue but his eyes were worried.
“Brie dissapeared…” he said softly.
It was as if all my senses had been blocked out by a drug. The drug was Justin, but now everything came back to me. Even though my body wanted nothing more than to continue, my mind started to worry about Brie.
“What do you mean she dissapeared?” I asked him sitting up.
“Kenny just said that he turned around for a second and when he looked back she was gone. We have everybody looking for her but nobody has found her yet.” Justin said with a little bit of worry in his own voice.
“Shit!” I cursed trying to find all my clothes and Justin did the same.
“Here…” he said handing my underwear to me, awkardly I giggled a little then smiled, blushing. “Thanks.” I got back in the water to wash the stickiness off my thighs then hurriedly got dressed, Justin was watching me. Fully clothed already. I noticed his boner was slowly going down but he still had one so I grabbed his face in my hands. “Im sorry…but we have to find Brie.” I said putting my forehead against his.
“Its alright…thats more important right now… let’s go.” he said and kissed me briskly once.
*Once they got back to the hotel*
“Im going to check the room, go look somewhere else.” I instructed Justin.
My mind was wondering where she could be. Why the hell would she run away? Brie knew better than to do that, over the years I stressed how important it was that she ALWAYS stay safe. Never to make stupid decisions but this was a big one. Maybe I did something to upset her but we were in the freakin Bahammas! Where would she go at a time like this?
Once I got to the room I searched the whole suite. But found nothing, she was nowhere. Until, on my way out I saw a sloppily written letter on the table. Frantically I tore it open to read it-
Dear Alexis,
I feel alone. At first I was excited to be here with you but since you and Justin Bieber started hanging out, you have ignored me. I just want my sister back but I kow that you dont want that. So I have left and Im never coming back…you wont find me. Goodbye and I love you… Love Gabrielle Tears were in my eyes. Not because I thought we wouldnt find her but because now that I looked back…she HAD gave me signs of her feelings. Gabrielle even tried to tell me but I was so focused on Justin, that I forgot to listen and giver her attention. Ok so Brie feels alone…where would she go when she felt alone?
When our parents first died she tried to run away to a park on the outside of town, maybe she went to the park here. There were tons of parks though…which one?
Just then Justin burst threw the door,”Did you find her?”
“No but she left this,” I said sadly wiping the tears from my eyes and handing him the letter.”And I think I know where she went…”
Quickly he read the letter then asked “Where?” without looking up. My throat choked up and I couldnt breathe. When he did glance up, Justin saw the tears in my eyes and ran up to me. Embracing me with a loving hug.
“Baby no, dont cry! This isnt your fault!” he whispered into my ear, stroking my hair out of my face. “Please…dont cry.”
“Its true!” I broke down into his arms. “I ignored her, she tried to tell me but I wouldnt listen!”
“Lexi, look at me!” he said forcefully, pulling my face up to look at him. “This is NOT your fault…we were and are in love. It just distracted us! But nobody is at fault here. This is a huge mess that will be fixed.”
“I love her so much Justin but…I love you too now and I just dont know.” I said. I loved them both but was I putting Justin above my own sister?
“Whats not to know? You love her, and me. I love you both. Your amazing and she is the sweetest.” he said slowly. “We all love eachother and thats great! There is no questions or “buts”…”
Blinking tears out of my eyes, I grabbed his face in my hands. “I love you…” my voice was shaky.
Justin smiled and whispered back,”I love you too…” then kissed me passionatly. “Now…you said you think you know where she is?”
“Yeah, I think so but there are alot of those here.” He looked puzzled. “Parks.” I informed him on the story of her running away earlier.
“I know where a park is thats right outside of all the people and major part of everything. Do you think she would go there?” he asked and I shrugged.
*Justin, Alexis, and Kenny arive at the park*
I saw Brie sitting on a swing set with a bag full of clothes and food beside her, looking the other direction.
“Gabrielle!” I yelled, running to her.
Gabrielle turned and looked at me with tear stained eyes. More came streaming down her face when she sat up and ran to me screaming, “Alexis!”
I scooped her up in my arms, sqeezing tightly. “Oh my God. Gabrielle…dont you ever, ever do that that to me again!” I said holding her against me.
Justin came running up to us when Brie said,” Im so sorry Alex! Its just I want to spend time with you but when your with Justin you look so happy. And you havent in awhile so I couldnt stay but I love you too much to stay away. Im sorry!” She held me tighter.
I kissed her head whispering, “Its ok. Im sorry too. I havent been a good sister lately.”
Justin walked up and wrapped his arms around both of us. “Im sorry Brie. I didnt mean to steal your sister away from you but I love her too.” he said shyly looking at me.
Gabrielle smiled halfway. “Its ok Justin. Your really cool but can- can I come with you guys sometimes?” she asked blushing.
“Of coarse,” Justin and I said at the same time then laughed. “Just dont ever do that again Gabrielle…” I warned. “Or else you will be in trouble.” I set her on her feet.
“Ok…” she said looking down, embarrassed. Then she suddenly realized something cuz she said, “Wait! Tomorrow is our last day here?” she whined.
Excitment bubbled beneath my skin when I thought about telling Brie the news. She was gonna be so happy! “Oh yeah about that…guess what Gabrielle?””What?” she asked confused.I looked over at Justin who grabbed my hand smiling. Nodding my head I let him know I wanted him to tell her.
“Well Brie, you see I love your sister and you so much that your gonna come with me when I go on tour.” he grinned.
Kenny looked like he had been slapped,”What? Did you ask your mom?”
“Its fine, Kenny.” Justin replied calmly.
I never thought about that. “Justin?” I asked, sqeezing his hand. “Is it?”
“Yeah, babe.”
I wasnt gonna argue cuz I trusted him, instead I took Brie’s hand.”What would you like to do tonight Gabrielle?” I asked her.
Her face pulled together in concentration. “What about smores? Around a campfire?”
Glancing at Justin to check to see if he was ok with it I said, “Sure. Let’s go get changed into something more comfy. What time is it?”
Justin checked his watch,”Uh…7:49″ he said suprised.
“Well then we better hurry.” Brie said pulling my hand towards the car.
“Ok Brie. I’ll meet you at the beach in like an hour.” I told Justin.
“Ok bye…” he said grimacing.
*In Alexis and Brie’s hotel suite*
We had just walked into the foor when Brie screamed and started jumping on the bed.”Ahhh! I cant believe Im going on tour with Justin Bieber!”
I laughed,”Why didnt you do this earlier? I think you hurt his feelings.”
“How?”she asked.
“Because you didnt seem very excited…” I told her.
“Oh…Im sorry.” but she continued to jump.
“Get ready you dork!” I smiled.
L8r I was ready dresses in .com/cgi/img-set?.out=jpg&id=4JBfcfRi3RGlSoonEZPhrQ&am… with my hair like .com/Miley+Cyrus+Hair/articles/SrsCXOdAS2S/Miley+Cyrus+Prom+… By the time we got down to the beach it was almost 9:00 and dark outside. Justin had started the fire and was sitting next to it cooking a marshmallow.”Hey beautiful ladies.” he commented and stood up to help me sit down.
Brie giggled, blushing.”Hi Justin.”
“Hey sexy.” I said scooting close to everything in the world seemed alright becuz I was by Justin. It was an awesome feeling, to be safe and loved. I smiled when he put his arm around me.
After eating a smore we were all laughing and joking.I looked deeply into Justin’s eyes and he did the same to me. We both cherished this moment until Brie interupted,”You know” shhe said watching us. “You guys like never kiss. For being so in love…” she exaggerated by doing hand motions.
“What?” Justin asked almost laughing.
“We do.” I insisted smiling questioningly at her. She had no idea.
“No you guys dont.” she said with that look in your eye that you have when you are having a dare.
“Ok fine,” I said.
I grabbed Justin’s chin to kiss him. We tried not to use tongue cause we didnt want to gross Gabrielle out but I couldnt help but make it a little more steamy than I should have. I didnt realize why Justin had suddenly pulled away.
Gabrielle giggled and layed down in the sand.
He tugged off his hoody quickly setting it in his lap to cover up the huge bulge sticking up in his jeans.
My hand flew to my mouth as I tried to stiffle a laugh. I turned my head so I could whisper in his ear, “You got a boner! From that!” I asked giggling.”I didnt do anything!”
“You know what? Its not my fault, I just…thought of some memories from earlier today…and you look…” His eyes glanced down my body.”Amazing…” he said smiling but his cheeks were red from embarrassment.”I really hope your sister didnt see that!”
“I doubt it, even if she did she wouldnt know what it was.” I laughed but looked over at Brie when I heard little snores.”Aww she fell asleep.” I smiled.
“Good,” Justin grinned then he grabbed my waist pulling me ontop of him so I was strattling his legs and waist.
His lips found mine and he kissed me softly then began to deepen it more and more, making the kisses sloppier and wetter. One of my hands was on his waist and the other on his shoulder. I laughed, it was like I was riding a bull.I gasped when I felt him get harder on me because I was wearing a dress that was lifted up and he touched my V directly through my underwear. A quiet moan escaped his mouth but he continued hungrily kissing my neck when my phone rang.
“Ugh! Who is it?” he asked annoyed.
I checked the screen and my eyebrows pulled together in confusion. “It’s my legal lawyer guy, Julian. Why is he calling me now? We havent spoke in a year.”I answered my phone slowly”Hello?”
“Hey Lexi! Glad I got a hold of you. We havent spoken in what? Its been like a year now?” Julian said through the phone.
“Yes Julian. Why are you calling me, its past 10 pm?” I said getting angry.
“Well some stuff happend and I thought you needed to know.” he said slowly.
“What stuff, Julian!” I asked. Justin’s aroused dick was still hard against me and that was very distracting, he sat there playing with my hair while I talked. Until he wrapped his arms around my back, kissing my chest.
I let out a little moan,”Justin…”
“Uhhh,” Julian said awkwardly when he heard me moan, “So we were looked up on by the State…and since you are only 16, your supposed to have a legal guardian with you.”
“So what are you saying?” I asked getting worried.
“Well they have kind of made a big deal out of everything. And so from now on…until your 18 you will have a legal guardian living with you.”
“Legal-what? Who?” I yelled into the phone, angry. “Alexis your parents had no relatives. YOU have no relatives. So the state appointed someone by themselves. He has already adopted you and Gabrielle.” Julian said carefully, knowing this would make me mad.
“They cant do that! Who the hell is this guy?” I screamed at him. I was so pissed right now, I climbed off of Justin. Pacing a few feet.
“Baby whats wrong?” Justin asked me sitting up.
“Hang on,” I told him.
“His name is Rick Mayerson, he is 43 years old. His wife was supposed to adopt you guys too but she died in an accident recently. So its just him, he works as a business man but from a computer not a building. He has never had any kids but loves them. Also he says he cant wait to see you guys tomorrow.” Julian finished talking on the phone.
“No, no, no, and NO! Im going home tomorrow but just to get some clothes. Im going on a trip for awhile. Both Brie and I!” I said panicking. My world was falling apart. A guardian and no tour with Justin? But if I didnt go then I wouldnt be able to see him for a long time.
“Oh honey Im sorry but he is your legal guardian and he insisted on having you girls thats canceled.” he said. “Say goodbye to your friends. Anyway I gotta go, I’ll talk to you soon! Bye Alexis!” he hung up quickly.
I dropped my phone and started hyperventilating.”No, no! God please NO!”
Justin gripped my shoulders.”Babe whats wrong?”
Tears burst out of my eyes.”Justin! Dont let them take me away from you!Please?” I cried on his shoulder.
He welcomed me into a warm embrace,”What are you talking about? What did Julian say?” he asked worried.
As Justin wiped my tears away I said through sobs,”The state said I have to have a legal guardian and they gave Brie and I name is Rick Mayerson, he’s an old businessman with no wife and kids! He wants me home tomorrow! I cant go on tour with you! Please Justin, I cant lose you!” I cried harder after admitting it.
“Oh God…” Justin whispered, patting my back and kissing my forehead. “No, you cant leave…”
I couldnt stop the tears from running down my face, soaking Justin’s shirt. “Justin, I dont wanna leave you…”
He squeezed me harder, running his fingers through my hair. “No, no. We will have to talk to him and explain, Im sure he will understand.” His voice was shaking and it sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than me.
“Brie was so excited. How will I tell her that we’re not going now?” I asked him desperatley.
“Dont say that! Have faith, we still have time.” he told me as he pulled me away from him to look into my eyes. “We will figure something out…”
For the rest of the night Justin and I layed on the beach, cuddling. Most of the time I cried into his chest and he would just say,” Dont worry, I love you. We’ll figure something out.”
*The next morning*
I dreaded telling Brie. I knew she would be upset about not going but I didnt know how she would react to having a “adoptive father.” Justin insisted on me calling the guy so I got his number from Julian before I told Brie. This was my last hope, if he wanted me home I didnt know what I was gonna do. The dial rang as I waited for him to pick up.
“Hello?” a husky voice said on the other line.
“Uh hi …my name is Alexis. Alexis Davis.” slowly speaking I paced back and forth. Justin anxiously watched me.
“OH! Alexis! Hello! Im sorry Ive never heard your voice before.” he laughed.”How is Gabrielle?”
“Well um she is fine but thats not why I called.” I said urgently.
“Oh, what did you call for?” he asked suprised.
“You see Im in the Bahammas right now-”
“Of coarse. I know.” he said quickly.
“Well Im with Justin Bieber,” I smiled at his name. “And he has asked me…and Gabrielle to come with him on his tour. We would be gone for awhile so I was just gonna see if that was ok?” I asked hopeful.
“Oh…,” he was silent for a minute. “Oh wow. I didnt want this to happen…expecially when this is our first time talking…Im sorry but Ive just adopted you and I really think you need to come home today.” Rick Mayerson said into the phone.
I knew this would happen! Luck was never on my side, Justin and I were not going to be able to be together. “Well,” I said pissed. “I REALLY think I should go on this trip.”
Maybe I had been too forceful cause he sounded a little mad this time. “You dont need to talk to me like that. Im in charge of you now. Show some respect Alexis!”
Hot tears were in my eyes again, my head was bubbling with fury. I screamed a little and hung up, throwing my phone on the bed.
Justin sighed sadly and his face turned red. “Not good news?” I shook my head violently and hugged him.
“What are we gonna do Justin? I love you!” I said exasperated.
“There’s nothing else to do…I cant cancel the tour…” he said stressed.
“No you cant. We will just have to…go our own ways…” I said. I felt like puking, the one thing I wanted more than ever was to stay in Justin’s arm forever. It killed me to say those words.
“No! Alex you have no idea how much you mean to me. I didnt think I could trust anybody with my love, but I couldnt help but fall for you. Your my world.” he said cupping my face kissing my eyes, nose, and mouth.”We will talk on the phone, text, email, and webcam but Im not losing you!”
I smiled through tears and kissed him sweetly,”Im gonna miss you…so much.”
“I know. Its gonna kill me.” he said softly.”I love you.”
“I love you too…” I whispered kissing his jaw.
Now I had to tell Brie that we would have to go back home. I very much wanted to tell her to go get ready for the tour but that was impossible. Our new adoptive father, Rick Mayerson, was forcing us to come home. I hated him already just for that. This was not a good first impression, I had laughed when Justin started calling him curse names. “Brie…something has happend. And things have changed…” I said to Gabrielle in Justin’s bedroom. I hadnt left his side since the phone call.
“What changed?” she asked puzzled.
“Since Im only 16 we have to have somebody at our house, living with us to watch over us but only until Im 18.” I said kneeling down to look into her eyes.”And the guy who has adopted us wants us home. Tonight…”
Gabrielle looked confused,”So…?”
I looked over at Justin for support and choked up. She didnt understand, and I couldnt tell her that we werent going.
Justin leaned in and kissed my cheek, “Brie…for now, you guys are going to have go home and stay there. But just for a little while…” he said softly.
“So Im not going on tour with you now?” she looked at him with big sad eyes.
“Yeah…” he said. “Im sorry, but this doesnt mean I wont still talk to you.” He shook her arm playfully.
“Oh…” she was trying her best to hold back tears.
“I know honey. Im sorry, and Im not any happier about it than you.” I said trying to comfort her.
“Its alright. Atleast I was lucky enough to meet you.” She directed towards Justin.
“I will definatly keep in touch Gabrielle. I love you guys, how could I not?” Justin said smiling. Brie laughed and hugged him.

Gabrielle packed her bags then I had Kenny take her down to the lobby to wait for me there. It was already 3:00 pm and my flight left in a little bit. I didnt mind that Justin watched me as I got dressed in .com/cgi/img-set/… (BTW I love this outfit!) with my hair like .com/images/bridal_ “It’s probably not gonna be that romantic if we have sex right now is it?” he asked smiling sexily at me.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, “I doesnt matter to me…” my voice was whispering close to his face.
“Yeah but its supposed to be romantic for you…” he looked down then back up at me. “Am I selfish for wanting to continue at the pond?” he asked breathing in my face.
“No,” I shook my head. “I wanted to continue too.” My cheeks flushed red.”I still do. But its like I cant, I want you but now that Im leaving I just want you to hold me and never let go…”
When I said that Justin slowly grabbed my hand and spun me around to slow dance with him. I laughed,”Justin what are you doing?”
He squeezed me tight against his chest and began to sing “Never Let You Go.” I smiled as he sang, leaning my forehead against his…
My whole world was perfect but crashing down at the same time. It felt at peace but my stomach got queezy when I thought about how in half an hour, I would get on a plane and leave Justin behind. Yes we could text and webcam but it wouldnt be the same. I wouldnt feel his warm embrace, his cold hands on my waist, or his soft lips on mine. I wouldnt feel his love radiate from his body to mine, I wanted to feel his presence but I wouldnt be able to. “It’s romantic now…” I whispered looking into his eyes.
“You really want our first time to be rushed in a hurry,” he checked his watch.”In 15 minutes.” he smiled.
“No but Im afraid that…if we dont…” I studdered.”If we dont do this now, then we wont ever get the chance to…” I said stroking his cheek softly.
“We have…forever.” he said then kissed my lips like it was the last moment we had together which confused me.
I was trying not to cry again when he said,”Let’s go…” and twisted his fingers through mine and gave me a passionate kiss.
*At the airport*
Justin picked Brie up and held her into a huge bear hug. “Im going to miss you, shorty.” he said smiling.
She giggled and said,”Look who’s talking.”
He set her down and spoke quietly,”Ouch Brie that hurt.” then he laughed.
After I said goodbye to Kenny and basically every other person in the airport, I avoided Justin. If I said goodbye then it would mean its official.
“Alex…come here.” he said quietly, pulling me into a hug.
Tears went down my hot cheeks. I didnt care that flashing lights from the paparrazzi were stinging my eyes. Maybe it was the tears, I didnt know. The only thing I knew was that I was leaving…right now.
“Justin I dont want to go…” I said looking at him.
“I dont want you to go either. Please, promise to call me when you get there?” he said.
“I promise.” I said trying to smile. I wrapped my arms around his neck, squeezing tight. He put his arms around my back holding me close.
Swallowing hard I let go and he kissed my cheek. Reaching up to his neck he took off his necklace .com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Justin_Bieber_ and put it around my neck.”I love you.” he whispered.
“I love you too.” I whispered back fingering the dog tag. Slowly I walked away towards the gate entrance.
Turning I saw one last glance at Justin, who’s eyes were wide and sad. I waved then stepped inside with Gabrielle.
*On the plane*
I wiped my eyes with a napkin as my phone vibrated. It was a text from Justin. I responded and our conversation started-
Justin:I miss you already Babe 😦
Alexis: I miss you too. I dont know if I can handle being away from you for this long..
Justin: We will see eachother soon…but not soon enough. It feels like a part of me is missing Alexis: your necklace lol Justin: haha funny but seriously…u stole my heart and took it with u Alexis: without u all of me is missing. u stole me…:) but im glad Justin: i am 2 🙂
Alexis: I love you…
Justin:I love you 2 😉
For the rest of the ride home I texted Justin except when I didnt have service, which then I would cuss. I couldnt sleep even when I tried.
Finally when we reached ground I stepped outside to a few more flashing cameras. With my hands I pulled Brie behind me to hide her as we walked to our ride, once inside Gabrielle asked,”Why are they taking pictures?”
“Because they want to be nosy when they have nothing better to do.” I said smiling. It hurt to smile when I knew Justin was so far away.
“So this guy were living with, he is nice?” she asked.
“I dont know, why?” I asked her.
“Just wondering…how’s Justin?” she pestered me.
“Ok whats with the 20 questions? And what makes you think I have spoken to him?” I laughed. My fingers never left Justin’s necklace.
Gabrielle giggled like crazy,”Oh yeah? So who were you texting all day on the plane?” I blushed and she said,”Thats what I thought.”
When we arrived at our house it was freezing so I was glad I was wearing this . I had changed on the plane.
My whole body was so tired and I just wanted to sleep. Walking into the house I called,”Rick Mayerson?” Brie was so drowsy so I put her in bed, then searched the house for this “adoptive father.”I turned a corner to our biggest guest room still holding Justin’s dog tag and saw a oldish man sitting at a desk on a laptop. He stood up quickly and I noticed he wasnt chubby but was definatly not fit. He had a clean shaven face and wore regular jeans and a sweatshirt.
“Hello Alexis…” he said with the same husky voice from the phone.
“Hi Mr. Mayerson. We’re back.” I said awkwardly.
“Please call me Rick or…dad.” he said walking up to me, extending his hand.
I smiled and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you Rick. Im really tired so Im going to bed but we will talk about everything thats going on tomorrow.”
“Ok, I understand.” he said.
What the hell? He understands? I wasnt asking for his permission. He better hop for his sake that he doesnt try the whole “Im in charge” thing with me. I have been taking care of myself long enough.
“Yeah ok…” I said stepping back. “Uh goodnight.”
“Goodnight Alexis…” he said and watched as I walked back downstairs.
I realized I hadnt ate anything all day so I tip-toed to the kitchen and grabbed an apple then half ran up the other stairs to get to my bedroom. Closing the door quietly with my phone already at hand I dialed Justin’s impatiently I listened to the dial tone, going through my closet to find pajamas.
“Hey baby!” Justin answered happily but his voice was groggy.
“Oh honey, did I wake you?” I asked pulling out clothes.
“Yea but its alright. Im on the tour bus bed so…yeah. Are you home?” he asked and yawned.
“Im supposed to be next to you right now,” I sighed.”Yes I just got here. Brie is already asleep but I dont know if I can. With a complete stranger in the house, its just wierd.” I said taking off my clothes and hopping around on one foot.
“Yeah I dont like the sound of that.” he laughed when he heard me almost fall and yell SHIT!”What are you doing?”
“Changing into pajamas…but failing.” I smiled.
“Your changing clothes? Oh now thats just teasing.” he said in agony.
“Sorry,” I laughed. “What are you doing now?” Id managed to get these on without breaking any bones .com/images/Pajama/coll_basics_ “Missing you…” he said sadly through the phone.
“I know,” I said laying on my bed.”I want you here with me.”
As I said this my door opened and Gabrielle walked in.
“Hang on Justin, Brie just came in.” I said to him.”Brie what are you doing in here? You should be sleeping.”
“Can I sleep in here tonight, Alex?” she mumbled rubbing her eyes.
I hesitated then said,”Yeah, ok. Come over here under the covers.” I lifted the covers and she got in my bed and instantly fell asleep.
“What did she want?” Justin asked yawning again.
“To sleep with me tonight. Your tired and I should get some sleep Justin.” I said almost pouting.
“No its ok. Im awake.” he said.
“Just go ahead and get some sleep. Its fine…goodnight.” I said dreading not hearing his voice anymore.
“Ok, goodnight. I love you.” he said tiredly.
“I love you too.” I said and hung up.
Snuggling close to Brie I closed my eyes and imagined Justin’s lips on mine. His hands on me, when I stopped to think about I realized how lucky I was. Justin Bieber loved me and was my boyfriend. It just didnt seem like a big deal anymore because I knew him. Id kissed him, and held him. He was normal to me. But very special in my life…
*the Next Morning*
I woke up still drowsy,”Justin?” I mumbled feeling the space next to me.
Opening my eyes I saw my little sister Brie, sleeping. Oh no. I remembered that I wasnt in the Bahammas with Justin anymore but at my huge house. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, tired.
“Ughh!” I groaned and sat up checking my phone. It read 1 New Text Message From Justin Bieber. Smiling I checked it.
Justin: Goodmorning beautiful :)( 8:36 am)
Alexis:(10:23 am) Hey sorry I slept in =P Justin:Its ok 🙂 what are you doing?
Alexis: about 2 take a shower so ill txt u when I get out Justin: I’ll be thinking of u 😉
Alexis: perv lol Justin: U caught me jk hurry Alexis: of coarse 🙂
My shower was hot and steamy, it felt amazing on my shivering back. It also gave me time to relax and think. Rick Mayerson…the name sounded wierd but I was going to give him a chance. He was 0 and 2 right now, making me leave Justin and asking me to call him dad…big mistake. I should probably call Brie’s school to let her know she was back and would be there tomorrow but, wasnt that Rick’s job now? It felt so strange…I was so used to being an adult all the time but when I visited the Bahammas and met Justin, I got to be a regular teenager. Going on dates, hanging out, and having fun. Now that I got a taste of that I couldnt get enough, I didnt want to put up with responsiblilty. For the first time in a long time I was a teenage girl, in love. Justin had changed me so much or atleast helped me be myself more often. Maybe having an “adoptive father” wasnt gonna be too bad. He would take care of everything and that gave me time for Justin, by that thought, I smiled. i stepped out of the shower and dried my hair, put on my makeup, then got dressed in (without the hat) .Quickly I brushed my teeth vigorously.
“Gabrielle,” I sang. “Wake up sleepy!” pulling off the the blankets, she groaned.
“No…” she said sleepily.
“Fine but dont sleep for much longer, its already past 11.” I said and grabbed my phone leaving, shutting the door quietly.
I sent a message to Justin-
Alexis: Hey babe 🙂
Justin: Finally, ive been waiting… im so bored!
Alexis: why? 😦
Justin: im on my bus driving and I have nothing to do. Ryan will be with me tomorrow tho Alexis: O Ryan Butler?
Justin: Yea he is pretty cool Alexis: maybe I can meet him sometime 🙂
Justin: naw im goin 2 keep u all 2 myself 😉
Alexis: hmmm i like the sound of that Justin: man…I miss you baby more than I thought I would Alexis: I know! when can I see u? 😦
Justin: Idk but it better be soon 🙂
Still texting Justin I walked into the kitchen for breakfast.
“Where’s Gabrielle?” Rick asked dressed in a suit.
“Oh!” I screamed. “Im sorry you scared me…Im used to not having anybody here…” I laughed.
“Sorry…,” he mumbled.”Want some coffee?” he asked already making another cup.
“Yes thank you. Jesus Christ the Lord is my Saviour but…so is coffee.” I joked and he laughed, handing me a cup.”And Brie is still sleeping.” He shrugged.
“So…I guess we got some stuff to talk about huh? This is a bit wierd but I want you to know that Im going to try and be the best dad I can…” he said nervously.
My white teeth showed when I smiled.”Well thats good but Ive kind of done this for awhile,” my phone kept going off because of text from Justin.”So here are just some things to help you out. First you need to call Gabrielle’s school and tell them she will be returning tomorrow, and we need more food, all the bills are in a cabinet in the office in the west wing of the house so thats where you can find all those-”
Rick cut me off”Alexis I know. Dont worry.” he smiled.
“So are you ok with taking care of Brie, I think Im going to hang out with one of my friends?” I asked him, holding my purse.
“Yeah of coarse…go have fun but be back at like…? Whats fair?” he laughed.
“Before 10 pm?” I questioned.
He gazed at me for a minute then said,” How about 9 pm?”
“Ok sure.” I laughed.
Getting in my car I drove to Brittney’s house, I wanted to suprise her.
Pulling into my friend Brittney Stonebraker’s driveway I put the vehicle in park and cut the engine. Her house was bigger than normal but not even close to as big as mine. My eyebrows pulled together, there was a motorcyle that wasnt Brittney’s or her parents. Maybe she had company, when I got to the door it was already open…now I was worried. Slowly I stepped into the house calling,”Brittney! Hun are you home?”
Faintly I heard someone yelling,”What were you doing!”
“Im sorry! I was just tutoring him!” Brittney yelled back pitiful.
“Britt…” I whispered walking up the stairs.
Next I heard a loud slap then Brittney yelping in pain. What the hell?
“Brittney!” I yelled louder, running to her room now.
As I turned the corner a guy in his mid-twenties banged into my chest knocking me down. His head was completly bald except for a foot long blonde mohawk sticking up from it, honestly he looked like something out of a old movie from the 80’s. Torn light blue jeans, big black boots,with a leather vest.
“Eavesdropping?” he asked with a horse voice. Probably from cigarettes.”You didnt see shit!” he yelled then slapped my face hard.
My whole body recoiled from the pain, I felt a burning feeling in my right cheek. Sitting up I watched him run down stairs and heard a car speed away.
“Brittney!” I yelled running into the room, panicking.
She was sitting on her bed holding her cheek which had a tiny gash on it, oozing blood.
“Britt are you ok? Who the hell was that?” I asked grabbing her shoulders.
“Lexi?” she asked suprised. “What are you doing here?”
“I just got back from the Bahammas last night! I came over to suprise you and find…that…” I said confused.”Who was that?”
“Oh so you met him,” she said like a robot.”Thats Jim. My boyfriend.”
My heart sank. No..the Brittney I knew would not have put up with that.”Boyfriend! He hit you?” I said.
“That was my fault. He just loves me thats all.” she said standing up slowly.
“Love? Thats not love! He hit you, and me!” I added.
“What do you know about love, Miss Perfect?” she snarled at me.
I recoiled just like I did with the slap. “Brittney…what happened to you?” I asked quietly.
“Well you kind of left me in the cold Alex,” she said lighting a cigarette.”I made some new friends. Now Im having the time of my life.”
Anger bubbled in my skin.”It’s been 3 weeks! And since when do you smoke!” I screamed, grabbing it from her lips and squishing it on the ground.
“What the hell Alexis? Just have some fun for once!” Brittney yelled pissed.
“Fun?,” I asked slowly.”You know what? Call me when your done acting like a stupid bitch!” I screamed and stormed out of the room. How could she change so much in such little time? I changed but not that much, besides I changed for the better. When I got in my car, I screamed to let some of the stress out then quickly left her house.
On my way back home I decided to call Justin. My fingers shook as I held the phone to my ear, pulling off on the interstate.
“Hello?” Justin’s angel voice answered.
“Hey,” I said my voice shaking.
“Whats up?” he said cheerfully.
“Nothing…I just uh went to my friend Brittney’s house and she has always been…nice.” I said trying to figure out a way to tell him what happened without sounding stupid.
“Yeah?” he asked.
I didnt want to sound like an idiot who complained about everything.”Nevermind its-its nothing.” I said quickly.
“No babe its alright. You can tell me.” he said listening intently.
“Its just…I went to her house to see her you know and the door was already open, when I went inside I heard yelling.” I said nervously.
“Go on baby…” he said comfortingly. He could hear that I was nervous in my voice.
“Brittney screamed so I ran up to help her. I had no idea what was going on but when I got there a guy in his twenties knocked me over then told me not to say anything and slapped me.” I said quietly.
“What!” Justin yelled into the phone.
“Justin relax it wasnt that bad. Its just, its her boyfriend and he hits her. She changed so much, she dresses different, and hangs out with wierd people, she even smokes! I dont know what to do?” I said almost tearing up. I didnt want to lose my best friend.
“I know what Im going to do. Kill whoever that guy is,” he said angrily into the phone. I heard him get up and pace around wherever he was.
“Justin Im serious! She’s my best friend, she was there for me when my parents died and everything. Ive known her since I was a kid!” I said pleadingly.
“I know Im sorry, its just that really pisses me off. I dont like people hurting you.” he said slowly calming down.
I sighed then groaned,”Justin!”
“Im sorry…” he said ashamed.”I wouldnt kill him…just beat him up a little.” he laughed.
I smiled.”What do I do?”
“So this kind of thing happended to me when I first started out singing, with Ryan. He was jealous and rebelled but when I started to be there for him and support him he realized that I was still me. Then everything was ok. He still has his moments but everybody does.” Justin said casually.
“How does that help me?” I asked confused.
“Well the lesson here is, just to support her and be there. Try to help her see that she doesnt need a douche bag that hits her” he said distracted.
I heard him say to somebody else,”Give me a minute…”
“Are you busy?” I asked.
“Uhh…no not really but they want me to go rehearse for tomorrow’s show, can I call you back?” Justin asked hopeful.
“Yeah,” I said sadly.
“Baby please dont be mad, I promise to call you back later.” he said desperatly.
“Im not mad! Go ahead and…have fun.,” I smiled.”I love you…” I said softly.
“You too. Bye.” he said and hung up.
I dropped my phone and gasped. You too? Whats with that, could he not say I love you to me anymore? Oh God I knew this would happen, but maybe he didnt want to say it cuz he was in front of the wrong time I assumed the worst it almost cost me everything with Justin, I didnt want to take that chance again. Though still, in my mind I couldnt help but think that the only reason I told myself this was becuz I didnt want to believe that he would do something like that. My mind was so confused right now, I was about to rip my hair out and scream again. I heard car horns honk at me as I sped my way to the same park Brie had went to when she ran away. I needed a place that was empty and quiet.
Once I got there I sat on a swing set, rocking slightly. My life was a mess, just one something started to go right, everything else came crashing down. One problem after the other, every damn day!
I didnt notice that my butt had started to slip off the seat until it was too late and I went tumbling to the ground.
“Ouch!” I yelled frustrated. The world was spinning and I sank down on the muddy ground. The skies were gray over head and it would probably rain but I didnt care. I was tired and sad and mad. Sleep was what I needed so I closed my eyes tight trying to dream. Atleast in my dreams I was in a perfect world, darkness came around me.
“Love Me” by Justin started playing really loud in my dream. I was in an all white room, until I woke up to my phone ringing.
“Love me, love me, say that you love me.” was blowing out of the speakers. How did I not wake up? It was completely dark outside and raining down, hard.
I answered without checking the caller ID,”Hello?” I said groggily.
“Where are you? Its past 10 pm!” Rick’s voice boomed.
“Oh seriously? Sorry I fell asleep, I’ll be home in about 45 minutes.” I said standing up, running to my car. He had already hung up.
Mud and water soaked my seats as I pulled out and drove home. On the drive I started thinking…past 10 pm and Justin still hasnt called me? This day sucks.

When I got to my house I flung the door open and sighed as warm air rushed around me. Rick was standing in the hallway. “Alexis I dont want to hear excuses. I said 9 and I even gave you an extra hour, so just…go to bed.” he said walking away before I could object.
“Im really sorry Rick…” I said but it was wasted. Slumping I went to the kitchen and heated up a couple toaster waffles scarfing them down then saying goodnight to Brie.
In my room I changed into this .com/media/uploads/showhype/photos_large/2008/03/14/P… after taking a shower. I sat on my bed hugging a pillow and listening to my Ipod waiting for Justin to call. When the song Dont Forget by Demi Lovato came on I thought of Justin.
Finally after waiting up till 2 am I was half asleep when I texted Justin-
Alexis: Dont forget me Justin…
*Next Day about 3 pm(Alexis had hung around the house all day, bored)*
I was laying on the couch wearing this . with my hair like this . Justin still hadnt called me so I was upset, but not upset enough to take off his dogtags.
Rick came in rushing,”Alexis I need you to go pick your sister up for me and then drop her off here so you can run to the south side of town for me.”
“What? Why?” I complained.
“Just do it please, I need you to go to this little dry cleaners shop and pick up my suit,” he handed me a piece of paper with the name and address on it.”Every day for the next week.”
I groaned,”Fiiine…” then picked up my keys lazily.

Pulling up to the school I opened the door for Gabrielle. “Hi honey. How was school?” I asked backing out.
“Like every other day.”she said shrugging.
Just then my phone vibrated on the dashboard, Justin’s name popped up on the screen.
“Justin’s calling you!” Brie said excited.”Arent you gonna answer it?”
“No..Im not very happy with him right now.” I said still driving. Brie snatched up my phone answering it,”Hey Justin!”
I slapped at her lightly.”Dont answer other peoples phones Gabrielle!” I heard Justin talking.
“Hey Gabrielle, where’s your sister?” he asked impatiently.
“Right next to me, driving.” she said.
“Well then why didnt she answer her phone?” he asked.
Gabrielle sat back in her seat,”She doesnt want to talk to you.” she stated.
“Oh no, Gabrielle can you please hand her the phone? For me?” he said urgently.
“Yes. Just because I like you.” she smiled and shoved the phone in my hand.
I glared at her,”Your in big trouble later.” I said to her then brought the phone to my ear.”What do you want Justin?”
“Oh thank God, Im so sorry I didnt call last night. I forgot.” he siad quickly.
“Thats comforting.” I said sarcasticly.
“I dont understand why your so mad at something like this?” he asked confused.
“Because I know its not just this! In case it slipped your mind yesterday you…didn say I love you back to me, basically hung up on me, and didnt call me back when you promised you would! I stayed up till 2 am, waiting for you!” I said angrily.
“I was surrounded by paparazzii and didnt want to cause any trouble, I had to go quickly and not calling you was unexcusable. Im sorry, I broke my promise.” he said sadly.
“Its fine its just…how am I supposed to know your not forgetting me?” I asked quietly. Id pulled into the driveway and let Brie out then began to drive to the south side of town. Why was Rick using a dry cleaners that was an hour away?
“Baby I could never forget you…How about we go on a date? Well webcam date but still,” he laughed.”Like tonight at 8?”
I smiled. I had the old Justin back,”Yeah that sounds greats..”
“Ok, I love you! Very much” he added.
My heart melted again, “I love you too.”

*That night out on the back patio, Alexis had lit candles all around*
The table looked like . with a laptop put on the table. I was wearing . with my hair done like /wp-content/uploads/2008/02/kate_hudson_ Everything was set up and I was waiting for my connection to Justin’s laptop. Suddenly his face popped up on my screen.
“Hey Lex” he said softly.
“Justin!” I said excited. I hadnt actually seen him in days and that killed me.
“Aw you look gorgeous…” he said in awe.
I blushed and laughed. In the backround was flowery wallpaper and a corny picture,”Where are you?” I said brushing hair out of my face.
“Oh,” he looked behind him and laughed.”In the bathroom. Its either this or my whole crew has to join the date. This place is the only actual private time I have.”
“Thats kinda sad,” I said carefully.
“Yeah…” he frowned.
There was an awkward silence, I had so much to say but I couldnt speak or even breathe. So much has happened and I just wanted to be alone, just with Justin in the world. No one else.
“Listen I have a show tonight so this cant take long.” he said not really paying attention to the camera.
“Your doing it again…” I whispered sadly.
“Doing what?” Justin asked oblivious.
“Nevermind,” I sighed.”Why dont you just go?” My voice was still polite even though I felt like neutering him.
“Are you sure? I mean we havent even ate anything yet.” he said eagerly. His voice sounded like he was about to jump off the walls from excitment.
“Yea go have fun. Its your first show of the tour and everything so…” I spoke with fake enthusiasm. He couldnt wait to leave…
“Sweet, I’ll talk to you later babe. I love you.” he said already putting his stuff away.
“I love you t-” I started but he disconnected.”Too…” I finished standing up.
I didnt want to talk, so when Gabrielle ran up to me saying,”Wow Alex! You look nice! Anyway you should see what Rick got me. Its a big doll castle made of clay and I can shape it differently, c’mon I’ll show you!” I just replied, “Not now Gabrielle…”
Slamming my door shut I broke down on my bed. Hot tears streamed on my red cheeks, hiccups escaping from my frowning mouth.
A space was already coming between Justin and I, and he had only been gone for a few days. What would happen when he’s been gone for a month? Two months? I was losing him and I hated the feeling, gripping his dogtags I cried harder. They were there to remind me of what we had in the Bahammas and have hope that it was still there. I knew he loved me but was it enough? I stayed up all night crying sometimes but mostly staring blankly at my ceiling, holding Justin’s necklace tight. Sleep finally came over me…

*4:03 a.m*

My phone went off and I grabbed it drowsily.”Hello?” I answered half asleep.
Loud music was playing, people were shouting and laughing. “Hey Alex!” Justin screamed into the phone.
“Justin? What the hell? Its…,” I checked my clock.”Past 4 am!” I yelled hoarsly.
“Oh really?” he asked.”Oops! Sorry but I just wanted to call you and tell you about the concert.” he said happily.
“Justin cant this wai-” I started.
“So it was amazing! The feeling was awesome, it was like exilirating. Ive done concerts but something about the tour just made it…wow!” he said excited.
He would have went on forever but I had to interupt him by yelling,”JUSTIN!” I probably woke up the whole house.
“Woah, babe…calm down!” he said concerned.
I started off slowly but my talking grew faster.”Justin…its 4:05 in the morning. Im glad you had fun and Im happy for you but Im sleeping! Just call me in the morning alright?” I said slurring my words.
“Oh…ok Im sorry. Goodnight…” he said slowly.
“Goodnight,” I said and dropped my phone.

*The Next Day*

My alarm went off, Id forgotten to shut it off since it would automatically go off to drop Brie off at school. Now I didnt need it but I couldnt sleep so I went out jogging, when I got home I showered and got dressed in something casual . and my hair done like .?w=441&h=648 with Justin’s dogtags around my neck.
Obviously I was still mad about yesterday and earlier this breakfast silently, Rick watched me. “Im going to need you to pick up my clothes one last time today and it would really help me if you could grocery shop some too…” he said slowly.
“Yeah…sure…” I said sadly.
I didnt understand my feelings. I was mad that Justin was doing this but also upset. Yet everytime I said something about it to him I just felt like a stupid idiot, who was guilty after yelling at his beautiful face. Now I was hoping he wasnt mad at me, I loved him so much, losing him was not an butt was numb from sitting in my bedroom chair staring at my IPhone all day. Bored, I texted Brittney-
Alexis: Im sorry i called u a bitch. ure still my best friend and I just dont want you hurt…I love you 🙂
But she never texted back.
He still hadnt called when it was time for me to go pick up Brie, driving fast I pulled up and skidded to a stop.
Gabrielle hopped in the car happily,”Woah ! Whats with the driving?” she asked giggling.
“Nothing that you need to worry about,” I mumbled.”How was your day?”
“Fine Im just excited to get home! Rick said he had a suprise for me!” she squealed.
“Oh well thats cool.” I said distracted.
Brie had talked on and on about her castle thing Rick got her but I wasnt listening at all, if Justin wouldnt call me then I would call him. Like I said…losing him was not an option. It seemed like forever until Gabrielle was out of my car and I had pulled over into the dry cleaners. Sitting in my drivers seat with my seatbelt on I hastily grabbed my phone and dialed Justin.
“C’mon Justin pick up, pick up…” I whispered.
“Yeah…?” Justin picked up on the last ring.
“Im sorry.” I said quickly.
He laughed,”For what?”
“Being an idiot,” I spoke flatly.
“But your not an idiot, Im sorry. Its just been hectic latley.” he said with a hint of a smirk in his voice.
I would say anything cuz I wouldnt lose him.”Im just worried and I miss you.”
“I know sweetheart, I miss you too. I promise I will act right from now on, yesterday and the day before I was like really nervous so it was stressful.” he said sounded like he was being reminded of a horrible nightmare.
I sighed in relief, a huge burden was lifted up off me.”So can we just get back to what we had in the Bahammas?” I asked flirticially.
I heard the grin in his voice,”Yes…we can.”
“I cant wait for you to come and see me…I also cant wait to finish what we started at that pond.” I smiled.
It was silent for a moment as he thought about it,”Baby what are you trying to do to me?” his voice definitely had a smile in it.
“What am I doing to you?” I laughed.”Oh shit hang on I have to go grocery shopping.”
He sighed to change the subject,”Why are you gonna go grocery shopping? Isnt that Rick’s job?”
“Yeah…” I said slowly.”It is, Im not gonna do it. He can.”
“Where are you anyway?” he mumbled with his mouth full of food.
“On the south side of town. Rick’s had me pick up his suits for the past few days. And its wierd cuz he chose the dry hour away from my house! It makes no sense.” I concluded.
“Thats kind of wierd…” Justin said slowly.
“Actually,” I said speeding home.”It is really wierd. Im gonna go home I’ll call you later tonight.”
“Ok bye. I love you.: he said sweetly.
I smiled,” I love you too.”
When I got home I quietly walked into my house and looked around. It seemed empty, when I got upstairs I heard faint talking,”But why do I have to?” Brie asked.
“Becuz I said so honey, I need to check you.” Rick said softly.
“I want Alexis!” she whined.
I quickly opened the door and saw the most disturbing scene I had before,”What the fuck!” I yelled.
*Meanwhile With Justin*

Justin’s POV I just got off the phone with Alex when I plopped down on the couch, sighing.
“Whats up your ass?” Ryan said bored.
“Nothing,” I said slowly.”But Alexis’ guardian sounds like a wierdo…” I finished thinking about what she was doing right at that second.
“How?” he asked not interested.
“Do you care?” I asked standing up.
“Naw but Im bored and what the hell? Why not listen to you talk about your girlfriend godfather or whatever.” Ryan said.
He honestly was a dick. I didnt know why I hung around him, all he did was complain 24/7. “He’s not her godfather, and could you atleast pretend to be interested?” I asked pulling out a leftover McDonalds double cheeseburger out of the small fridge.
Ryan jumped up all excited. “Oh Im sorry, what was it that Justin Bieber wanted to talk about?” he squealed in a girly voice.
“Whatever man,” I said pissed.
“Ok…Im sorry. Whats really up with your chick?” he asked sincere.
Finally it was the part where he was genuine, he loved me and all but jealousy got the best of him sometimes.”Well he like had her go all the way an hour away to pick up his dry cleanering. Then, wanted her to shop for food.” I said puzzled.”It doesnt make sense and then he keeps her little sister at home with him.”
“Watch him be a pervert or something,” he laughed.
“Thats not funny! It could be true,” I said worried. I didnt think about that, what if he was a child molester and tried to touch Gabrielle. Or Alex! At this thought the veins in my skin bulged out, i would kill him if he hurt either one of them.
“Chill out Justin! They would not have let him adopt her if he was a perv, everythings fine. Dont jump to conclusions.” he said quietly, patting my shoulder.
“Yeah…thanks.” I whispered.I still felt horrible about being a jerk to her the past few days. Its just because of the show I was really nervous about it and I felt stressed, it was unexcusebale. Maybe if I sent something to her, a gift…what was her address?
“I just realized I dont even know her address,” I said subtle.
“Call her…” Ryan said absentmindly.
I picked up my personal phone and dialed Alex’s number.
“Hey Justin,” A mans voice said.
This took me by suprise,”Uh…who is this?”
“Oh this is Rick. Alexis’ is sick and puking so she cant talk right now.” he said with fake serenity.
I thought I heard a muffled scream, it must have been my imagination cuz of what Ryan said.”Oh is she ok?” I asked.
“She’ll be fine but I really have to go care for her so I will have her call you when she’s better…” said with a smile in his voice.
Thats strange…”Yeah ok. Um bye..” I said and hung up.
“What’d she say?” Ryan asked.
“Rick answered. She’s sick” I said sadly.
“Oh,” he replied.
“Yo Mom!” I said going to the front of the bus.
“What?” my mother Pattie asked.
“When can I go visit Alex? I miss her.” I said.
“Aww thats cute,” she smiled.”I dont know in a few weeks, when we have time I promise we will…”
I couldnt help but grin at the thought of seeing Alexis again. Id call her tomorrow…
*With Alexis*

Alexis’ POV “What the fuck!” I yelled.
My stomach tossed and turned when I saw my little sister Gabrielle standing, cornered against a wall. Dressed in a tank top and underwear, Rick was kneeling towards her but when I screamed he jumped back quickly.
“Alexis? What are you doing here? I thought I told you to grocery shop!” he said his face burned red.
For the slightest second I stood in shock, then my adrenaline kicked in and I ran to Brie and grabbed her shoulders lightly. “Brie, are you hurt?” I asked. “Did he touch you?”
My stomach tightened and I felt like puking when my own sister crashed into my arms.”Alex! Im not hurt, he just said he wanted to make sure I was a good girl…” she said hugging me.
I gasped in disgust and pushed her behind me as I stood to face the bastard.”Ok Gabrielle…I want you to call Cynthia’s house and see if you can stay the night there.” I said choking up.
“But its a school night?” she said confused.
“Tell her mom I said its an emergency, we’re fine but it would help me out…” I said not taking my eyes off his angering face.
“Is it ok with Rick?” she asked.
“Do as I say Gabrielle Davis! NOW!” I yelled at her. Rick’s face was red with embarrassment and anger. I knew he was pissed that I was making her leave but he didnt want to start a whole lot of trouble, so he stood against the wall on the other side of the room, casually. He made me physically sick.
Once Brie got off the phone she whispered,”She said it’s fine and she would be here in 5 minutes.”
“Get dressed and pack then when she gets here, leave. I will call you later.” I said nervously. I couldnt believe this was happening. Tears jerked at my eyes when a car horn honked and Brie went down stairs. Following her slowly I said,”I love you alright Brie? Be careful at Cynthia’s but have fun.” I smiled through my shaking voice. My back was turned cuz I knew he wouldnt try anything. Yet…
“I love you too.” she waved and kissed my cheek.
As soon as the door click shut I turned around quickly, facing him. “You sick…son of a bitch!” I screamed angry.
His hand flew up to my face. I would have expected a slap but this was a full on punch,”Dont use that language with me!”
My left eye seared with pain, and a couple tears spilled over my eye lashes. Breathing heavy my feet hit the ground with huge thuds as I tried to run up the stairs but he caught my ankle and made me fall, biting my lip.
“Ah,” I groaned. The taste of blood filled my mouth.
“I think we need to talk!” he said angrily grabbing my waist, throwing my limp body over his shoulder. He was stronger that I could ever have imagined.
I cried out for help banging my fist against his back,”Put me down! Please!”
“We will have to figure something out…” he talked to himself.
Suddenly I was thrown down on the hard wood floor. Pain shot through my right arm,”Ahh!” I yelped.
“Now…what are we going to do here?” he asked grinning.
“Stay the hell away from my sister or I’ll kill you!” I yelled through groans.
“I just wanted to look,” he said pleading now.
My stomach twisted in pain, my throat started tightening and I literally was about to puke.”You bastard! Keep your fucking eyes to yourself!” I usually didnt cuss this much but I was so angry and sickened by him, I wanted to yell the F word repeatedly.
“I’ll stay away from Gabrielle if you promise…” he started.
“Not to tell?” I asked sarcastically.
He charged at me and gripped my throat, pushing me against the wall.”I was gonna say that but you do look awfuly pretty Alex.” he smiled.
Fear washed over me and everything went dark,”No! Please!” I screamed as his hands went up to my stomach.”Im a virgin, please!” I cried.
Maybe I shouldnt have said that I was a virgin cuz it seemed to have turned him on more.”Really?” he murmered against my neck.
“Please!” I begged.”Dont!”
“I’ll make you a deal,” he nuzzled my neck.”If you do this then I will leave Gabrielle alone.” he whispered.
My heart stopped beating, if I did this then he wouldnt hurt Brie. I would have given my life for her but this? I wanted Justin to take my virginity not some old bastard…regardless. I would do anything to protect my sister.
“Ok,” I whispered.”Fine, just dont even look at my sister ever again!”
Rick grinned and I was thrown on the bed, harshly. I whimpered as he climbed on me and grabbed my breast roughly.”You sick fuck!” I gasped.
He slapped my face,”What’d you say?”
Tears were flowing down my face as he ripped open my shirt,”Please, dont do this Rick!” I pleaded.”You were so nice, whats wrong with you?”
“All an act, honey. All an act…” he whisperd taking his jeans off.
He had a boner and I started choking, coughing repeatedly. Rick slapped me again,”Stop!” he demanded.
As he tried taking my pants off, I kicked at him, screaming.”Quit…” I whispered almost inaudiable.
“Shut up or I will make this as painful as possible,” he threatened pulling down my jeans.
At that thought my whole body quivered with fear, I couldnt do this. He would be inside me…taking the one thing I was saving. Saving for Justin.
“I cant do this!” I screamed at him.” Get the hell off me, no deal!”
Cutting off my blood’s circulation, he gripped my wrist tightly.”Too late…your mine.” he whispered and put his mouth on me.
The entire world was a blur as my phone rang on the dresser where Rick had thrown it. Desperatly I grabbed at it but he got there before me.
“Hey Justin,” Rick said casually as if he wasnt on top of me, holding me down.
Justin! This was my rescue. Justin would hear me and get help.
“Oh this is Rick. Alexis’ is sick and puking so she cant talk right now.” he replied to something Justin said.
It was now or never.”Just-” I started to scream but Rick’s hand clapped over my mouth. I tried biting at his fingers but he squeezed my leg really tight with his other hand and I stopped from pain.
“She’ll be fine but I really have to go care for her so I will have her call you when she’s better…” he replied again, smiling this time.
No I had to do something before the phone call was over, even though it hurt incredibly I tried kneeing Rick in the balls but missed and kicked his leg instead. My heart thudded as he threw my phone on the ground, it was too late. I prayed Justin heard me and called for help, Rick pinned my body down to the bed.
“Do you honestly think I would let you call out for help from your little boyfriend?” he gritted his teeth.
“NO!” I yelled.”Dont!” but it was helpless.
He tore off my underwear and I cried harder. When he touched me I didnt feel the same way I felt when Justin had, he had been soft and gentle, caring. But Rick’s hands were not soft, not gentle, and definatly not caring. It made me sick to be touched by him, he came towards me with his revolting self. I screamed as loud as possible before he entered me.
Everything else was numb except, me.

*At the Same Time with Justin* (this is like happening at the same time so picture whats happening with Alexis and read what Justin’s doing)

Justin’s POV I couldnt wait to see Alex but meanwhile I wanted to have fun. I mean I was very lucky, on a world tour! I used to be just a normal kid, my life had changed so much.
“Dude, c’mon were having a water chugging contest,” Ryan ran in smiling.” Even though your gonna loose! Cuz you suck peppy boy!”
I laughed.”Sounds like a challenge to me! Im in!”

*Back with Alexis*

Alexis’ POV I had been saving this for Justin, right now he was probably laughing without a care. Hot tears ran down my cheeks, Rick was grunting and moaning on top of me. He was stealing my innocence…
I layed on my bed, numb. Physically and mentally, Rick had went to bed but I sat in bed awake. Not caring that my whole body ached and that I was bleeding on my face, and between my legs. I imagined that when I was with Justin that day at the pond…I had ignored Gabrielle. We would have found her later but I wish we would have continued. That would mean, right now Justin would have taken my virginity and I would not be bleeding, in pain, on my bed. Rick would not have my virginity if only we had continued. More tears leaked from my eyes as I thought about it more. Not sleeping at all through the night, at 5 am I got up and showered.
Until then I didnt realize how sore I was, bruises were forming all over my body and my thighs frightened me. Huge black bruises traced finger prints on my slim legs.
Red water went down the drain from my broken membrane, blood. Sighing but crying softly I stepped out, I wanted to get all the tears out before I called Justin. . with my hair like .com/hairstylepics/layered/vanessa-hudgens-layered-h… Slipping out of the house quietly I started walking down the street, my car didnt seem appealing to me anymore. Forcing on big sunglasses to cover my black eye even though it was cloudy and gray outside I picked up my phone, texting Brie-
Alexis: Hey I didnt want to wake you, call me before you leave for school. Everything’s fine. I love you 🙂
Then I took a deep breath and dialed Justin’s number.
“Babe!” he smiled into the phone.
I couldnt speak.”H-h-hey…” I studdered.
“So what are you doing up this early?” he asked.
His voice calmed me, and made me feel like everything was gonna be ok.”Im just not tired.” I said breathing heavily.
“Really?” he asked sarcastically.”Cause, no offense Alexis, you sound like shit.”
It was true, my voice was scratchy from screaming so much, everytime I talked it made my body vibrate which was very painful. I sounded like I looked. “Yeah…” I whispered.
“Are you ok? Rick said you were sick.”
Shivers went down my spine at the sound of Rick’s name, even when Justin’s angel voice said it. I gasped softly,”Yeah Im fine now.”
My feet kept walking and I didnt stop, until I got to neighborhood that was like, the slums.
“Where are you?” he asked sounding worried.
“Uh…” I looked around and realized where I was.”Im in a very bad neighborhood. But Im leaving.” I said and started speed walking away.
“Hey, what happened with Rick?” he asked.
I shivered again,”Its just a coincidence.” I said quickly.
“No its not…” he spoke.”You said that way too fast.”
“Justin its fine!” I needed to change the subject. Telling Justin would just put both Brie and I in danger.”When can I see you?”
This triggered him,”I asked my mom and she said it should be in like 3 weeks!” he said smiling.
“Great,” I smiled. It hurt to smile. Now it was silent for awhile.
“Whats wrong with you!” he asked antagonized.
“What do you mean?” I asked suprised by his sudden burst of emotion.
“Your always talkative and now your…not. Baby whats wrong?” he asked.
“Nothing.” I said too quickly again.
“Dont deny it, I know you too well.” he grinned.
“I just miss you is all.” I made up as an excuse. Though I really did miss him, more than anything now.”I miss your touch…”
Justin smiled,”I miss you too. Send me a picture of you, right now.” he said excited.
I sat down on a swing in a park.”Justin,” I laughed painfully.
“C’mon, I need to see you! Here’s one of me,” he said.
I waited until I heard a click on my phone, and pressed view. Justin stared up at me through my phone .com/content/photos/6287/264093_10_2670585… I laughed.”Very sexy,” I said.
“Thanks, your turn.” he smiled.
I couldnt send him a picture, he would see I was wearing sunglasses on a rainy day. Then question it.
“C’mon babe! Please?” he begged.
There wasnt a whole lot I could do, this was not avoidable.”Alright hang on.” I said and took a quick picture. Before I sent it I glanced at the picture, crap! My busted lip was showing? I had a busted lip, my fingers went to my mouth and felt the slice. “Uh just a second Justin, I dont like the pic I took.” I said panicking.
“Im sure its fine, just send it.” he laughed.
Maybe if I took it from an upward shot he wouldnt be able to see my mouth. Trying from that angle I sighed and sent it.
“Oh Alexis, beautiful…” he whispered.”I miss you.”
I genuinly smiled for the first time,”I miss you too…”
Since I kept walking I was almost home by now, “Justin, I have to go.”
“What, why?” he asked.
“I’ll call you later babe, bye. I love you.” I quickly added.
He sighed sadly,”Love you too…”
Once I was in the house I tried to get to my room as quietly as possible, tip-toeing.
“Alexis!” Rick yelled from behind me making me jump.
“Ah,” I gasped.”What?” I said annoyed.
“Where were you?” he asked suspicious.
“I took a walk. Is that alright with you?” I shot back at him sarcastically. He had already done his worst.
“Did you talk to anyone?” he said raising his eyebrows.
“No Dick,” I said laughing on the inside.”I didnt tell anyone.”
“Good cuz if you do then your sister will pay the price,” he threatened.
I swallowed hard,”Anything else?”
“Yeah… I got you something.” he threw a tiny case at me.”I dont like wearing condoms.”
Fearful my eyes slid down to the plastic case full of pills.”Birth control…” I whispered to myself. Coldness washed over me.”I-I thought this was a one time deal…” I whispered.
Rick giggled and grabbed my chin, but I jerked my head away.”Oh honey,” he whispered.”Your funny..” then he walked off.
More? I couldnt take that. This wasnt some stupid movie where I dont tell anyone and just take it until I almost die, this was real life. Being careful, I told myself, I will get help. Just then my phone rang, Brie was calling.
“Hey Gabrielle.” I said my voice shaking.
“Hi Alex, Im almost to school.” she said happily.”We had alot of fun last night!”
“Thats great, I’ll be there to pick you up after school.” I decided.
“Oh, alright.” she spoke.”Bye.”
“Bye” I whispered.
My body was still hurting while walking around my huge house, I need to think of a plan.

*Later a few days later Alexis is on the phone with Justin*

“Yeah,” I replied to something Justin said.
“Im not tired at all, you wanna do a live webcam with me tonight?” he asked hopeful.
Completly forgetting everything about my bruises and busted lip I eagerly said,”Yes!” and turned on my webcam. I was wearing this but without the jacket . with my hair like ./_rztMJjnNlg/SSx-R-3eLNI/AAAAAAAAAu8/dvoZ82OcxCc/s40…
Justin’s face popped up on my screen and smiled, then he shockingly said,”Woah babe. What happened to your eye and lip?”
I frowned. Shit!”Uh…” I should tell him everything now.
“Are you ok?” he said concerned.
“Im fine its just a little bruise.” I said casually.
“Lexi…stand up.” he said serious.
“What?” I asked faking a laugh.”Justin c’mon-”
“Alexis stand up for me, please!” he urged.
Slowly I slid off my bed and stood a couple feet from my laptop, giving him full view of my body except my black bruised legs. If he saw those then he would know exactly what Rick has done to me.
Almost silently I heard Justin gasp.
“Alex?” he whispered.”Baby what happened!”
Tears stung my eyes,”Please dont tell anyone yet…”
“What happened?” he repeated more forceful this time.
“Bad things-” I got cut off by my door opening. Quickly I shut my volume down so I couldnt hear Justin but he could still hear me,”Dont you knock?” I said and slipped my phone in my hand.
“Get off the phone.” Rick said.
“Why?” I whispered. Glancing down I saw Justin’s mouth yelling but no sound came out of my speakers.
“I need your…help.” he smirked.
My mouth tightened into a small line,”Please…” I whispered shaking my head slowly.
Rick smiled,”Off the phone.”
I put the phone to my ear pretending,”Justin I need to go. I love you,” I looked at my screen to let him know I directed it to him.”Bye.” I set my phone down, and froze up.
“Alright now that were alone…” he said walking towards me.
“Please Rick dont do this! Im begging you, stop!” I cried. My eyes tore away from Rick to look at my screen. Justin was frantically screaming my name, shaking his laptop as if it were me.
“Oh my Lexi, you silly girl.” he said and was about to grab my laptop but I jerked it back and shut it quickly, hiding Justin.


Justin’s POV “ALEXIS!” I screamed. Her screen had been shut and I could no longer tell what was happening.”Fuck!” I cursed.
My mom ran into my hotel room,” Excuse me!” she shouted, pissed.
“Mom-” I started but thought about what Alex said.’Dont tell anyone yet.’ He was hurting her, how could I not say anything? “Alex, she needs help.”
“What are you talking about?” she asked confused.
“I dont really know but we have to help her.” I pleaded. Thinking about what he might be doing to her made me sick, I started pacing.
“Justin, you dont know. Im sure she’s fine. Where is she?” Pattie asked.
“At home but-”
“Then she’s fine, we’re not cancelling anything. Call her tomorrow.”
“Mom!” I yelled.
“Justin, go to bed now.” she ordered.
This was NOT happening, Alex would be fine. I called her phone but nobody answered, repeatedly. Slamming my fist in the wall I groaned, her answering machine was getting old.

*With Alexis*

Alexis POV Justin knew now, everything was going to be fine…in the meantime, I hadnt slept in over 53 hours. Some more bad news was that I had a brand new even blacker eye. He gave it to me becuz when he had cum, I thought “A part of him was literally inside me. His reproduction was in me, the birth control would stop me from getting pregnet but it was still disgusting.” So disgusting it made me want to puke, and I did. Thats why he hit me the hardest he had yet, was becuz I threw up on him, myself, and my bed.
After showering and completly washing my V out I took Brie to school then sat in a Walmart parking lot to sleep. Here I atleast felt safe…
I awoke with a jolt and gasp,”No!” I squealed then realized it was just my phone ringing. Justin…
I needed to hear his voice but I didnt feel like talking right now. But if I didnt answer then he would be worried about me,”Hello?” I answered quietly.
Justin seemed suprised that i answered,”Alexis! Are you alright?” he yelled concerned.
“I guess you could say that,” I said. My voice wasnt as hoarse this time. Brie had been in the house all times except the first so I learned not to scream anymore, though it was terribly painful.
He whimpered,”Whats happening?”
“I cant tell you anything except that its bad. And I need you here…” I croaked. My throat was closing up and tears welled in my eyes.
“Why cant you tell me?” he whined.”Rick gave you those bruises didnt he?”
“You already know that answer.” I whispered. “Just get here as fast as possible, please?”
He groaned,” Alex this kills me…give me a second. I’ll be right back.” he said suddenly.
A minute passed and then Justin’s beautiful voice came back on,”I just talked to my mom. She said I can come visit in 3 days.” he said happily.
“3 days?” I smiled.”Ok I think I can make it that long.”
“Babe…” he whispered.”I love you, he wont hurt you again.”
“I love you too.” I grinned.

*Alex goes back home to find Rick not there but a note*

It read-
Dear Alexis,
Ive gone out for awhile and wont be back till tonight. -Dad “Asshole.” I said under my breath. Who did he think he was saying he was my dad? Even if he wasnt raping me every night, he had no right. Well…I had the house to myself. It was sunny outside which it hadnt been in awhile, I had like 3 pools. Why not swim?
I changed into this ./2008/07/berrydog_flower_print_tonga_t… I didnt know why I had this cuz I would never wear it in public but since nobody would be here I decided to get somewhat of a tan. My hair was pulled up in ./_9Zf_P9g6cuo/SJCYi9fSswI/AAAAAAAAAsU/hwCsN0Fny20/s40…
Bruises covered my sore legs even worse than before, I shivered looking at them. They brought back horrible they were not covering my body I would have took a picture of myself and sent it to Justin, cuz I knew it would make him want me. I loved teasing him.
In three days time, I would be in Justin’s arms safe. I paddled in the middle with a body floaty then layed on it with sunglasses shading my eyes.
For about ten minutes all I heard was birds chirping, a voice from the shadows broke the silence.
“Alexis…you look very nice in that bikini.” Rick said as he stepped into the pool, wading over to me.
Startled I fell off the pink floaty and into the water with a splash,”What are you doing here?” I asked panicking.
“I was testing you. Seeing if you were gonna be bad and tattle but you didnt.” he smiled.”Good girl, Gabrielle must really mean something to you.”
Paddling I already backed up against the edge of the pool,”Get the hell away from me!” I threatened.
Rick clicked his tongue,”Naughty.” Then pushed me against the wall, harshly.
No! Justin was gonna be here soon, I had to do something. Fight back, I urged myself. Grunting but motivated, my hands reached behind me on the ground searching. For everything and anything, yes! Tightly grasping a tiny glass flower pot I swung it at his head while he pulled the string on my top, undoing it.
The pot hit his head with a crack and the glass broke.”Ouch!” I screamed as blood flowed down my hand, the broken glass had cut me.
Rick stumbled back holding his head, moaning in pain.
Quickly I ran into my house and to my bedroom, starting to pack. Slipping this on . I grabbed my bags full of Brie and I clothes, accesories, and food .com/images/SP01112_ In my car breathing heavily I sped towards Gabrielle’s school.
My hand was drenched in blood now so I searched the glovebox for a napkin, to my relief I found a small towel instead. Almost running off the road, eventually I tied the towel tight around my hand then reached into the duffel bag for Justin’s necklace. I wrapped it around my neck, sighing.
Skidding to a stop in front of the elementry school, I jogged to the office.”Im here to pick up Gabrielle early. She has uh…doctors appointment.” I lied.
“Alexis! Hey so your here to pick her up?” she started gathering release papers but stopped.”You have a legal guardian now…he supposed to do this. I cant allow you to.” she sighed heavily.
“Judy, c’mon you know me! Please he asked me to get Brie.” I begged.
“Ok…fine,” she waved her hand.”I’ll send her out.”
“Thanks,” I smiled.
“Bye the way, what happened to your face?” Judy questioned.
“Oh umm I got in a fight over the last Justin Bieber ticket. It got messy…” I laughed to myself.
She looked suprised,”Get better.”
“I will,” I fake smiled again.”Can you send her out to the car please?”
“Of coarse. Bye now.”
Once in my car I pulled down the mirror. My left eye was black, Id forgotten. Rick was probably worried that I was gonna tell, sitting with an icepack on his head at MY house. Right now…
A couple minutes passed until I heard a tap on the window.”Unlock the door,” I heard Brie yell.
Letting her in I sighed,” You scared me.”
“Why am I leaving school early? I dont have a doctors appointment?” she asked confused.
“No shit sherlock,” I laughed.”I just thought it would be fun to take you out early.”
Her eyebrows raised in suspicion,”Right…”
“Oh just shut up!” I snapped, already driving.
“Where are we going?”
“To Brittney’s,” I sighed.
Brittney hadnt talked to me since our fight, I hoped she would let us stay at her house.

*Pulled into Brittney’s driveway*

“Stay here.” I directed Gabrielle as I un-clicked my seat belt. Walking slowly to the door and knocking lightly I took a deep breath.
Britt opened the door wearing . I smiled to see her in clothes other than ripped black ones.
“Hi,” I said shyly.
her face twistd in pain,”Hey…” It was silent but she spoke again.”Listen…Im sorry about what happened. And I took your advice, broke up with Jim. Obviously he didnt love me,” she whispered.
“Come here,” I said and pulled her into a hug.”Im sorry too! And Im also sorry I have to ask you this but can Brie and I stay here for a couple days.?” I asked, jutting my bottom lip out to pout.
“Yeah of coarse. Is something wrong?” she asked and opened the door wider.
I half smiled and sort of shrugged my shoulders while taking off my sunglasses, revealing my black eye.”Kind of…”
Brittney gasped,” Oh my God are you alright? What happened?”
“I’ll explain when we get settled,” I said and motioned for Gabrielle to come inside.
*Inside about half an hour later*

Alexis POV “So he has been doing that to you? What are you gonna do?” she asked.
“I dont know…Justin’s coming here in a few days so I’ll figure that out then.”
“Im sorry but Im still a little shocked about you with Justin Bieber. Are you sure it wasnt just a fling?” she asked trying not to sound rude.
Id changed into this . “Do you recognize this Britt?” I asked her holding up Justin’s dogtags.
Her fingers held it gently,”No way!” she screamed.
“It is.” I smiled.”You wanna meet him?”
“Freakin A! Yes!” she squealed excitedly.”You have Justin Bieber’s dogtags…” Brittney looked at them in awe. “Actually,” I said grabbing my phone.”Lets call him now.”
“You have his number?”
“Yeah Brittney, I almost had sex with him. I think I’d know his number.” I laughed, dialing.
Slapping my arm, from jealousy, Brittney urged. “Put it on speaker!”
“Alright.” I laughed.
I had to admit, it was kind of cool to get the chance to brag that Justin Bieber was your boyfriend! It made you feel important.
“Hey baby, are you ok?” Justin answered.
“Ahh!” Brittney screamed at the top of her lungs.”I dont believe it!”
“What the-” he started to say.
“Hang on.” I told him and put the phone against my chest so he couldnt hear.”Brittney your my best friend, I think you will be seeing alot of him so act normal please? Plus he is just a regular person,” I chastised.
“Ok…” she took a couple deep breaths then smiled.”Im ready.”
“Hey Justin.” I smiled, setting the phone down.
Gabrielle came running into the room,”Is that Justin?”
Justin’s voice spoke up,” Hey Gabrielle?”
“Hi,” she said excited.”I miss you!”
“I miss you too shorty.” he smiled.
Brie blushed, secretly she loved it when he called her by her own nickname that he made up.”Isnt that getting old?”
“Nope. Anyways Lexi, what are you doing?” he said.
“Im at my friend Brittney’s house, the one I told you about. Everything fine now.”
“Where’s the dick?” Justin asked angrily.
“I hit him with a flower pot then left,” I laughed.
“Good job beautiful.,” he sighed.”I miss you.”
“I miss you too…please hurry and make the time go faster.” I giggled.
Justin sounded dreamy,”I would if I could…but I’ll be there soon. I love you.” he said laughing quietly.
Brittney had been listening to our conversation and now her eyes were bright with sparkles.”He said he loves you?” she whimpered.
“Yeah but he also says he loves his fans everyday, and they’re strangers.” I told her.
“Is your friend Brittney a fan?” Justin asked with a smirk in his voice.
“Huge…” I said rolling my eyes.
“I love you Brittney…” he said through the phone.
Her face looked as if she would faint. I giggled.
“But im in love with Alexis.” His tone was serious.
“Im in love with you too so atleast thats working out.” I said smiling.
Brittney came back to reality,” He doesnt say that to every fan…” she said smiling.
I grinned because I was at peace right now…
*Later that night Alex and Britt are doing eachothers toe nails*

“This is fun, we havent had a girls night in forever.” I commented smiling.
“I know right?” Britt laughed.
Britt was now wearing .com/productImages/_247000/FF_247095_ and I was wearing this .com/ProductImages/women/spaghetti-strap-tank-tops/sexy… and . “So…details!” she said smiling evily at me.
“What?” I asked confused.
“Sooo,” she dragged out.”How’s Justin’s (finger quotes) “kissing” abilities?”
It took me a second to get it, then I smacked her forehead,”Perv!”
“Im serious!” she raised her voice again, interested.
I gave her a dirty look,”Fine nosy. Its really none of your business-”
“Just shut up and spill.”
I laughed,”He’s amazing!”
“Like amazing-amazing or like Auhhh-mazing!” she asked raising her eyebrows.
“No I uh never got the chance to. Almost but we kept getting interupted.” I smiled from the memories.”Gabrielle, paparrazzi, oh and his mother!”
“His mom walked in on you guys?” she gasped.
“Yeah and it was the first time I met her too,” I put my head in my hands.”It was so embarrassing.”
“I bet!” she laughed.”Gabrielle’s asleep, you wanna go get in the hot tub?”

Brittney changed into .com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/mandalay-halter-bra-bikin… and I changed into ./
We got into the hot-tub .com/PropertyPictures/Big%20Bear%20Retreatrel…
I stared off into space, thinking about Justin.
“Woah honey,” Brittney said when she saw me.”Your like really bruised…are you sure you ok?”
“Yeah Im fine.” I shivered but not from being cold. The steamy and bubbling water was nice.
“Okay…” she said but throughout the whole time we were in the hot-tub she eyed me.
“You can stop staring…” I said bitterly.”I know its ugly.” Now that I thought about it, Justin seeing me would be so embarrassing.
“Thats not why, its just…big news you know.”
“Yeah, I know!” I snapped. I hated thinking about it, my mind was forever haunted with the horrible memories of him, grunting ontop of me.”Im sorry its just…I dont like thinking about anything that has to do with him.”
“You really need to get away from him.” she pointed out the obvious.
I sighed,”I know…”
“What are you gonna do Lexi?” Brittney asked her voice shaking.
“I dont know yet.” I said. “What’d you do when Jim hit you?”
This subject didnt exactly put her at ease.”Maybe we should go inside now…” she started to get out but I grabbed her elbow.
“Britt?” I asked sincere.
She sat down and looked the other way, then shoved her arms in my face, revealing her scarred wrist.
“No, Britt…” I whispered. “How could you do that to yourself?”
“I know it was stupid but you werent here and I didnt have anybody.” Tears flooded her eyes.
“Its ok…everythings fine now. Im here.” I pulled her into a loving tight hug.
“Alexis?” she asked, crying on my shoulder.
“I just want to say…your my best friend. And I love you.” she whispered in my ear.
I smiled,”I love you too Britt.”
Brittney cried on my shoulder for awhile then we decided it was late and we could both use some sleep.

*In the Morning*

“Hurry up Gabrielle! I have to get gas before I take you to school!” I shouted.
“Im ready!” she said jogging down the stairs.
When I got up this morning I changed into this .com/image/cute%20spring%20dresses/devilwearspink/378… and ._.resize and .uk/shop/images/blue-diamante-necklace-earring… and ./_NO2UOMMYKZ0/SKVn78XNDuI/AAAAAAAAAzE/-rPHCw-YmEI/s40… and . Gabrielle was wearing . (the pink one)
“Bye Brittney. I’ll be back later.” I whispered into her ear. She was still halfasleep on the couch.
“Mmkay.” she murmered.

On the way to Gabrielle’s school I spoke in a urgent voice,”Shit, we’re late. Im gonna have to get gas after I drop you off. Hopefully we’ll make it there.”
“Alex? When is Justin coming?” she asked.
My smile grew at the thought,”Not tomorrow but the next day. You excited?”
“Really! I cant wait to see him…dont tell anyone but…” she put her hand over her mouth.”I dont mind it when he calls me shorty. It makes me feel special.”
“I know you dont.” I giggled.
After dropping Brie off at school I parked in a gas station to get gas, then pulled out once it was full. Paying of coarse.
A cop was behind me and I started to sweat when he followed me everywhere I went, I hadnt done anything illegal. He had no reason to pull me over, if he did I would just get a ticket…for whatever reason. I could pay for a simple ticket.
My heart skipped a beat when his lights turned on along with his sirens. Slowly I pulled over to the side and waited for him to come to the window.
“Miss. Davis?” he asked when I rolled down my window.
“Yes officer? Did I do something?” I asked innocently.
“No but you are Alexis Davis?” he repeated.
This caught me off guard. Why did he care who I was. “Yes…” I frowned.
“Please step out of the car.” he demanded.
I obeyed but still questioned,”Whats this about?”
The officer peeked in my back seat at the messy clothes which i had thrown around yesterday,”Going somewhere?”
I sighed. Rick…
“Your coming with me,” he said and grabbed wrist putting handcuffs around them.
“What the hell?” I asked. “Am I being arrested?”
“No but your lucky your not. Your step father could have pressed charges against you for assault, but being the kind man he is. He didnt but I am supposed to escort you home.” he shoved me into the back seat of the police car.
“No! Wait you cant do this! You dont understand what he does! Im protecting my sister!” I yelled.”Look what he does!” I lifted up my dress to show him my bruises.
“He was right,” he sighed talking to himself.”Coming on to him then inflicting pain on yourself then blaming him…mam please put your dress down.”
Oh my God! I started to cry when I thought about going back to his place. They had no idea what he was gonna do to me now. What was he gonna do to me?
Alexis POV “Here she is Mr. Mayerson. Im sorry for the trouble, we had forces out trying to find her, but she was a tough one.” the police officer told Rick.
“That’s alright. Im just glad she’s safe…” he smirked at me when the cop had his head turned.
“Jackass.” I muttered.
“Well…we’ll keep an eye on her. Just in case,” he said and left.
“Oh boy honey. Alex…you…are…in…trouble…” Rick said slowly.
“Does your head hurt?” I smirked. I was already in trouble, why not get smart with him.
“Yes…it does.” he said.
“well Rick the Dick…you like that name? I do. Anyway Im glad, too bad you didnt die!” I spit in his face.
His eyebrows furrowed furiously,”Come here!” then he grabbed around my waist, dragging me to an empty guest bedroom.
I didnt try to fight,”Do your worst…”
“I intend to…” he said and tied my hands and feet to curves in the roof. Using long sheets.
I couldnt move, even though it didnt matter…I tugged on the sheets but they were too tight.”What is it this time?” I snapped.I felt so brave now that I knew Justin would be here.”Rape again? How original.”
“Naw,” he whispered pulling my dress down, unhooking my bra.”You do look delicious but I will control myself…just this once.”
“Bastard” I whispered.
“I made this,” he reached in a drawer and pulled out a leather belt that had been cut, small holes every couple centimeters and a pointed tip.”Just in case something really bad happend. Emergencies.” he laughed.
Fear sunk in now, Rick created a whip. I’d seen people get whipped in movies, even the strong men found it painful.
“Ive always wanted to do this…” he smiled.
Next thing I knew I heard a loud snap and felt a sharp slice in my open back as the whip broke the skin.”Ahh!” I yelped in great pain.

Justin’s POV I felt great. Alex was safe and so was Brie. The show last night was amzing, the fans loved it!
“Life’s good…” I whispered to myself.”Well, it would be better if Alexis was here!’ I shouted so my mom could hear.
“What do you want from me Justin?” she asked sighing.
“Alex.” I stated.
My mother had a smug expression.
“What are you up to?” I asked curiously.
“Nothing I just didnt want to be the one to tell you this…” she was trying so hard not to smile.
“What!” I asked worried.
“Your show tomorrow has been cancelled due to double booking.” Cancelled?”I never cancel! What do you mean cancel!”
“The stadium booked you and Selena Gomez to play apparently at the same time. It was their mistake, we couldnt do anything.” she smiled.
“Why are you smiling!”
“Well I can help you…we’re leaving tomorrow instead.”
My mouth dropped open in shock but excitment.
“Go tell her!” Pattie laughed a little.
“Wait! We should suprise her.” I said getting an idea.
“Whatever you want…I gotta go help Scooter. I’ll be back.”
This is great, tomorrow I would show up when she thought I wouldnt be there to the next day, I smiled again. I was seeing Alexis tomorrow.
I layed on the floor, unmoving. In nothing but underwear, with my back bleeding from the many open wounds. I thought that he couldnt do anything else to get my spirit down but laying on the cold ground with my stomach flat…I hit rock bottom.
Justin’s necklace was curled around my hand, tight. If I just stayed strong enough until he got here. Then I’d be fine.

I stayed on the ground until my phone rang in my purse a couple feet away. Crawling painfully I answered,”Hello?”
“Hey, I thought you were coming back?” Brittney asked.
Brittney. I forgot about her…”Yeah um I was brought back to my house by the police.”
“What! Is he there?” she asked worried.
Tears started clinging to my eyelashes.”No…not now but he was. Can you come over please? I need help…” I cried.
Her footsteps were already pounding on the sidewalk,”Dont worry! Im on my way, do I need to call an ambulance?”
“No I just need your help please?” I asked.
“Hang on honey. Im coming, stay on the phone with me ok?” her voice was shaking.
“Okay…” I whispered.

Brittney and I were in the bathroom, she was dabbing at my cuts with alcohol (the medicine kind lol)and some gooey gunk.
I gasped from the stinging. “Sorry I have to clean them.” she whispered.
“Its alright.” I said quietly.
Moments of silence went by until Britt spoke again,”You need to tell Justin…”
“No!” I yelled automatically. If Justin found out it wouldnt help, but make everything worse.”He cant find out!”
“Lexi he already knows about Rick raping you, I dont think it can get much worse…” she tried convincing me.
I bowed my head, actually Justin didnt know. He just thought that Rick had hit me, thats it.
“You didnt tell him! What does he know exactly?” Brittney asked angry.
“That Rick hit me…” I whispered.
“Lexi-” she started.
“Britt you dont understand! He cant find out! Its gonna be hard enough, saying no to him when he wants to have sex. Atleast until these bruises go away. I dont want him to see me like this…he cant see me like this!” I begged her.
Her eyes darted from my eyes to my back,”Its not my place to tell him…but my opinion,” she pointed to herself then continued dabbing my slices.”I think you should tell him.”
“Just not now…” I whispered.”Too much is going on and I cant handle that.”
“For a girl thats so strong you sure do say cant alot.” Britt commented smiling.
I laughed slightly,”Yeah…strong…”

*Later that night*

I was wearing this .com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=9870217 and .com/images/FF_134968_ I was texting Justin-
Justin: You at Brittney’s still?
Alex: No Justin: Where are you then…
Alex: my house. Rick had the police come and get me 😦
Justin: are you ok! wat did he do?
Alex:im fine he didnt do anything to me actually…I bet he’s scared of me now lol

Justin’s POV Alexis definatly scared me. Not like I was ‘afraid’ of her physically but constantly I worried if she was gonna leave me. She was everything to me, my life and I was grateful to have her.

Alexis POV Justin could NOT find out about what Rick did to me, specifically. I would have thought that since I had been raped, I wouldnt want Justin and I to have sex but…oddly I couldnt wait. Rick was disgusting and I needed Justin to be my lover. He didnt need to know about Rick, it would be the same thing as me having a boyfriend before and having sex with him. Justin obviously wasnt a virgin, but he thought I was. Our first time of having sex, he would be able to tell I wasnt a virgin. And how do I explain that?
I woke up in the morning and took a shower. It suprised me when I got into the hot water and it stung my cuts extremly bad.”Ah!” I gasped.
Turning it down to a cooler temperature, my back pains eased. Though it didnt matter, more pain came when I washed the soap out of my hair. I reached around to feel the cuts, each one had a tiny slit pulling upward. Unfortunatly they wouldnt close for a few more days…I just had to keep holding on until Justin got here.
With my back aching, I slowly stepped onto my rug and dried myself off. But not without more pain. How could I rub a towel on all of my open cuts? Eventually I got dressed in . since it was freezing outside and . I smiled to myself, I would see Justin tomorrow. Going down to breakfast I ate some grapes then sat on my bed doing nothing.
Rick barged into my room,”Let’s go…” he said with keys in his hand.
I saw the keys,”Oh yeah…where’s my car?” I asked angrily.
He smirked,”They brought it back after he dropped you off.”
A heavy sigh escaped my mouth.
“Let’s go!” he repeated.
“Where?” I whined. Going somewhere with him? Hell no.
“Your coming with me to pick up Gabrielle.” he demanded.
Gabrielle? It was that late already? “Why?” I sighed again.
“Dont want you doing anything you shouldnt. C’mon.” he smiled.
I stood and walked with Rick to his vehicle…


Justin’s POV My luggage was in the back of the private jet, but my backpack sat lazily next to me in another chair. My mom Pattie, was next to me on the other side.
“Is she gonna be happy? That we suprised her, I mean maybe she’s busy.” she asked.
I would have smirked if it would have been a different situation, but this was Alex being hurt.”No…she will be delighted.” I said slowly.
“Ok…” my mother sighed.
“You like Alexis dont you?” I asked staring into her eyes.
“Of coarse I do! She’s a beautiful, smart, and polite young lady. And I think she really loves you for you.”
Alex did love me, for me. I smiled,”I think so too.”
“Im glad your happy,” she hugged me.
Yeah she was my mom but I loved her. She and Alexis were my two favorite females. With the exception of Gabrielle and my sister. I hugged her back, tight.
“I love you mom.” I whispered.
“I love you too…Im so proud of you.” she smiled.

*Back with Alexis*

Alexis POV I wanted to stay as far away from Rick the Dick as possible so I sat in the backseat, staring blankly out the window. Maybe I should have been in the front seat so Gabrielle didnt have to but I didnt care right now. She wasnt the one getting raped and whipped. He wouldnt touch her, not with me around. Because deep down inside…Rick was a lonely little boy. Thats why he does all of these things to me, and he is scared of me. Rick knows that I know love from Gabrielle, my parents, and from Justin. He hates that because he doesnt know love.
Brie got in the front seat and we pulled away.
I looked out my window again, we were on a lonely road. Surrounded by thousands of trees, outside of town. Brie interupted my daydream,”Guess what Rick!”
She had no idea what he was doing to me, to her he was an innocent man.”What?” he asked smiling.
“Justin Bieber is Alex’s boyfriend and he is coming to visit her tomorrow! I cant wait to see him!” she squealed.
Rick’s muscles tightened and he tensed up. The inner little boy was coming out, he glanced back to look at me.”He’s your boyfriend Alex?” he gritted through his teeth.
My lips stayed in a tight line. He was jealous that I loved Justin and not him! While he still looked at me and not the road, from the corner of my eye I saw a brown figure standing on all fours in the road.
“Watch out!” I screamed.
My head jerked forward and everything went quiet. And in slow motion, the car was grinding against the pavement then tumbled in circles. A ear splitting scraping noise was heard as sparks flew everywhere, and my head banged against the door’s metal frame. Sticky blood oozed down the side of my head and I think some got in my mouth, it tasted like rusty nails.
“Brie!” I managed to scream in the middle of all this.
Again I was jerked as the car finally slowed down to a stop on the hood. My eyes darted everywhere for a second as I tried to catch up on things. We had just hitten a deer, and Rick lost control. Now I was hanging upside from my seatbelt, blood dripping off me.
“Gabrielle! Are you alright?” I screamed frantically.
But no response… once I reached for my seatbelt the whole world seemed to turn upside down and I got really dizzy.

Justin’s POV I had just gotten off the plane and we were now in my SUV.
“Where does she live Justin?” my mom asked, distracted by the scenery.
“Uhh I dont know let me call her.” I said and dialed her # putting it on speaker.

Alexis POV My eyes began to glaze over but opened wide when my cell phone rang in my pocket, uncomfortably I grabbed it and pushed the button. It fell to the ceiling of the car but I still heard Justin’s voice say,”Hey Alex.”
“Justin…” I mumbled.

Justin’s POV “Justin…” I heard her faintly mumble.
My mother turned her head towards the phone with a puzzled look.
“Lexi…?” I asked.
“Justin, help.” she said in the backround.
Help? Oh God what if Rick had hit her again but did serious damage this time?
“Alexis are you ok?” my mom Pattie asked.
“No..” I heard her start to cry.”Car accident…help Gabrielle.”
“Car accident? Where are you baby?” I asked concerned.
“I dont know!” she cried harder.”Somewhere on the road outside of town. Past Walmart…”
“Hang on Alexis were on our way.” my mom said and was already dialing 911.”We need an ambulance.”
“Alex honey, stay on the phone with me!” I said.

Alexis POV “Justin I dont know if Brie’s ok! She wont answer.” I cried.”But I cant move my leg is stuck!” Moments before, I realized my leg was pinned inbetween crushed metal. Though it was numb I could tell it was wet with blood…
“Ok dont try to move. An ambulance is on the way.” he said worried.
“Hurry please?” I begged.
“We are baby. Im sorry, just dont worry. Your fine. Your gonna be fine.” it sounded more like he was convincing himself than me.
“Its just…Gabrielle. Help her first.” I whispered. Sirens were heard in the distance.
“You’ll both be fine.” he whispered reassuringly.

*Ambulance got there and pulled everyone out of the car. Alex was in the back of an ambulance when Justin pulled up*

Justin’s POV I had to see Alex to make sure she was fine,”Alexis!” I shouted running to the car but a cop stopped me.
“Woah settle down. You cant be over here. Wait arent you that Bieber kid?” he asked.”My daughter loves you.”
“My girl! Please? She was in the accident!” I begged.
“Oh, the young lady is over there. Not much to say for the youngest one.” he said shaking his head.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
He looked apolegetic,”Im sorry to tell you this but…the younger one fell into a coma…”
“Coma?” I studdered. “What…?” My heart sank, Brie had been like a second little sister to me. I loved her.
“Im afraid so.” he said and started to walk off.
“Wait!” I grabbed his arm.”Is she-she gonna be ok?”
The police officer’s eyes were genuinly sad,”I dont know. You will have to speak with a paramedic.” he pointed to the closest one.
Gabrielle couldnt be in a coma, it would crush Alex. If I was taking it this hard then Lexi would have a break down.”Hey! Please is Gabrielle gonna be ok?” I asked jerking him around to face me.
“Miss. Davis has slipped into a coma, her brains swelling. But were doing everything we can.” he said and went back to the truck.
Oh no. Where’s Alexis?”Alex!” I yelled.
My beautiful girlfriends eyes layed on me with a confused expression.”Justin?” I read her lips.
Nobody was standing in my way, I pushed and shoved to get to her and when I did I grabbed her into a tight hug.

Alexis POV Justin ran to me and tightly wrapped his arms around my body. Luckily my shirt was covered in blood from my head wound that nobody could tell my back wounds were bleeding too.
“Ahh!” I screamed in pain.
Immediatly he let go saying,”Oh! Im sorry baby! Where are you hurt?”
Seeing his face took my breath away and I forgot about the accident and my injuries. Finally my brain got it in my head that Justin was here standing before me, it didnt matter if I bled more. “Justin!” I cried out loudly, hugging him hard.
Gently he pulled away,”Where are you hurt?” his voice shook with a mixture of concern and excitment.
A white bandage (except for the small red spot where blood leaked through) was tied around my head and a boot was being put on my left leg.”Just some stitches in my head, and my leg’s broken. Nothing serious.” I said casually. Not mentioning how much pain I was in from the broken leg, split skull, and open wounded back caused by the whip. “Nothing serious!” he asked sighing.”Alexis Im glad your alright…” then his lips softly touched mine.
It was as if I was meeting up with an old friend again, Justin’s breath smelt amazing. And he tasted, as always, like a flowery mint.
“I missed those,” I grinned and kissed him again.
He leaned his forehead on mine, lovingly then kissed my cheek smiling.
“Where’s Brie? I bet she’s freaking out.” I laughed.

Justin’s POV Alex didnt know about Gabrielle being in a coma. How could I tell her?
My eyes looked down sadly, this couldnt happen now. She was already stressed,”Uh…she’s fine.” I whispered.”Have you heard anything on Rick?”
Her back stiffened suddenly,”No…I hope he’s dead.” she spat.
“Alex…I know he’s done bad things to you and when I see him, he better hope someone holds me back but…death is a little harsh.” I whispered.
She looked up at me with big sad eyes then turned her head and muttered,”If you only knew…”
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing,” she said quickly. “Wait how did you get here so fast? I thought you had a show tonight?” This pleased her to change the subject.
“Oh the show was cancelled so I came here today to suprise you. My plane just landed when I called you…” I whispered half smiling.

Alexis POV Justin deserved to know about what Rick did to me. But my black eye was almost healed and I didnt have the strenghth right now to tell him.
“Can we all just go home?” I asked.
The paramedic answered,”Were gonna need you to stop by the hospital first.”
“Justin can you ride in here with me?” I glanced in the back of the ambulance.
“Of coarse…” he kissed my forehead.
Alexis POV I was on my last nerve at the hospital. They were poking me with needles and wrapping things on me but I was fine!
“Alright,” a nurse finished fixing my boot.”Your all set to leave? Should I call a cab?”
“No Justin can take me, where’s my sister I havent seen her?” I asked.
Next to me Justin tensed up and looked uncomfortable.
“You dont know?” the short fat nurse asked me.
“Know what?” I said. What was she talking about? Justin said it himself, Gabrielle was fine.
“Sweety your sister slipped into a coma right before the medics got there.” she said kindly.
“W-wh-what?” I gasped. “Gabrielle…I need to see her!”
Justin’s arms caressed my waist, holding me steady.”Baby maybe you shouldnt walk yet.”
My tear filled eyes turned to glare at him.”Why didnt you tell me! You said she was fine!” I cried.
“Im sorry but I didnt want to upset you…” he whispered leaning his head on mine.
Maybe I should have been angry but I hadnt seen Justin in such a long time. I couldnt be mad at him so I used him for comfort,”Justin…” I whined hugging him.
“I know. Im sorry…” he kissed my forehead.”Let’s go to your house and calm down.”
Struggling, I looked at the nurse,” How’s Rick?”
“Not too bad but he will have to stay here a few days.” she said walking into the hall.”You can visit him if you want.”
“Can I visit Gabrielle!” I shouted before she left.
“Not today but I’ll have the doctors keep in touch.” the nurse said over her shoulder leaving.
I looked up at Justin,”Can you take me home?” my voice was almost inaudiable.
“Yeah lets go…”

*Pattie decided to stay at her friends house that she hadnt seen in awhile(who lived in a nearby town) so with Justin and Alex at her house*

“Your house is bigger than mine!” he said in awe.
A smile pulled at my lips,”Thanks. C’mon you’ve seen the whole house now.” I said pulling him then limping on my crutches to my room.
“Your my little rich girl.”He winked.”This is your room?” Justin asked stepping inside.
“Yea,” I whispered slightly embarrassed though I dont know why.
“Its beautiful,” he commented then kissed my lips.
“Im gonna change since Im covered in blood.” I laughed and walked to my closet grabbing out some clothes.
“Alright…” Justin plopped on my bed, laying on his side with his elbow cocked. Watching me…
He couldnt see me naked, not with the cuts on my back (which had been closing already suprisingly) and the healing yellow bruises inbetween my legs. Slowly I started to walk to my bathroom.
“Hey,” he smiled.”Since when do you not change in front of me? I havent seen you in awhile…”
A unwilling smile spread on my face,”You’ll get your chance.” I smirked and closed the bathroom door. Why did I say that? Now he would be expecting physical things just so I could say no? That was mean of me…
When I limped out on my crutches again I was wearing!Pink%20Pl… and . with this to cover up some of the whip cuts .com/u/1257051_ “Plus I didnt want you to see me trip and fall,” I glanced down at my leg, with the boot on it.
Giving me a flirty smile Justin wrapped his arms around my waist,”I could of helped you with that…” he whispered kissing my jaw gently.
I thanked that he was holding my waist and not my back, but soon I lost focus and sighed closing my eyes.
“Are you cold?” he asked, placing butterfly kisses on my neck.
Actually I shivered but from his touch, beads of sweat stuck to the back of my neck…I was hot. But I couldnt take my jacket off.”A little,” I whispered gasping.
Carefully Justin pulled me to the bed and we layed down next eachother, he put a blanket over me.”Are you tired?”
“Not really,” I sighed. The material was rubbing against my back which was painful.”Do you think Brie will be alright?” I asked stroking his face.
“Yes I do.” he played with my hand, bending my fingers gently.
My smile grew when he kissed my finger tips.”I love you.”
“I love you too,” he murmered and I layed my head on his chest.
I was with Justin again…
“Are you sure your ok?” he asked.
“Yeah why?” I replied looking up into his beautiful eyes.
“Becasue you said you were cold but your sweating…” he stated, looking worried.
My smile grew, then I stood up to shut the light off.”Yeah Im fine. Dont worry, as long as I have you right now.”
Justin grinned at me,”Come here sexy.”
I slowly took off my jacket, he couldnt see me anymore. It was dark. “You just love me for my looks, dont you?” I giggled.
He scooted back,”No I dont! If you want to just sit here, I will. You want me to leave, I will…” he said offensively.
Cold washed over my sweating body at the thought of him leaving. Quickly I slid in bed and grabbed his face in my hands.”I was kidding! Your not going anywhere.” I warned.
He laughed slightly,”So let’s just cuddle if you want.” Justin smiled sweetly at me.
I licked my lips and got closer to him,”You know…just because we cant really do anything big right now doesnt mean we cant fool around a bit…” I whispered in his face.
He licked his lips too and smiled.
“Cause your right, we havent seen eachother in a long time.” I laughed intertwining our fingers.
“Ok I love you not just for your looks but when you do that…your asking for it.” he chuckled.
My lips were almost touching his when I whispered,”I meant to ask. Do I need to again?” I stopped for a second then continued.”Justin I want to fool around please?” I smiled, an inch away from his face.
Justin’s bright white teeth showed when he smiled and came in the rest of the distance, closing his mouth on mine. Owning me.
His hand was brushing hair behind my ear before he slid it down to my elbow then he grabbed my back pulling me closer to him. I gasped loudly in pain but he didnt notice, instead he brushed his lips along down my neck, sucking gently.
A sound that was halfway between a quiet moan and another gasp escaped my mouth. Justin rolled over ontop of me but held himself just above my body so he didnt crush me, but slowly he pulled my pajama pants down to my ankles. Letting me kick them off with my good leg, I couldnt control it when my right leg (her good leg lol) hitched itself around his hip. He tensed up and smiled.
Justin’s hands floated all around my body so when he slid around to my back, I didnt notice. My mind was focused on Justin’s lips who was crushed to mine harshly. Roughly moving with mine, but I liked it. He wasnt like Rick forcing himself on me but was forceful WITH me. I knew if I objected he would stop.
His left hand was now up my tank top, cupping my waist. Cold fingers had barely slid around to my bra clip when I felt burning in my cuts. Justin stopped kissing me so intently to feel the lines on my back, oh crap! I forgot to keep him away from there.
Realizing something was wrong Justin sat up off me and reached over to turn my lamp on.”Alex whats on your back?”
I sighed,”Nothing lets just continue,” I tried convincing him and kissed his neck but he softly pushed me away.
“Alex, Im serious.” he stood up and turned the light on to my bedroom.
“Not getting out of this one, am I?” I asked sarcastically.
“Why do you keep hiding things from me, just tell me babe. Or show me.” he sat down next to me.”Can I please see your back?” he asked.
I turned around and pulled my shirt off, pushing my hair out of the way.
Justin’s mouth fell open,”Thats not from the car accident is it?” he asked avoiding looking at my back now.
“No…” I whispered.”But dont worry they’re not that bad for whip wounds!” I said quickly.
His eyes started to sparkle from watering,”A whip?” he said exasperated.
“Ive been putting this cream on it, so its not gonna scar!” I said desperatly.
“You think Im worried about it leaving scars?” he asked shocked.”Im just angry because I allowed this to happen.”
“Its not your fault baby!” I said. If he knew this much I mind as well tell him the rest. Tears came to my eyes, Justin glanced at me then saw I was crying.
“Did I hurt you?” he asked cupping my cheek.
“No…but I just- I need to tell you something else…” I whimpered.
“You can tell me anything Lexi,” he said stroking my face.
“Yes Rick has hit me but thats not it…” I checked to see his reaction. It was angry,”its easier to show you.” I said and stood up wearing ./images/products/ling_ (without the gloves)
Justin’s eyes got really shiny as he saw all the bruises inbetween my thighs,”No!” he whined shaking his head.
Seeing Justin like that made me cry harder, breaking down I climbed into Justin’s lap as he held me…still shaking his head slowly.
“No…” he muttered.”He didnt…”
“Justin…” I cried into his chest.

*The Next Morning*

I woke up to an empty bed, worried I looked around.”Justin?” I yelled until I found a neat written note lying next to me-
My love,
Ive got breakfast waiting down stairs. Get dressed then come see me beautiful 🙂 Justin B.
I smiled and immediatly went downstairs after putting Justin’s dirty T-shirt he wore yesterday on.
“Justin!” I called.
Someone’s arms wrapped around my waist and put a warm kiss on my cheek,”Goodmorning gorgeous…” Justin said.
Quickly I turned around to face him,”Hi,” I whispered and pecked his lips.
“So I made some breakfast, then after you eat we’re gonna go visit Brie in the hospital.” he said smiling.
“Is she awake?” I asked excited.
He frowned.”No not yet but she will soon. They said she was doing great…besides not waking up”
I forced a smile,”So…lets see what you made chef!”

*After Breakfast and Alexis Shower*

I was dressed in this ?picture=2009%2F1% with my hair like this . “When’d you get up this morning?” I asked as we got in Justin’s SUV and somebody drove us to the hospital.
“A few hours before you did…” he said awkwardly.
I laughed,”What have you been doing? Breakfast couldnt have taken that long…”
“I called my lawyer and professional people…to help with the problem.” he said and looked right in my eyes.
“And?” I asked nervous.
“You and Brie will have restraining orders against him by the end of the day and the police know what he’s done now. He’ll never touch you again…” he kissed my forehead.
I smiled,”Your always taking care of me.”
“Because I love you.” he whispered.
“I love you too,” I kissed him passionatly on the lips. It was meant to be a gesture of graditude but soon after that I was strattling Justin legs in the backseat, making out.
He pulled back to take a breath.”I just want to tell you so you know…the story is, you became my really good friend and I came here to visit you. Since your hurt. My legal people want to keep you out of the spotlight for now cause of the case.” he looked at me cautiously.
“Thats fine.” I kissed him again.
“We’re here,” the driver said.
Justin kissed my lips one last time before saying,”Watch out, flashing lights will be everywhere.” then he opened the door and stepped out.
I climbed out after him hoping I wasnt flushed too much from the makeout session we just had. Justin extended his hand to help me and I grabbed it. Bad choice…
“Justin! Justin! Who is this? Is this your new girlfriend?” reporters shoved microphones in his face as dozens of pictures were being taken in every direction.
“Naw man listen. This is Alexis, she won the contest in the Bahammas and is a really good friend. Thats it, she was hurt so I came down to help her you know. We’re just friends…” Justin into one microphone and eased me through the crowd with Kenny right next to us. I didnt like hearing those words out of his mouth but I knew he was just saying that. I had to control myself for now.
Finally we got inside the building and went to Gabrielle’s floor.
“Wow their like leeches!” I exclaimed.
“Thats exactly what they are. Imagine what they’re gonna do when I tell them your my girlfriend.” he laughed.
“Its not funny! Your fans will kill me!” I said squeaking. I remember the big deal thing with Kim Kardashian.
“I wont let that happen.” he told me, grabbing my hand.
“oh yeah that reminds me! I want you to meet my friend Brittney. She loves you.” I smiled.
“Alright…” he said and kissed my cheek.
Passing Rick’s room, shivers went down my back. After a couple more rooms Justin and I walked into her room silently, and when I saw Gabrielle. It hit me. My sister was actually in a coma. There was a chance that I would never talk to her again or never see her laugh again, I tried to stop tears from coming to my eyes.
The seriousness of this situation sunk in when I saw Brie’s limp body,”Oh my God…” I whispered and clamped a hand over my mouth.
Stepping slowly I sat next to Brie, holding her hand and kissing it.”Hey…” I whispered.”If you can hear me Brie, just know I love and miss you so you need to pull through this.”
Justin had walked up and kissed Gabrielle’s forehead.
My brain started working, none of this would have happend if it wasnt for Rick the Dick! But he had to be a jealous pervert and not watch the road!
Suddenly I stood up and dropped my crutches, hopping to the door furiously.
“Alexis, where are you going?” Justin asked running up to my side, following me.
My breathing quickened and my face turned tomato red,”Its his fault!” I shouted still hopping.
“Who’s?” he asked trying to help me walk but I slapped his hand away.
Angry I barged through the door,”Rick!” I hissed. He was laying on his bed, awake.
“Piece of shit!” I yelled charging at him.”She’s in a coma! Because of you!”
Justin grabbed me by my waist lifting me a few inches above the ground. He was breathing heavy, I could tell from being crushed against his chest.
Thrashing my arms visciously and kicking my legs I whined,”Justin let me go!”
He started backing out of the room, Rick was straring at me in shock. Soon a door shut and we were in a small broom closet.
“No!” I whined again beating my fist against his chest, crying angry tears.
“Stop,” he panted breathing in my face. We were inches apart.
Deep breaths helped calm me,”Its his fault…” I exhaled.
“How?” he asked concerned.
“Because Brie told him you were coming, he got jealous. Not watching the road, but me…” I sighed slowly.
“C’mon lets go out the back… we’ll come back tomorrow.” he grabbed my hand.
I smiled,”My crutches…”
“Forget them.” Justin smiled sexily at me.”I’ll carry you. Besides they said its not broken but sprained so it wont be so bad.”

As we walked past Rick’s room I stopped Justin mid-step.”Wait.” I said and Rick looked up at us.
“What?” he asked. He didnt realize Rick the Dick was watching.
I smiled mischieviously at Rick then grabbed Justin’s neck pulling him into a deep kiss.
Rick frowned but Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around my back. I gasped quietly from pain and he pulled back.”Im sorry.” he whispered.
“Its ok.” I smiled.

*At Alexis House With Justin*

“Its gotten warm out, you wanna swim?” I asked him as we walked in my front door.
“Sure” he smiled.
I changed into this .com/article_imgs/Image/DVF%20Parrot%20diamond%20pri… with bare feet.
Justin was in his swim trunks sitting in a lawn chair next to the pool when I walked out, shyly.
“Come here gorgeous.” he patted in between his legs.
I sat in his lap, smiling.”I called Brittney and asked her to come over. I hope thats ok.”
“Yeah, I love my fans.” he said but his voice was like it was in an interview, not like it usually is.
“You know she is a fan but please treat her like a friend not a fan. For me?” I asked.
“Ok,” he laughed and bent down to kiss my lips softly.
“Ohhhh! Thats cute!” I heard Brittney squeal. She walked up to us wearing .me/001E464/Siobhan-Parekh-on-the-sand-in-a-sexy-swimsuit-…
I was pleased to see Justin stared at her face and not her breast. She was skinny but not ‘fit’ like I was and she had pale skin.
“Hey,” Justin waved.
Brittney froze and stared at him, her mouth half open.
I looked at her with my eyebrows raised,”Why dont you ask him for his number and tell him to call you Brittney its not like he’s my boyfriend.”
Justin tried not to laugh.
“Im sorry.” she snapped out of it.”Its just kinda…wierd. Seeing Justin Bieber, standing right here. In your backyard.”
“Crazy thing huh?” I asked sarcastically.
Again he tried not to laugh, closing his arms around my body gently.
“Well I came here to swim so…” Britt jumped in the pool yelling “Canonball!”
Water splashed up and soaked Justin and I, we laughed.
“Doesnt the clorene(I think I mispelled lol) hurt your cuts?” Justin asked.
“My pool doesnt have clorene in it, instead some high tech natural filter.” I smiled pulling him up to stand.
“Well then lets go swim,” he smiled.
One of my hands was on his chest and my other stroking his cheek. I leaned in about to kiss him then shoved with my hand, pushing him in the pool.
Laughing once he surfaced I said,”Are you forgetting my leg? I cant complelty swim yet.”
“Oh yeah…” he whispered spitting water out of his mouth.
“I could just take it off though. Its only sprained.” I said sitting down on the edge.
“No, they put it on for a reason. Leave it.” he said like a parent.
He was so worried,”Quit acting like a grandma and help me.” I smiled taking the boot off.
“Alex, no.” he said swimming over to the edge.
“You’ll carry me…” I demanded finishing the buckles sliding it off.”Now help me please?” I asked.
Justin’s hands gripped my waist as I slipped into the water rubbing down his chest.
“Thanks,” I whispered in his face then kissed him. His lips molted with mine and I parted my lips, waiting for his tongue to engulf me but instead he pulled away.
“C’mon,” he fake smiled slinging me easily over his shoulder in the piggy-back position.
That was wierd, he didnt want to kiss me? He always wanted to…

For the rest of the day we played in the pool, layed in the sun, and ate little snacks. But also throughout the rest of the day, Justin avoided kissing me or touching me in any intimate way. As we walked inside to change I said,”Whats with you?”
“Huh?” he asked.
“Not to interupt-” Brittney said,”but I need to go…I’ll see you later Alex. Justin it was awesome to hang out with you, your actually pretty normal.” she laughed.
“Thanks,” he smiled.”Your normal too.”
She laughed then walked away, waving goodbye.
“Today.” I pointed out.”You didnt touch me, at all.”
His eyebrows pulled together in confusion. What a faker, he knew exactly what I was talking about.
“Dont look at me like that Justin. You know its true…” I said then whispered,” Am-am I” I studdered.”Too…unclean for you to come near me now?”
“C’mon Alexis you know I love you.” he said rubbing his hand up my arms then pulled back.
A frown pulled down my lips,”That wasnt the question…”
He didnt say anything but just stood there, quietly. I nodded and walked to my room.
“Alex baby…” he started.
“Nevermind, everythings fine. Just let me get dressed please?” I asked shutting my door already.
Once I was changed into this .com/Uploads/ProductImages/8f319031-f9fb-4cc9-983a-e714… I walked out into my huge living room where Justin was.
“Hey,” I mumbled.”Wanna watch a movie?”
“Sure, what movie?” he asked.
“The remake of Friday the 13th?” I asked already putting it in. Before he could answer I snuggled close to his chest, forcing him to put his arm around me.
Soon after the movie started I fell asleep on his chest.
I woke up when I heard a scream, sitting up quickly off Justin’s chest.
“Hey its alright. Just the movie…” he said sweetly.
I was laying inbetween his legs, with my head on his stomach. “Sorry, I fell asleep.” I murmered scooting up closer to him.
“Go ahead and sleep, its fine.” he whispered wiping hair out of my face.
I stared at the movie, it was flashing between a person running for their life and a couple making out. It made me want to kiss Justin, but I didnt feel like getting rejected by my own boyfriend. Nervously I glanced up at him,”Justin?”
“Yeah babe?” he said stroking my arm with his eyes closed.
My thoat had a huge lump in it,”When we were at the pond that day, and even after that…you were perfectly fine with the idea of having sex with me. You were more than fine with it right before I told about what Rick did to me. But now, since I told you…you dont want to kiss me or touch me.” I whimpered slowly.
His eyes opened,”You think I dont want to have sex with you?” he asked in disbelief.
Sadly I hid my face in his chest,”Yes…” I said into his shirt.
“Alex the reason I have tried not to get intimate with you is that I know I will want to. And I dont want push you into that if you dont want to, I’ll understand if you want to wait…” Justin said softly.
I sat up,”Thats the reason you’ve been avoiding me?”
He looked to the side, embarrassed.
Aparently he didnt see the huge smile on my face, so I decided to mess around with him.
“Can you help me get to my room?” I asked trying to stand up.
“Yeah,” he whispered taking ahold of my waist leading me.
Once in my room he sat on my bed, not looking at me. Smirking I grabbed this and changed /media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/5e06319eda06f0… and . “Can you promise me something?” I asked climbing next to him.
“What?” he asked then his eyes got a little bigger when he saw what I was wearing.”Alex,” he whined looking away.
“Are you gonna make the promise or not?” I asked pulling his chin to look at me.
“Anything,” he murmered trying to look at just my eyes.
“Once I get this stupid boot off in a few days, you will not avoid me.” I said smiling cheekily.
“Im not avoiding you,” he said iritated.
“Then what do you call this?” I asked getting slightly angry, but also grabbing his hand putting it to my breast.
Automatically he sighed and pulled it away.
“See? Thats called avoiding, and I dont know why your doing this. I thought I would want to wait but I love you, and I know you wont force me.” I said quickly.”I want to, with you..”
His eyes found mine,”Are you sure? Please dont think you have to do this, cuz of me.”
“I want to.” I whispered then kissed his lips hungrily.”Stupid boot,” I smiled inbetween kisses.
Justin’s lips crushed against my own urgently, then his hand slid up my shirt.I felt his cold but soft skin on me.”Did I loose my chance?” he asked cupping my breast.
Smiling, I parted my lips giving his tongue entrance. After a couple minutes he pulled back saying,”This isnt gonna go anywhere, is it?”
I frowned,”Probably not…I’d rather have some use of my leg and wait for my cuts to heal a little bit more…” I whispered in his face.
He sighed,”Im still going to hold you though, cuz I can.”
I smiled snuggling next to him,”Im so lucky to have you in my life.”
“Thats a two-way street,” he whispered kissing my forehead.”I love you.”
“I love you too.” my lips whispered.
*almost a week later*

(Justin and Alexis have been hanging out all the time, cuz the doctors said that Brie was doing fine and should wake up soon…Rick has been in prison awaiting his trial)
Justin and I were getting driven back to my house, we’d just came from the hospital to visit Gabrielle and get my boot taken off.
Both of us had been waiting for this, he promised that we could get physical once it was off. Now that it was, niether one of us could stop smiling shyly at eachother.
“I’ve got a suprise for you tonight.” he gave me a flirty smile.
I smiled, blushing.”Am I gonna like your suprise?”
He leaned over in the seat kissing my cheek, then whispered in my ear.”With this suprise…you’ll have the time of your life.”
I turned my head to kiss his jaw, grinning.
“Tease,” he muttered softly.
Once we were in the house I asked him,”What are we doing now?”
“I bought you an outfit, its on your bed. Go change then we’ll leave.” he smiled pecking my lips.
I put each of my hands on both sides of his neck, keeping his lips on mine for a minute longer before pulling away.
“Cant I just get my suprise now?” I asked desperate.
He grabbed my waist and placed wet butterfly kisses on my neck, I closed my eyes smiling. “Not yet…” he whispered against my skin.
“Now who’s the tease?” I laughed walking up my steps.
My bed had this sitting on it /uploadfile/ANF/HTOPS/HOLLISTER% and . and ./2009/04/0119900309-2-carvela-giant-black-s… I smiled, he knew my taste.
This was kind of casual, I wondered where we were going? My hair looked like when I slowly walked down the staircase.
“Damn…” he said in biting his lip.”I might have to change my decision on giving you the suprise early.” he smiled sexily walking up to me. His arms were around my waist when he whispered,”You look beautiful.”
I giggled like crazy as his teeth nibbled on my neck,”Where are we going?” I gasped grinning.
“C’mon, I’ll show you.” he said grabbing my hand leading me out of the house and to his car.
I just noticed he had changed into this /wp-content/uploads/2009/12/justin_bieber_06_wenn2693500… while I was upstairs.
Kenny drove with Justin and I in the back seat,”Its not really a big deal but I thought it’d be fun.” he said intertwining our fingers.
“Where are you taking me?” I asked curious for the first time.
“Alot of people will be there but Ive got security all over.” he continued, ignoring my question.
We cuddled together until the car pulled to a halt, the windows were tinted so I couldnt see outside but I heard alot of screams of laughter and machines going.
“Papparazzi will probably be there so we have to act like friends, atleast until Rick’s trial then Im telling everyone. If thats ok?” Justin said scooting closer to me.
“Yeah,” I smiled wide.”If I cant do this out there then Im getting my share in here,” I said flirtily.
Before I could lean in Justin smashed his body against mine, plunging his tongue in my mouth. I kissed him back feverishly, grabbing his hair lightly for a couple minutes.
“You guys done yet?” Kenny asked trying not to look at us.
Both of us pulled back to take a breath murmering “No..” then kissed again. He smiled against my teeth, giving me one last peck. “Lets go.”
Pouting I got out of the car to see . “Oh my God,” I whispered. “I didnt know there was a carnival in town?”
“Yeah, I saw it on accident.” he smiled.”You ready?”
A grin spread on my face,”What do you want to ride first?”
Justin walked up to me,”You…” he whispered in my ear.
My cheeks turned red from blushing,”Lets go Bieber!” I said pulling his arm.

*They laughed and had fun riding most of the rides. It was now dark outside*

“Dont puke on me,” I giggled as we stepped off the ride. Justin was laughing saying over and over,”Im gonna throw up.”
I smiled and pulled him, body guards surrounded us.”I have to pee, so lets go to the bathroom. Then you can puke.”
Once we got to the bathroom, security made sure nobody was in there when they blocked the entrance to both the Men and Women.
I turned left into the Womens bathroom and Justin followed. We were alone for once, and nobody could see us.”Are you going to use the girls bathroom?” I laughed.
“I dont have to use the bathroom,” he said quietly smiling flirtily at me.
“Stay here and no peeking.” I demanded walking into a stall. “Me?” he said sarcastically.”No way.” I finished and went to the sink to wash my hands, while running the water Justin stood behind me. He brushed my extra hair off my neck (it was pulled up if you dont remember) and started sucking on the skin gently. My eyes shut slowly and I sighed dreamily,”Justin…?” “Hmm?” he murmered while gliding his tongue on my neck. “Im about to steal my suprise from you, right here in this bathroom.” I giggled. He took a deep breath sadly,”Lets go do a few more rides then we’ll eat.” My stomach grumbled right after he said that, I laughed.”C’mon…” Back out into the carnival we rode this .com/image/carnival%20rides%20zipper/MikeLirette/zipp… and . .,… and many others. After eating some pizza and sharing a funnel cake he wanted to take me on the huge ferris wheel. We got on .net/pub/d/21507-1/Paris+Ferris+Wheel+at+ When we were at the very top where nobody could see us, the wheel stopped. I looked down and heard people shouting at everybody on the wheel,”Dont panick! Its just a technical function, we’ll be back on momentarily.” Justin pecked my lips. “I love you.” “I love you too.” I smiled giggling. My hand rested on his thigh, and he froze up for a second then recovered. Obviously he thought I didnt catch that, but I did. So I slid it more onto his lap, applying more and more pressure. He groaned,”Alex…what are you doing?” I grinned mischieviously,”Want me to stop?” but I pushed on him even more, he hardened against my hand. Justin licked his lips and moaned.”Oh God, please dont…” My smile widened when I saw him make that face. I used my other hand to start unbuttoning his pants, hastily pulling down the zipper. Kissing his neck, I shoved my hand inside his pants but ontop of his boxers. This still made him close his eyes moaning, breathing heavily. Even my breathing quickened when I slipped onto his lap quickly and leaned my back on his chest. I layed my head on his shoulder, kissing Justin’s jaw line. My hands gripped his legs as I pushed my butt on his aroused manhood. “Alex!” he gasped throwing his head back moaning like crazy. Smiling, I lifted myself up a little loosening the pressure on him but suddenly the whole car jerked forward then backwards as the wheel started moving again. I’d lost my balance and fell back down on him hard,”Oh damn!” he yelled biting his lip. One arm slid around my waist, pulling me on him more. “Shit, Justin were going down again.” I said dissapointed. He tugged my shirt so I would fall back on his chest, soft lips engulfed mine as his arm pushed me on him tighter. “Justin,” I kissed back then pulled away. He was hard against me and it distracted me for a second.”We have to stop, they’ll see us.” “I dont care, let them watch!” he said grabbing one of my breast. I laughed and tried to sit up but he had his arm around me,”Justin please?” He looked into my eyes and sighed letting go,”That was mean.” he pouted. “What? You know I didnt make the machine start on purpose.” I said sadly. I had REALLY wished it wouldnt of started. He looked down,”I know, but what am I suppose to do with this?” I followed his eyes to the magnificent bulge sticking up in his pants, and stiffled a giggle. “Its not funny!” he said buttoning his pants. Justin was so hot…”Hide it until we get to my place.” I winked and kissed him. “Not helping Alex,” he smiled on my lips. We got off the ride and Justin quickly grabbed my arm and started rushing me through the crowd and into the car.”Alexis house.” he told the driver and smiled at me sexily. Justin had just started to climb next to me in the seat when the door opened and Kenny told Justin to get out, while he sat inbetween us.
“You had to…” Justin whispered shaking his head once he got back in the car.
“Dont look at me like that, Dan’s the one that told your mom.” Kenny said.
“What did he tell her?” he asked worried.
“That your not staying in the hotel like your suppose to and that your sucking face with Alex every chance you get.” he laughed.
“Justin,” I whispered.”I thought it was alright that you stayed at my house?”
“It is,” he shook it off.”Well drop me off at Alex’s house still.”
“Ive got your back man.” Kenny patted him on the back but it was more of a slap from how big he was and tiny Justin is.
We sat in silence until my phone vibrated, I looked at the text from Justin-
Justin:I cant wait to have you 😉
Alex:I cant wait for my suprise 😉
I heard Justin laugh then we pulled into my house and got out.”Bye Kenny!” I yelled.
“So before your suprise do you want to do something?” he asked, walking in my front door.
“Yeah…you sound good.” I smiled kissing him.”So Mr. Bieber can you make my bedrock?”
“Bed, table, wall, I’ll make ‘you’ rock,” he smiled sexily at me.”You wanna watch a movie first?”
“Sure,” I said. I wanted to have fun tonight, why not mess with him a little?”Im going to change into something more comfortable.” I kissed his jaw once then walked off to my room. One of my favorite things to do was tease Justin, he always made the sexiest faces when I did so I changed into this . and .au/images/LC7933-2-black_ with my hair the same.
I quietly walked out into the living room where Justin was. He had taken off his jacket and was just in a white T-shirt and jeans, at first he didnt notice me until I walked right up to him.”Im comfy now.”
His eyes followed from my feet all the way to the tip of my hair, with a suprised expression on his face.”Where did you get that?” he asked his voice shaking.
“Brittney got it for me as a joke, turns out I needed it.” I smiled and walked up to him placing soft, wet kisses on his neck.
I heard him exhale loudly then say,”Screw the movie…” Cold hands were at my waist suddenly pulling me to the stairs. Justin’s lips crushed on mine, I think he finally remembered what he felt like in that ferris wheel car.
Getting smashed against the wall and Justin, he lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around him. Damn…he was already hard. Justin’s hands squeezed my ass but I liked it. I bit my lip when he started sucking roughly on my neck, leaving little red marks where his lips were. We reached my room and he kicked the door open still sucking my neck. I let out a moan but he dropped me on the bed and climbed ontop of me.
“Justin,” I smiled.
He enjoyed it when I said his name like that, licking his lips he kissed my shoulder moving his way up to my neck and jaw line. Fingers traced back to my tops zipper on the back, pulling it down slowly, and taking it off completly. He marveled at my open breast, then kissed them…down to my stomach.
Each of my feet helped to take my shoes off, while Justin pulled down the stockings with his teeth.I giggled happily, his lips came back to my throat and he cupped my breast.
“Oooh,” I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair. He kissed down my stomach to my underwear, stopping on my thigh.
Iritated I sat up and pulled his shirt off, he laughed at my impatientness.
Funny eh? I rolled over so I was sitting on his legs instead and kissed his neck hungrily, he moaned more when I started kissing down his chest, to his bulge.
“These pants have to go,” I smiled and pulled them down to his ankles, he kicked them off the rest of the way. We started kissing again for awhile, just making out. I was in underwear and he was in nothing but boxers.
At the moment Justin was laying on me, kissing my lips softly, but one of his hands came down my leg and around my thigh. Grabbing my panties by the side he pulled them down and kissed my waist, going lower.
I moaned his name repeatedly and pulled him back up to kiss my lips. I wanted him so bad, he was everything in my life. Fire burned beneath my veins,”Justin…I want you. Now…” I whispered yanking down his boxers. Wow, he was huge! I saw it and couldnt help but touch it, he made me want everything that had anything to do with him.
“Oh God,” he moaned when I touched him lightly.
I wonder what would happen if I tasted him? My lips kissed the tip of his manhood, he leaned his head back,”Alexis…” moaning was all that came from his mouth. He wanted for me to lick him again, instead I put him fully in my mouth and began sucking.
Justin screamed,”Oh Damn! Alexis!”
I smiled while continuing to give him a BJ, his hand was tangled in my hair. Moaning loudly, Justin throbbed in my mouth, he was about to cum.”Yeah…baby,” he moaned smiling.
I let him go and came back up to his face, he rolled over ontop of me.
“Ready?” he asked licking his lips.
I nodded and felt him come near me then go inside me, just a couple inches at first but then inserting himself all the way. It felt amazing, like nothing I’d ever experienced before. The feeling was like we were climbing a mountain and needed to reach our goal, he pushed in further.I moaned loudly and so did he, his thrust got faster and deeper for gathering more enjoyment with each push.
“Oh God Justin!” I shouted loudly.
He smiled from seeing me in pleasure and kissed my lips, soon he was grunting and moaning ontop of me. We stared into eachothers eyes and knew that we were made to be together.
After awhile of both of us kissing, moaning, and screaming eachothers names an explosion happened. My whole body started to shake. I felt the built up pressure being released. I had cum, directly after me he did too. His sweat was dripping off of him and onto me, it didnt matter. We were both soaked in eachothers sweat, our bodies so close fell to the side, breathing heavy.
I panted, that was the best day Ive ever had in my life.
Justin wrapped his arms around me,” I love you Alexis Davis.”
“I love you Justin Bieber.” I smiled curling up to his bare chest. We both fell peacefully asleep.
Have you ever woken up and just felt like someone was watching you before you opened your eyes? Well I got that feeling and peaked my eyes open to see my boyfriend Justin, cocked on his elbow watching my every move.
“Stop staring at me.” I smiled.
“Stop being so beautiful…nevermind.” he said and kissed my lips softly.
I sat up and layed against his chest,”Last night was…incredible.”
He grinned thinking of the memories,”You are beautiful, sweet, funny”-he rolled around so that he was hovering above me, I giggled-“and amazing. How am I this lucky to have you?” he caressed my leg in his hand.
“Dido,” I whispered then kissed him slowly.”Now get off me,” my hands pushed him off and I stood up off the bed bringing the sheet with me.
“What? No flashback from last night?” he smirked holding on to the sheet.
A smile pulled at my lips,”I need to shower.” I said.
The smirk fell off Justin’s face and he turned a ghostly pale.”Shit…” he mouthed unaudiable.
“Whats wrong?” I asked sitting back down.
“I forgot a condom last night,” he looked at me worried.
I racked my brain, oh yeah. He didnt use a condom last night! Either way I was on birth control so it didnt matter, a giggle came out of my mouth.
“Why are you laughing!” he asked, panicking.
“Baby calm down, Im not getting pregnet. I use birth control.” I said comfortingly rubbing his arm.
“Why are you on birth control?” he asked suprised.
My head drooped, and I looked at the ground. I’d taken birth control becuz of Rick. He had done his ‘disgusting’ inside me.
“Oh,” Justin whispered.”Im sorry.”
“Its alright,” I smiled and hugged him.
This serious conversation got me all bummed out until I pulled back and looked into his face, I remembered last night and that I had the cute, playful Justin Bieber in my life, a very lucky thing.
“I still need to take a shower,” I commented.
“Is that an invitation?” he smiled.
I didnt answer but grabbed his hand pulling him with me to the bathroom, “I wasnt asking for your permission.” then I dropped my sheet, starting the shower.
Justin stepped inside right after I did, intertwining our fingers. The hot water beat against both of our bodies,”I love you.” I whispered putting my arms around his neck.
“I love you too,” he grinned wrapping his arms around my waist just holding me in an embrace.
We must have stood like that, hugging, for atleast 7 minutes before I let go and turned around to wash my hair. His fingers rubbed my head, washing my hair. I smiled that not alot of guys would wash their girlfriends hair but Justin was such a sweet gentlemen. I took the soap and washed his body as he washed mine, with both of us covered in soapy water he kissed me. Roughly but his lips felt so soft and gentle, and even in the morning his breath smelt and tasted like a flowery mint.
My lips traced down his cheek to his jaw, then neck. Justin lightly rubbed his fingers down my back, it almost tickled but I didnt laugh. There was nothing funny about this moment right here. I knew we were in love with eachother becuz we could stand in a shower together, naked without just thinking about sex. This was true love.
Eventually after kissing and hugging eachother we got out of the shower and got wore /blink/Actors/justinbieber/justinbieber_126023557… and I put this on .com/cgi/img-set/… with my hair like ./_NO2UOMMYKZ0/SJmD_kFKi4I/AAAAAAAAAp8/dMs2K0dl3w0/s40…
A huge grin was on my face when I thought about how a part of Justin was inside me right now, he was mine.
“What are you smiling about?” he asked taking my hand as we walked down to eat breakfast.
“Last night,” I replied. “That was the best night of my life, besides our first kiss.”
He smiled and asked,”Our first kiss physically or our actual first kiss?”
Oh yeah thats right, we had kissed the night I had met him.”Our first actual kiss,” I said making two bowls of cereal.
“Oh man…I was so nervous that night. You were the first person to make me feel that way, it scared me.”
“I tried so hard not to like you but I ended up falling for you…I dont regret any of it.” I stared in his eyes intently.
He replied with a simple,”Niether do I…” then he leaned in kissing my lips.”Let’s go visit Gabrielle, maybe she woke up.”
Alexis POV “Alright but first can we make some chocolate covered pretzels? Those are her favorite, and if she is awake then it’d be nice to have some for her.” I asked walking around the counter to sit on his lap.
He hesitated,”Yeah but…you’ll have to show me how?”
Kissing his cheek, I giggled.”They take awhile so we better get started,” my voice quietly whispered in his ear then I jumped up getting the pots out.
Putting the chocolate in the pot on the stove, melting I turned around.”Are you just gonna stand there?”
“I dont know what to do,” he laughed.
“Stir this.” I ordered smiling and continued with everything else.

*They’re covering the pretzels in choc. now*

My hands were sticky with chocolate, but Justin’s were even messier. He had it all around his arm, I couldnt help but laugh.
“What?” he asked frowning from a difficult pretzel.
“Your horrible at this,” I said shrugging, turning around to grab more pretzels.
“Hey Alex?” he asked.
“What?” I asked turning around but warm chocolate was wiped on my cheek.”Justin!” I yelled.
He laughed as he backed away from me, “You look nice.” Justin smirked.
“C’mon get this off me!” I demanded sneakily.
Hesitating he stepped over to me, put his hand on my waist then kissed my cheek. Licking off the chocolate, moving down to my neck.
I smiled and dunked three fingers in the hot choc. it burnt a little but quickly I jumped back and wiped it all along his nose and mouth.
Justin froze for a couple seconds then said,”Oh your so dead.” while picking up a spoonful of the melted chocolate, flinging it towards me.
Gooey and warm it splattered all over my face, body, and hair.”Justin Drew Bieber!” I screamed laughing.
“Come and get me, beautiful.” he turned and ran into the other room smiling.

Justin’s POV I ran to the next room and just started turning corners, I still hadnt memorized her house. Actually I dont even think she’d memorized her house yet, it was so big. That was an advantage for me though, I hid behind a door listening carefully…
“Boo!” a voice yelled from behind me. Acting out of instinct my body turned around and warm chocolate hit my shirt and face. I smiled.
“You got my shirt…” I stated still grinning.
Alex shrugged,”You got my hair but maybe I should have aimed for yours. You’d be throwing a bigger fit.” A smile formed at her lips as she imitated me,”No! Not my beautiful Bieber hair! It musnt be touched by such a filthy-” her voice broke off when I grabbed her waist thowing her light body over my shoulder.
“Shouldnt have messed with me babe.” I said casually carrying her to the couch.
Alexis laughed her amazing laugh.”Justin put me down!” her legs were kicking.
“Naw…” I said again.
“I surrender,” she smiled finally being still.
Grinning flirtily at her I layed Alex gently down on the couch, climbing ontop of her.
“Let me get that for you,” I whispered licking the chocolate off her jaw. I felt her skin pull up into a smile,”Justin…I love you.”
Pulling my face back a couple inches and staring into her eyes I softly said,”I love you too. Im always here.”
She smiled and kissed me tenderly, until her phone rang.
“Ugh!” she took it out and pressed the talk button.”Hello?”
We were so close that I heard the lady speaking on the other line,”Miss. Davis?”
“Yes…?” she asked her forehead wrinkling.
“This is nurse Lucille. We need you to come to the hospital right away.”
“Is this about Brie? Did she wake up!” I sat up to give her room to stand.
“Please just come here immediatly.”
Alexis stared into my eyes with a look of hopefullness and concern…
Alexis POV I hung up the phone silent. What just happend? One second Justin was licking chocolate off me then the next Im being pushed into the car a, driving to the hospital.
“Baby, calm down. They didnt say anything.” Justin rubbed my shoulders comfortingly.
My eyes drifted down,”We still have chocolate all over us…” I whispered.I sounded like a zombie.
“Its alright.” he said kissing the top of my head.
“Justin? What if something happend?” I asked worried.
I could tell from his eyes, he didnt want to tell me that she was fine just in case something had happend. So he just stayed silent and held me tighter.
As we walked into the hospital my blood raced through my veins, and my heart was pounding so hard.
“Where’s my sister!” I grabbed a nurse.
The lady looked iritated,”Whats your sister’s name?” she asked annoyed.
“Gabrielle Davis.” I whimpered.
Her beedy eyes searched the clipboard then got all big and round.”Umm come with me.” her feet stepped on the ground furiously as she hurried to get somewhere.
“!” she pounded on a door.
“yes?” came a voice from inside.
“Miss. Davis is here…Gabrielle Davis’ sister,” she murmered quietly.
The door flew open and the nurse left automatically,”Come in .” the doctor looked at Justin like an un-welcome guest.
“He’s with me.” I held his hand tight.
Justin smiled at me, and walked in the open door.
“Please sit.” he motioned sitting behind his huge desk.
We both obeyed then I looked the doctor directly in the eye.”Where’s my sister?”
He took a deep breath before starting,”Your sister was doing great…”
My heart sank at the word ‘was’.
“Unfortunatly we thought that around today she would be waking up, instead her brain swelled more. About an hour ago we started an operation-”
I gasped then bit my tongue, I couldnt be hearing this right now. Justin took my hand in his, squeezing hard.
He continued,”-Im sorry to tell you…your sister didnt make it through the surgery. She’s gone…”
I didnt realize huge sobs were shaking my chest until Justin stood up wrapping his arms around me, “No!” I whispered. My knees gave in but Justin caught me before I hit the ground.
“Im so very sorry…” he whispered going to the door and opening it. He couldnt have made it more obvious that he wanted us to leave.
“C’mon babe…” he wispered in my ear, pulling me out into the hallway.
“Am I dreaming?” I breathed into his face.
Tears came to his eyes and he hugged me tight at a lost for words, it finally reached my heart. Gabrielle was dead…
No longer would I hear her laugh, see her smile, feel her tiny hand, smell her strawberry shampoo in her hair…I burst out into hot tears, flowing down my flushed face. Rapidly.”NO!” I cried into Justin’s warm embrace.
“Ssshhhh…” he hushed in my hair though I felt a few salty tears fall on my cheek, his.I could smell his sweet cologne in my mouth.
Wrapping my arms around his waist, everything happend so fast. Not like in the car accident when everything past me went slow, I had been ushered out into a crowd of snapping cameras. Justin pushed my face into his chest more, leading me to the car. I heard shouts of,”What happend? Is this your secret girlfriend Justin? Who died?”
It just made me cry more, even once we were in the SUV…driving away.
*5 days later*

I layed on my bed, wearing nothing but a tank top and underwear. Justin was downstairs on the phone to someone, I guess. Nothing mattered anymore, this was the fifth day in a row. That I layed on my bed all day only getting up to shower then going straight back to the comfy bed. He was worried about me but didnt know what to do, niether did I. Like I said, nothing mattered now…nothing.
My voice was gone, maybe I just couldnt use it cuz I hadnt spoke since the hospital. Or ate anything.
A small knock was on the door and Justin walked in slowly,”Baby?” his voice shook.
I stayed motionless, not attempting to speak.
Sadly, he climbed on the bed laying next to me but didnt say anything for a few minutes…
“Alex please…” he begged quietly rubbing my arm slowly.
I knew what he wanted, the past 4 days he had been giving me food. Trying to get me to eat and get up but I refused to.
His voice started to shake as he layed his head on my shoulder,”Please get up and eat something? Your scaring me…”
I gulped and shook my head slowly, opening my mouth to say something but no sound came out… I was trapped in my own body.
The bed wiggled when Justin sat up to grab a plate, bringing it to me.”Alexis? C’mon…” he whispered.
I turned around to lay into his chest,looking at him sadly. Tears came to my eyes and I sniffled.

Justin’s POV Alexis’s beautiful but sad eyes looked up at me with tears in them. My own heart ached with pain, seeing her like this was literally killing me. From the inside out, I missed the Alex who laughed, played, and lived her life no matter what happended. Besides the fact that she hadnt left her room in almost a week, she also handnt been eating and that scared the hell out of me.
“Please…?” I whined holding her tight.
Something had to change, I dont think she realized that I had to leave and go back on my tour in 4 days.
Her cries into my chest were like a nail scraping a chalk-board, it hurt to listen.

Alexis POV The next day I couldnt stand it anymore, he wouldnt shut up and leave me to sleep.
“Eat something. Alexis, eat right now!” Justin said urgently, forcing a peanut-butter and jelly sandwhich on my lap.
I looked at him with pleading eyes, and shook my head no.
“Dont shake your head. Your eating right now or else Im going to make you. I will NOT let you starve yourself, we’ll get through this…” he whispered as his long fingers tore a piece of the sandwhich apart.
“Justin…” I croaked hoarsly.
He had a suprised but happy expression,”Good were making progress…” he smiled at me.
My tongue slid on my lips cuz they were dry,”I…cant…” I whispered.
Justin looked at me desperatly,”What do you mean you cant?” he asked pained.
Looking at his face, I almost forgot about Brie’s death. He was so caring and he loved me? I had so much love from one person right here…
“I feel like Im dead…when she”-I paused as tears flooded my eyes-“left…I went with her. I cant breathe. I cant eat. I cant think. I have nothing left in me.” I whispered.
Small tears formed in his eyes,”Please Alexis…you cant go away. Your still here, I can feel it.” he begged as his fingers lifted the small piece of sandwhich to my face slowly.
A huge lump was in my throat but I had to try to eat. For Justin. My jaw was clenched shut and wouldnt open,”I cant…” I sobbed pathetically.
Justin’s arms came around my waist and he pulled me on his lap,”You have to. Your my life, before I met you I was alone. Yeah a big popstar but I literally thought that I would go through my life and never find anyone who truly loved me…but I found you. Im here, you still have me! And…I need you.” he caressed my cheek.”I need you, please.”
I couldnt help but stare into his beautiful eyes, intently. Why did he have to be so damn gorgeous and caring and just…perfect? My jaw was still clenched shut but there was no chance it was stopping me, he needed me. And I needed him. I may have just realized that but its not too late, my mouth overcame the tiny piece of peanut-butter and jelly. Slowly I forced my muscles to swallow it, and he smiled.
“Good baby. Your doing great.” he kissed my forehead.
Gabrielle was suppose to be fine but she died suddenly. That could happen to anyone, me or even Justin! This couldnt go on, Brie…was dead. And wasting my life crying over her wasnt acceptable. She wouldnt have wanted me to, she would want me to be happy and live my life with Justin.
Shaking slightly, I picked another piece off the plate and put it in my mouth.
He smiled again, squeezing me tighter against his chest.”Thank God…” he whispered in my ear.
“I love you. I dont know what I would do without you in my life, you can never leave me!” my fragile arms wrapped around his neck.
“Oh baby, I love you too.” he breathed while still holding me.”You scared me.”
“Im sorry. I just loved her so much, and I still do love her but…she’s gone. Your here, with me. And” I half smiled running my fingers through his hair,”Im here with you.”
Justin hesitated, not knowing if I was ready for him to kiss me yet. So my lips brushed his softly at first but he reacted fast. Kissing me back with all the passion the world could hold.
“Ive missed you.” he smiled on my mouth. His hand was holding my neck gently when he felt the chain.
I pulled back and showed him his dogtag,”I never take it off.” I stated sniffling from my tears.
“I forgot about that,” he spoke quietly fingering the piece of metal.
A sad smile pulled at my lips,”I didnt, its what kept me going while you werent here.” I said leaning my head on his.
Immediatly I felt guilty for bringing it up, his face dropped and he whispered sadly,”Im so sorry I wasnt here.”
“It’s ok. You came and saved me.” I smiled kissing his cheek a minute I broke the silence,”Im hungry.”
“Do you want something else?” he asked about to stand up but I grabbed his shirt, holding him to me.
“Yeah,” I whispered smiling flirty.
It took a second but he caught the hint and laughed. Quickly my mouth smashed against his and our lips stayed connected as he crawled ontop of me.
I opened my mouth to allow him entrance but he pulled back,”W-wa-wait…are you sure? I mean you just started talking and stuff again. I dont want to rush you.” he said breathing on my face while his left hand held the back of my calf.
I wanted every part of Justin to be touching me so I pulled him down to lay on me.”Im sure.” I smiled.
For a second he hesitated, watching my eyes to my lips as if he was disecting my facial expression. Then his mouth owned mine in a gentle way, but still urgently. A minute after my lips slid down his throat to his neck, sucking wetly.
Justin’s breathing quickened and he gasped,”You know I love you…but damn.” he smiled.” I really missed this.”
A laugh escaped my mouth,”It’s been less than a week?” I said, happily. Though I wasnt gonna admit it, whenever he touched me I felt at peace so I missed this too.
“That’s long enough!” he grinned kissing me again.
My hands went down his back slowly stopping at his perfect butt, squeezing lightly. He laughed,”Did you just grab my ass?”
“Maybe if it wasnt so sexy, I wouldnt grab it.” my fingers pinched him again.
His hands suddenly came around my back to lift me up by my own butt (lol) I gasped in suprise but giggled when he hitched my legs around his waist.
“I love you so much. Im not wasting anymore time with you.” I sucked on his neck roughly while running my hands through his beautiful hair.
“Ah..” he moaned quietly.”I love you too, more than anything.”
My smile grew as ‘he’ grew hard on my thigh. Our eyes connected and we sat for a good couple minutes just staring into eachothers eyes, cherishing the moment we had together.

(I didnt want to make two descripted sex scenes so close together so you guys dont think Im a porno writer haha)

*Next Day*

I woke up to Justin moving so he could lay his head on my stomach. Still asleep.
He looked so peaceful and calm. I loved this boy so much…well by what he did to me last night. He was definatly a man. A smile crossed my face as I thought about the steamy but passionate sex we had last night, apparently Justin was dreaming about it cuz a huge grin was on his face and he moaned a little in his sleep.
My fingers brushed his hair out of his eyes, softly.
“Alexis…” he mumbled sleeping.”I love you.”
I started to stare at the ceiling, smiling for about 7 minutes when a soft embrace tightened around my waist.
“Goodmorning. What are you smiling about?” Justin asked yawning.
“What were you dreaming about?” I smirked.
He blushed deep red,”Why do you ask?”
“Because you were moaning and saying my name in your sleep.” I laughed pulling him up to me.
“Last night.” he stated kissing my jaw softly.
My whole body went weak when he touched me with his lips.”You dont have to dream, just ask. Or the easier way is to just kiss me cuz I cant resist you.” I smiled and kissed his mouth fully.
“Im gonna hold you to that.” he laughed but my stomach grumbled.”Let’s go get you something to eat.”
Until now I hadnt realized how hungry I was, quickly I jumped out of the bed and put on his shirt with a clean pair of underwear.”Woah!” I wobbled.
“You alright?” he asked as he caught my elbow.
“Yeah I just…havent walked in awhile. Kinda a rush.” I smiled cheekily.
“Well, your ride has arrived.” he knelt down to let me climb in his back. (piggyback style)
I giggled like crazy as he ran down the stairs, setting me on a stool in the kitchen.
“What do you want to eat beautiful?” Justin asked me as he pulled out a pan.
“Toaster waffles are fine with me.” I smiled staring at him. He was so hot, whenever I saw him I just wanted to kiss him or be touching him at all times. The thought of him being mine just made it all the more attractive…
I groaned and said,”Im full…I cant eat anymore.”
“How about one more bite?” he asked holding a piece of waffle between his teeth.
My lips smashed against his and I took the piece from his mouth.”Thanks,” I giggled leaning back in to kiss him.
I felt his tongue push against my lip, begging for entrance. I opened up a little and he rushed inside my mouth exploring everything. Justin’s hands rubbed down my back to my butt holding me to him before he pushed me onto the kitchen counter.
A laugh came from my mouth and I grabbed his shirt tugging him to me.”I love you.” I whispered on his lips.
“Oh…I love you too. Very much.” he smirked climbing ontop of me.
“Take me upstairs.” I said flirtily.”I need a shower.”
He twisted my legs around his waist tightly, and slid down the counter to go upstairs.
“Want some company?” he asked setting me on my feet once we were in the bathroom.
I pulled the shirt I was wearing off and slipped down my underwear.”What do you think?” I winked at him starting the shower.
Justin quickly took off his clothes, almost falling. I laughed stepping in the cool water.
“Hello sexy,” he smiled kissing my shoulder when he got in.
He stood behind me, holding my waist and licking from my shoulder to my neck. I smiled and grabbed his hand forcing it on my breast.”Hi.”
A gasp escaped my mouth as he pulled me on him tighter, I felt something hard on my ass.”Justin…” I whined.”Quit teasing.”
“Teasing?” he smiled running his other hand over my breast then down my stomach.
My breathing quickened and I whimpered as his hand went down inbetween my thighs.
He laughed a little and continued sucking my neck while he rubbed my V.
I felt my knees give in but Justin was holding me up so I just dangled there, moaning.”Not…fair…” I gasped.
“What?” he grinned slowly loosening the presssure he had inbetween my thighs.
“Ah,” I squealed pushing his hand back on me.”Dont stop.”
But it was too late, he had already pulled back and turned me around kissing my mouth.
I kissed him back, angry that he stopped but still the blood in my veins raced. It felt on fingers knotted in his hair pulling lightly.
I groaned, upset.”What are you waiting for?” my voice was barely audible with the steamy water pounding on our backs.
Justin looked at me for a second before pushing me against the shower wall, kissing my lips roughly.
One of my hands slid down his chest, grabbing his hard moaned loudly from shock as I rubbed him.
“Damn,” he sighed biting his lip.
Continuing this I also placed wet kisses at the base of his throat which made him moan louder each time.
Right when I felt him throbbing in my hand he turned me around, squishing my breast on the gentle hands gripped each side of my waist and a smile came across my face when I felt him enter me from behind. (no, they are not butt fucking lol)
“Justin,” I breathed.
He pushed in me farther and I moaned as he did the same for a minute.
This was way too slow,”Faster.” I demanded breathing heavy.
He pulled out just long enough to turn me around again, so I could wrap my legs on him while he started thrusting. Deeper this time, I was slammed into the wall.
A soft tongue was licking water off my shoulder as I screamed in water was hot but the friction between our bodies was soaking us in sweat, not including the water from the shower.
After awhile of both of us moaning and repeating names, I felt the explosion. The release of pressure at the same time as Justin.
I took ragged breaths as we slid down the wall, laying on the hard floor. Once I caught my breath I looked over at Justin who smiled at me.”Your amazing,” I whispered.
He licked his lips and kissed me, climbing ontop.”Lets do it again,” he grinned.
“Already?” I asked but I tangled my hand in his hair kissing his neck.
“Once were on the tour bus…this wont happen very often.” he told me.
Thats right. Now that I had nothing here, I would be going on tour with Justin. Spending everyday with him. A huge smile pulled at my lips as I kissed him passionatly. Then we started just like before…
I pulled down the tank top to this outfit .com/imgres?imgurl=./2…
Justin finished buckling his belt, then walked over to hug me from behind. I smiled and leaned back against his chest,”I love you.” I said in a low voice.
“I love you too.” he murmered kissing my we had probably said this atleast 10 times during our little shower fiesta, it made me happy that we still meant it. Not just saying the words cuz there was something deep beneath our voices. This was real, true, happy, and romantic love. Like in the movies.
“So…about the tour.” I muttered calmly.
“What about it?” he asked grabbing my hand as we skipped down the stairs.
My teeth penatrated my bottom lip nervously,”How does your mom feel? About this ordeal?”
Justin’s facial expression was taken back.”Im sure she’s fine with it. She loves you.” he smiled.
That was actually kind of comforting but not enough, I needed to hear it final.”Yeah but you havent actually asked her yet.” I shrugged trying to hide my anxiety.
“Baby dont worry.” he whispered giggling but my face shrunk with dissapointment.”You want me to call her?” he shoved his hand in his left pocket, digging for the phone.
This made my heart leap, I wanted him to call her right now and make it on the other hand I didnt want to seem too pushy.”You dont have to.” I exaggerated.
He already dialed the number and put it to his ear.”Mom?” he asked.
I couldnt hear her from the other line.”Just wanted to call and say hi.”
There was a pause then he answered with a “You caught me.” he smiled.”Speaking of…she’s coming with us on tour right?”
We reached the front door and I opened it, not knowing where we were blushed a deep red and turned the volume down on his phone,”Okaaay mom. I swear.” he urged quietly.

Justin’s POV “Mom?” I asked into the phone. There was laughing in the backround.
“Yeah Justin, what do you need?” Pattie said with a smile in her voice.
“Just wanted to call and say hi.” my voice was shocked though I really wasnt.
“Your calling me…” she paused between each phrase.”on the phone…when your with Alexis…you obviously want something.”
“You caught me.” I smiled cuz she didnt sound upset.”Speaking of…she’s coming with us on tour right?”
Meanwhile Lexi opened the front door, stepping out into the sunlight. Wow she truly was gorgeous. My mom breathed a deep sigh then began speaking,”Alright Justin…Dan has told me some stuff. I know you and Alex are very close but your only 16. I dont want you having sex and getting her pregnet or something! She is going through a rough time cuz of the death of her sister so I will say yes…but! Only if you swear to me that you will not be having sex with her. You can…’masterbate’ instead if thats what you need but no sex.I’ll give you your own private bathroom time too so you can ‘relieve’ yourself.”she added shyly.
I literally felt the blood rush to my face, and Alexis could see I was blushing too. I cannot believe my mother just told me to masterbate…”Okaaay mom. I swear.” I said turning the volume down on my phone, praying my girlfriend didnt just hear that.
Alexis POV I wonder what he got so embarassed about?
Justin hung up the phone hastily, shoving it back in his pocket.”Oh my God…” he muttered to himself.
“Whats wrong?” I asked frowning.
“Nothing!” he recovered from his mini attack.”She said you can come with us.”
“What’d you swear to?” I inquired curiously.
He unlocked the silver car and opened the passenger door for me.”Oh just some stuff.” he blushed again.
I wasnt pushing the subject any farther besides, a new question came to mind.”Woah.” I said sitting in the comfortable leather seat.”Where did you get this beautiful thing at?” My eyes were roaming everything, fascinated.
“Its just a rental.” he said like it was nothing.”Why? Do you even know what kind of car this is?” he smirked.
I fake laughed,”Haha so funny! Of coarse I know! This is a gorgeous silver 2010 Chevy Camaro. What kind of engine do you have in her?” I asked running my hand along the smooth dashboard.
Justin was suprised I really knew the answer.”You know cars?” he asked amused.
“I know this car.” I grinned still scanning my eyes everywhere.
“Actually I dont know what engine is in it.” he admitted.
“Well pop the hood, I’ll see.”
He grabbed my hand,”Later. I wanna take you someplace.” he whispered smiling a cute smile.
I bit my lip, debating this.”Alright..” I sighed leaning in to peck his lips.

Alexis POV The way Justin drove any car was just plain sexy. He gripped the wheel with one hand leaning back in his seat, I couldnt help but stare at him the whole ride.
“You like the view?” he asked glancing over at me, grinning.
My cheeks turned cherry red and I giggled nervously.”Yes.”
“Your beautiful…you know that right?” he responded seriously.
I grabbed his hand, intertwining our fingers.”So Ive been told.” my smile grew as we locked eyes.
“We’re here.” he whispered parking the car, also breaking our ‘moment’.
“Where’s here?” I asked getting out into the sunshine. We were on a little hill and at the very top was a little cement plaque.
Justin hooked his arm around my back, holding me close.”A few people and my crew wanted to make something special. In Brie’s honor.” he tagged me along beside him as he walked up the hill.
Tears burned my eyes when I looked down at the gravestone.”How did you do this?” I whispered breathless.
“I bought this hill, and got everything set so this could be Gabrielle’s grave. The actual funeral is tomorrow but they already…” he didnt finish. He didnt have to.
I knew he meant they had already burried her body. Its just a body, I thought to myself. Her spirit has moved on…
His thumb wiped away my tears, gently.”Your not alone.” he stated hugging me.
Silent tears fell down my face until I sobbed,”I want her back Justin! Im still living my life but I still miss her.” my voice cracked.
“I know baby…” he whispered tightening the hug.”I know.”
“I dont want to stay here. Im coming back tomorrow anyway.” I said hastily dragging us back to the car.

*Later at Alexis House*

Pattie had just came over and sat down on the couch. Justin and I were sitting together on another one.
My hand was glued to his, while I sat quietly.
“So what the news?” Justin asked hesitantly.
She was relieved he brought it up and not her,”Well…tomorrow is the funeral but also the trial for Rick. As soon as your done there you must be in court to testify.” she spoke sadly.
The whole house was silent for 5 minutes, the sun had gone down and it was black outside.
“Justin its late. We should probably go…” Pattie said standing up grabbing her purse.
My house was huge! I couldnt sleep alone. “Mrs. Mallette can Justin stay with me tonight? I dont want to be alone in this house…” I stood up quickly pulling him nearer.
Her face went pale, and she looked like she might throw up. Pattie’s brown eyes locked with my boyfriends and she glared at him for quite awhile.
“Mom…” he looked to the side uncomfortable.”Stop.”
“Fine,” she decided unhappily.”Justin I want to talk to you before I leave…alone.”
He heaved a great sigh then followed her outside to her car.
Justin’s POV I followed my mother out to her car. This was getting ridiculous.
“Mom I think you made yourself clear on the phone earlier.” I blushed deeply.
“Listen…I dont have anything against Alex. She’s a very wonderful girl…but I-I just dont want you guys getting physical yet.” she whispered ashamed.
“I know,” I said raising my eyebrows.”You want me to whack off instead.”
She opened the door, throwing her purse inside just to shut it again.”Justin your 16 years old and a male. I know your gonna get ‘those’ feelings so yeah Id rather have you masterbate then have sex. Masterbating is very natural for someone your age and its not like you havent done it before.” her mind was obviously thinking of a memory.”I know you dont take that long in the bathroo-”
“Mom!” I interupted.”I get it. Masterbate.” A couple seconds went by and I covered my eyes with my hand, groaning.”Oh…my God…”
Pattie’s eyes were deep with sadness.”Please I-I- just dont want you…repeating history.” she sighed.
This startled me.”What?” I asked confused.
“I dont want you getting her pregnet then leaving her. Like your father did. Im not allowing you to make the same mistakes I did.” her cracking voice was more forceful.
“Dont worry.” I smiled but she got angry.
“Im serious Justin Drew Bieber!” she yanked open her door…”I love you…goodnight!”
“Love you too…night.” I said back walking back to the house shrugging puzzically.

Alexis POV Justin walked back in the front door and sat next to me, in deep thought.
I couldnt decide whether to ask about their conversation or not, it wasnt really my business so instead I asked,”I hope I didnt get you in trouble?”
“Naw she’s just paranoid.” he smiled blushing a little. My fingers played with his for a couple minutes.
“You wanna watch a movie?” he asked fingering a strand of my hair.
“Sure…what movies do you like?” I sat up walking over to my movies selection. I literally had almost every movie out there in the world.
“I dont know, horror I guess but whatever you want.” I could tell he was still in deep thought. Most likely about Pattie’s made me wonder if she really liked me or not?
“The Hills Run Red it is then.” I snatched the movie closest to me and popped it in the Blue-Ray player.
“Whats this movie about? Ive never seen it…” his voice was curiously interested.
Reading from the back I giggled a little,”Ive never seen it either but its suppose to be about some true story. This guy made a movie so real and nasty that they took it from theaters and then the director and cast all dissapeared. So the real movies about this people going in the woods trying to find it or something.”
Justin had layed down on the couch and he now patted inbetween his legs, grinning. I sat down sighing, I loved being near him.
“Are you cold babe?” he asked twirling his arms around me securly.
“No, Im fine.” I smiled pecking his lips. Our fingers were interlocked together as the movie started…

*Awhile into the movie*

The part where the baby doll face killer guy was about to rape the girl came on…
My mouth pulled into a frown and I squished closer to Justin.
“Whats wrong?” he questioned pulling me onto his chest.
I was leaning on the back of the couch and Justin’s chest frowning.”I dont like watching rape scenes.” I stated grabbing a fistful of his shirt pulling him closer to me.
His eyes sadened and he kissed my forehead.”Your safe. Im not letting you get hurt anymore…” he whispered hoarsly.
A couple minutes passed while I sat quietly, thinking.
“What are you thinking about?” Justin asked carresing my cheek.
I sighed deeply, debating answering this question.”Its just…” I whispered.
“What Alex?” he asked concerned.
“Well earlier your mom obviously made you uncomfortable for some reason and then when she was here…” I stopped hiding my face in his chest.”I dont think she likes me.”
“Baby she’s my mom and she worries about me.” he started talking and lifting my chin up to look at him.”She thinks Im a virgin still.”
I took a second to think about this, then realized she just didnt want us having sex.”Oh…” I gasped suprised.
“Yeah so thats why.” he said hugging me tightly.”Its nothing against you. She’s just..being a mom.”
“I feel stupid.” I muttered embarrassed.
“Dont feel that way.” he smiled slightly.”Your not stupid…” his lips came down on mine softly then more urgently.
I pulled back smiling.”Your mom isnt stupid either. She knows doesnt she?”
“Actually no. But she’s worried that we will.” he said shrugging.
“We have.” I giggled wrapping my arms around his neck, strattling his waist.
“Yes…we have.” he grinned rubbing my thighs.
“I love it when you hold me,” I said dazzled.
“I love it when I hold you too.” he laughed then glanced over at the movie.”She didnt get it yet.” he stated talking about the movie.
Exhaling I leaned down on his chest, watching.”Thats good.”
Suddenly my cell phone rang but it was on the table next to Justin.”Can you answer that?” I asked kindly.
“Yeah,” he whispered picking it up.”Hello?”
After a few seconds passed he handed me the phone,”Its your friend Brittney.”
“Hey Britt.” I sighed putting to my ear.
“Hey honey. Are you alright?” she asked nervously.
“Im fine,” I giggled a little.”You dont have to be all shy around me now.”
A smile crept back in her voice,”Ok so guess what!”
“What? I dont know.” I said staring into Justin’s eyes dreamily.
“I met this guy on the internet.” she squealed.
“Why are you excited?” I asked kissing each of Justin’s fingertips softly.
“Tease,” he muttered closing his eyes grinning.
“Im excited becuz they were amazing! Ive been talking to him for awhile and he is like the complete oposite of Jim.” she whined.
“Although he is probably some fat old guy living in his mom’s attic…Im happy for you.” I said giggling at Justin’s face.
“Ive talked to him on live webcam before and on the phone Lexi! He’s legit!” Brittney laughed excited.
I was happy for her but I also didnt want her to get hurt.”Thats awesome Brittney it really is. So are you coming tomorrow?” I asked choking up slightly.
He noticed my hesitation and gripped by hand.
“Yeah Im coming,” Britt’s voice got sad.
“Ok well…I’ll see you then.” I added.
“Alright bye.” she hung up.
“Im so proud of you.” Justin whispered pushing strands of hair behind my ear.
“Proud?” I asked sarcastically.”Your the one who is famous and an amazing person.”
He frowned and grabbed my chin gently.”I love you. Your amazing and Im lucky to have you. How many times do I have to say that before you believe it?”
A smile pulled at my lips, uncontrollably. I sat up on his waist looking down at him.”One more time?” I asked quietly.
He wiggled underneath me to get more comfortable then his hands rested on my hips.”I love you, your amazing and Im lucky to have you.” he grinned sexily at me.
Smiling a little I leaned down to kiss his mouth sweetly.”I love you too.” I murmered against his lips.
Justin’s hands went across my sides around to my butt, squeezing lightly. I turned my face away to take a breath while he kissed my neck wetly.
I had to build up my strength to say these words. His tongue was gliding along my skin but I had to stop.”Justin hold up.”
“What?” he asked letting me sit up.
“Its just…your mom is worried that were having sex right now. Dont we kind of owe it to her not to? Atleast tonight?” I asked nervously. I wanted to continue so bad and if Justin wanted to keep going there was no stopping it.
His beautiful brown eyes searched mine.

Justin’s POV I looked into ALexis gorgeous eyes, thinking.
My mother was serious about this whole sex thing. So I wasnt gonna be able to on the tour bus?
Maybe she didnt want to right now becuz the funeral was tomorrow?

Alexis POV He smiled slightly dissapointed.”Yeah…lets just finish the movie then go to bed.”
“Ok.” I whispered a little dissapointed myself. But still I layed down on his chest to finish the movie.

*Next Morning*

“Baby c’mon wake up!” I felt Justin shake me gently.
My eyes opened and I saw his beautiful face. Already dressed in slacks with a light blue button up shirt that was open. A white tank top was underneath it.”Good morning.” I smiled yawning.
“Good morning to you too beautiful.” he laughed.
After I showered and brushed my teeth ect. I got dressed in this .com/imgres?… with my hair like this .com/imgres?…
“Lets go.” I pecked his lips and took his hand walking out to the car where Pattie waited…
“Hey mom.” Justin whispered nervously opening the door for me.
“Hi Mrs. Mallette.” I murmered sitting in the middle between her and Justin.
“Hey Alex. You doing ok?” she asked patting my shoulder.
I sighed from the gesture but I saw her throw an upset glance at Justin.”Im fine…” I muttered leaning into my boyfriends comfortable shoulder.
During the funeral I layed a couple roses by the stone, silent tears streaming down my face. It helped a little from Justin being right next to me the whole time. Not including all the others there, Pattie, Kenny,Brittney, ect.
As we got in the car, heading to court cameras flashed at my face.
“Please leave!” Justin said a little angry shoving them away.
Once in the car Pattie turned to me,”Are you ready for this Alexis?” she asked kindly.
“I think so.” I whispered having a small panic-attack.

*In the courtroom*

I sat on the bench next to the judge, avoiding eye contact with Rick but instead keeping my eyes on Justin who sat in the ‘audience.’
A man in a all navy blue suit stepped up to me.”So Miss. Davis what your saying is that Rick Mayerson has physically abused you in a sexual way?”
“Yes,” I whimpered quietly. All this talkmade me sick thinking about the memories.
“You didnt try to seduce Mr. Mayerson?” he asked pulling down his glasses to the tip of his bulbous nose.
“Of coarse not! I thought he was suppose to be like a step father.” I said offended.
The lawyer took a couple papers out of a file.”But yet we have pictures of you. And your sister. Strutting around the house in very little clothing…” he shook his head questioningly.
Woah wait up! They were trying to say I enjoyed what Rick did to me?”Excuse me but are you saying I had any kind of pleasure for what he did to me!” I asked pissed.
“Well you see here,” he slammed the pictures on the wooden desk.”Your in a bikini. For someone your age to wear these things with only one male around. Being Rick Mayerson-”
Tears flowed down my eyes when I interupted him,”I have a boyfriend! Do you honestly think I would want to have sex with him when I have a guy I love right there?” I asked shaking from shock.
He was silent so I continued,”I let him do what he did to save my sister! Turns out it didnt matter anyway becuz thanks to him,” I pointed a finger at Rick as more hot tears flowed.”I had to go to her funeral this morning! She’s dead and its his fault!” I yelled.
“Stop it!” Justin stood up saying,”Please stop!”
“Mr. Bieber remain seated!” the judge called out.
Rick had a smirk on his face, glaring at Justin.
“No more questions your Honor…” the big nosed lawyer said sitting back down.
Another female in a red skirt and jacket stepped up.” we have pictures of injury wounds from not only your bruised thighs from the rape but also Mr. Mayerson had whipped you. Correct?” she asked.
“Yes,” I spat biting my tongue.
She showed the judge and everyone the pictures that had been taken right after the hospital.

*After Court*

“Rick Mayerson I pronounce you guilty with all charges. 1 year in prison and a 2 year prohbation.” the judge announced slamming her wooden hammer thing (lol)
“Thats it?” I heard Justin ask angrily.
As we walked out of the courtroom Rick directed this message to me.”See you soon sugar cakes.”
Before I could grab onto his arm Justin slammed into the officer holding Rick’s cuffed hands body, throwing one hard punch. A loud crack was heard as Justin’s fist collided with Rick’s jaw.
“Son of a Bitch!” Justin gritted through his teeth.
Cameras flashed everywhere and took pictures.
“Justin! C’mon babe.” I hooked my arm around his pulling him to the exit.
“Damn him,” he cursed breathing hard.
Pattie’s furious eyes glared at Justin as she shoved us out of the building and into the SUV.”What the hell were you thinking!” she screamed.
“Did you not hear what he said to her?” Justin asked incredolously.
Pattie pursed her lips in a tight line trying to calm herself.”Well tomorrow’s headline will be interesting,” she snorted.
A tiny smile pulled at my lips and I glanced at Justin who was apparently shocked about his mothers reaction.”It made me feel better,that was a nice punch.” I whispered so only he could hear.
“Thanks babe.” he grinned halfway.
“You better go home and pack Alexis.” she interupted the silence.
“Oh!” I was suprised.”When are we leaving?”
“Early tomorrow morning.” she snapped. Obviously Pattie was still upset about the punch.
“Alright.” I frowned, it was time to tell Brittney I was leaving.
“So you want me to drive you to her house?” Justin asked me once we got to my house.
“Yeah, I have to tell her and say goodbye.” I shrugged.
“Well Im hungry so can we stop afterwards?” he grabbed my hand taking me to his Range Rover.
I giggled at his face, then got in the passenger seat.
He started the car and pulled out. My hand reached over to his lap, intertwining our fingers.”Thank you, for what you did today.” I said quietly.
The muscles in his neck tightened and he frowned angrily.”That guy got off easy.”
I looked down in agreement but felt Justin’s hand squeeze mine comfortingly.

*After they went to Brittney’s house*

Right as we walked up to the door, Brittney and some guy opened it laughing.”Hey Lexi? What are you doing here?” she smiled.
“Oh I had to talk to you…are you busy?” I asked confused.
“Kind of. This is Jacob, the guy I told you about?” she pushed him up front.
“Nice to meet you Alexis.” he shook my hand.”Justin Bieber?” his eyebrows pulled together.
“My friend.” I said quickly letting them shake hands.
He was wearing regular jeans and a T-shirt so…not bad. Short black hair stuck from his head and dark brown eyes looked at me kindly.
“Its nice to see your real.” I laughed.”Where are you from?”
He shoved his hands in his pockets,”A town about 3 hours from here.” he had a really deep husky voice.
My eyebrows raised as I glanced at Britt questioningly.
“Im going to go with him to look at houses down there!” she said thrilled.
My hand clasped around her arm and I yanked her to the side,”Are you sure your not going too fast?” I mumbled.
“I love him. And he loves me.” she said smiling. Her face was truly delighted.
“Just…be careful.” I whined.
“What’d you want to tell me?” she asked folding her arms.
I forgot why I came here in the first place,”Oh yeah! Im going with Justin. On tour.” I said grinning.
“Oh my Gosh! Are you serious!” she squealed trying to keep quiet.
“Yeah and I just feel bad for leaving you. But I guess your leaving anyway…” I mumbled.
Her eyes were still bright with love when she smiled hugging me.”We’ll keep in touch!”
“I know,” I whispered tears about to come to my eyes but I blinked them back.”Im leaving tomorrow morning.”
Brittney’s eyes softened and she hugged me tighter then released.”I love you hoe.”
“I love you too bitch.” I said grinning. That was our thing.
We both turned around to see Justin and Jacob in a deep coversation about sports.”Exactly!” Justin finished throwing his hands up in the air.
“You ladies done?” I asked giggling.
Justin’s eyes narrowed and he wrapped his arm around my waist pecking my cheek.”Yeah babe. Lets go.”
“Bye!” I waved to my best friend and Jacob.
“Bye!” they both shouted.

*At Alexis House In Her Bedroom*

“My mom is coming to pick us up at 9:00 am.” Justin told me putting his phone in his pocket.
“OK…well, Im finally ready.” I said shutting my suitcase and bags.”If I need more I have the money to buy clothes.”
He smiled and stared at me blankly.A smile of my own pulled at my lips and I grabbed my laptop sitting on my bed. Justin sat down next to me and started messing with his phone.
Glancing over slightly I saw the twitter sign on his screen.”Your so addicted to twitter you know that right?” I asked shaking my head playfully.
“Am not!” he said quickly.
“Oh yeah.” I glared at his phone proving my point.
“So what?” he laughed.”I like keeping up with my fans.”
The whole time we were talking I was going through his twitter.”You should really answer some of these girls. Its just sad.” I muttered in shock. His twitter was un-believable.
“I try.” he said sadly.
After he typed in his password we both went through it following people and responding…

“How come Im not following you?” he asked frowning.
I blushed a deep red.”You use to but I blocked you.”
“Why?” he asked setting my laptop down on the other side of the bed.
“I dont know, just you know.” I rambled twisting my fingers.
A few seconds went by when I looked back up. Justin was staring at me intently.”Im sorry. I know Ive said this before but…your beautiful.” he whispered stroking my arm.
I blushed deeper and grabbed his neck, pulling his lips to mine. It was a soft and sweet kiss but had a sense of urgency in it.
My arms wrapped around his neck and his one arm pulled my waist tighter. The other was gripping the back of my thigh to hook around his hip.
My lips parted and I gasped for breath, our eyes met and we stared at eachother brightly. Full of love.
“Tonight is our last night alone.” I whispered softly, patting his hair.”Lets do something special.”
“OK” he whispered taking my hand leading me downstairs.”We never got anything to eat earlier. Im hungry”
“Lets eat,” I muttered slightly smiling.

Justin’s POV I loved Alex with all my heart. But what my mother had told me was really getting to my head, no physical relationship? I couldnt help it, my hormones and crap kicked in. Sex was amazing with Alexis and I was a male.
If I was gonna have to jerk off on the tour bus then tonight I needed something for the vacation, you could say. To remind me of our physical love.

Alexis POV We got into Justin’s range rover and started driving to a fastfood resturaunt.”Where do you want to eat?” he asked laying his hand on my knee.
“Anywhere’s fine.” I replied becuz I honestly didnt care. As long as I had him with me then I was grinned and continued driving until we pulled up at a Burger King.
After ordering our food we parked in the back of the lot to eat.
“This food reminds me of a joke.” I said suddenly a cheeky smile pulled at my lips.
“Yeah? What joke?” he asked putting a couple fries in his mouth.
“How did the Burger King get the Dairy Queen pregnet?” I smirked sipping my soda.
“How?” Justin flipped his hair to look at me.
For a second I stared in awe at his flawless features, even when he had a drinking straw between his perfect lips he was beautiful.”He forgot to wrap his whopper.” I snorted.
An outburst of soda sprayed the steering wheel as Justin laughed, I giggled and got on my knees next to him to wipe away the soda.
“Im sorry babe. I got it.” he said still laughing a little but reaching to push me back in my seat.
I smacked his hand away,”No Im almost done!”
“No really…” he began to push me back again but I started to grab at his neck unmoving.
“Stop it!” I laughed but he wouldnt. We shoved and pulled at eachothers clothes until I slipped on the leather seat and fell on his lap, laughing histarically.
“See what you did?” I asked grinning and shifting to get comfortable with my head in his lap.
“I said Id get it.” he whispered brushing hair out of my eyes. Another smile lit up my face and I just sat there not sitting one hand slid up his chest making him shiver, all the way up to curl around his neck. Bringing his lips down on mine.
“Let’s go somewhere more private.” he licked his lips starting the engine. I loved that we could actually be alone for once, most of the time when we went out Kenny was with us.
*After driving for awhile with Alexis finally in the passenger seat they pulled up*

“Lets go sit on the hood.” he got out to open my door. I looked around and saw .com/imgres?…
“Wow…its beautiful.” I commented laying in between his legs on the hood of his range rover.
“Not as beautiful as you,” he chuckled as we sat there gazing at the star filled sky.
“I cant believe how perfect you are.” I said bluntly enjoying the view.”I never realized how gorgeous this place is.”
He half smiled and kissed the top of my hair waiting a minute before speaking up,”Im not perfect. I have more troubles than I let on.”
My heart tugged at these words, if something was causing him pain or worry it wasnt ok with me.”You can tell me anything.” I whispered.
“Just stress you know. The tour.” he pushed away from the subject.”Dont worry about that though, this is our night.”
I couldnt help but smile, it was so romantic. The view, darkness, laying on the hood, and the feel of Justin’s chest going in and out from his steady breathing. I felt his heartbeat on my back and it made me feel at peace and calm.
Suddenly I felt two fingers crawl up the back of my neck, stepping like legs down my throat. A shiver shuttered throughout my body at Justin’s touch, his fingers continued sliding down my chest slowly.
A ragged breath escaped my mouth when the two cold fingers folded back the lace, revealing more cleavage. I leaned back to lay my head on his shoulder sighing happily.
His lips met the spot right behind my ear and I was shocked to see I almost moaned. He was just kissing me, why was I gonna moan? He nibbled on my earlobe playfully and I smiled about to let out a soft moan.
“Sensative ears?” he whispered seductively.
“Maybe…” I gulped and his left hand slid between my breast body fell limp as he groped me roughly. It was so strange how him touching my breast affected the area between my thighs so much. It never mattered what we were doing as long as we were together I felt loved.
Justin’s hands helped turn me around so that I could strattle his waist, as my legs seperated farther, my jean skirt rode up more. I flicked my hair to hang on one side of my neck pushing on his chest making him lay flat on the windshield.
His hands came together behind his head, meanwhile I flashed him a sexy grin and began moving my hips in tiny circles. When Justin was in pleasure it was the best feeling in the world, it didnt matter about me. All that mattered was him, he made those cute faces and my heart would explode with happiness.
His eyes closed and he sighed, squirming his waist a little. He started getting hard and a giggle escaped my mouth in suprise but I used my body more. Jerking forward and backward.
My hands were placed in the shape of butterflies on his chest as I grinded on him. He bit his lip stopping a moan with his eyes still closed and he grew harder with each of my movements. It was so hot when he shoved his hands in his hair pulling with enjoyment then gripping my waist tightly, leading my movements on him with more pressure.
I was so focused on the sexy faces he was making that I hadnt realized I was freezing cold. A light breeze was in the air and I shivered, with one last hard jerk I slid off the side of the hood pulling his hand with me,”Lets go warm up.” I winked.
He looked shaken that Id stopped but eager to get in the car so he took my hand leading me in the backseat after he pulled down the seats making it a bigger flat space.
My knees gave out and I fell on the soft blankets he’d set down.”Come here…” I whispered motioning him over with my finger.
Justin crawled on top of me slowly then smashed his lips to mine, his sweet breath filled my mouth instantly. I slid my hands up his shirt feeling his skin, I could physically touch the curves where he was starting to get abs. A smile pulled at my lips and I moved them down his neck instead, his hand draped down my arm and around my elbow to trace the rest of the way down my body. Another shiver rippled through my body at his touch and I wrapped my legs around his waist not wanting any space between us. A pleasured grunt came from my mouth when his fully aroused manhood pushed against my abdomen. I pulled back to stare into his eyes, both filled with lust. We didnt speak but just sat there holding our gaze while he drew his fingertips down my legs.”I love you.” he said.
“I love you too.” I whispered kissing him again. My fragile hands tugged at the stubborn material of his shirt until he was bare. I licked my lips staring at his chest, he was my fingers fought with his belt buckle till it lost and I pushed his faded jeans down to his ankles.
Slowly he lifted up my shirt inch by inch to kiss my stomach, raising higher. Justin tossed the silk on the other side of the car and almost drooled over my bare chest since I hadnt been wearing a bra. He kissed my skin in between them staring up at me, goosebumps covered my body and I leaned my head back sighing.
Justin’s left hand had been resting innocently on my waist until it came around to push pressure on the zipper of my skirt. Flames lit up my skin like fire, causing every inch of my body to burn with desire. He chuckled when I tried to sneak pulling the jean material up.”Shhh.” he cooed.”Relax babygirl, we’ll get there.” A grin glowed on his lips as his gentle hands lowered my bottoms down my long legs, and past the red high heels. Using my toes I went to kick them off but he grabbed a hold of the shoe,”No. Keep them on, its a turn on.”
I gave him a questioningly look but it went un-noticed due to his lips crawling my thighs, reaching my panties. Sliding the small fabric slowly and seductivly to my ankles, he tossed them aside.
My heart pounded loudly and I waited to take what he had to offer me, Justin leaned in to kiss the inside of my thigh. Sparks exploded around me and the fire was hotter than ever, it almost had me begging him for mercy. A powerful release. With slow, deliberate ease, he took the back of both my thighs in his hands, hooking them on his shoulders, I knew what he was about to do. A twisting knot was in my stomach from anxiety. He’d never done this to me before and to be honest I wasnt just nervous but a little embarrassed too. His actual mouth being down there? Apparently he sensed my hesitance so he looked up at me with a comforting smile then leaned down once more. My high heels were up against the window, holding me in a firm position and that was without the help of Justin’s grip.
The heat from his moist breath caused me to whimper, declining my head back. But it was nothing compared to the heat of his mouth, Justin took me to a height. This was beyond a kiss, it was a primitive claim of his mouth on my flesh, and I hadnt thought anything could feel better right now. My back arched up like a bridge so I could feel more of him, the hold he had on my thighs slid up to my hips, firmly setting me still. I managed to squirm only a little when the trail of kissed ended at the fiery center of my body, my vision got blurry with a new needing rocketing in me. His tongue caressed me gently until I soared, higher and higher finally surrendering. It was far more than I expected to feel but yet somehow I wanted to feel more.
Urgently my hands forced him up to my lips, kissing passionatly. At the moment of him roughly sucking my neck I gasped.”Make love to me Justin.” it sounded like a plea.
His eyes lit up with delight and he smiled before entering me gently.
I rolled over into Justin’s chest, sweaty.”Your…woah.” I said breathing heavy.
He was breathing heavily himself when he curiously asked,”Really?”
“As if you have to ask, Im the one who needs to be worried about my ‘expertise’.” I giggled and kissed his clammy skin just below where his sweat filled hair clung to his neck.
He smirked and bit his lip admitting,”Your the best Ive ever had.”
This triggered me and I sat up abrubtly.”Exactly how many women have you had sex with?”
Justin was shocked at my outburst and he half smiled softly,”Baby lay back down-”
“Ive known you werent a virgin” I interupted.”But I didnt expect you of having that many girls.” I whimpered feeling like an idiot. Of coarse.
He sighed and looked down,”Im sorry…”
I shuffled over to swing each of my legs over his to sit in his lap, twisting my hands on his neck so he had to look at me.”Who did you lose your virginity to?” I asked sternly.
There was a long pause then he said hoarsly,”I dont remember…”
I used my thumb to stroke his fair cheek.”What do you mean you dont remember?” I asked puzzled.
He looked into my eyes pleadingly,””I use to be…different. Before I started my career.”
“Tell me babe.” I urged running my hand through his sticky hair comfortingly.
Justin released a huge sigh,”When I was 13, right before we left to move to the U.S my friends Ryan and Chaz took me to a place. A place where they paid a woman to seduce me, it was suppose to be a gift but it was just a huge mistake.” he hid his face in my collarbone.
“They took you to a whorehouse?” I asked in disbelief.
He frowned and continued,”After that I kept going back cuz thats what my Dad had taught me. But when I dated Caitlin, one night she got me drunk and I had sex with her too.” his voice cracked.”I realized how wrong it was afterwards and Ive never been like that again. Im so sorry.” he said sadly hugging me tightly.
I sighed angrily pushing him off me.”Dont!”
Justin’s face looked at me full of suprise.”Alexis no…” he mumbled, you could physically hear the sadness in his voice.
Quickly I shifted off his lap, snatching up my clothes.”I cant believe this.” I muttered to myself pulling down my shirt.
“Please baby. Im not that person anymore.”
I was feeling a mixture of emotions, anger, sadness…disgust. He could have an STD from sleeping with all those women! As soon as my skirt was on I swung my purse on my shoulder getting out.
“Alexis where are you going?” he shouted pulling on his own clothes halfway out the car door.
My breathing was still uneven from the sex Id just had,”Please just leave me alone for a minute! I need to think.”
The gravel crunched under his feet when he ran up to my side, pulling my arm.”Are you kidding me? Its pitch black outside.”
“Give me a minute!” I screamed in his face, jerking my arm out of reach and bringing my other one around to slap his cheek not really hard…but hard enough.
Justin’s lip trembled and he backed away dejectedly. I walked about thirty feet away from the Range Rover and sat down in the dirt. Until then I hadnt noticed my sticky thighs, quickly I brought the, tip of a water bottle from my purse, to my legs washing them off. Scrubbing slightly.
God why did he have to wait till the night before I go on tour with him to tell me this! He could be infected with many kinds of STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Disease) AIDS, HIV, or worse! Tears clung to my eye lashes with worry. I felt so betrayed. But yet again, maybe he had changed? I gasped when I realized all the times we had, had sex. Quite often. And the whole shoes thing, he was still addicted to sex! Well I guess its just as much my fault as his, I had been wanting sex alot too…
Justin’s POV My cheek was burning a little from the slap but still I shuffled my feet back to my car, kicking the tire angrily. Id already had a tough time dealing with this before…

*Around a year earlier, at a party with Justin and Caitlin Beadles*

The last thing I remember was having one beer. My mother had trusted me enough to let Caitlin and I go to a party, without chaperones for once. There wasnt suppose to be any alcohol there but…
“Baby have another drink!” my girlfriend Caitlin shoved another beer in my hand. I had absolutly no clue why I kept chugging each one she handed me. I was so drunk…
“Flash me gorgeous!” I smiled with my eyes half closed.
To my suprise she pulled down her tank top showing me her breast.”You like?” she asked smirking.
“Your look veeeery nice.” I slurred my words from the booze.
She smiled a flirty grin then grabbed my hand leading me upstairs after pulling up her top,”Lets go get some privacy.”
We reached a bedroom already kissing, I shut the door urgently and she shoved me on the bed climbing on top.
“Im gonna give you the time of your life…” she whispered seductivly.
“Okay.” I mumbled.
The next morning I woke up next to a naked and sleeping Caitlin. My head hurt so bad I had to fall outta bed and take an aspirin.
What did I do? I hit my head on the wall (which didnt help my headache) I knew exactly what id done. This had to stop! I couldnt keep lying to my mother and what I was doing just wasnt right. Besides if im gonna have this career then I need to clean up my act. This wasnt the person I wanted to be, and Caitlin wasnt the person I wanted to be with. She purposly got me drunk last night, so she could sleep with me. I took a shower wondering who’s house I was in then got dressed in clothes from the night before, sitting on the edge of the bed.
Caitlin’s eyes opened and she smiled,”Goodmorning.”
I half smiled.”Hurry and get dressed we need to talk.”

I drove her to a nearby park then we got out and walked around for a bit.”Whats wrong?” she asked concerned.
“Listen Caitlin…I love you but last night-”
“Was incredible? I told you!” a smile grew on her face.
“No..”I mumbled trying not to hurt her feelings.”Well I mean it was nice but what you did wasnt. You got me drunk.”
The smile shrunk into a frown.
“I want to change. As a person, for my own good and future…a future that I dont see you in.” I looked down shyly.
“W-wa-wait! Your breaking up with me?” she asked in disbelief.
“Yeah, I guess I am.”
Slow tears sprung in her eyes, and she wiped them away quickly.”Take me home please.” she demanded walking back to the car.
“Please Caitlin you have to understand!” I took her hand in mine.”I love you. Its mostly me anyway, I cant give you the attention you deserve.”
“I gave everything I had to you last night!” she cried harder, falling into my embrace.
“I know, it was lovely…I think.” I added uncomfortable. There wasnt much I remembered about last night.”But you shouldnt have to get me drunk, it should be special.”
I bit my lip nervously when she pulled apart, I still loved her. She was an amazing girl and I didnt want to see her hurt.
“Im not saying its permanent. Just for now though I think I need to be, alone.” I spoke comfortingly stroking her cheek.
Caitlin’s lips touched mine softly,”I’ll wait for you…” she whispered in my ear.

*Present Time*

Justin’s POV And she had been waiting for me. This stressed me, I didnt know if I had the strength to tell Caitlin I was with Alexis now. It would crush her and she had been waiting this whole time for it to be a waste?
But I had other issues to deal with at the moment…

Alexis POV My head was resting on my knees and I sat in silence, thinking hard. No matter what, I was in love with Justin. He was all I had. We would work this out but right now at this second…I couldnt just let it go. He betrayed me.
Slowly I stretched my legs to quietly walk to the car, he was leaning on the side of it with his head in his hands.
“Ju-” I began but got interupted by a booming voice coming from a speaker.
“Dont move! Stay where you are! Police!”
My whole body automatically jumped into Justin’s chest, frightened.”What are they doing?” I asked whispering.
“Shit! Get in the car!” he urged throwing open the door.
“Whats wrong?” I asked confused. It was just the police, we werent doing anything illegal.
“Get in!”
I obiediantly sat in the passenger seat, buckling the seatbelt as he pulled out like a maniac.”What the hell’s going on?” my voice cracked from shock.
The skin on his hands pulled tight from his grip on the wheel, it wasnt relaxed like usual.”We’re not suppose to be out here. This is old property from the 60’s but its blocked off. I snuck in the back way.” He turned a sharp corner and I got smashed into the door.
“Ouch!” I yelped groaning.
“Sorry babe.” he said grunting from another sharp turn.
“Pull over now!” the cops voice boomed from the intercom coming from their car. We were in a serious speed chase.
My heart melted from the word ‘babe’ though. I couldnt help but smile a little, this was so crazy!
He glanced over and laughed, “What are you smiling at?”
“Nothing!” I said quickly turning to the window pouting. He wasnt getting off the hook that easily.”Can you just get us the fuck out of here please?”
Justin’s eyes softened with hurt but he continued driving…

Justin’s POV Nothing mattered but getting Alex back. Well I think, what’d I mean by back? She hadnt really left me yet…had she?
I made one quick but swift movement then slammed the brakes.

Alexis POV My whole body jerked forward and I had a collision with my head and the dashboard.”Oww! SHIT!” I screamed.
“Im so sorry! Are you okay?” Justin asked frantically moving his hands across my body like butterflies.
“Im fine!” I snapped angrily.”Why’d we stop?”
It was as if he had suddenly realized something.”Oh yeah! Be quiet…” he ushered his cold hand covering my mouth as if telling me to shut up wasnt enough.
Right on que the police car flew past us(we were in a small alley) like a maniac. Sirens blaring a ear splitting howl.
After a desperatly long minute passed he slid back into his own seat, freeing my mouth.”Well that would have been great headlines!” I shifted my voice into an announcing tone,”Justin Bieber! Caught screwing, YET AGAIN, another girl past midnight! Chased by police!”
The vehicle went completly silent and I hadnt noticed until my eyes drifted to the statue next to me, that three salty tears had fallen on the steering wheel, Justin was leaning on.
“Justin…” I mumbled softly.”Are you crying?”
“No.” his voice cracked but he wiped away the wetness with his sleeve starting the car again.
Justin’s POV Tears dribbled down my cheek and hit the steering wheel with a splat. With each word she said my heart broke even more, I dont think she realized how much she meant to me. And when she hurt, I hurt. Seeing her so angry at me was worse than getting punched in the face repeatedly. I would rather have been punched in the face repeatedly.
This was already hard to cope with, I regret what I did more than anything. But that didnt change the fact that I hadnt been that way in over a year, and I was a diffferent person now. I guess the only thing I could do was give her some space and time to think.

*At Alexis House*

I shut the front door slowly and stumbled up the stairs, stripping on the way. After changing into this .com/imgres?… .com/imgres?…
my bed then froze.
“Justin?” I asked unaudioable.
My usually so comfy bed was empty and un-inviting. “Justin!” my yell echoed down the hall as I pounding down into the living room. A swoosh of relief flooded my heart when I saw him sitting in a white T-shirt and boxers on my couch, the throw pillow resting his head.
“Yeah?” he looked up hopeful.
“Just thought…you were sleeping in my room like usual.”
“Nevermind I guess.” I muttered about to turn around. No matter how mad I was I couldnt let him sleep in here.”But your not sleeping on my couch. I have like 10 guest rooms, pick a room. Any room.”
With me watching intently he stood up and squeezed passed me,”Thanks.”

I had been laying in bed for about an hour now. Sleep deprived, I felt so tired yet I couldnt fall into a slumber. Justin had ‘randomly’ chosen the room across the hall from mine.
Hesitating for a minute, eventually I crept out my door and into his. The stupid wooden floor boards creaked like they were a million years old, but that didnt stop me from climbing under the covers next to him. My fingers gently picked up his arm wrapping it around my shoulder and a huge sigh escaped my mouth. The only safety I felt was when I was with Justin. Period. Even when he was asleep, or so I thought…

Justin’s POV A peaceful grin was on my face as Alexis snuggled deep into my neck. She may not have forgiven me yet but we were still together. This was just a fight. A fight we would get through.
I turned my body to squeeze her to me tightly, whispering into her ear softly.”I love you so much Alex. Your my entire world, I cant lose you.”
“I love you too boyfriend.” she whispered laying her arm ontop of mine, keeping me hostage to her body. I didnt mind.
My lips pecked her warm cheek and we both closed our eyes.

*Next Morning*

Alexis POV ‘RIING!’ The alarm blared into my sensative ears.”No,” I automatically groaned knowing it was time to wake up.
“C’mon beautiful. You can go back to sleep in the car.” a soft angelic voice whispered in my face as two warm hands cupped my waist.
How many hours of sleep did I get last night 3? 4? Ugh…last night. Please tell me it was a dream. That Justin hadnt had sex with over 20 different people. My sleep filled eyes drifted to his face, studying. Nope, it wasnt a dream…
“Goodmorning.” he said smiling, hitching his fingers around my waist to pull me up in sitting position.
“Morning…” I whispered standing up carefully.”Im gonna go take a shower.”
Justin tossed my loose curls to the side and pecked my jawline.”Want me to wash your hair?”
“I dont think thats a good idea.” I stated taking a step away from him.
His brows furrowed,”But…what about last night?”
“Thats my point.”
He sighed an impatient breath.”I meant after we got back to the house.”
Now it was my turn to sigh.”Listen. I love you. I wasnt lying last night, and yes your still my boyfriend. Did you honestly think that I would leave you that easily? I love you too much to even think about it but I..cant” I was at a loss for words.”I cant pretend that what you did isnt a big deal. It is.”
His eyes trailed to the ground, silently.
“I couldnt ‘control’ myself if we showered together.” I whined trying to make him laugh.
He bit his lip, stopping a grin and I giggled touching his cheek.”There’s a smile.”
“We’ll get through this?” he asked leaning into my hand.
“We’ll get through this.” I stated half smiling.

I walked down the staircase wearing this .com/imgres?… with my hair like this .com/imgres?imgurl=/en/img6/6699_va…
“Hey Alexis.” Pattie smiled looking at my outfit.
“Hi Mrs. Mallette.” I had gotten use to calling her Pattie but it didnt feel right anymore. No matter what Justin said, she wasnt very fond of me.”Where’s Justin?”
“Right here.” a voice abrubtly came from behind me, holding my hand.
“Right there.” she pointed jokingly and got up, leaving quickly.
“What did I do to her?” I complained picking up my bags.
“Nothing, just…like I said before.”
An uncomfortable sigh rumbled in my throat, as we stumbed out of the house.”Bye.” I whispered to my house. This was my last memory I had to keep in touch with my dead family. But I had to move on with my life…
“Lets go.” Justin muttered in my ear.”We have a My World tour bus to catch.”
“Who all is riding in the actual bus?” I asked taking in the scene around me. I was gonna miss my home.
“Um just us and the driver…why?” Justin replied shoving my bags in the back of the SUV.
“Cause I want to talk about what happend and get it done and over with.”
“Alright…let me check. Just go get in and I’ll be there in a sec.”
“Ok.” I kissed his cheek before stalking into the bus.
Woah, my jaw fell open silently. The bus was huge, way bigger than it seemed on the outside! To my right was the “living room” with a couch and TV, next was the tiny kitchen ect. and to my left was a hallway leading to a small bedroom.
“Are you going inside?” a voice asked from behind.
“Oh…hey Kenny.” I mumbled nonchalantly.
He smiled softly then stepped inside heading to the front of the bus.
“Are you driving?”
“Just today.”
“Thats cool.” my feet shuffled to the back and I sat down slowly on the bed. This was actually better than I expected, very cozy.
A couple minutes passed as I squished myself into the pillows, struggling to keep my eyes open. Where the hell was Justin? I couldnt stand to be awake another second, last night was horrible. Well…the ending of last night. It almost made me cry thinking about how such a perfect time had went down hill so fast. We’d ate Burger King just having fun,it was romantic and the sex…oh the sex…was amazing. Literally…but it really scared me, he could have an STD. In my mind I pictured Justin walking into a whorehouse, screwing many girls at a time. My stomach twisted and turned painfully.
A salty tear rolled down my cheek, resting on my lip. This wasnt a time to be selfish, when I stopped to think…Justin was the one that already had to go through this. And I wasnt gonna let him do it alone again…

A vibration fluttered through my body, rippling my head against something hard. Hesitating, my tired eyes opened to see the bottom half of a very beautiful body. My head layed on Justin’s chest sideways, two warm fingers stroked strands of my hair, tucking them behind my ear. Apparently the vibration came from his phone, and I was about to move or say something when he held his IPhone by his side, opening the message.
He still thought I was sleeping…
I bit my lip debating what to do, my head told me to let him have his privacy and sit up but a deep gut feeling told me to shut my mouth and read the text from afar. Ignoring the guilt that burned in my cheeks I stayed silent.
The message was from Pattie, it read-(this is as if your looking at the phone, k?)

Mom: Are you keeping your promise?

What promise? It was probably nothing but still…it wouldnt hurt to see the conversation.

Me: Yes mom. A little trust?
Mom: Ya ya. I shouldve rode back there with u guys 😦
Me: its not like she’s blowing me as I text you Mom: Justin! ure not helping ure case!
Me: sorry but im still upset that u told me to masterbate Mom: have you?
Me: MOM! 😮 Mom: Sorry…I trust you but…
Me: But?
Mom: but I dont trust her.
Me: Thats enough. I dont want to hear it.

Pattie didnt trust me? I had done nothing to her! She had no right to treat me like that! Quickly I sat up and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door shut.
“Alexis?” Justin asked going to the bathroom door, knocking.
But I didnt get to answer before my throat tightened, and my head flung above the toilet vomitting.
“Lexi, are you ok babe?” he asked pounding on the door vigirously.
“Just stay out, im fine!” I yelled between up chucks.
The door opened slightly.”Are you throwing up?”
“I dont want you seeing this! Get out!”
“Baby!” he rushed in, falling at my side.”Oh my God Alex. What happend?”
Justin’s hands held back my hair as I threw up repeatedly.”Im fine.” I whispered.
“Doesnt look like it…”
Forcing my knees off the ground, I stood and grabbed a new toothbrush, washing my mouth out. I hate the feeling of puking almost as much as the aftertaste.
“I didnt realize that. Thanks.”
“Come here.” he whispered concerned, walking me to the bed.”Are you sick?”
“Probably just motion sickness. Quit worrying.” I half smiled even though I felt like crap. My stomach was doing flip-flops from the conversation I just eavesdropped on.
“Oh…baby-girl…” he said into my hair. His arms wrapped around me comforting.”Can I get you anything? Water? Aspirin?”
“No…we need to talk though.”
A soft grin came across his face, meeting his eyes.”Wait, you brushed your teeth good, right?”
“Yes.” I giggled leaning in to kiss his mouth tenderly. After I pulled back sighing, I found my voice again.”Why didnt you wake me earlier?”
“You were tired.” he muttered not bothered.”We’re about to make a stop for gas so…lets talk.”
“I love you.” I started.
“I love you too.” he smirked stiffling a laugh.
“Be serious!”
“I am serious.”
A minute passed and he sighed uncomfortable.”Have you been…you know checked? Professionally?” I asked lightly.
“Yeah…Im clean.” Justin said pained from the memory.”I cant apologize enough. Im so truly sorry, I regret it all”
“I know that you’ve changed Justin. Your forgiven.” I gave him a warm smile.
“And im not addicted to sex.” he added chuckling.”Im addicted to you though…”
My lips pulled into a frown,”About that…”
He gave me a long questioning look before intertwining our fingers.”Im listening.”
“Im not gonna lie to you.” I said sternly. He had a puzzled expression on his face when I continued.”I wasnt sleeping when you were texting your mom. I read them too and im sorry. Thats your business and I was wrong but I cant get over what she said…”
Justin’s eyes looked angered for a moment then he took a huge breath, calming himself.”Thank you for telling me…”
“Im sorry.” I mumbled apologetic.
He wet his lips nervously,”Im so embarrassed…”
“So am I.” I whispered standing up, wobbling a little.
He jumped up, grabbing my waist steadily.
“I actually thought your mom atleast liked me somewhat.” I hid my face in his chest.
“Im sorry Alex.”
“Next time I wont invade your privacy.” I joked.
Everything went quiet until the bus came to a sudden halt.”Lets go eat something.” he said gently leading me through the hall.
After eating and getting back to the road, we sat on the couch.”So we’re cool now?” Justin asked playing with my fingers.
“When were we not cool?” I smirked hugging him softly.
“Can I kiss you?”
“What?” I burst out laughing.
“Im serious!” he shouted smiling cheekily.
“Since when do you ask?”
“I just dont want you to think Im doing it for those reasons. I do it cuz I love you.” he whispered pulling my legs into his lap.
A grin hit my face, and I sat there. Smiling like an idiot.
“Can I?”
I bit my lip winking at him before grabbing ahold of his shirt, tugging him to me. Our lips met in the middle, kissing passionatly. Trying not to move alot, I kicked off my flip-flops, leaning back to allow him more space.”Your lips my biggest weakness.” I mocked giggling.
“Yeah?” he whispered kissing my lips roughly. His whole body was pushing against mine, trapping me between him and the couch.
“Hey Justin!” Pattie asked opening the door to the bus.
Shit, I hadnt realized we’d stopped moving again.”Get off!” I urged shoving on his chest, scooting to the other side of the couch.
Justin chuckled, relaxing.”In here mom!”
“Hey.” she smiled walking into the room.”Scooter wants you to switch places with me. Something about the show tonight.”
A gasp escaped my mouth. Niether of us were happy about this ordeal.
“Oh…sure.” he muttered annoyed.”Why not?”
“I’ll see you in a bit.” I faked a smile leaning in to hug him goodbye.
“Bye babe.” he said pecking my lips.

“Did you know Justin’s friends, Ryan, Chaz, and a couple others will be joining us on the tour tonight?” Pattie asked later that night, backstage at the concert.
“No…I didnt.” I said casually.
“Speaking of them.”
I recognized them both from magezines and stuff, Ryan walked with a little more attitude than Chaz but who was I to judge?
“Hi.” I smiled kindly at them.
“This must be the all mighty Alexis?” Ryan snapped clearly envious of something.
“Yeah…” I said shocked.”You got a problem?”
“Yeah, I do.” he smirked.
“Have I done something to you?” I asked confused. He was pissing me off.
Ryan used his hands to gesture to me.”No not at all. Why dont you just go drool over Justin!”
“Whatever.” I waited till Pattie had her back turned to mumble, “Asshole.”
“Nice to finally meet you,” Chaz grinned sheepishly.
“Same.” I muttered bored.
“Hey boys!” Pattie squealed.
“Hi Pattie.” they both said in unison.
Uncomfortable I walked a few feet away, watching Justin on stage…
“Hey, you must be Alexis?” a high pitched boyish voice came from behind me.
Slowly I turned around.”Christian Beadles?” my jaw dropped.
“In the flesh.” he laughed.”Do I know you? Personally?”
“Oh umm. No but ive read about you and your sister. Its nice to actually meet you.” I gave him a welcoming hug.
“Your not a bitch at all!” he smiled casually.
“Excuse me?”
“Oh!” he said worried.”I didnt mean that I- its just. He said- you know.” he stuttered.
“Ryan?” I guessed.
“It doesnt have anything to do with you.” he said comforting.”Ryan hates any girl who gives Justin attention, but you guys are just friends so he should get used to you soon, might even try hitting on you.”
I giggled,”I doubt that.” Ryan knew we were together.
“Why not? Your gorgeous.” he blushed.
“Aww, thank you.” I grinned. He was so sweet and adorable. He reminded me of Gabrielle which made me stop, choking up tears.
“You wanna meet my sister?” he asked nodding in a direction using his head.
“Sure.” I whispered, I was gonna meet Caitlin. This was actually exciting, to meet Justin’s ex. Well…anxious is more like it.
“Caitlin, this is the amazing Alexis. Alexis this is my beautiful sister Caitlin.” Christian introduced us.
We both stifled laughs, and shook hands. This was more wierd for me than her, she thought I was Justin’s friend. But I knew the truth.
“Nice to meet you.” I smiled.
“You too. So you guys met in the Bahammas? Your a fan?” she asked flashing a small smile.
Fan? Obviously not I thought to myself.”Well not really, Justin and I didnt exactly get along when we first met.” I informed.
Her brows pulled up questioningly.
“Uh…my little sister won the tickets and I was her guardian so I had to go with. I wasnt a fan of him.”
“Oh is your sister on tour too?” she glanced around.
“Caitlin!” Christian elbowed her side and she yelped painfully. He glared at her for long moments and she finally realized it.
“OH!” she gasped.”Oh no im sorry Alexis, I didnt mean to-” she stopped, looking down.
Wow, they must have been talking about me before they showed up. They knew so much…had Justin told them?
“Its fine. You didnt mean to.” I gave a faint smile and everything went silent. I didnt want this to be the nasty relationship most girls had with eachother over a guy and one’s the ex. Caitlin and I could become great friends.
“Hey…” Justin rushed up sweaty.”What are you guys doing?”

Justin’s POV Shit…shit…SHIT! I had just walked backstage for a costume change when I saw Christian and Caitlin Beadles standing next to Alexis. Oh God what if Caitlin said something? She expected us to get back together, and Alexis knew nothing about it.
Panicking I ran up to them,”Hey…what are you guys doing?”
Alexis looked at me sadly then frowned, it made me want to hug her and ask what was wrong. But I couldn’t…not in front of Caitlin.
“Nothing, just meeting everyone.” Christian said half-heartedly. “How you doin bro?” he pounded my fist, bringing me into a hug.
“Im good.” I laughed nervously avoiding eye contact with Caitlin. We hadnt seen eachother in such a long time, it worried me. This was so awkward…
“Hey Justin..” she smiled happily and basically jumped on me, wrapping her arms around my neck in a tight hug.
I couldnt help but hug back tightly smiling. It felt good to have her in my arms, like old times.

Alexis POV Caitlin almost tackled Justin, hugging him tightly. A smile grew on his face from ear to ear, he looked so happy to see her.
Calm down I told myself silently. They were friends. Just friends. It had been awhile since they’d seen eachother of coarse this would happen. No big deal.
But my cheeks flushed with jealousy, and slight anger. She had her hands all over him! My boyfriend!
Suddenly my body drained of every emotion but sadness. Pathetic sadness. The muscles in my throat tightened as Justin closed his eyes dreamily, still holding her.
Pushing the lump back down my throat I took a deep breath, stealing away silently. I couldnt look at it anymore.
Footsteps chased me, and in a matter of seconds Christian was walking with me at my side.
“Are you okay? I hope Caitlin didnt upset you, she just wast thinking.”
“No its alright.” I mumbled.”I know she didnt mean to bring up my dead sister.”
He went quiet for a minute and as we stood without talking. My mind was warped around the subject of Justin and Caitlin when I felt it. I thought it couldnt get worse but I sighed angrily.”I’ll be right back, I have to use the restroom.” I told him scrambling to the nearest bathroom. Seriously! My period! I had to get it now!
After preparing myself I washed my hands in the sink, thinking hard. Today had not been good at all…
*After the concert*

“So where does everyone sleep?” I asked. This was gonna be wierd, my first night on the bus.
“Pick a bunk, any bunk.” Chaz replied jumping on one near the door.”Except this one, this is mine.”
Justin had his own room in the back, by the bathroom. Next to it was one bunk bed. One.
I made eye contact with Caitlin, we both saw the bed at the same time glancing back at eachother, doing double takes. Everything happend fast, we both tried to get over there as quickly as we possibly could without making it obvious that we wanted the one close to Justin.
My foot stubbed something hard and I flew forward doing a face plant on the ground.”Oww.” I groaned looking to see what I tripped on.
Ryan leaned down next to his foot.”Did I trip you? Im sorry.”
“God Ryan you prick!” I pushed myself off the ground to stand.
He smirked and walked away, laughing.
My eyes scanned the area for the bed, but my heart sank when Caitlin looked at me. Sitting triumph on it, we locked eyes and she winked at me grinning.
My breath came out in a whoosh of air, I had put my bags in Justin’s room so I headed there. I decided to change here since the bathroom was occupied.
Just as I slid on my pants in my bra, the door flew open and in came Justin, shutting it again he turned around and smiled suprised.”Hey what are you doing in here?”
“Changing.” I muttered annoyed.
“Whats wrong?” he asked lightly walking over to me.
I reached for my shirt but he grabbed it, holding it hostage behind his back.”Give it to me Justin!”
“You want it?” he asked then laughed, whispering.”Tell me whats wrong and you can have it.”
I frowned irritated. He didnt move, looking into my face. Quickly I reached behind him, snatching it in my hands but he wouldnt let go.
I groaned pushing his chest away, tugging. We both fell on the bed and he stood up holding it above his head.”Grab it!” he teased.
“Just give it to me!” I jumped off the bed tackling him to the ground.”Yes!” I yelled but he pulled back, laughing and held the shirt from my reaching distance.
“You really want it?”
“Justinnn.” I whined.”Give it to me now!”
He manuveured his body on top of me…

Ryan’s POV I had just walked out of the bathroom when Chaz grabbed my shoulder.”Dude listen, listen!”
“What?” I shoved him away annoyed.
“Everyone be quiet!” he yelled and the whole bus shut up.
“What is it?” they asked all crowing around us.
“Listen inside the room.” Chaz directed sticking his ear up to the door.
Only breathing was heard until a voice came from in the room…
“Give it to me Justin!” Alexis yelled.
“You want it?” Justin asked.”Grab it.”
It was quiet for a second and springs from the bed squeaked.”Just give it to me!…yes!” she shouted.
Cooing came from everyone’s mouth.
“Who’s in there?” Caitlin panicked.
“Justin and Alexis.” I replied. Out of everyone, I had to keep my mouth shut. I knew that Justin was with Alex but Christian, Caitlin and Chaz didnt.
“What?” she said sadly.
“You really want it?” he repeated.
“Justinnn!” Alexis moaned.”Give it to me now!”
Everyone laughed and before I could stop him, Chaz opened the door wide. Giving most people on the bus access to view Justin laying on top of Alexis who was in her bra.

Alexis POV The door opened and I looked up to see the anxious faces of Chaz, Christian, Kenny, Ryan, and last but not least…Caitlin.
“Ohhh!” Chaz laughed.”Sorry to interupt!”
I took a second to think back to the conversation they had obviously eavesdropped on.”Oh no Justin!” I whispered so only he could hear.”It sounded like we were doing stuff.”
He glanced down to my breast and his eyes got wide, he just now noticed it.”Oh God, that doesnt help either.” he replied.
Laughing still, he slammed the door shut.”Wait!” Justin sat up.”Its not what it looks like!”
Urgently I ripped my shirt from his hands, pulling it on.”Thats great. Why dont we just tell them?” I asked in a small voice. Nothing against Caitlin herself but it would make me feel better if she backed off.
He sighed and cupped my cheek.”We cant yet baby but I promise we will. Soon.”
“You said after the trial was over, you would tell the public.” I argued.
“Yeah but before I tell them I want to tell Caitlin. She’s my friend and I think it would hurt her feelings if thats how she found out.”
“Then go tell her now.” I pointed to the door.
He kissed my cheek.”Just not at this second, okay?”
“Whatever.” I shoved him off walking out the door angrily.

“So you like friends with benefit huh Alexis?” Chaz teased as I walked by.”Can I get some?”
“Dont be a jerk Chaz.” I warned.”We already have Ryan.”
“Ohh…fiesty.” he grinned and layed down.
Before anyone had a chance to say anything else, I layed on my bunk bed, across from Ryan. Christian walked by,”Goodnight Alexis.”
“Goodnight Christian.” I said with a fake smile then putting in my headphones, I fell asleep.

*The Next day*

I woke up before anyone else had to get in the shower…
In the shower I was still half asleep from my restless night, but when I stepped onto the cold pavement I quickly woke. Unfortunatly along with being awake, came cramps from my period.
In the shower I had decided that I wasnt gonna be mean to Caitlin but if she kept up her shit…I was gonna fight back. Justin was MY boyfriend and that wasnt about to change.
On my way out the door I bumped into Christian.”Oh, hey good morning.” I smiled kindly.
“Morning Alex.” he said back.”You look beautiful today.”
Though it was simple, it really touched my heart. Those kinds of comments.”Thank you.”
“Well, im gonna go shower.” he nodded walking away.
Apparently everyone had gotten up during my shower, hope I didnt take too long of one.
Caitlin made a bee-line right to me, blocking the door to the outside of the bus. We had stopped.”Move please?” I asked.
“Why did you say you and Justin were just friends? When you obviously arent.” she snapped pissed.
Her tone didnt ease my irritation.”Last night wasnt what you thought it was. And you would have never guessed wrong…if you hadnt of been eavesdropping.” I pushed her to the side.
“Oh yeah? Then what were you doing?” she tried to sound annoyed but the deep concern in her voice stuck out.
“He had my shirt.I wanted it back.” I said simply.
“Your shirt? How ironic?” a scoff came from her chapped lips.
“You know what Caitlin? I have been nothing but nice to you! If you must know, then my bags were in his room from earlier yesterday when we had left and I was changing when he walked in. We were messing around…like FRIENDS!” I caught my breath and pushed her aside.”Now excuse me.” I walked out into the sunshine.

*Later that day everyone was in the building rehearsing*

I was laying on my bunk in the parked tour bus. My cramps had got so bad earlier, I would have felt bad if I hadnt been on my period. I had been rude and bitchy to everyone all day so I let them have a rest and went here to relax. Thinking, letting my mind wonder while the silence passed on…
“Alexis?” I heard Justin call throughout the door of the bus.
I didnt feel like answering, I was too weak. Maybe he would just go away. I didnt want to see him at the present moment anyway.
“Alex?” he called again, opening the door.”There you are. Why didnt you answer me?” he asked lightly laying next to me.
“Because I didnt feel like it!” I snapped and he looked shocked.
“Your grumpy today.” he stated standing up again as if he was afraid I would hit him.
“Im sorry…” I whispered sincere.
Justin tip-toed over to the side of the bed I was on, taking my hand.”You okay?”
“Im fine.” I mumbled.”Shouldnt you be inside, rehearsing?”
“Ive got a few minutes of a break.” he replied softly.”Baby is it ‘that time of the month’?”
I actually let out a small giggle.”Yes. And im cramping very badly.”
He frowned un-happily.”Come here.” he pulled me up off the bed gently, leading me to a chair in the corner of the room. Sitting down.”Sit down with me.”
Too much in pain to argue I sat on his lap obediatley, laying my head back on his shoulder cringing from cramps.
Justin’s hands slid around my sides to my stomach pushing gently, going a little lower to stick the tips of his fingers in the top of my skirt, massaging my abdomen.
Immediatley the pain eased and I moaned from the release of it.”Ohh…where did you learn that?” I asked closing my eyes, comfortable for the first time.
“Is that better?”
“Yeah,” I sighed happily.
He chuckled from my facial expressions and kept rubbing my skin, gently.”I dont know. Just a guess that this would help.”
I smiled a little and relaxed, he was so sweet. Not many boyfriends would do this.”What if someone walks in? After last night we cant afford it.”
“Let them, your in pain and if this helps then Im gonna continue to do it.” he said sternly.
I giggled and snuggled close to his chest. I missed him being like this. Again I shifted to peck his neck with moist lips, underneath me I felt him stiffen from my movement.
He let out a heavy breath but his hands still massaged me, sighing.
“Justin…” I warned.”You know we cant do anything right now.”
“I know,” he whined but his tempo increased, rocking my body on him.
“Babe your getting yourself all excited for nothing.” I said faintly smiling.
“You dont mind?” he asked grinning a little with his eyes closed.
I loved it when he was happy.”No.” I muttered quietly.
“Then this is enough. As long as I can hold you.”
“Justin.” it suddenly occured to me.”How much do you love me?”
He flashed me a beautiful smile.”More than anything in the world.”
“Including Caitlin…?” I blushed deep red and hid my face in his collarbone.
His smile turned into a frown.”Whats this about?”
It bothered me that he didnt answer that question.”I dont want to be a jealous girlfriend, but it would just help me sleep at night if I knew you guys were just friends.”
Justin’s POV Great…just great! What was I suppose to do?
Wait, maybe if I turn this around on her, it will give me some time to speak with Caitlin. Oh shit, what am I thinking! I cant do that to her, I love her.
But it will hurt her worse if I dont take care of things with Caitlin, right?
“Dont you trust me?” I asked pretending to be offended.
“Of coarse but I-” she started but I cut her off.
“I cant believe you actually think I would do something like that? Id never cheat on you!” I stood up and obviously she came up with me.
Her delicious lip trembled,”Im sorry…your right. I trust you.”
She was apologizing? Oh no, Im such an asshole…

Alexis’ POV This was stupid. I trusted Justin and I felt guilty for accusing him of wanting her. I was a jealous girlfriend.
“Its ok.” he replied hugging me.”Just trust me. I would never cheat on you, I promise.”
“Ok.” I whispered kissing his lips tenderly.
“DUUDE!” Chaz yelled running in the room.”I knew it! There was no way you guys were ‘just friends’!”
“Shut up!” Justin shouted grabbing his shirt.”This is a secret. Now that your in on it, keep your freakin mouth shut.”
A giggle came out of his throat.”No problem man.” then he saluted with his hand.

*A few days later*

Caitlin and I hadnt really fought lately. We werent nice to eachother but we never actually got into it.
We had all went out to eat at a resturaunt, the adults sat in there own section giving Justin, Chaz, Ryan, Caitlin, Christian and I our own booth. Chaz sat next to Christian who sat next to me, while Ryan sat next to Caitlin who sat next to Justin. I sat across from Justin.
Ryan had locked me in the car, giving Caitlin the time to take that seat. Luckily Christian helped me out, escorting me inside.
I wasnt that hungry so I ordered something small, picking at it. The guys of coarse were eating like pigs, Chaz had BBQ sauce on his nose, Ryan was doing perverted things with a taco, and Justin had just let a drop of liquid rest on the side of his mouth from the food.
“Oh Justin. Let me get that for you.” Caitin said taking a napkin wiping it off his face, stroking his cheek with her thumb.
I glared at her angrily and Justin wasnt moving, in shock.”Uhh…thanks.” he muttered.
A sigh came out of my mouth and I stood up quickly.”Excuse me.” I mumbled walking to the restroom. I sat in a stall, hopeless. If I did anything someone was always gonna get hurt, I didnt want that. But if she didnt stop then hurting her was sounding more appeasing.
When I had just stepped out of the bathroom, bumping into someone I groaned.”Ouch!”
“Sorry.” she said dusting invisible dirt off her clothes.
I side-stepped and started to walk away when I heard her call my name.”Alexis wait!”
Slowly I turned around.”What Caitlin?”
“I just want to say that we should be friends. I was stupid.” she smiled kindly.
Woah, I was impressed she was doing this so I gave her a small half grin.
“I mean, I actually thought Justin would date you? No offense honey but your not his type.” she smirked.”He likes a girl who is brave and fun.”
My teeth bit down on my lip to stop a laugh. She sounded so ignorant, I wasnt his type? I had to try so hard to keep quiet and choose my words wisely.”Yeah, atleast I can look at you and know what to change about myself. Your everything he doesnt want…obviously. But your right. We should be friends.” I said cooly.
A frown tugged at her lips in defeat and she chased me back to our booth. I wasnt brave? I was gonna show her just how ‘brave’ I could be.
“Hey ladies.” Christian smiled, scooting over for me.
“Hi.” I grinned at him flirtily. I know it was wrong but I was desperate. On que I turned to see Caitlin’s eyes burning a hole in my face.
What was that saying? “When opportunity came, go after it”? Well this was perfect timing, Justin had left a noodle sitting on his finger as if it was waiting for me.
“Whats with you tonight?” I asked him, taking ahold of his hand gently bringing the finger to my lips. With one glance at a suprised Caitlin I slowly put his finger in my mouth sucking on it.

Justin’s POV Oh…dear…Lord. Alexis stuck my finger in her mouth, twirling her tongue around it. What was she thinking! More importantly what was I thinking when I closed my eyes imagining her lips elsewhere…if you know what I mean.
Interupting my daydream she set my hand down and I opened my eyes to see everyone staring at me…

Alexis POV Justin’s cheeks turned pink but his eyes closed thoughtful. Caitlin’s jaw dropped at him and she diverted her eyes to me, watching my movements.
I pulled his finger out of my mouth with deliberate ease, and his eyes opened. Immediatly he blushed a deep red, and looked down. I wonder what he was thinking about…? 😉
Finally Ryan spoke up.”Well that was awkward.”
Everything fell silent again and nobody said anything. Chaz finished eating, Ryan and Christian whispered to eachother, something about hockey and mayonaise. Meanwhile Caitlin had her face in her hands, ignoring both Justin and I.
His hands dissapeared under the table and he peeked down there once and awhile. My eyes lit with suprise, he wouldnt…not here? Just as I almost looked under the table to check my phone vibrated and it read ‘1 New Text Message’-

Justin: what were you thinking!

I smirked and texted him back-

Alexis: i think the better question is what were YOU thinking 😉
Justin: thats not funny Alexis: are you saying you didnt like it? 😦
Justin: of coarse I liked it…alot 😀

We both kept our hands under the table, and I noticed Caitlin was watching us.
“Hey are you guys done?” Pattie asked walking up to the table with Scooter and Kenny.
I nodded standing up and the others followed my lead, heading to the SUV’s.
The guys and Pattie stopped off at the bathroom, leaving me alone with Caitlin. Once again. Why did this keep happening?
“What the hell was that?” Caitlin interupted the silence.”You guys are just friends!”
I vicious smile came across my face.”He didnt seem to mind it…did he?” The longer I was with her, the more she annoyed me.
Before she could reply Pattie walked back out, ending our conversation.

Justin’s POV I stepped up to the urinal to pee. Chaz was next to me, going too.”Dude, you should have seen your face!” he laughed.
“Shut up.” I mumbled irritated.
“Seriously though man, what were you thinking? I mean I know ‘what’ you were thinking of but…” he let out a high-pitched christmas ‘elfy’ laugh.
“I said shut up,” I groaned confused.”Im trying to figure out what to do.”
“About what?” Ryan asked washing his hands.
I pulled up my zipper and went to the sink.”Alexis and Caitlin.”
“What about them?”
I rolled my eyes, they were so behind on things.”Caitlin thinks were getting back together but im with Alex now.”
“So leave Alexis for Caitlin.” Ryan stated like that answer was so obvious.
“Ryan…” I said sternly standing in front of him.”I love Alexis, she’s everything to me.”
“So stay with Lexi and tell Caitlin you cant.” Chaz butted in.”But let her down softly. I think I need a girlfriend.”
“Love?” Ryan asked disgusted.
I smiled happily.”Yeah bro. I think its the real thing.” Actually I didnt ‘think’, I knew for sure Alexis was the one but I didnt want them to make fun of me.
“Well then im happy for you.” he sighed, walking out.

Alexis POV The boys finished and we drove to the tour bus, getting some sleep before tomorrow’s concert. Just to piss Caitlin off I had kept all my bags in Justin’s room, so whenever I needed something I had to go in there.
I waited for Justin to finish talking with Scooter and come in here. I wanted to talk to him, it seemed like ages since we’d actually talked. Alone.
The door opened and he walked in, freezing when he saw me.”You have to stop suprising me like that.” he grinned, walking to me after locking the door.
“Ive missed you.” I said softly, wrapping my arms around his neck.
His eye brows pulled together in puzzlement.”You’ve seen me everyday.”
I smiled sadly.”No I mean you as in ‘you’.”
He frowned then pressed his lips to mine firmly. It felt so nice, we hadnt kissed in it seemed like forever.”I missed this too.” he pulled back.
“You can have it at anytime. Im not the one stopping you.”
He let out a sigh.”I cant and your not making this easy on me.” to remind me of what he was talking about, he gripped my hand up to his mouth. Kissing my fingertips.
“So…what were you thinking about earlier?” I joked running my free hand in his hair.
He chuckled lightly.”As if you dont know. I was about have a breakdown.”
“You know,” I whispered dragging my hand down his chest slowly.”If you’d of asked me to…I would have.”
“In front of everyone?” he asked in disbelief.
“Yes.” I smiled kissing his jawline.
His head fell back, and he groaned.”Your gonna make me go crazy.”
The rest of the world dissapeared and it was just me and him. This was like old times when I could kiss him without worrying about someone seeing us. My hands cupped his face and crushed his lips to mine, quickly. Just as his hot tongue pushed into my mouth there was a knock at the door.
“Who is it?” he grumbled.
“Justin if you dont let me in…” Pattie warned.
“Go hide.” he whispered urgently, going to the door.
This room wasnt that big, where should I go. The closet was too obvious but my time ran out and jumped in, shutting the door lightly behind me. Blackness surrounded me and I creaked the door open less than an inch as Pattie walked in.
“Mom, what are you doing?” he asked sitting on his bed.
She looked around for a minute then sat on the bed with him.”I wanted to talk to you.”
“About what?”
“Alexis…and Caitlin.”
Justin groaned and fell back on his bed, as if waiting for her to lecture him.”Go on…”
“I just want to say that you need to be nice to Caitlin. She’s pretty upset about something right now, and even if she’s not your girlfriend anymore,” her nose wrinkled as she said that. Obviously she wished they hadnt split up.”She is still your friend. I know for a fact that Alexis had something to do with it and im telling you right now…she will leave your life if she is rude to our friends again.”
“Mom…you have no idea what your even talking about.” he mumbled closing his eyes.
“Yes I do.” she sat up.”Im serious Justin. Alexis will go if she keeps it up. Now I want you to go and talk to Caitlin, she needs you.”
“Momm.” he whined but she gave him a dirty look.”Be out there in a second.” he lifted himself up off the bed to close the door after her.”Is there any chance you didnt hear that?” he asked leaning on the door looking at the closet door.
I opened it hesitantly. My mouth stayed shut, I honestly didnt know what to say to that. Pattie didnt like me at all, and now she wants Caitlin with him. What the hell did I do to her?
“Im sorry, I wasnt listening.” I tried to fool but tears sprung in my eyes at the hatred she felt towards me.
“No Lexi, dont cry.” he hugged me in his arms tightly.
“I dont understand what I did.” I let a couple tears fall onto his shoulder blade.
“You havent done anything.” he whispered rubbing my hair.
“Justin im tired of hearing that! She hates me!”
He didnt say anything but continued holding me for a few minutes.”I need to go talk to Caitlin, before my mom comes back.”
I frowned and looked up at him.”Why does everything seem to go wrong with us?”
Again he stayed silent, letting go.”Go get some sleep will be better.”
Justin’s POV Finally I got Alexis to calm down and go to bed, finding Caitlin curled in her bunk.”Hey Caitlin.” I said flashing a smile.
“Justin?” she asked suprised.
“You wanna go for a walk before we leave?” I extended my hand to help her up.
“So my mom said you were upset?” I asked as we walked around the outside of the tour bus.
She blushed her fair cheeks turning pink.”Yeah…”
“You want to tell me about it?” I asked kindly, sitting on a bench that was there conviently.
Her eyes turned to look at me, hard.”Its just, im nervous…”
“Cause of Alexis.”
“What?” I asked confused.”Why would Alex make you nervous?”
Her hand layed on my thigh which made me freeze.”Im scared now that I have competition.”
I sighed. It was about time to tell her anyway, there wasnt much else to do. It was un-avoidable.”Caitlin…there is no competition.”
Before I had time to correct myself her eyes lit up…

Alexis POV I was laying in my bunk bed, listening to my Ipod when I felt a tap on my shoulder.”Huh?” I turned quickly.
“Hey.” Ryan said quietly.
“What do you want?” I asked grumpily. My patience was low and he probably wasnt gonna help it.

Ryan’s POV “What do you want?” Alex asked me already slightly annoyed. It wasnt fair, all the girls always went to Justin or used me to get to Justin. When you are used 24/7 it gets to you, like now.
“Justin wants you. He said to meet him outside on the bench.” I replied softly. Earlier I saw Justin walk outside with Caitlin and knew that if she was there, it would cause problems.
“Really?” she smiled sitting up.
“Yeah I think he has a suprise for you.” I rolled my eyes walking away. My job was done.

Alexis POV I slipped on my flip-flops and headed to the door. I was suprised that Ryan had told me, id be sure he wouldnt of just so I couldnt see Justin. My heart started to beat faster as I hopped down and looked for the bench, turning the corner I froze. Justin and Caitlin were sitting on the bench, her hand was on his leg and they were looking at eachother. I waited in shock..
She flew her hands on his neck and their lips collided, after a second Justin reacted grabbing her waist pulling her to him tighter. I gasped and a sob escaped my mouth, my knees went weak but somehow I wobbled back to the door of the world was in slow motion but it was as if the volume had been turned down tears sprayed out my eyes sliding like a waterfall down my cheeks, and sobs erupted in my chest until I heard footsteps and went silent.
“Hey,” Ryan whispered in my ear.”How was your suprise?”

Ryan’s POV Alex turned to look at me and even my heart hurt a little. Her usual pretty face was torn in pieces, tears ran down her flushed cheeks, and she was bent over clutching her chest as if she was holding her heart inside her body.
“W-w-wh-” she stuttered and didnt even finish.
I felt terrible now, what had Justin done? Shuffling my feet I leaned over to the bench and saw he had his arms around Caitlin, sucking face. Oh God! I never thought he would cheat on her!
“Alexis come here.” I pulled her into a hug. I may not like her much but what she had to endure just now…was completley horrible. My heart went out to her…

Justin’s POV I didnt realize how Caitlin might missunderstand that until it was too late. Her hands grabbed my neck, pulling my lips to her mouth kissing me passionatly. At the first second I lifted my hands to push her but instead they went to her waist pulling her to me tighter. I remembered this…
Her mouth pulled away for a second to catch her breath but I pulled them back to me, wrapping my arms around her back. Her reaction was good, she draped her arms around my neck again kissed me roughly.
“This is what I have been waiting for.” she grinned and kissed me again.
I smiled and right as my tongue was about to go into her mouth, the tour bus honked its horn.
“We better go.” she said happily pulling my hand with her, skipping to the bus.

Alexis POV Ryan held me in his arms, rubbing my shoulders whispering.”Ssshh.”
I jumped back frantic when the horn honked on the bus.”No…no…no…” I whined.”He will be in there. I cant.” new tears streamed down my face.
“Dont worry Lexi.” he murmered comfortingly. This was the first time he called me Lexi.”Lets ride in the SUV. I’ll come with you, go ahead and I will meet you there in a second.”
“Okay.” I cried lightly.
He jumped back into the bus to grab things or something when I heard footsteps and laughing coming from the side of the bus.
I scampered back into the shadows and watched, silently crying as Justin held Caitlin’s hand, laughing like crazy. They got into the bus and I broke down in another waterfall of tears, running quickly to the SUV. Getting in.
Ryan’s POV I had two pillows stuffed under my arm when I ran into Justin’s chest. He smiled and watched as Caitlin got into her bunk.”Hey bro!” his eyes trailed around the room finding Alex’s empty bed.”Where’s Alexis?”
I scoffed in disbelief at his ignorance walking back outside to the SUV, opening the door jumping in. I wasnt sure who was drivng but it didnt matter. I pulled her head up to look at me.”You want something to drink? I brought water.”
“No…” she snuggled into my chest, hot tears flowing.”He’s probably in there screwing her right now…”
“Im sorry.” I whispered.”You know…your not as bad as I thought.”
She almost smiled but the bus passed us with the word ‘BIEBER’ written in giant letters on the side of it, making her crash into my chest. I hugged her closer and let her cry…

Justin’s POV I kissed Caitlin’s cheek then went to my bedroom, plopping down on my bed, smiling. As I sat in silence, my smile faded into a frown.”Dammit!” I yelled through gritted teeth, punching the pillow. What just happend?
Caitlin kissed me…and I had kissed back? I cheated on Lexi… what was wrong with me? I was seriously disturbed! The only reason I kissed back was becuz…I loved her. I loved Caitlin, and I missed her. But was I really willing to throw away everything Alex and I had been through?
I was motionless, staring at the ceiling. Flashes from the Bahammas came to my mind, us swimming, the time at the pond, Gabrielle, then after. More memories flooded my head like a slide show. Rick Mayerson, our web cam dates, the beatings…the rape. The car accident, Brie’s coma. Brie’s death. The first time Alexis and I had sex, and the second, and third. I wasnt ready to give that up. She was my world and I loved Caitlin but…I was completley in love with Alexis. I would give my life for her…
*The Next Day*
Alexis POV I woke up with my head on Ryan’s shoulder. Last night he had been the one to comfort me when I cried, he listened when I talked. I told him everything. And he told me quite alot also, it turns out we had alot in common.
“Ryan.” I whispered, staring at him. Snoring lightly.”Get up!”
“What?” he woke up fast.”Oh…are you okay?”
This got me thinking about last night. Justin had cheated on me. With Caitlin.”Im fine…and you know what I just remembered.”
“The other day Justin had got mad at me for being worried about Caitlin. And he made me feel guilty, after he promised he would never ever cheat on me…”
He frowned and sat up, rubbing his eyes.”Im so sorry.”
“Its not your fault.” I sat up too and grabbed a bottle of water.
“No it is. if I hadnt of told you to go out there then you would never have seen that.” he argued.
I shook my head.”Exactly! I never would have known that happend. Thank you.”
Ryan’s eyes searched my facial expressions. But the SUV was stopped so I got out and stretched my legs, they felt like noodles.
I had changed into this .com/imgres?imgurl=./images/1-…

Luckily I hadnt ran into Justin yet this morning. But when I went to put my dirty laundry with my bags, he walked into the room. Shutting the door and locking it.
“Where have you been? You weren’t in your bed this morning.” he asked.
“I slept in the SUV last night. With Ryan.” I added.
“Ryan?” he sounded suspicious.”What were you doing with him?”
I turned around quickly to stand in front of him. Face to face.”He was nice to me.” I said simply.
“Okayyy?” he slurred and I turned back around.”Are you still having female issues?”
“No, actually I ended yesterday.” I said and felt him smile as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I couldnt believe he had the guts to pretend like he didnt do anything. His lips came to me neck, kissing it and I paused. He felt so good on me but now all I could imagine was him doing this to Caitlin.”Dont touch me!” I elbowed his stomach not too hard, just enough so I could walk away to the door.
“Oww.” he grabbed my arm gently.”Whats your problem?”
“Your my problem.” I ripped my arm out of his hand and walked out of the room.
“Alexis?” he called and chased me, so I continued moving my feet until they were outside in the sunshine.
Last night I was upset. And I still was, it felt like my heart had been shattered into a million pieces. As if my whole body was gonna collapse. But right now at this second, it was the stage where I was angry.
“Go away Justin.” I kept walking down the little country side.
“Not until you tell me what goin on?” he shouted at me, trying to catch up.
I stopped in my tracks and turned to him, slamming my fist into his chest.”I cant believe you! You can act like nothing ever happend! Your such a liar and…and I hate you!” I knew I didnt mean that. But it felt needed to say it.
“Alex what are you-” he stopped and thought.”No…you couldnt have. You were asleep.” his jaw dropped open in sadened recognition.
“Your nothing but a liar! You ‘promised’ me that we would tell the public after the trial, you ‘promised’ me you would never CHEAT on me, and you ‘promised’ me that you loved me!You LIED!” Tears burnt my eyes and almost fell to the ground but his arms caught me.
“I DO love you!” he said his voice cracking.
“Get off me! Get off me.” I repeated and hit his chest with my hands again.”Let go!”
“No.” he said sternly.”Let me explain!”
“I dont want you to!” I finally shoved him off walking away again.”Dont follow me Justin!” I pointed at him.”Just dont…”
“Baby…” he whimpered.
I scoffed and a few tears fell on my cheek.”Maybe you should of thought of that before. You have Caitlin now.”
“NO…Alex please!” he ran to me, falling on his knees hugging my waist.”I cant live without you.”
I didnt say anything but after a few seconds he looked up at me, with tears in his eyes.”You dont mean that.” I whispered and urgently stormed off.

We were gonna be in this town the whole day and I couldnt stand to be by Justin. Wiping away tears I went to get my purse when I bumped into Caitlin.
“Guess what Lexi?” she mocked.”Justin and I kissed last night. Looks like your finger-licking didnt work. Good game though.”
“Oh my God Caitlin, this isnt a game!” I snapped again and lost control.”And if it is then you win, he’s yours. I give up…just leave me alone.”
She stared at me dumb-founded then silently walked away. I grabbed my purse and went straight to Pattie,”Can I borrow a car please?”
“What?” she asked suprised.
“Please can I borrow a car? Im not gonna crash it, I promise. And I mean it when I make a promise.”
“Okaay.” she said slowly giving me the keys.”But be careful.”
“I will.” I replied heading outside again.
“Alex?” I heard Justin’s voice again and it only made me get in the SUV faster. Driving off, in my rear-view mirror I saw the silliuette of Justin’s body in the dust.
Once I got on the road I had to decide where to go…

Justin’s POV My knees gave out and I fell in the dirt, next to the bus. This was all my fault, well of coarse it was. Your the one that cheated, asshole. My head collided with my hands.
Alexis had just left me out here, Id said I couldnt live without her. And Id meant it. Voices rose inside the bus and I listened…
Caitlin’s pitched in.”Guess what Lexi? Justin and I kissed last night. Looks like you finger licking didnt work. Good game though.”
“Oh my God Caitlin, this isnt a game!” Alex raised her voice, it shrieked with sadness.”And if it is then you win, he’s yours. I give up…just leave me alone.” her voice faded into a whine.
This couldnt be happening, what was I gonna do? Why did I have to be so stupid and kiss her back last night? I shouldve shoved her off and went to my girlfriend. Suddenly Alex came rushing out the door with keys in her tiny fist, headed straight to the SUV.
“Alex?” I asked jumping up. I had to explain things, she couldnt leave me. We had been through so much, this was nothing compared to the past. With one last glance at me she basically ran to the SUV, leaving me in the dust.
“Noo…” I whined falling to the ground again.
“Justin c’mon, we have rehearsals!” Kenny grabbed my arm pulling me up as I stayed un-moving.”I’ll carry you.” he warned dragging me like a rag doll.

Alexis POV I ended up driving to the local mall, walking around. I knew for sure I wasnt gonna buy anything, not that I didnt have the money but I came here to get away and think. I smirked at the thought of thinking, what was to think? He cheated on me.
But as always that tiny voice in the back of my mind spoke up. ‘You love him and he loves you. Are you willing to give that up?’
I plopped on a bench, throwing my head in my hands frustrated. No, I replied silently. Justin was too amazing to be true, he cared about me of coarse and loved me but…not enough to not cheat on me. He broke his promise.
Tears formed in my baggy eyes, sleep didnt exactly get me last night and crying most of the time didnt help. Memories of Justin and I flashed in my mind, us hugging, kissing, cuddling, and laughing together. I loved him so much, but what he did wasnt okay. Caitlin kissed him and he kissed her back with so much…happiness. Now flashes of Justin and Caitlin came through my mind. Them hugging when I first met her, he looked so happy. Did he look that way when he was with me?
I looked up as sobs erupted in my throat.”Miss are you ok?” one of the workers from DEBS came out to sit next to me.
I didnt know what to say. I wasnt, but I also wasnt gonna tell my life story to some stranger.”Im fine, thank you.”
“Do you need something? Are you lost?”
“No…just a little shaken.”
“Can I help you in anyway?” she asked kindly. She must have been in her late 20’s, cuz she looked quite young and dressed in revealing clothing.
Why not? Its not like she knows me.”Last night I caught my boyfriend kissing his ex-girlfriend. I love him so much and I dont know what to do.” I mumbled wiping away a couple salty tears.
“Oh…” she gasped then her eyes softened in understanding.”Ive been in your situation before so I might be a little help.”
I nodded and listened eagerly, waiting for her to continue.
“I caught my man cheating on me with his ex and I was completley in love so I didnt want to leave him. But I didnt want him to just get away with it, I was so confused.” she started talking getting more comfy on the wooden seat.
“Yeah?” I whispered.
“Well I overheard him talking to his friends. He said he loved me but he really loved his ex and thought that he never should have left her.” she looked down sadly at the memory.
“What did you do?” I asked quietly. I needed to hear this.
“In the end I left him.” she looked at me and saw me sigh.”But not because he cheated on me. I left him because I knew he would be happier with his ex Elena. It was the hardest thing Id ever done.”
“So they are together now?” I asked suprised.
“Yep…happily married for 5 years and counting…” her hand came on mine softly.
“Do you still love him?” even though I felt nosy, this story really hit me.
A small grin formed on her sad face.”With all my heart. I havent moved on yet, but it doesnt matter. I see him every evening getting coffee, and he is always happy. Which is perfectly fine with me.”
I searched her face in shock. She left the one she loved to make him happier. I followed her gaze to a coffee stand across the room, with a man in a business suit ordering.”Is that him?” I said almost inaudioable.
She pursed her lips and nodded hard, watching him. The man turned around and saw the two of staring, after a second he squinted at the woman next to me. His face lit up in excited suprise and he smiled waving to his ex lover.
Her breathing quickened and she waved back. I could feel her pain as she watched him leave the mall.”Your…so brave.”
“No…he’s just the most important thing in my life. Id sacrifice my life for his happiness.”
We both sat in silence, and my mind began to wonder. Justin loved Caitlin, and if he wanted to be with her then I would rather have him be happy. Even if it meant hurting me in the process. I stood and thanked her before rushing to my car driving to the tour bus as the sun set…
Arriving at the bus it was past darkness. I knew nobody would be there since they should be at Justin’s concert. My lip had a dint in it from me biting it so much, I walked in the front door suprised at what I saw.
“Hey Ryan.” I mumbled walking to him like a zombie.
“Where have you been?” he smiled as he sat on the couch.
I whimpered as I looked around at the tour bus. It hurt to see it all.”Mall…shouldnt you be at his concert?” I asked, if I said his name I might have another breakdown.
“No, he made sure I waited here for you.”
A whoosh of air came from my mouth in a rush. This was so hard to do.”Can I talk to you?”
“Yeah Lexi.” he patted the seat next him concerned…”Whats up?”

Ryan was waiting out in the ‘living room’ by the bunk beds as I was in Justin’s bedroom. Packing my bags, when I rumaged through my clothes I found one of Justin’s old sweatshirts he let me wear all the time.
Bringing it to my face, I inhaled his scent and tears fell down my cheeks again. I couldnt stand the thought of being away from him, but he was more important than me. It was for the best.
Setting it back down I felt around my neck for the dogtags that were always there. Holding them in between my fingers tightly I cried harder. I needed to let the tears fall before I had to say goodbye to everyone, it would already take all I had in me to say it. Justin was better off with Caitlin, Pattie liked her, she knew everyone already and she was more use to the fame. My life was dirty, I had no parents and my sister was dead, Id been beat and raped. I wasnt use to this life and for the sake of Justin’s career and happiness…he was better without me.
I had my back to the door but I heard it creak open and someone entered. He didnt have to say anything for me to know it was him, an automatic warmness surrounded my broken heart.
“Alexis.” Justin stated quietly shutting the door behind him.
I sat up slowly and turned to look at him with tear stained eyes.”Hi.”
He sighed a breath of relief.”Good…your talking to me.”
I took a few strides to close the distance between us, when I got there niether said anything for a moment.”Guess I should give this back,” I grabbed the sweatshirt with shaking hands.
“You dont have to, just give it back to me when you get back…” he whispered then focused on my neatly packed bags by the door.”Wait…where are you going?”
I swallowed hard trying to push the lump in my throat down but it stuck.”Justin im going back to RosenFalls…” (I dont know if thats a real place? but its where she lives)
A clear sheet of water covered his eyes, making them glisten as he stared at me shocked.
“And im not coming back.”I whispered hoarsly.
It took a second for him to register this.”W-wh-what? You can’t leave…what about me?”
His voice sounded so bereaved and when he looked at me like that, it made it hard to breathe. If I didnt do this the hard way, he would try to convince me to stay. I thought my heart couldnt hurt anymore but what I did right now made my heart shatter into another million pieces.
“I can leave and I am.” I said sternly even though I was dying on the inside.
His eyebrows pulled up slightly in confusion.”What about us? If this is about Caitlin-”
“Its not about Caitlin.” I raised my head higher interupting him.”I just dont want you anymore.”
I could physically see that, the last comment wounded his ego.”So your just gonna throw away this past half year?”
“I’ll always remember you, but we should both move on.” I gasped slightly, my heart beating faster as if it would explode.
“Your just picking up and leaving, after all that we’ve been through together?” he mumbled his voice cracking from the tears forming in his eyes.
“Your mom got me a red-eye ticket back home…she was quite enthusiastic about it too.”
Justin looked to the side then up to the ceiling pacing back and forth before standing firmly in front of me.”Please dont do this. I love you.” I felt his cold hands intertwine through my fingers.
At a loss for what to do and on the urge of a breakdown I wrapped my arms around his neck strongly, hugging him.”I love you too…”
He held me tightly, not letting go until I pushed back. Looking into his eyes for a moment I leaned in giving him a long, lingering, and passionate kiss. He carrassed my waist and pulled me close, kissing my lips as if the world was about to end.
Gently I pulled back then pecked his cheek.”Goodbye Justin.” Ignoring his pleas,”Alexis please! Dont leave me!” I picked up my bags and left the room, leaving him sitting on the bed in shock.
“Kenny can you take me to the airport now?” I asked handing him my bags to put in the car.
“Yeah, let me know when your ready.”
“Ok thanks.” I smiled through my pain, I had to speak with a couple others before I left.”Pattie?”
“Yes Alexis?” she asked smiling.
“I just want you to know im sorry.” I knew she wouldnt understand so before she could question me I took Justin’s dogtags from around my neck and slid them in her hand.”Can you make sure Justin gets this?”
“Of coarse.”
“Thank you.” I hugged her then turned to walk up to Caitlin.
“What?” she snapped.
“Can I talk to you?” I asked kindly.”Outside?”
She flipped her hair and stepped out the door into the darkness.”What do you want?”
“Listen to me and listen good. Now that you and Justin are together you better treat him right.” I warned.”Love him, be there for him, and be his friend! If I find out you hurt him in any way…I will find you. And I will give you pain to the full extent. Got it?”
Her eyes were full of fear.”Okayy…”
I gave her one last dirty look then got in the SUV with Kenny. I watched the tour bus until we did a sharp turn and it dissapeared.
Sniffling tears I looked over to the drivers side.”How did he do tonight on stage?”
He smirked.”Besides looking like someone just died, forgetting some dance moves and lyrics, AND having to get taken off stage 3 times…not too bad.”
This made me cry harder but silently, it was official. I was no longer with Justin Bieber and…my heart was completley broken to pieces…

Justin’s POV I’d remained seated on my bed, this wasnt happening. I was dreaming and any moment now I was gonna wake up with Alexis, my beautiful girlfriend that I love, at my side. Waiting for this nightmare to end fresh tears fell on my cheeks.
I couldnt loose her, she was my everything…the more I sat and sulked, the more her words came to my mind.’Your mom got me a red-eye ticket’
That was it, I still had time to talk her out of this nonsense. The airport! Once the idea came to mind, my heart kicked into gear. Adrenaline running through my veins, my feet pounded on the ground as I sprinted out of my room to the front of the bus.”Stop! Pull over!”
“I said pull over!” my eyes threatened the driver that I wasnt kidding.”NOW!”
My insides churned when I felt the jerk of the vehicle, pulling over. If we pulled over then the SUV’s would too, I could still catch her at before she got on the plane. Running towards the exit I slammed into my mother’s chest.
“And where do you think your going?” she raised her eyes at me.
I was panting from the energy I felt resting in my tight muscles. Everything had went by so slow and it just now hit me, what was going on.”Alexis, mom.” I gasped.”I need her.”
“Justin…” she sighed and pointed for the driver to continue down the road.”Lets talk.”
“No, I have to hurry! There isnt much time-” I tried puushing her out of the way but she grabbed my wrist interupting me.
“Im you mother, you listen to me right now! March your ass back into that room!” she screamed angry, I could tell from the way she wrinkled her forehead.
If my skin hadnt of already been red, it would have been deeper cherry. I glanced around and saw everyone staring at us.”Whats goin on?” Chaz murmered to Ryan.
Without an arguement I slumped back into the room, waiting for the lecture. All the while peaking at my watch, Alex was probably arriving at the airport now.”What?” I asked aggitated.
My mom Pattie shut the door behind her and gave me a mothering look.”Tell me whats going on.” she demanded crossing her arms.”Why did she leave?”
“I cheated on her…with Caitlin.” I mumbled annoyed. The clock was ticking and we were wasting precious time.
This seemed to brighten up her face,”Oh…so you like Caitlin again? Thats cool.”
“No mom.” I said quickly.”I mean yes, its just…complicated.”
“But you like her?”
“Yes but kissing her was a mistake.”
“Do you love her?” her voice was soft.
“Who?” I looked up at her face, while picking my nails nervously.
“Caitlin!” she rolled her eyes from my question.
“Oh…I guess so.”
“Then you guys should be together.” she smiled happily at me.
“Noo mom. I love Alexis.”
She groaned.”Well she obviously doesnt love you enough, she told me to give this back to you.”
Reaching in her pocket, Pattie pulled out my dog tag necklace I gave Lexi in the Bahammas, tossing it at me. I caught it quickly, holding it against my chest. For some reason it seemed delicate to me, like it was a piece of Alexis. A sad gasp escaped from my mouth.
“Its okay honey…she doesnt deserve you anyway.” I felt a pat on my back.
“But mom…” I whined, my voice cracking from my salty tears.”I love her so much.”
“I know baby. I know…” she murmered while hugging me to her chest.

*A Few Days Later*

Alexis POV I was laying on my bed, in my room wearing this-
I hadnt been outside since I arrived at my huge but empty house, though Brittney promised to drive up today. Her and Jacob were living together in a half-priced cheesy apartment, from his hometown which left me completely alone in RosenFalls. She didnt mind the smallness of her new home, as long as she had him…she was happy. But now I officially had nobody, atleast I would see her familiar face today. Unfortunatly I had to explain why ‘I left Justin freakin Bieber’ as she said it on the phone. Nobody understood that he wasnt ‘Justin Bieber’ to me anymore. He was my heart, all of it.
Interupting my emotion filled thoughts, the door bell rang. A permanent frown rode my lips as my feet shuffled through my house to open my front door ajar enough to let her know to come in before heading back upstairs.
“Hey!” she squealed opening her arms for a hug but grimaced at my unexcitement.”Whats wrong?”
I said nothing but instead shrugged, a spark of happiness lit my body at the fact that Jacob wasnt with her. Nothing against him but this would be easier without him here to bother us.
“Lexi…” she mumbled taking my hand and stopping me from going back up to the safety of my covers, all the while closing the front door.”What happend?”
Sitting down on my couch and grabbing a pillow to hold onto, I let my eyes glaze over with tears.”He cheated on me Britt…” my voice was so hoarse from not using my vocal cords in days.
“Justin?” her eyebrows raised in suprise as she sat next to me.
I winced at the sound of his name, it hurt to think about him or what he was doing at this exact moment…
Justin’s POV While everyone had their backs turned at rehearsals, quickly I tugged my phone from my light blue jeans’ pocket dialing Alex’s number…of coarse I got her voicemail, which had been changed to-
‘You’ve reached Alexis. If your trying to get ahold of me…dont.’ Her voice sounded so dead. I’d spent the last few days texting and calling her constantly, my fingers were litterally numb from pressing the buttons.
“Alexis please…call me.” I told her voicemail then hung up and texted her fast before my mother could yell at me-

Justin: please look at the news…im so sorry lexi

Alexis POV I had just spent the past 15 minutes explaining everything that had happend since our departure, while we sat on my couch.
“I just cant believe this. He was so nice.” she mumbled shaking her head slowly at this bitter news.
“Niether can I…” I sighed in undertone with a frown on my face. My phone went off and I fell back against the side, letting out another sigh of grief.”Noo..” I whined my shoulders falling.
“What?” Brittney asked as her hand reached for the phone on the table.
“Its Justin. He wont stop calling.” my eyes closed, trying to block tears.
“Well answer it!” she said annoyed throwing the phone at me.”You didnt get the whole story, maybe he was just doing it becuz he didnt want to make her mad or something.”
“I did this for his own good, he wanted her Britt. You werent there. You didnt see the way he kissed her, he loves her.” I ran my fingers through my hair frustrated. This was already hard to do, I didnt need everyone telling me not to do it.
“Yeah well you didnt see the way he kissed you. It was completely obvious that he was head of heals in love with you.” she said wrinkling her nose, frustrated too.
I groaned with confusion and layed down, but my phone rang again. A text this time.
Extending my hand out to curl around my phone, tugging it from her hand since she had grabbed it again, she asked.”What’d he say?”
“I dont know. Im deleting it.” I said about to press erase before viewing the message.
“No!” her bony hand scooped it from me.”I wanna know what he said!”
“Britt give it up!” I said plopping back down to take a deep and ragged breath.
It was silent as she read the message, and I wasnt gonna lie. A part of me was curious to what he said. Without saying anything she snatched the remote up and turned on the news.
“Well?” I asked raising my eyebrows chiefly.
“He said to watch the news.”
My mind was puzzled but I focused on the flat screen TV, as a woman with a tan trench coat, tied tightly against her not so fit body, held the microphone with her plump hand.
“And in other news, the breakout of Bieber Fever has been brought to the attention once again. Apparently last night, 16 year old Bieber was singing at his concert when he unexpectedly did a cover of Mariah Carey’s ‘We Belong Together’ This caused an outbreak of rumors from all the crazed Bieber fanatics. So what do you think…does teen sensation Justin Bieber have a ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ in his busy life? Or is he heartbroken? Tell us what you think, email us at-” her voice faded from my ringing ears as she went on about the website.
My bright eyes filled with tears as they played a video of him singing that song, his eyes big and sad.
Brittney looked at me with guilt covering her face.”Im sorry…I shouldnt have.” As her eyes scrutinized my face she bit her lip suggesting,”Why dont you just tell him the truth?”
“I cant.” I argued through gritted teeth.
“Why not?”
“I-I just cant.”
*One Week Later*

“Get up!” Brittney Stonebraker ripped off my covers.”You havent gotten out of bed in a week, lets go!”
I shivered from the sudden rush of air against my skin.”Noo..” I groaned snatching at them, raising it above my head to hide me in darkness.
“Im serious Alexis Davis! Get your skinny ass up and out of that bed! Your coming with me to shop.”
“Britt, no. Im too depressed.”
“I dont care, you’ve chosen to live without him…that means you actually have to live!” she empashized the word live.
My eyes fluttered open as I stared at her, immediatley going to her hands which grasped an outfit.”Whats that?”
“Your outfit,” her hand jerked to toss it at me.”Go shower first, you look like shit.”
Letting out a signafied groan, I slid off the bed and into my bathroom.

“I hate you.”
“I know.” she smiled, driving with me in the passenger seat.
My eyes narrowed with anger.”And this was your idea?” I snapped my head back to look at Jacob who was lounging comfortably in the backseat.
His hands lifted up innocently.”I dont know…”
Grumbling unintelligibly, I frowned glaring at the open traffic. Clouds doomed overhead from pre-rain, and the wind was blowing hard. The weather matched my attitude…bad.
The origin of my bad mood came not only from the fact that it had only been a week, since I saw my beloved Justin, who wasnt my boyfriend anymore cuz of my so selfless sacrifice, and I was already going crazy. I almost regret doing it but then I take a breath and think about that one day, at the mall. He would be happier without me, his pleasure came before mine.
Anyway, not only was my bestfriend Brittney not allowing me to sulk, like usual, she made me wear this monkey suit-
.com/imgres?imgurl=./2009/04/30/49760… with fishnet stockings and boots. She obviously thought that a good way to get my mind out of the gutter was to play a game… this wasnt exactly my ideal game to play. Especially now, with everything happening. We were to walk around the city, club to club and see how many guys were brave enough to smack my ass. At that point I was refusing to play but what could I do? It was two against one.
“I thought you said we were shopping?” I muttered still, very much upset.
“Nah…I lied.” she grinned while pulling into a parking lot.”Lets go, ass smacking!”
A hint of a smile tugged at my lips, but not all the way. After all…how could I smile when I knew that Justin and I were over.

*Later That Night*

“Im very impressed by how many brave guys were out tonight.” Brittney commented impressed as we strutted down the dark street. A can with fire coming out of it and a group of homeless people were up to the left. I was never one to be tough when it came to things like this, I was always afraid.
“C’mon…” I pushed them over to the other side since traffic was now slim to none.”Cant we get back? Im tired and my butt is starting to bruise.”
“Is not!” Jacob laughed at me.
“Okayy but it still hurts a little. You havent had a bunch of nasty old guys grabbing at your ass the past 5 hours, besides im freezing in this outfit-” my voice trailed off as one guy walked up to us.
“Hey there hot stuff.” he winked. I could tell he wasnt sober from the way he slurred his words and by his 5’o’clock shadow which made him look 5 years older, I guessed he must have been in his late 20’s.
Once we walked by him I braced myself for the tap that would soon meet my buttocks, but when none came I sighed, relieved.
“Hey where you going?” a rough a hand came around my wrist and he tugged me back.”Its illegal to be a cock tease, you know that?”
I grunted and tried to get out of his grasp but a greedy hand, went to my waist pulling me close.”Dont!” I started hyperventilating, until the fear sank beneath my skin so deep I opened my mouth to let out a blood-curlding scream. Flashes of Rick crossed my mind.
Immediatley he let me go and took a few steps back.”Woah…calm down bitch. I was just fooling.”
I ran into Brittney’s arms and let tears fall. I knew this was nothing serious but after…Rick…I let the slightest things freak me out. Gasping for air as sobs erupted in my chest, I began crying histarically.
“Dude! What the fuck’s your problem?” Jacob shoved his chest, causing him to crash into the ground.”Get out of here!”
For a second he was froze in fear but once Jake rolled the sleeves of his jacket up preparing for a fight, his heart pounded and he took off faster than lightning.”Honey your alright…” Britt cooed, rubbing my hair.
“Le-lets just g-go h-home.” I stuttered and closed my eyes tight. As soon as the thought of Justin came to mind I tried shoving it out, but it was too late. I wanted him here so bad, to tell me it was alright, and to kiss me.
Of coarse, Brittney read my mind.”Do you want me to call him?” she asked shyly.
I knew who she was referring to,”NO! Please dont. Just take me home…”
“Alright…” she whispered comfortingly throwing a worried glance at her lover.

Justin’s POV It had been over a week. Over a week, that my heart was ripped out of my chest and stolen. Now at the present time, I was laying on my bed…as I did every night. It felt as if everything fun in my life had been taken away. The fun in ‘me’ had been taken away.
“Justin?” I heard an angelic voice say my name, closing the door.
“Yes Caitlin?” I asked annoyed. This was Caitlin…my girlfriend.
“Baby why do you always stay in here?” she asked climbing next to me on the bed, making the springs creak.
“Im just tired…been busy.” I said emotionless. When I said I loved Caitlin and missed her, it felt so right…but now that I had her back? It felt so wrong. If it wasnt for my mom, pushing us together so much I would have broke it off. I would rather spend the rest of my life alone then without Alexis, but for now I had to make my mom happy.
“Well I have very good news!” she squealed and I just wanted to close her mouth. She was so obnoxious.
“Really?” I said with fake enthusiasm. I could care less, good news to her was most likely meaningless to me.
“I guess I should let your mom tell you,” she bit her lip, deciding.
Rolling my eyes behind her back I stood to walk out the door.”Mom? You have news?”
A sweet smile curved at her lips.”I have very good news, I was talking to Scooter and we both decided that it’s best to tell the public.”
“About what?” I shrugged, not caring what they had to say.
“You getting back together with Caitlin.” Pattie grinned at me happily.
I bit my tongue to keep back the anger I felt couldnt be happening!”Oh…” I tried to smile but grimaced.
“Isnt that awesome baby?” Caitlin jumped in my arms.
Oh my God! I was close to throwing her off me and screaming ‘Quit calling me baby!’ but instead I hugged her.”Excuse me…” I pushed past everyone and went into my room, locking it.
Squishing my pillow to my face I screamed into it,”Fuck!” I didnt know what to do, the hollow space in my chest burned with heartache.
Kicking the bed and throwing all the throw pillows off it, I hit the wall and slid down it slowly as the tears stung my eyes.”Alexis…” I groaned as if she could hear me.

Alexis POV Brittney and Jacob decided to stay at my house for the night, once I got changed and in the safety of my home everything was better. I was even in a better mood, smiling a little.
Jake at the moment was dancing around on one foot, since we were playing truth or dare like a bunch of school girls.”Go babe!” Brittney giggled while timing him.
Finally he met his maker…the couch. Crashing to the ground with a thud.”Ouch!” he whined, sitting up.
I laughed a little,”Are you okay?”
“Yeah im fine.” he replied but when I saw his arm, I knew he must be in some kind of pain.
“Jake your arm!” Britt noticed the same time I did. “Let me help you.”
We spent the next 5 minutes, cleaning out the three slices he had down his arm from a knick-knack. Watching the beauty of their love I started feeling depressed again, they were so happy. She touched him so gently,”Thanks beautiful.” he commented and kissed her lips softly.
I looked away uncomfortable at their moment, but when my eyes diverted back to them…it stood out. The very shiny, medium sized ring on Brittney’s left ring finger.
“Brittney?” I gasped loudly, gaping at it.
“What?” she muttered not paying attention.
“Your engaged?” I shouted shocked, this was happening so fast.
Her ears perked at that word, and she blushed, clocking her ring.”Yeah…I was gonna tell you.”
Even though my heart was breaking even more I managed to give her a smile.”Im so happy for you! This is great!”
“I know!” she squealed and we hugged while jumping up and down.
“Hey over here! Man down!” Jacob smirked at us.
“Right.” I corrected myself, sitting back in my chair.”Details later though…”
“Totally.” her smile was from ear to ear.

We engaged in serious wedding talk while she bandaged his arm.”Almost done.” she clapped her hands just as my phone went off.
I glanced down even though I knew it was him. Who else would it be? Well it could’ve been Ryan but we had just ended our conversation a few minutes ago, he said he had to go help Kenny. Before I got the chance to press ignore, a hand stopped me.
“I dare you to answer that…” Brittney smiled evily at me.
“What? Britt…no!”
“C’mon, it wont hurt.”
But the truth was…it would hurt. Alot. And thats why I was avoiding speaking to him. Taking a deep breath and giving her once last glare I answered it.”H-hello?” I stuttered nervous.
“Alex!” I heard Justin’s magical voice, suprised that I answered. He was expecting my voicemail.
“Nope… Will Ferrell.” I tried to joke but it sounded stupid from my mono tone.
I heard a faint chuckle, he had always loved my sense of humor.”Im glad you picked up.” he started.
Silence passed and he finally spoke.”Ive missed you.”
I couldnt bring myself to say the words back, if I did then I would break down.”What do you want Justin?” I asked bluntly.
“I called to tell you something.” he said nervously.
“Im waiting…”
“In two days, I have my concert in RosenFalls…”
I didnt know this, and it took me by suprise.”O-oh..”
“Yeaaah…and at that concert, I’ll be announcing something.”
My lips trembled from the rest of my shaking body.”Huh?” My God I had butterflies in my stomach, it was like I just met him again. I couldnt say more than one syllable at a time.
Brittney and Jacob were listening intently, hanging on to my every word. My heart jumped, what was he talking about?
“Caitlin and I are announcing that we are back together again to the press.” he said with utter dissapointment.
I could see Brittney lose focus on Jake’s arm and my jaw dropped, my eyes filling with tears. How could he? Wait a minute, this was what I wanted. His happiness. But still the butterflies vanished, and in its place was a burning hot stab.
“Thats great Justin but as you can tell im very busy-” I shoved the phone out in front of me and motioned for them to talk.
Jake’s booming deep voice echoed with laughter.”Lex stop touching me like that.”
If this would have been another time I would have giggled like crazy from his ‘goofy self’ but my insides were churning with love sickness.

Justin’s POV A deep guys voice could be heard loudly in the background.”Lex stop touching me like that.”
She had another guy? Already? Tears flooded my eyes, as I choked back a sob…I was calling to tell her I wanted her back and would do anything for her to forgive me before it was too late…but she had moved on.
“Well just thought I would say that.” my voice cracked not only from the tears but it didnt help when puberty was stalking me.
“Okay, fine. Bye.” she hung up quickly and I grabbed at my chest. It was hollow, she had my heart. And she had just stabbed it.
“Justin!” Caitlin called from the other room.”Where are you?”
I sighed and looked out the window feeling the depressed heartache lurk into me…

Alexis POV “I think im gonna head up to bed.” I mumbled incoherently standing to walk upstairs, stopping around the corner to let a few tears fall.
“Do you think she’s gonna be okay?” Brittney asked Jake. Apparently they thought I was in my room and couldnt hear them, against my better judgement I stayed silent and listened. Even though it gave me a flash of the last time I eavesdropped on a private conversation. I found out just how much Pattie hated me. I didnt understand it either, I had nothing to her. When I asked her to get me plane tickets she was more than happy, it had killed me to see how glad she was that I was leaving.
“Its gotta be tough, doing this…but I think everything will work out.” he replied and all I heard was the sucking noise of kissing.
Letting out a sigh of bleakness I went to my room, and changed into this .com/imgres?…
Flicking the switch to turn off the light I jumped in bed and layed in the silence. Well almost silence, until I heard moaning coming from downstairs. In my house! Seriously? They couldnt wait till tomorrow?
Grumbling I grabbed my Ipod and shoved the plugs in my ears, blaring music. Im just jealous, I chastised myself.
They love eachother and got to kiss and make love, while I sat up here alone, depressed. I missed Justin more than anything right now, and it made me realize that my love for him was dangerous. I couldnt live without him…but I had to. If it meant his happiness was at sake then I would. I would die for his happiness. Still the bothering in the pit of my stomach never left, his lips on my skin…just being in his arms was enough. More tears fell down my cheeks as I started to hear the lyrics to the song that played.
Crying Over You- by Taio Cruz It was so much of how I felt right now, and it made me so much more emotional. Just to make it harder on myself I remembered all the memories I had with him, imagining in my mind that his arms were around me, and I was still with him on tour.

*Next Morning*

Brittney had left with Jake earlier this morning which left me alone all day. But I didnt mind, I was just gonna sleep the pain away…

Justin’s POV I woke up to the music in my ears, still playing. I had found the perfect song last night, how I felt towards Alexis right now and I’d put it on repeat. Take Me Back- by Taio Cruz Immediatley going to the shower I felt the hot steamy water pounding on my back. Alexis had moved on…I guess she really had meant it when she said she didnt want me anymore. Its just, I thought we had something special, so this was difficult.
“Hey Justin.” Kenny smiled at me as we finished putting our stuff away in the SUV. Another long night and tomorrow I would wake up, being less than 20 miles from where Alex was. I didnt know if I could do this.
“Hi.” I said deadly.
“Im just saying…if your gonna let Alex go, then you could atleast pay attention to Caitlin now. Besides…she’s annoying the hell out of me.” he cracked a giggle and walked off.
Yeah…Caitlin Beadles. I loved her. But now it seemed more like a friend or sister love. Which was…fucked up considering she was my girlfriend. Oh and I was telling the public? I hope they know how many fans im gonna lose because of this, and its Caitlin. I mean if this was Alexis she was worth it but…Caitlin being my girlfriend was gonna hurt my career.
“Justin?” I heard her voice from behind me.
“Caitlin.” I stated and turned around with a fake smile. My whole world was falling apart yet when I looked around, everything seemed so peaceful.
A sweet grin came on her lips as she kissed me, my lips moved with hers but there was no passion.
“What’s wrong?” she pulled back looking into my eyes.
Justin’s POV “Nothing…what makes you say that?”
“Your not into me.” she said as her smile faded.
“I am.” I said defensively. I wasnt into her but she made it sound like I was gay.
“Then lets go have fun. We can lock the doors.” her eye came up in a wink as her hands came around to my back.
“Caitlin, I told you. Im just tired, the tour is really busy and I just dont have alot of energy.”
Her eyes narrowed with anger.”Whatever.”
“Caitlin! Dont be like that!” I yelled at her as she flipped her hair, storming back to the tour bus. Rolling my eyes I groaned and started towards the bus too.

*The Next Morning*

Alexis POV I sat up and darkness surrounded me. Today, Justin was going to be less than half an hour away from me…but he would also be announcing Caitlin and his relationship together.
A loud banging noise, made me jump up, alert.”Who’s there?” I said going for the metal baseball bat I always kept beside my bed.”Answer me!”
Footsteps, clunked against my staircase, getting closer each step. I bit my lip and walked towards the door, with my voice cracking from the fear shriveling beneath my veins,”Who’s there!”
I turned the corner quickly and swung the bat back, preparing for aim.
“AH! Woah, woah, woah! Put the bat down!” Brittney screeched, tugging the headphones from her head.
“Why didnt you answer me!” I threw the bat back down and sighed, relieved.
She popped her gum, and shoved her Ipod in my face.”Couldnt hear you. Usually your still sleeping, what are you doing up this early?”
“Its my house.” I complained stalking into my room, like a zombie.
She exaggerated a sigh and fell in my circle chair.”You know what today is?”
“Nope not at all.” I murmered with deep sarcasm.
She completely ignored my response. “What are you gonna do about it?”
“What do you mean? Im doing nothing, its his choice.” I said taken back.
“Cut the crap Alexis, Justin loves you.” she stood up throwing her arms in the air, frustrated.”And you love him, did you forget everything you guys have endured together?”
“Of coarse not, but he’s happier with her…” I replied numb.
“Says who? Caitlin?” she shouted angrily.”I just cant believe that someone as brave and strong as you is giving up!”
“Im not giving up!” I argued standing to get in her face.
She smirked and looked to the side.”Yeah right. You can make it through your parents death, your sister’s death, and a grown man beating the shit out of you then raping you afterwards, but you cant make it through this? Fight if you love him! Fight back just like you did with Rick!”
Tears sprung in my eyes and I was speechless. It made me wince when she said ‘Rick’.”I cant put him through this again. Im fucking trash! Just like you said, my family is dead and ive been violated before…he doesnt deserve that.” I shook my head sadly.
“Do you love him?” she asked simply.
“Would you die for him?”
“Without hesitance.”
“Then why aren’t you fighting for the person your in love with?” she asked pulling my face to look at her.
“Im afraid…” I whispered.
“Of what? Your willing to give your life for him…you have nothing else to lose.”
Staring into my bestfriends’ eyes, I had nothing to say. She was absolutly right.
“What am I suppose to do?” I asked hopeless.”He’s announcing that he’s dating Caitlin tonight…”
“Fight like you always do. Get him back, and just be happy again.” she pulled me into a tight hug.”I love you so much Lexi and I cant stand to see you in this pain anymore.”
“I love you too Britt.”
We both had tears running down our faces when she let go and grabbed my hand.”Lets go get you ready.”
“For what?” I slightly giggled through tears.
“You want to look hot when he sees you again, dont you?” she winked and went to my closet, determined.
.com/alexis_outfit_healing_wounds_chapter/set?id=23198812 “Are you sure? I mean, isnt this too flashy?” I asked applying lip gloss. I dont know why I asked this, to me it didnt matter what I was wearing besides we had litterally spent the whole day choosing this and I was tired of trying on a million different outfits, just for a no-go.
“Its perfect, now you better get going. The concert is gonna be starting soon.” a proud smile came across her face and she hugged me.
“Thank you so much Brittney… I dont know what I would do without you.” I told her, battling back tears, it would waste time to re-do my makeup.
Her skinny arms were around me for a minute until she let go.”Go.”
I felt blissful as I skipped down the steps, this was it. I had a limited time to get him back before it was too late.
Justin’s POV I lounged uncomfortably on the sofa, backstage. I couldnt believe my mom, last night when I tried telling her how I just didnt love Caitlin in this way anymore…she ignored the subject and assured the positives of it. Wasnt it about me being happy? This was the day I didnt have to lie to my fans anymore, I was supposed to be happy about this. But everyone who came in seeing distance of me noticed the melancholy surrounded me.
“Hey man.” Ryan sat down next to me.”Whats with you, arent you suppose to be happy?”
“I am happy.” I pouted.”Finally, Caitlin and I can just…be together.” The fact that Alex had moved on so fast, made me sick to my stomach though I left that detail out.
“So your really going through with this?”
“Why wouldnt I?” lifting myself off the couch I walked to the side stage, soon I would have to go in front of all the lights and cameras. Though this time I felt like I did when I first performed, all the muscles in my body were up tense and tight.
“Because you love Alexis, well I dont know if you deserve her after cheating.” he shrugged, standing next to me now.
“Well,” I empashized.”She didnt seem to have a problem leaving me, and moving on so quickly.”
Ryan smirked at me and laughed.”Your such an ass, she hasnt moved on…not even close.”
“And you know this how?”
“Cause ive been texting her since she left, which I would congratulate you on having such an amazing girl but…you messed things up with her.”
“She left me because she thought she was better than me!” I said angrily then my tone softened.”And she was right…”
“You dont even know bro.” he patted my back and looked at me very seriously so I gave him a puzzled look back.”The night she left we had a very long conversation about why she was leaving you, since obviously everyone could see you guys were inseperable it just didnt make sense.”
My eyes met his, shocked.”What?”
“She told me…” he started nervously as if he would get in trouble for speaking of it.”Im not suppose to tell you.”
“What!” I squeaked distressed.”Says who?”
“Lexi.” he stated eyeing me apprehensively.
“Ryan unless you want to,” I paused thinking of a word then finished.”die…”- he frowned at me, jutting out his bottom lip-“Yes, im gonna kill you if you dont tell me. Speak. Now.”
My bestfriend whined and if I didnt know better I thought he stomped his foot.”Lexi’s gonna chop my balls off.” but he sighed and began.”Making a long story short, the only reason she left you is becuz she thought you were happier with Caitlin and she wanted you to be happy…even if it meant basically ripping her heart apart. Which it did, by the way.”
My jaw dropped ajar, and I froze.”Are you ser-” but I got interupted by Kenny shoving me.
“Get out there man! There waiting and your gonna be behind, GO!”
“No-wait! Ryan!” I yelled but was ushered out into the crowd of dancers, on stage.

Alexis POV I knew this would happen! Did I actually think something in my life was gonna work out?”Move your ass!” I screamed out my window at the car in front of me while honking my horn. Traffic had been so heavy…
A sudden knock banged on my window.”License and registration please?” a police officer stuck out his hand awaiting.
Impatiently I snatched my purse giving him the information,”Did I do something? Im sorta in a hurry.”
The guy stayed silent but looked back and forth between a paper, me, and my driver’s license.”Alright…step out of your vehicle slowly with your hands on your head.”
“What! Your kidding me right?” I threw my hands up in the air with frustration but my heart pounded as he pulled his gun on me.
“Step out with your hands in the air!”
Biting my trembling lip, I sighed.”What have I done now?” I asked annoyed. This wasnt the first time I had been cuffed, and shoved into the back of a police car.
“Let me out! I didnt do anything!” I hit my fist against the jail bars.
“Yeah niether did I!” a voice spoke from behind me. Then another…and another, repeating me.
I sighed agitated, they werent gonna believe me. They thought I was lying when I said I wasnt the person they thought I was, a young prostitute who had a warrant out for her arrest.
“Where’s my phone call!” I screamed at the guard standing 5 ft away.
“Shut up!” he snapped.”Now get your ass out here,” he flung the bar doors open enough for me to squeeze out.”Use the phone right there.”
I smiled sarcastically and went straight to the phone, even though I didnt know who I should call. Justin? No, he was on stage right now. Well he might answer…
With shaking fingers I hit his number in and listened to his dial tone, until I heard his voice mail.”No…” I whined angrily.
“Alright thats one.” the guard told me, his hand coming around the top of my skinny arm.
“Wait wait! Please, they didnt answer, just one more?” I pleaded with sad eyes.
He hesiated then rolled his eyes, sighing.”Fine…one more.”
“Thank you,” I grinned falsly but my tummy flopped. What could I do now? Maybe I could call Pattie, and get help.
Dialing her number, I listened to the dial tone, waiting.”Hello?” I heard her voice answer.
“Pattie?” I asked shyly. I knew she didnt like me, and it made it awkward to speak with her.”Its Alexis.”
“Oh.” she groaned.”Nice to hear from you.” I could sense the sarcasm in her voice.
“Yeah…can I talk to Justin please? He didnt pick up when I called…”
“Oh, uh. He’s with Caitlin right now. I think they are in his dressing room, I hope they’re not doing anything inappropriate.”
My heart sank, he was with Caitlin…happily. I could fight for him if he wanted me but if he didnt, then that was a different story.”O-okay.” I replied about to hang up until I heard Ryan’s voice in the background.
“Pattie, Pattie, can I see that? Thanks…” he spoke more clearly into the phone.”Lexi?”
“Yeah…your looking for Justin?” he asked hopeful.
“I was but…he’s with Caitlin so nevermind.”
“No, no, no. He’s not. Pattie lied, I dont know why she said that…but he’s on stage right now.”
“Still doesnt change the fact that he’s with Caitlin, Ry. I was stupid to think he would wait for me…”
“But he was. I mean he is. Kinda… I know you told me not to but I litterally just told Justin the real reason why you left him.”
“You what!” I squealed, suprised and slightly angry that he broke his promise.
“Yeah and he loves you. I know he’s made mistakes but he does love you.”
My heart kicked back into gear, doing 120. He loved me. Fight. “Ryan I will be right there! Stall if you have to, but Im coming.”
“See yah.” he chuckled hanging up.
I smiled until I realized he hung up. Shit, I was still in jail…I could always call Julian, he would get me out of this mess. But I need to make another call, racking my brain I remembered his number, about to punch it in.
“Woah, wait! I said one more call.” the officer grabbed my arm.
I noticed he was younger, maybe mid 20’s so I worked it to my advantage.”Im sorry…I just need one more phone call.” I said seductively, bending down to pretend rub my leg. Causing my breast to stick out from my dress…”Please, it would mean everything to me?”
His eyes popped wide open, hungrily as he watched my chest, finally he stuttered.”Y-yeah. I- I guess y-you can have another c-call.” then he-like a male would- leaned against the wall trying to flex his arm, showing me.
I licked my lips playfully.”Thanks.”
Turning around so I didnt have to watch him embarrass himself anymore I dialed the number…
“Hello?” a husky voice answered.
“Julian I need your help.” I spoke quickly, glancing around at the scenery. There was alot of creepy people here and by what I just did…I didnt want to be in a small room with a bunch of criminals.
“Whats wrong?” he asked with something shoved in his mouth.
“Im in jail.”
“What? How’d that happen?”
“I dont know! Just get me out of here ASAP!” I whisper screamed into the reciever.
“Alright I’ll be right there.”
I could tell he shrugged.”Its my job…” then hung up.
“Alexis, c’mon hun your free to go.” I heard Julian say as he walked through the doors.
“Julian!” I smiled. I had never been so glad to see him.”Thank you so much!” my heals clicked against the concrete ground I was sitting on, for the past half-hour.
“Lets just get you out of here…what are you wearing?”
I rolled my eyes at the female officers grubby face.”I need to get to the central stadium.”
“Oh…going to a concert?” he asked walking me out to my car patiently.
“Yes.” I grinned and laughed a little. Not just any concert, Justin’s concert…but time was running out. If I wanted Justin then I had to hurry, unless it was already too late. Slamming my door shut and putting it in drive, I hit the gas pedal again.
I’d been driving for a minute when I peaked at the clock, time was draining faster than sand in a strainer.”C’mon c’mon.” I chanted lightly speeding up more. It had started to rain, hard and I could barely see out my windshield to view the lonely road I had taken as a shortcut. Nothing but flat land covered the landscape.”Damn it! Give me a fucking break!” I screamed angrily.
As if Zeus was upset at my words, lightning struck brightly and a loud thunderclap shook my car. Before I had a chance to swerve to safety, the telephone pole that had been hit by the lightning strike fell over in the upcoming road. I hit my brakes just in time to barely crash into a fence as I took a deep breath, feeling down my chest and my thighs.
“Im alive.” I whispered and groaned as I saw my dismantled vehicle.”Please…please work!” I begged and tried to start the engine but it sputtered before dying.
I looked up and then hit my head on the steering wheel.”Why do you hate me?” I asked outloud to anybody who was listening…which was nobody. My brain started contriving…I’d been late to start out with from choosing my outfit, got arrested, flirted with a guard just to get out of jail, and now a car crash? Was this a sign that Justin and I werent meant to be together?
No…a small voice whispered in my ear. You’ve made it through all that, you cant give up now. Fight.
Biting my lip hopeless, I thought of Justin. His breath taking smile and lips on me, his swag, and everything about him. He was worth walking through fire for. But in this case…rain…
I opened my door exasperated and gasped as the wind blew against my now quickly soaked body. Rain pounded on me, flattening my hair, and soaking my dress. I knew I shouldnt have worn heals!
Kicking them off my feet I began to run as fast as I could, barefoot against the sharp ground. Even if I was leaving my totalled car, phone, and expensive shoes behind, I had to get to the stadium before he announced Caitlin as his girlfriend…

Justin’s POV I mumbled through my songs, trying to be as optimistic as possible but it was hard to concentrate when I knew Alexis was at her house. Heartbroken right now. My eyebrows were half pulled into a permanent frown. My crew, friends, and mother were all expecting me to announce Caitlin as my One Less Lonely Girl, then tell about how we got back together. I couldnt. Pattie was expecting it…Scooter was expecting it, Kenny was expecting it, and…Caitlin was expecting me to.
But how was I suppose to say I was dating a girl that felt like my sister, especially when I knew the real girl I truly loved was so close.
I was still mind boggled when I ended the song. Shit, it was time.
“Okay everybody…time for my OLLG…” I muttered as fakely happy as I could.
Looking to the right I saw Caitlin, walking towards me from backstage with a smile. As I had been instructed, I reached behind me for the hidden bouquet of flowers and tiara. Forcefully I shuffled my feet to the stool she sat on, watching her still grin at me.
“This, my fans, is Caitlin Beadles. Some of you may know her, maybe not…” no matter what, I was still a good Christian.”She had an accident awhile ago and I want to thank all the people who prayed for her first of all.”
‘Aww’s and ‘boo’s erupted through the crowd of my beliebers. As I said…a girlfriend was gonna hurt my career.
“But now I have an announcment.” I cleared my throat nervously.”Im”- I glanced at the smiling Caitlin next to me, then to my mom who was nodding happily backstage-“I…we…” I choked up and looked at the eager faces in the crowd, blinking my eyes as everything went in slow motion…wait. I cant do this, and I shouldnt do this. Alexis. Her name repeated itself in my mind over and over again.
Alexis POV I could feel that the bottom of my feet were torn, from stepping on the harsh ground. My breathing was so hard, as my chest lifted in and out, each take of air.
Through the blood and the burning need to stop, I didnt. Every muscle in my body was weak and struggling to keep from shaking and giving in under me, but once I reached the noisy traffic it gave me a new momentum. I was so close to the stadium, I could see it across the triple lane of cars.”Justin.” I smiled and felt the rain drops flood my mouth.
Biting my lip, only hesitating a second I ran into the midst of speeding cars, dodging back and forth to avoid getting rammed. Brakes slammed, and horns blew but none of it mattered. My focus was to get in there.
“Sorry!” I screamed over my shoulder to the angry mob of people who were mostly giving me the middle finger. A giggle escaped my mouth, cuz I didnt care. Nobody could ruin my moment, this was my chance.
Flinging the door open and breathing like a maniac I slammed my body against the barriers.”Woah, hold up. You got a ticket?” a security guard held my small body back.
“Oh shit…how much?” I asked but realized I left my purse in the car…along with my money.
“Depends-” he started but I cut his deep voice off.
“Nevermind, I left my purse in my car. But I shouldnt have to pay, he’s my b-” I paused myself. This was already a long shot, but if I said Justin was my boyfriend they would think I was some crazily obsessed fan-“friend. Personal friend.”
“Yeah, uh huh. Sure.” he said blocking the entrance.
“Im serious! I was just on tour with him!” I yelled fiercly.
“Im sure you were. Now please step away mam.”
My mouth opened to argue when Scooter walked up.”Hey Larry, I need to talk to you about something-” his eyes glanced to me and he did a double take-“Alexis?”
“Scooter!” I grinned happily.”Please tell him to let me in, I need to talk to Justin.”
“Yeah, yeah.” he agreed and pushed Larry out of the way.”Go right in. But you’ll need this. And why are you all wet?” he took off his VIP pass, tossing it to me.
“I’ll hopefully explain later.”
He shrugged.”Anyways-” his attention diverted to the guard but I didnt stay to listen, pushing my way through I ran as fast as I could into the main stadium.
Justin was on stage, singing, though I could hardly hear him with all the screaming girls.”JUSTIN!” I shrieked but my voice was lost with the rest of teenagers girls screaming his name…

Brittney’s POV I had just hung up with Jacob, and plopped on Alex’s couch. Waiting for her to come home with Justin most likely at her side. Picking up the remote I turned the TV on and gasped as I saw Rick Mayerson’s picture on the news.
Quickly standing to get closer, my shaking fingers hit the volume button so I could hear better.”Yes we just got news that Rick Mayerson, age 43, who was arrested and thrown in jail for the rape and attempted murder of 16 year old Alexis Davis and murder of her younger sister Gabrielle Davis who was only 8 years old. Also a last minute charge was added, the murder of his wife, who found out about his obsession with young people.”
I watched intently as a picture of Alex and Brie came across the screen. How did they get that? My thoughts got interupted by the news reporter continuing…
“He escaped from RosenFalls County Prison, and is now at large. Here is another picture, if you recognize him, your instructed to immedialty call the police. Do not try to resist him, he is thought to be armed and dangerous.”
He escaped! Breathing heavy I pulled out my phone and dialed Lexi’s number. She needed to know about this, but I only got her voicemail.
“Alex, I need you to call me immediatly. I have bad news about Rick, he escap-” a rough hand came over my mouth and pulled me back.
I started kicking out of instinct, trying to scream but it was muffled out by the filthy hand that was holding me tight to a hard chest…
Alexis POV My heart pounded viciously in my chest as I ran down the long aisles and rows of screaming fanatics ‘Beliebers’
“JUSTIN!” I yelled finally reaching the floor in front of him.
“Hey wait a second.” another security guard started to block me but I grabbed the VIP around my neck, flashing it in his face. Sighing, his eyes rolled and he let me pass.
The blood was rushing in my head, and the material of my wet dress was rubbing on my skin roughly. I knew my hair must have looked like a bird’s nest, it was soaked from the rain still, I could feel my eyeliner was smeared a little but not too much.
Caitlin started to walk onto stage as he told everyone about the OLLG.”No Justin! WAIT!” I cried out.
“Im…” he looked down at Caitlin who now had the tiara on her head, and was holding the flowers he gave her. Then his eyes turned backstage before looking into the crowd.”I…we…” he stuttered and for once it got almost quiet.
No, he was NOT gonna do this when I was right here. I elbowed girls and shoved them on the ground, pushing my way up to the stage. Frantic tears streamed down my face, he wasnt gonna see me.
My teeth bit down on my lip, and I reached my hand out for him.”Justin!” I cried out loudly.
His ears perked up at my voice and he searched the girls around me, looking.”Alexis?” he whispered into the mic that was attached to his face when our eyes met.
Through my tears I smiled, nodding and reached out for his hand when he bent down to grab ahold of me, pulling me up onto the stage with him. His hand flew up to his ear, ripping off the mic and tossing it to the ground.
“Alex…” he murmered cupping my face in his hands.
“Im sorry im late…” I replied cuz I knew with all the screaming that was happening right now, nobody could hear us.
He didnt have to say anything, I understood when his lips came to mine softly, kissing me with all the passion there could ever be at that moment, letting go of my face his hands held my waist tightly to his. I felt his warm tongue rush into my mouth and I let it take control, this was the best kiss I’d ever had. His tongue wasnt like a hot turned on kiss, this was the kiss Id been wanting and waiting for a very long time for. It showed the love we had beneath our skin, surrounding us. Drowning us.
I was so confounded in us that it took a glow stick hitting my head for me to realize all the anger that draped in the room like mist.
Oh my God… I had just tongued Justin Bieber in front of cameras and thousands of girls… I was dead. Suddenly a shower of glowsticks and other objects was chucked at me, I hid behind Justin trying to protect myself.
“Hey! Ladies stop!” Justin yelled but when nothing happend he took my hand, running with me backstage.
It took a second for me to register this, Justin was right next to me…
My arms wrapped around his neck and I basically tackled him.”Justin!” I sighed hugging him tight.
“Please…” he whispered.”Dont ever leave me again?”
I pulled back, looking into his eyes. And at that moment I would have promised him the world.”I love you.”
“I love you too.” he hugged me against his muscular chest then crashed our lips together.
After a minute I heard a very polite cough, so we both pulled back curiously.
Pattie was standing there glaring at us both with a crying Caitlin under her arm.
“Oh God…” Justin groaned apolegetic.”Caitlin im so…so very sorry!”
I wanted to take his soft and gentle hand in mine so badly but I resisted knowing it wouldnt help the situation.
“I really like you, and well I love you…just not the way you think.” he told her softly.
Caitlin’s head lifted up and our eyes met.”I know…” she whispered before smiling slightly at Pattie and walking up to us.
I turned to Justin.”Can you go? Just for a second, I think we need to talk…alone.” I said motioning towards Caitlin.
“Okay.” he frowned like he knew we were about to have a cat fight but left to the other side of the huge room with Pattie following.
Justin’s POV “You know Justin… your very stupid for such a bright kid.” Pattie shook her head dissapointed.
That comment hurt. A frown pulled at my lips and I whimpered.”Mom…?”
“Do you know how much trouble you just caused? Why couldnt you just stick to the plan and think of someone else for a change!” her hands flew up to her hair, tugging lightly.
My heartbeat quickened angrily.”Me! Think of someone else? Why cant YOU think of my feelings for once!” I screamed, clearly upset.
Her face was drenched in shock.
“Ive been trying to tell you that I dont love Caitlin the way everyone wants me to but you wouldnt listen cuz you ‘didnt want to hear it’!” I mocked making a messy face. Taking a deep breath I tried to calm myself by speaking slowly.”I dont know what you have against Alexis. But I love her and Im choosing her. Its not your choice anymore.”
“Oh so what I have to say doesnt matter?” she snapped, pissed.
“She’s never done anything wrong to you mom. And you hurt her feelings with your hatred… what happend to no hate?”
“I dont…hate… her.”
“Then please inform me on why you treat her like shit?” my brows pulled together.
“Watch your mouth Justin Drew.”
I sighed and rolled my eyes.”Cant you try to be nice to her?”
My mother stayed silent then bit her lip and walked off without another word. A huge breath of air released from my lungs. Why?

Alexis POV “Listen Caitlin…” I started, using my hands to show her.”Im really sorry.” I was still breathing loudly from my long run here.
“Why would you go after him? You knew I loved him.” she argued almost calmly…almost.
“You dont understand…Justin and I have been together. Since the Bahammas.”
Her eyes lit with shock and hurt.”W-wh-what?”
“Thats why I was so defensive, on tour. You were flirting with my boyfriend.”
“Oh my G- I cant believe this.” Caitlin took a deep breath, covering her mouth with a small hand then sighed in understanding.”Even though I wish he loved me the way he loves you…I respect that you guys are together. I just wish I could have what you guys have, even if its not with Justin I guess.”
A warm smile met my face.”Thank you.”
She half smiled back and pulled me into a hug.”Take care of him, alright?”
“Im just really glad we could work this out.” I told her with a slight smile on my face. I had not been expecting this reaction from her.
“Me too…”
“So are we cool?” I raised my eyes looking at her with earnesty.
“As long as he’s happy…yes.”
“I admire you.”
“Thanks.” she giggled but I could hear the tears in it.
We stood in silence not really knowing what to do next.”Ahem.” Pattie’s voice was behind us again.
I turned around quickly, “We’re cool.” I stated like an idiot.
She looked at Caitlin warmly, with apology written all over her face, then at me. A death glare.
If looks could kill.
I realized I must have looked like a bum, wet dress that Id ripped the bottom off to make running easier, wet and tangled hair, smeared makeup, and no shoes. Oww, that brought the pain in my feet to my attention.
Glancing down I lifted my foot to look at the pads of them, they were not only extremely covered in mud but bloody too with slices all over.
“Lexi!” I heard Ryan call from behind me. Call it wierd but we had come so close over the past 2 weeks.
“Ryan!” I turned around smiling for him to scoop me in his arms, hugging tightly.
“Your not leaving again.” he joked with a huge grin.
“No. Im not.” I grinned, shying away from the unpleasant feeling I got when he dropped me to my feet.
Justin’s creamy voice came up to my ear.”Well thats good news.”
I leaned back onto him, sighing dreamily.”Its been hell.” I was comfortable to talk freely now that nobody was around. Pattie and Caitlin dissapeared.
“Tell me about it.” his lips nibbled my ear.”One question.”
“Why are you all wet and muddy?” he asked gently with a smirk riding his lips.
I laughed and pulled away to take a look at myself.”Oh…it wasnt easy getting here.”
“What did you do?” he cocked his eyebrow.
“Aye not much. Car crash, running in the rain…getting arrested.”
“You were arrested!” Ryan burst out laughing almost falling to the ground.
“Shut up.” I mumbled leaning in to give Justin’s mouth a quick kiss.”I need to get home and pack.”
“Who said your invited again?” Ryan put his arm around my shoulder, leading me to an SUV.
“Dude shut it.” Justin muttered taking my hand.”I cant lose her again.”
“Speaking of that.” I pointed my finger at him.”We will discuss terms later. Im too happy to see you right now to fight.”
I was trying my best to smile and find the right words for this.”Justin…you did”- I empashized the word did-“cheat on me.”
“Alex im so sorry! I’ll do anyth-” he started to rush out quickly but I shut him up with a kiss.
“Please, lets just do this later?”
He smiled at me and kissed my head.”I love you.”
“Love you too.”

Brittney’s POV My head was slammed into the wall and his gross body climbed ontop of me.”WHERE IS SHE!” he screamed tugging on my hair, ripping some of it out from the roots.
“Ah, oww.” I cried harder trying to fight back but failing miserably.”I dont know!”
“Your her bestfriend! I want to know where she is right now!”
I couldnt tell him, he would hurt her.”How’d you know?” I mumbled not finishing my sentence fully.
“I have a friend… you might know him. Jacob?”
I gasped from shock.”NO! He loves me!”
A hand slapped my cheek, and my head slammed into the ground.”Now…where is ALEXIS!”
Then the piercing of my skin was felt in my stomach, blood oozing everywhere…

Alexis POV Justin’s hand was in my left hand and Ryan’s in my right. I missed them both, besides Brittney, Ryan was like my bestfriend now.
“Wait here. Oh and can you call someone to get my car.” I said opening the door with my spare key.”Britt! Im back and your never gonna guess who’s with me.” I smirked to myself as I turned the corner into my living room.”Oh my God…Brittney!”
“Im sorry! I didnt know he would do this!” a crying Jacob held her limp body in his arms.
Tears flooded my eyes before I even knew what was happening.”What happend Jake!” I ran up to them, sliding on my knees to carress her body.
“I came by to hang out with her-and-and she-she” he stuttered from the tears flowing down his face.
“Who did this?” I asked panicking.”JUSTIN HELP!”

Justin’s POV I was smiling and standing on her front porch when I heard Alex scream for help.”Alexis!” I came rushing in, Ryan following my tail.
“Justin, help her.” she blubbered with tears in her beautiful eyes.
My jaw dropped at the bloody body of who I recognized to be Brittney Stonebraker.”Ryan call an ambulance!” I ordered going to comfort them.”Baby what happend?”
“I need an ambulance at-” Ryan’s voice faded in the background.
“I dont know.” she choked on her sobs.”What the hell did you do to her!” she glared at Jacob.
“I didnt do anything! It was Rick!” he cried and hugged Britt to his chest.”C’mon babe please dont leave me…”
Lexi’s eyes widened in fear.”R-Rick?”
“Thats not possible.” I said sternly pushing the object of believing it out of my head.”He’s in prison.”
“He escaped.” Brittney’s hoarse voice finally keyed in.
“Britt!” Alex cried hugging her.”Dont worry. Help is on the way.”
Help? What was wrong with her in the first place, well besides obviously being covered in blood. I meant what wounds did she have. A couple stabs in the stomach which had Jake’s shirt pressed firmly to it, I think her leg and arm were broken and her head was gushing blood.
“They’re here.” Ryan ran in breathless.
“Okay…hold this to her tight.” I directed Jake taking off my scarf to wrap around her head.
Alexis POV I know I should have been paying attention to Brittney right now as they put her on a gurney and carried her outside but I couldnt move. So instead I just kneeled against the ground, with a blank expression.
“Alexis?” Justin’s arm came around my back to hold me.”Are you okay?”
I licked my dry lips and gulped, looking down.”Oh God…” I groaned as I saw the blood drenched in my already messed up outfit. I got up and ran to the bathroom, thinking I was gonna be sick. And I was right.
“Lexi! Are you okay?” he repeated chasing me to the bathroom.
I threw up violently in the toilet, my throat burning with an acidy feeling.”Im fine..” I coughed.
He held my hair until I was done, but the second I stood up I lifted my arms up taking off my dress and jumping into the shower. I couldnt stand to have all this muck on me anymore, still taking notice of my torn up feet.
“Baby?” he whispered through the glass door.
I didnt answer but stayed silent, and he understood. It gave me a minute to think…Rick had escaped. Brittney had said it herself. He…did this to her.
Shutting off the steamy water I found my voice.”Can you hand me a towel?”
“Yeah..” he murmered and opened the door enough for his hand to give me the soft towel. He was probably confused on why I didnt just get out naked, and I knew that this wasnt the time for that. Yes…that.
We hadnt seen eachother in 2 weeks and I thought I would never be with him again, but right now was too hectic for love making.”Thanks.”
Justin watched me run around my house, hastily. Doing my hair and makeup all the while getting dressed in this-
.com/alexis_outfit/set?id=23212012 It didnt take long and I could have looked better but my mind was still elsewhere. I bit my lip not knowing what to do or where to go, I mean where should I?
The hospital of coarse where Britt was but with everything that had just happend, it seemed like a long shot.”Justin?” I mumbled nervously.
“Yeah?” he wrapped his arm around my waist comfortingly.
I gave him an undeciding look and frowned, before glancing down to my feet which were aching.
“Let’s go to the hospital and see whats going on.” he answered my prayers leading me outside.
“Hey, are you alright Lex?”
“Yes Ry.” I replied numb now.
“Are you sure-” he started to say but I peaked a death glare from Justin.”Okayy.”
As we got in the car I felt like my body was gonna blow away and leave me behind. This day had been…crazy. But if I let myself break down then everything would just be a disaster.
“She’s gonna be fine.” he told me softly.
I swallowed hard and battered my eyes furiously trying to be brave.”I know.”
They both reacted to my sudden courage, and that was good.

Justin’s POV My brows pulled down as I saw her react in a brave manner.”Its okay to be scared…” I murmered hugging her from the side.
“Im not scared!” she demanded pouting.
Ryan flashed me a questioning look, shrugging his heavy shoulders. I heaved a sigh and looked out the window at the hospital coming into view. Shit. Shit, shit, shit!

Alexis POV My eyes widened in suprise when a pile of screaming girls hit the window, banging their pathetic arms on the glass and metal.”Justin!” I quickly turned in the leather seat to see his head in his hands. He already saw them.”I kissed you.”
“I know…” he said a hint of a groan, deep in his throat.
“Im dead.” I stated then banged my head against Ryan’s shoulder when I realized the horrible connection of Brittney to my sentence. She could be dead right now.
“We’re gonna go around back.” the driver told us as security blocked the fans.
“Okay, thanks.” Ryan said faintly. You could feel the foggy sadness in the air.
Sneaking in around back, well trying to sneak. Cameras flooded us immediatley and Kenny had to flash a strobe light in their faces just to get us in the entrance.
I was so bottled up with all my emotions. Happy cuz I was finally with Justin, sad from Brittney’s injuries, anger and fear from Rick. It was too confusing.
“C’mon.” Kenny directed leading us to where we were designated to be.”We dont have much time, the press is on our asses from that kiss and walking out on stage.”
“Im gonna go get something to drink. Lexi, you want anything?” Ryan asked kindly.
“A water would be nice.” I mumbled incoherently.
“Alright. Be right back.” he kissed the side of my head and walked off. I smiled from the nice gesture until I saw Justin’s evious face, my happiness dropped. He was jealous.
C’mon. Seriously? He cheats on ME and then gets jealous when MY friend does something nice to make me feel better? Ugh.
The need to say something about it rose in my chest but then I remembered everything that was happening at this very second. Not now. Fight later.
I groaned at the thought of fighting with him, we rarely ever fought but I knew that a big one would be coming soon. A part of me would rather have one big fight then a bunch of small ones. Well it had to be done sooner or later… I chose later.
“Is she in here?” I asked looking through the glass of a hospital room.
“Yes mam. Go right in.” the nurse told me with a sad expression. Just about everyone in the whole town knew me, due to Rick’s trial. And every single one of them treated me with sadness and apology. It wasnt exactly a ‘big city’.
“Thanks.” I opened the door to find Jacob sitting next to her, laughing and flirting.”Hey Brittney.”
“Hi.” she grinned and motioned for a hug.
I hesitated not knowing where to wrap my arms around her, biting my lip.
“Im not made of glass, the injuries werent that bad anyway. I was really lucky.”
I bent down and hugged her gently before pulling back and laying on the hospital bed with her.”I was so worried!” I said in a baby voice.
She started scooting over to give me room, giggling.”Dont be. Where’s Justin?”
“Justin!” I called and he appeared in the doorway.”Dont you want to come say hello?”
“Hey Brittney.” he said softly walking in to stand next to me.”How are you feeling?”
“Im good.” she grinned widely then looked at Jake.”He helped me through the pain.”

Brittney’s POV I smiled at my fiance with love. Id already forgiven him when he explained everything to me.
He was paid by Rick to get close to me so he could pass on the juicy details about Alex to some wierdo who would then pass the news to Rick. Dont get me wrong, of coarse I was angered at first, I mean did he really even love me?
But then I saw him crying over me and begging me. Immediatley forgiving his mistakes.
But also I knew that if I told Alex about Jake being involved with Rick she would be upset and want me to leave him…which wasnt an option. So it was our little secret.

Alexis POV “So what happend?” I finally asked quietly breaking the silence.
Brittney bit her lip, debating then sighed giving me a warm smile. Well… half a smile.”Rick escaped from prison. He was at the house…and then he attacked me for not telling him where you were.”
My heart tore a little at this news.”Its my fault.” I muttered.
“No, no, no!” Britt and Justin both said at the same time.
“Its that dickhead’s fault babe.” Justin assured, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.”They’ll catch him soon, dont worry.”
“Yeah…right.” I mumbled looking down at my polished nails.
“Knock knock.” Ryan interupted walking in then handing me water.”Justin bro…we gotta go.” he whispered so I wouldnt hear. Epic fail.
“Were leaving already?” I asked shaken. I didnt want to leave Brittney yet.
Ryan looked down ashamed at his failure of leaving me out of this conversation.”Its alright. Go, just text me later.” she rubbed my arm softly.
“No buts.” she demanded giving me a one arm hug.”Go.”
“Uh…Alex we do need to go.” Justin said lightly.
My teeth dug into my tongue battling back tears.”I’ll come visit soon.”
“Better believe it.” she laughed like an angel.”Bye hun.”
“Bye.” I waved walking out of the room and taking one last glance at her in the white bed, with her fiance at her side.
“So are you in trouble now or what?” I asked as we got to the exit.
“For what?” Justin asked puzzled.
I sighed impatiently.”Completley blowing off the rest of your concert?”
“Naw…everything will be fine.”
But right as the words left his mouth, we stepped outside holding hands. Showers of flashing lights came toward us both, blinding me momentarily.
“Justin I thought you said she was just your friend!” a voice screamed but was soon drowned out by the others.”Justin! Justin! What happend at the concert? Who’s hurt? Why do you always end up in a hospital with this girl?”
I tried my best to hide my face in his shoulder blade, practically tripping to the SUV. Once we got in I let out a huge breath but jumped when banging smashed against the window.
A girl who must have been around the age of 15, with blonde hair, and wearing a ‘I love Justin Bieber’ shirt looked like someone had just stole her life savings.”You bitch! Im gonna kill you, you fucking slut! He’s mine! Go kill yourself before I kick the shit out of you, whore!”
I winced away from the horrible names and ducked my head in embarrassment.
“Dont listen to them Lexi.” Ryan hugged me as Justin pulled me away from him and onto his lap.
“Baby, dont listen. They’re kinda crazy sometimes.”
Ryan scoffed and looked out the window, offended.
“Im either gonna be murdered by your fans or Rick.” I frowned wrapping my arms around his waist.
“No I wont let either one of them touch you. Your safe.”
Letting out a deep sigh I whispered to myself.”I hope so…”

We arrived at the rest stop, gonna get on the bus since it was a long drive to the next city. We climbed aboard and I looked around at the all too familiar surrounding. I missed this place.
“It wasnt the same here without you.” Kenny smiled at me sitting on the couch.
“Ive missed this.”
“We’ve missed you.” he replied blushing.
A slight grin pulled at my glossy lips.”Im actually kinda tired…” I hinted to Justin, pointing towards the door to his bedroom with my eyes.
“Yeah…lets go set your things in my room.” he said casually, grabbing my heavy bags and lugging them in there.
“Not so fast.” a sharp voice snapped.”She sleeps out here in a bunk.”
All the blood drained from my face as I heard Pattie’s angered voice.”Moom.” Justin whined rolling his eyes.”We needed to talk…”
She stood still not giving me permission to enter his room.
“Aloone.” he droned nodding his head in my direction while bending his knees lazily.
“Fine but if your in there too long, im coming in without knocking.”
“Yeah yeah.”
Justin shut the door behind me and then set my bags down. My heartbeat quickened and I got really nervous…this was the first time we were actually alone since we got back.
“I dont know how to start this off.” I said truthfully.
“Well…that depends. What’s ‘this’?” he shuffled his feet to close the distance between us.
My cheeks got hot, and I looked down.”The terms.”
“Oh.” his face lightened.”Terms.” he repeated half-heartedly.
“Yeah.” I clamped my hands together and sat on the edge of the bed uncomfortable. Was it hot in here? Oh no that was just me sweating from my nerves.”So…”
He perched next to me and cleared his throat, uncomfortable too.”Can I just start by saying im so…so…so very sorry and that was one of the biggest mistakes ive ever done in my life?”
“Thats a good start.” I chuckled slowly then it went silent again. I could feel the tension growing in the air.”You cheated on me with your ex-girlfriend.” my voice sounded different.
His forehead wrinkled with creases of sadness at my statement, while his shoulders shrugged down.”Im sorry.” he whispered.
“I know.” I frowned and wiped my sweaty hands together, my emotions building up from that night I watched him have his hands all over her.”Do you know how much it hurt to watch you kiss her?”
Justin’s upper lip trembled and he frowned at me, staring at my eyes.”I dont know what to say but im sorry. I didnt mean to hurt you.”
This lit a spark of anger.”Then what exactly were your intentions? Seeing how far your tongue could go down her throat!”
“Alex thats not-” he started but I cut him off quickly.
“Just shut up until im done talking. I dont need your excuses.”
He opened his eyes wider in shock and pursed his lips.”Im listening…”
My tongue glided along my bottom lip, wetting it before I started my speech.”It killed me to watch the guy I love actually kiss another girl with so much passion-”
“Lust.” he corrected.
“Shut uppp!” I whined slapping his arm.”And that makes it so much better! ‘No worries honey'” I mocked him.”‘Its just lust, I cant help myself!” my eyes rolled in my head and I stood up frustrated.
“Thats not what I meant!” he argued standing up with me.”I meant it was stupid and im an asshole.”
“Yes.” I flashed a fake smile.”You are.”
“Alexis,” he groaned.”Why are we doing this?”
“Because we have to.” When he didnt reply I decided to finish what I started.”I just dont understand what you were thinking while you were kissing her.”
“I wasnt thinking and thats the point. Im sorry.”
“Stop saying your sorry. You sound like a broken record.” I snapped annoyed.”I just want you to know how much pain you caused me that night.”
He stayed silent so I exhaled, pacing back and forth.”And as of right now, we’re starting over.”
His head cracked up suprised at my words.”What do you mean?”
“Justin…” I sighed grabbing his hands and pulling him to sit on the bed with me.”When you were gone, I had a lot of time to think. And our seperation made me realize how dangerous our love is.”
“Dangerous?” he questioned.”What the hell are you talking about?”
“I love you so much…” I said baffled.”Too much.”
His eyes searched mine, intently and he blinked perplexed.
“Ive known you for a little over half a year but your a famous popstar. And my love for you is too strong and it scares me.” I almost regretted saying the words as they left my mouth.
“So what are you saying?” his voice cracked as his eyes glistened.
“I dont trust you anymore.” I explained looking down, bashful.
This really hurt him. I knew from the way his eyes drooped and he frowned, letting out a gasp.”You dont trust me anymore?”
How did he expect me not to be atleast slightly angry with him? I thought he was getting off easy, after all… I wasnt leaving him.”What’d you expect? Me to forget it and move on, well im sorry Justin but thats just not me.”
“Then why’d you come back! To yell at me and tell me how big of a mistake I made? I know that! I know it was a mistake!” he bellowed loudly.
I grinded my teeth together angrily, he was acting as if I was the bad guy!”Uhh hello? Im the one who’s giving you; yet again another chance!”
He sighed and tugged on his own hair, frustrated. About a minute passed before he spoke again.”I dont want to fight with you.”
“And I dont want to fight with you.” I mumbled.”All I was trying to say was, you have to earn my trust back and I think we should take it easy. We’re only 16.”
“I understand.” he whispered lovingly, carressing my cheek in his left hand.”I love you.”
I licked my lips before answering, hesitantly.”I love you too.” His arms came around my waist and pulled me into a tight embrace.”And I have one other condition… if you want me to stay with you.”
“Anything you want, its yours.”
“I dont know yet but I’ll get back to you about it.”
Justin pulled away to smile weakly at me then he brought our lips together in a passionate kiss.
I was still upset with Justin a little, and I didnt know why. He just made me so mad sometimes. Yet… I cant live without him.
My feet shuffled lazily to get to my bunk, then I glanced around curiously.”Where is everybody?” I asked Ryan with my eyes confused.
His brows furrowed and he gave me a questioning look.”Everybody?”
“Caitlin!” I hissed punching his arm lightly with a smile.
“They both left. Her and Christian, directly after Justin didnt announce her at the concert.”
I stared at Ryan mesmerized for a moment. His hair was all ruffled in a cute way and he looked as if he would drop dead from sleep depirvation.”You okay?”
“Yeah. Why wouldnt I be?” he lifted up his arms to take off his shirt and slide beneath the covers quickly.
I followed his lead and tucked in, getting comfortable wearing this- .com/another_alexis_outfit/set?id=23240975 “I dont you know… you look tired.”
“Im fine but thanks for your concern.” he laughed turning away from me.
I grinned and giggled a bit, leaning on my elbow then crashing into my pillow closing my eyes.”Goodnight Ry.”
“Night Lexi.”

I awoke with a jolt to pitch blackness. My cold fingers shifted across my body and my surroundings fast. Where was I? Oh God…please, please tell me it wasnt a dream!
Squinting my sleep filled eyes I glanced around trying to make out the shadows, a bunk bed and a couch. To my right I saw a snoozing Ryan. A sigh escaped my lips and I layed my head back smiling. In the tour bus.
“You awake?” I whispered barely.
A thunderclap shook the bus and I gasped throwing my legs over the edge. A ruffling sound came from the bed next to me and then a loud snore erupted from Ryan’s nose.
Snickering I stood up and gently pushed his arm.”Ryyyan!’ I cooed quietly.”Wake up!”
“Hmmngdh. Noo…pickles are gross.” he murmered flopping over on his stomach.
I smirked then sighed, creeping to the kitchen. A lightining strike flashed through the tiny compartment and I jumped, scared. I was so freaked!
“Chaz?” I muttered going to his bunk. I didnt really know him but I wanted someone to just…be awake for a second and make me feel safe. If I knew someone was awake for just a minute then it would be easier for me to get back to sleep.”Please wake up?”
A grumbling sound jiggled throughout his tummy and he tossed over murmering something that didnt make sense.
“I have fooood.” I whispered in his ear seductively.
His eyes snapped open and then he saw me.”Go away.” his eyes closed.
“Fuck off.” a snore spewed from his mouth.
I gasped suprised, and backed away. Bringing my hand back I shot it forward and slapped his arm giving off a loud echoe.”Jerk!”
He didnt stir at all but kept on snoring, in a deep slumber.
Desperatly I had wanted to avoid going to Justin’s room, knowing Pattie was in one of the SUV’s but would be here in the rapid arriving morning. But I couldnt sleep when I felt this fear in me, I thought that maybe it was just the storm…but inside I knew that the presence of Rick was around me.
Opening the creaking door I peaked inside shyly. Not speaking I crept up to his bed slowly before changing my mind was an option.
The whole room was completley dark except for the tiny slash of light that beamed in through the tan curtains. As we drove on the street, each orange tinted lamp passed caused it to have a strobe light effect. Justin’s feet snuck in my view and I relaxed my posture, making the edge of the bed squeal in protest. My long and shaking fingers traced down his legs which were bare, due to the blankets being thrown on the floor, a smile tugged unwantingly at my lips. He was adorable as he layed flat on his stomach, breathing in and out evenly in a rhythm of soft and gentle sleeping. Rain pounded furiously against the window oddly and I continued rubbing his legs gingerly.
Being as soundless as it was possible, my knees sunk the bed in once again as I climbed next to him, lifting his arms to drape around my shoulder. A happy sigh let out from my chapped lips and I closed my eyes with ease, enjoying this romanctic yet wierd moment…
Justin snorted next to me and rolled over, squishing me under his weight. Collapsing my lungs.
“Justin!” I gasped out of breath.”Get off!”
Gorgeous auburn eyes crested open and he yawned.”Hey baby.”
“Cant…breathe!” I mouthed breathless and pain surged through my chest.
Still tired he shifted himself off my body, allowing oxygen to flood my lungs again.”What are you doing?”
I waited for my breathing to go back to normal before answering.”I dont know. I missed you and im kinda scared of the storm.” my cheeks burned with red hotness.
“Aww.” he smiled closing his eyes fatigued and stroking my cheek.”Thats cute.”
A grimace rode my lips and I sighed standing up and stumbling to the door.”Forget it.”
“No babe. Come back.” he said quickly rising from the bed sluggishly.
My fingers went to the cold and hard metal doorknob about to twist it when warm hands met my waist. I closed my eyes impatient, this was embarrassing enough.”Go back to bed.”
“Only if your coming with me.” he argued pulling my not so tanned skin to the King sized bed.
“I tried to wake up Ryan and Chaz cause I didnt want to bother you but-”
“What?” his hands tugged me on his lap, scooting back to snuggle with me.”You can always come to me.”
Reaching over him I snatched up a soft, light blue blanket and covered us, my whole body freezing still.”I just dont want to give your mom more reason to hate me.”
“Im sorry. I dont understand it.” he told me while rubbing my arm with his over my shoulder.
“Me either…”
“So…what’d you do when we were apart?” he cringed at the terrible word.
“Sleep, movies… more sleep.” I giggled at the memories.”What’d you do?”
“Besides sucking at my performances and missing you? Nothing.” he laughed then leaned his head on mine.”I think you owe my fans, that had to watch me suck, an apology.”
I knew he was joking but it still made my tummy flop.”Yeah… your fans.”
An awkward silence drifted with us, slowly and it felt like a million years went by and in real life it was like 2 minutes.
“Im scared.” I informed him, wrinkling my eyebrows.
“Of what?” his voice had the sleep crawling back into it and he layed us down on the mattress more.
“Your fans…” my voice cracked with fear.”Rick.” I added hesitantly.
Justin’s muscles tightened at that name suddenly.”I know you dont trust me right now…but I promise that I will protect you. From anybody and at all cost.”
A smile formed on my face and my head lifted to look into those beautiful brown orbs. Using all my strength I had in my legs, I bent up and pressed my mouth to his firmly.
He had an immediate response, kissing me back. Carressing my lips with his own, gliding his hands down my body then back up to rest on my hip pinning me to the pillows.
As a warm hand slid around to my back, pushing me on him I froze. Once my lips stopped moving he didnt bother stopping but trailed down to my neck now. Kissing my jaw, throat, neck, and shoulder blade.
A breath of pleasure escaped my mouth and I leaned my head back, giving him more access. I loved having him on me like this but I knew I should stop him. He didnt deserve me that way… yet. Not yet.
My cold fingers ran up his neck to slide in his hair, feeling the softness of it.”Justin… we shouldnt.”
“We should.” he dissagreed and kissed my mouth fully, his tongue plunging in it suprisingly. For a second I was distracted, kissing him back with desire but then I came back to reality.
“Seriously.” I pulled away and turned on my side, facing my back to him.”Not now.”
A groan grumbled behind me and a hard body curled to my spine, sending vibrating chills through my arms and legs. His arm came around to my side and hugged me to him tight.”Fine.”
I giggled silently.”Goodnight.”
*A Few Days Later*

Alexis POV “Nooo…” I laughed like crazy and ran into Justin’s bedroom, failing to shut the door.
“Oh no! Come back here!” Justin yelled chasing me.”Your gonna finish this, not me!”
“Im not hungry anymore!” my voice cracked from my laughter and I hid behind the bed.
“Alex…” he said sternly snapping his fingers and pointing to the ground in front of him.”Come here right now and finish eating this damn sandwhich.”
“Never.” I said in a voice from the movie ‘Comebacks’ and giggled.


I lounged on the couch in the bus wearing this- .com/another_one_alexis/set?id=23270404 waiting for Justin to catch his break which should be any minute now.
“Hey beautiful.” he smiled walking up the steps onto the bus, on que.”How’s your day been?”
A grin lit up my face and I sat up instantly taking the few short steps to him.”Not bad… in here all day. Kinda boring.”
“Im sorry.” his lips met mine and went to pull back but I took another step keeping them connected.”Get back here.”
Justin laughed and we kissed once more, wrapping our arms around eachother. Right as my arms slid inside his leather jacket, feeling his chest my moronic stomach grumbled.
Our bodies seperated and he chuckled sarcastically.”Hungry?”
“A bit.” my lips tugged to a smile as my body plopped lazily on the couch again.”I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.”
“And…?” he sat next to me.
“And…” I raised my eyebrows at him in disbelief.”Go make me one, please?”
“Something wrong with your legs?”
My jaw dropped at him, shocked.”No but your gonna make me one.”
“Oh yeah?” he smirked grinning.
“Yes. Because I said so.” my legs swung, oddly from my leather pants, over his waist. Strattling him I draped my wrist on his shoulders.”Please?”
“I should make you a sandwhich, on my break?” he stared at me dumb-founded.”No way.”
Leaning forward, I shook my body on his and kissed his cheek.”Please babe?”
“Nooo” he whined laughing slightly.
My wet lips pecked his neck.”Yess.”
His breathtaking eyes caught my attention, studying me. Letting out a sigh he lifted me off him to stand.”Alright.”
I giggled and watched him go to the kitchen, taking out the peanut butter, jelly, and bread.”What kind of jelly do you want?”
“It doesnt matter.”
“Alright.” he stated taking out a knife, spreading everything on the moist wheat bread.”Here.”
Biting my lip I frowned as he walked up to me, suddenly the sandwhich wasnt so appetizing anymore.”No thanks.”
“Im not hungry now.” my cheeks burnt hot with embarrassment. I just made him go make me one for nothing.
“What do you mean your not hungry? You just begged me to make you this!” he screeched frustrated.
“Yeah well im not now. You eat it.” I gave him my most sweet smile I could manage.
“No. Take a bite.”
“Fine.” I giggled and leaned in to his waist where he was holding the food, opening my mouth to take a small bite slowly. My eyes looked up at him since I was sitting on the couch and he was standing, a grin pulled at his lips and he smirked.
Thats when I realized how wrong this looked. I thanked that nobody had walked in while pulling away from his hips.”There, I took a bite.”
“Do it again.” he bit his lip taking a small step towards the couch, trapping me.
My eyes narrowed as I glared at him. The word ‘perv’ crossed my mind but I pursed my lips.”You eat it.”

(End of flashback)

We both took a second to look at the door then back at eachother…suddenly I made my move and dodged for it with him jumping to grab at my waist, missing it by and inch.
I stopped and turned around to look at him, laying on the carpet.”Run Forest run!” I screamed then took off again.
“Alexis!” he yelled with a smile, getting up off the hard ground to chase me again.
“Ryan! Help me!” I smirked jumping out the tour bus door to where Ryan was.
“What?” he turned around shocked.
“Give me a lift, man down.” I said out of breath then squealed as I saw Justin barge out the tiny door, yelling my name.”Go go go!” I jumped on his back, piggyback style.”Run!”
Ryan started to run away from him and Justin groaned, picking up his speed.”Thats not fair! You get a pick up!”
I giggled and smacked Ryan’s butt to make him go faster.”Hey!” he whined with a small smile.”Hands off my prize.”
“Yeah what a prize.” I smirked again as he dropped me to the ground.”Ouch!”
He laughed then helped me up, taking my hand and pulling me to where Justin had stopped. A laugh came from my mouth, I was having so much fun until I saw Justin give me a death glare and turn around. Storming to the bus.
“Justin?” I hollered confused.”Whats his problem?”
He sighed next to me and let go of my hand.”My bad…”
“What?” I asked puzzled looking at the door Justin had gone into.”Ry whats goin on?”
“Im not allowed to touch you like that.” he mocked a person’s voice.
My brows furrowed in confusion.”Says who?”
He raised his eyes and pointed at the bus.”He’s jealous.”
“Good.” I said automatically. And thats when I got the idea. My plan. My…very stupid plan.”Dude I just got an idea.”
“What’s your idea ‘dude’?” he sighed laughing and walking to the bus.
“Okay so you know how I told Justin that I wanted to make him feel bad for cheating on me?”
I bit my lip at the thought. It wouldnt be awkward or anything, we were just friends.”It’d piss Justin off if I kissed you.”
Ryan’s head turned to look at me shocked.”He’d kill me.”
“Not if that was my condition. But I completley understand if thats too wierd for you.” I rushed out quickly not wanting an awkward silence.

Ryan’s POV How was I suppose to tell myself that she’s Justin’s girlfriend when she is practically begging for me to kiss her!
“No it wouldnt be awkward.” I said before I could stop myself. Id dreamed of kissing those plump lips almost every night for the past week.”We’re just friends.”
And I knew we were. She thought of me as her new bestfriend besides Brittney. She basically tells me eveything. I also knew that she was taken, sold I guess you could say. And there was no way I was gonna try to split them up! He was my friend… and so was she. Why did I have to attracted to her! Dammit!

Alexis POV I smiled at him. He was so cool and I loved him so much. Id always wanted a guy friend that was like a girl but with less drama. Not that Britt was a bad friend or anything but we always had drama of us both liking the same guy and such.”Alright well im gonna go talk to him. Come in when I tell you to.”
He pulled his lip up in a half smile and shoved his hands in his pockets, waiting.
I turned to go into the bus but stopped and looked at him, uncomfortable for once. I felt like I needed to explain more. “Its just… I want him to feel the pain I felt when I saw him kiss Caitlin, you know?”
“I understand.” he nodded with a soft grin.”Strictly business.”
I flashed a thankful smile then skipped onto the bus.”Justin!” I called out loudly.
“What?” he mumbled from his bedroom.
I creaked open the door and gave a small smile.”You okay?”
“Im fine.”
“You dont seem fine.” crawling on the bed next to him I squished on my stomach as he rested on his back.
He ignored my statement so I sighed and kissed him. I wanted him in a good mood.
“Get in a good mood right now before I kick your butt.”
He let out a breath of a smile.”Im in a good mood.”
“Great cuz I just figured out what your punishment is.” I told him in a serious tone. Yeah this was gonna be fun but… the whole point was to make him feel the way I did. And I knew it would. The way he got jealous whenever Ryan even talked to me…
Justin sat up quickly and stared at me questioningly.”What’d you decide?”
I frowned now that it was time to do this.”Come here.” my hand took his leading him to the living room.”Ryan c’mon!”
He appeared in the doorway, looking at his feet.
“Alex…what are you doing?” Justin inquired curiously, shooting glances between the two of us.
“You have no idea how much it hurt to watch you kiss someone else…” I said and he looked at the wall sadly.”So ive decided that it’d be fair…an eye for an eye.”
Justin shocked face shot up at me like lightning.”What!” he choked.”With who!”
My teeth dug into my bottom lip and I nervously glanced at Ryan.
“Ryan!” he squeaked his jaw dropping.”Hell no!”
“Excuse me?” I shrieked.”Its either this or you can say goodbye to me for awhile.”
He searched my face and in my head I prayed he didnt see through my bluff.”Why would you want to kiss him?” he whispered, eyes glistening.
“I dont.” I spoke sternly and thought I saw Ryan look up at me suprised from the corner of my eye. No…I was probably imagining that. We were friends.”But I need for you to understand how it felt, so I know you’ve learned something from this.”
“Lexi please. Ive learned my lesson! You dont have to do this.”
My eyes widened in sadness at his voice. But when I closed my eyes I saw the memory of him with his hands all over Caitlin.”Yes I do. And this was my idea so if you get mad at Ryan then things arent gonna work out. He’s my friend. A good enough one to do this, so get used to it.”

Justin’s POV I couldnt believe this was happening. My girlfriend was kissing my bestfriend for revenge? My heart was being torn to pieces and it hurt even more to know that there was nothing I could say or do to stop her actions right now. So I stayed silent and looked away from both of them.
“You cant look away, thats the whole point.” she told me. My face was scrunched with pain as I looked at her she sighed, shaking her head.”Its not like im giving him a blowjob, relax.”
Ryan’s ears perked up at the words blow and job. I frowned distgusted but kept my eyes on her.
Before Alex leaned in to kiss him she looked at me. Having wishful thinking like I did I put on the most puppy dog face I could make though the heartbreak I had right now caused me to already have it set.
Slowly my babygirl leaned in and pressed her lips to my douchebag friend’s lips. It was slow and unmoving at first but as the seconds passed it got more sloppier and deeper.
My eyes dabbed with tears that I tried to battle back but my mind was focused on fixing my heart. Which was broken into a million pieces, at that exact moment… I would have rather died than watched this any longer.
Ryan’s POV Alexis leaned in and pressed her soft lips to mine, gently. Nervously I put my hands on her waist not knowing what to do with them, or where to put them. My eyes were open until the moment she parted her lips, kissing me deeper.
Suprised I shut mine tight and forgot about the fact that Justin was watching. Using my left hand to cup her neck and my right hand to pressure her back into me more, I got more enthusiastic. She tensed up and I could have sworn her lips about stopped moving but I couldnt let her. This was probably the only time Id ever kiss her, and she was gonna pull away?
Dropping from her neck I smoothed both hands around her waist, hugging her leather pants to me tightly. My God she made me feel alive, my tongue tapped her lips before plunging itself deep in her delicious mouth. Exploring around every corner.
Alexis POV Id made the mistake of looking at Justin before kissing Ryan. His face made me feel like such a bitch now, it wasnt right to do this. Even if he cheated on me it wasnt making me a better person to kiss someone else too, I mean. What was I accomplishing by doing this? What hell was I thinking?
And now my tummy felt like it had been pierced with knives and somebody had poured sand in it, replacing my guts. I commanded my lips to stop moving, this was over.
Ryan’s hands slid down my body, resting around my waist while he pulled me to him tight. Not gonna lie, it was freakin wierd now! Especially when he shoved his tongue between my lips, running it along my teeth and tongue. Massaging.
My hands, which were around his neck, squeezed his hair in my fingers, sending him a message to stop. But he took this as a compliment and kissed me deeper.
For a second I paused and pushed my tongue in his mouth, wait. What? I was encouraging him! Well was this really necessary? I mean maybe he was just getting into his character of making Justin jealous. Im sure this was nothing.
Still it was VERY uncomfortable when his hands went lower on my back, stopping to hold my ass. I broke our lips abrubtly and took a few frantic steps back, in shock. I glanced from Ryan’s suprised face to Justin’s tear filled eyes.
I swallowed hard and blinked more than needed before silently walking back to Justin’s room slamming the door, confused.
Justin’s POV Lexi dissapeared down the hall and into my room, slamming the door.
I blinked my eyes furiously, trying to get rid of the waterery glistening tears. Grinding my teeth I jerked up and stomped to Ryan.”What the hell!”
“What?” he said almost inaudioable.”It was her idea.”
“Yeah for you to kiss her! Not taste her stomach! How far down did your tongue go exactly? I didnt see, for some reason my eyes werent there. Oh yeah! They were at your hands, squeezing her ass!”
“Justin bro-”
“Dont bro me.” I snapped.”My real bro’s wouldnt kiss my girl.”
“She asked me to!” he squeaked throwing his hands up.
“She did NOT ask you to make out with her!”
“Yeah well maybe if you didnt cheat on her in the first place, then we wouldnt be here!”
I winced back and frowned, looking at my feet. Speechless. He knew how bad I felt for that.
“And guess who was there to hold her together! ME!”
My bottom lip pouted, angrily and I snarled.”Shut up!”
“What? Justin Bieber cant handle the truth?” he mocked then leaned down to stare me in the eyes, teasing.”You broke her heart and I was there to mend it. She cried to me on the phone and I was there. After everything she had to endure, you hurt her when she needed someoen the most…but I was there. I was there and you werent…and that kills you.”
My nostrils flared in fury and I hurled my body forward, throwing my fist at his nose as hard as it would go, putting all my strength behind it.

Alexis POV I heard Justin yell ‘shut up’ and then stomping before Ryan yelled in pain. Concerned I swung the door open to find Justin strattling Ryan’s stomach. Holding him still by his shirt wiith one hand while the other was formed in a fist, throwing puches directly at Ryan’s face.
“JUSTIN! STOP!” I shrieked, my ocean blue eyes widened. (I think ive changed her eye color a bunch of times, my bad. but its officially blue lol)
I ran up to them but he continued throwing his fist at my bestfriend’s bloody face.
“Stop it! Your hurting him!” I screamed with fear in my voice pushing on his chest to shove him off of Ryan’s body.”Are you okay?” I whispered cupping his face in my hands.
“Oww.” he groaned, blood from his nose spilling into his mouth.
“C’mon lets go get you taken care of.” I muttered helping him up to his feet, shakily.

Justin’s POV “What the hell is your problem?” she shouted over her shoulder at me while leading Ryan to the bathroom.
“Alexis please. Its not what you think!” I said with an annoyed groan.
Ryan wailed in pain then turned his head to wink at me before putting more of his weight on Alex…his hand cupping her ass. Again. For support.
My eyes filled with anger and I took one step towards him, threateningly.
He whined and held onto her more.”Dont touch me!”
“Justin, stay away!” she said sternly before dissapearing in the bathroom with him at her side.
Tossing my head in my hands I cried out, shocked. Oh shit. Ouch! My eyes followed down to my knuckles to see them with a little bit of Ryan’s and my own blood on them. Holding my limp left hand to my chest I hopped on my feet, skipping to the kitchen for ice.

Alexis POV I felt Ryan’s hand on my butt and immedialtey wanted to slap him, but resisted. Justin shouldnt have punched him but he seriously needed to keep his hands to himself. I shoved him on the toilet lightly and grabbed the first aid kit from under the sink, getting stuff out to clean his face up.
“What happend?” I asked calmly while dabbing at the blood on his swollen face.
“He was mad that we kissed and came at me!” he said urgently.”I didnt do anything… the psycho.”
“Maybe it was the fact that you grabbed my ass? Or shoved your tongue in my mouth?” I smiled lightly, trying to keep the mood settle.
“I was just playing the part! It was you idea anyway, and I get punished for it.” he whined.
I laughed cause his voice sounded wierd from me holding napkins to his nose.”Im sorry. Dont move or it will hurt more.”
He smiled but the effect caused him to frown.”Ow ow ow!”
A giggle parted my lips and I finished everything up with his face.”Just keep your hands to yourself from now on.”
He winked and shook his head.”Never.”
I half smiled and flicked his nose barely making contact with his skin, making him cry out in pain.”Oops… sorry.”
“Yeah yeah.”
“You know your probably gonna have a black eye tomorrow.”
“Does that give me permission to give him one? An eye for an eye.” he mocked me touching his face and wincing.
“Dont even think about it.” I inhaled before finishing.”Or I wont stop him from smashing your face in again.”
“So its okay for you but not me?” a soft grin spread on his less swollen face.
My heels clicked against the hardness of the kitchen floor as I stepped out to where Justin was.
“Im gonna…yeaah.” Ry said pointing to the door to leave.
Justin remained on the couch, clutching a bag of ice to his left hand. Sadness creeped its way up into my warm skin, at the thought of him being hurt. It made me so mad that no matter how angry I was with him, if he was hurting then I hurt.
“When U Smile I Smile.” I quoted him.”But when U hurt I hurt…”
“Thats corny.” he mumbled not meeting my eyes.
“Your lyrics.” I snorted and went to sit by him, stiffly.
A few minutes passed of silence.”Feel better now?” he asked, still avoiding my eyes.
I sighed and bit my lip thoughtful.”No…actaully I feel like shit… did it work?”
“Have you seen Ryan’s face?” he smirked.
“I told you it was my idea… not his.”
“Yeah I could see how upset he was about kissing you, or should I say making out with you. Cause unless rules have changed… grabbing of the ass and using tongue is past first base.”
“Justin.” I started.
“You fullfilled your mission of breaking my heart into a million pieces, congratulations.” he replied sarcastically, scarcly moving his lips.
Exhaling loudly, my body scooted to him more.”Now you know how I felt. Except it was worse… when I watched you kiss Caitlin I knew you did it on your own. And you wanted her”-he started to interupt me but I put my finger to his lips, quieting him-“whether it was lust or love…it was your own choice. When you saw me kiss Ryan, you knew that it meant nothing to me. At all.”
For the first time his gorgeous chocolate brown eyes met mine and he inhaled deeply.”Nothing?”
I nodded slowly.”Nothing.”
His good hand crawled up my shirt to stroke my cheek, softly.”I love you.”
“I love you too.” I whispered, kissing his mouth gently.

*Later that night, everybody was getting ready for the interview Justin had*

“C’mon please?” he begged taking my hands in his.
“No Justin! You know I dont want that kinda stuff.” I replied shaking my head, frustrated. He had spent the last 10 minutes asking me to do the interview with him.
Scooter set it up so we could ‘casually’ explain us kissing. Besides, whatever they had planned was news to me.
“But your my girlfriend and that means you should be in the interview of me announcing my girlfriend!” he complained, pouting his lip.
“I dont like to be in the spotlight. And I look like a trainwreck anyway so…”
“My team can fix you up. You honestly think I choose some of the outfits I wear? Please babe! You dont have to say anything just sit there-”
“And try to look pretty?” I finished with a sarcastic smile.
“You dont have to try, beautiful.” he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.”Please? For me?”
My eyes shifted to the audience and a weak smile came across my face. I wanted to make him happy and a part of me always wanted to know what it was like to be famous.”Fine…”
He grinned cheekily and kissed me softly, pointing me in the direction to the make up artist.

I glanced in the mirror and smiled- .com/hehe_alexis_again/set?id=23272425 Never in a million years would I have imagined me falling for Justin Bieber and now having professionals doing my makeup! This was crazy!
He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, caringly.”You look astounding.”
“Im nervous.” I muttered, barely moving my lips.
“Dont be. I’ll do the talking, if they ask you a question just follow my lead and wing it. We’ll be fine.” his lips met my cheek and I sat up to hug him.
“Your sure your not gonna run out on the interview Justin?” Pattie asked harshly.”Wouldnt suprise me… you did it on stage.”
“Yes.” he answered through gritted teeth.”Im actually in love with the girl this time mom.”
My eyes widened in fear, she always made me scared to move or say anything. Like a snake, ready to pounce at any wrong move. I wanted her to like me so bad but by the death glares she gave me that wasnt likely to happen.
Pattie bit her lip, gently and walked up to me taking a deep breath.”You look nice Alexis.”
“Thank you Mrs. Mallette.” I whimpered feeling as if she was about to strike me.
Justin gave a crooked smile and held my waist.”C’mon… we gotta go.”
“Oh… I dont know if I can do this.” my voice had the nerves in it.
“You’ll do fine, im sure.” his mom replied to my statement and I think she was trying to be kind…? But it didnt sound right due to her harsh tone.
“Thanks.” I swallowed and dragged my feet as Justin pulled me onto the set. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. What if I tripped and did a faceplant? No, no. Take deep breaths.
“Justin Bieber!” the interviewer shouted to que us to come out as the crowd went crazy, screaming his name loudly.
“Hey.” he smiled taking my hand and sitting on the soft yellow plush couch.
“How are you today?” she asked eyeing me nervously.
“Im great! Its been a great day, and the energy here is amazing.”
I grinned, locking my azure eyes to Justin’s excited face.
“And the tour has been going good so far, yeah?” she asked with a very over rated smile. I knew she just didnt want to bring up the ‘me’ incident yet.
“Its been fun. Ive had some of my friends along with me to keep me company when Im not performing so yeah its good.”
“Now…speaking of friend…” her face turned slightly to wink at the crowd of anxious girls.”There is actually many pictures and videos of you kissing this young lady right here,” she nodded to me.”at the concert in RosenFalls. Can you explain to me, that situation?”
I bit my lip, getting more nervous as the seconds ticked by. A part of me wanted them to just cut the crap, they obviously saw us kiss and now he brought me in the interview holding my hand? Jeeze they’re not that dumb.
Justin chuckled but only I could see right past it. Inside I knew he was dying from the nerves, after all… this was gonna have the most impact on him. Not me or anybody else. Its his career at sake.”Uhh…yeaah. Caught me.”
A breath of a snort came from my mouth and I grinned. He was adorable when he was nervous.
“Caught yah. So does this mean you and…?” her attention diverted to me with a questioning look.
I could feel my heart pounding in my ears, not knowing what to do. Luckily Justin saved me,”This is Alexis Davis… she’s a very important friend of mine.”
“Friend? So what are you two exactly… friends with the extra perks?” a musical laugh erupted from her but groans and angered shouts echoed from the audience.
“Naw… she’s just been my friend for awhile and she’s an amazing person really. But we do like to keep our personal life… personal.”
The crowd almost booed but the petite woman shooshed them with the flick of her wrist.”Ohh so it looks like your not on the market anymore.”
His hand gripped mine tighter and I could feel all his muscles vibrating with frustration. What kind of girlfriend was I? Leaving him hanging, by himself on live TV? Justin gulped and opened his mouth to speak but before I could stop my voice the sudden courage exploded in me.
Smiling kindly I adjusted my body on the couch.”I know he’s gorgeous but… he’s not a piece of meat up for sale. He’s just a normal person like everyone else.”
A cricket could’ve chirped to make the moment even better. The crowd fell silent and the interviewer’s jaw dropped, suprised at my voice.”So you talk? I was starting to get worried there for a minute.”
“Yeah I do. Ask Justin, he can never get me to shut up.”
A few laughs shifted in the audience of eager faces, and I was overjoyed to see the mood lighten. The love of my life finally recovered and smiled gently.”Oh yes. She’s worse than my mom.”
More laughs came from the crowd since Justin spoke this time.”Anyway so it looks like your status on facebook needs to be changed to ‘taken’ now, correct?”
He gave me a glance, grinning inconsiderably then nodded his head in approval.”Correct.”
I took notice that more secutity guards stood by the gates now.”Aww ladies…” she spoke looking at the crowd then completley ignored them, wanting all the juicy news.”So tell us. Whats it like having Justin Bieber as a boyfriend? We obviously know you guys met in the Bahammas, was it love at first sight?”
A polite smile formed from my lips.”Like he said, we want to keep our personal life, well personal but I can tell you that he’s an amazing person. I know his fans already know that but seriously once you get to sit him down and talk to him, he is just…unbelievable as a person.”
“Well thats good to hear.” she muttered falsely enthusiastic but the dissapointment showed in her eyes topaz eyes.

“Wow you were a natural.” Justin told me in awe as we went to change backstage.
My cheeks burned from my blushing as the blood rushed to my head.”Thanks.”

Justin- .com/justin_bieber_beetch/set?id=23311922 Alex- .com/alexis/set?id=23312449

I stepped out of the dressing room and glanced around curiously, searching for those gorgeous chocolate eyes.”Justin?”
“Hi.” he smiled hugging me from behind.”You still look beautiful, you know.”
An answering smile lit my face and I chuckled, thoughtful.”Thank you. Where are we going from here?”
He intertwined our fingers, locking them safely.”Dinner, why?”
A smirking snort esacaped my glossy lips.”I meant with this whole…’us, dating, your fans, famous’ thing?”
“Oh…” his eyebrows furrowed in realization then he was silent for a minute, pondering.”You want the truth?”
“Nope, I like it when you lie to me.” my voice carried heavy sarcasm.
Taking a ragged breath he lead me to Kenny who would escort us out.”Prepare yourself to be plastered in many magezines, your picture will be taken frequently, and some of my fans are not gonna like you but only because thwy are jealous your my girlfriend.”
I licked and bit my lip at the same time, jaw dropping ajar slightly.
“Im sorry… but thats what comes along with being with me.”
I didnt want my face in magezines. I didnt want my picture being taken every second of every day. I didnt want to be hated on by his fans and get death threats… but I did want Justin. And that want cancelled out all the other negatives.
“Its worth it.” I gave a small smile and took a deep breath.
“Im glad you feel that way, hopefully you’ll still feel that way in 2 weeks.”
I threw a questioning look his way before we were rushed out into cameras, being led to a car.”What do I do?” I asked my stomach twisting.
“Smile.” he said through one of his own.
A fake smile appeared on my mouth and I waved with a tiny hand, wanting desperatley to get in the safety of our car.
Once inside I shook my head, sighing.”Wow. How do you do that everyday?”
“Dont worry, after awhile you’ll get used to it. And since we just told them about this its gonna be heavy paps for a couple weeks.”

I laughed at Chaz, sitting in a booth at a small McDonalds. Cameras waited outside and were still flashing snapshots of us eating through windows.
“Dont laugh.” he said.”I like my food.”
Giggling I took a peak at Ryan who sat next to Chaz. He’d been very quiet which was understandable, due to his blackeye that appeared sooner than expected.
“Please stop?” my voice whispered.
“What?” Justin asked finally looking at me.
“Apologize! Both of you!” my hands waved back and forth in the air between my boyfriend and bestfriend.
“Alex-” they both started to object but I pouted my lip giving them puppy dog sad eyes.
Letting out a sigh, Justin spoke first in a soft tone.”Im sorry for punching you man.”
Chaz sat uncomfortable as a third wheel, stuffing his gace with greasy fries.
“Good… Ryan?” I raised my brows at him.
His eyes pleaded mine before rolling and then he spoke in an annoyed tone.”Im sorry for doing whatever I did.”
“Whatever you did? You know what you did-” Justin shouted angry.
“Dont! Just let it go, babe. This isnt the place to do this anyway.” I snapped in a rush to soften his mood.
He pushed on the inside of his cheek with his tongue before sighing and looking back down to his Big Mac.
Silence fell upon our group until the vibration of my phone, shook my pocket. Taking it out I pouted, confused.
“Who is it?” Justin asked out of instinct.
“I dont know… unavailable.”
Pressing answer I put it to my ear.”Hello?”
Nothing responded but heavy breathing and crackling from bad service.
“Anybody there?”
“Im gonna hang up now…” I smirked and dropped my cell.”Great.”
“What did they say?” Chaz, who had been eavesdropping on the convo, asked.
“They didnt say anything, just was breathing really hard. Wierdo, its probably one of your fans.”
“How would they get your number?”
“I dont know, but I have to go to the bathroom.” I used my hips to push Justin lightly, hinting fro him to get up from the booth.
“Alright. Let me go with you.” he said taking my hand leading to the bathroom. Kenny followed, he would have to stand outside the door.
A groan erupted in my chest.”No.”
“The women’s bathroom is out of service!”
“So? Just go in the men’s room. Kenny’s guarding the doors.” Justin chuckled opening the latch to the smoothed wooden block, standing in my way of the toilet.
“Eww. The men’s bathroom is gross.” I shivered with a smile at his face.
“Aw c’mon Lexi. Your tough enough to do this.” and with that said he took my hand and tugged my fragile body into the male restroom.
I squealed and closed my eyes, expecting to see wet floors, hairy sinks, brown urinels, and stuff written on the walls.
“This one isnt bad.” he commented choosing the cleanest stall out of three options.
“Yeaaah” I replied sarcastically walking into the stall and shutting the swinging door.

Justin’s POV I was determined to be the best boyfriend ever. At this moment my career didnt matter nor my health. Top priority is earning Alexis Davis’ trust back. I loved her more than anything in the entire universe and she would trust me if it was the last thing I did.

Alexis POV I tried to hold my body above the seat, so my sensative skin wouldnt touch the revolting toilet, while I peed.
Pulling my jean shorts up I scrunched my nose at the smell of this bathroom, like urine and overused cologne, with a hint of some kind of cleaner somehad had put in here to try to cover up the stink.
“Okay this bathroom is pretty bad.” he admitted as I swung the stall door ajar.
“Oh that would go well. You’d put them out of business if everyone knew ‘Justin Bieber thought this McDonalds stunk.'” I giggled going to the sink trying to find a clean spot to wash up my hands.
A light chuckle came from his mouth and he helped me wash my hands, gently.
Turning my head to stare into his eyes, I froze. We both stood there, looking into the other’s eyes while the hot water ran over both our hands. It was one of those ‘had to be there’ moments to understand the love we were physically feeling.
Taking a death breath my eyes broke the moment and I shut the water off, grabbing paper towels to dry us.

“About time. We’re leaving.” Chaz whined grabbing our hands pulling us out the door as we laughed.
Climbing in the tour bus, I sighed when I saw Pattie on the couch. Maybe I could try to be nice to her, was it something I did?
Hesitantly I sat myself down next to her on the couch, cautious of my movements.
Giving me one puzzled glance then frowning she got up and left out the door, telling Justin on the way out,”Im gonna ride in the SUV.”
My face dropped and I very carefully sniffed my hair. Did I stink or did she just not like me that much?
“Way to get rid of her.” my boyfriend grinned sitting next to me comfortably.
A sigh came from my lungs.”I didnt do it on purpose…”
Justin’s lips pursed tightly.”Well atleast were alone now.”
“Umm im right here?” Chaz opened his mouth in suprise.
I giggled at this scene. “You dont count Chaz!”
“Ouch… that hurt Alex. It really did.”
“Aww im sorry. Forgive me?” joking my feet jumped u next to him.
“I dont know, that one went straight to the heart.” he frowned sarcastically.
Digging my polished nails in my pocket I pulled out a ‘Fun Sized Butterfinger’ waving it in his face, teasingly.”This can go straight to you stomach..”
“You are totally forgiven and I love you!” his hand snatched the piece of candy like lightning, ripping it open like a caveman.
“Wow Chaz. Just… wow.” Justin smiled taking my hand and leading me to his room.”You go ahead and eat that, we’re gonna be back here.”
“Okayy,” Chaz giggled histarically looking at the chocolate, carressing it like his baby.
I tried not to laugh but failed, being dragged to Justin’s room.”Why are we coming in here?”
“Lets watch a movie or something, im not tired yet.” he half smiled and sat me on the bed going to the flat screen TV.
“And Chaz cant come in here?”
“No… you wouldnt want to interupt the moment he’s having with that butterfinger would you?” a cracking laugh broke out between us both.
“Are you kidding? Its gone by now.” my teeth sunk into my lower lip attempting to hold back laughter.
“I think he was dropped on his head as a baby or something.”
“Probably, poor Mrs. Somers. Imagine Chaz as a baby.” he was going through the movies he had stacked neatly on a shelf while I laughed. It went awkwardly silent.”So what movie do you want to watch babe?”
“I dont know. Just put something in it doesnt matter.”
“Alright.” he scooped up a movie and I coudnt see what it was as he shoved it forcefully in the player, punching play.
Butterflies fluttered in my stomach and a bright smile lit my face up when Justin crawled next to me pulling my small body into his arms.
The movie began to roll and my phone, bright in the darkness, rang with a text message.

Brittney: hey I saw your interview 😀 Alex: yeah I was so nerous lol Brittney: c’mon you did amazing!
Alex: i hope 🙂 how r u?
Brittney: im good actually just planning my WEDDING!
Alex: arent u still in the hospital?
Brittney: phhfft no 🙂 i told u my injuries werent as bad as they looked Alex: u know it was my fault 😥 im so sorry Brittney: shut up it wasnt ure fault Alex: yeah…
Brittney: wat r u doin?
Alex: watchin a movie with Justin 🙂
Brittney: cool wat movie?
Alex: Semi-Pro haha Brittney: of coarse lol soo…? 😉

What was that suppose to mean? I quickly texted her back ‘?’ and waited impatiently for her to reply.
Justin sat next to me glancing down to my fingers every once and awhile, to my phone.
“Who are you texting?” he asked curiously and a giggle parted my chapstick filled lips. He was adorable when he tried to act as if he wasnt interested, when honestly it shown badly. I had to admit.
I was a bit flattered by his jealousy, as long as it didnt go too far to ‘obsessive boyfriend’ stage.
“Brittney. I was just checking on her.” I replied softly when my phone vibrated again.

Brittney: dont give me that lol i know you and Justin are gettin it on 😉 rocking the tour bus are we?

Blood rushed to my face leaving tingles where it left the rest of my, now cold, body. Slamming the screen into my chest I prayed Justin didnt just read that. Was he reading over my shoulder the whole time?
I shifted myself to an angle where he couldnt see my cell phone screen, hoping he wouldnt notice. Pursing my lips angrily I texted back ignoring her question trying to change the subject-

Alex: how’s the wedding coming along? am i invited?
Brittney: its coming along great and of coarse your invited but dont change the subject Alexis Davis hehe Alex: we are NOT having sex… at the moment Brittney: come on :S u guys havent seen eachother in awhile and your not bangin him? lol Alex: he cheated on me Britt Brittney: and… we’ve been past this!
Alex: im just sayin that I shouldnt give him ‘that’ yet lol Brittney: how long r u gonna keep him waitin?
Alex: idk… its kinda fun to keep him on his toes lol Brittney: nice Lexi 🙂
Alex: :] its not like i dont want to Brittney: well i knew that lmao i may be engaged but i can admire a hottie when i see one Alex: 😮 he’s mine lol Brittney: just sayin Alex: lol Brittney: well get back to watchin ure movie cuz i gotta go Alex: alright 🙂 love you Brittney: love you too

I made sure to delete my outbox before tossing it on the nightstand and turning my body into his chest, listening to the movie.
‘Baby are you ready to love me sexaay. Baby were naked and were humpin sexaay.’
A giggle erupted in my chest and shook both of us, and I sighed.”Oh wow. Will Ferrell.”
“Yeah he’s a funny guy.” Justin smiled lightly, rubbing my shoulder with his finger tips.
“Oh yeah thats right. You met him.”
The half smile was still fixed on his face as he nodded.
“You’ve met alot of cool people…” I whispered, my index finger tracing up and down his chest.
He shuddered from my touch and shook his hair in place.”I know.”
“I wanna meet…” I started with a sly smile.
“Usher?” he finished my sentence with a smirk.
Chewing my lip I grinned, mesmerized.”Him too…but I really want to meet, your dad. And the rest of your family.”
He looked down suprised at my random answer. “Most of the girl’s ive taken on dates want to meet Usher, Shaq, or someone famous…and you want to meet my family?”
“Yes.” I spoke simply but the words were so deep.
“Where have you been my whole life?” his voice had so much happiness in it that I didnt stop him when he collided our lips together in a fiery kiss.
Im not stupid. We were alone in a room, with Pattie nowhere in sight. And now we’re kissing… even Chaz could figure out where this was leading.
And though I knew in my mind that I wouldnt let him get very far, my body was shouting for him to continue.
“Justinn.” I half smiled and pushed on his chest lightly but he trailed from my lips to my neck, sucking on it roughly. Oh God… this felt so good.”We need to stop before this gets intense…”
“And why would we do that?” he murmered tracing his hands down my legs to hold my thighs tight.
Wrapping my les around his waist I giggled.”Because im not in the mood..” but as the words left my mouth directly after came a moan.
He smirked on my neck before crashing our lips together again.”Really? Cause it sure seems like your in the mood.”
Justin’s fingers gripped my thighs before squeezing me against him, he grew harder at our closeness.”Dont…” I gasped diggin my nails into the back of his neck from pleasure.”Do..that..”
“What? This?” he thrust his hips out against me, causing friction.
A sigh let loose from my mouth.”Justin, thats not fair. Your cheating.”
“So…its working.” he winked then kissed my lips tenderly.
“Well how’s this workin for yah?” I asked moving my hand down to rub his crotch. He smiled and almost tipped over on the bed. I took advantage and kissed him one last time before scooting back and turning my back to him.”Im tired.”
“Bu- what? I thought you were…c’mon please?” he stuttered through his pleas.
“Im sorry babe… did I get your hopes up?”
“Why’d you wear the red bra and white shirt if were not gonna fool around?” his voice had so much whine in it, I couldnt help but laugh.
“What does my visible bra have anything to do with that?”
“You know the color red turns me on!” he scoffed, stroking the hair from my face.
Another laugh escaped my lips.”I did not know that.”
“Yes you did.”
“Oh just shut up and lets go to bed.” I tried to stiffle another laugh while standing up to slide off my shoes and shorts.
Justin’s POV “Oh now your definatley teasing.” I said while pulling my brows together in agony.
“Im not meaning to.” she flashed a flirty smile, clearly saying she trying to drive me off the edge even if she just said she wasnt.
A groan rumbled in my chest and I cocked myself up on my elbow to watch her.”Please baby? We dont have to go all the way.”
Alexis crawled on her knees and hands to me, barely moving the bed from her light weight.”Technically I dont have to do anything…”
“Oh c’mon babe. Its been like two months! Ive waited that long for you…” I knew I should be embarrassed by the fact that I was begging my girlfriend to have sex with me but Little Bieber was about to break the buttons on my pajama pants.
Silently I cheered in my head, from her eyes softening. She just now realized it had been that long,”Two months?” she repeated.
“Yes.” I said firmly trying to control myself from going nuts and ripping off her clothes.
A seductive grin spread on her very appetizing lips.”Then I guess you can wait awhile longer.” she leaned up to peck me on the lips before slipping on a pair of my boxers on and blowing me a kiss.”Goodnight.” The door shut.
What…the hell…just happend? I thought I was winning but, she just shut down very…very fast.
Alexis POV A smile hit my lips and I leaned against the door. Poor Justin… two months was a long time.
“Hey Lexi. What are you doing out here?”Chaz said in his bunk already.
“Teasing Justin.” I winked before climbing in my own bed, shutting my eyes. Life was good.
Justin’s POV I hadnt realized Alex had left her phone on my nightstand until it started to vibrate, from a text from Brittney.

Brittney: how’s it goin wit Justin?

What did she mean? Was she talking about me, and of coarse against my better judgement I started to text back…

Justin(he’s textin from Alexis phone): huh?
Brittney: did u give in to that sexy ass yet? lol

Okay I never thought she would refer to me as ‘sexy ass’ but it was kinda interseting to see what she said behind my back. Afraid she was gonna catch me I jumped at every little movement from the tour bus, still my fingers rolled like a pro into her inbox. Looking at all the messages Brittney had been sending her.

Brittney: come on :S u guys havent seen eachother in awhile and your not bangin him? lol Brittney: and… we’ve been past this!
Brittney: how long r u gonna keep him waitin?
Brittney: nice Lexi 🙂
Brittney: well i knew that lmao i may be engaged but i can admire a hottie when i see one Brittney: just sayin Brittney: well get back to watchin ure movie cuz i gotta go Brittney: love you too

What was she talkin about, slightly anxious I checked her outbox but everything had been deleted. Dammit!
What did she mean by keep me waiting? Lexi wasnt having sex with me on purpose to torture me! Yeah well…two can play that game, but in the meantime… something had to be done about my little problem. Glancing down I saw my huge bulge and sighed, muttering.”Damn you.” (just in case you dont like this kinda thing, you might wanna skip the rest of this chapter ;))
Creaking the door open slightly I saw all the lights out and Chaz snoring, it was a good thing the bathroom was right next to me. Alexis had her eyes closed and her breathing was heavier than usual so my guess was she was snoozing. Even though nobody could see me I felt the need to put my hand over ‘myself’ for protection of sight.
Being as quiet as possible, I used my hip to shut the door then lock it. Double checking it like five times before standing in front of the toliet, yanking down my pants and underwear at the same time. A sigh came from my mouth due to my now, set free erection.
For a second I bit my tongue as all the horny memories from Alexis and I came back to mind, especially that last one. I used my left hand to start my rhythmic stroking, oh God this was amazing. Not as amazing as it would be if Lexi was doing it but for now it would have to work. I knew it was late so I tried my best to supress the much needed moans that were in my throat, my head fell back to stare at the ceiling for a moment before my eyes closed completely.
Memories flooded my mind and I imagined new ones, with new positions.
“Auh… Lexiii.” I moaned her name as if she was doing this to me, right now. All the muscles in my back and legs tightened, my strokes got harder and faster until I tipped over the edge to exaltation. A very high pitched squeal rumbled in my voice and I grabbed the tissues, to clean up my release.
Licking my lips, pleased with myself I pulled up my pants and went to wash my hands in the sink.
*The Next Morning*

Alexis POV I woke up groggily and automatically went to take a shower, afterwards putting on this- .com/everyone_loves_beach/set?id=23592237 We were gonna be on the coast of Florida today so it was great, I couldnt wait to get some sun! “Goodmorning!” I sang walking out to Chaz and Ryan who sat comfortably on the couch.
“Morning Alex.” Chaz replied with a huge yawn.
“Morning..” Ryan mumbled touching his black eye cautiously. It was kinda sad to watch…
“Oh mann…its even worse than it was last night.” my voice turned from the cheerful tone to an apolegetic hum.”Im sorry, and he’s sorry too.”
“No he’s not, have you seen this?” a long index finger pointed to it.”This is pure anger and jealousy!”
“C’mon Ry… he said sorry last night.” I said but still my hands went to cup his cheeks, examining the bruise.”That looks like it hurts.”
“It does.”
Chaz laughed and pinched my side.”Look what you do Lexi…cause two guys ive known forever to fight.”
“Stop it!” my elbow met his arm and it just made him laugh more.
A very sexy but not so well rested Justin slid in the room from a corner.”Stop what?” he yawned.
“Nothing.” my teeth bit into my lip, my eyes shooting daggers at both of my friends, for them to keep their traps shut.
Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he wrapped his arms around my waist.”Goodmorning beautiful.”
“Morning.” a giggle erupted in my chest as I hugged him tightly.
Automatically Ryan stood up and left the room, with a sulk. I sighed.
“Get a room, you two.” Chaz winked at us.
“Your jealous.” Justin said, his voice cracking due to his recent arrival into the day.
The shirtless Chaz finished his last bite of cereal before snorting.”Yeah right…” then he sighed loudly, tossing the plastic into the sink.”Aww man your right…I do need a girlfriend.”
“Yes.” I agreed, nodding while connecting my lips to Justin’s cheek.”What are we doing today? I mean I was hoping since you dont have a concert and we’re in Florida that we could go to the beach but obviously its not my choice.”
“We can do that.” he whispered with a smirk to himself while moving his mouth to peck my ears. I shivered and squeezed my fingers together.”What? Didnt think I remembered the day on my range rover… and your sensative ears?”
I laughed nervously as I pulled back to look him dead in the eye.”How could either one of us forget that day?” I tried. That day I found out about Justin’s sexually disgusting past…
He frowned then gave half my lips a quick peck before heading to the kitchen for breakfast.
Dammit Alexis. Why cant you keep your big mouth shut?
Everyone was gone from the bus by now, so it was just us two; alone in the kitchen.”Hey, im sorry.” my shoulders shrugged sheepishly as I made my way over to stand next him, watching intently as he poured battered eggs into a pan above the tiny stove.”I know your not like that anymore.”
He gulped then gave me a fake smile.”Doesnt make it less wrong. I dont understand how I did that before, its just so… pathetic.”
“Your not pathetic.”
My hand curved around his shoulder blade to rest my head on it, inclining to his neck. His heart was beating so fast; I could feel it through his shirt. When he didnt speak I tried to change the subject but had no clue of what to say. Something ocurred to me, suddenly. It was probably nothing but what the hell? I needed something to fill the void.
“So how’d you sleep last night? I thought I heard you up pretty late too? You alright?”
He chuckled to himself, shaking his head slightly.”Oh uh that was nothing. My stomach was upset but im okay now.”
“Great.” I smiled deviously, running my fingers down his chest.”Cause im gonna need you at your full strength.” My lips met the place directly below his jawline, which made him sigh with a grin before his eyes rolled and he backed up cupping my neck.
“Not so fast. You expect me to just give in after you teasing me like that last night?”
I pursed my lips before smiling foolishly.”I dont know… what do you think?” Sticking my tongue somewhat out of my mouth in a seductive expression, I winked and turned to walk out the door.
“Alexis, can you pass the sunscreen?” Pattie asked with shades covering her soft eyes. We lounged on the Florida beach in lawn chairs comfortably watching Justin play frisbee with the crew. It was amazing how nice she was being to me today; she must be in a good mood.
“Yeah, sure.” I replied with a small smile tossing the bottle lightly to her. Maybe we were finally gonna be friends.
“You know Mrs. Mallette I really appreciate-” my voice was cut off by a hard object hitting my nose harshly causing me to cry out in pain.”Ahh!”
“Oh my! Alex are you okay!” Pattie’s gentle hands cupped my face as I heard voices start to make noise.
Opening my mouth to talk, I stopped feeling liquid slide inside. Tasted like rusted metal. I flung my fingers up to touch it; wincing from pain; bringing them back down to see a clear view of blood.”Oh, no.”
“Alex!” Justin appeared next to me in seconds.”Baby are you okay?”
“Im fine, who hit me?” I asked standing up and leaning over to stop the blood from staining my dress.
He ignored me and grabbed a nearby towel putting it to my face.”Oh God, your bleeding!”
“Oh shit, Alexis im sorry! Im soo sorry!” Chaz ran up to me before skidding to a stop to avoid touching me as if I was a bomb.”Are you okay! I didnt mean to, it just slipped!”
OK. Obviously Chaz hit me.”Its okay, im fine its just a little blood.”
“A little blood! This is a ton!” Ryan chipped in.
Justin had been frantically trying to stop the bleeding, with a worried expression on his face.”Justin stop,” I began.”I need to clean it off. Im just gonna go to the bathroom.”
“Im coming with you.” he argued.
“I dont think so,” I laughed pushing him towards Kenny.”You work hard enough, this is your time off. Go mess around besides if you come then it’ll attract more fans.”
His mother stared at me mesmerized before giving a small smile.
“No buts, go! I’ll take someone else with me just in case if it makes you feel better but your not coming. Go do… whatever you were doing.”
He sighed and made a gesture of stomping his foot before frowning and giving my cheek a kiss.”Hurry back.”
“Alright.” I giggled and watched him go back by the water.
“Listen Im really sorry Lexi-” Chaz looked as if he was tearing up.
“Chaz! It wasnt your fault, now go ahead with Justin. I’ll take Ryan with me to the bathroom.”
He nodded and said another apology then went to where the rest were. Ryan looked at me with a grin.”You okay babe?”
He always called me ‘babe’ but it made Pattie look up so it must have been odd.”Yeah lets just go, so I can get this crap out of my mouth.”

We snuck in hoping that nobody recognized us and came storming in. It was ridiculous how just because Justin and I were together everybody acted as if I was famous too. Saying I had ‘fans’
“Are you sure your okay?” Ryan asked helping me clean it.
“Im fine, it doesnt hurt bad but im scared its broken!” I whined. It could seriously make me look like an Owen Wilson if my nose was broke.
“Naw its not broken. But hey we switched sides. You cleaned my blood and now im cleaning yours! Haha!”
“Oh shut up!” I grinned slapping his arm playfully. Suddenly my phone rang in my purse, just as he finished cleaning me up. Sighing loudly I hit the little green button on my touch screen.”Hello?”

“Anyone there?” I asked annoyed.

“Seriously, you need to stop calling me and not saying anything. I dont know who you are but please stop.”
Still heavy breathing echoed in my ear and it sounded as if there was faint wind in the background and waves crashing.
“If your one of Justin’s fans this isnt funny anymore! Leave me alone.” I said trying to sound threatening but my voice cracked so I just hung up.
“Who was that?” he asked stupidly.
“I dont know but I think its the same person who’s been calling me. They dont say anything but just sit there and breathe. Its prolly one of Justin’s fans who got ahold of my number.”
“Freakin obsessed bitches..” he muttered under his breath.
“Hey!” I cut in, frowning…
“If it wasnt for them then Justin wouldnt have a career, so maybe you should treat them with a bit of respect.”
My younger sister, Gabrielle, who happend to be dead was a huge fan of Justin before we met him. Not to be biased but it did offend me by him saying this. And not just from my sister. I knew what it was like to be a devoted fan, and it truly hurt when your idol or their friends said these things…
Ryan gave me the most strange look Id ever seen him have before exhaling and leaving the bathroom quickly.
Sighing, I groaned and dragged my feet out the door.”Ryan come back!”
But instead of seeing Ryan waiting for me or atleast walking away, bright lights flashed in my face.”Hey Alexis what happend?” reporters shouted.
Quickly I shielding my eyes with my hands and looked for an escape; but they had me trapped against the brick walling.”Please move.” I ordered in the kindest tone possible.
As if I hadnt spoke they continued snapping pictures of my frightened face.
I was gonna fucking kill Ryan when I got my hands on him.
“Please move!” my voice rose an octave higher due to my annoyance.
Again, I got no reaction from the papz at all. Great.
What should I do? I knew not to push them or injure any of them cause that would definatley make headline news. Shooting the hungry wolves the most polite smile possible, I turned around and flung my body through the bathroom door before shutting it and locking it. Their fist started to bang against it and it made me very nervous. The lock wasnt that strong, were they really gonna bust in just for pictures of Justin Bieber’s girlfriend!
I began to hyperventilate as my eyes wandered around the concrete room in a panick. There must be something I could use to baracade the door! With shaking fingers I gripped the cold metal of a giant trashcan and pushed it with all my might; the ground made a very loud screeching sound but it eventually sat in front of the door. Protecting me from the leeches.
“Oh God, oh God, oh God. What do I do now?” my voice echoed outloud against the walls.
Snatching up my purse I rambled through it until my skinny fingers closed around my phone, hastily dialing the first person I thought to call in a time such as this…
The annoying beeping noise tortured my ears as seconds passed…and passed. And passed. Shit, no answer.
Of coarse theres no answer he’s playing football with Justin. He doesnt have his phone. Who else? Not Justin!
The banging just seemed to decrease slowly until it came to a complete stop for about a minute and I waited in anticipation. Quietly I stepped towards the door and took the handle in my sweaty palm.
A fist slammed into the heavy door making me jump back with a squeal.”Please go away!” I shrieked running my fingers through my loose hair. Sweat was now hanging on the back of my neck and around the rim of my hairline. It was getting hot in here.
“Alexis…” my name was whispered and it sounded as if it was right next to my ear. The creepy voice echoeing off the walls to ring in my head again. It was everywhere.”Alexis…”
“W-what? Who said that?” I mumbled, my lips trembling.
“Lexi, let me in. Im sorry!” Ryan’s husky voice said through the door suddenly.
“Yeah its me. Let me in, im sorry I left you. I had no clue they were following us.” he replied with another impatient knock.
Hesitantly I scraped the garbage can over and opened the door to a beam of light staring at me, and Ryan with his hands shoved in his pockets.”You okay? Im sor-”
“Did you say my name?” I interupted looking around with my brows pulled together concerned.”What’d you call me?”
His brows equeally raised in questioning.”Uh… I called you Lexi. Like always.”
“No I mean the first time, you called me Alexis. You never call me that.”
“What are you talking about?” he said resting his hand on my shoulder.”I didnt call your name until just now. When I called you Lexi.”
I licked my lips and took another glance around, suspiciously.”But..” my voice started outloud, to argue before fading.”Nevermind.”
Someone had called me Alexis. Twice. I wasnt crazy and if it wasnt Ryan then…who was calling for me?
“Are you okay babe?” he asked with a worried expression.
I began walking slowly,”Im fine…”
Justin’s POV I threw a football before diverting my eyes to where Alex had dissapeared. She still hadnt returned and it had been awhile, of coarse my protective intincts kicked in.
“Kenny man, do you think Alexis is okay? Its been awhile..” I asked concerned.
He chuckled and tossed the ball at me, shaking his head.”Im sure she’s fine. Ryan’s with her.”
“Ryan’s with her!” I raised my voice angrily and chucked the football which sailed through the air and went way past Kenny, over his head.
“Yeah man. And your goin to get that!”
I inhaled deeply and jogged past Kenny, mumbling to myself about Ryan after I was done with him if he ever touched my girlfriend again, but thats when I saw Alex and my dick friend skipping back to where my mother rested in the sun. Her arm was around his shoulder. And my stomach was sick by the sight of it.
After tossing the ball back to my body guard and close friend, I sprinted over to my family and friends. Lexi needed to be away from Ryan as much as possible, and I was gonna make sure of it.

Alexis’ POV Pattie peaked one eye open to take a glance at me.”You okay Alexis?”
“Yeah Mrs. Mallette im fine. Thanks for asking.” I smiled at her genuinley.
“Thats good.” she muttered before giving a slight smile back.
Ryan walked off to do whatever on the beach as I sat down next to her and set my hand on her arm, kindly.”Mrs. Mallette?”
She sighed greatly then turned to look at me, biting her fragile lip.”Call me Pattie…”
I grinned wider at this comment.”Okay…Pattie.”
“What is it?” she asked calmly shifting her body on her side to face me.
“I just want to say thank you for letting me come on this tour, and giving me everything you have. Just the kindess of your heart to let me be with your son”- her brows furrowed slightly and she pursed her lips-“and I know we havent exactly been best friends…and I dont know what I did to make you feel to treat me the way you did, but I do know that you have always let me stay no matter how you dissagreed with Justin and I’s relationship so… thank you.”
“Im… trying..” she struggled for words so I shook my head.
“You dont have to say anything Mrs. Mallette. Just know that I truly am thankful for your generosity.” I stook out my hand for her to shake it.
Justin’s mother smiled wide and pulled me into a hug.”Its Pattie…”
I bit my lip to hide the big smile, trying to break free on my lips.”Pattie.” I repeated.
Suddenly hands snuck up on my hips and I was lifted off the ground. Screams came from my mouth.
“Chill babe its just me.” Justin grinned while walking towards the ocean, me laying across his shoulders.
I was still a bit jumpy from the bathroom, which I probably shouldnt mention that Ryan left me there. Justin and him had enough problems right now..,
“Well, hello to you too!” I giggled and traced my fingers on the birth mark that was on his back.
He slid me down his body until I was on my feet once again.”Let’s go swim…”
“Like in the Bahammas…” I whispered, inches from his face, a smile appearing on my face.
His warm breath hit my face, stunning me.”Yeah…like in the Bahammas.”
Smirking to myself I raised my hand to flick his perfect button nose,”What are you waiting for?” and then lift my dress over my head letting it fall. Revealing my small pink bikini.
His lips came up into a crooked grin and he looked me up and down, taking a few steps to stand behind me while we both walked slowly into the sinking sand. Warm salt water rose on my legs, starting with my ankles but now past my knees.
“This feels amazing.” I smiled closing my eyes, leaning my head back against his chest.
He inclined his head just a fraction to peck the side of my neck before going to kiss the scars on my back gently.”Yeah…it does feel amazing.”
I caught the double meaning. We were past waist deep, almost to my breast now in the water.
Checking the beach I saw that we were far enough away that we would have to scream for people to hear us.
“So…I saw you with my mom…” he said turning me around to face him.”You guys were hugging?”
A smile rode my lips and I kicked my feet off the ground to wrap my arms around his neck, giving me enough time to enclose his waist with my legs.”Yeah… she’s been pretty nice to me lately. Sorta..”
We sat in silence, gazing into eachothers eyes.
Justin’s POV “Do you like my bikini?” Alex asked me with a sly grin, letting go of my neck still keeping her legs on my hips to fall back on the water, revealing from her waist up, to my eyes.
I licked my lips and stared at her stomach and breast, my eyes scanning her perfect curves. Damn she had a body! And she definatley knew how to push my buttons with it. Running my hands along her belly, feeling her smooth skin had me biting my lip as I felt the blood rushing to my groin.
“Well, well Mr. Bieber!” she giggled and brought herself up to my chest again.”What would all your innocent fans think if they saw this?”
Dammit. She was teasing me again! The worse part? It was working.
It angered me severley that only a tiny piece of pink clothing was blocking me from having her right now. Right here. A part of me just wanted to rip it off and throw it out into the water and out of her reach…
Ignoring her pestering question I cupped her neck and brought her lips to my face, kissing her lightly.
“How much are we allowed to do in public?” her sexy voice was so seductive it had me on the verge of a moan. Yes. She can do that to me, with just her voice.
I kept kissing her inbetween words.”What-kind-of-question-is-that?”
Lexi pulled back smiling, while running her hands down my chest under the water, teasing the hemline of my trunks.
I got harder with each movement of her fingers and my stomach had that ‘butterflies’ feeling in it…
“Wrong answer.” she murmered and just like the snap of a twig her hands left me and her tight grip on my waist from her legs loosened.
My hands clamped to her calfs, keeping her from paddling away from me.”Wrong move.” I mocked and smiled deviously remembering last night and her weakness.
She matched my smile and cocked an eye brow.”What are you gonna do about it, drown me?”
I pursed my lips to try to hide my snicker.”Naw… but I might do”-thrusting my hips out to bump into her straight forward I let out a quiet grunt-“that.”
Her suprised gasp was just about enough to make me crack and I almost did when she bit her lip to stop any squeals. My hands came around her back to cup the gorgeous ass that hid behind that stupid material, pulling us tighter together to cause more friction when I thrusted my hips out again, harder this time.
She choked on a moan and hid her forehead in the side of my neck, tightening her grip on it and digging her right hand in my hair.”Justin…” she breathed.
I didnt wait for her to object so I repeated my actions. Over and over until I might have let out a small moan now.
Alexis’ POV To put this simply…cutting the details, basically Justin was humping me through my bikini bottom. And it felt amazing! I hadnt had sex since he had so its been awhile for us both. Ive forgotten everything and where we were.(I have a feeling a few of you are gonna get confused so NO they are NOT having actual sex lol)
Wow, I cant believe it took this to make me realize how much I missed our sexual intimacy. I still had that feeling of knowing that we were in fact, in public and that I should keep quiet so I had my mouth sligthly open, biting lightly on Justin’s bare shoulder to try and keep my moans inside my throat. But I think I should have been more worried about Justin who only had his own lip to bite and try to hold in moans which he was failing at. Terribly.
“Justin..” I gasped wrapping one arm around his back to keep him even tighter to me.”Baby, you gotta stay quiet…”
“Auh,” he exhaled loudly as a moan that was just as loud came directly after his breath.
“Be quiet.” I ordered, closing my eyes and biting on his skin to keep my own moan from escaping.
“Ohh God Lexi, I cant!” he moaned kissing my neck roughly.
I was breathing heavy now, partly from this semi-sex half makeout thing we were having and partly from my fear of this being tomorrow’s headline. Pattie was just starting to warm up to me and I didnt need her hating me again. What if she was watching right now and knew what we were doing?
“Baby, please I cant wait. I need you. Please…” he begged supressing a moan in his chest.
Now that my brain was going I could focus more on the things around me, still I let out a couple gasps and moans. I knew I should’ve stopped him earlier but now its too late. Of coarse im not gonna have sex with him right here but I had to atleast do ‘something’ to help the poor boy. I guess this would be better than having him walk back on the beach with a boner. I laughed to myself on the inside; on the outside I pulled back to kiss him lightly and move my hands to stop his hips from thrusting.
“Noo,” he began to whine like a child not getting their toy.
“Sshh..” I pecked his lips once and then smiled at him happily.”You have to be quiet babe.”
He gave me a questioning look then bit his lip in realization when my hands went to his zipper…
Alexis POV Justin held my hand as I gazed up at the stars over head. We were walking along the beach, talking quietly. The papz had finally let us be so we were taking a small stroll.
“So I really did mean what I said earlier.” I spoke swiftly.
He smiled with questioning.”About what?”
Giving a smile back I slowed down our already slow pace.”About meeting your dad…and your siblings. When can we go visit them?”
“Uh..well I dont know” he said quietly but suddenly stopped and turned around.”Did you hear that?”
I rolled my eyes.”Nice try Bieber. Stop changing the subject, why wouldnt you want me to meet your father?”
“No, Lexi. Im serious, listen!” he said louder.
Furrowing my brows in confusion I put my hands on my hips and perked up my ears. Listening.
It sounded like faint talking, very far away. As I squinted my eyes as if that would make my hearing better ‘Justin Bieber!’ was shouted and then flashing lights from a distance started getting closer.
“Shit! They found us!” my boyfriend hissed, grabbing my hand and pulling me under the nearest wooden dock to hide in the shadows.
“Oh no, not again.” I whispered frantically starting to breathe heavy again like before in the bathroom.
Justin diverted his eyes to me.”What? Again, when did they..?” he trailed off waiting for me to answer.
My stomach flopped. Great.”It was nothing, earlier Ryan left me in the bathroom and they came after me-”
We were both whispering but he almost yelled with an angered expression.”Ryan left you alone!”
“Yes but it wasnt a big deal-”
“Its a very big deal! I know how they can get Alex! You couldve got hurt-”
I cut him off this time.”But I wasnt! So drop it!”
Thats when we heard small voices coming from the shadows behind us. “C’mon we have to go Jay!” one hissed in a worried tone.
The other one responded with excitement.”Its Justin fucking Bieber! Im not missing a chance to meet him, runaways or not!”
“But he’ll tell and then we will have to go back to grandpa’s! Im not going back there! I cant!” the first one screamed in a whisper tone.
“Elise shut up!” the second hissed and then there was a smack.”Be quiet, I think they hear us!”
I latched onto Justin’s hand but he was still in shock from the obvious fan behind us.”Hello?” I called out but it was silent.
“Alex c’mon lets go…” he whispered pulling me away from the invisible strangers.
Ripping my hand from his grip I stalked back into the shadows, reaching for my phone to light up the darkness…
Two girls appeared shielding their eyes from the sudden bright light. (haha like vampires! ;D jk jk)
“Idiot!” the girl on the right who sounded like the first girl, elbowed the other in the gut.
She winced in pain but then recovered, looking suprised that I came back and found them.
“Did you say runaways?” I asked curiously.
The one on the right pulled her companions arm as they grabbed some bags that were behind them.”Look this isnt any of your business so just go and get your hair done or something! Lets go Jay.”
Jay looked back at me desperatley, a hint of eagerness in her eyes. I knew she didnt want to go. She was the one who wanted to meet Justin, im sure they both did.
“Please dont go.” I said quickly but Justin came up beside me and whispered ‘lets go’ in my ear.”No, they look like they need help.” I said so only he could hear. The two girls were still gathering what looked like the stuff from where they were tenting.
I noticed that they both looked like they were starving for food and attention. It made me wonder what they were doing sleeping under a dock with this temperature, it was freezing! Both had dirt and some holes in their clothes so they must have gone through some trouble.
.com/two_newcomers/set?id=24280335 (the pictures aren’t them, its just how they have their hair done)
“C’mon Ellie, maybe they can help us.” Jay said quietly but still she slung her blue bag over her petite shoulder.
The one that she called Elise studied my face and then looked over to Justin.

Elise’s POV I stared at the girl who was on the cover of most magezines Id seen it stores that we passed. She was Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend, Alexis Davis. Jay wasnt making this any easier, as if I didnt want to meet the guy who’s music helped me to not commit suicide over the last year. As if I didnt want to believe that they could help us. As if we werent running away from our alcoholic grandfather who had done things to us that nobody should go through. As if I didnt just want to eat a warm meal and crawl into my bed, sleeping peacefully. But that wasnt possible. I had to think all our options through first. It wasnt like I was older than Jayleah, considering 2 minutes is barely anything, we were twins but not identical.
Jay was the type of person who will hug you when you first meet and isnt afraid to say her opinion. I wish I had her courage to just be upfront but im more of the shy type. Well lets just say im not very gullable so I have to trust you to actually show myself to you. Between the two of us Im always the one who has to be responsible, unlike my sisters carefree way. She’s not stupid, and if someone was to mess with me im sure she’d pretty much kick their ass as I always do the same for her but she is very trustworthy and friendly.
My eyes then diverted to Justin’s face. He looked…scared. I had that effect on some people. It was nerve to be able to take control of the situation.
Even though I knew we shouldnt, I got this gut feeling that told me I should atleast give them a shot. Besides my options were slim to none. We were out of food, money, and had no place to go. Talk about up shit’s river without a paddle.

Alexis’ POV Elise finally spoke.”Why do you care?”
A warm smile came across my lips and I stepped forward, pulling Justin with me.”Because you look like you need help and I want to. Please just tell me your names atleast, maybe we can go get a bite to eat?” As the words left my mouth her stomach grumbled. I chuckled and nodded for them to set their stuff down.”We’ll come back for your stuff, lets just go get some food. Im hungry and id love for you to meet my boyfriend. Justin Bieber.”
Justin gave a crooked smile, more relaxed now that they werent crazy fans who would attack him.”Hello ladies.”
Jay giggled and muttered a ‘hi’ as Elise debated the idea.”Fine.”
“Awesome.” I said then took out my phone dialing Kenny’s number. He picked up after one ring.
“I saw them coming your way, im almost there.” then he hung up and a few seconds later his huge figure emerged under the dock.”Whats up guys? You alright?”
“We’re fine man.” Justin smiled.”But we are goin to get something to eat with these ladies, and we’d like you to come and protect us.”
“Nice,” I muttered with a smirk.
Kenny’s eyes rolled and he nodded as we started to follow him tot he nearest food stand.
Alexis’ POV I let out a boisterous laugh at something Jay said, as my hand waved for the waiter to stop by our table which was outside on a dock with a beautiful view of the open ocean. Harsh waves crashed and pounded against the nearby shore and it calmed me, definatley setting the mood into a comfortable aura.
“So look its not really my place to do this cause im a guest too but im sure Justin wouldnt mind if you came back to the tour bus with us and hung out for awhile, yeah?” I said, fingering my french fries lazily, losing my appetite after hearing their story and being able to feel their pain.


We had been getting along great and so I dared to push the subject,”Why dont you tell us why you were sleeping under a dock?”
Elise got the defensive look in her eye, that had changed from her relaxed posture, and Jay’s eyes got a saddened weakness tint to it.
“Its actually a long story,” she whispered, leaning up on her elbows to rest her head in her hands. Elise shot daggers with her eyes at her sister,”Yeah, a story that they dont need to know.” her expression softened from my shock and she quickly added,”Yet..”
“You can trust us,” Justin added now deciding to join the conversation.”I know you think im just some popstar who doesnt care but I do..”
Jay nodded to her sister, ignoring her warnings with her eyes.”We ran away from our grandfather-”
“Shut up!” her sibling shrieked tossing her hand up to smack her…they did that quite often.
My facial expression lit with even more disgusted shock, it wasnt like I even had anything to use this information with. C’mon…
“I dont mean to come off as a bitch”-her eyes squeezed shut tightly concentrating for words-“but what would you do? We just met and…you want our life story! Im sorry, maybe its just from what Ive learned but I have to be suspicious from that! Why would you sincerely care about two strangers?”
She had a point.
Chewing my lip debating whether to spill or not I rebelled slightly,”Because since my little sister died Ive learned that a human is a human, whether your a famous popstar”-I glanced at Justin who gave me a genuine smile-“or whether you are homeless and have a past…we all need somebody. And I dont think I can go on with my life like I havent met you guys, and noticed that you obviously dont have a home…and that you were hungry! I just, I want to help alright? Please just try me out and you might be suprised of how understanding I could be?”
The words sunk beneath her olive skin, and she peaked over at her sister, muttering quietly back and forth.
“For now all you need to know is-” Elise said, straightening her back to look more confident as Jay cut in to finish her sentence.
Biting her lip and brushing some bangs behind her ear she tried to smile warmly,”We ran away from our grandfather because he was an asshole drunk who was just…horrible. But now we have no place to go, and no food, and nobody at all.”
“Okay, Jayleah! I think thats enough for now!”
She shook her head, inhaling deeply to calm herself,”Yeah…”
“So…he abused you?” Justin asked, squinting his eyes a bit in disbelief.”There’s alot more of this type of thing going around than I thought…maybe I can do a show for charity to help abused kids or something…” he trailed off all the while talking to himself now.

(end of flashback)

“Are you guys ready to go?” Kenny asked impatiently for he had finished his soup within the first ten minutes of us arriving at the dock to eat.
Justin and my own eyes met, curiously he looked slightly angered. It couldnt be from inviting them?
“Yeah lets go, c’mon you guys are welcome to come with.” he replied standing from his seat.
So it wasnt Jay or Elise…
A shivered rolled down my spine vibrating down the rest of my cold body, and my teeth bit down on my lip to stop my smile as Justin took off his jacket and draped it around my shoulders.”Thanks, babe.”
“Im going.” Jay said firmly while making a bee-line back to grab her bags from underneath the very next dock over.
Elise chased after her mumbling words of denial.
Alexis’ POV “No Ellie! This is a once in a lifetime chance, and there’s a difference in being cautious and ignorant! Im going with or without you. Its not like Justin Bieber, the guy we have BOTH looked up to is gonna kill us and hide our bodies in the luggage space on his tour bus, okay! Relax a bit. Opputunity comes…and you take it so grab your shit and lets go!” Jayleah yelled, her cheeks turning pink from the audience of people watching her. It was nice to see her take a bit of control.
Elise, also blushing a deep shade of red, sighed taking another glance around at Justin, Kenny, and I before incohernently muttering a ‘fine’.
Lacing my fingers into his I locked eyes with him, waiting for them to get the rest of their stuff.”What’s wrong?”
His shoulders shrugged, and he looked away bluntly.
“Hey,” my hand went up to cup his cheek, also pulling his face to look at me.”What is your problem, Justin?”
He half way rolled his eyes,”Nothing!”
“Is it because of Jay and Elise?”
“Of coarse not…” he replied quickly, sneering.
“Then what’s with you?” I practically begged but before he could or would answer, the girls walked back to us and we headed back to the bus which waited in the lot.

After Justin had taken Pattie aside and explained to us she became an all new person. Or atleast one that I’d never seen before.
“So you have no other place to go?” she asked while getting them something to drink after asking if they wanted anything to eat even though I had clearly explained that we had just ate dinner.
“No, mam.” Elise smiled politely while taking the tea she had been offered.”Thanks.”
“Well then its settled! You can drag along with us and work as roadies until you make enough money to leave…if you want.”
WTF! She just offers it to them? I mean its not that I didnt like that she did but she was so suspicious with me and still is. But she trust them straight away!
“Are you serious?” Jay almost squealed but then recovered and straightened up, being professional and clearing her throat.”Well umm…what does a roadie do?”
I answered this time, feeling left out.”They just help with the equipment and getting everything set up, making sure the shows go smoothly.”
“You’ll be very welcome.” she interjected me.
Elise looked at her sister and an actual, genuine smile came on her lips.”Uh of coarse we will but this just seems too good to be true…?”
“Believe it and welcome aboard.” Scooter, who had apparently been listening came in and sat inbetween them, speaking loudly.
“Its actually pretty late,” Ellie whispered looking around nervously.”Do you mind…? Or do you guys stay up later? Its just I havent had a decent nights sleep in…well a long time.”
“No, no, no! Thats totally understandable, you girls can just sleep in this bunk and this one,” Pattie’s long fingers pointed to the one that Caitlin and Christian had slept in.
Kenny’s face turned a slight pink.”But Pattie…what about my back problems remember..? I have to sleep in the bunk for awhile cause the doctor said I was gonna hurt my back if I kept it up in the SUV…where would you like me to uhh…go?”
There was a total of six bunks in the tour bus. One for Ryan, Chaz, Alfredo, and I. The other two were used by Christian and Caitlin when they were here but now that they were gone…they were free. But still…if Kenny needed a spot…? Ryan and Chaz still had theirs. So did Alfredo, but if Ellie and Jay took the extra two and I kept mine then Kenny wouldnt have a spot.
“Ohh I forgot about that!” she hissed her brows furrowing in anger.
I turned my head just in time to see Scooter wink at Justin then open his mouth eagerly,”Well Alexis can just stay in Justin’s bedroom and then Kenny can have her bunk.”

“Absolutely not.” Pattie said automatically, shaking her head violently.

“Mom seriously! Can you please just trust me?” my boyfriend came out from the corner he was hiding in.

Her head jerked to look at him then stare at me, questioningly.

“Pattie nothing will happen. I’ll abide by your rules, I swear.” my voice felt heavy and thick.

Her eyes twinkled with curiousity.”Fine…” she spoke slowly.”But if I find out-“

“I know, we got it!” Justin sighed dramatically and crinkled his brows in annoyance.

“Someone get Ryan and Chaz in here to meet them so they can go to bed please? I dont want them freak out when they see them tonight.”

Ryan Good dissapeared out the door, but soon re-appeared again with Ryan and Chaz tailing directly behind. Immediatley Chaz’s eyes lit up with excitement.”Who’s this?”

An answering excited yet shy smile came across Jay’s face and she looked at him curiously.”Im Jayleah and this is my sister Elise. We’re the new roadies.”

My eyes left Jay who was making flirtly faces at Chaz, batting her eyes, to view Ellie who had looked as if she had just been struck by lightning. Her mouth dropped open at Ryan who was paying no attention whats so ever to our new guests. She looked love struck.

Soon she regained herself and looked down, her cheeks flushing immediate red with embarrassment.

“Well hello there.” Chaz grinned and then elbowed Ryan.

He mumbled a curse word, rubbing his side where Chaz had hit him.”Oh…hey.”

“Where’d you get that slugger from?” Jay inquired, referring to Ryan’s black eye.

A frown tugged at the corners of his mouth and he avoided any eye contact with Justin, who was smirking next to me, before acting on instinct and touching it cautiously.”Just…long story..”

“Okay well we gotta get goin,” Scooter interupted saying goodbyes’ to everyone before heading out.

Pattie hugged her son and then turned to me,”Goodnight Alex. Be good.”

“I will Mrs. Mallette.” the urge to salute increased but I resisted.

“Its Pattie,” she chuckled lightly again and then stepped outside to go to the bed that she had made in the back of one of the SUV’s.

“Goodnight everyone.” I yawned and looped my arm through Justin’s pulling him with me but he stopped, storming up to Ryan. Oh great..

“Im not gonna get into this right now because we have people here…but if you ever leave my girlfriend alone to be attacked by papparazzi again, I will give you more than a black eye.”

Ryan gulped and sighed before hugging me,”Goodnight Lexi.”

“Night Ry,” I whispered quietly and untwisted my arms from him knowing this was already pissing Justin off.

Atleast I knew what he was upset about earlier…

Justin and I had locked his door to his bedroom, so we could change without someone barging in. At the moment I was putting on a bit perfume when I turned around and saw him staring at me. “Didnt yo mamma ever tell yah its not polite to stare?” I said with sarcasm washed all over my sentence, and the corner of my mouth pulled into a crooked grin.

He chuckled and shook his head,”Im sorry your just so beautiful.”

I felt the blood rush to my face hotly, while my fingers tucked my loose hair that tangled around my face wildly, behind my ear.”Not so bad yourself…”

We’d done this so many times yet somehow it still made my heart race faster with each of his flawless movements, everytime.

A smile snuck on my lips again when he stalked quietly up to me, hugging my waist while purring a song in my ear softly.

“I have some good news..” he whispered in a quiet yet heavy voice while continuing to rock us back and forth with his arms wound around my back in a warm embrace.

Smiling,”Yeah, whats that?” I asked curiously.

“I dont know if you remembered but my birthday is in about two weeks,” he began his voice holding a bit of amusement and curiosity.

Dammit. I forgot. Its just with everything thats been happening, my mind blew a curcuit and it slipped my thoughts.

“Pfft, of coarse I remember baby.” It was just a little white lie. No biggy.

He chuckled and pecked my temple with his warm delectible lips once, then went on again. “Well anyway, besides the bigger party that I will have on the actual day of my birthday, my dad wanted me to visit so next week im gonna celebrate early with him in Canada…and I want you to come with me and meet him.”

“For real?” my eyes glistened with the excitement that pounded deep in my heart.

He laughed at my happiness and nodded eagerly.”Mhhm.”

“Who else is going?” inquiring, I nuzzled my nose into his neck the smile not leaving my blood filled lips.

“Uhh, no one except us and probably Kenny. Why?”

Hiding my face more into his neck, my voice was murmered and muffled out by his hot, smooth skin blocking my moist lips.”So your mom wont be coming either?”

He was suprised that Id brought her up as his hands raised to carress my face consideratley, forcing me to look up at him since he was a couple inches taller than me.”Hey…I thought you guys were gettin along?”

Biting my lip, I furrowed my dark brows and tried to duck my head onto his jugular vein again, embarrassed.”Yeah but…she’s still you know. I dont know. We’re just not that ‘comfortable’ yet… “

“You’ll be with me all of next week,” he grinned cheekily, the tip of his tongue slightly poking out, making my knees go weak.”Without my mom in sight, though, I do feel bad cause we just got Elise and Jayleah on the crew and I dont want them to be alone here when they just started.”

“Oh, they’re gonna be fine. Besides im pretty sure I saw Chaz making eyes at Jay,” a chuckle emerged from my lips as I leaned back to beam at his coffee brown eyes.

“Yeah I think everyone did.”

“I just hope he doesn’t break the poor girl’s heart, I mean they’re gonna be leaving soon once they get enough money and Chaz isn’t the kind of guy to get serious with someone. From the sounds of their past they don’t need anymore trouble..”

As he spoke with serenity, the vibration shook my chest and my arms that were latched around his waist,”Well if it wasn’t for you they would probably be sleeping in the sand right have such an amazing heart Alexis. That’s why I love you.”

My forearms spread out to set myself free from his loving grip, walking over to the other side of his huge maroon King sized bed that would now be mine, a joy filled smile on my lips.”Im tired, lets go to bed.”

Justin kneeled down on the mattress, watching me tuck myself in curiously.”Your going to sleep? Right now?” his hand snatched the silky blanket between his long fingers, keeping me uncovered and chilly.

Sighing with a sly smile I nodded gingerly and pulled on the covers, but he flung his body with them, crashing onto my lap.”Justinnn,” I whined in annoyance, rubbing my chin where he had caused me to collide with my chest.

“Come here,” he cooed mockingly, cocking himself up on his elbows to reach my lips with his own smiling ones.”I’ll kiss it and make it better.”

After letting his lingering kiss end I diverted my eyes to his in a serious manner.”No.”

“Why not? My mom is in the SUV’s and we wont be stopping for awhile.” he groaned and shuffled his body on me more so that he was now laying his full weight completely ontop of me, endangering my lungs insignificantly.

As he trapped me beneath him an image of Rick flashed into my mind rapidly, him chasing me and then holding me against the bed, but I pushed the repulsed thoughts away quickly remembering that this was Justin and not Rick. Giggling forcefully I straightened up and smiled wide, revealing my minty fresh teeth.”I promised your mother that I wouldnt do anything bad..”

“Thats okay, I’ll be the naughty one.” Justin winked and pressed his lips against mine fully again, causing heat to race through my burning veins like wild-fire.

My breathing quickened faster than I thought humanly possible, and my body thrilled me to go on even though my brain screamed at me to stop this nonsense. Pattie was just now warming up to me and if she ever found out that Justin and I had even had sex yet…then it was a waste.

“Justin, baby…stop.” I ordered with shaking vocals, leaning my head back to tear our lips apart but he just moved on to run his steaming hot tongue along the very, very sensative creases of my neck. Letting out a heavy ragged breath my fingers slid in his angel soft hair, closing my eyes tight as the overwhelming emotions flooded my body, taking over every inch of common sense I had.

Justin’s hand, that was cupping the back of my calf to his waist, slid up my bare thigh stopping at my hip bone to feel the material of my underwear more clearly while his mouth continued at my throat and tracing down to my collarbone. My skin felt so hot, like it was on fire, and his hands were so cool and smooth that when they collided it was magical. Sparks tingled everywhere our skin met.

He pulled back to look at me, his touselled hair falling beside his face from him being directly above me. As our eyes studied eachothers, that same voice in the back of my head fought, urging ‘tell him to stop’ but when I opened my mouth the sound didnt come out right, instead it sounded like I hissed a moan and then bit my lip shyly.

I followed his gaze to where Justin’s hand was now, going further up my body and stopping just above my belly button where the hemline of my shirt rested. Incredibly gorgeous, almost brindle, brown orbs stared at me intently as if asking my permission to go further into my top. My mouth stayed unmoving but apparently my eyes had said it all cause he slowly pealed back the hemline and a warm hand crawled up my stomach, tickling me and raising goosebumps even though my skin was still on fire.

It was like waiting for a bomb to explode; him touching my breast. Since I hadnt been wearing a bra with that certain shirt it made it easy, as he draped a hand to cover the skin that had shivers rippling through it. His heated fingers met my delicate and blazing skin it was like an explosion. Tingles starting from the tip of me, rumbled down my body vibrating between my thighs, and causing me to let out a reticent moan, also making me take notice of his hardening erection that was pushing against my inner thigh, as if begging for me to give in to what he was offering so simply…and how I wanted it, badly. Not just the lust, but to share eachother again. To make love and become a whole.

A sneer like smile hit his lips and he devoured my mouth tenderly with his tongue, tickling me in a non funny way. More goosebumps raised on both our arms while he squeezed his hand against me, fondling me. Squeals tore open my throat and I gasped at how much him touching me there, effected my lower half, torturing me by knowing that his bulge was so close to my needy part.

“Please,” I groaned and latched my hand around his back, feeling the muscles contract, to pull him on me a bit more so my mouth could press against his warmed neck.”Why cant you just listen to me…?”

“Do you want me to stop?” he smirked, his thumb stroking my nipple lightly again causing more goosbebumps to radiate down my body and shatter in between my knees.

I gasped and tried to clear my head, defeated.”I dont know.”

He exhaled and took his hand out of my shirt slowly, falling over to the other side of the bed antagonized.”You’re so easy to seduce, you know that right?”

“Am not!” my eyes narrowed stubbornly, as I pouted my lips. It wasnt fair.

He looked at me, waving away my denial.”Why cant we babe?”

“Because I promised your mom Justin,” fixing my shirt I leaned on my side. Angered at first from his departure from my skin I then realized that this wasnt a good idea.

“So? She’s not here.”

“Yeah but it wouldnt suprise me if she had hidden cameras.” I joked turning out the lamp and pulling the covers over the both of us.

Sighing he whispered,”Night, love you.” and then turned over grumpily.

I pecked his cheek,”Love you too. Goodnight.” and then layed down, closing my eyes with considerate regret.

After about ten minutes passed the bed shook from him rising and walking to the door, dissapearing out it. Seconds later the bathroom door shut.

I was in an all white room. Wearing nothing but my birthday suit with two small white cloths tied together to cover my private areas, and these wierd child like slippers.

Where the fuck was I?

A flickering bulb in the corner startled me, but the room stay lit due to the rest of the lights hanging from wires on the roof. Frantically I began to run around the room, banging my fist on the bright white concrete and nervously yelling,”Justin! What’s goin on? Ryan! Somebody please help me! Let me out! Someone, please?”

“This is your fault…” a gentle, quiet, and all too familiar voice spoke from behind me. Spinning around faster than the speed of light I concluded that my ears heard correctly, recognizing the small girl crouched on her scraped knees in the corner…the plastic tube feeding her oxygen and the petite white, with blue poka-dots, hospital gown. Her brown bouncing curls that looked so identical to my own, finishing with huge green eyes that I missed so much. From her and my father.

It was Brie…

“Gabrielle?” I mouthed, too afraid to speak.

Her eyes glistened with a clear sheet of tears, trickling down her right plump cheek.”Its all your fault!”

My sister’s words didnt sink in until after Id already ran to her and hugged her to my waist, squeezing so tight I thought she might break in two.”Oh my God Brie! Ive missed you so much! I love you, I love you, I love you!” I continued to repeat this over and over while rubbing her back and hair, tears beginning to flow down my flushed face and neck as well.

Her body stayed motionless, not hugging back.”This is your fault Alex. You let Rick kill me. Im dead and its your fault!” her shrieking voice echoed throughout the room, bouncing off each white wall and clashing together.

“W-what?” I stuttered and backed away slowly.”No its not-honey-I risked my life to save you.”

Her head shook in jerking motions.”NO! Its YOUR fault! You killed me!”

A scarred heart shattered at these words. It was my fault she was dead?

“Hey Lexi. Long time no see,” a devil voice boomed behind me. Before having to even turn around, I backed Brie into a wall and shielded her with my arms, now facing the man who had just appeared in this room that had no apparent doors.
“Get away from us Rick,” trying to sound menacing I failed horribly just by the sight of him my cowardness sunk in. He was back.

“But Lexi baby, then we cant play.” his voice rang with deep cockiness, as if he knew exactly what was gonna happen already.

More tears drooled from my blue saphire eyes, that choked me with sobs.”Justin…help me..” I prayed quietly in an undertone.

“Same arrangements then girl?” he asked, his hands unfastening his belt as he half skipped up to me smirking as my lungs opened to release an ear splitting scream.

“Dont touch me! Get away!” I shrieked loudly while my hands flew in the air then plummeted back down to my chest, also thrashing my feet and legs.

“Alexis! Babe, wake up!” Justin’s silk like voice rang in my ear as soft hands gently shook my upper body.

“What-where..?” I breathed then opened my eyes to him leaning over me, a worried expression taking over his face.”Justin?” I whispered and my hands went up to feel his cheeks and neck to make sure this was real.”Thank God…it was just a dream…”

“Are you okay?” he rushed out, touching my forehead.”Your burning up.”

“Im fine, it was just a-just a nightmare. Thats all.”

He sat back and held my hand in his for a few moments.”Should I be worried? Last time you had nightmares-“

I cut him off.”Everybody has nightmares, Justin. Let’s just go back to bed. Im fine.”

“Are you sure-“

Interupting him again I pecked his lips then snuggled deep into his chest, snaking my arms around him.”Im fine…”

But was I fine? What did this mean now? Brie blamed me for her death..

That next morning didn’t exactly start out well; I was exhausted from lack of sleep, my eyes felt like they were dipped in fire, and the bones in my body creaked with every step I took. Ryan very annoyingly insisted on complaining about his black eye to me and the rest of the entire crew, seeming to increase his voice casually when Justin was around.

When I was younger, I- just like most other people -was curious of what it’d be like to be famous. To be traveling all the time, and be having so much fun your completely tired at the end of the day, but it doesn’t matter because you have tomorrow and the next day and the day after that to have more exciting memories. But now that I had that, and had seen just what it’s like to be famous…it didn’t seem so appeasing anymore. What I imagined was a life of endless fun turned into a life of alot of driving, sitting, and airports. It was boring to put it lightly.

“Hey.” Justin whispered into my ear softly a few days later, winding an arm to enclose around my side and tug me closer to him while pressing his lips to my temple.”Are you okay?”

My face smoothed from it’s worried lines, glancing up at him hesitantly and looking towards the exit of the backstage room. We we’re alone for the first time in what seemed like forever.”I’m fine.” I was gonna add that I was tired too, but that would unneccesarily open the door to a conversation and arguement about my nightmare, and I’d rather avoid it if possible.

I could feel his grimace against my skin before he pulled away, his fingers going to my chin and lightly pulling my face up to look him in those sacred brown eyes of his.”Tell me what’s bothering you.” he demanded but the softness of his voice evened the score, immediatley slipping my mind as soon as it came. I stared back up at him for a moment and bit my lip, shaking my head in denial and giving a tiny chuckle.

“The boredom,” I lied and laughed again to lighten the mood, stealing away from his side and walking to get a drink from the table,”that’s what is bothering me. Don’t you have rehearsals to do or something?” My pass at changing the subject went smoothly unnoticed.

His brows crinkled in frustration and he stepped over to be next to me again, his hand curving around my neck and kissing the top of my head while exhaling a quiet sigh, seeming to debate an idea in his head.”Let’s go,” he murmered suddenly which made my head snap up to look at him.

“Where?” I asked, a spark of tingly feelings racing into my stomach like butterflies, and a smile on my face from the attention he was giving. The past five days had been hell, he was so busy that we’d barely spoke.

His lips met my mouth in a fiery half parted peck, and he nuzzled his nose against mine gazing dreamily into my eyes.”It doesn’t matter. Let’s just go, anywhere. Everywhere.”

I laughed again at that and put my palm against his cheek thinking he was joking but after realizing he was serious I rested my forehead on his and whispered into his mouth,”We can’t, you can’t. You’ve got rehearsals and interviews and tomorrow-“

My words were cut short by his mouth coming to mine urgently and heatedly, being sure to kiss me with just enough force without being too rough, making it a sensual and sweet carress.

“C’mon, Alex. Please.” It wasn’t a request but a polite demand.

I suddenly felt all my worries and reality slip away from my mind, oozing from my body and leaving me full of energy and excitement that hadn’t been there in ages. The corners of my mouth pulled into a cheshire cat grin, chuckling and kissing his nose surprisingly at ease.”Okay. Alright.”

It was so nice to be spontaneous, like a brand new fresh of air or like I was seeing clearly for the first time in my life. All my muscles relaxed, strangely calm. Justin’s warm palm pressed to the small of my back, leading me out the exit, into the cool air and towards the tour bus. By the time my thoughts caught up with me, we had both packed two small backpacks full of clothes and he had his range rover keys in his hand. We were both giggling those giggles that can only come out when your trying to be quiet, and as we sneaked from the huge vehicle and outside, checking for bystanders.

“Should we be doing this?” I asked involuntarily, and ran around the side of the car to fling open the passenger door, jumping in and wrapping the seatbelt around me.

Justin’s fingers trembled as he shoved in the keys and thrilled the ignition to life.”No,” he said sternly then a smile cracked over his lips, causing me to mirror his face from the genuine happiness he felt,”but it’s really giving a thrill isn’t it?” a shakey chuckle erupted from him and our hands met in the middle, grasping onto eachother for dear life.

“Well, should we call your mom or Scooter and let them know-“

“That’d really ruin the entire point, though.” he had started to pull away, but, now he pressured the brake and came to a stop.”We don’t have to do this, babe. I won’t make you.”

That was one of the things I loved most about him, he didn’t push me into doing things that I truly had no interest for doing. My lips pursed as I debated the idea in my head and then a thought occured to me.

Don’t think.

“No, let’s go.” I whispered and smiled gratefully at him.”I love you.”

His face smoldered with a grin and he gave me a light peck on the forehead.”I love you too.”

We hadn’t got less than five feet away from the ticket counter at the airport when they caught us.

Justin was wearing a ridiculous fake mustache, a hoody, and a beanie. People must have though he was some strange form of a terrorist. We’d just bought a straight flight to the Bahammas, hoping to go back to where it started but Scooter’s voice brought us both down from our own safe haven of peace.

“Don’t you dare take another step!” he shouted and yanked on Justin’s arm that wasn’t hooped with mine.

He muttered a curse word and exhaled in already known defeat.”Scooter, man, please just understand-“

“Do you only care for yourself!” hissed Scooter under his breath and he had the looks of killing.”You could’ve been hurt! Don’t you understand that you are my career! I need you to fucking listen to me, Justin!”

Justin began to say something back but Pattie arrived, flinging her arms around him and gasping.”I was so worried! Don’t you ever do that again.”

“Mom, I’m fine. You’re suffocating me..”

“And you,” her eyes turned to slits and glared like daggers at me,”I suppose this was your idea? Alexis, how could you be so stupid!”

“What is your problem?” it slipped from my mouth before I could stop it, like word vomit. But now that i’d mentioned it I couldn’t stop.”Seriously, give me one good reason and I’ll leave if that’s what you want.”

Justin’s attention snapped to me quickly, his hands going to my waist like he was afraid I would float away.”No, Alex. Ignore her, please.”

Pattie stood frozen with her mouth ajar slightly, certainly surprised by my outburst.

“What have I ever done?” I groaned and my eyes watered, Justin clung to my side, afraid to let go.

“It’s not what you’ve done.” she admitted and let her head fall, almost like she was ashamed.”It’s just you remind me so much of myself when I was your age and – and – I’m just..”

“Afraid we’re gonna make the same mistakes you did?” It was a rhetorical question from my mouth.”Pattie you have to trust us. And if you cant trust me..then trust Justin.”

Tears lit our eyes momentarily and for the first time, in I think forever, she hugged me. Truly and lovingly hugged me.

She coughed on some tears and a sob and put a palm on each of Justin and my own’s cheeks.”Okay, I’ll trust you. But only if you promise never to do anything like this ever again? I mean…Rick escaped. He could’ve hurt one of you.”

Justin went pale.”Oh my God. I completely forgot, I’m such an idiot!”

“While i do agree that you are an idiot,” Scooter spoke again having returned from a private cell phone call.”I don’t think we’ll have to worry about him anymore.” It took a few moments of our piercing confused stares for him to speak again.”Rick Mayerson was caught by the police today. It seems he’s been following us, hoping to get Alexis.”

My arms wound around Justin’s frame, holding onto him like my own personal oxygen source. My heart fluttered, I didnt know what to do. In a way I was fearful because he’d been following me, I mean, what if he took Justin and hurt, or worse, killed him? But then I rememebered that he’d been caught. I was safe. And Justin was safe.

Soft hands held my arms tightly, shaking me violently.”Alexis! Stop it, wake up!”

I screamed one last time before my eyes fluttered open and I saw Justin, yet again, above me on the bed in the tour bus.

I’d had another nightmare about Rick.

“I had a nightmare,” I said truthfully and sat up to lean on him while he stroked my bangs from my face gently, soothingly.”about Rick.”

“Sweetheart, you don’t need to worry about him anymore. He’s in one of the best prison’s in the entire country. Besides…as long as I’m here then nobody will ever hurt you.”

I raised my face to nuzzle his cheek and press my lips to his tenderly once, then twice.”I’m so scared.”

“You don’t need to be Afraid anymore Alex. I’m here, I won’t leave. Your safe.” he intertwined our fingers and kissed the top of my hand.

I expected a tear to roll down my cheek but…my eyes were dry.

I felt wam inside.

I wasn’t Afraid anymore.

Justin was here and I trusted him.”I love you.”

“I love you too, darlin. Let’s get some sleep.” he made us lay down once again and spooned me.

I was at peace. Not completely whole on the inside but…the wounds were healing.

Unfaithful: A Justin Bieber Love Story

Made by Ex_Belieber

from FanFic

(I was about to divide this into chapters because it’s too long but I didn’t have enough time. Sorry)


Natalie’s POV I was on the phone with my best friend Brooke Lewis.”Yeah, I’ll go shopping with you tomorrow. Relax…” I took a deep breath as an example.

She laughed on the other line,”Im just so nervous! I have to be completly gorgeous when I meet him. Can you belive my mom got the job!” Brooke squealed into the phone.
“Im really happy for you guys, congrats.” I smiled genuinly.
Her mom had always been a good dancer, she loved to make up new dances for Brooke to try but of coarse that was impossible. My friend had the worst balance in the world! The chances of her dancing without hitting anything or anyone were slim to none. But her mother wanted to work as a choreographer so she applied to be on the pop teen sensations ‘Justin Bieber’ crew, never in a million years would I have thought that my mom Sierra and I would be traveling with Brooke’s mom. And Brooke’s mom would be traveling with Justin’s crew. They hired her yesterday, so she has to travel but with as close as Brooke and I are…there wasnt a chance that she would go without me. Both moms obliged.
Since we would be at her work all the time, that meant we could see Justin. Maybe even meet him! My bestie was more excited about seeing him than I was, yeah I loved his music and thought it was great but I didnt know him. From what everyone says and the way he acts he couldnt be too bad of a person, Brooke didnt care what he was like. I dont even think she really liked his music either, but ‘He was soooo hot!’ Id heard that over a million times from her.
Thats why she was making me go shopping for new clothes tomorrow, we left in a couple days.
As for my mom, we had a strange relationship. Before my dad drowned in a boating accident when I was 9, we were so close…but now we hardly ever talked. I could basically do whatever I wanted, she didnt mind. Sierra wasnt a bad mom, she was just not really much of a mom. She didnt even know that I was afraid of water since my dads death, I knew how to swim but I never liked to. My father knew how to swim and he drowned, sometimes its not the expertise of the sport but the odds of winning that sport. Unfortunatly my dad lost that sport…
“I’ll come by your house at 10″ she said then hung up.
Man I had alot of work to do…

Brooke’s POV I started jumping on my bed, this was incredible! I was gonna meet Justin Bieber! I didnt know who he was but I knew one thing…guys cant resist a pretty girl So tomorrow Im going to shop with my best friend Natalie Slayter. For something that was short and showed skin, not too much but enough…
Natalie really got into his music, I didnt really listen to his music. She always went on about how good the balance of the instruments were, I never listened. It was kind of hard to believe Natalie and I had been best friends since kindergarten. We were kind of complete oposites, I was preppy and…well Natalie calls me a dark headed bimbo but I like to think of myself more as free spirited.
I continued to jump on my bed until I lost control and fell off, I had the worst balance ever!

Ryan’s POV This was so great! Justin has been my best friend since, like forever and I went everywhere with him. My dad hadnt seen me in months but not like he cared. My mom died in child birth so Pattie has always been like my mom, except more cool.
At the moment Justin was rehearsing for a show he had coming up, I clapped when he stopped singing the song. The important thing right now is that Justin had a new choreographer…who had a daughter my age and her daughter was bringing her friend! I was digging on the idea of them being babes…

Justin’s POV Slowly I walked over to my best friend Ryan,”What are you clapping for?” I asked drinking water.
“Nothing Im just excited man. In a couple days your new choreographer is gonna be here.” he smiled.
“And by that you mean her daughter and daughter’s friend is gonna be here.” I laughed at him. He was so stupid sometimes.
“Hell yeah! I’ll take one and you take the other, it works out perfect.” he said smirking.
“Or I could take them both.” I joked. Ryan frowned at me.”Im kidding of coarse you can…borrow one.” I laughed.
He punched my arm,”Yeah right!”
“Im joking…” I sighed.
To be honest I couldnt wait for them to get here either, maybe for once they wouldnt be some crazy obsessed fans.
Natalie’s POV I woke up to my phone ringing, “Hello?” I mumbled sleepily.
“Im on my way,” Brooke said. I heard a car start in the backround.
“Ugh…what time is it?” I asked, standing. Last night I’d stayed up till 4 am packing up clothes I would need for the travel, and other accesories.
“9:45 am. Hurry and get dressed!”
“Alright,” I yawned and hung up. Slowly I stepped in my bathroom.
My house was pretty big, /image_store/uploads/7/8/3/6/9/ar1217… Living room- . Dining room- .in/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/dining_ Kitchen- . House bathroom- . Sierra Slayter’s bedroom- . Sierra Slayter’s bathroom- .com/images/dsny%208/Adult% Natalie’s bedroom- .com/HGTV/2010/03/19/DP_DeLeon-pink-black-bedroom_s4x3_ Natalie’s bathroom- /images/G/01/askville/8172778_8559591_mywrite/p… .com/bathroom%20before%20remodeling%20pictures%2… Pool- .com/vd2/files/WVR/400×300/4b/466888/179529_ Backyard- .com/photos/albums/userpics/10001/normal_ I showered then got dressed in (the one on the right) .com/cgi/img-set/… and dried my hair like this .fm/serve/500/29956523/Ashley+Tisdale+crank+it+ (thats exactly what her hair looks like, color and everything)did my make up and brushed my teeth then headed downstairs.
“Hey mom.” I said.
“Goodmorning,” she replied reading the newspaper.
This was the usual, she never paid any attention to me. It made me wonder what went on in her head? Was she STILL depressed over my father, I know I got upset sometimes mostly around water but Im atleast living my life.
“Uh Im going out today, I’ll be back later.” I told her grabbing my purse.
“Sure…” she whispered, reading the paper intently.
“Bye,” I said and walked out my front door.
Brooke was waiting impatiently in her car,”Lets go, all the good things will be gone!”
“Oh shut up and drive.” I scolded putting my seatbelt on then turned her radio up. Somebody To Love was on…
“Ohh Justin!” she screamed turning it up loud.
My eyes rolled, she didnt care about the song. Just what he was wearing while singing it.
“We get to meet him…” Brooke sighed dreamily.

After we pulled up to the mall, she pulled me into hollister, aeropostale, Debs, and JC Penny’s grabbing handfuls of a ton of clothes.
“Are you getting a whole new wardrobe or what?” I laughed.
“Yes.” she said serious.
She could afford it, the Lewis’s were rich! Her father was some big CEO who never came home but now that her mom had this job…they were double rich!
“C’mon, get some stuff. Im paying.” she said shoving random clothes in my arms.
“Quit! Sure I’ll get some clothes but im not changing my whole wardrobe for him.” I smirked at her growing pile.
Her eyebrows raised,”Lets go to the dressing rooms, after you get some stuff ok?”
I smiled, she was such a dork.

*at the foodcourt*

“He’s got a friend with him, Ryan Butler.” she said eating chinese food.
“Im game for anybody who’s not an ass.” I said sipping a shake and staring at her meat in disgust. I was a vegetarian.
“Yeah but what if Justin’s an ass?” she asked.”You would still go with him.”
“No I wouldnt. I hope he’s not but if he is then I wont.” I stated.

Justin’s POV My mom Pattie was sitting in the hotel on her laptop when she said,”Justin?”
“Yeah?” I asked, playing video games with Ryan.
“Listen…I know your a teenager and all but your still human. And so are the two girls that will be traveling with us so please…behave.” she asked looking at me.
I glanced away from the screen to look at her,”I will. So will Ryan.” I nudged him and his car crashed in the game.
“Cheater,” he smiled picking up his controler.”I’ll be on my very best behavior Pattie.”
“Im serious boys,” she warned.
“Dude she’s not kidding, trust me.” I laughed as Ryan’s eyebrows furrowed.
A phone rang and my mom picked up,”Hey Scooter whats up?”
Obviously it was Scooter and he was asking for something cuz she stood up saying ok then walked to the door.”I’ll be back in an hour.” The door slammed shut.
“You ready for the show coming up?” Ryan asked me. That show was the same day the girls would be here so I know thats why he brought it up.
“Yeah, same as all the others. Girls screaming my name and throwing underwear at me.” I frowned at a certain bad memory when a lady who had to be in her 40’s and weigh over 300 lbs threw her huge underwear at me on stage. A shiver went down my spine,”Eck..”
“Yeah, yeah. Rub it in…” he said casually.
“Its not always such a great thing though,” I told him sadly.”Big deal alot of girls like me, but alot of those girls dont like me but just like my fame or how hot I am. Its not real…”
“Who cares? You can have any girl you want! You shouldnt be complaining,” he waved his hands in the air.
“I guess…” I whispered.

Natalie’s POV It was the last night I would be in my hometown, but I was staying at Brooke’s house since I was riding with her in the morning to the airport. Yesterday I had said my goodbyes to my house, sadly. Dont get me wrong going to travel with Justin’s crew was gonna be amazing but this was still my home.
Brooke’s younger sister, Makenna was going to. She was 12 years old so it wasnt like a real big difference in our ages, just 4 years.
“First things first Kenna,” Brooke warned.”Stay away from Justin, he’s too old for you.”
“Maybe now…but when she’s 18 and he’s 22 it wont really matter.” I laughed.
“Shush, he’s not dating my little sister.”
“Why not?” Kenna asked. “Im perfectly capable of handling myself.
“Of coarse you are,” she said and glanced at me signaling me to close in on her.
“Yeah…” I said smiling as we both cornered her to a wall then showered her in hugs.”We love you too much to give you up.”
“Yeah my wittle bitty sister.” Brooke laughed.
Makenna blushed,”Stop…”
(her first name is Carol) called from the kitchen”Kenna come help me make dinner!”
She groaned and said”Coming mom…”
I sighed, she didnt how lucky she was to have a mom who actually wanted to do things with you.
“Lets go to my room and watch a movie, we wont be back here for awhile. Im gonna miss this place.” she whispered.
“Yeah I know,” I said quietly walking with her to her room .com/wp-content/uploads/uploaded_images/barbieparty_ “Your room always messes with my eyes,” I squinted.
“Its awesome…” she sighed laying on her bed.”Put a movie in.”
“Ok your Majesty!” I goofed, we both laughed.
I put in the Hills Have Eyes and climbed in bed with her, snuggling.
“I hate this movie,” I commented.”Its creepy.”
“I know…” she whispered.
My best friend and I watched intenly until we both fell asleep.

*Next Morning*

After showering getting ready I walked up to Brooke, dragging my feet. .com/like…chapter_unfaithful/set?id=25927134 Drowsily we drove to the airport and got on the plane, then fell asleep again.
We landed and went to a hotel where we would get ‘properly dressed’ to see Justin, so I changed again.
“Are you ready yet?” I asked.
Brooke walked out of the bathroom wearing .com/chapter/set?id=25927828 “Wow…” I managed to say.
“Do you think Im putting out too much?” she asked.
“Just a little bit,” I smirked.
“Good, then Im ready.” she smiled then looked at my outfit.”Why arent you?”
I was wearing .tv/outfit%20pick%20fred%20flare%20lazy%20oaf%20cute%2… with my hair like ..jpg (remember its a brownish color tho) .com/photos/display_pic_with_logo/93178/93178,11750…
“I am ready, lets go.” I motioned.
“Your seeing him dressed in that?” she asked in disbelief.
“Why not?” I asked laughing.
“Because its Justin Bieber! Not just some lame ass guy!”
“Ok Brooke lets go,” I laughed again.”Your mom and sister are probably wondering why were not there yet.”

*They arrive and walk in the back*

Natalie’s POV

I walked into the stadium, backstage with Brooke by my side. Mrs. Lewis motioned for us to come over so we walked up to her and Pattie slowly.
Trying not to laugh at Pattie’s expression when she saw what Brooke was wearing, I smiled.”Hi Mrs. Mallette.”
Apparently Brooke was too busy looking around to find Justin that she forgot about Pattie. I elbowed her,”What?” she hissed.
Instead I turned to Pattie,”This is Brooke Lewis, Im Natalie Slayter, her friend.”
“Very nice to meet you,” Pattie shook my hand gently then shook Brooke’s.
“Well um if its alright Im gonna go look around you know. I wont touch anything,” Brooke spoke then murmered in my ear.”Anything except Justin.”
I would have laughed if it wasnt for the fact that Pattie heard,”Yeah lets go do that.” I pushed her to the side. “She heard you!”
“No she didnt.” she shook it off like nothing.”Lets go find Justin!”
“Im not going to stalk him, and niether are you.” I hissed holding on to her arm.”Now calm yourself or Im taking you outside.”
She sighed,”Ok…Im calm.”
“Casually walk,” I demanded.

Justin’s POV “Man calm down!” I ordered Ryan. He had been pacing.
“Where are they?” he asked.
I couldnt reply, I was too busy looking at the most beautiful person I’d ever seen before. Wait…was that a person? Or an angel? She wore regular jeans and T-shirt with shoes. Medium length brownish hair fell down her back, which led to sexy long legs.
“What are you staring at?” Ryan asked and turned around then froze up.
Another girl stood next to the angel, she wore a black strapless top and mini jean skirt. Red high heels with red lipstick, she was hot but something about the other one caught my attention. Maybe it was the fact that she wasnt all dressed up like the other, it was obvious the one with darker hair and cleavage showing came here with a mission. A guy, most likely me but…
“I call dibs on the one to the right.” Ryan mumbled.
Right? No that was the angel one, why wouldnt he want the one showing more skin.
“I saw her first!” I hissed in a whisper.
He groaned then sighed, “Rock, paper, scissors. One game.”
“Fine,” I said.”One, two, three!” I put out rock since everyone always put out scissors first.
But Ryan had put out paper,”Ahaa!” he smiled.”She’s mine.”
I groaned,”No…”
“Whats wrong with the other one?” he asked still smiling from his victory.
“Nothings wro-o-ng.” I said slowly.”But the other one…wow.”
“Yeah back off,” Ryan said then started to walk up to them but stumbled when he tripped over my foot.
I walked straight up to the angel, her eyes were a beautiful light brown.

Natalie’s POV Justin Bieber headed right towards me, I blushed.
“He’s going to you…” I heard my friend whimper.
It would be kind of unfair of me, after all…if it werent for her I wouldnt be here.
“Hey,” Justin smiled as he stopped a couple feet in front of me.
My heart melted a little,”Hi.” I smiled back.”Im Natalie Slayter, and this is Brooke Lewis.” I nudged her.
“H-h-hi.” she studdered.
He smiled at her then looked back at me, our eyes were having a conversation. Like there was an unbreakable connection, until another came running up and jumped on Justin’s back.
“Hey Im Ryan,” he sent a flirty smile my way.
“Im Natalie Slayter, this is Brooke Lewis.” I mumbled again.
“Well Natalie how about I give you a tour. Justin why dont you give Brooke one.” he smiled at Justin. They both glared at eachother, having a secret conversation.
“So…” Ryan said eagarly walking me away from the group.
I glanced back at Justin who was watching me as Brooke started talking to him fastly.
“How you liking it here so far?” he asked me.
“I dont really know. Ive only been here about 5 minutes.” I laughed.
He smiled and sat down on a bench, so I sat next to him.”You’ll like it here. Are you a Justin Bieber fan?” he said nervously.
“Well yeah kind of. His music is really amazing, and from the interviews Ive watched he doesnt seem to bad…” I smiled from the thought.

Ryan POV Shit! She liked him, I knew she would but still it sucked for her to admit it. Justin always got the girls! Im so sick of it, just once I wish I could have a girl Justin wants. For extreme results you have to go to extreme measures.
“Yeah, sometimes…” I said hoping she would take the bait.
She did,”What do you mean sometimes?”
I put on the act of being all friendly yet emotionable,”He’s my best friend and I love him but he can be so big-headed at times.”
Her beautiful face was mixed with dissapointment and worry.”That sucks…”
“I dont know why Im telling you this but the concert after his sweet 16 he asked a fan who was a virgin to go back stage with him, then he took her virginity and told everyone about it. Poor girl was crushed…” I lied.
Sadness overcame her eyes,” What an asshole.” she whispered.

Natalie’s POV “If he hurts Brooke he is going to regret it.” I said threateningly.
“I think your friends got it under control,” he laughed.
Brooke was rubbing Justin’s arms and slightly pushing her breast out.
“Thanks for telling me,” I told him. He could have just let Justin hurt me but he didnt. Now this was the kind of guy I wanted.
“Your welcome, I just dont like to see him hurt all these different girls…” he said sadly.
“You seem nice Ryan.” I smiled.
“Well, could you return the favor and let me take you on a date?” he asked smiling halfway.
A smile pulled on my lips,”Sure.” Then he came in to kiss me on the cheek, I turned and looked just in time to see Justin staring at us. So I smiled and hugged Ryan.

Ryan smiled,”Alright so here’s my number.” he said writing it on my hand.”How’s 8 tonight sound?”
“Perfect,” I laughed as we walked back over to Justin and Brooke.
I know right?” Brooke laughed, still having to touch Justin at all times.
“Hey Ryan, why dont they come with us? Like a double date.” I asked turning to look at him.
Justin’s face grew pale,”Date? You guys have a date already?” he asked breathless.
This made me so upset, he was so sexy. And funny, his music was like magic! The rhythm flowed with the notes perfectly, seriously…it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. It really inspired me and gave me hope in life.
“Yeah,” Ryan smirked.”Thats fine. Justin and Brooke can come with.”
My best friends face lit up with excitment,”You want to go Justin?”
He took in a deep breath then smiled at Brooke,”Yeah of coarse.” He winked then looked at me, his eyes sad.
“Great,” I smiled taking her arm pulling us both towards the exit.”Casual or fancy clothes?”
“Casual.” Ryan said winking at me. I blushed,”Pick us up at our hotel.” then turned to our car.
Once in the car Brooke squealed,”Oh my Bieber! Im going on a date with Justin!”
I laughed then got serious,”I know he’s hot but please Brooke…be careful. Dont let him break your heart.”
Her eyes rolled,”Yeah, yeah, mom. What time is it anyway?”
I checked my watch, “7:10”
“Hurry up driver! I need to get to the hotel and change.”

*After they got there and changed*

“Please do something casual this time?” I pleaded through the door, but she stepped out wearing .com/chapter/set?id=25928524 “Better,” I commented.
I was wearing .com/chapter/set?id=25928822 Grabbing our purses we hastily went down to the lobby,”What if he is standing me up?” she asked pacing.
“He’s not, cuz that would mean Ryan is standing me up and he wouldnt do that.” I said iritated.
A voice came from behind me,”I wouldnt do what?” Ryan put his arm around my shoulder.
I giggled,”Stand me up.”
“Id never do that to you or anyone else.” he said and started walking, puling me with him.
“Wait, where’s Justin?” I asked holding him still.
He frowned at the subject of Justin,”He said he’d meet us there, dont worry Brooke.”
Her lower lip trembled, and she frowned.
“He’s not standing you up!” I pushed her ahead of us then whispered to Ryan,”He’s not standing her up is he?”
“No, he’ll be here.”

*Ryan took both the girls to a little resturaunt, where he and Natalie laughed and flirted*

“If he doesnt show up in 5 minutes, I’ll-” I started but got interupted.
“You’ll what?” Justin asked angrily sliding into the booth with Brooke.
“I’ll kick your ass.” I snapped.
Ryan smiled next to me,”Watch out Justin.”
“Shut up,” he mumbled scooting closer to Brooke.
I didnt like him already. He acted like he owned the place, it pissed me off. Then he talked to Ryan like that! How could he be so rude to such a nice person, I thought he was his friend anyway.
Our ice creams arrived and I just let mine melt, while I cooled down.
Brooke and Justin were engaged in a conversation when Ryan pulled my chin up to look at me, his face was right there. Slowly his lips touched mine for a few seconds then he pulled back. I smiled and blushed deep red, Justin was watching from across the table.

“I’ll be right back, I gotta go to the bathroom.” Ryan said standing up.
“Oh! Can you show me where they are? I have to go too.”
Ryan nodded and Brooke followed him in the direction to the lavatory.
“What’s your problem?” Justin asked suddenly once they left.
This suprised me, he sounded so upset.”I dont like you.” I stated.
“Why? I didnt do anything to you.” he said angrily, and my God. He looked so hot when he made his mad face. Eyebrows pulled together and his bottom lip jutted out, pouting.
I sat there just staring at him dreamily for a second before I snapped out of it.”I know what you’ve done. Your an asshole!” I accused.
Justin had a very puzzled look on his face when he asked.”What? I havent done anything wrong!”
“Oh so you think its okay to treat a fan like that, and do that to them? If it wasnt for them you would be nothing!” I felt as if he had stolen my virginity instead of the other girls’.
“Woah woah. I love my fans, and im very grateful to them so I would never to anything to hurt them. So I dont know who your talking about.” he bellowed loudly, I could tell he was offended.
“Dont be ignorant.” I shook my head furiously at him.
“What the hell are you talking about, cuz I have absolutley no clue?” he asked leaning on his arm lazily.
I opened my mouth to respond but Ryan and Brooke came back.”What’d we miss?” she asked smiling.
I turned my back to Justin, glaring into space. I knew it was childish but I didnt did the same as me, so Ryan patted my shoulder.”You alright?” he asked quietly.
“I’d be better if he”- I tossed my head to point at Justin-“was NOT here.”
“What’d you do?” Ryan asked pale faced.
“I didnt do anything to her!” he responded in a whisper, angrily.
“Can you just take me back to my hotel please?” I asked Ryan.
“Yeah c’mon.” he sighed taking my hand as he stood up.
Brooke stood up aswell, following us.”You coming Justin?” she smiled flirtily at him but he didnt seem to notice.
“Why not?” he muttered storming out the exit.
We arrived at the lobby and before I said goodnight, Ryan spoke.”Goodnight. Uh…call me?”
“Yes.” I smiled smashing our lips together then turning to go to my room. Justin gave me a dirty look then pulled Brooke into his arms, kissing her mouth roughly. I rolled my eyes and continued…(sorry for the skip)
*3 months later at a studio*
Natalie’s POV I was sitting inbetween Ryan Butler’s (my boyfriend for three months now) legs, at Justin Bieber’s (my mortal enemy who happens to be dating my bestfriend Brooke Lewis for 3 months now) rehearsals.
“Babe, I have to go help Pattie with something. But I’ll be back later.” Ryan said stroking my hair out of my face.
“Okay. Do you know where Brooke is?” I asked but right on que I heard an obnoxious sqealing.”Nevermind then.” I smiled and kissed him tenderly.
“Bye.” he told me leaving quickly.
I dragged my feet over to Brooke, who was all over Justin, saying.”You did amazing baby! And looked so sexy.” then they started major sucking face.
“Brooke your gonna need some kind of medicine after that.” I stuck my tongue out disgusted.
“Go screw yourself Natalie.” Justin replied in between kisses while giving me the middle finger.
“Not until you go to hell.” I smiled sweetly rolling my eyes.
Brooke stomped her foot, upset.”Cant you guys try to get along with eachother!”
We both laughed and said,”No.” at the same time. I glanced up at Justin and he was giving me a slight smile, uncontrollably my lips pulled up into a half smile too.
“Ugh! C’mon Nat, we need to go change.” she said angrily pulling my arm.
“Change for what?” I asked suprised.
“Justin has relatives nearby and they have a pool, were swimming.”
I gulped but followed her into the stadiums bathroom.”I didnt bring a swimsuit.” I said in mono tone.
“I got one for you.” she said handing it to me while she put on this-
“Im not getting in.”
“Why not?” she asked stupidly.
I bit my lip and slightly raised my eyebrows at her.
“Oh…” she whispered in sudden realization.”Im sorry. I forgot.”
“Let’s go…” I whispered sadly, opening the door.
Brooke slowly followed me,”You wanna talk about it?” she asked.
I faked a half smile,”No Im good without making everybody else uncomfortable.”
“Thats not wh-” she started.
“Im fine!” I rushed out cutting her off. I never liked talking about it, even with Brooke.
She smiled,”Ok…let’s go!” her hand grabbed mine.
“You couldnt have chosen a more revealing suit,” I said sarcastically while pointing at my open body-
Her cheeks blushed,”I thought it might help spice things up with you and Ryan.”
“Keep your nose, out of our relationship. Besides the ‘spice’ is just fine!” I snapped.
“Oh whatever! You guys kiss,” she stopped and looked around blankly.”Thats it…” Brooke complained.
it was true, the only physical contact we had was holding hands, hugging, and pecking the lips.
“My life is not your sex novel, we just…aren’t ready.” my voice was casual.
“You mean your not ready.” Brooke laughed.
Actually I was ready, and so was Ryan. But everytime we started to get serious…strange events would happen. Sometimes small things, like an interupting phone call, but it got stranger each time.
We hadnt tried in awhile or maybe we just werent into it now but last time we did, Ryan’s hair caught fire from a candle. At the time it was a little funny , now though? When I thought about how everytime we tried to something random stopped us, like fate didnt want us to…it just made me so confused.
“We are, but we dont go around flaunting our physical relationship like you and Justin do.” I pointed out, stepping in the car.
Her mouth finally shut, and she sighed.
“What?” I asked.
“Its just, ok I admit it. Justin and I kiss alot but when were alone…we never get anywhere.” she whispered like it was a crime.
This hit me like a brick,”What! You and Justin havent had sex yet?”
Brooke slapped my arm,”Quiet Nat! People will hear you!”
“Is that such a bad thing? Having sex doesnt make you ‘cool’. It should mean something.” my mouth dropped open at my sudden statement.
“I know but…he always starts talking about his stupid music and the notes and all that crap. Im not into it! I never listen then he gets all upset,” she whined.
Wow…they fight. Even in my wildest dreams I couldnt imagine it. He actually wanted to talk to her, but all she wanted was sex or for him to ‘flash’ her around in public. It disgusted me to know my friend’s biggest reason for dating him was for the fame, then again, he wasnt much better.
“You guys like different things, thats ok.” I said wrapping a towel around my figure as we got out into the sun.”Just try listening to him sometimes.”
Her eyes rolled,”Fine, whatever. ”
This was another one of the moments when I thought “How am I friends with her again?”
My mind was still on those thoughts when we walked in the backyard.
“Hey Justin! Your here already?” she squealed running over to him.
“Yeah, I decided to take off early. Told them my throat need a bit.” he smiled sexily.
I couldnt help but stare, no matter how I felt towards him. Nobody could deny…he was down right gorgeous. Hastily I shook off those thoughts and sat down in a lawn chair.
Brooke had already got in, and Justin had been in the water.”Is Ryan coming?” I asked.
“Yeah, he’ll be here in a few minutes. I guess.”

Justin’s POV I smiled at my girlfriend but soon my eyes trailed to Natalie’s body. Damn! I bit the inside of my lip, watching her walk to a chair. Brooke had gotten in and was frolicking around but my eyes were glued to Nat’s sexy body.
My male side took over and I imagined what she could do, to me in bed. Immediatley I felt myself start to get a boner and she looked over at me so I dove into the water. Embarrassed.

*15 minutes later*

Natalie’s POV “Hey,” Ryan’s voice came from the front part of the yard. I stood up to go to him but felt cold and wet arms around my waist, tossing me up in the air on their back.
“You need to get wet,” Justin’s beautiful voice smiled.
Ear splitting screams came from my mouth,”NO! Justin! Please put me down!”

Natalie’s POV I screamed and kicked as hard as I could against his back, yelling”Put me down!Please no!”
“Woah…” I heard Justin mutter as he slid me down his body so my feet touched the ground.
Ryan’s arms came around my waist, pulling me into a hug.
“Calm down Nat. Just breathe.” he said into my ear. I hadnt realized I’d been hyperventilating.
“What’s her deal?” Justin asked confused.
“Im alright.” I told Ryan and walked to the corner of the yard to sit down in the grass.
The backyard wasnt that big so I still heard them talking,”Dude what the hell?” Ryan pushed him a little.
“Dont push me, she’s the one that freaked out!” he snapped angry.
Ryan turned his back to me as if I wouldnt hear him if he did that.”She doesnt like water…” he whispered.
“She cant swim!” he asked in disbelief.
“Keep your fucking voice down!” he whispered angrily.
“So…she cant swim?” Justin asked trying not to laugh.
“If you knew…even you’d know your being an ass right now.”
“What exactly should I know?” he questioned not with any interest.
“She can swim but her dad drowned so she is afraid to get in water now.” he explained.
I peeked up from my hands to see Justin’s face go pale, he looked in my direction. Quickly I looked down again.
“Shit…” he whispered.”Is she gonna be ok?”
“Yeah, she’s fine now. Im going to swim.” he walked into the water.

Justin’s POV Ryan just got in the water without checking her, and…I couldnt just leave. I walked up to her hesitantly, then sat down.

Natalie’s POV Justin sat down next to me quietly. Out of instict I jerked away from him.
“Im sorry…I didnt know.” he said slowly, not making eye contact.
“Its fine. Im fine.” my voice rushed it out quickly.
Shivers went down my spine cuz I was sitting in the shade, my teeth rattled a little.
“Are you cold?” he asked but he was shivering too. Actually Justin was worse off than me cuz he was wet.
“Kind of…” I whispered.
Justin sat up and grabbed a large towel, coming back to me.”Here,” he draped the material around my fit body.
My eyes drifted over to see Ryan and Brooke throwing water at eachother, he shivered so I said,”Justin your wet. Here.” my arms picked up the towel and wrapped it around both our bodies. I didnt realize how uncomfortable this would be until it was too late.
“Thanks,” he breathed and cuddled next to me, trying to get warmer.”Im so sorry. Honestly I didnt know, if I had I would have never of done that.”
“Its alright.” I whispered. I wasnt hurt or wet so it didnt matter.
Maybe this was wrong. I had a boyfriend and I was cuddling with someone who had a girlfriend, that happend to be my best friend. I was wearing basically less than a bathing suit, and he was wearing swim trunks. And why was he being so nice? We hated eachother…didnt we?
“Why are you being so nice to me?” I asked suddenly.
He was taken back by my question,”I dont know…” his lips barely moved.
By now I wasnt so mad about the whole he took the girls virginity thing. I mean yeah it was wrong but it was old now.”Thank you for apologizing but its fine. You can go now.” I said looking up at him. Oops!
Our faces were inches apart and he was breathing in my mouth. Oh God, he smelt so good. And the eyes that were staring at me are so beautiful and hypnotizing, I couldnt look away.
“Your welcome.” he whispered breaking the silence and standing up.
Oh no…c’mon he is an asshole. Dont forget what he did. My whole body felt cold and empty when he wasnt beside me anymore.

About half an hour later Pattie showed up, looking around bluntly.
“Hey Pattie.” I yelled motioning her over to sit by me. She was use to me calling her Pattie instead of Mrs. Mallette. Brooke never spoke with her or even noticed her presence but we talked all the time considering my mom had became really good friends with her.
“Hey Natalie,” she said smiling as she sat down next to me.”Why are you in the shade over here?”
“Oh Im just not feeling well.” I lied.
“You dont have to get in the water if you sit in the sun…” Pattie rubbed my arm comfortingly.
“I tried but,” my voice broke up. I didnt feel like telling her about Justin.
“But what?” she asked confused.
“Justin almost threw me in the water”-Pattie’s mouth dropped open angrily-“but its ok. He didnt know!” I explained.
“Did he apologize?” she asked trying to stay calm.
“Yeah,” my voice was barely a whisper.
Her whole body shook mine as she started to stand up but my hand grabbed her elbow,”Please dont say anything to him! Our relationship is bad enough,” I begged.
Hesitantly she sat back down and looked at me,”Why dont you guys get along? I mean nothing against Brooke but I’d always imagined you and Justin being more his type.”
It was upsetting to hear her say that. I wanted to be with Justin at first but she had no idea what he has done, she deserved to but I wasnt gonna say anything to her.”There are things about Justin that you dont know. He’s just…” I struggled for words.”We dont mesh well.”
“How come? You guys are so much more alike than you know.” she complained. She really wanted us together.
“Look, Im sorry but Im with Ryan and Justin chose Brooke. Not me.” I whispered shrugging sadly.
“Yeah…I bet you and Ryan are happy. Im glad, he always talks about you.” she smiled.
This suprised me,”What does he say?”
Pattie laughed a little,”He’s always saying how he has you and Justin doesnt and that bugs him. Ryan’s happy that he has a girl too, not just Justin.” she frowned. I think it came out different than she meant it to.
“Oh…” I muttered shocked. Was he dating me to make Justin jealous?
“He loves you.” she patted my back.”Do you love him?”
“Of coarse…I mean, well I think so but thats the scary part.” Pattie’s eyebrows scrunched together.”I love him. But im not in love with him, and im hoping that if I give it time you know.”
“Always follow your heart honey.” she whispered hugging me.
“Thanks for the girl talk Pattie.” I hugged her back tight.
“You ready to go babe?” Ryan rubbed a towel in his hair as he walked over.
I fake smiled,”Yeah sure.” my legs wobbled when I stood up and looked back at Pattie.
“Remember to follow your heart.” she yelled.
“I will,” I smiled.
Ryan put his arm around my shoulders when we walked into the car with Justin and Brooke.”What was that about?” he asked.
“Not here Ryan.” I said bitterly.
“Its alright you can talk in front of my bro.” he nodded towards Justin who smiled.
“Fine,” I snapped. He was making me mad now.”Are you dating me cuz you want to make Justin jealous?”
“Why would he be jealous?” Brooke asked grabbing Justin’s arm.
“Not becuz he likes me Brooke but becuz he couldnt have me. That would make any big-headed person jealous.” I said calmly and glancing at Justin. He looked shocked that I called him a big-head.
“No way babe.” Ryan said trying to kiss me.
“Dont touch me,” I shoved him away lightly and turned to look out the window.
“Natalie-” he started to say but I cut him off.
“Just dont talk to me right now ok?” I said angrily.
Now that I thought about it, he was probably dating me for that reason. It would explain the first day we met, but did it matter? Justin was still an asshole.

“Why are you getting mad at me?” Ryan asked confused.
“Im just shaken up.” I said back calmly.
“Well you cant keep getting pissed at me cuz your dad’s dead-” he started to say.
My jaw dropped open a little from a mixture of hurt and shock.
“Ryan!” Justin yelled interupting him.”Stop!”
He took a deep breath then tried to touch my arm,”Baby Im sorry. I didnt mean it-”
“Dont fucking touch me!” I jerked back away from him.”Pull over please,” the driver listened and pulled over.
“Natalie, what are you doing?” he asked as I opened the door.
“I’ll take a cab,” I whispered and slammed the door shut.

Brooke’s POV Ok why would Justin be jealous? He had me.
“Maybe you should go with her to make sure she’s ok.” Justin told me as he opened my door.
“Fine,” I shrugged.”Nat! Wait up!” I yelled running to her.
“Brooke?” she asked whistling a cab over.
“Im coming with you.” I explained and got in with her.
Natalie looked out the window sadly so I rubbed her shoulder softly.”C’mon get excited!”
“Why?” she asked. Her voice told me she was about to cry.
“Tomorrow’s the big Masquerade Ball! Justin invited you and Ryan…” I spoke excitedly.
“There’s no way in hell im going with Ryan.” she sniffled quietly.
“Well just dont talk to him. Im excited but not too excited, all the males, including Justin, are not suppose to say who they are. That means Justin will be around somewhere,” I whimpered sadly.
“Its alright,” she said and hugged me.

*Later that night*

Natalie’s POV I was sitting in bed trying to figure out what to do when my phone rang, it was a text from Ryan.
Ryan: Im sorry!
Nat: For what?
Ryan: Today I was a jerk I didnt text back so he texted again…
Ryan: Forgive me please My bed in the hotel I was staying in wasnt very comfortable, so I got up and went to the balcony for fresh air.
Ryan called me,”What!” I answered.
“You didnt text back.” he stated breathless.
“For a reason,” I said annoyed.”You know I love you but I need a truthful and serious answer.” He was quiet…”Did you or did you not start dating me becuz you wanted to make Justin jealous?”
For a couple seconds he didnt answer, but finally he broke the suspense and said,”Yes…I did.”
My throat choked up and I gasped, hot tears flooded my eyes.”How could you do that?”
“Im so sorry but when I started dating you I found out how amazing you are and I fell in love.” he begged desperatly.
I literally felt my mind crack as the tears flowed down my flushed cheeks,”Ryan I need some time. To think.” I whispered.
“But-baby-what about tomorrow?” he asked sadly.”Am I still picking you up?”
“Oh yeah.” I joked.
He sensed the sarcasm,”Ok…I’ll give you sometime. I love you.” he said waiting for me to reply.
“Bye Ryan,” I choked and hung up.
I went to sleep thinking, today was not how I expected it…

*The Next Morning*

“Wake up!” Brooke slapped me across the face.
I gasped from a little pain,”What the hell?”
“Its past 2:00 pm! You slept for ages.” she told me.
“Really?” I yawned stretching my arms then standing to shower.
“Well hurry and get dressed cuz we have to choose our outfits for tonight.” she grabbed her purse waiting.
Oh yeah, right. The Masquerade Ball was tonight.”Listen Brooke, I know your excited and all but I dont think Im going.” I explained disheartened.
“What? You have to! Why?” she whined.
“Ryan and I had a fight-”
“Then go and show him that you aren’t gonna let him get you down! Hurry up and get dressed!” Brooke threw a jacket at me as a hint to get clothes on.
My eyes rolled as I put on comfy clothes .com/cgi/img-set/… then went with Brooke to wherever we were going.

*At the Store*
“Justin will sure come and find me in this.” Brooke giggled as she stepped out of the stall wearing this .com/brooke_lewis_masquerade_ball/set?id=25981230 “Your gonna wear that?” I asked in disbelief.
“Of coarse. Why?” she asked frowning.
“Nothing,” I smiled.”Its definatly you.”
She smirked and slapped my butt,”Go put yours on so I can see.”
“I’ll show you when I get everything on tonight.” I laughed.”Im glad you talked me into going.”
“Told you!” Brooke grinned and walked to the checkout.

“Come out now!” she complained in the hotel room at 8:00 pm.
This looked so cute in the store but it looked ridiculous on me.”I dont know Brooke, I look like an idiot.” I yelled through the door.
“Just come out!” she hit the door as a warning.
“Fine,” I muttered angrily stepping out into the bedroom.
.com/natalie_slayter_masquerade_ball/set?id=25989262 “Wow…you look amazing.” she said in awe.
“Thanks.” I whispered iritated.
“You’ll definatly get a new guy tonight.” she smiled.
“Im not looking for a new guy yet…im just trying to figure things out with Ryan.” I answered slowly, deliberating my words.
“We both look awesome so lets go!” she laughed and grabbed my hand, pulling towards the door.

*At the Ball’s Entrance*

“So are we meeting Justin here or what?” I asked hiding my face.
“No, remember. I probably wont see him tonight.” Brooke whispered sadly.”And quit hiding your face, nobody is gonna recognize you.”
“Really?” I asked shocked.
“Cant even tell its you,” she muttered distracted.

Justin’s POV “Hey man,” Ryan said walking up to me.
“Where’s Natalie?” I asked. I thought they would have made up by now.
“She’s mad at me but I’ll get her back tonight.” he said casually.
Ryan was wearing .?productid=144938 and .com/display_pic_with_logo/70894/70894,1229792739,2/…
“Nice outfit.” I stiffled a laugh.
“What are you gonna wear?” he asked frowning.
“I cant tell you that. Nobody’s suppose to know who I am.” I said trying to be spooky.
He laughed,”Well I’ll see you there anyway no matter who you are and if I cant recognize you. Im out.”

Natalie’s POV I walked into the huge ballroom and looked around, everybody was in costumes and dancing.”Im going to get a drink-” I stopped when I saw Brooke was already at the bottom of the steps.”Nevermind.”
I felt so ridiculous in this outfit, but atleast nobody could recognize me. Right on que a figure walked up to me.”Hey my lady,” a familiar voice said.

“Ryan what are you doing?” I asked turning around to walk off before he could answer.
“Hey!” he yelled running after me.
“How did you know it was me?” I asked angry.
“Brooke told me.” he smiled.
“Go away, I need some time.” I turned again to walk in a different direction but slammed into a hard figure.
“Ouch,” I complained fixing my dress.

Justin’s POV I had just got onto the dance floor when I knocked over a very beautiful girl who looked like this .com/natalie_slayter_masquerade_ball/set?id=25989262 “Woah,” I mouthed inaudible. Quickly I made sure my hood was covering my head. My hair would be a dead give away on who I was.

Natalie’s POV The obviously male stranger nodded his head to the dance floor while holding out his hand. Hesitanly looking back to see Ryan running up to me I grabbed his hand. He pulled me out into the crowd.
I sighed in relief to see Ryan stop and stare at me shocked, meanwhile the guy, who was wearing this . (of coarse it looks waaay sexier on Justin) grabbed my hand gently and put his other one on the small of my back.
I squeezed lightly and smiled,”Thanks. You kinda saved me from someone.” I giggled.
I’d never told anyone before but I loved to dance, and I was good at it. Very good.
We were so close together that I could smell his cologne and it was such a familiar scent. But I couldnt pin where Id smelt it before.
“So am I suppose to ask you like yes or no questions?” I asked as he spun me around in a circle.
The silver mask nodded yes. Ok so yes or no questions. Hmmm?
“Do you know who I am right now?” I asked half smiling.
He shook his head no, spinning me again then bringing me back close to him. I didnt know why I was smiling so much.
“Umm do you think you know me?” I inquired.
He may have been wearing a mask but I knew he was beautiful, somehow underneath was an angel. The masked figure nodded.
“Ok…” I whispered thinking.
“Your necklace.” the hooded man said in a voice that I could tell wasnt as deep as he made it sound.”Why havent you given out the key?”
I chose my words carefully,”Because nobody has my heart yet.” I whispered looking up into his eyes. Damn they were so beautiful and FAMILIAR!
“Who are you?” I asked breathless.
The unidentified shrugged and held my hand as he walked me over to the punch bowl. The song had ended.
“You play any instruments?” he asked handing me a cup.
“Not really, some piano. But I love to dance.” I added smiling. Why not be truthful?
“Really? I thought you could move out there,” he laughed.
“What happend to yes or no questions?” I asked drinking red punch.
“I could shut up,” he smiled under his mask.
“No!” I said worried but he smiled bigger.”I like hearing your voice, its soothing.” I admitted.
“So…what kind of music do you listen to?” he questioned.
“I dont really listen to kinds. But more of songs, if they’re good or not. I hate when a song’s lyrics are good but then the intsruments are gay and off base.” I told him.
“I know right?” he said animated.

*they engage in serious music talk*

“Follow me,” he said and grabbed my hand, taking me through the crowd and into a dark hallway.
“Where are we going?” I asked giggling. It was crazy but I felt like I’d known him for years, I trusted him.
“Someplace alone.” he smiled enthusiasticly. Man his voice was so familiar! It was driving me crazy!

“Do I know you?” I asked whining. Everything about him was so familiar!
He smiled and pulled me into a small room/closet “It would help if I knew who you were.”
When I grabbed his hand at the beginning of the night I wasnt intentionally trying to get to know him, he was just my getaway from Ryan but Id been spending the whole night with him. This stranger was so amazing and perfect, he got into music and understood …I was scared to let him know it was me underneath the tiny mask.

Justin’s POV The beautiful girl stared at me, with those gorgeous eyes. The white mask made her look even more stunning, but what if I took my mask off? Would she turn into a crazy fan? I didnt want to ruin this…

Ryan’s POV I was leaning on a wall, watching MY girlfriend dance with some guy wearing a hood and silver mask. Who did he think he was?
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brooke walk by, she looked nice in her short dress.”Yo Brooke!” my hand clamped around her tiny arm.
“What?” she asked annoyed.
“Who’s that guy, Natalie’s dancing with? She’s been with him the whole night.” I asked keeping my eyes on Natalie.
Brooke followed my gaze,”I dont know but she seems happy,” she shrugged.
“Well she’s my girlfriend.” I pointed out angry.
“Maybe, didnt you guys have a fight?”
“Yeah but it was little. She’ll be back.” I stated trying to convince myself.
“If you say so,” she pulled back, twirling away.
As soon as I turned around, Natalie and the guy were both gone. Where did they go?

Natalie’s POV “What time is it?” I asked.
He checked his watch,”Almost midnight…” he said but then we were quiet.
“I have a boyfriend.” I stated sadly. But did I? We hadnt officially broken up yet but it was kind of obvious.
“I thought you havent given your heart to anyone?” he asked walking closer to me.
Cold hands layed on my waist and I stopped breathing,”I havent.”
“But he’s your boyfriend?” he asked confused but his masked face came close to mine.
Oh God, he smelt delicious.”I love him…but I’m not in love with him.” I whispered slowly.
My hands went up to his mask hesitantly sliding it up just enough for his mouth to show.
“Ive never been in love.” his voice was shaking slightly.
Before either of us knew what we were doing his lips touched mine barely, then came to me fully. I was breathing in the scent of his mouth when he pulled back,”Im sorry…” he mumbled.
“Dont be.” I said and cupped his face in my hands, bringing his soft lips back to me. It was rougher this time, he kissed me with passion but a little bit of needy steam was hidden underneath it.
“Who are you?” I asked again when we took a breath.
“If I take my mask off…do you promise to remain calm?” he asked backing away.
“Why wouldnt I?” I joked smiling.
The figure stayed silent but his hands went up to his hood pulling it off slowly.
I knew that hair! No, please tell me it wasnt him!
The silver mask slid off his face, due to his left hand.”Suprise.” Justin smiled nervously.
“J-Ju-Justin?” I whispered in regret.
“Stay calm!” he urged worried.
“No, shit!” I muttered angrily.”Why you!” Thats why his voice was so familiar!
His grogeous face was shocked,”Woah…what?” he asked me.
“How is this possible? Your not-you cant be-” I started pacing. The guy Id’ spent the whole night with was caring, sweet, funny, and he understood me. Justin Bieber hated me and I hated him.
“Whats wrong?” he asked gripping my shoulders lightly.
“Im suppose to hate you,” I whispered.”And you have a girlfriend!”
“What did I do?” his face scrunched with confusion.
“Justin, its me!” I ripped my mask off throwing it on the ground.”Natalie.”
“Natalie?” he asked suprised but then he smiled.”I knew it was you.”
“Then why would you do this!” I yelled.
“Why do you hate me so much?” he asked depressed.”I havent done anything bad to you.”
It made me sick to know he could just pretend nothing happended with that girl.”I know about your little secret. Ryan told me the first day we met.” I snapped.
Concern crept into his eyes,”What did Ryan tell you?” his voice was shaking from anger.
“He told me how you took the girl’s virginity on your 16th birthday then told everyone about it! You bastard.” I slapped his arm hard.
Justin was a statue for a minute then he punched the wall mumbling to himself,”I didnt know he was that jealous. He took this way too far!”
“What are you talking about?” I asked abashed.
“He lied Natalie!” he begged.

“What are you talking about?” I questioned running my hand through my hair.
Justin grunted, frustrated.”Uhh ok. Um do you remember how yesterday you and Ryan fought over why he started dating you?” he asked grabbing my shoulders.
“Yes…” I mumbled. Before he continued I already knew he was telling the truth, by the pleading in his voice and the fact that everything matched up.
“And he said?” he asked pushing a piece of hair out of my eyes.”I know he called you last night.”
My breath was ragged,”He admitted to dating me just to make you jealous but he loves me now.”
“Yeah but that would’ve been me. I wanted you first.” he said smiling.”I lost a rock,paper, scissors game.”
“Im not a piece of meat!” I said offended.
“I know, I know. When I first saw you…you took my breath away. I knew you were different by the way you were so casual.” he said gently.”But Ryan only wanted you becuz I did.”
My mind was spinning with confused thoughts,”He loves me.” I whispered.
“I loved you since the day I saw you!” he blurted out.”I mean…Ive always loved you but until tonight I wasnt in love. Not until tonight…” his voice was quiet.
“If you loved me then why were you mean to me?” I asked desperatly. This wasnt happening.
“I was flirting!” he laughed.”You werent but thats not your fault. You thought I was somebody Im not.”
I started hyperventilating.”No…no this cant be happening. Am I dreaming? Becuz as far as Im concerned I was dating Ryan Butler and I hated you but now…” I frowned.
“Now?” he asked quietly.
“Your amazing…” I exhaled.”I feel like I know you better than I know Ryan. But I cant just drop him and your dating Brooke-”
My sentence was cut off by Justin’s lips getting smashed against mine softly.
I squealed putting my hands on his chest, ready to shove but shockingly instead I grabbed a fistful of his shirt pulling him closer.
His reaction was good, his soft lips parted mine and a tongue rushed into my mouth.I sighed happily letting him explore me while Justin’s hands held my waist tighter against him.
“Justin…” I whispered when we pulled away for a breath. Our faces still inches apart,”What about Ryan, and Brooke?” I asked looking into his eyes.
He deliberated this for a second, thinking.”I dont know…” he finally whispered back.
Slowly my feet shuffled back, and I picked up my mask off the floor then handed Justin his.
“Thanks,” he muttered not putting it on yet though I already shoved mine on my face.
Quickly I turned and crushed my lips on his, savoring the taste as each second passed. Suddenly I unlocked our lips and started walking into the hall.
“Wait! Natalie!” he yelled running after me.
“Justin can we just forget this happend?” I asked impatient.
He looked sadly, shocked.”What? But Ryan lied to you about me?”
“This wont work out alright. Your dating my best friend and I cant hurt her like that. Or Ryan…no matter what I still love him.” I told him breathless. My heart was breaking.
He gazed at me upset. After a minute he sighed,”I guess your right…we should just, forget.”
I touched his cheek gently, then put his mask back on.”Goodnight.” I whispered.

*Later That Night…At The Hotel*

Natalie’s POV “Im gonna miss these beds. Tomorrow we start sleeping on the tour bus.” Brooke giggled getting in the hotel bed.
“Oh…” I said distracted.”Yeah.”
“So did you talk to Ryan tonight?” she asked shutting her lamp off.
I was wearing this .com/just_quick_one_for_short/set?id=25989517 “You know I did.” I said a little angry.
“What’d I do?” she asked turning in her bed to look at me.
This day had been long…way too long.”You told him who I was on purpose! You knew he’d talk to me!” I shrieked.
Brooke was shocked by my sudden outburst,”I just dont want to see you guys split up. Your so happy together.”
“Bullshit,” I mumbled but she didnt hear me.”Goodnight.”
She was so afraid for me to be single cuz she knows Justin might actually want me. He did want me…

*Next Day 6:00 am*
“Wake up!” my mother yelled.
Opening my eyes slowly and stretching I yawned,”Already?”
“Yes, everybody’s waiting for you.” she said packing my bags.
“Seriously?” I groaned.”Why didnt you wake me up earlier?”
“You looked tired…” she said running long fingers through her hair. I did that alot, guess I got it from her.”Just hurry.” she told me leaving.
I took a steamy shower thinking about last night. I couldnt ‘stop’ thinking about last night. Justin was so perfect and I wanted him so bad but he was dating Brooke. And I was dating Ryan. It would cause so much heartbreak, just forget and everything will be fine I told myself outloud.
Finally I walked outside to the tour bus wearing .com/natalie_chapter_16/set?id=25989633 At first Justin and I made eye contact but I quickly diverted my eyes to the ground. Avoiding him.
“Natalie.” Ryan said stepping in my view of Justin.
I had no idea what I was doing.”Hey,” I fake smiled.
“Im sorry,” he hugged me tight. This didnt feel right but I had to try and make it work.
My arms wrapped around him,”Its okay.”
“I love you.” he kissed my hair.
At these words I saw Justin stare intently at the scene, waiting for my reply.
In my head I imagined me pushing Ryan off and running to Justin, kissing his lips tenderly…but this was real life.”I love you too.” I whispered staring into Justin’s sad eyes.
“Hey Nat!” Brooke said hugging me and Ryan.
“I was only gone for like half an hour. Quit freaking out.” I laughed to hide the churning in my stomach.
*Later on the bus driving*
“I have to pee.” Brooke announced hopping to the bathroom.
“Nice to know,” I muttered laying on my bunk bed.
Justin had his own room with a seperate bed but Brooke, Ryan and I had to sleep in the ‘living room’ I had bottom bunk and Brooke had top bunk while Ryan slept on the couch.
At the moment Justin was ‘napping’ in his bedroom, so Ryan took advantage of both their absence.
“Who was that guy you were with last night?” he asked.
My face must have been red from blushing.”Oh uhh I dont know.” I said quickly.
“Well you guys spent the whole night together.” he pointed out obviously having a case of jealousy.
“Yeah he was cool. But were just friends.” my lips pulled into a tight line and I sat up walking to sit next to Ryan.
He smiled flirty,”And we are?” his voice was raspy.
“More than friends.” I grinned kissing his lips softly.
Honestly I didnt expect much out of this gesture, but he wrapped his arms around my stomach deepening the kiss.
As his hands slid down to my ass I suddenly pulled back.”Ryan…” I whispered sighing.
“What?” he asked trying to kiss me again.
“Stop.” I pushed him away lightly.”Last time we did this your hair got caught on fire, the time before that there was an immediate evacuation of the hotel, and the power went out. You broke you arm!” I ranted on about all the events that happened, stopping us from taking it further.
Slowly he let me go and scooted back to look me in the eye.”Yeah?”
“Well..” I shrugged casually even though I really didnt want to have this conversation.”It just feels like something is always keeping us from doing ‘that.'”
“What do you mean?” he asked staring me hard in the face.
“Its like fate or something doesnt want us to. Atleast not right now.” I breathed seriously.
“How do you know if we dont try?” he asked smiling.
Ryan’s hand rested on my thigh, which made me jerk back.”Im not in the mood right now ok?”
He licked his lips sadly, then stood up.”Thats alright. Im not rushing you.”
“Where are you going?” I asked puzzled.
He looked embarrassed.”Gonna go hang with the crew, I’ll be back later.” he turned to storm away.

Great! He was angry at me! But its not like he could really go that far, we were on a small bus. And what was taking Brooke so long, I quietly tip-toed to the back of the bus standing next to the bathroom door.
Across the narrow hall was the door to Justin’s bedroom, it was slightly ajar. The full body mirror that hung on the wall allowed me to see that Justin was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling, from the angle. He was fully clothed and had his hands behind his head casually. But his eyes were dull and sad.
“Justin?” I whispered through the door.
I saw he jerked a little to see where the voice came from,”Natalie?” he asked suprised.
“Yeah…its me.” I said quietly so Brooke didnt hear.
His breath was ragged when he swallowed gulps of air then went back to his original position.
“Are you OK?” I asked concerned.
“Im fine.” his voice was mono tone.
“Look…Im sorry.” I said desperatly trying to get him to cheer up.”It just…wouldnt work.”
Justin’s lips trembled sadly and his brows furrowed. But he still stayed silent.
“What are you doing?” Brooke asked stepping out of the bathroom.
My whole body twisted fastly to face her.”Oh Im just, waiting for you.” I said breathing strangly.
Her face was suspicious but she let it go,”C’mon lets go play guitar hero or something.”
“Yeah, alright.” I said and glanced back to see that Justin had flipped over on his side, his back to me.
*Two Days Later After Justin’s Concert*
“Good job babe but can we go now? This city is boring.” Brooke said picking at her fingernails.
“Awesome show!” Makenna squealed giggling.
“Did you have fruit punch?” I asked her grabbing her arms to keep her still. She had been jumping up and down.
“Maybe!” she screamed loudly.
“Uh oh! We’re all in trouble,” I laughed hugging her.
“Whats with the fruit punch?” Justin asked drinking a bottle of water.
A smile pulled at my lips and I laughed again from memories. Justin was sweating slightly and it made him looke so sexy, I pushed the thoughts away embarrassed.
Justin’s POV That gorgeous smile I loved came across Natalie’s face. Her perfect white teeth sat behind the plump lips, and how I wanted to run my tongue across her teeth and inside of her mouth again. She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Everything about her was so casual if you just looked at her but if you ‘really’ looked at her. The beauty popped out like diamonds in the sun.
“MaKenna is not allowed to drink fruit punch becuz when she does,” her skinny arms wrapped around Kenna’s shoulders. I couldnt believe I was jealous of a 12 year old girl.”She gets really hyper and crazy.”
Natalie’s POV Justin smiled at me in awe. My cheeks couldnt help but turn cherry red.
“Brooke’s right this city’s boring.” Ryan said without emotion.
“Well we havent really explored the town.” I said defensively. They knew nothing about this town.
“Yeah, we should go somewhere before we have to get back on the bus.” Justin added once he stopped gazing at my face.
“Fine,” Brooke groaned kissing his lips.
A hint of jealousy burned underneath my skin, and I almost broke them up but he pulled back. Quicker than she wanted him to.
“Can I go!” MaKenna jumped on my back.
“No!” Brooke yelled grabbing her purse pulling Justin to the door.
“Yeah Kenna we are probably only gonna be gone for a bit cuz Im not in the partying mood.” Ryan said intertwining our fingers.
Her face fell sadly and she slid off my back.
“Kenna you can come. With me.” I said smiling kindly.
“Really?” she asked grinning wide.
“Totally. Its not a party without my favorite sister there.” I giggled hoisting her up on my back again.
Ryan glared at me then started walking off.
“Were gonna have fun.” I told her rolling my eyes.
*At a Teen Club*
I had been dancing with Kenna all night when I sat at the little bar ordering soda.
“Hey,” Justin came up beside me ordering soda too.
“You did great out there tonight.” I said shyly.
He grinned and flipped his hair sexily. Oh my God! It made my knees go weak when he did that.”Thanks Natalie.” he said truthfully.
“Please stop calling me that.” I whined and he laughed.”Call me Nat.”
“Fine Natalie.” he said again to make me angry.
Ryan walked up holding Brooke’s arm.”Guess who found the alcohol?” he asked annoyed.
“Brooke,” I groaned standing up to help her sit down.
“Im tired,” Makenna said drowsily.
“Alright well your sister needs to go home so I’ll take you guys.” I said dissapointed. I wasnt ready to leave.
“Its ok babe, I’ll take them.” Ryan said taking Brooke’s arm again.
“I wanna sleep.” Brooke mumbled drunk.”I have a headache!” her voice shouted.
“Be quiet,” I chastised her.”You dont have to do that.” I told him.
“No its ok really. Im bummed I didnt even want to be here.” he said already stepping towards the exit.”Justin man, can you make sure she gets back alright?”
Justin spared me a look then nodded.”Yeah I will.”
“Ok well then. Goodnight.” he said kissing me once then leaving.
“I wouldnt have figured you as a party animal.” Justin laughed.
“Its not that I dont want to leave here but I just dont want to go back to the bus.” I said in deep thought.
“Why?” he asked sincere interested.
My eyes burned a hole in his face, debating whether I should confess. I always felt I could tell him anything.”Its just…my mom.”
“What about her?” he asked taking a drink of his soda.
“Im so use to her ignoring me and basically letting me do whatever I want. But since your mom and her have been together she actually pays attention to me now.” I said spilling my guts.
“Well, what do you mean ignoring you?” he asked confused.
“Since my dad died she doesnt talk to me. But your mom is like changing her.”
“Thats a good thing right?” he smiled questioningly.
“I think so…” I whispered.”Its just different you know”
He grabbed my hand lightly.”Just becuz something is different doesnt make it bad.” he said quietly in my ear.
I looked up to see his angel face staring at me. He was so amazing…”What do you mean by that?” I gasped a little.
Those brown eyes tore a hole in my face and I almost lost control,”I know…I agreed to forget about the other night.” he said completly changing the subject.
I nodded slowly and uncontrollably leaned in closer.
“But I cant stop thinking about you.” he breathed on my face.
“I know…” I choked.”Me neither.”
Our lips were almost touching when he took a huge breath and pulled back.”I wrote a song for you.” he stated tearing a napkin to was nervous.
“Id like to hear it.” I said dazed.
“You have…its ‘That Should Be Me’.” he told me as his cheeks turned a little pink.
My back straightened out confused. That Should Be Me? I ran over the lyrics in my head, “That should be me, holding your hand. That should be me, making you laugh. That should be me, this is so sad. That should be me, that should be me. That should be me, feeling your kiss. That should be me, buying you gifts. This is so wrong. I cant go on, until you believe. That, that should be me…”
It fit the way he felt about me. He thought becuz Ryan was only dating me to make him jealous that it should be him I was dating.
“I actually had it a little different but Scooter changed some of the lyrics to me dating the girl already. But I wrote most of it for you.” he whispered looking at me for the first time.
“Justin…” I groaned sadly.”We cant! Do you know what that would look like!” I asked loudly then went silent. I wasnt gonna make a scene, so I grabbed his hand pulling him out the back of the club into an alley.
“Do you even want it?” he asked hurt.
Whenever I had a really strong emotion I would run my fingers through my hair and I did, pacing a little then stopping in front of him. Justin was standing a couple feet away from me and I was standing with my back against the brick building.
“Of coarse I want it! More than you could possibly know.” I groaned again.”But-”
Justin pushed me against the wall kissing my mouth sweetly and slowly. His lips were like a drug to me, once they were on me I couldnt resist. Meanwhile his cold hands were on my hips, urging me on him. I was wearing .com/unfaithful_natalie_chapter_18/set?id=25989899 I took a quick breath still kissing him, and his tongue pushed on my lips. Not even hesitating I parted them allowing him entrance, it felt incredible to have Justin’s warm tongue massaging the inside of my mouth.
My one hand cupped his neck while the other tangled in his soft hair, he pulled away a minute later.
“You want it,” he grinned mocking me also trailing his eyes down my figure. Licking his lips as he saw my clothes hugged my body nicely and my breast were sticking out a little on my top. Well he definatly wanted me…
I kissed his perfect lips sloppily again,”I want you, with me always.” I whispered then remembered what situation we were in.”But what can we do about it?”
His hand slid down the side of my body, and I shivered from his touch.
“Justin…if we both break up with Brooke and Ryan then start dating, they’re gonna know we’ve been cheating.” I said sadly.
“Cheating?” he asked a little suprised.
“Yes. Cheating.” I said sternly.”I dont want to ruin my friendship with Brooke and I dont want to hurt Ryan.”
Justin smirked then stiffled a sarcastic laugh,”You think I dont know that! Ryan’s been my best friend since we were little!”
I pretended not to notice how he didnt mention Brooke like I mentioned Ryan.”He’s my boyfriend!” I snapped.
“Oh yeah.” he laughed bitterly.”And look where were standing.”
My hand slapped his cheek, and a loud ‘POP’ was echoed throughout the alley. Justin looked shocked that I slapped him, leaving a red mark on his skin.
I wasnt really that angry and his eyes were filled with lust, once again he smashed me against the brick wall kissing my mouth. Our relationship was strange.
I loved him, and he loved me. Yet we were fighting?His arms wrapped around my waist tightly as he kissed my mouth roughly.
“Why the hell did you slap me?” he growled then continued kissing me.
“Why were you acting like a jack-ass?” I giggled as I wrapped my arms around his neck.
“You make me crazy Natalie.” he smiled kissing my jaw, his hand tracing down my thigh and lifting one leg to hold against his waist.
My smile faded, and I spoke up.”Seriously Justin…what are we gonna do?”
“Im not losing you,” he whispered caringly.”So why dont we just keep it a secret until we find out what were gonna do next?”
I bit my lip, thinking.”Ok.” I said grinning cheekily.”Lets go dance,” I suggested grabbing his hand. He smiled flipping his hair and following me.
And thats where the affair started…

*2 weeks later*

Natalie’s POV I walked into the rehearsal stage smiling and wearing .com/unfaithful_natalie_chapter_20/set?id=25990135 “Hey babe.” Ryan said pecking my lips pulling me into a hug.”Where have you been?”
“I was helping Pattie out with something.” I lied giving him a sweet grin but the truth was I had just got done making out with Justin.

*15 minutes earlier*

“Hey Natalie can you get me a soda?” Kenny asked sitting in a chair backstage.
“Yeah.” I mumbled bending down to the miniture refridgerator. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Justin leaning against the wall gazing very intently on my backside. Kenny glanced at him then followed his gaze. I stood up quickly and handed him the bottle.”There.” I said pursing my lips.
“”Thanks…” he whispered looking at me and Justin curiously.”I’ll be back in a little bit.” he finished walking out but not without shooting one last glare at us.
I smiled until he was gone,”What the hell!” I muttered angrily.
“What?” Justin asked sheepish.
My sneakers tapped the ground as I urgently paced over to him.”Maybe next time you can stop staring at my ass?”
He laughed and leaned over to look behind me again.”I dont know, its pretty nice.”
My eyes narrowed and I folded my arms.
“Im kidding beautiful.” he said softly touching my cheek. I layed into his touch happily, he always made me feel special. Our lips met slowly and my hands cupped his neck.
Justin’s soft lips traced down my neck where he pecked it before sucking gently, I was so happy that I couldnt stop smiling. The gut feeling in my stomach told me to go somewhere more ‘private’ for this…
“Come here.” I grabbed his hand pulling him into a nearby closet, shutting the door quickly. The space was tiny so our bodies were forced on eachother.
His arms came around my waist pulling me into a kiss,”This is more like it.” he smirked.
I giggled kissing him back deeply.

*Present Time*

“Where’s Brooke?” I asked changing the subject.
“On the bus. She wasnt feeling well, and that reminds me I need to go check on her.” his brow furrowed and he checked his watch.
I narrowed my eyes questioningly.”I’ll check her.”
“Ok.” he smiled.”Be back soon.”
“I will.” I flashed a fake smile walking out to the bus.

“What the hell are you doing?” I smacked Brooke’s arm, plopping lazily down on the couch next to her.
A muffled groan erupted in her usually feminine throat.”Leave me alone!”
When Brooke got sick…she got SICK! This wasnt her having an illness, she wouldnt be able to talk. Yet again I say she must be faking this, cuz even though she didnt get sick often. When she did, she became a drama queen about the whole deal.
“I know you” my eyes raised in a stare down.”Your not sick.”
A minute passed before she let out a sigh.”Fine.”
I patted her arm feeling the guilt sink in.”Whats wrong?” Here she was obviously upset about something and I just had a steamy make out with her boyfriend. Actually when I put it like that, my insides turned and flopped around causing me to close my eyes taking deep breaths.

Brooke’s POV Natalie shut her eyes tight doing something in her head. Gosh I was having a tough time, not her.”Hello!” I yelled waving my hand in her face.”Crisis here!”
“Sorry.” she mumbled quietly then repeated,”Whats wrong?”
Automatically I sat up and ran my mouth, tumbling over the words.”Justin’s dance crew member just broke their leg and cant dance, so now my mom wants me to audition! I cant dance! I dont want to dance!”

Natalie’s POV “Dance?” I blurted half excited. This was my chance! Oh wait…I cant. Auditioning would be suicide.”That sucks. What are you gonna do?”
“I dont know! Im freaking out right now! I CANT DANCE!” her tiny fist grabbed a handful of my shirt.
“Brooke calm down!” I said irritated, shoving her off with my palms.
“Help me!”
“Why not!” she cried pathetically.
“No means no and you know that I cant!” I whispered fiercly storming out of the bus. Jeeze why was she so selfish? My mom would kill me if I auditioned.
“Please help me Nat! I know you have the talent! I DONT!” Brooke whined chasing me.
I spun around quickly to stand squarely in front of her, with venom in my voice.”Figure it out yourself or tell your mom no…I cant help you. Im sorry.” Then flung my hair in her face, speeding away.

I was lounging on the amplifyer in the studio when I heard footseps come from behind me.”Hi”
Without bothering to turn around I sighed.”Hey Pattie.” Her voice was so beautiful and creamy, you couldnt copy something like that. I knew it was her before she spoke anyway. Wherever Pattie Mallette was, it was like an aura in the air. An aura of joy and kindness surrounded the room. I loved her so much, she was more of a mom to me than my own mother was.
“What are you doing over here alone?” she whispered a smile in her voice as she sat beside me silently.
As always I felt safe around her and as if I could tell her anything.”Didnt you hear?” A slight shake from her head told me to go on.”One of the crew members has broken their leg.”
“Oh.” she gasped suprised.”Were they a friend of yours? Are they alright?”
“Yeah they’re fine and no, not really. But Mrs. Lewis is having an audition for a new dancer.” I peeked to see her expression.
Her tongue wet her lips before she spoke up smiling,”Are you gonna try out?”
An unwanted smirk formed on my lips.”Yeah right.”
“So…no?” Pattie pursed her lips tightly.
“Im sorry,” I apologized.”I didnt mean to be sarcastic its just…”
“I want to-” I started but stopped myself.”Its difficult.”
“Honey..” she panted.”You can tell me anything. Do you want me to go get your mom?”
“No actually I just want to be alone.” my hands were sweaty from the grip I had on my own wrist.”Thanks anyway.” I added.
“Your welcome Natty.” That was her nickname for me. ‘Natty’ I guess I didnt mind it, only if she called me it though. Anyone else…they’re dead.

*That Night in the Tour Bus*

It was past midnight and everyone was asleep. Well except for whoever had the shift of driving and I. No matter what I did my brain refused to shut down, it was starting to piss me off. Uncomfortable and knowing I wasnt getting anywhere I sat up wearing this .com/unfaithful_natalie_chapter_22/set?id=25990238 I wasnt really sure if the high tops were Ryan’s or Justin’s but I didnt care. Stumbling a few times I made my way up to the front of the bus and sat in the passenger seat restless.
“Hey.” I said to the driver.”When do we stop for gas?”
A couple seconds passed before he responded with a jerk to the left on the wheel.”Now.”
Catching a small glance of the gas station to the left I jumped up. Yeah the bus had a bathroom and to be honest it was probably cleaner than this rest stop but I needed air. To just breathe.
While Eddie(the driver) pumped gas I skipped into the funky smelling store, opening the door ajar with a ‘cling.’
“Welcome.” the cashier mumbled half asleep. Obviously they didnt get many customers, I headed directly to the bathroom making a bee-line for the door. Once inside the tiny space I took a huge breath.
The silence gave me time to let my mind wonder. Music was everything to me, but along with the music came dance. The way my hips would move to the beat it made me feel so alive! But again…I couldnt audition. My mom would literally kill me if I did, and I really loved my life. (A/N:Haha she values life)
There was a story behind this but before my mind went deeper into this subject a thundering knock was heard at the door.”Yes?”
“Natalie?” Justin said through the door.
“This is the womens room I hope you know!” my voice was above a polite.
“Yeah the cashier said the men’s is clogged besides I dont have to go. I was just checking on you.”
He chuckled.”Because I can.”
My own smile formed and I swung open the door.”Shouldnt you be asleep?”
“Naw, im good.”
We had started walking around the outside in pitch blackness.
“Thanks for stealing my shoes by the way.” he smiled his white teeth gleaming in the dark.”I was gonna wear those tomorrow.”
My cheeks burned with hotness.”Sorry, you still can. I thought they were Ryan’s.”
He frowned and gripped my waist gently pushing me to the backside of the gas station’s wall.”Wear mine.” his voice sounded more like a whine.
I giggled at his jealousy.”Jealous?” I asked but gave him a long lingering kiss.”Wait.”

“You…’like’ me right?” I whimpered shyly.
“What?” he gasped suprised. My face drooped down into his chest embarrassed.”Baby,” he whispered pulling my chin up to look him in the eyes.”the word ‘like’ is an understatement.”
I bit my lip softly and cupped his face in my hands.”Your unbelievably amazing.”
Justin took my bottom lip in his quickly, sucking.”Come on,” he said with his eyes still closed for a second then he opened them grabbing my hand.
“Where are we going?”
“You’ll see.”
He led me back into the bus before climbing up a ladder at the back of the bus with me trailing him.”What are you doing?” I whispered urgently.
Justin extended his hand to help me crawl through a little square hole in the ceiling.”Look at this!” he said happily.
The whole bus was already shaking slightly from the driving and bumps in the road but once I was laying on the roof of the tour bus, everything wasnt shaking as bad.
“Woah…I didnt know we could come up here.” I laughed at the scenery. About a foot long railing was around the edges so we couldnt fall but the wind was pushing against us and that scared me alot. I didnt want to become road kill.
“Hang on.” he groaned dissapearing down the hole but popping back up with a blanket and shutting it tightly.”Here.”
Once we had got it down on the roof flat, Justin pulled me down next to him. Draping his arm around me and squishing me close.”Beautiful huh?” he asked kissing the top of my head.
“Yeah…” I muttered in awe at the star-filled sky.”How many people have been up here?” I wondered outloud.
“Your the first one Ive brought up here with me.” his smile confirmed the truthfulness in his voice.”Well except for my mom.” he rolled his eyes before connecting them with mine.
“Well,” I intertwined our fingers.”I feel very special.”
After a couple minutes of just staring at everything around us I felt lips at my ear, whispering.”Your gorgeous.”
A part of me was worrying about what people would think if they caught us up here but my other side overpowered it and engulfed me in love.”Sing something to me?”
“What do you want me to sing?” he mumbled kissing my eyelids gently.
“You choose. Something from the heart.”
“Ok…” he whispered then began singing.”Its a big big world. And its easy to get lost in it. You’ve always been my girl, and im not ready to call it quits. We can make the sun shine in the moonlight, we can make the gray clouds turn to blue sky. I know its hard, baby believe…that we can go nowhere but Up. From here. My dear. Baby we can go nowhere but Up, tell me what we got to fear? We’ll take it to the sky, past the moon, through the galaxy. As long as your with me baby. Honestly, with the strength of our love…we can go nowhere but Up.”
Tears almost came to my eyes, this was so romantic.”Justin these past two weeks have been the best of my life.” I said, my voice cracking.”And I know its crazy, cuz we’ve had to sneak around. In closets, under tables, and when they have their backs turned but its been worth every minute.”
“Every second.” he corrected caressing my back with his right hand while the other hooked around the back of my calf, hitching me to his waist.
“Justin.” I warned.
“Im not doing anything.” he muttered but pulled me tighter against him, placing soft kisses on my jaw line.”Yet…”
This wasnt serious business. We could kiss, I just wasnt ready to take it further yet. The harsh wind blew, twirling my hair around my face and slightly messing up Justin’s perfect shaggy ‘do’
Curiously I leaned my head back giving him more access to my neck, testing out what it felt like.
He smirked while dragging soft lips along my throat until they reached the sensative part of my neck, sucking gently. Inside, my heart hammered in my chest and my breathing quickened into short gasps.
I ran my fingers through the soft strands of his hair before locking my one hand with his. Our mouths met together and moved in synchrinization for a few minutes when he rolled over on top of me.
“What if someone catches us?” I asked quietly sighing.
“They wont.”
“How do you know?”
Justin’s eyes burnt a hole in my face, his fingers stroking my cheek.”They wont find us. We’re fine.”
We continued kissing again until skinny, cold fingers slid up my waist and into my tank top. At that moment I knew we were pushing it, and I immediatly felt uncomfortable.”Justin…” I whined.”Stop.”
But he didnt. Instead he continued moving upward until his left hand cupped my bare breast, a shudder rippled throughtout my body in a wave of pleasure. No, I couldnt do this. Not here, not now.
“Justin please stop!”
Shocked he pulled back, slipping his hand from my top.”What’d I do?”
I licked my lips sitting up urgently.”Nothing. Im just not ready for that yet.”
Justin’s POV I blinked my eyes a couple times clearing my head. I…am…such…an…idiot! She had already told me to stop and guess what I did? Continued pushing her into something she obviously didnt want to do.
“Im…so sorry.” I sighed drastically.”Sometimes my hormones take over.”
“Im not mad, dont apologize.” Natalie mumbled in deep thought.
“No.” I was completly embarrassed by what just happend.”I was wrong to push you like that.”
A tiny smile tugged at her lips.”Honestly its fine. I…I-liked it.” she stuttered.
“Then whats wrong?”
I could see the truth in her eyes when she replied.”Im just nervous and I dont think this is the right time and place.”
A swoosh of relief overcame me.”Thats alright, I agree. I wasnt thinking.”
Trying to loosen the moment I took her shoulders lightly, laying us both down.”Go to sleep,” I whispered stroking her hair in my fingers gently.

Pattie’s POV After getting up and ready for the day I walked into the bus, searching for my beautiful and talented son.”Hmm…” I mumbled distracted as I saw Natalie’s bed was empty. She must have been up already.
Brooke was asleep, snoring slightly on the top bunk. I didnt have anything against Brooke Lewis. Well not really. Its just she WAS NOT at all Justin’s type and she didnt treat him like a girlfriend should. Or the girlfriend I wanted him to have anyway. The fact that she always wanted to go out in public with him told me his personality wasnt exactly the thing she was interested in, and I was worried about my son.
My son…he was growing up so fast. Seems like just yesterday I had him wrapped in a blanket at the hospital. I had already acctepted the phase of ‘girls’ being in his life a long time ago but still, this was something that was very important to me. I wanted to be able to get along with, and talk to his girlfriend. Thats not exactly Brooke and our’s situation.
I checked the bedroom in the back,”Just-” he wasnt there either. That could only leave one other place. The roof.
Sometimes he would go up there at night and fall asleep without coming back down. Smiling to myself I took each step up the ladder with ease, opening the latch quietly for I didnt want to wake him yet.
“Goodmorning hone-” I gasped at what I saw on the roof.
Justin and Natalie were both asleep but he had his arm draped around her, laying his head on hers lovingly.(if your a visual person this is what they were doing .com/imgres?imgurl=http:/… )
“Oh my,” I muttered barely under a whisper. Natalie shifted in her sleep slightly and I panicked.
Hesitating I shut the latch door and leaned against the wall. This, whatever it was, ,meant trouble.

Natalie’s POV I awoke drowsily in Justin’s arms.”Hey…hey Justin. Wake up.” My body rolled over to lay ontop of him, with slow, deliberate ease I placed my mouth on his kissing him. It was like kissing a wall until he woke up and automatically kissed back, sucking my lower lip.
“Goodmorning.” he spoke on my mouth.
“Exactly.” I sat up urgently running my fingers through my hair.”Its daylight! I need to go!”
“Oh yeah.”
“Come down in a few minutes.” I ordered opening the latch, slipping through.

*1 hour later. everyone was up and walking around*

I was wearing this .com/unfaithful_natalie_chapter_25/set?id=26013887 Sneakily I put my IPod and the dock in my purse, grabbing my cell.
“Goodmorning sexy.” Ryan said kissing my lips.
I pulled away quickly, clearly uncomfortable.”Morning.” I made a bee-line to the door of the tour bus.
“Where are you going?” he asked suspicious.
“Oh..uh shopping.”
“A store…” I muttered annoyed with his persistance.
“I’ll come with!” he said grabbing a jacket.
“NO!” I yelled urgently.”I mean its just…Im shopping for girl stuff you know. Tampons.”
“Oh, well then I’ll stay.” he plopped on the couch lazily. I knew this subject would scare him away.
Sighing quietly I skipped off the bus, dodging traffic to walk down the street. Immediatly I headed for the gym.

Well the old gym that was closed down, it was still nice but the area it was in wasnt a good one for little kids so the changed locations. Earlier I had hunted down this spot in the phone book, hopefully nobody would notice my absence.
Using my pocket knife I carried in my wallet, I shoved it into the huge rusty, metal lock on the door. Twisting a little to the right, shaking to hit the right mechanism. Listening carefully I finally heard a ‘click’ and the chains fell to the ground, allowing me enough space to sneak inside.
I coughed a little at the dust forming everywhere, wow this place was abandoned. Silently I wondered if the lights still worked and to my suprise the whole gymnasium lit up like fire. Exploding me in brightness.
It was as if something, like a force, wanted me to be here. I got easy with that lock! My father had taught me to do that when I was younger but I wasnt very good. And the lights were working too? Amazing.
Setting everything up I smiled slipping off my shoes and cover-over tank top, doing some warm ups. For the first time, in a long time. I was going to dance.

Justin’s POV “Hey Kenny have you seen Natalie?” I asked pretending not to care.
“Yeah she just left out the door…yo man!”
Suprised I looked into his eyes.”What?”
His giant hands forced me into a tiny closet with him but not without my complaints.”Duuude!” I whined.
“How long have you and Natalie been sneaking around?” Kenny asked blankly.
“W-whhat? What are you talking about man. Your crazy-” I rambled.
“Cut the shit man! Ive seen the way you look at her. Sexually and romantically.” his fist clumped in my shirt shoving me against the wall. Ironic huh? My bodyguard about to beat me up?
I let a few minutes pass before answering.”Alright fine! But so what?”
“So what?” he asked in disbelief.”Bro’s before hoe’s! Thats what! She is Ryan’s girlfriend! Ryan’s GIRLFRIEND!”
“I dont care! He doesnt deserve her! And just dont tell anybody, alright.”.
He smirked.”If it was just another girl then thats not so bad but its your best friends girlfriend Justin!”
“Please Kenny? As my friend, im asking you to keep your mouth shut?” I begged pathetically.
“Fine but know that I dont support it.” he mumbled bursting out into the tour bus hall.
“Thanks…” I whispered but quickly snuck out the back. About 50 feet away from where I stood was a speed walking Natalie. Where was she going?
I followed her, keeping my distance, pulling my hood up. If girls saw ‘Justin Bieber’ walking down the street…I was dead.

Natalie had just picked a lock and broke into an old building. What was she doing here? It looked like a rotting school. This was kinda creepy of me to be following her like this but I wanted to see what she was up to. Innocently?
Hurrying across the broken road, I peeked open the door just in time to see her slip off her shoes and tank top. Woah…I was right. This was an old gym! But that still didnt answer the question of what she was doing here?
Watching from afar, my jaw dropped open. The music started to play and…she started to dance…
Her body looked so amazing and flawless moving with the air in swift motions, before I knew it I had stepped through the door and sat down in the far corner. Hidden in darkness. A goofy smile rode on my lips, it made me so happy to watch her like this. Well not ‘that’ kind of ‘happy’ but just joyful. Full of life. After awhile sweat clung to her body, and oddly she still looked like an angel.

Natalie’s POV Oh crap! I forgot a bottle of water, guess I’ll have to go buy one. I shrugged to myself shutting off the music. A grin lit up my face, it felt great to dance again.
Clapping echoed throughout the walls. I screamed a ear splitting sound, jumping around quickly.
“Sorry, didnt mean to scare you but…wow!” Justin smiled in awe.
“What the hell are you doing here!” I shouted through gritted teeth.
His face scrunched with confusion.”I followed you, but why does that matter? Do you not realize that there is an opening for a dancing position on my team! Your amazing!”
“Yeah I realize that Justin, thanks for reminding me!”
“Aren’t you auditioning?” he asked walking up to me puzzically.
I waited a minute before responding.”No…”
“Why not?”
“I cant.”
“You can.” he grinned happily.
“No, you dont understand.” I said sitting on an old bleacher.”I literally cant. I wasnt suppose to be doing this either but, I wanted to.”
“What do you mean you ‘cant’?” he asked scooting next to me, curious.
“Its a long story.” I mumbled biting my lip to hold back tears.
“Tell me…please?”
My eyes met with his and I couldnt help but let out a low sob.”It…has…to do…with my dad.”
He frowned but kept his eyes on me, taking in my every word.
“When I was little…” I stopped from the painful memories.
“Go on babe.” he rubbed my shoulder comfortingly.
“I got into gymnastics. Like serious, hardcore training. As I got older it formed more into dancing. I really loved it, and my dad was a big part of that. That was the way we bonded, it was all we knew together.” I took a deep breath, trying to keep the tears from falling but my throat was tightening up and I could barely talk.
Justin’s arm came around my shoulder, resting there in a half hug.
“But when…the accident happend and,”-my whole body shook with shivers-“he died…my mom forbid me to ever dance again. It reminds her too much of my father I guess.” A tear rolled down my cheek, dammit I had let one fall.
“Your…mom…forbid you to do the thing you love?” he asked shocked.
“Yeah but I can understand-”
“No Nat. Its selfish.” he said slightly angry.
“Just forget it,” I murmered scooping up my bag, storming to the door. The bright light caused me a little light headiness.
Justin came after me.”Are you gonna audition?”
“No, of coarse not.” my voice shook with sadness, confusion, and anxiety.
“You have to! Natalie your better than some of my crew members, that talent isnt something you can just waste!” he urged grabbing my hand to tug me behind the building.
“Why do we always end up against an old building?” I joked trying to change the subject.
His eyes glittered with an idea, as his soft lips pressed to mine firmly. Using what little strenghth I had left I shoved him back.”Justin you cant do that! Its not fair-”
He crashed our mouths’ together again and I didnt fight it this time around. Instead my hands twirled in his hair, locking our lips. My fit stomach still had beads of sweat drooling over it from me dancing when his skinny hands started rubbing up my waist.
Whenever I had the chance, I wanted to kiss Justin. Becuz we didnt get to be affectionate towards eachother often. Actually when we were in front of the public we acted as if we still hated eachother.

He pulled his lips an inch away to whisper quietly.”Are you gonna audition?”
“No.” I said sternly.
“Ok…”His lips touched my jawline, barely. Gliding up and down before stopping in the crease of my neck, sucking gently.”Now are you gonna audition?”
I gasped for air and closed my eyes.”I cant.”
Again his lips found my skin except this time they trailed down my chest, just above my breast. Sweat dripped in between them…”How about now?” he asked seductively.
I tried bracing myself for what he was about to do.”I shouldnt.” my voice was so faint, it was barely audioable.
Justin’s hands slid around to my back, pulling me tighter against him as his soft and plump lips licked their way down to the top of my breast. With one hand he cupped me gently but then his lips slowly came to my neck, suddenly sucking hard and his grope became more rough and forceful.
My eyes shut in pleasure, rolling into my head.
Fingers stroked my cheek, and he gave my neck one last peck before whispering in my ear.”Do it for me?”
I bit my lip opening my eyes slowly.”I’ll think about it.” Thats all I had to offer, maybe somehow I could work something out. But no promises.
“Good enough.” he smiled taking a step back.”For now.”
I laughed, grabbing his hand.”You shouldnt do that. Its cheating!”
“Well there’s more where that came from.” he winked.
We had started walking back to the bus, when I realized it would look wierd if we both came back at the same time.”Maybe I should go first.”
“Into the bus.” I said impatient.
“And why cant we just go in together…?”
“Because that would look strange!”
“Who cares? They wont notice.” his voice had a hint of annoyance in it.
“You wouldnt care if we got caught would you?”
He hesitated before answering,”We cant hide forever.”
“Look I just dont think right now is the time for it, ok?”
Justin’s eyes saddened.”Alright.”

Justin’s POV “Where have you been?” Ryan asked me nonchalantly.
“Nowhere.” I answered sitting on the couch next to him. He was best friend…but he was also the only thing stopping me from dumping Brooke and dating Natalie.
“Hey Justin.” Kenna walked in happily. She was always so happy, it made me smile.”Where’s my sister?”
“Which one?” I teased.
“Brooke.” she rolled her eyes giggling.
“I dont know.”
Her eyebrows raised in amazement.”Your like the worst boyfriend ever.”
I laughed cuz I knew she was only kidding.”Have you seen her Ryan?”
“No man. I havent even seen Natalie.” Kenna chucked a water bottle at him.”I stand corrected. Your the worst boyfriend ever.” she motioned to Ryan.
“Shut up Ken Ken.” he frowned.
“Dont call me that!” she whispered angrily as if the world heard the embarrassing nickname.

Natalie’s POV I stepped out of the shower still dazed with my thoughts. How was I suppose to audition? My mom would be so angry at me and then she wouldnt let me take the job anyway! I racked my brain, searching for a solution to my problem…finding zip.
After I got ready in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, ect.

I finally came out wearing .com/unfaithful_natalie_chapter_28/set?id=26016194 “Natalie?” I heard Brooke call down the hallway.
“Yeah?” I said turning to face her. If she was gonna ask me to audition again, I might snap. Not like I wouldnt do it for her but she was so selfish.
“Im sorry. I shouldnt have asked you to do that, so I took your advice and told my mom no.”
A smile formed on my glossy lips,”So she’s not mad?”
“Oh no. She’s mad! But she isnt gonna make me embarrass myself…more embarrass her really.” she laughed an angelic giggle.
I chuckled faintly, along with her until it went silent. Even though I truly didnt want to believe it, ever since the affair with Justin started, Brooke and I hadnt been very close. I was afraid that would happen…
“So lets go, I gotta cheer on my boyfriend!” she squealed grabbing my hand.
I followed obediatley, but my heart sank.

*That night at the concert*

I was sitting on a couch backstage, listening to the echoe of Justin’s voice from the speakers when Ryan sat down next to me.
“Hey babe. We havent talked in forever. Is something wrong?” he asked already moving to face me.
“Nothing’s wrong. Im just tired.” I lied.
“Maybe this will wake you up,” he smirked leaning in to kiss my lips. It felt so wrong to do this. The funny thing was, he was my actual boyfriend. Not Justin, so shouldnt it feel wrong to kiss Justin instead?
Ryan deepened the kiss, ignoring my unwillful participation. I gasped when his hand started un-buttoning my shirt.”Ryan stop! Not here!”
“Nobody’s paying attention,” he mumbled moving his lips to my neck.
“Seriously stop. Im not in the mood.”
“Then get in the mood.” he said annoyed but atleast he pulled back a couple inches to look me in the eye.
My throat and lips became dry and my hands sweaty.”This isnt the place to do that.” My fingers trembled as I tried to button the few buttons he had undone but his hand snatched mine away, crashing our lips together again.
“Ryan! I said no!”
He ignored my pleas of arguement, opening my shirt completley. One rough hand slid up my shirt, groping me. I was revolted by his touch.
“Get off!” I shoved with all my strength until he fell backwards onto the couch.
He was shocked, looking at me, wild eyed.

Justin’s POV I had finished a song and ran backstage for a costume change when I saw Natalie shove Ryan off her standing up quickly. Her shaking hands pulled down her white tank top, closing her body with the plaid shirt.
Confused at this scene I ran over there just in time to see her fling her arm around, slapping Ryan’s face. Good and hard.
“Whats goin on?” I asked breathless.
Her lip trembled and she sped away towards the dressing rooms.
“What did you do?” I asked slightly angry.
He stood up and rubbed his cheek before walking to go get a water.”Nothing, just fooling around.”
“Either you guys like it rough or she wasnt very happy with you…” I said with deep sarcasm.
When he didnt answer me I scoffed heading in the direction Natalie went.
I finally found her in my dressing room, pacing back and forth.
“Hey are you alright?” I asked concerned.

Natalie’s POV Justin walked in like my personal savior.”Hey are you alright?” he asked walking to me.
I was so nervous about what just happend my body was shaking with confusion and fear.”He…he wouldnt stop.” I mumbled frowning.
“What?” his tone got sharp.”Tell me…exactly…what happend.”
“I was sitting on the couch when he came over and started kissing me. It wasnt a big deal but then he kept pushing it farther.” my voice cracked and I hugged him.
His arms wrapped around me, rubbing my back.”Shh…its okay.”
“I told him to stop and he didnt!” I started hyperventilating.
“Natalie calm down!” he grabbed my chin gently, pulling my face to look at him.”Its okay. Im here now.”
I froze on the spot, gazing into his eyes. He leaned in slowly to place a passionate kiss on my lips, then he hugged me tight.
“I’ll take care of this.” he whispered in my ear letting go.”Stay here.”

Justin’s POV I left Natalie in the room, sitting on my chair after I’d changed. Where was she?
“Brooke!” I yelled spotting her.
“Justin where have you been? They’re waiting!”
“I know, but uh since Natalie’s your friend I thought you might want to check on her. She looked shaken up about something so I put her in my dressing room.” I lied. It was just a little white lie.
“Aww, your being nice to her.” she cooed.
“Dont push it.”
“Ok but go get out there! Hurry!” she shoved me towards the hallway.
“Bye.” I pecked her lips.

Natalie’s POV Brooke creaked open the door.”Natalie, sweety?”
She walked in and saw me curled up on the couch.”Oh honey. What happend?”
I swallowed hard, trying to keep the lump in my throat down.”Ryan got too rough and wouldnt stop when I told him no.”
“Oh my God. How far did he go?”
I lifted up my tank top enough to show the fingerprint bruises on my right breast.”Too far.”
“Im sorry.” she hugged me.”Do you want to talk about it or something?”
“No…its just a little shocking you know. I dont know how to react…” I muttered closing my eyes.
“Well, there’s only one way to find out. I’ll be back.”

Brooke’s POV I ran around backstage looking for Ryan. Wow…this was so unlike I finally saw him I punched his arm.”What the hell were you thinking?”
“Oww! What the hell?” he complained.
“Come here!” I took ahold of his wrist dragging him back to the dressing room.
“Talk to her!” I shoved him in the door way and shut it.

Natalie’s POV Oh great! Way to go Brooke! Bring him in here, and then shut the door. Leaving me with him, alone.
He started to walk towards me but I scooted back.”Stay away from me Ryan.”
“Baby, you know im sorry.” he said sitting next to me.
“Why would you do that Ryan? Why!” I shouted and my throat closed up.
“You and I havent been like we use to be lately and…im really horny.” he blushed tomatoe red.
“Thats your excuse? Your horny!” I screamed angrily.”You bruised me Ryan!”
“What? Are you serious!” he frowned.”Im so sorry, I didnt mean to hurt you.”
“Well you did.” I stood up and sighed. Silence passed…
“How am I suppose to trust you wont push me into that again?” I asked sadly.
“I promise I wont! Ive…learned my lesson.”
This was the perfect chance to end it. Call the whole relationship off…
“Are we still together?” he asked standing up.
I said the words in my mind…’No’ but when I actually spoke, it didnt come out that way.”Yes.” I said depressed.

*Later that night at a motel, in the lobby*

Everyone was sleeping, again, except me and Pattie.
“Where are we going next?” I asked quietly.
“You dont know?” a puzzled look came across her face.
“Back to your home.” she smiled happily.
“What!” a huge grin lit up my face.”Seriously? I get to see home again?”
“Yeah,” she murmered.”Sleep in your own bed too.”
There was no way I could sleep now. I was way too excited!
I had my own hotel room this time, but it didnt sound too pleasing.”Thank you for telling me that.” I smiled huge.”Im so excited now.”
Pattie flashed a friendly smile then spoke,”Well Natty Im going to bed. Love you.”
“I love you too mom-” I blushed a deep red and my eyes got wide.
“Did you just call me mom?” Pattie turned around suprised.
“Im sorry Pattie! I just…” my lips pursed. I honestly didnt know what to say, cuz I had no idea why I did that. I guess she was basically my mom, thats the way I felt towards her.
“Ohh…Natalie hun. Come here.” she pulled me into a hug.
I squeezed her back tight for a minute. I didnt realize how much I really loved her until that moment.
“You can call me mom if you want. Im always here.” she whispered.
“Thank you.” I smiled letting go.
“Goodnight.” I mouthed to her.
As soon as she turned the corner I headed to my room, shaking my head. What a night…

When I got to my room I decided that I still had too much energy to go to bed, so I put this on .com/imgres?…
and grabbed a towel closing my door. Why not go for a swim?

*Natalie got in the pool and started paddling around*

“Hey, I thought I saw you come in here.” Justin said walking in the pool room.(indoor)
“Hi.” I smiled wide.”Great now your fans are gonna be coming.” I smirked walking up the steps, getting out.
“No they wont.” he grinned.”I have this all to myself, except this one girl in a black bikini. She can stay.”
I giggled and grabbed my towel, running it through my wet hair as I walked up to him.”You swimming pretty boy?”
“We’re swimming.” he corrected pulling me into his arms, bridal style.
“Dont you dare!” I warned when he took a few steps into the water.
“Do what? This?” he asked tossing me into the deeper end.
I surfaced through the splash, gasping.”Justin!” I squealed, wiping hair out of my face. I gave up and just grabbed a hair band from my wrist pulling my hair up into a sloppy bun.
We both laughed and I glanced over at the window. Justin had pulled down the curtain, and I flashed him a flirty grin.”Come here.”
I watched in awe as he swam over to me, trapping me against the concrete edge. First his soft lips touched the side of my neck, trailing up and down my chest.”Natalie what is this?” he pulled back.
“Wha-” I asked following his gaze to my breast.
“You have…like bruises.” he said amazed.
“Oh…yeahh.” I whispered.”Ryan.”
“Ryan did this?” he asked in disbelief.”I knew he was rough but…” he stopped himself.
“Its fine.”
“No its not.” he urged grabbing my waist lifting me out of the water to set me on the edge before climbing out.
I watched him bend over me, causing me to lay flat on my back. Cold fingers traced the bruises on my breast, a shudder ran down my spine at his touch. This was suppose to be what I felt when Ryan touched me, but when he did I felt violated. Justin on the other hand, made me feel so alive.
I licked my lips then grabbed his neck bringing his lips to mine in a heated kiss. He urgently pushed his tongue on my lips, squeezing in to explore my mouth. Without hesitation he climbed on me, lowering himself down to my body. I dragged my mouth across his jaw to his neck, giving little butterfly kisses before sucking the skin softly.
His body pushed on me more and this time I felt him hard against my stomach, a smile pulled at my lips and I hitched my legs to his waist. I used my feet to push him on me more while I continued sucking his neck. Rolling my hips like waves in tiny circles, I knew it’d drive him crazy.
Justin let out a satisfied moan when I hit his ‘sensative spot’ then he took my mouth in his.
Suddenly a pounding knock hit the door.

“Whoever’s in there please open the door. Its past swimming hours!”
He pulled back sighing then sat up, grabbing my hand to help me up too.
I started to walk to the door, but when my hand curled around the handle Justin yanked me back.
“Shh, we’re not suppose to be in here.”
“What? I thought you said you had this private tonight?” I whispered confused.
“I lied.”
I scoffed,”Well jeeze.”
A half smile grew on his face.”Just come with me.”
We both hid in a darkened corner, silently until jingling hit the door and it opened.”Hello?” a middle-aged man called out. Justin’s damp hand came over my mouth and I bit his fingers playfully.”Hmm?” the worker sighed before shutting the door and locking it.
“Ouch.” he whispered in my ear, kidding.
“They locked the door…how do we get out?” I asked worried.
He glanced at the door, realizing it was locked then his eyes searched the room.”The window.”
“Are you serious?” I gaped.
“No c’mon!” he pulled me to the wall, opening the window climbing out.
I groaned and crawled out the space. Automatically a cold wind hit me and I froze up.”Oh!” I whined.”Its freezing!”
I was only in my bikini and Justin in his swim trunks. He smirked, intertwining our fingers we bolted into a run around to the back of the building.
Still laughing I cried out in pain as something stabbed my foot.”Ah! Shit!”
“Whats wrong?” he slowed down to a walk.
“Ive been hit!” I joked showing him my foot, which was slightly bleeding.
“Aw…” he pecked my lips.”Come here.”
Justin crouched down for me to jump on his back, piggyback style. I giggled and he began to run again, pulling to a stop in front of the back entrance doors. “We cant call your mom, she’s sleeping and everyone else would think it looks wierd with us two.”
“Kenny.” he said sternly, taking out his phone dialing the number.”He already knows.”
“You told him!”
“No he figured it out himself.” he told me then spoke into the reciever.”Kenny man. Come open the doors for me…yeah thanks.”
I frowned, we couldnt have been that obvious about our feelings towards eachother. How did he find out?”How does he feel about it?” I asked curiously.
Ignoring the question, he looked down. But that was enough to answer my question. The usual awesome Kenny, didnt like that I was with Justin…My thoughts were interupted by the door opening, a whoosh of warmth coming over me.
Kenny glared at me since I was still on Justin’s back, I slid down uncomfortable.”Thanks…” I mumbled limping in the doorway.
“Yeah, thanks.” Justin added.
“No problem.” he said stiffly.
We got in the elevator in silence. I gasped suprised when warm lips kissed me cheek,”Justin.” I chastised looking at Kenny.
He sighed and glared at his bodyguard, finally he met Kenny’s eyes and turned around mumbling unintelligently.
A smile lit up his face again and he kissed my lips, roughly. Holding me hostage against the wall. ‘Ding’ the door opened and we both sighed this time.
“Thats my floor.” he said sadly.”Goodnight.”
“Goodnight.” I smiled, watching him walk away until the door closed and it jerked up , now its just me and Kenny…alone.
It was really quiet as we waited for my floor to arrive,”Your foot is bleeding.” he said suddenly.
“Oh” I glanced down.”Yeah, its fine.”
“Atleast let me clean it out.” he told me as the doors opened, he took a left turn into a closet grabbing a first-aid kit.
Kenny helped me limp to my room, I let him in and sat on the bed as he took my foot in his hands, cleaning it out.
“Kenny?” I asked shyly.
“Yeah?” he was so focused on bandaging my foot.
“Why dont you like me?”
He froze what he was doing and looked at me confused.”What makes you think I dont like you?”
“Well, you dont want Justin with me…” I muttered softly.
He smiled.”Thats not it Natalie. I dont mind you two together, but im really against him being with his friend’s girlfriend…its very wrong to me.”
I blinked, frowning.”I know its wrong…but we cant help it.”
After Kenny put a bandage on my foot he left, without saying another word. I kept hearing his voice in my head, over and over again.’Its very wrong. Its very wrong. Its very wrong.’
Eventually I fell asleep in my bathing suit…

I woke up the next day, feeling amazing. Sleep was so good and very much needed. Since last night I decided that no matter what my mother thought, it would be worth a try to audition. The worst that would happen was I didnt get the job. But when were they?
I grabbed my phone off the nightstand to text Justin-

Me: hey when are those auditions?
Justin: o are you trying out? 😀 Me: maybe, when are they?
Justin: 3 hours… then we leave 🙂
Me:Ok 🙂 thanks

I didnt want to get into a conversation, so I ended it with that to go take a shower. Besides…I had to go change and get my routine together.

*At the Auditions*

I had changed into this .com/unfaithful_natalie_chapter_33/set?id=26037279 My hands were shaking, I was so nervous.
“I cant believe your trying out!” Brooke smiled.
“Me niether…” I mumbled quietly. Jumping up and down, taking deep breaths.
“Does your mom know?” she asked.
Everything was happening in slow motion, except me. Brooke was babbling to me about something while Ryan told me goodluck. Meanwhile the team was calling my name, waiting for me to come out on stage. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, and I got light headed. My eyes closed and I took deep breaths…
“Last call Natalie Slayter!”
This was it.”I can do this…” I said to myself, stepping on the stage.

I bent down in a bow, finishing my routine. Clapping erupted and I smiled walking off stage.”You did amazing!” Brooke squealed hugging me.
“Natalie, you did incredible.” Pattie told me hugging my sweaty body.”Im so proud of you.”
“Thank you Pattie.” I grinned then turned to look at Ryan.
He kissed my mouth fully, hugging me.”Your flawless. I had no clue you danced!”
“Yeah…” I said uncomfortably biting my lip.
“Look, I know Ive been horrible lately. And im really sorry.”
“Its fine Ryan…” I whispered watching Justin out of the corner of my eye.
I tried not to smile as he walked over to our little group, with his hands in his pockets.”Hate to say it but you were actually pretty good.” he said casually.
I bit my lip to stop my giggle again, and waited for the other’s reaction.
“Be nice Justin.” Brooke slapped his arm playfully. It made me so jealous that she could touch him and hold his hand in public like that.
“Pretty good?” Ryan mocked snapping me back to reality.”My girl is the best.”
I could see the agitated look in Justin’s eyes as he went silent.”Well other good news…I get to see my home.” I changed the subject.
“Oh…” Pattie sighed facing me.”About that…”
“What?” I asked a bit of a whine in my voice. This didnt sound good.
“The show location was moved to another town in a different arena…we’re only passing through. Im sorry.” she said faintly.
I scowled and pouted out my lip.”Great…”
“We gotta go.” Scooter popped up. “We’re running late, hurry.”
At that moment it was like a flock of bees. Everyone scrambled around pushing eachother, climbing to the bus and SUV’s.
“I’ll be right out, im gonna go change.” I told Ryan running to the nearest bathroom to get out of my sweaty clothes.
I ran a wet wash cloth across my naked body before pulling down my hair, letting it fall in loose curls and changing into this .com/unfaithful_natalie_chapter_34/set?id=26040499 When I came back outside the tour bus was halfway down the road, followed by an SUV.”Shit.” I muttered dialing Ryan’s number.
“Hello?” he answered.
“You guys left me!” I groaned into the phone.
“Oh, well then just grab a ride with the SUV. I think Justin’s is still there.”
Right on que I saw Justin and Ryan Good packing the SUV. I pretended to sigh,”Alright fine.”
He laughed into the phone.”I know you dont like him but try to be nice?”
“Only for you.” I said smiling at Justin once he saw me, looking shocked.”Bye.”
“Bye.” he hung up.
“Hey why arent you on the bus?” Justin grinned walking to me, his eyes trailing my body focusing mostly on my very visible red bra.
“I missed it, looks like im riding with you.” I winked skipping to the car.

My head was resting on Justin’s shoulder in the backseat, surrounded by darkness.”Hey…” he whispered.”We’re about to pass through your town. You can look out the windows atleast.”
“Cant we stop? For a little while?” I asked impatient. I wanted to see home, very badly. I guess I never realized how homesick I was.
“Im sorry Natalie.” Ryan Good said in the seat next to Justin.”We’re running really late alre-”
A loud hissing sound blew from the engine and car horns honked as we slammed the brakes, pulling over.”Woah! What happend?” Justin shouted confused.
“I dont know. The engine…” the few people in the SUV got out looking under the hood that had smoky blackness coming from it.”How ironic. What’d you do, cut a wire?” I giggled to him.
“No.” he replied.”Quit laughing, this is serious.”
“Im sure its nothing.” I rubbed his arm lightly.
And as always…I was wrong.

We sat in the garage shop, waiting.”Any news yet?” I asked Justin.
“No and we cant get ahold of everyone else to tell them to stop driving.” he complained.
I was angered by the fact that I was only a few miles from my house, and I couldnt see it! “Well what the hell is taking so long!”
“Hey, I got some good news and some bad news.” Kenny jogged up to us. (Yes thats right. The big man was jogging) Justin nodded eagerly and he continued.
“Good news is they found out whats wrong with it. Bad news is, its gonna take all night to fix it. We’re stuck.”
A huge grin lit up my face and Kenny gave me a dirty look.”Oh, sorry its just now I get to see my house.”
“Yeah…” he mumbled walking away.
“Have you gotten ahold of the others yet?” I asked concerned.
“No.” he said over his shoulder. It was raining really bad outside and the power was out in someplaces so we had no cell phone signals.
“Thats just great. Im gonna have to postpone the show tomorrow.” Justin paced back and forth muttering to himself.
“Calm down.” I said grabbing his arms to steady him. “Everything will be fine…”
“Yeah…” he sighed.”I just need to take some deep breaths.”
“I dont care what any of you have to say, im sleeping at my house tonight.” I said stubbornly.
“Thats okay. I know the feeling of missing home.” he frowned.

We were all taking a taxi to the motel that everyone else was staying at. In the lobby I started to realize I was staying all by myself at my house.
“Um Im gonna take a taxi back to my house guys. Goodnight.” I said waving to them.
“Maybe you shouldnt be there by yourself.” Ryan Good said suprisingly.”Justin could stay with you, I mean thats probably the best idea. Considering word got out that we’re staying here.”
Kenny’s eyes glared from Justin, Ryan G, and I. But I was too focused on that idea. It would be nice to finally have some alone time with Justin, and have him there so I wasnt by myself.
“Yeah…probably.” Justin said then turned his head to the side to wink at me.
Kenny scoffed and stormed away. But the rest of the crew patted Justin’s back saying goodnight.”Go out the back bro.”
“Ok.” we both said in unison.
“Great.” I joked.”Now I have to be with you all night.”
“Same.” he smiled leading me towards the back exit.
Once we got a cab and headed to the house Justin’s phone went off.”You have a signal?” I asked taking out my phone.
“Yeah…I just got a text.”
“Who is it?” I asked curiously, hoping I didnt sound too nosy.
A wide grin spread on his face and he laughed happily.”I knew it would happen but its still a little shocking.”
“What?” I asked puzzled.
“Guess who’s the newest member of my dance crew?”
“Omg, are you serious!” I said smiling.
“Welcome to the team baby.” he pecked my cheek.
I giggled and lightly pushed him away, nervously.”Justinnn.” I slurred into his ear pointing with my eyes to the taxi driver.
“Oops.” he smirked.

We got out of the car, making our way up my driveway when his hands came around my waist stopping me.”What are you doing?” I smiled turning to look at him.
“Its dark. Nobody can tell its me…” he said intertwining our fingers. I could still barely make out the features of his face in the darkness when he kissed me sweetly.
I giggled like crazy when he placed ticklish pecks everywhere, my cheeks, eyes, neck, jaw, forehead.”C’mon lets get inside.”
“Not yet…I want to cherish this moment.” his gaze was directly in my eyes.
“What moment?” I asked faintly, while grinning but stopped when I saw he was taking this seriously.
His tongue glided across his lips, wetting them before he spoke.”You are the most interesting, unique, strange-“I frowned-“most beautiful girl Ive ever met. And…I think your perfect.”
I smiled cheekily and cupped his face in my freezing hands. It must have been like 8 below out here.”Your Justin Bieber…” I pecked his cheek intimately.”Shall I say more?”
“It’d be nice…” he frowned sadly.
I didnt realize how rude I had sounded. It must suck to just be known as ‘Justin Bieber’ everywhere.
I wound my arms around his neck, pulling him close.”Your incredible. Ive never met anyone so exciting and fun to be around in my life, and whenever im with you I feel like I never want to let go cuz im afraid you’ll dissapear. And…I think im falling in love with you.” I started punching myself on the inside. Why the hell did I say that? Dammit, now I probably scared him off!
But it didnt. Words didnt matter becuz the way he kissed me at that second, said our feelings were mutual or atleast I hoped. Silently we danced our way to my porch…
I used the spare key under the flower pot to unlock my front door. Instantly it smelt like that un-lived smell houses got when they were empty. I smiled in the darkness searching for the familiar lightswitch, hoping the power was on.
“Wow.” I breathed quietly as brightness filled the tiny hallway.”I know its not much, but its home.” We both slid our shoes off, leaving them at the door.
Justin followed me into the living room and around the house.”No…its great. Can I see your room?” (click here for the links to her house- .com/watch?v=mvsfVe5qbOM )
“Sure.” I grinned. I wasnt embarrassed by my room, it was kinda awesome.
My hand turned the door handle opening up the view of this .com/HGTV/2010/03/19/DP_DeLeon-pink-black-bedroom_s4x3_ “Ta-da!”
“Niice.” he murmered nodding his head in approval.”What? No posters of me?” he joked.
“No…” I blushed and looked down.
“I was kidding, its actually kinda creepy having my face plastered on strangers walls.”
“Brooke has posters of you.” I stated.
“Yeaah…Brooke.” he muttered avoiding eye contact for a minute.
My heart started beating faster when he stood in front of me, silently with no emotion on his face. Just blank. One hand cupped my cheek and he brought his lips to mine gently.
Oh shit. I didnt think about this. Me and Justin…alone…for a whole night. Oh God, oh God, oh God.
“Yeah uh the others are probably asleep by now.” I whispered breathless as his lips came around to kiss each of my cheeks.”They wont know we have a signal, so maybe we should…call…the others-” I got interupted by our mouths coming together in a passionate kiss. Sweet and lovely everything inside me sighed in welcome from his kiss. He lifted his head a moment, eyes glistening from the light of my bedroom, then brushed his lips against mine again. And again, each kiss getting deeper, until I found my lips sucking all along his neck.
Brooke had told me before that Justin wasnt a virgin. He hadnt slept with a bunch of people but he wasnt a virgin and niether was she. But…I was. And I didnt know how serious this was gonna get so I didnt want to say anything and make assumptions. But…getting your virginity taken wasnt something you could just not say anything about, he needed to know.
He moved his lips from mine, roughly down to my neck, gripping my waist and pulling my hips snugly against his. My fingers ran through his hair, dragging along his shoulders down to his chest and stomach. I slid my hand up his shirt and felt all across his stomach, enjoying the touch of his hot skin.
I let out a gasp suprised when I felt Justin get hard and push against my leg. This wasnt a big deal, we had been there and done this before but when he pulled off my shirt and went to unbuckle my belt I knew this was no ordinary makeout.”Justin…” I breathed as his hands came up to lean my head back, giving him more access to suck my neck.
“Hmm..” he murmered.
“I think there’s something you need to know.” I said shakily. I was hoping with everything in my heart that he didnt get mad or angry…or upset.

His lips left me as he pulled back to look at me.”Yeah?”
With my heart pounding in my chest, I took a huge breath.”Im a…uh…” I couldnt say it.
“Your a…? What?”
Swallowing hard I sighed.”Im a virgin.”
I was relieved to see he wasnt mad. More than anything he looked confused.”A virgin?” he repeated.
“How’s that possible?” he questioned looking shaken.
My brows pulled together puzzled.”What do you mean how’s that possible?”
“You and Ryan have had sex before.” he stated taking a step back.
“No we havent! Who told you that?” What was he talking about? Ryan and I had almost had sex but it always didnt work out.
“Ryan…” he said obviously.”He said he de-flowered you over a month ago.”
I ran my hand through my hair.”Why would he say that? We have ne-ver had sex..”
“Oh…” he smiled.
“Why are you smiling?”
“Because I thought he took your virginity. But he didnt.”
“No,” I half chuckled and smirked,”He didnt and now you cant cause the mood is ruined.”
A soft grin came across his face, revealing white teeth.”Its not ruined. I mean, im still up for it.”
I searched his eyes before bringing our lips together again, hungrily.”I want to…” I whispered.”But please promise me you will go slow and be gentle?”
“Im not gonna hurt you.” he promised.”Well…I think it might sting just a little bit.” a frown pulled at his lips.
“I know.” I took another deep breath before crashing my lips to his. We started out slow again but the anticipation grew as each kiss got deeper and deeper. I could feel his erection again but he was being extremly gentle now. Barely touch my skin with any pressure.
“You can touch me a little rougher you know.” I giggled as I sat on the bed, scooting back.

Justin’s POV She scampered across the bed giggling at me. It didnt help, I was already so nervous. The news that Ryan hadnt taken her virginity suprised me but it made me the happiest guy in the world. I wanted to be Natalie’s first time, and now that I was going to be…I wanted it to be the most romantic, special night that she would always remember.
I guess I never realized how big of a liar Ryan was…

Natalie’s POV “Sorry…I just want you to remember tonight of being special.” he said nervously then took off his shirt.
Oh no…it was too hot I thought I would literally melt. I looked at every inch of his chest and bit my lip softly.
“Natalie if you make that face again, your gonna distract me.” he teased while dropping his jeans to the floor.
I blushed, I loved the fact that I could turn him on. It was so attractive.

He crawled ontop of me and started kissing my jaw, going down to my throat. My breathing automatically quickened and I leaned my head back against the pillows, sighing.
Justin’s lips traced around my chest to my stomach, kissing it softly. It tickled and I couldnt help but laugh which made him smile looking up at me.”Your adorable.”
I blushed again and looked at the ceiling, trying to ignore this comment. And I did once his cold fingers un-buttoned my shorts, sliding them down to my ankles before chucking them to the ground.
Once again he came back up to my lips, taking my mouth in his complete control. I kissed down his neck and he got even harder, sighing to keep control over himself.
Using two fingers(talented isnt he?) Justin’s hand went around to my back, undoing the clasp of my bra. Going with his lead I lifted my arms so he could take it fully off, cupping my breast.
A shudder rippled through my body and I moaned in a rush of pleasure.
He lifted his face to look at me.”Do you like that?” he asked softly but with deep curiousity in his voice.
“Mmmhhm.” I murmered closing my eyes, relaxing.
I wasnt expecting it when his moist mouth came over me, so I gasped in shock, about to shove him off from embarrassment but didnt when I felt joy overwhelm my body. I layed back down, my hands grabbing fistfuls of the sheets while I moaned.
I was about to go over the edge when his lips left me, going to my panties. Sliding them down quickly.
I suddenly realized,”Do you have a condom?” I asked worried.
“Already have it on beautiful.” he kissed the tip of my nose laying on me again. When I glanced down I saw he was fully nude. When did his boxers leave the picture? Must have been while I was ‘distracted’
He kissed me again and I closed my legs tightly, this was it and I was scared now. One of the books I had read said getting your virginity taken didnt hurt any worse than getting your ears pierced. Id had my ears pierced, and it didnt hurt that bad? So I had nothing to worry about.
Still it was strange as he used his own legs to seperate my thighs wider, I took another glance down and my eyes widened in shock as I saw ‘him’ fully aroused. No way, it was too big to fit inside me! Apparently he could see the worry in my eyes cause he whispered.”Relax. I’ll be easy, if you want me to stop just tell me.”
I nervously smiled at him nodding for him to go on, our lips crashed together again, my breathing quickened and got loud. Really loud, it was almost embarrassing.
After pulling back I licked my lips as I felt something hard and thick nudging at my core, then he entered me just a little. Going slow…
I felt my body adjusting to fit around him and as he got deeper I winced a little. But none of it compared to the stinging pain I felt when my hymen broke, I let out a distressing gasp. Digging my nails into his back from the pain.’It might sting a little?’ Yeah right, I could feel the pain knifing through me.
“Natalie…are you alright? Do you want me to stop?” he asked looking at me concerned.
The pain started to ease and in its place came a sensation. A good and tender feeling.”No…” I shook my head hard.”Im fine, keep going.” throwing my arms around his neck, my smile got bigger as the discomfort faded.
He hesitated but then continued thrusting. I watched him in facination, it didnt feel as amazing as I thought it would cause there was still that little strand of dicomfort that I felt, but his face as he moaned on top of me…it was thrilling. I loved seeing him make those sexy faces, squinting his eyes with his mouth open in a satisfied shriek of pleasure. It was too hot.
I bit my lip softly as his whole body shook with throes of release, I smiled the whole time. Watching him until he fell on me trying to catch his breath, once it steadied he pulled out gently which made me gasp a little in renewed pain. But he layed down next to me, looking over to see my face, exhausted. I grinned happily, and snuggled into his chest. We had made love…

I felt a vibration shake my body, opening my eyes I saw Justin’s bare chest in the darkness. After wiping the sleep from my eyes I saw that his phone was vibrating from the call he was getting.
“Justin.” I shook his body lightly.”Justinnn wake up!”
He groaned and rolled over on his stomach, sleeping.
Sighing I pressed answer, putting it to my ear.”Hello?”
“Justin where are-? Natalie?” I heard pattie’s voice through the reciever.
“Yeah, Justin’s sleeping.” I murmered drowsily, still half asleep.
“Where are you guys!” she screamed with deep concern. This brought me back to life. The SUV breaking down, garage, the tour, and…Justin.
“Oh my gosh, I forgot to call you!” I whined with more energy in my voice.”Our SUV broke down and wont be fixed until morning.” Speaking of that, I diverted my eyes to my alarm clock. The time on it said 3:26 A.M.
“Well why havent you called to tell us to stop?” she asked slightly annoyed.
Groggily I got up from under the sheets, still naked, walking to my bathroom after slipping on Justin’s dirty then I hadnt noticed my tenderness of the skin, from last night.”We had no signal.” I lied. We did towards the end but, needless to say I got distracted.
Pattie let out a loud sigh.”Im just glad your alright.” she spoke about all of us.”I was worried.”
“Im sorry.” I apologized sincere, while splashing water on my face.
Silence passed until she remembered me on the phone.”Did you guys get a motel?”
“Yeah, well the rest of them did. Im at my house.” I informed hesitantly. I couldnt decide whether to tell her about Justin being with me or not, she would probably figure out from the crew anyways. Was it wierd?
“Your alone? All by yourself?”
“Well, maybe.”
“Natty…who’s there with you?” her voice was curious but before I could answer she giggled.”You have Justin’s phone.” she stated obviously.
“Yes, okay. He’s here. But it’s just because they made him, I mean thats crazy right?” I rambled.”We didnt want to, we dont even like eachother so why would we?” I laughed nervously.
“Natalie.” she qued’ for me to shut up.”Its okay. I know you guys are…lets say ‘close’ friends?”
My jaw dropped in utter suprise.”What are you talking about? We arent-”
“Its fine honey! I understand.”
How the hell? She knew! We couldnt have been that obvious!”I dont know what to say…” I blushed even though she couldnt see me.
I could hear her take a huge breath before speaking.”Just tell me you guys used protection…”
As if my jaw couldnt have dropped anymore…it did. Secretly I tip-toed over to the window, looking out, paranoid. How could she possibly know we had sex without being here to see it herself. “What are you talking about?”
“You guys obviously love eachother enough to cheat. I know both of you and niether of you would do this if it wasnt important.” she said warmly.”And I also know that your two teenagers alone in a house all night. I would have rather had you wait but…if your going to then please tell me you used protection?”
“Pattieee.” I groaned and my cheeks turned tomatoe red, the blood rushing quickly to my face. Would Justin get mad if I admitted to it? She knew.
“Please…?” she begged.
Letting out a regrettable sigh I found my voice.”Yes. We used a condom.”
I couldnt hear anything but the echoe of a TV in the background.”Good…”
“Im sorry.” I apologized again.
“Oh I was that age once.” I heard the smile in her tone.”How was it?”
My eyes rolled.”You want details?”
“Noooo.” she chuckled her musical laugh.”But I thought you were a virgin so I was wondering if he was easy on you?”
So she didnt have a big problem with us having sex and she knew Justin wasnt a virgin? Damn.”Yeah…” I sighed from the memory.”It was very romantic and special.”
“Aww..” she cooed happily.
I couldnt help but smile. I loved this woman so much, but the urge to get some rest came crashing to me again. I was still sore and wanted to sleep.”Id love to tell you more about it but im gonna go get some sleep so I will talk to you in the morning?”
“Yeah of coarse Natty. Goodnight.”
“Goodnight.” I hung up and leaned on the sink, in silence.

“Hey.” I heard his hoarse voice come from behind me.”What are you doing out of bed?”
A grin pulled at my lips, he was naked and looking gorgeous.”Your mom just called. I let her know about the breaking down thing.”
“Oh…” he yawned, going back in the room to pull his boxers on and sit on my bed.
Leaving only the bathroom light on I crept outside the door slowly.
“Woah…” he said in amazement, looking at me in the dim light.
“Just stand there.”
“Why?” I giggled looking around me nervously.
“Cause you look like an angel right now.” he smiled revealing most of his teeth.
I rolled my eyes and walked up to strattle his waist.”Im wearing nothing but your shirt and my hair is all messed up?”
“Exactly.” he said in awe.
“Thank you.” I mumbled shyly after a few silent seconds passed.
“For what?”
“Last night.” I pecked his lips softly.
“Aye.” he grinned scooting back with me still in his lap.”Your very welcome.”
Happily my mouth met his in a passionate kiss, and we both layed down next to eachother. Snuggling as close as I could to his chest again, a smile wouldnt leave my lips.
“What are you smiling at?” he put his arm around my shoulder, rubbing my skin lightly.
My cheeks turned pink from embarrassment, he caught me.”Cant stop thinking about it.”
“So it was okay then?” he whispered curiously.
I looked at him in suprise.”Thats an understatement. It was perfect.”
“Well you didnt ‘enjoy’ it to the full extent?” this time he blushed and looked away.
“That wasnt your fault, it was my first time. You did a-mazing!” I empashized the word ‘you’.
That made him blush even more which was adorable and he looked cute so cute when he said,”Still I wish you could’ve enjoyed it the way I did.”
“Almost.” I giggled and kissed his cheek.”Let’s get some sleep before tomorrow comes.”
Wrapping his arms around me he sighed.”Okay, goodnight.”

“Gorgeous, you need to get up and ready.” I heard Justin whisper raspily in my ear.
Opening my eyes I saw him fully dressed in this-
“Noo.” I groaned sleepy.”What time is it?”
“4:30 A.M.” he laughed.
“We just layed down! NO!” I pulled the covers over my head to go back to bed.

Justin’s POV I laughed silently at Natalie. She was precious. I loved the way she could do anything and it made me smile, it wasnt like this with Brooke. We never had fun.
“Grouchy?” I asked pulling down the covers.
“No Justin! Please dont make me.” she whined trying to cover herself again.
With a smirk riding my lips I grabbed her by the waist, throwing her light body over my shoulder. A squeal erupted from her mouth but then she went silent, falling asleep. I set her body down in the bottom of the shower and turned on the water. Immediatley her eyes bulged with shock and she screamed and ear-splitting howl.
I laughed at the scene and turned the water off, leaning down to peck her lips.”Morning.” I breathed on her face before walking off.

Natalie’s POV I took a shower and got ready looking like this .com/unfaithful_natalie_chapter_40/set?id=26044686 Frowning I stumbled into my kitchen, groaning.”I really dont like you.”
He giggled a cute sound,”Im guessing your tired?”
“Im not use to getting up that early!”
“Well get use to it, cause you have to get up at the same time as me now.”
“Why?” I asked impatiently.
“Because your part of the team now. Rehearsals everyday.” he grinned cheekily.
I scoffed at him with deep passion.”Yay.”
His musical laugh came out as I sat down next to him at the bar.”You hungry?” he asked sincere.
“Not really.” I kind of was but now that I was dancing again, I needed to watch my diet.
As if he could read me like an open book he spoke up.”You havent ate in awhile, your eating something. Dont worry about your weight, your perfect.”
My heart warmed at the compliment and I got butterflies.”Fine.”We both sat in silence and ate bagels with fruit.
Uncomfortable with the silence and the urge to know growing inside me, I couldnt help but ask.”What does this mean?”
“What’d you mean?” he inquired curiously.
“Last night…?” I whispered looking down.”Us…?”
“I dont know.” he answered truthfully.
“Niether do I.” I mumbled nervously, picking at my nails.
“Dont worry about it.” he pulled my chin up to look at him. And how could I worry? With him smiling at me like that, the world was at peace. I pressed my lips to his firmly, tasting the love.

“This sucks.” I muttered annoyed as I sat next to him on my couch.
“What sucks?” he smirked with an innocent look on his face.
“Perv!” I threw a throw pillow at him before continuing.”It was nice to be able to…be around you…without anyone else around. We didnt have to worry about people seeing us.”
“I know.” he picked up my foot in his hand, wiggling my toes which made me laugh histarically.”Ticklish feet?”
“No! Dont!” I giggled as he moved his fingers in slow motion to tickle them.”Stop! Stop! Stop!” I laughed and started kicking at him.
“Ow…your kicking me!” he chuckled and stopped.
I sighed and leaned my head back on the edge.”Oh.” I gasped then started laughing again.
“Ok im not tickling you anymore. What are you laughing at wierdo?” he joked.
My mouth fell open in fake suprise.
“You called me a perv!” he said in defense with a smile.
“Yeah well you really are a pervert, im not a wierdo.”
“Alright fine. What are you laughing at though?”
That reminded me of why was laughing in the first place. Pattie.”Please dont be mad.” I started stiffling a giggle.
“What?” he whined as if he knew Id done something wrong.
“When your mom called last night, I had to answer the phone since you didnt wake up, so honestly its your fault.”
“What happend?” he groaned pulling my legs to make me closer to him.
“She knew you stayed here…”
“So, the team probably would’ve told her anyways. Its fine.” he reassured me with a soft grin.
“Eh…thats not all.” I peaked down gave me a questioning look so I went on with a sigh.”She knows about us. Dont ask me how! Cause I dont know, but she knows.”
“How did that happen! We barely touch eachother!” he yelled upset.
Holding my breath I crawled next to him,”And thats not the worst part of it.”
“What could be worse?” he frowned at me.
Even though, now, I thought it was funny…somehow I knew he wouldnt.”She knows…more.” I emphasized.
“More?” he looked at me puzzled.
“More of what we ‘did’ last night than anything.” my cheeks burned with hotness and I hid my face in his shoulder giggling.
Peaking up at him I saw his lips were pursed, with eyes wide.”She knows we-” he suggested pointing with his hand between the two of us-“we…you know.”
“Yeah.” I laughed again, falling backwards.”She was asking if you went slow!”
“She what!” he squeaked loudly.
I sat up, strattling his waist and brushing my fingers through his hair.”Are you mad at me?”
“No…im just…” he shook his head.”She what!” he repeated.
I laughed and kissed his cheek,”She just asked if you were gentle but we didnt get into it. And she wanted us to wait but she said if we were going to then to use condoms.”
Justin’s face looked thunder-struck.”Why did you tell her about it?”
I gasped offended.”She already knew and your mother and I are close!”
“So you talked about us having sex!” he sighed angrily.
My eyebrows wrinkled sadly.”Dont be mad…”
“Im not mad, but you…I cant believe it. This is embarrassing!”
A frown pulled at my lips, and I cupped his face in my hands.”Dont.”
He let out a heavy breath and put his hands on my waist.”Why…?”
I stayed silent for a moment to let him calm down. Then softly I pushed my mouth to his neck, kissing it with my moist tongue.”Relax…” I whispered in his ear seductivly.
“I cant, your not helping.”
I pulled back slowly,”You dont want me to?” I was a little suprised, I thought he would like it.
“I didnt say that.” he laughed and pecked my cheek.”Its just not helping me relax.”
Again my mouth came to his and I sighed, tasting his minty breath.”I want this. All the time.”
“Me too…” he breathed wrapping his arms around my back.”So lets tell them.”
Sighing I climbed off his lap.”We cant.”

“Why not?” he groaned laying on his stomach, with his head on my lap.
Smiling down at him I whispered quietly.”Because it would hurt too many people.”
“Are we gonna hide forever?”
“I dont know.”
He groaned and I frowned as silence went on. Grabbing his hand, I kissed his fingertips then started laughing.
“What now?” he frowned.
“You have warts on your right hand?” I giggled.(yes this is true. he does)
Blushing deep red he yanked his hand away.”Stop making fun of me.”
“Im not.” I smiled and held his hand again, examining the wart.”They’re kinda cute. Like the little beauty marks on your neck.”
He laughed and covered his neck.”Your making me paranoid.”
“I love your beauty marks.” I grinned and ran my fingers in his hair.”They’re sexy.”
“Everything about you is sexy.” he exclaimed with a smile.
I kissed his lips heatedly.”How much time do we have?” I asked but it was more of a suggestion. Earlier I was sore but now I couldnt feel anything really, and I was ready to try again. Yes last night was amazing but I did want to feel ‘everything’ and experience it all.
His hand came around the back of my neck, pulling me onto his chest.”Are you thinking what im thinking?”
“Mmhh.” I agreed on his lips, twisting my hand in his hair.
Justin’s hands had just began to lift up my shirt when his phone rang. He answered angrily.”What?”
I couldnt hear anything from the other line so my mouth moved from his lips down his jaw to his neck, sucking his tender skin.
His breathing quickened to short moaning gasps and he layed his head back against the pillow, closing his beautiful brown eyes.”Uh-huh.”
My hand went to his zipper on the black jacket he was wearing, tugging it down and lifting his shirt up to place butterfly kisses on his toned chest.
“Already?” he replied into the phone with a whine.”Fine.” his phone dropped and sighed.
“What’d they want?” I asked coming back up to kiss his lips hungrily.
“They’re gonna be here in 10 minutes.” he groaned.”And then we have to leave.”
“Noo…” I giggled giving him small pecks everywhere on his neck.”I dont want to go yet.”
“Niether do I.” he sighed looking at me as I kissed him.
“We could hurry.” I suggested again with a flirty grin.
“I dont want to rush you.” he said seriously.”Your gonna enjoy it this next time.”
Biting my lip I stood up.”Neverrr.” then skipped off.
“Get back here!” he yelled with a smile in his voice.
“No! You’ll never make me ‘cum’ to you.” I giggled and snuck around to jump on his back.
“Oh you will.” he smirked and spun in circles just as the door bell rang.
I sighed and slid down his back giving him one last, meaningful kiss.”Lets go.”

We had just pulled into the parking lot of the hotel we were staying at. Justin had to go to his concert right away, since we were behind schedule.
I had to go since I had to learn the dances. Soon I would be on stage with him, dancing. I ran up to my room to change when I knocked on the door Brooke answered.
“Hey!” she smiled hugging me.
“Chill honey I wasnt gone that long.” I giggled and put my bags in, already undressing.
She sat on the bed and started laughing at me.”Im sorry you had to stay with Justin.”
On the inside I smiled from the memories, on the outside I frowned.”Yeah yeah. Laugh it up.”
“Was he nice to you?”
I smirked to myself.”He was actually very nice to me.”

She didnt get this inside joke, thank God.”Good, how’s the dancing?”
“I dont know i havent got to do anything yet. I have to go rehearse though. Arent you coming tonight?” I inquired while putting this on .com/unfaithful_natalie_chapter_43/set?id=26045778 “No, im good tonight. Thought Id stay here and take a nap.” she murmered laying on the bed.
I gave her a questioing look before shrugging and closing the door behind me.

I was drinking out of a bottle of water as sweat soaked my body, damn these dance moves were hard! I could do them but it sure did make me sweat from all the work. And being under those lights on stage! It was gonna kill me!
“Hey.” Ryan came up to me.”So you got the part on the team? Thats great news!”
“Yeah,” I fake smiled as he hugged me. I use to feel loved by his touch but since I found out how much he has lied, and when he pushed me that one night, he just creeped me out more than anything. I hated being touched by him.
“So Chaz came today.” he said casually trying to make coversation.
“Oh yeah? Thats cool, where is he?” I asked looking around curiously.
“He stayed at the hotel, said the trip was long.”
“Well babe. Im gonna go back to the hotel too, mess around with Chaz for awhile.” he kissed my cheek and started to walk away.”Unless you want me to stay?”
“No its fine! I have to rehearse anyway so…wont have time for you.” my shoulders shrugged and waved.
“Ok.” he muttered dissapointed with my tone, walking away.
Actually I was finished with my dancing, so I did have time but…he didnt know that. Stumbling with my noodle legs I went to watch Justin on stage, he looked so good when he sang. And danced. As I sat there and watched him more intently I started to realize that I knew how his fans felt when they watched him. I knew why it made them scream, and I started to breath faster and my temperature rose. One word came to my mind. Biebergasm. I laughed out loud at the thought, for I had never had one…yet. But if I continued watching him I just might. He looked sexy!
My heart pounded and I wanted to run up to him and kiss him like I meant it. But I couldnt. Even with Brooke and Ryan gone, others would see, still though. My need for him grew, and I hesitated.
Before I could talk myself out of it I jogged back to where he was, following him. When he dissapeared inside his dressing room shutting the door I took a deep breath. Fixing my makeup in a nearby mirror I opened the door quickly then shut it, locking it tightly.
“Hey what are you doing in here?” he asked as I walked up to him. I didnt give him a chance to say another word before colliding our lips together.
“I want to know what a biebergasm feels like.” I winked pushing him on the couch and climbing in his lap.
“Natalie, what are you doing?” he asked between kisses.
“The door’s locked and we have about 15 minutes right?” I kicked off my shoes and wrapped my arms around his neck.
His hands came around to my waist, holding me against him.”Whats gotten into you?”
“Im holding you to what you said earlier.” I grinned.”You have 15 minutes.” I watched as his eyes lit up when I lifted up my sports bra, throwing it on the ground.
With a smile on his lips we kissed…

Sweating even more than before, I opened the dressing room door stepping out. Justin came right behind me, and gave me a very intimate kiss with tongue.”Your not fair.”
“Keep trying.” I giggled and pecked his lips.
“You cant distract me like that!” he whined.
“Speaking of distractions. You need to go, hurry.”
Still breathing hard he left me to go back on stage.
You see, Justin’s goal was to get me to have a complete orgasm. But I thought it would be funny if I kept fighting him on it…thats where our little game started.

*One Week Later*

Natalie’s POV I was use to being on stage and performing now, it was quite exhilirating. I was also use to having daily sex with Justin, well it was more so for him. Silently we both had a goal.
Justin’s goal was for us both to have an orgasm during sex. My goal was to fight mine until he had his, and so far…I was winning this game. He says its because Im a good dancer, so I know how to move in unique positions. Which I kinda agree. Either way whenever we do get the chance and have sex, I have to try to stop myself from going to the full extent of my pleasure.
At the moment we all had the day off. Ryan was with who knows, he went out somewhere? And Brooke and Chaz were going to the store to shop. Speaking of Brooke…she had been acting so wierd lately, and its not like I didnt enjoy the space but it was just different. Also she’s been less clingy to Justin and again…im not complaining. Maybe it finally hit her that its wrong to use him for fame.
“Hey Pattie.” I walked up to her in the hotel lobby.
“Hi honey.”
“Have you seen my mom? I havent seen her in days.” I asked calling her but with no answer.
“Oh goodness. She didnt tell you? She told me, she talked to you.” she gasped covering her mouth with her hand.
“Tell me what?” my eyebrows raised in confusion.
Pattie sighed, it seemed like she always had to tell me bad news.”Natty she left. For awhile on a vacation.”
“What? She just left, without even talking to me first! Why?” I gaped.
“She didnt say but it was right after she found out you joined the team…” she frowned.
I was so angered.”Whatever, fine! I dont need her in my life anyways.” I gritted through my teeth, storming to the elevator.
“Natalie wait!” Pattie called but I ignored her, pushing the ‘close doors’ button once I was inside the small box.
I felt the jerk upward as my stomach turned. I was wearing this-

The door opened and Justin’s suprised expression came across his face.”Hey, I was just coming to see you.” he stepped in the elevator and I pressed the close the door button.
“Whats wrong?” he asked.
“What makes you think something’s wrong?” I questioned.
He smiled.”because when your upset, you pout your lip…like your doing now.”
Automatically my fingers flew up to touch my lips.”I do not!”
“Oh yes you do.” he laughed.
“I do no-” I started to argue but was interupted but the lights flickering out and a loud grinding sound came from all around us. The lights came back on but kept flickering out.”Justin!” I squealed grabbing onto him.
“Oh no no no…” he whined and started hyperventilating.
Shit…Justin was claustrophobic. I was freaking out, he was suppose to comfort me.”Calm down! We’re fine.”
He groaned.”I knew this was gonna happen, I hate these things!”
“Baby stop! Your gonna overwhelm yourself, now take deep breaths!” I ordered while pushing the emergency button.
A booming voice came from the speaker.”Do you need assistance today?”
“Yes, please! The elevator just stopped and we’re trapped.” I whined, more than anything I was annoyed.
“Ok, let me trace your call.” I could hear beeping in the background, until he spoke.”Ohh…mam?”
“Yes?” I replied with a shaking voice. Justin was sitting in the corner listening intently.
“Are you alone?” he asked.
“No! I have Justin freakin Bieber in here! Get us out!” I screamed angry.
“Please mam calm down…you gonna be in there for a bit while I have my team fix the problem.”
“How long is a bit?”
“4 hours. Tops.” he admitted shyly.
Justin gasped.”4 hours?”
“Shut up.” I told him calmly.”Just get us out of here as soon as possible please?”
“Right away mam.”
“And notify his mom and manager too.” I added.
“Of coarse.”
I slid down the wall on the other side of the elevator.”Thats just great.”
He took a few deep breaths in the corner.”Im fine…” he told himself.
We sat in silence for awhile, watching the lights flicker on and off.”So where were we?” he asked, calm now.
“Uh something about you. Something was wrong.”
“Ohh…” I sighed in recognition.”My mom left. Without even telling me…I hate her.”
“No you dont.” he crawled over to sit next to me, intertwining our fingers.
“Yes I do. She left me alone.”
“You have me, and my mom, your surrounded by people who love you.” his eyebrows pulled up.
I bit my lip nervously.”Im not talking about right now, she left me when my dad died. I mean I know she was upset but she still had me and she didnt even bother to be there for me. He was my father!”
“I know shawty.”
Leave it to Justin to break the tension.”Did you just call me shawty?” I giggled.
“Yeah shawty.” he winked.
I smiled huge.”Dont do that.”
“Do what…shawty?” he smirked.
“Seriousy stop your gonna make me go crazy by saying that.”
“Stop!” I laughed hoarsly.
“Stop what shawty?” his voice cracked from his laugh.

A flirty smile pulled at my lip, he went to say it again but I caught his mouth with mine. I layed ontop of him and he laughed making me pull back my lips.”What?”
“Who’s the one who wants to get caught now?” he said with sarcasm.
“You!” I giggled kissing his neck hungrily while rubbing my thigh on his hardening length, between his legs.
“Your gonna make me do this if you dont stop.” he warned licking his lips.
“Thats…the…point.” I said inbetween kisses.
“In an elevator?” he laughed kissing my lips, going down my neck to my shoulder blade to glide a moist tongue back and forth.
“Wherever.” I said seductively in his ear.”But right now.”
I sat up and pushed him up to lay halfway against the wall, he looked at me and sighed almost giving in.”Not here, someone could walk in.”
“We have like 3 hours left, nobody will see.”I smirked with another flirty smile.
It was as if I had just challenged him to a game. With a sigh of defeat he cupped my face in his hands kissing me deeply.
I heaved a sigh of victory, kissing him back then stopping to lick his bottom lip, tracing down his neck. I placed my feet on either side of his to straddle his waist, while his hands trailed down my sides to curl around the back of my knees teasingly, sliding up my thighs to push the material of my dress up passed my waist, revealing my white thong. I put my hands on his shoulders, using him as support to lift myself up when he slid down my panties and pushed me back down after he slid his jeans down just enough to let his bulge out, but I stayed strong and didnt lower myself down to him yet. While I kissed him passionatly he moved his skinny fingers up to slide the straps of my dress down, letting it fall to my waist.
Justin’s manhood grew harder as he cupped me in his warm hands, I smiled as he closed his eyes in a world of happiness. When the need for him got so strong I couldnt handle it anymore, I lifted myself up then lowered down on him, biting my lip at his pleasured moan. As I started to move his hands came down on my hips, keeping me still.
“Oh my God, slow down baby, give me a chance.” he moaned, throwing his head back in enjoyment. His hips moved slightly, just enough to make me arch my back, wanting more of him.
I wanted to go faster, and harder but when I started moving my hips again, he clamped his hands back to my thighs, making me be still. His left hand came around to my lower back, pushing down gently. My breathing unsteadied as he jerked his hips in short motions, the way I was sitting on him made everything feel better. Pleasure shot through my whole body in sparks of happiness, before I could fight it. Gasping, I sat still feeling all my muscles tighten then sighed as everything started to settle and go back into view after my release.
My vision got less blurry and I made out the features of Justin’s face, beaming up at me.”I win.” he said simply before kissing me deeply, then thrusting fast and hard without holding back. Once he finished we both fell over laughing and breathing hard.
“Wow…that was even better than before.” I said in awe.
“I told yah.” he grinned.
“I like doing that.” I said still suprised from what happend. He won.
I was relieved when he didnt look at me like I was an idiot, cause that was the way I felt.”I like you doing that.” he smirked leaning over to kiss me again.
I pushed my tongue into his mouth while grabbing his shirt in my fist. He fell ontop of me, laughing a little.”Again.” I smiled against his lips, holding him close like a baby.
“Already?” he asked suprised.
I stayed silent but answered him by tugging up his shirt, throwing it behind me, connecting our lips together again.
He groaned with a smile.”Im the one who was doing all the work that time, give me a minute to rest.”
“Then, I’ll do the work this time.” I giggled rolling over to push his shoulders squarley against the elevator floor and pulling his pants down all the way.
He rolled his eyes with a laugh and kissed me softly…

I was trying to fix my makeup and hair as we waited for the doors to open, glancing over I saw Justin pulling up his jeans. I smiled at his face, it was all pink from the workout we just had the past 3 hours. Im sure mine was too. Giggling I fixed the strap on my dress.
He gave me a warm smile, pecking my lips one last time before the doors would open and we had to hate eachother again.

The door opened for me to see Pattie’s smiling face.”Oh thank God! I was so worried!” she hugged Justin tightly before pulling me into the hug with them.
“We’re fine.” he groaned sighing at his mother’s love.
“Justin,” I chatised. It was only Pattie around and she knew so it didnt matter at the second.”Be nice.”
“Sorry mom.” he blushed looking down.
Her eyes lit with suprise and she grinned.”I like you.” her head jerked in my direction.”He listens, maybe you can get him on a leash.”
I giggled and winked at him,”Well…guess I better go. Its getting late.”
Justin frowned and checked the halls to make sure nobody was watching, before kissing my cheek and hugging me goodnight.”See you tomorrow at rehearsals.”
“Goodnight. Night Pattie.” I waved walking towards my room.

*Natalie’s Hotel Room*

I was sitting in my room, that I had to share with Brooke in my pajamas .com/unfaithful_natalie_chapter_47/set?id=26047135 when the door burst open and Brooke rushed in laughing.
“Hey, whats so funny?” I asked painting my nails.
She turned around shocked, and gasped.”Oh Nat…you scared me.”
I cocked an eyebrow and shook my head sighing.”Brooke…how I love you so…” I was still on cloud nine from what happend in the elevaor, it was magical. Nothing could ruin my mood.
“I love you too!” she giggled and went into the bathroom shutting the door.
I grabbed my phone, wiping bangs behind my ear. This room was so hot, I was melting!
With a smug grin on my face I texted Justin-

Natalie: hey 😉
Justin: hello sexy ;D Natalie: wat r u doin?
Justin: laying in my bed gettin some relaxation 4 once 😉 not pointin fingers…YOU!
Natalie: u could have said no… 😉
Justin: i didnt want 2 say no… today was amazing babygirl

I smiled at those last letters. ‘Babygirl’ it warmed my heart when he called me stuff like that. And speaking of warm again, I took my top and bottoms off, from how hot it was in the room. Brooke had layed in bed, snoring lightly besides she wouldnt mind anyway.

Natalie: 🙂
Justin: hbu?
Natalie: sitting in my underwear cuz its sooo hot in here! 😦
Justin: oh now thats teasing 😉
Natalie: seriously its hot in here! how’s ure room?
Justin: nice and cool…you should come join me Natalie: …
Justin: c’mon…please?
Natalie: idk if thats a good idea Justin: lets worry about that later and live in the moment

I bit my lip, debating. Maybe I could be a little more of a rebel sometimes.

Natalie: be there in a sec 🙂
Justin: im waiting… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I pulled my tank top on again, slipping on my shorts sneaking past the bed’s to get to the door. I shut it slowly and heard the ‘click’ of it locking. Sighing I advanced to Justin’s room, tip toeing down the halls like a ninja.
When I reached his door I knocked lightly.”Justin…let me in.”
The door opened to Justin staring at me with a smile on his face, wearing boxers and a V neck white t-shirt.’Hey.”
“Hi.” I grinned and walked in, plopping on his bed.”Oh wow…this feels so much better.” A huge smile was riding my lips as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the cool air blow on my revealed body.
“It could feel even better.” he winked and layed down next to me, connecting our lips in a heated kiss as his hand automatically went to my neck.
I kissed back and hitched my right leg on his hip, knotting his hair through my fingers.
After a moment he pulled back slightly and leaned his forehead on mine.”You know what I was just thinking about earlier…?”
“Hmm?” I murmered, letting all my muscles loosen.
“You were swimming.” his hands came to my waist in an iron tight grip.
“We were swimming at that hotel, and you dont like water but you were swimming like a pro…”
I took a second to think…oh yeah. The night before I auditioned, I gasped suprised.”I didnt even notice…”
“I know…” he chuckled.”Im proud of you.”
“I guess, I was just so excited about you and stuff that I didnt notice.”
“This is good news though, you dont have to be afraid anymore. Now you know you can do it.”
Slowly I began to laugh.”I swam…” I mumbled in awe.
“You did.” he pecked my lips, sweetly.
“Today just keeps getting better and better.” I snuggled close to his chest closing my eyes.
“Natalie?” he breathed in my ear.
“Yes Justin?”
A couple seconds passed and then he kissed my cheek.”Your amazing.”
I bit my lip trying to hide my dissapointment. I thought he was going to I love you.”Thanks.” My head layed on his chest and I closed my eyes, suddenly tired.”Your amazing too.”

Something caused me to wake up, jerking upright quickly. Alert and ready. Squinting my tired eyes, the view of Justin’s darkened room came to me.”Justin?” I mumbled turning to look at him.
He was laying on his stomach, snoring lightly. A grin tugged on my lips at the sight, he was so peaceful.”Goodnight.” I kissed his forehead standing to leave the room.
Being as sneaky as I could, my feet padded against the rough carpet that was fuming with the smell of laundry detergent. Arriving at my door I froze, from the whispering. It was halfway ajar…
“I love you.” Brooke’s voice giggled.
“I love you too.” A husky male voice keyed in also.
Love? What the hell was goin on? I peaked around the corner and gaped at what I saw. CHAZ!
They were both laying on her bed, cuddling.”Where’s Nat?” he asked, stroking her hair softly.
“I dont know…probably Ryan’s room.”
“Oh…” he responded and kissed her.
I backed away as fast as I could, speed walking away. Brooke was sneaking around with Chaz? How did this happen? ‘When’ did this happen? I wasnt sure exactly what was goin on but I had a pretty good idea. I felt angered at her, how could she do that to Justin? Wait a minute…come back to earth Natalie. Your screwing her boyfriend behind her back, and she’s your bestfriend. But then again…she didnt seem to have a problem with cheating. Why should I?

*The Next Morning*

I had unfortunatley, just to give me an alibi, went to Ryan’s room last night. And slept in his bed. Well ‘sleep’ isnt the right word considering I didnt actually get any of it. How could I when for one my brain wouldnt shut down and two I was scared of what he would do to me when I was defenseless. I knew it was stupid but after the incident backstage I didnt trust him like I use to.
“C’mon sleepy head.” Pattie hugged me, leading me into the studio where we had to perform.
I groaned and held onto her for support.”Im tired Pattieeee.”
“Too bad honey.” she kissed my head and walked off to bother Scooter.
I was wearing this since it was our theme outfit for tonight’s show- .com/natalies_outfit_chapter_48/set?id=23151106 (yes that was my polyvore and I made that outfit! haha) I fell into beat with everyone else on stage, reheasing for the concert tonight at the soundcheck…

“Natalie! Its 2 steps then jump and roll not 3!” my personal coach yelled at me angrily. This was the 5th time today, I just couldnt seem to get my dance moves right when my mind was in the memories of last night.
“Im sorry! Im sorry!” I whined running my hands through my hair, frustrated. Now…I was wide awake.
She sighed and shut off the music.”Work on your own for awhile…”-her head shook-“I need a break.”
I sighed sadly, knowing I was her biggest dissapointment at the present time. It made me want to try harder until I got it right but last night wouldnt leave my head. Where was Justin anyway?
I grabbed a water and walked around trying to find him, not knowing what to do exactly. All day I had avoided Brooke and Chaz both, uncomfortable. I mean, what could I say to them?
‘I know what you did last night?’
Thats not corny at all I thought with sarcasm, besides I was cheating with Justin. I groaned loudly at the thought, I was cheating on Ryan with Justin, who was cheating on Brooke with me, and Brooke was cheating on Justin with Chaz. Not mentioning Ryan, who was most likely with a different girl every night, if I wasnt giving him action im sure he would find someone else to fullfill his needs…so many lies. So much cheating.
Finally I spotted Justin doing vocals on his own in a corner.”Justin!” I whispered frantically waving him over.
“Hi.” he smiled walking up to me casually. I melted.
“Follow me!” I shooshed grabbing his hand pulling him with me down the hall and upstairs, leading into the stadiums seats. Way up high into the back where nobody could hear us.
“What are you doing?” he asked confused but kept following me where I lead him.
I took in a huge breath, and bit my lip undecided. A part of me wanted to tell him about Brooke cheating on him but did it really matter?”I just wanted to talk to you about something.”
“Alright…shoot.” he breathed on my face and I almost fell backwards off the balchony from the sweetness of it. Minty.
“Okay…last night I-” my voice got cut off from the blaring speaker of his phone ringing Beyonce.
“Beyonce?” I smirked and crossed my arms.”Naughty Girl?” I raised my brows in even more suprise.
Justin blushed deep red then answered his phone,”Hey mom.”
A sigh escaped my parted lips impatiently. I couldnt take too much time up here, my dancing sucked and I needed to work on it.
“Nowhere…just in the bathroom and wandering you know.” he replied to something she said.”Yeah I’ll hurry…love you too. Bye.”
I giggled and the background on his phone caught my eye. In one swift movement my hand snatched it up,”Who’s this?” I smiled cheekily staring at his background completely forgetting about my worries…it was a picture of a younger Pattie and a baby. I knew those eyes anywhere. It was a baby picture of Justin.”Aww this is soo adorable!”
“Stop,” he frowned clearly embarrassed.
Ignoring his attempts to reach for his phone I went to his images, looking at them. My jaw dropped at a picture of Justin that was taken 3 months ago with him and Kenny.”Justin?”
“What?” he said annoyed, folding his arms on his chest in a pouting way.
My eyes diverted to his face and I automatically got dirty thoughts. He had grown so much since I met him, it wasnt even funny. He use to be this adorable boy with a cute voice. Now he was a sexy man, with a deeper voice. I remembered yesterday in the elevator…everything we did in there. My legs closed tightly in an attempt to control myself.”You’ve grown so much.” I gasped.
Finally his beautiful eyes came up to stare at me, the muscles in his neck bulging slightly as the veins popped out. A flirty smile flashed his teeth and he did his hair flip.
That was it. I couldnt take it, the whole world could have been ending and I wouldnt have noticed. Letting out an agonized moan I pulled his neck, crashing our lips together.
“Woah…” he smiled but continued kissing me.
“You are hot.” I smiled moving my lips down to his neck, nibbling lightly.
“Uhh…thanks? Whats with you?” he chuckled pulling away to look at me.
I licked my lips as my eyes glazed over with lust and seduction. Ignoring his question I replied, “It should be illegal for you to be this sexy, its not fair to all the other guys. They dont stand a chance.”
Justin bit the inside of his cheek, blushing a little and smiling. It was adorable when he made the ‘im embarrassed’ look.”Wasnt there something you wanted to tell me?”
“Does it matter now?” I blurted out before I could stop myself, why was I so turned on by him? And it happend to be right now, when I needed to be focused?
“Depends.” he grinned leaning against one of the seatswhile I slipped off my leather jacket and gloves.
To be honest, I think I was more amazed by what he was doing to me than anything. Usually I wasnt like this but he made me feel like I had enough energy to power L.A.”Just shut up and kiss me Bieber.” I demanded re-connecting our lips.
His mouth molded with mine like clay, along with our bodies which now had absolutley no space between them. My hands rubbed around to the back of his neck before sliding between his touseled hair, we both turned so that I was pinned against the chair now instead of him. My hat had been knocked off in the process.
I frivolously pulled his soft hair, and my heart beat quickened at his reaction. He liked it. A smile smothered my lips from his enjoyment and he plunged his tongue deep in my mouth, as if he was trying to tie ours together.
I was so in love…whether it was actually with Justin or just what we did together I wasnt sure. I wasnt really sure about my feeling towards him in the first place, I knew he was attractive and funny, and unbelievably amazing and yes I did love him but was I ‘in’ love with Justin Bieber?
The bothered thoughts were exerted from mind when his left hand aproached the hem of my skirt, creeping its way to the inside, barely touching my thighs.
I whimpered and sensed his other hand slide my skirt up past my waist, leaving me standing still and giving Justin view of my bare tights. His mouth met the crease on my neck, sucking roughly as his hands worked to pull my tights down. Of coarse…he failed.
After a minute his brows furrowed, frustrated and he bent down to see the material more clearly.”Damn thing.” he muttered trying to pull it off my hips.
I giggled and leaned my head back to stare at the metal ceiling ahead, waiting for him patiently. Though I started to get more impatient as the seconds passed, my panties were soaked and I wanted him so bad. My teeth dug into my bottom lip from the feeling of his hands gripping my legs, but my eyes shot open and I looked down suddenly. A ripping noise rang in my ears.”Justin!” I smiled as he looked up to me before standing again.”You ripped my tights!”
“They wouldnt come off.” he scowled with a smug grin taking a second look at the torn up material that, now, hung around my ankles.
“Yeah but what am I suppose to tell the crew?”
“Does it matter?” he mocked me, crashing our lips together.
And it didnt matter anymore, not with his hands on me like this. Oh God I thought in my head, shouldnt I be telling him about Brooke? But damn he made me so crazy, I couldnt think clearly. Even when I was being ‘rebellious’ I would never have done this stuff before him…but now? The thought of us having a chance of being caught together thrilled me and I wanted to do this even more, not mentioning Justin ripping my tights. I had spoke shocked but inside it made me so hot. The fact that he wanted me that bad, it made me want to pleasure him the best way I could. Even though I was dying for him inside, I would stay strong to give him a ‘nice time’.
Justin’s fingers traced the tiny ribbons on my underwear, tugging them playfully while his lips hunted down my throat, then back up to lick my earlobe.”Do you want me?” he whispered alluringly. His hand came around to my butt, squeezing me to him tighter and securing my hips snugly to his. His hardened dick grew on me making me moan.
I licked my lips and decided to play hard to get, though I took notice that if I leaned up a little more I could view the stage, and everybody running around like small ants. Right as the dismissal words about left my mouth, his fingers snuck inside the material and quickly pulled my panties down to my knees. Directly after, his hand came back up to the inside of my thigh stroking my sensative skin.
No, dont dont, I chanted in my head but I groaned leaning my head back. I wanted him- wait. I ‘needed’ him to touch me. I was burning on the inside as flames lit my body up, he was the water that I very desperatley needed to put out the fire!
But as his fingers went up higher I opened my eyes to look down on the stage seeing Ryan staring up at me, puzzled. My eyes widened in suprise by both Justin’s fingers and Ryan, so I ducked down, pulling Justin’s shirt with me…

Ryan’s POV I glanced up and looked around wondering where Justin had went, but instead when I turned around to carry some heavy equipment away… I could have sworn I saw Natalie on one of the balconies. Squinting my eyes I tried to get a better view but the overweight metal began to slip from my grip.
I jerked it enough to get it back up, hitched on my hip then looked back. Searching for Natalie in the numerous amount of seats but saw nothing. Nada. Zip.
“I need to lay off the sweets.” I mumbled to myself continuing to carry the speakers.

Natalie’s POV A disgruntled sound came from Justin’s lips as I shoved him to the ground, not speaking. If I told him Ryan saw me then he would flip and ‘this’ would be ruined. No matter what just happend, I was still hot for him. And us not doing this…? Was NOT an option. Besides I honestly dont think Ryan actually saw me, he probably just thought he saw a crazy fan who snuck inside early. Yeah, I reassured myself… a crazy fan.
Either way I still wanted to check, just to make sure and feel more secure.
“You little devil.” he muttered watching me as I stood up to take off my underwear the rest of the way.
I peaked over the edge and saw Ryan walking away carrying equipment with the rest of the crew. Phew!
Now that I didnt have that to worry about, my mood snapped back to what it was. I smiled crawling ontop of him, deviously.”Not so fast Bieber.” I stated. I liked calling him ‘Bieber’ it was actually kinda fun.
“Bieber? What happend to Justin.” he smirked cupping my cheek in his hand as he asked that rehetorical question.
I rolled my eyes and pecked his lips, trailing down to his neck. Going up to whisper in his ear,”Be honest.” I ran my hands up his shirt and along his chest.”Would you rather have me…or Beyonce?”
I could see the confident look in his eye as he opened his mouth to speak but before he could say anything I kissed him. While my skinny hands worked on his belt buckle, tugging it off and unbuttoning his pants.
“But…” I grinned at myself, quite proud of the focus I was having right now, considering my body was aching to have him.”I want you to know”-I evolved his zipper down and slid the jean material to his ankles-“that I can be…”- my tongue glided along his bottom lip before bringing it into my mouth, sucking on it as my hands strained down his boxers briskly-“a Naughty Girl too.”
The confident smirk was wiped off his face by now and he gulped a sigh of relief as I had just set his huge erection free.”I’d rather have…” he took a deep controlling breath.
My long and skinny fingers twirled around his belly button, going lower slowly with deliberate ease.
All his muscles tightened at my touch and he closed his eyes, trying to clear his head. I snickered at his weak attempts to avoid my hands on his body, this was revenge for making me want him so bad earlier. Besides I loved pleasuring him. It was fun!
Justin took another deep breath and opened his eyes to look at me, head on.”Beyonc-” he started to say firmly but my index finger going to the tip of ‘him’ made him bite his lip as his eyes almost crossed, laying his head back down.”Ohh”
I smiled mischieviously, and carressed the sides of ‘him’ repeatedly, from the back up to the tip.”Were you gonna say Beyonce?” I questioned and watched carefully for his reaction.
His head started to nod in agreement but my hand backed away before hastily coming back to grip his whole manhood tightly. He closed his eyes and shook his head no, violently.”Oh God. You! You! Id rather have you!” he whined banging his fist on the ground lightly in tortured excitement.
I giggled and started rubbing him gently, I loved watching his facial expressions as he moaned and was all wet. It turned me on even more.
“Ohh my Gawdd. Nat…please stop!” he begged moaning like crazy.
“You want me to stop?” I smirked letting go of him but just to lean down and bring my mouth up to him.
He sighed unaware of my motivations until he sat up halfway, cocked up on his elbow, glancing down at my face. His eyes lit with a perplexed expression, he didnt think I would this.”You wouldnt?” he asked in shock.
I bit my lip and kissed the tip at first, going slow and not bringing my tongue into the situation yet.”I would…” I warned.”Still want me to stop?” Giggling, I kissed all along him now, using slight tongue.
He was still watching me but his eyes were almost closed, and his breathing unevened into ragged gasps.”Please…dont stop.” he said softly then as I put him halfway into my mouth an eager moan escaped his wet lips.”Dont stop!” he pleaded.
I couldnt help but smile as I played with him, not putting him in my mouth all the way yet, teasingly. He fell back flat, laying down on the cold floor.”Dont”-moan-“be a”-moan-“tease Natalie!” I laughed and still didnt take him, using my hands to run across his chest softly.”Its not…” his voice broke from a grunt caused by agonized pleasure.”funny!” he gasped which made me smile more from the cuteness of it.
I took him in a fourth of an inch more, coating him in my saliva. Justin’s moans had me on the verge of defeat, but he beat me to it by arching his hips up, sliding himself in my mouth fully.”Ahgh.” he let out a huge breath of relief and happiness.
In despair I began sucking him hard, giving in to teasing, anymore. I felt him throbbing in my mouth, as everything got even more warm and wet. Beads of sweat dripped off me from the heat surrounding us, but I continued pleasuring him. Hoping I was doing well considering I’d never done this before.
“Damn…” he bit his lip and shoved his fingers in my hair, as if trapping me from pulling away.
As if I would pull away if I could. For some odd reason I really enjoyed doing this. The way it made him act was so hot and exhilirating, until I felt him pounding so hard I knew he was about to cum. I persisted still but inside I panicked. What was I suppose to do? I’d never done this before, was I suppose to pull back? Or stop him? Did he really want me to swallow it? What if he got grossed out or something?
Going with my gut feeling I sucked as hard as I could and nibbled his tip very lightly, feeling him start to ooze from ecstasy. After all… this was Justin.
“Ohh God! I think Im cumm-” his voice transitioned into a cry of pleasure as he exploded in my mouth.
I swallowed quickly, afraid of the taste…but it turned out it wasnt that bad. I mean it didnt exactly taste good but it wasnt gag reflexes bad. My legs shook as I backed up to wipe the corners of my mouth off, watching his chest move up and down from his breathing.

Justin’s POV I gasped for air as I layed flat on my back, thinking about what just happend. My first blow job. A hint of me felt proud like I was officially a man, even though Id had sex like twice before Natalie… nobody had ever given me one of those! Also even though Id never had one before I knew that she was exceptionally gifted in that department. It was the best feeling next to sex.
She amazed me, everything about her. The way she did things and everything little thing she said. It made me go crazy.
“Woah…” I whispered in awe. It still shocked me that she just did that. I had not been expecting it, that was for sure.

Natalie’s POV I grinned at Justin’s face, feeling proud but I hesitated.”Was it okay?” my voice was barely a whisper as I blushed looking to the side.
He sat up and kissed my lips, tenderly.”That was…” he paused.”I cant even describe it in words.”
I looked up eagerly and smiled. We both stared into eachother’s eyes for a minute then he kissed me feverishly. Though I wanted to continue, everything flooded back into my mind, causing me to yank back.
“Wait. How long have we been up here?”
He sighed.”About half an hour. Why?”
“Cuz we both need to get back.” I said grabbing mu underwear that were nearby.
“What? No you cant do that to me and then just leave.” he pouted grabbing my waist, stopping me.
But as he tugged my body back to him, the pocket of his cell phone rang with Beyonce again.”Justinn.”
“Leave it.” he murmered kissing me.
I smirked and stood up to fix my clothing, besides my ripped tights which were beyond repair.”Get it.” I directed trying to fix everything around me.
He frowned, still his breath was uneven when he answered.”Hello mom.”
“Where are you!” she screamed so loudly I could hear through the reciever.
Flashing me a dirty look, he grabbed his boxers slipping them back on then going for his jeans.”Im on my way back, I was just wandering and kinda got lost.”
Pattie had calmed and spoke lower and I could no longer hear her.”Im gonna go.” I mouthed to Justin before giving him an intimate kiss.
“Bye.” he muttered quietly.
I half ran down the steps back to the stage…

Natalie’s POV “So how did you rip your tights again?” Brooke asked me as we headed to the stage for Justin’s concert. I had just changed my tights after stumbling through lies of why I needed another pair.
“I told you. I fell and they were already small on me, so they ripped.”
“And they say Im clumsy…” she mumbled running her french manicured fingers through her perfect black silky hair.
“Well you are clumsy, and uncoordinated. Atleast I can dance.” I bit the inside of my cheek, thinking of how less than 20 minutes ago Justin was in my mouth. It made me want to go brush my teeth as if there was evidence of our affair. What was an affair anyway? Just sex or a relationship? Both? Exhaling, my feet clicked the hard stage; preparing for tonight…
Luckily my performance wasnt shit, and I didnt screw up too noticably. Backstage after the concert I was in the female dancers changing room-

Justin’s POV I had changed into some comfortable pajama pants and a black V neck t-shirt with Addidas sandals.”Hey man.”
Ryan jumped a foot in the air, startled.”Woah, bro you scared me..”
“What are you doin?” my brows furrowed now that I noticed he was bending down and had his eye close to a door.
“Picking this lock.” he grunted then sighed as it swung open.”There. Hurry up and follow me or we’re gonna be late.”
“Where are we going?” I sputtered as he grabbed my arm and pulled me in.”Why do I get the feeling im about to get in trouble?”
“Only if we get caught.”
“Doing what exactly?”
Ryan sighed then turned to me annoyed.”Trust me. Ive been doin this for awhile now. As long as you keep your mouth shut we wont get caught.”
“Caught doing what?” I asked but immediatley leaned my head back in realization when the view of double doors came into my view.”The girls changing room, Ryan? Really?”
“C’mon bro dont be a fag.” he hit my arm and smiled like the pig he was.
Not gonna lie, watching the girls change did sound nice but then I remembered we both had girlfriend’s. Wait a minute, I feel guilty for watching girls change their clothes but cheating with Natalie was okay with me? Letting out a sigh my heart quickened at the thought.
Natalie was one of my dancers… which meant she was gonna be in there.
“Im not… its just Brooke and Natalie…” I said trying to come up with an excuse.
“So? Screw Brooke, she’ll never know and Natalie’s gonna be changing in there. Im giving you permission to look at my girl, and your complaining? I think your goin gay on me.”
“Im not gay!” I hissed angrily.”I just dont want to get caught-” laughter from the girls on my team erupted and a beam of light flew through the doors’ crack.”Shit…” I mumbled. It was too late to turn back now, if we moved then they’d hear us.
“And the show begins.” he chuckled and got his eyes closer to the door.
My hormones took over and I inched closer to get a better view.
“Thank God I can finally get out of this outfit!” Ashley, one of my dancers, groaned lifting off her jacket.
“I know it was so uncomfortable to wear.” another added as they all started to drop pieces of clothing.
The more clothes that were lost, the faster my heart was beating. I glanced over to Ryan and saw him smiling and watching intently.
“Was it just me or was Justin out of it on stage?” one asked with a smirk.
“I know right?”
They all erupted in laughter and my eyes diverted to Natalie who blushed and said nothing while slipping off her skirt.
“Dude!” Ryan whispered, laughing silently.”They’re making fun of you!”
“Shut up, dick.” I mumbled and hit his arm.
“Dont slap me!” he whined punching my arm lightly.
We froze as the girl’s did.”Did you guys hear something?” Ashley inquired and they all cocked their heads, listening.”Hmm.”
Figuring it was nothing, they carried on. I hadnt noticed they were all in their underwear and bra’s cause my eager eyes were fixed on Natalie. Her tanned arms were just about to unclasp her bra when another dancer walked up to her.
“Hey Natalie, can you tighten my bra strap?”
“Yeah.” she smiled and arranged her fingers to slide the piece of plastic up the material.”There you go.”
“Thanks Nat. How does it look?” she adjusted her breast then thrust her chest out, for examination.
“It looks amazing, I wish mine we’re that big.” she replied with a giggle.
“Oh no you dont honey. It hurts when im out there dancing. They move around so much, it sucks.”
They both laughed and I grinned at the sight of her, continuing to wrap her arms around herself to undo the clasp of her bra. Letting it magically falling to the ground. Beautifully.
“Oh man… Im gonna tap that tonight.” Ryan bit his lip and smirked.
Anger bubbled inside me and I pretended to trip so I could shove him into the wall.”Oh. Sorry bro.”

The tiny space of the closet didnt give him much room to kick me back, groaning.”Stop it!”
“You stop it!” I whispered maybe too loudly before we started attempting to pinch eathother.
“Okay, I definatley heard something that time.”
“Yeah, its coming from the door.”
My eyes widened in shock, as did Ryan’s.”You asshole, were gonna get caught now.”
I peaked through the crack and saw Nat shuffling her feet to the door, covering her breast with her hands.”Oh no.”
“Oh my God! There’s somebody in there!” a couple girls shrieked.
My breathing stopped and I didnt care how much noise I made, it was my only shot at getting out, pushing Ryan I sprinted back ducking back out the other door.

Natalie’s POV “Okay, I definatley heard something that time.” Jannet squealed looking around at everybody else.
Sighing I covered my breast with my hands for safety. They were probably just paranoid. But then I heard crashing and then groaning.
“Oh my God! There’s somebody in there!” a couple girls whined and started grabbing clothes.
Panicking my hands clasped around a towel and I covered my body to go to the door, flinging it open. The echo of footsteps rang in my ears, and I pursed my lips.
“Somebody was watching us!”
“That was more than one person in there. Didnt you hear the voices?” Ashley tried to be brave but nobody would continue getting dressed.
“Well,” I muttered.”They’re gone now, lets just hurry and get dressed then we can talk to Mrs. Lewis.”

After I got dressed in this- .com/hey_its_natalie_outfit/set?id=23349057 I was walking back to the SUV’s with Brooke, laughing.”Yeah im not even kidding.”
“So you dont know who it was?” she asked, jaw dropped.
“Nope but they were watching us.” I giggled.”Probably some little kid perverts or something.”
“Yeah, well I gotta go my mom is calling me. Prolly trying to get me to become a gymnastics star now!” her voice had very deep sarcasm in it.
“Okay. Can you tell her about the incident? I dont feel like going to the SUV’s.”
“Oh your gonna ride in the tour bus?”
“Yeah why?” I asked stopping in my tracks, where we had to go our seperate ways.
She shrugged her petite shoulders.”Just wondering cuz Ryan, Chaz, and I are riding in the SUV’s… so looks like your stuck with Justin.”
“Oh joy.”
“Yeah..” she laughed and walked away throwing words over her side.”And I’ll tell my mom.”
“Alright, thanks sexy.”
“No problem gorgeous.”
I chuckled a throaty laugh and helped grab some bags while heading into the bus.”Yo! Who’s riding in here?”
Kenny popped up with a small grin.”Me, im taking driving shift.”
“Cool.” I tapped my silver supra high tops against the carpet before laying down on the couch, closing my eyes. I could feel the vibration of the bus jerking ahead to drive, and the wind flying past us. On the road… again. I was tired of traveling so much and to think Justin had been doing this way before I had, must suck even worse for him. Where was Justin anyway?
Letting out a huge sigh I forced myself up and off the couch to head to the small bathroom, closing the door inside before glancing in the mirror at my face. I fixing my makeup and my hair which hung loosley down my back, straight as a board and soft as a feather. My bangs were pulled up into a side clip, half braid.
A light knock hit the door and I wondered who it was. Wasnt it just Kenny, Justin and I on the bus?”Give me a sec.” I directed taking one last glance at the mirror before turning towards the door, but it suddenly burst open and Justin barged in slamming me against the back wall. Pressing his mouth to mine in a feverish kiss.
Shocked at first I was motionless, but once I realized it was him I kissed back sloppily. And by sloppily I mean this wasnt exactly the kind of kiss you would do in public or in front of children. His tongue wasnt just in my mouth but all over my lips, tracing down my jaw to my neck and back up as I did the same with him.
This was one of those moments when nothing needed to be said, we both knew exactly what we both wanted. His hands curved around the back of my thigh, lifting me up and pressuring me against the wall again as my bare legs wrapped around his waist, securing my abdomen to his hips.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and moved my lips down his jawline to suck his neck roughly. When I stopped to think about it, it was so wierd how applying pressure to a certain body part could feel so good…
Justin’s hands slid more up my tanned thighs to cup my bum, holding me up for extra support and it caused me to let out a groan.”Justin what are you doin?” but I knew exactly what he was doing. The better question would be why? We had literally just had sex like what… yesterday? And I gave him a blowjob earlier, did he want me that bad?
His lips left me long enough to bite them, staring at me sexily.”Ive been waiting for you since this morning baby. I need you.”
Wow his voice was such a turn on, the way it sounded as if he was pleading or would explode if he didnt have me.
Besides the fact that the bus could stop at any second, and we could get caught I knotted my fingers in his hair, kissing him as a response to Justin’s statement.”Im yours.”
An instant smile appeared on his face and he lifted up my shirt, getting impatient when it caught on my wrist. After getting it off he held me in his arms, flying me to his bed and throwing my quivering body on it.
Like magic, his shirt and jeans dissapeared onto the rough carpet then his body came crashing to me. (sorry guys im getting lazy and dont feel like writing a sex scene at the moment :S)

I tugged on my shorts, wincing from my soreness. Yes soreness.
Its not that I didnt ‘enjoy’ the very rough sex we’d just had, but was it worth my tenderness afterwords? Eh… hella yes.
My right hand cupped the back of my neck before dropping it at my side, lazily. A part of me wanted to say ‘thanks’ but it just didnt seem correct to say that now, as he sat naked under a sheet staring at the ceiling blankly. And silently.
My mouth opened to speak but no words came out, so I quickly left the room without saying what I was truly wanting to ask.
What were Justin and I?

Justin’s POV My hands rested beneath my head as I gazed into the ceiling’s strange texture. From the corner of my eye I could see Natalie, debating what to say. Eventually leaving mutely.
I didnt want her to say anything. This was a moment of peace, and relaxation and her saying something would most likely ruin it for me. Damn im being selfish. Maybe I should go check to see if she’s alright? I got rougher than I meant to tonight, and during my boisterous frenzy I could have sworn I heard her cry in pain…or was it pleasure? Eh even if I did, she couldnt be that hurt. Right?

Natalie’s POV A moan escaped my lips as my legs tightened around Justin’s waist. He was thrusting in me…hard. Harder than usual and even though it felt amazing I could tell discomfort would soon be in its place. What was with him tonight?
He let out a quick but loud gasp, tracing his hands down to grip my hips; pushing me with him more. If that was possible…my nails dug into the skin of his back as we both screamed from the climax and release. Breathing heavily my eyes closed and my head fell to the side, exhausted.
A panicked breath came from my nose when I felt his hands grabbing at my stomach and back, flopping my body over so I was now laying on my belly.
“Justin what-” I began to ask but gasped when he penetrated in me from behind, going all the way in with one drive. What the hell, he couldnt give me chance to ready myself?
His heart pounded against my back, and his thrust got harder and faster. I wanted to tell him to go slower and loosen his tight grip from my waist but I thought that would be embarrassing. Thankfully his hands left my sides, circulating my blood again, but immediatley one went to my grope my breast; the other holding half my shoulder and neck tightly. Putting all his body weight on me, Justin used his grasp on me as extra support to make his thrust deeper, harder, and rougher.
I squealed from half pleasure and half pain.”Justinn!”
“Aww yeah,”-I could tell from his voice that he was biting his lip-“Say my name baby…” a loud pleased moan came from between those delicious lips.
My brows furrowed for a moment of confusion before I was engulfed in exciting and unpleasant feelings. A part of me wanted him to stop, giving me a break but the other was so turned on by him that I shouted,”Justin Bieber!” while grabbing ahold of the sheets in my tiny fist.
Tremors rolled down his body, shaking me lightly from his second release before he fell on his side next to me, smiling. He forced our lips together in a hard and wet kiss, stunning me for a second while holding me in a trapping hold from his hands then he pulled back and diverted his eyes to the roof…

(end of flashback)

Natalie’s POV Once I took a step out the door and shut it, I immediatley regretted this. I should march back in there and demand to know what the hell was goin on? Was I his girlfriend secretly? Were we friends with benefits or was I just a sex toy to him anymore? At this thought the memories of the masquerade ball came to mind. He was so sweet back then, but now? I just didnt know and the worst part of it was, I was in love with him. I was in love with Justin Bieber, as himself, what he did, everything about him made me get all gushy inside and feel like I was floating away in space without gravity.
Correction: the worst part of it is I was in love with him and if he wanted me as a sex toy, then I would be his sex toy. And that scares me…

We made a stop to get gas, and I jumped off as soon as we stopped. I wanted to be as far from Justin as possible, to escape the awkwardness. But of coarse everyone in the SUV was asleep so nobody would switch with me. Letting out an agonized sigh I forced my body into the tiny rest n stop station.
My throat was so dry so I began my search for water in the back of the store, eventually finding aqua purified bottle and slouching to the front counter to buy it.
“Is this all for today?” the female register asked then looked up at me and her jaw dropped.”Oh my God! Your Natalie Slayter!”
I panicked.”Yeaah?”
“I love your dancing! Can I have your autograph?” she asked shoving a pen and paper under my nose.
Licking my lips nervously I glanced around, suprised. Looking for the hidden cameras that would pop out soon. This had to be hoax cause there was NO WAY in hell that anybody would want MY autograph. I wasnt famous.”Umm… are you sure?”
Her face lit up with shock.”Of coarse! Im your biggest fan!”
“So this isnt like… some kind of joke or prank?” hesitantly my hand went to reach for the pen.
She smirked and smiled at me, goofily.”Do you not understand how many fans you have? Well im sure you do, your amazing.”
“Uhh, right…” I mumbled still searching for the cameras while signing my name on the paper.”There you go.”
“If its not too much to ask, can I get a picture?”
What the hell!”Suure…”
She pulled out a camera and ran to my side, extending her arm to snap the picture.”Thank you so much! I cant believe I just got my picture taken with Natalie Slayter!”
“Im…just a normal person.” I said still in shock. Where had I been that I coudn’t have noticed my ‘fanbase’ growing?”How much?” I asked quietly.
“Its on the house! Anything you want!” she giggled nervously pointing to the whole store.
Yeah, I still threw a $5 on the counter before walking out knowing that she would get in trouble if I didnt pay. Besides I still thought that I was getting punk’d or something. Afterall she was just a worker.
Someone hit my chest hard before stumbling back.”Oh… hey beautiful.”
My eyes widened at Justin, standing before me looking as flawless as ever.”Hi…” I said in a small voice.
“Whats wrong?” he asked with a crooked grin.
“Nothing, just uh someone asked for my autograph. Still a little suprised…” I lied biting my lip.
“You’ll get used to it.” he winked, putting his arm on my shoulder, leading me back into the bus.”Can I talk to you?”
My heart skipped a beat.”Yeah, sure.” I whispered as we both sat down on the bed we had just recently had sex on. What was he gonna say? God my nerves were jumping under my skin!
He kissed my cheek, tracing to my ear then held my hands in his.”I just wanted to ask you if you were okay with what just happend? Cause I thought it was great.”
My fast beating heart, sank to my stomach. What could I say? No I didnt like the fact that you’ve caused me to be sore, but Im in love with you and the thing I want most is to hear you say you love me? Yeah right. Talk about awkward…
“It was fine…” I said with a fake smile, hoping he would catch on to my ‘fine.’
His perfect teeth scraped his bottom lip, with a seductive smile.”Awesome…” he whispered in my ear before kissing my jawline, his hand curving around my neck. Soon tracing his fingers like legs down to the crease of my shirt.
Oh…my…God…again! No, no, no, and NO!
“Justin what are you doing?” I complained rolling my eyes and shoving on his chest lightly. More than anything I didnt want him to be mad at me so each step I made it had to be with care.
He ignored my obvious sign of not wanting him to continue, moving his lips to my mouth while shifting his body to hover above me on the bed.”Kissing you…” he murmered between pecks.”Why arent you kissing back?”
Coldness washed through me, I didnt want him to feel like I didnt want him. But I didnt want him. Not like that, well not right now anyway.”Well we just did this…” I started to say but I felt his body tense up above me. No, I whined silently in my head.”Sorry…” I muttered before crashing our lips together. Trying to hold back tears at this guy, I had no clue what was with him.
“Dont apologize.” he whispered with a grin.”And for the record… your breast size is perfectly fine…” before he could say anything else the tour bus door was heard to be opened and Ryan’s voice came thundering in, laughing.”Shit…” he finished standing up quickly.
“It was you!” I shrieked, my jaw dropping. He gave me a cheesy smile then winked at me. Knowing people were here and I needed to leave I urgently whispered,”You will explain later!” then my feet hit the ground as I went to the door, sneaking out. He was the one who was watching all us girls change! Maybe this was my fault, I had given it to him… what kind of monster did I create? (what the hell’s with me making Justin a sex addict? lmao well he’s not a sex addict in healing wounds anymore so haha)
“Hey babe.” Ryan grinned skipping up to me.
A section of me was glad to see Ryan, from the smile on his face. It was the old smile he used to have before he went all wierd…or maybe he was a creep all along? Since I found out above him lying, and the whole thing backstage… it just wasnt the same with him anymore.
“Hi Ryan.” I said with the same small voice I had with Justin.
“What were you doing in his room?” he questioned taking a glance behind me.
“Uhh…he took my ipod..” I laughed to cover up my lie.”Jackass.”
The suspicious look was still in his eye when he shrugged his shoulders, intertwining our fingers.”Wanna do something?”
“No, actually im kinda tired and tomorrow I have that homework assignment due so I need to study some.”
“What have you been doing this whole time then?” he asked his brows furrowing.
Dammit. Ryan was getting more nosy everyday.”Nothing, just relaxing and sleeping. I had to perform you know.”
He sighed before letting go of my hand.”Yeah.”

*The Next Morning*

I woke up with sudden courage. I needed to speak with Justin, right away. And ask him what was goin on. Getting up and dressed in this- .com/love_you_too_much_for/set?id=23724955 I stormed immediatley out to where everyone was eating breakfast.”Goodmorning everyone.”
“Morning Nat.” Brooke said munching on toast while texting someone on her phone.
“Morning Natty.” Pattie greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek as my other cheek was occupied with Ryan’s lips.
“Wakey wakey.” he cooed wrapping his arms around my waist. Okay. So I knew I should be more careful and atleast show some affection towards him but I needed to speak with Justin, right away.
I scrunched my lips, annoyed.”Not now Ryan.”
“Uhh…okay? Are you PMS’ing or what?” he whispered in my ear softly.
“Im not! I just dont want you touching me at the moment is that too much to ask!” my head jerked towards him as I snapped out these regretted words.
The bus fell silent then most people pretended to be busy or walked out. Jeeze I had made a scene, shit.”You know you’ve been acting really wierd lately!” he accused shoving a finger in my chest.
From the corner of my eye I saw Pattie watch innocently, and sadly. This must hurt her to watch the kids she cares about, fight.”I think we need to take this outside, Ryan.” I ordered.
Squinting his eyes he scoffed before folding his arms on his chest, almost sprinting out the door. He couldnt wait to argue with me…
“Listen… its been rough lately-” I began folding my own fingers into my other hand before he rudely cut me off.
“Bullshit! Whats been so rough lately Natalie!”
My brows furrowed in anger. God he was so ignorant!”My mother happend to abandon me when I needed the people I love in my life the most! Your WERE one of them but I dont even know who you are anymore, but then again… maybe I never did…” I finished by shaking my head slightly and turning to walk away.
“Whats ‘that’ suppose to mean!” he called after me with nerves evident in his voice.
Pivoting my left foot in the dirt I cocked my head to stare at him blankly, making every word count.”You know exactly what I mean Ryan Butler…”

“Shh…” Justin hushed into my hair as he held me close to his body. I missed this. The love…
Id been letting the tears fall aimlessly down my flushed cheeks for atleast ten minutes now, as we sat alone on the bridge hanging over a huge cliff.
Justin had wanted to take me here so we could be alone, since he knew I was upset. It was a good thing Kenny covered for us…he was getting better and better with the idea of Justin and I sneaking around behind Ryan’s back.
To be honest I never really enjoyed heights but as long as he was here with me then I think I was good. All that was heard throughout the echoe of endless trees were birds chirping, the wind blowing in a small breeze, grass swaying in rhythm, and my soft sobs. We were alone. Literally alone which made me feel a tiny bit better. No snapping pictures, crazy fans, or orders from the crew. Just total relaxation, helped by a misty smell drifting into our noses. Gray clouds beamed overhead yet the humidity wasnt too bad to sweat, dew hung around us everywhere.
“Honey, please dont cry.” he whispered while rubbing my back.
My chest shivered with more uncontrollable sobs, and I gasped quickly.”How could she just do that to me, Justin? Im her daughter! I thought she loved me!”
“She does love you… I bet she’s just having a hard time with you dancing. It reminds her too much of your father.”
“I lost him too!” my hands clutched his shirt to me in a tight hug.
He sighed at a loss for words, hugging me back.”I know… I know…”
“Do you think she’s coming back?”
“Of coarse.”
“When?” my voice was stuck in my throat due to my clogged nose.
Looking out at the landscape Justin exhaled, blinking his eyes.”I dont know Natalie…”
I nuzzled his neck as the tears decreased slowly. Right now I was suppose to be yelling at him but how could I?
Unexpectedly I felt warm lips on mine, in a heated kiss. Okaaay? Tears here…hello?
He shifted sides as his hands went to my hips, pushing me back against the wooden and shakey bridge.”Is this really the time?” I asked in a mute voice when he trailed kisses down my jawline to my neck, sucking on it.
“Now’s the perfect time…” his tongue glided down my chest, working great with his hand which had stroked up my back to attempt to pull down the short sleeve.
I layed my head back against the hard, old wood. This was exactly what I had woke up this morning and been against… but now, its just the most romantic set, and he’s so amazing, im so in love with him, and my stupid hormones! Arrgh!
He flashed me the most flirty, sexy, and pleading smile Id ever seen in my life, after pulling back to cup my face in his hands, wiping away dried tears with his thumb.
I sniffled and glared into his eyes. Like really… glared into his eyes. I knew there was something mysterious underneath the seduction.”I dont think so…”
Anger shot through me when he attempted to kiss me again, while shoving me back down. My hand flew to his chest, pushing him back.”What the hell is wrong with you! Cant you see im crying and the last thing I want to do right now is have sex?”
Utter suprise lit his gorgeous brown orbs…he was speechless.
Crinkling my nose and forehead in frustration I wrapped my jacket around me tighter, securing myself. Silence fell…
“Justin, I think we need to talk.”
He gulped in anticipation.”About what?”
“Your actions from just now and last night…” I whispered avoiding eye contact.
“B-but…you said it was fine…?” he questioned with a concerned look.”Are you okayy?”
I sighed and a small smile crept to my lips from his concern.”I guess…” I picked at the material of my purse as more silence passed.”I just dont get what’s been with you ever since yesterday…?” It was completely obvious he didnt want me as his girlfriend. I was just someone he could talk to about music and get some action, but still… Id rather have that time with him then no time at all.”Im okay with the frequency, apparently or I wouldnt be in this relationship. Or whatever this is, but next time you can atleast warn me before going banana sandwhich on me.” (lmao Dane Cook is hilarious)
It was his turn to feel awkward and need to explain.”Listen… I didnt mean to get that rough last night. Its just, this weekend I leave to go to Japan for two weeks and your not gonna be there and Im gonna miss you so much-”
I cut off his blabbering.”Woah, wait..what? Japan?”
“Yes. Japan.” he sighed flipping his hair to the side.”And I just wanted to get as much as I could before I left…”
“Justin thats not an excuse,” my voice cracked.
“I know; I know its not. It was completley wrong of me to be that forceful, and im so sorry…”
Man his moodswing was gonna give me whip-lash.
Something came to my mind, as more silent minutes passed without care.”Justin, what were you doing spying on us girls?”
His facial expression lit with slight anger and annoyance. He made sure to emphasize the word ‘that’.”That was not my fault! Ryan brought me there and he’s the one who said he does it all the time.”
I scoffed angrily.”Pfft. Ryan…” saying his name like that made it offcial that he was a douchebag.
“Yeaah, he’s starting to piss me off again.” Justin muttered throwing a pebble off the bridge.
“Last night he came into my room and told me not to speak with you at all.” his brows pulled together in a disgusted face.”Can you believe he has the balls to say that to me when he treats you like dirt.”
My ears perked up at …” I trailed almost mutely.
“Im serious Natalie. He doesnt deserve you. You should be treated like a queen, cause thats”-his hand rested on my thigh-“what you deserve. Not some dumbass who cant be there for you when you need him. Or love you in every way possible. And I know im not exactly in the position to say this cause I cant even touch you in public but I mean that. Someday I will give you everything you could ever ask for…”
Tears were streaming endlessly down my face. This was almost what I wanted to hear. ‘JUST SAY IT!’ I chanted to myself in my head.
“One day, im gonna make love to you on the beach without my fans there to scream and interupt. Were gonna be able to walk down the sidewalk hand in hand without having to worry about Brooke and Ryan seeing us. Were gonna eventually get married and move somewhere far away from everybody. Maybe in the Carribeans or in the country somewhere…im gonna give you children who will give you grandchildren and were gonna watch them grow up. Im gonna grow old with you…” his hand came up to cup my cheek in it.”I wanna grow old with you…”
Blissful tears ran down my cheeks and I beamed at him, enjoying every second of this. Even though he still hadnt said the thing I wanted him to. ‘I love you.’ He had kinda said it, in so many words. He wanted to marry me and spend the rest of his life with me, and also he said he wanted to get away from his career…
Justin may have wanted to get away from it for awhile but I knew how much it meant to him. He loves singing just like I love dancing. Just like I loved him…
“I love you.” I whispered to him while leaning my forehead on his.”Its crazy, but I do.”
“I know…” he replied simply before kissing my lips tenderly. And thats when he didnt push me back but leaned me back. Gently. Softly. Lovingly.
I didnt stop him this time… I didnt want to stop him. This wasnt just sex like it would have been if I hadnt of stopped him. This was making love…

Natalie’s POV I had just arrived back at the tourbus with Justin, we slowly walked back to the door from the huge black and metal SUV.
“Who’s car is that?” asking quietly, I looked up at Justin’s face. He was a couple inches taller than me.
He followed my gaze and then sighed before replying.”That’s the Beadles car. I didnt think they would visit again so soon.”
Last time the Beadles had visited, it was before our affair had started and the whole week they were here I happen to have been in the hospital due to a very bad case of the flu, so this would be the first time I got to meet them.
“Actually,” Justin continued.”I think Christian and his dad stayed in Georgia while Caitlin and her mom came out to stay with you guys while Im in Japan.”
“Oh…” my forehead crinkled in dissapointment. I wanted to meet them all.
I felt a light squeeze on my hand then he let it go and walked through the door into the tour bus. Sighing I fixed my dress, preparing myself to meet Caitlin and her mom for the first time. As I came through the doorframe I saw that Justin was closing the door to his room after walking in, Brooke sat in between Ryan and Chaz on the couch, and Caitlin stood next to it looking down shyly.
“Hey guys, where’s Pattie?” I asked with a smile.
Ryan answered, uninterested.”She went shopping with Mrs. Beadles.”
Okay, thats the third one down. Guess its just Caitlin to meet for now.
“Hi, Caitlin. Im Natalie Slayter.” I waved kindly to her giving a genuine smile.
Her brown(idk what color her eyes are? help? lol) looked up with a suprised hint in them. Before she got to say hello back Brooke stood up and covered her own nose and mouth in her tiny hand, letting out a quiet sneeze.
“God bless you.” Caitlin told her then looked back to me.
Ryan stood up and scoffed.”She’s already gonna start with the Jesus freak shit.”
My jaw dropped.
“Seriously man, last time was bad enough to put up with her.” Chaz chipped in and lifted himself to stand with Ryan as they both started to walk off.
Brooke looked around at me, giving me a pathetic look before turning her mouth into a rude grimace.”Shouldnt you be at church, Caitlin?” then chased after the boys, leaving me with my mouth open in utter shock.
The small girl with brunette hair looked down, her lip trembling. Did that really just happen?
“Caitlin im, uh… they’re not usually like that…” I stuttered.
Her head lifted and a fake and very small smile on her lips was revealed.”No, it is. This is exactly how they treated me last time.” she shook her head to herself muttering,”I knew I shoudnt have come here…”
How could they do that, and Brooke! She was never one to mock God! This was unbelievable.
“You know Natalie, im sure your very nice but this was a bad idea, me coming here. Ive got to go-”
“Please dont leave cause they are ignorant.” I said desperatley. Words couldnt describe how bad I felt right now from my boyfriend and friends actions. In a rush of apology I sat on the couch and pulled her down to sit next to me.”I thought it was very polite of you to say God bless you. I do it all the time, and theres nothing wrong with being religious.”
“I know that,” she laughed.”And im not half as bad as they made me out to be. I just dont like the whole teenager bandwagon thing thats going on. Drinking, drugs, sex, ect.”
I blushed. She definatley wouldnt approve of Justin and my relationship.”Thats cool.” I grinned hoping I could convince her not leave.
A couple silent seconds passed.”So since I didnt get to formally introduce myself…Im Caitlin Beadles.” her hand extended in a welcome gesture.
I took it and shook lightly.”Nice to meet you.”

Caitlin and I hit it off as soon as we got talking, I loved her already. She was actually really sweet and funny! And her mom was just as nice. I didnt understand how it was possible not to like their family, they were all very kind and comforting. Well I hadnt exactly met Christian physically yet but I talked on the phone to him with Caitlin. She was really close to him and I hope that if I had a sibling that I had their relationship.
He was adorable! And their father was awesome, he reminded me of my old one…
“So why dont you like Justin?” she asked me for the fifth time in the past half hour as we sat at the table in the tourbus as it drove. Ryan was playing Xbox, Chaz and Brooke rode in a an SUV. Go figure.
And Justin was still in his room, packing was my guess. He left for Japan tomorrow… my heart was still aching with knowing that my time with him was limited and yet I couldnt go be with him. I was suppose to not like him. Which brought me back to my new friend.
“I dont know..” I whispered uncomfortable. The true reason I didnt like him at first was because I thought he did something, that he didnt. Turned out Ryan lied to me the first time we met and it wasnt the last time. He also told Justin that he had my virginity. Well asshole, jokes on you cause Justin has it. Anyway I couldnt ruin Justin’s name by repeating the lie, so instead I stayed quiet.
“Its just, I thought that maybe you could give him a try. He truly is very nice and funny. You’d like him.” Caitlin told me while she tugged little beads that had letters on them, stringing them along the string, then continuing to do the same with the other string. She was making braclets.
Her tongue rested on her bottom lip as she concentrated then they pulled into a smile and she sighed.”There. Finished!”
I chuckled.”Finished with what?”
“Our friend bracelets.” she smiled widely and grabbed my wrist, tieing it then giving me her bracelet and wrist for me to tie.
I tied it then pulled back and read what the beads said. ‘Best Friends Forever’
So.. even though it was a little fast it still felt right. I grinned and gave her a side hug.”Thanks Caitlin.”
“Your welcome.”
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ryan walk up uncomfortable.”You know Nat, you dont have to pretend to like her…”
My eyes narrowed angrily.”If you have a problem with Caitlin then your gonna have ‘another’ problem with me, Ryan.”
“Whatever..” he rolled his eyes and sat back on the couch.
Caitlin’s eyes softened and she looked at me sadly.”You dont have to fight with your boyfriend over me Nat. Its alright, i’ll understand.”
I looked down, my head filled with confusing suggestions.”Yeah well he might not be my boyfriend for much longer.”
*The Next Morning*
I was leaning against the wall, a frown frozen on my mouth, Justin and I still hadnt even got a chance to say goodbye to eachother.
Pattie had been watching me intently and I think she finally got the message. As everyone scurried around getting bags loaded in the cars for the drive to the jet, Justin was still in his room.
“Um Natty, would you please go back into Justin’s room and tell him to hurry up?” Pattie asked trying to hold back a smile.
I bit my lip to stop my grin and as I passed her I whispered a ‘thank you’ after she winked.
“Go say goodbye..” she muttered back in a low tone.
I clutched my hand around the door knob before turning it and jumping in the room, slamming it shut behind me in one swift motion.
Justin looked up suprised then smiled.”Hey..”
“Hi, your mom told me to tell you to hurry up.” a grin broke my lips and I walked up to him slowly.
“Did she now?” he smirked, his hands going to my waist. An answering and bigger smile lit my face as I leaned in, pressing our lips together.
“Im gonna miss you.” I said on his lips.
He kissed me back with passion as we both lowered to sit on his bed.”And you have no idea how much im already missing you.”
I laughed and slid one hand in his silky hair, my skin burned wherever he touched it. He made me feel so alive.

“C’MON JUSTIN!” Scooter called from outside the door, knocking viciously.”We’re gonna miss our flight if you dont hurry man.”
I sighed, leaning my forehead against his. My stomach felt as if it someone had just stabbed me multiple times.”Text me, please.” The world was spinning and I had no control. It was ridiculous, really…I mean he was going to be gone for two weeks. Not months.
“The whole time.” he replied softly as his fingers went to hold my chin. I rested my hands on his chest, feeling his heartbeat through his thin shirt, listening to our slow and rhythmic breathing.”Sweetheart I have to go..”
I gave a fake smile and stood up shuffling my feet to the other side of the room.”Go before I tie you down and duct tape your mouth to make you stay.” my voice had the deep sarcasm in it but still I felt warm arms wrap around my waist.
“Sounds like a plan.” he whispered in my ear quietly while placing soft kisses on the sensative skin of my neck.
My eyes closed and my head fell back on his shoulder.”Your gonna miss your flight, go before people get suspicious.”
He murmered a sound of agreement but continued hugging me from behind. I giggled and elbowed his arm lightly while pulling away to look back at him.
“I love you.” my voice was barely a whisper. My heart needed to hear him say it back before he left, or I wouldnt be complete. Just…say…it. Three simple words that mean so much… ‘I love you’
A bright grin lit his face and he kissed me tenderly.”Me too shawty.” then he picked up his bag and opened the door, leaving me hopeless.

“So what do you girls want to do today?” Pattie asked with an excited grin on her face.
Brooke walked past with her purse around her shoulder.”Im goin shopping, see yah.”
“Okay…one down. How about you ladies!”
Sandi came out with a huge purse and sunglasses.”Caitlin, why dont you and Natalie go do something? I scheduled a spa day for Pattie and I.”
I lounged on the couch with a smug smile to myself. Justin and I had been texting since he left, and I dreaded when he lost service on the airplane.”Yeah thats fine..” I said not really paying much interest to the subject.
Caitlin gave me a grin and muttered.”Let me go get my purse, we’ll go out somewhere.”
“Alright.” I smiled. Despite that Justin had to leave, I was stilll in a pretty good mood.”Bye mothers!”
Pattie and Mrs. Beadles laughed then they both gave me a hug.”Bye bye darling.”
Caitlin came pouncing from her bunk.”Lets go chica!”
Jumping from the sofa I basically sprinted to the door, grabbing keys.”Im driving!”

Okay so it turns out that im not the only one who had people following me. Since Caitlin was Justin’s ex she had ‘fans’ also. But it was quite annoying how atleast a couple girls with cameras were around every other corner that we walked down.
“You wanna go see a movie?” I asked flicking my hair behind my shoulder.
She smiled widely and nodded. With her religious background I hoped we could go see a movie that wasnt PG if you know what I mean so with an awkward face I took a breath.
“Wanna see Paranormal Activity 2?”
Her smile stayed as it was and she murmered.”Yeah, Ive been wanting to see that one.”
I sighed, relieved.

*After going through the front doors to the theatre*
(sorry guys, im skipping but you get the gist)

“Popcorn!” Caitlin squealed running to the counter with a big smile. I giggled and follwed her, she was such a free spirit. And I was so jealous of that.
We were wearing .com/girls_night_out/set?id=24367339 “Get me some sour patch kids.” I hollered while making a right turn to go to the restroom before we got the tickets and went into the doom of darkness. I somehow made my way through the strong scents of alcohol and soap, into a stall and on the toilet. Retrieving my phone from my jean shorts pocket.

1 New Txt Message (trying to do this a bit differently, tell me if you can understand it)

From Justin: i am so close from throwing ryan into the pacific ocean rite now :S out the small airplane window and into sharks territory lol

I smiled from his little joke and finished peeing before responding-

To Justin: 😀 haha you should!
From Justin: wat r u doin?
To Justin: caitlin and i are bout to go watch Paranormal Activity 2 in theatre XD From Justin: sure you wont get too scared? 😉
To Justin: im not promising nothin! lol speaking of…
From Justin: of…what?
To Justin: why are ryan, chaz, and brooke so mean to caitlin? 😦

I was back out into the lobby, standing next to my buddy as she bought the tickets.
“Two for Paranormal Activity 2 please?” she asked kindly to the old lady with a bulbous nose in the glass box then waved my hand, that had a wad of cash in it, away. After squeezing the thick paper of out tickets in her tiny fingers she smiled.”Thanks.”
“You ready?” I joked lifting my leg to kick her butt as she did the same and we both ended up kicking eachothers feet. We laughed and walked up to the teenage guy who needed to take out tickets so we could get in.
I waited impatiently for Justin to text me back… either this was a huge coincidence and he lost service or he was avoiding the question I asked. My guess was answer B even though I really hoped he had just lost service.
“Tickets please ladies?” he asked with his hand out.
We obliged and handed them over with polite smiles until he looked up and smirked. His arms then crossed in a cocky stance.
“Your”-his head nodded towards Caitlin-“Justin Biebers ex-girlfriend right?”
Caitlin sighed, clearly unhappy that everyone knew her as just that. Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend. “The names’ Caitlin Beadles.” she said in a harsh tone.
His eyes then diverted to me.”And your a backup dancer for him, my sister wouldnt shut up about your dancing after the concedrt she went to.”
Something about the way he still had that cocky stance and smirkon his lips made me uncomfortable. This guy was trouble.
“Whats it to yah?” I snapped with alot more attitude than I intended.
He shrugged his shoulders, the smirk growing in anticipation.”Just recognized you is all…I cant believe you dated that little faggot.” he laughed, talking to Caitlin.
Anger bubbled inside me. Nobody. Said. That. About. My. Justin.
“How dare you!” Caitlin said, her jaw dropped.
“No,” the asshole continued to dig himself a deeper hole with me.”How dare that fucking little girl say he creates music when all he’s created is stupid noise that cant be qualified as real music, about it being ‘love’.” his hands went up to his face and chest, imitating what was suppose to be Justin.”Im a baby, baby, baby, ohhh! I should kill, kill, kill, myseeelf! The stupid fag has no talent. At all. Everything about him is fake, he cant even sing.”
My hands were balled into such tight fist im suprised the skin wasnt ripping and my bones popping out. I had an angered red face, my lips curled into a growl like line. How could he even say this? Though it wasnt a suprise to come from him, how did the theatre expect people not to run away scared at the sight of him.
He was obviously around my age, long and wavy black greasy hair hung down his back, he had so many piercing just on his face that I could barely see his acne covered skin no doubt caused by the drugs he most likely does in the back alley of this very building. Blood shot eyes stared at Caitlin and I like a thirsty animal. ‘Music’ from his MP3 player blared from the pocket of his baggy black pants but all that was heard was screaming and the word ‘fuck’ over and over again. Yeah that was real music. A shirt with a huge skull and a snake coming out of the nose and mouth was hidden behind his maroon colored vest, his uniform. It looked odd compared to the rest of all his black clothing. Typical.
Some jackass who listened to death metal and then had the nerve to say Justin’s music was shit. And then say Justin cant sing! Caitlin was innocent. There was no way she would stand up for Justin, or win the arguement atleast, but me? I wasnt going down without a fight. Im a nice girl…but mess with someone I love? I’ll fuck you up!
“But,” he looked at me with a revolting grin.”You on the other hand, havent been ruined by that pussy so… how about I get your number and I call you later tonight?”
Caitlin’s mouth was pulled into a huge grimace.”Your a jerk! I cant believe you would even think that she’d consider going out with you after what you just said, you-”
I interupted her before she could say some lame name like ‘butthead’. A flirty smile lit my lips even though I was dying on the inside. I just wanted to kill this guy, right here.”Id love to go out tonight actually!”
My friend slowly faced me with anger in her eyes, her mouth hanging open in shock.
He gave a toothy grin and made a face that was suppose to be hot…?
“Meet me at the Pink Berry Ice Cream Shoppe on 6th, at 8 tonight? Yeah?” I winked, biting my lip seductively.
“Anything sweetheart.” he smiled big and moved out of the way.”Enjoy the movie ladies. I’ll see you tonight Natalie Slayter.”
“Same here…?” my face scrunched in fake concern for his name.
“Corey… Corey Young. Here’s my number,” he said taking out a sharpie and writing it on my hand.
“Bye…” I cooed and pulled Caitlin’s arm so we could go see the movie.
“What the hell was that!” she burst out once inside the darkness.”I know you said you didnt like Justin but-”
I put my finger to her lips.”Shoosh! Im not really gonna go out with that cheese head!”
She looked puzzled.”W-what?”
“I just said that, and now look. I know where he’s gonna be tonight and I have his number! Im gonna make this bastard eat his words about Justin.” OK…maybe I got a little carried away in my lil speech cuz she gave me a wierd look then a small smile hit her lips.
“You know thats pretty deep for someone you dont care about…” she whispered going to sit down, still smiling.
“I uh I just dont um you know like it when people are erm mean like that yah know uh like yeah you know.” I stuttered and made jibberish sense.
Caitlin tried her best to hide the snide smile on her face.”Okay, totally. Cause everyone wants to go to these lengths to stick up for someone they dont like at all…your right.”
My eyes turned to slits and I flicked her nose lightly, saying each word slowly.”Im. Not. Doing. This. For. Justin.”
Her eyes rolled in disbelief and I scoffed, beginning to argue with her but she sshhed me and muttered.”Shut up and pay attention to the movie.”
My lips tugged into a tight line and I crossed my arms, leaning back in the comfortable theatre seat. The movie began and I wasnt paying any attention at all. My mind was else where…
“So what are you planning exactly?” Caitlin turned to me slightly, in a whisper tone.
I bit my lip and sighed heavily.”I have no clue. I’ll think of something.”
“Should I tell Justin about this? I think he’d like to know-” she started to say but my eyes widened in horror.
“No, no, no! You cant tell him! Do you know how much that would hurt him!” I half yelled and she shrugged her shoulders in apology.
“Sorry, I just thought but I guess your right… why are people so mean in this world?”
What she just said went straight to my heart.”I dont know Caitlin… I dont know…”

Justin’s POV It had been about an hour since Nat had asked me the question I so much dreaded, as I was trying to avoid answering it. Taking in a deep breath I pulled out my iPhone and went to her contact, biting my lip softly…

Natalie’s POV Okay so I figured out what I was gonna do to that douchebag so I was a bit more relaxed now, watching the movie and jumping at the scary parts.
My phone vibrated and caused Caitlin to shoosh me while biting her nails, eyes widened in horror at the movie. Trying to hide as much of the beam of light as I could I pressed view. Finally he had texted me back-

From Justin: sry i lost service 😦 is the movie good?

Rolling my eyes I shook it off. If he didnt want to answer I guess he didnt have to…

To Justin: ya its scary 🙂 wish you could hold me…
From Justin: me too gorgeous but i’ll make up for it when i get back 😉
To Justin: i bet u will 😀 cant wait From Justin: lol To Justin: well the usher just threatened to take my phone away so i gtg but i need to kno ure twitter password?
From Justin: … why? o_O To Justin: i’ll be good i promise! 🙂
From Justin: noo…
To Justin: why not! 😦
From Justin: its embarrassing!
To Justin: me knowing your password?
From Justin: no! my password! lol To Justin: just tell me please. i wont judge…
From Justin: fine 😦 but you owe me!
To Justin: alright, what is it?
From Justin: … mrstufflesthebear

I laughed out loudly and caused an eruption of shh in the theatre.”Sorry!” my voice muttered in apology as I got my phone back out.

To Justin: mr. stuffles the bear? r u kidding me!
From Justin: shut up!
To Justin: im sorry! lmao i just cant believe…wow From: 😥 ive had that password forever okay just dont tell anyone please?
To Justin: your secrets’ safe with me 😀 but can i ask… why? lol From Justin: its a bear ive had since i was born so dont judge lol To Justin: im not… its cute 🙂
From Justin: watch your movie Natalie 😎 ttyl To Justin: bye 🙂

“Natalie, what are you gonna do?” Caitlin asked as we walked back into the tour bus. Night was already falling over the bright sky which meant I needed to hurry if my plan was gonna work.
“Im gonna give him a taste of his own medicine.” a grimace caame across my face as I remembered his hurtful words about Justin. It just gave me more motivation to go through with this.”But im gonna need some help, including your brother…”
“Its not gonna put him in danger though, right?” she asked quietly looking down at the bed we were now sitting on. Pattie and Sandi were still gone at the spa but should be back any minute.
Smiling at her concern for her little brother I shook my head to reassure her.”No I just need him to say some stuff on the phone.”
She took in a deep breath, nodding.”Okay…what do I do?”

(btw I got this idea from Veronica Mars 😛 hell yeah bitchess thats right)

“Girls! We’re back!” Sandi hollared into the hallway and waited for a reply.
“In here!” Caitlin screamed, her voice cracking at the end from the weakness. We’d been laughing so hard the past 10 minutes while getting everything set.
We sat on Justin’s bed, with both our phones out and clothes scattered everywhere around the room. The door opened and Pattie peaked in before raising her eyebrows at the scene.
“What are you doing in here?”
I pinched Caitlin leg to stop her from bursting out in laughter but failed which eventually led to us both erupting in fits of giggles.”Its quiet in here, and we were scared to be by the door…we watched Paranormal Activity and we’re a bit creeped.”
Shaking her head she chuckled and asked why clothes we’re everywhere. Before I could tell Caitlin to keep her mouth shut about our little plan she smiled and began spilling the beans,”Revenge on a hater…no biggy.”
Justin’s mothers eyes got wide with concern.”Girls what do I always say?”
Caitlin and my mouth opened at the same time to speak in unison.”Never stoop to haters level. Kill them with kindness.”
Sandi walked in and had apparently heard the conversation.”Just…think before your actions. I trust you’ll do the right thing.”
We nodded innocently until they shut the door behind their backs. Caitlin sighed and turned to me with sad eyes.”Are we doing the right thing?”
After shoving down the lump in my throat and attempting to rid of the knot in my stomach I smiled warmly.”Somebody has to stand up for him…” and to save my ass from earlier I quickly added,”I may not like him but he’s human and nobody deserves to be treated that way.”
“Yeah,” she half smiled to convince herself.”Your right besides we worked so hard on working this thing out.”
“Thats the spirit! Now lets call,” I made a disgusted expression,’Corey’ so we can set up the threatening voicemail.”
“So I guess just wing it and do your best to make it pervy somehow so we can have Christian work with that.” Caitlin shrugged her shoulders and handed me my own phone.
“Okay…” I retorted and looked at my hand to dial in the number that was smudged on it in marker but not before dialing *67 first so it was from unavailable. My heart started to beat faster and I made sure to hit record on my phone so we could get every bit of information.
It rang twice before his revolting voice picked up in a harsh tone.”Hello?”
“Hey its me Natalie.” I said in a happy tone all the while making faces at Caitlin which she had to stuff ehr face in a pillow to stop her laughter.
“Oh,” he chuckled in a more light tone.”Why’d you call from unavailable sweetheart?”
Biting my lip nervously I thought quickly and said the first thing that came from my mouth. I was winging it, stay calm.”I didnt think you’d answer to a strangers number but I know your badass enough to answer some unavailable prankster.”
Corey took in a relaxing breath.”You know me so well…”
I stifled a laugh and went on to keep the conversation rolling.”I can’t wait for you to see me in my outfit,” I tried to make him say something useful.
“Well I cant wait to get you outta it.” he grinned through his voice.
Yes! Score.”Awesome…” I mumbled trying to come up with something to say. Caitlin had gotten a piece of paper and wrote ‘Justin’ on it. Okay? “You know I was just wondering why you dont express your hatred to Justin more often and in front of people… I thought it was sexy.” My stomach flopped.
He sighed and took a second to think.”Because I’ll get shit from everyone about it. And its even like a big bandwagon thing now, everyone’s joining in on it. I was tempted to tell everyone and express my feelings but my folks are really religious and dont believe in that kinda thing.”
This was going excellent.”Oh well… thats too bad. I like a man that has balls.”
He sounded offended.”I know and I do!”
Deciding that this was enough I just wanted to end this.”Alright well I gotta go finish getting ready but i’ll definatley see you tonight.”
“Okay baby. You have fun with that, I cant wait to see you.”
Rolling my eyes I murmered,”Bye.”
I hung up and sighed happily.”That went better than expected, now lets call Christian so we can change it. Oh crap, I gotta change real quick but go ahead and start switching it over.”
She smiled and nodded.”Confirmative.”

“Woah…” she breathed as I stepped out of the bathroom wearing this- .com/tweet/set?id=24542796 “You look amazing.”
“Yeah thanks. But these boots are killing my feet, lets just get this over with.” I laughed and grabbed my purse.

“Hey,” Corey called out to me when I walked into Pinkberry Ice Cream Shoppe 15 minutes after 8.”I thought you werent coming.”
“Nope. Im here.” I muttered already annoyed. Now that I had the threatening message recorded on my phone I didnt want to have to even look at this guy anymore.
“So you wanna just hang here or go someplace else?” he asked as we sat back in the old booth.
My God, the guy had to ask me where he was taking me! He really didnt have any experience with chicks. Trying my best to keep my eyes from rolling I sighed and mumbled a quiet ‘here’ before waiting for someone to take our order.
“What can I get you?” an older woman in her late 50’s asked kindly with a pad and pen at hand.
“I’ll take a chocolate ice cream bowl.” he snapped bitterly then turned to me with that same ugly expression he had before in the theatre.
Wetting my lips I inhaled deeply, readying myself for this evening.”And I’ll have a pink strawberry fruity tutie special cup with rainbow sprinkles and lowfat dairy, please?” She nodded.”Thanks.”
“So…” he trailed looking around the small shop.”You look sexy.”
I almost puked.
“I know.” I said just as bitter to him as he was with the nice waitress.
He started biting his nails nervously and it made me sick to watch. He really was an eye sore.

The old lady came back with our deserts and I quickly demised a plan to make this work easy and faster. I wanted to go home. I wanted Justin.. this guy made me feel so alone and scared.
He had set his phone down on the table next to his ice cream while I put a disgusted look on my face.”Eww Corey! There’s a hair in mine, can you take it up to the counter and get me a new one?”
He grimaced annoyed that he had to stand.”Fine.” then got up storming up to the front of the shop. My heart beat quickened as I snatched up his phone and ran to the bathroom, locking the door. I had to hurry up and switch his voicemail to the edited recording I had on my phone…

I slid in the booth as he came up with a new PSFTSC/rainbow sprinkles&lowfat dairy, throwing his phone down on the table an innocent smile on my face.
“Here.” he croaked, plopping it down on the counter.
“You know what? Im actually not in the mood for ice cream anymore. Lets go outside.”
He sighed annoyed once again about my sudden change in direction of our ‘date’
After walking out into the cool crisp air I started to laugh, seeing Caitlin out of the corner of my eye, waiting for my signal(which I gave her) by our car.
“What are you laughing about?” he asked with a twinkle in his eyes.
“Oh… nothing. But I have a feeling your gonna get a few phone calls.”

Caitlin’s POV I got Natalie’s signal and went to my phone, that she had already signed me into Justin’s twitter, punching in the message.

‘hey ladies 😉 call me at 555-555-5555’

I would leave that tweet open for about a minute, for enough of beliebers to see the tweet and call his number. Then delete it and let Justin’s fans repeat it to eachother. Corey’s phone was gonna blow up from calls and texts…and they were all gonna get a suprise when they heard his voicemail.

Natalie’s POV “What?” he asked puzzled but his phone rang and as he picked it up his screen began changing from getting more and more calls. Haha the stupid bastard.”What is this?” he yelled angry as he tried to cancel all the incoming calls and texts.
“You see Corey… I figured Id pull a little prank. Wanna hear your voicemail. which I changed when you were getting me my ice cream by the way?” and before he got a chance to answer I played the recording from my phone.

His own voice came on first from his actual voicemail which I stole and diverted it to fit with the rest I had.”This is Corey Young’s cell phone-” then it was cut off and my recording began.”Hello?” his own voice answered again.
Then the edited Christian voice came on the phone in a homosexual tone(no offense lol)”Hey baby its me Josh.”
Corey watched in horror as he heard himself chuckle cheekishly,”Oh, why’d you call from unavailable sweetheart?”
“I didnt want my number being in your phone in case your girlfriend found it. I knew she’d flip if she found out about us…”
The smile was evident in his voice.”You know me so well.”
Christian’s gay voice came on the phone again.”You know im wearing that outfit I wore on our anniversary.”
“Well I cant wait to get you outta it…”

Corey’s jaw was dropped.”This isnt even real! What’d you do?”
I smiled wide, proud of how this blackmail turned out.”There’s more babe, just wait.”

“Stop it your makin me horny!” Christian giggled before taking in a deep breath.”Baby why cant we tell everyone about us?”
“Because…” Corey went on, on the phone.”I’ll get shit from everyone about it. Even though its even a bandwagon thing now, everyones doing it and I was tempted to tell everyone and express my feelings but my family is very religious and doesnt believe in that kinda thing.”
“I just wish your family understood, and do you even love me?” Christian asked.
“I know and I do!”
“Well im goin to shower then i’ll be right over.”
“Okay baby. You have fun with that, I cant wait to see you.”
“Bye Corey.”

“Everyone is gonna know thats fake you bitch!” he screamed angrily.”And what the hell did you do to my phone?”
A sarcastic smile came on my face and I exhaled happily before speaking.”I tweeted your number to over 6 million Justin Bieber fans who are expecting you to be him so good luck with that, your ohone is pretty much worthless now so I hope you didnt spend too much money on it.”
“Im gonna fuckin take you down! Your gonna have nothin when my lawyers done with you!” he shrieked taking a step towards me.
“No, Corey. Im not goin anywhere and niether is my money after all… who will the police believe? Me or my attacker?”
“Attacker?” he stuttered taking another step towards me.
I shuffled my feet back but Caitlin came up to me with a smug grin.”And her witness. I saw it with my own eyes that you sexually assaulted her.”
His mouth hung open in disbelief and shock.
“Lets go..” she whispered to me and went to start the car.
I took the few steps to him and leaned in, whispered in his ear quietly.”Next time keep your fucking mouth shut about my friend. Justin is an amazing person and he does have talent. More than you could ever have with a million dollars so you might want to think next time you go to spread lies and hurtful things about Justin Bieber, you piece of shit. He’s more of a man than you could ever be…”
He just stood in shock and didnt say anything, holding his blowing up phone close to his chest.
Feeling satisfied I turned and got in the passenger seat as Caitlin sped away.”Did you delete the tweet?” I asked inhaling, then exhaling loudly.
“Yup.” she grinned.
Suddenyl my phone rang with a text-

From Justin: wat did u do!
To Justin: huh?

But he never texted back…”Caitlin, can you step on it a little?” I asked with concern deep in my shaking voice.

“Quit lying young man!” Pattie shouted from the back room as we walked into the tour bus.
“Woah,” Caitlin said suprised.”Whats goin on?”
Sandi shook her head sadly.”Justin’s done something bad again…Pattie’s pretty upset with him over it too. Their video chatting right now and he’s really gettin it.”
I immediatley felt guilty and started to panick. He was getting in trouble for something I did… I couldnt just stand here.
“Where are you going?” Caitlin hissed.
“I have to go tell her it was me.” I said determined before throwing the door to Justin’s bedroom open and closing it again once I was inside.
Pattie’s eyes widened in suprise at my arrival.”Natalie? Honey can you please wait out in the living room-”
“Whats goin on?” I interupted and saw that a laptop was laying on the bed, with Justin’s blushing face on the screen as Pattie paced back and forth across the room.
“Nat?” Justin asked with a brightened expression since he couldnt actually see me on the screen yet.
“Justin, be quiet!” his mom ordered harshly before looking at me with serious anger reaching her eyes.”Justin tweeted some random number saying it was him and now all his fans are calling it.”
“Mom, it wasnt me!” he squeaked throwing his hands up in the air.
She waved a hand at the screen as a sign for him to shut up.”Now he is going to apologize and tell the truth…”
I stepped into view for Justin to see me and gave a small smile to him before looking at her.”Look Pattie…the truth is-”
Justin interupted me,”It must have been a hacker cuz it wasnt me, or anyone else on the crew.. I promise mom.”
A sigh escaped my mouth, I couldnt lie to Pattie. She was basically my mom. After studying his face her expression lightened.”Okay.”
“Wait!” I said and stopped her from leaving the room.
Justin shook his head furiously.”Nat dont.” then looked at me and gave me the ‘just-go-with-it’ look.”It was a hacker, wasnt it?”
Pattie’s brows furrowed and she stared at me waiting for my reply.
“Look… I got Justin’s password earlier today and im the one that tweeted that number.” mumbling, my eyes looked down at the ground. Ashamed.
“Your the one that did this?” she asked confused.
“Yes…” I muttered sadly, still looking down.
“No mom. Dont listen to her-” Justin startyed to say but I shut the laptop lid, closing him out of the conversation.
“Listen, its kinda a long story.”
She crossed her arms and looked at me.”Ive got time.”
Oh jeeze. Taking in a deep breath i tried to make this as short as possible.”Okay well today there was this guy and he was saying these really rude, hurtful, and just horrible things about Justin but then he started hitting on me so I got his number and as revenge I posted it on Justin’s twitter.”
“Oh honey… I know its hard to hear these bad things about someone you love I mean, he’s my son and I cant even stick up for him. But this guy, the guy who’s number that is, he can sue us for this.” she finished her eyes bulging with the intensity of the situation.”Its harrasment.”
“Well I can promise you that he isnt gonna do a thing about it.” I left out the whole voicemail thing cuz I didnt want Christian to get in trouble for helping.
“How do you know?”
I smiled warmly.”Just trust me… he wont.”
She didnt say anything else and I got that awkward feeling as the silence passed.
“Are you dissapointed in me?” I asked quietly, avoiding her eyes.
Her head shook slowly.”No im not Nattie. I understand why you did it and then her arms came around me to pull me into a hug.

*One Week Later*

It was about 12 am and I couldnt sleep. We were staying at a hotel while Justin was in Japan for the rest of this week and it had already gotten boring. My life was usually so busy and hectic that now that I didnt have anything to do, it was driving me crazy! Insanity!
Each one of us girls got our own rooms.
Caitlin, Brooke, Sandi, Pattie, and I.
So as I sat alone in my room, the ticking of the clock was getting on my nerves. Sleep wasnt an option, I was so hyped for when Justin got back even though this torture was only half over. Taking out my phone I debated on whether to text him or not…finally decided that Id atleast say ‘hi’ so if he wanted to talk he would.

To Justin: hey 🙂

It seemed that it had been an hour when my phone lit up from a text. Quickly I pressed view with my heart beating furiously in my chest, I just needed to talk to him.

From Justin: heyy! 😀 To Justin: im so bored! whats up?
From Justin: takin a break from my performance, just relaxin in my dressin room 🙂 u?
To Justin: i cant sleep and the silence in my room is killin me lol From Justin: ohh you guys got your own rooms?
To Justin: ya why?
From Justin: cause you still owe me 😉
To Justin: i know but theres not much i can do with you in Japan dork

In the back of my mind I began to worry, maybe he was mad for calling him a dork? Why? He’s never minded my name calling cause he knows im joking.
Just when I was about to text him back my phone rang, but with a call this time.

‘Incoming call from Justin’

Hesitating slightly my thumb applied pressure to the little green button, putting it up to my ear.”Yeah?”
“You know what you should do?” he asked quickly, excitement evident in his voice.
I sighed, relieved by the fact that he wasnt angry or upset.”No, what should I do?”
“Well you got me thinking… I miss you.” he almost whispered, he was talking so low.
“I miss you too, what does that have to do with anything?” my voice still had laughter in it as I waited for his reply.
He coughed as if to clear his throat.”I uhh want to see you.”
The first thing that came to my mind was an airplane. He wanted me to fly to Japan tonight? Sorry but that was just a bit crazy and noticable.”I wanna see you too but you dont get back for another week.”
“I know so you could send a picture,” he suggested again with a cough as if to cover up the eagerness in his voice.
Biting my lips I sat up and started walking around my room to pass the time.”Justin you already have pictures of me on your phone.” my giggles were soft so he might not have even heard them.
“No Natalie,” he smirked then spoke slowly to emphasize each word.”I want to see…you.” Especially the last one.
For a second I had a Brooke moment but before I could ask what he meant my brain put everything together. By ‘me’ he meant he wanted me to send him a dirty picture. Oh dear Lord.
“Oh!” I gasped into the phone, understanding him.”Me…”
“Yeah,” he chuckled and waited for me to say something.
Sitting down in the chair I bit my nails nervously.”I dont know Justin…”
“Aww,” he whined into his phone.”C’mon babe, it’ll be fun.”
He acted as if I didnt want to. It wasnt that I didnt want him to see me like that or anything its just, ive heard about all these girls and guys sending dirty pictures and then them getting put on the internet and TV. Plus if he didnt delete it from his phone, who knows who would find it!
“What if someone sees it?” I asked pulling my brows together.
“Nobody will see it, but me. I promise.” he spoke softly. His voice was so soothing… so trustworthy.
I didnt really know how to take a dirty picture without looking stupid so even though I was getting sick in my gut from my nerves, I mumbled an okay and hung up.
Aw, shit. I was such an un-experienced little girl, how was I suppose to know what to do!

In the end I had decided to take two. One with me in my underwear and bra posed in a ‘on-my-knees’ position and the other one standing me with me… fully nude. I thought that maybe after I sent them I would relax a bit but my muscles were still tense from nerves. And he took long enough with it…

Justin’s POV (no worries, im not doin another masterbate one yet lol)
My phone went off and I was already excited. Unfortunatley it was just a text from her saying ‘dont you ever show this’ but a few seconds after that it rang again. I sat in nothing but my jean pants on the couch in my dressing room with the door locked, the screen on my phone went black for a second while the picture loaded then a picture of Natalie in small black underwear and strapless bra appeared. I hardened at the sight. Damn. She was on her knees and I could just hear her moaning in my ear softly and screaming my name.
I bit my lip and kept studying the image but another message popped up so I clicked view and the next thing I knew my eyes were wide, my mouth was open, and I had a fully erected boner. Wow.
She…was…completely…naked. In nothing but boots. Standing in a sassy stance with her hands on her fitted waist, biting her lip and smiling at me seductively.
I couldnt help myself, I mean… looking at that! Who wouldnt?
Hoisting my waist up, I slid my jeans past my hips enough to give me a little more space, staring at the dirty picture…

Natalie’s POV After about 10 minutes of waiting for him to reply, and getting nothing I decided to go get some candy from the vending machine down the hall. Double checking, I locked my door and walked the small way to the big hunk of metal, now wearing pajama pants and a tank top. Punching in F5 for a bag of skittles, I let out a sigh when I saw Brooke leave her room and walk up to me.
“Hey Nat.” she smiled.
Hesitating I picked up my merchandise and stared at her for a second before turning around and walking away without a word.
“Hey!” she yelled running after me, catching my elbow.
Spinning on my heels I got in her face,”What!”
“Are you mad at me or something?” her head shook in confusion.
Tossing my shoulders back to look more confident I spoke with edge,”What do you think?”
“What’d I do?”
Rolling my eyes at her ignorance I was too angry to do the smart thing and walk away.”You know what you’ve done!”
Brooke sighed drastically.”I didnt mean to be so mean to Caitlin, its just I didnt want them to make fun of me.”
Ha! She thought I was talking about Caitlin. No. I meant her and Chaz.
Shaking my head slightly I looked up and muttered.”Caitlin… right.” then went to my door unlocking it and closing it again on her face.
Exhaling loudly my eyes scanned my bed for my phone that lit up with ‘One New Text Message from Justin’
Bringing me back to mine and Justin’s little fanasty a smile grew on my lips and I plopped on the bed, opening it quickly.

From Justin: damn 😉

Jeeze it took him that long to say ‘damn’.
Oh wait…gross.
What did I expect him to do with the picture, just look at it? Of coarse he’d jack off to it.
I tried to imagine that, him alone in his dressing room, maybe standing next to his rack of clothing or sitting in a chair…hmm. It took a minute for me to realize I was having a daydream of him, a very dirty daydream but it was hard not to now that I knew thats what he did. I got a butterfly-ish and bubbly feeling in my stomach just picturing it so before I could go on about that subject my mind pushed it away and focused on texting him back.

To Justin: did you delete it?
From Justin: not yet 😀 but i will To Justin: ok but do it soon cuz i dont want some1 to see it From Justin: 🙂

I sighed with a chuckle. Apparently I didnt know how much boobies made Justin Bieber smile.
As I sat in the silence I couldnt help but let my mind wander back to Brooke and Chaz. I still hadnt told Justin and maybe I shouldnt but… doesnt he have a right to know? Afterall it was his girlfriend.
I shuddered.
Brooke was Justin’s girlfriend… and I was Ryan’s…
This whole situation felt so disgusting and wrong. Why couldnt I just be with Justin! It wasnt fair, everything was always about everybody else’s feeling well…what about mine? This sucked.
People on twitter always tweeted me saying that I was so lucky to be on tour with Justin and to be famous… but my life wasnt perfect like they thought.
Everybody was always surrounding me with cameras from both me and Justin, I was dating someone I couldnt stand, also having a secret affair with my best friends boyfriend who happend to be the most famous and wanted teenager of the century, my mother skipped out on me and I havent heard from her in forever. Nobody has. My upcoming new best friend gets picked on byt basically everyone and I cant even tell her my feelings cause she wouldnt like me anymore if she knew what Justin and I were doing. And I couldnt let that happen, if it did then I would be alone.
My life sucked pretty bad actually.
Suddenly I got the urge to just tell the truth to everyone. Brooke, Ryan, Pattie, Caitlin, Justin, and the whole world. I wanted people to know the truth and everyone to be at peace. The truth as in the WHOLE truth meaning Justin’s fans too. They needed to know that Justin wasnt a virgin, but he was still as amazing as a person can ever get.
I straightened my back with sudden courage. Even if it hurt him, he needed to know. Dialing Justin’s number I cleared my throat…
“Hey gorgeous.” he answered quickly.
Letting the smile break my lips I pushed away the nervous feeling and started to speak.”Justin I need to tell you something I should’ve told you a long time ago.”
He was suprised by my outburst.”Okay..whats up?”
Getting up off my bed I went to my sliding door on the other side of my room, opening it and walking out into the breeze blowing on my balcony. The city was bright and glowing with noise of cars driving and people scurrying where they needed to go. It was beautiful.
“Do you remember that day in the elevator?” I asked breathing in and out steadily.
He laughed and sighed happily.”Of coarse I do. Why?”
“Well later that night when I went back to my room…” my voice locked. It was gonna hurt him to hear this, I just knew it. And the thought of him hurting made me hurt, feeling sick.
“Go on…”
“Brooke and Chaz were in there and they were making out.” I gasped out quickly then before he could say anything and just kept going, talking faster and faster.”And they’re having an affair with eachother and I know thats kinda what we’re doing but I just thought you needed to know but I didnt want to hurt you.”
It was quiet then he asked,in a very plain voice.”And you saw this?”
Scrunching my brows together I tried to speak softly.”Yeah but luckily they didnt see me so they dont know that I know…” The only noise that was made was from the busy city.”Justin…?”
“I cant believe this.” he mumbled.
“I know and im sorry-” I said comfortingly but he interupted me.
“Cut the joke Natalie. I cant believe you’d lie about this just to make Brooke seem like a bad person. I already like you but I like Brooke too and making up something like that is just pathetic!” he scoffed angrily.
My jaw dropped open and my heart broke. He didnt believe me…?
“Justin…i-im not lying! They’re sneaking around, why would I lie to you?” I whispered the sadness thickening in my tone.
“Wow Nat…” he said slowly then all I heard was dial tone. He hung up.
Angry tears ran down my cheeks and I began to cry, harder than I wanted to. He didnt believe me!
I just wanted to throw myself over the edge of this balcony, and put out my pain.

Justin’s POV I cant believe she would lie about this, it just wasnt like her.
I stormed out my door and went to go find Chaz. I needed some advice about girls and I didnt want to talk to Ryan. My supras tapped against the hard pavement as I skipped down the long hallways and out of the arena to go out to the other tour bus which we had to sleep in if we were on the move for the duration of the time I was in Japan.
My hand came aroud the door knob and as I opened up the door, I stopped once it was creaked open, seeing Chaz pace back and forth with his phone to his ear.
“Brooke! She doesnt know alright!” he said loudly into the phone, obviously talking to Brooke.
There was a faint murmering from her talking on the other line, then he spoke again.”Look babe, your being paranoid. Nat doesnt know about us.”
What? Know about us?
“Just calm down and take deep breaths. I’ll be back soon.”
Not even bothered to hear the rest of the conversation I shut the door quietly and backed up. My head was spinning with confusion then suddenyl it all came clear.
Holy shit! Natalie was telling the truth!

Natalie’s POV

Throwing on a light jacket my feet ushered me out my door before I could stop myself. Maybe my mind wasnt working right, or maybe I just didnt care. Either way I headed straight to Caitlin’s room.
We’d only known eachother for about a week but it felt like years. When I needed a shoulder to cry on I use to think of Brooke but now… Caitlin’s cheerful face popped in my head. Not the fake serenity of Brooke.
Salty tears rolled down the crease of my eyes that were pulled up as I sobbed. My cheeks flushed with red hotness as I gasped in and out for air,”Caitlin!” my fist collided with her door, banging harshly.
After the ruffling of bed sheets echoed off the walls, her feet padded the ground lightly and the door creaked open.”Natalie?” she spoke softly but I ran into her arms, giving a needy hug.
“Im sorry. I hope I didnt wake you but I need to talk to someone, and I dont know who else to go to.” sniffling back more tears I felt her arms wrap around my back.
“Yeah, come on in. Are you okay?” Caitlin asked kindly leading me to sit on her bed after shutting her door. The TV was on and spongebob peaked at me from the corner of my eye, his squeaky voice drowned out by her remote control.
“I guess you wont understand unless I tell you the whole story…” I whispered now looking down shyly and sniffling tears, afraid of this upcoming conversation. What if she got angered at me for lying or cheating with Justin?
Her hand rested ontop of mine, comfortingly.”Go ahead, im all ears.”
Taking in a deep breath of warm air, I shuddered and started to tell my sins.”I love Justin.”
Her brows cocked up and she smiled.”I knew that, it was kind of obvious Nat.”
“I know, I know.” I rushed shaking my head.”Thats not all.” Her face softened and then she perked up again, preparing to listen.

(look guys I dont really remember and im too lazy to look back so im just guessing at how long they’ve been cheating with eachother. if anybody knows…go ahead and tell me lol if not then just go with it!)

“When I first met Ryan and Justin…Ryan had told me something. Something that was a lie and that made me not like Justin at all, actually I even kinda hated him for it.” I admitted sheepishly and watched her reaction, she tugged her lips into a tight line. Listening intently.”Anyway after he told me that I automatically treated Justin as if he were some disease, staying as far from him as possible and went with Ryan instead cause he seemed to be the genuine one. Eventually I started dating Ryan and Justin hooked up with Brooke and everything was perfectly fine and life was great…”
I took a second for breathtaking and Caitlin nodded her head, in eagerness.”Go onn, then what?”
“Until the masquerade ball that we all went to. I had been fighting with Ryan at the time since he admitted to dating me to make Justin jealous and when I tried to get away from him I bumped into someone. I had no clue who they were but I spent the rest of the night with him and he was amazing, Caitlin! He understood me like nobody had ever done before and we got along so well but… but then when he took off his mask…it was-” I stopped, trying to finish my sentence but bringing back all these memories was effecting my heart terribly.”-it was Justin!” my voice gasped and my hands flew to hide my face in humiliation.
“Soo..” Caitlin dragged on confused.”Then what happend? He didnt like you or what?”
Inhaling strongly I hugged my legs to my chest, rocking back and forth slightly as the story got more intense. And I got more nervous.
“No! That was the problem, we both liked eachother! And I knew it was bad cause I knew about the horrible thing he did and it made me sick to think that I was falling for him.” my teeth dug into my bottom lip, anxiety sinking in.”But then Justin told me about how Ryan lied and he didnt do that thing that he had said he did.” I didnt want to mention what he did cause for some reason I felt as if it would still hurt his rep.
“And you believed him?” she asked slowly.
Stopping to think about it, pondering how quickly I believed him. I dont know why…he was just so genuine and sincere.”Yeah…” my voice was covered in thick sadness.”I did…”
“And so…” Caitlin motioned for me to continue knowing that there must be more to the story than this…and there was.
Trembling lightly I began again.”And, then we kissed…alot.”
She gasped.”You cheated!”
I nodded slowly, more tears spilling over my lashes again.”It gets worse.”
Her mouth widened in shock but she waited patiently for me to continue.
“I felt guilty for it and I knew that it wouldnt work out, considering he was with my best friend and I was with his so we went our seperate ways and pretended that nothing happend. Again…that didnt last long. A few days later we went to a teen club and,” I started to ramble, my nerves getting more evident.”Brooke got drunk and Makenna was tired, and Ryan wanted to leave so they all did but Justin and I stayed behind. We talked for a bit then he started saying how he couldnt stop thinking about me and I told him that we couldnt!” my hands flew in the air in front of me as if to motion my actions as hot tears ran down my face.”But he wouldnt listen! And I took him outside and we then he kissed me again and it felt so good Caitlin!”
Her eyes looked at me, full of pity.
“I didnt want to but it just happened! And we were so caught up in eachother so we just decided that we couldnt be apart and we thought that…maybe if we didnt tell anybody…that maybe we wouldnt hurt anyone…and so now the past three months Justin and I have been sneaking around with eachother behind their backs.”
I could see the dissapointment reach her eyes and she looked down, hiding her face and keeping me in mystery.
“Please Caitlin, I know it sounds horrible and it is! But dont hate me for it, please! I know its wrong,” I started letting out sobs, gasping for air.”I know I should have never let this start but it just happend, okay. Dont be mad, please? Im sorry!”
She lifted her face to look at me, her expression unreadable.”Natalie…I dont agree with what your doing with Justin…” she whispered quietly staring directly in my eyes.
My head jerked away from her to look in another direction, avoiding eye contact. My heart broke at her words, I was gonna lose my best friend. And to think that someday there’s always a chance Brooke will find out about my affair with her boyfriend. Whether its still going on…or from the past…Id lose her too.
Her cold and skinny hands flew to my shoulders, rushing me into a tight, gentle hug.”I said I dont agree with it, but that doesnt mean I hate you. Im not gonna judge you Nat and your still my best friend.” she spoke softly into my ear before bringing her wrist up to show me the beaded bracelet that rested there.”Forever means forever. I know your a good person and that people make mistakes.”
I glanced up quickly and gazed at her face, studying it. Was she pulling my chain?
“I love the mistakes you make, cause thats’ what has made you who you are today. Nobody’s perfect. And im here for you…” her arms tightened around me which only made me cry more from her love.
“I was so scared you werent gonna like me anymore!” I sobbed into her chest, letting all the stress from everything out on her which made me feel bad.
Caitlin rubbed my back, comfortingly.”Of coarse I still like you. Always will. Now why dont you tell me what my bestfriend is really crying about?”
“I gave it to him Cait!” more salty tears flooded my eyes and stained her tank top.
She continued hugging me while resting her head ontop of mine.”Gave what to him?”
After letting very long and painful seconds pass, I found my voice and the biggest sob yet erupted from my throat.”My virginity!”
She gasped and automatically squeezed me tighter, at a loss for words; stuttering,”W-what happend?”
I knew she didnt mean like the sex part but there was obviosuly some reason why I was crying. And unfortunatley I didnt want to tell her.
Well atleast not the dirty picture part. She was disspointed in me enough already.
“Brooke’s cheating on him with Chaz and I found out but when I told him he called me a liar and pathetic!” my whole sentence was rushed out as I coughed on my tears.”And then he hung up on me, this is all my fault! I never should have told him!”
She immediatley stiffened, tense from my words.”No! This is not your fault, if he didnt believe you then its his loss honey. He’s either stupid or really really sorry.”
Even though I knew she meant it to be nice, I still didnt want him to feel any pain. I loved him…

Caitlin’s POV Id held Natalie until she stopped crying and fell asleep on my bed, which she now snoozed sadly. I felt terrible and my heart truly did go out to her, and even though I dont agree with what Justin and her are doing…there’s not much I can do to stop it or correct the whole situation. And she was hurting.
Still…she wouldnt lie and especially not about something like this, so he is a jerk for not believing her… I cant believe this. Though, considering the situation, I decided that I wouldnt admitt to Natalie that since the moment I came here I knew about her and Justin cheating. Who couldn’t? The love showed so badly when they so much as looked at eachother and even though, before, I had tried to convince myself that it was all in my head…turns out my gut instinct was right.

Justin’s POV I should have called her by now and apologized. But how could I? I mean, c’mon…I called her a liar and pathetic! What the hell was I thinking? She was never gonna forgive me and I dont blame her. If I was her I wouldnt forgive me either.
But the truth was out…Brooke was cheating on me. It hurt even worse to know that its happening, it makes me wonder…would that be how she felt if she knew about Nat and I?
Yeah but the story’s different when it comes to Natalie and I. Isnt it?
I liked Natalie but I guess I still had feelings for Brooke too, and thats why, even if it took me this long to figure out, I couldnt deny it. A small tear rolled down my cheek. Was it from my fight with Natalie or that Brooke was cheating on me? I dont know but either way,
I was crying…

Caitlin’s POV After getting dressed for the day, Id sat on the bed with my friend. She was hurting even more so now. And while she slept my mind searched for a way to make her feel better today. Well… ‘today’ means tonight cause she’d been sleeping all day. It was already almost 4 in the afternoon.
.com/im_here_for_you_forever/set?id=24734503 “Caitlin?” she murmered, rubbing her eyes that were red and swollen from crying.
I tried to give a warm smile.”Yay, your finally awake.”
“Did last night really happen?” her eyes started to glaze with water, and her voice cracked.
A part of me wanted to tell her no, just to make her feel better but…friends told the truth no matter how it hurt eachother.”Yeah it did.”
“Thought so..” she muttered dissapointed while flinging her legs over the side of the bed to stand up, groggily slumping to the door, walking out without another word.
“Nat!” I called while chasing after her, shutting my door with a bang.

Natalie’s POV I heard Caitlin call my name and a door slam shut so I stopped in my tracks but didnt turn around.”Yeah?”
“Well-“she rambled looking around as if to find the words she was searching for.”-where are you going?”
“Im going to get dressed.” I said sternly, picking up my pace to reach my room quicker, leaving her behind.

While changing Id had alot of time to think, and Id decided that this wasnt my fault. I told the truth and if he didnt want to believe it then I was gonna make him. .com/you_dont_like_uggs_good/set?id=24735831 After locking my door I turned around and saw that Sandi had just walked into Pattie’s room with Caitlin. What time was it?
My phone read 4 minutes to 5 in the afternoon. Inhaling deeply I concluded that Id toughen up for a bit and then call Justin later to sort it out, everything was gonna be fine.
Putting on a fake smile, my feet tapped the door open and I walked in without knocking, Caitlin was standing next to her mom who was a statue next to the bed that had Pattie on it. All of their eyes were wide and jaws dropped except Pattie. Her’s was turned into a frown and her eyes were softened with a coat of sadness, as she perched on the edge of the bed in front of the TV. They looked like they had just seen a ghost “Hey guys, whats up?” I asked kindly and walked up to them, curiously searching their faces as they diverted to me instead of the TV. Pattie looked at me with a confused expression, then looked back to the screen her hand reaching to turn the volume up.
“Whats wrong-” my voice was faded out as my eyes finally reached what they were watching on the TV, my jaw dropped and my stomach flopped with stabs of betrayal.
A news reporter from Fox News was sitting behind a nice desk, wearing a very fake and sincere look.”Apprently the 16 year old Natalie Slayter had sent these pictures to Justin Bieber, the teen sensation in order to seduce him. We think this might be how she got on the team in the first place, as a back-up dancer for his crew,” but her voice was drowned out as the pictures that I had taken less than 24 hours ago appeared on the TV.

Natalie’s POV The first one, where I was wearing just my bra and panties made me sick and I prayed that that was the only one they showed but soon after the nude image appeared, blurring out my breast and private areas. My cheeks flushed bright red as the blood rushed to my head, making me light headed and dizzy.
Tears flooded my eyes.”Oh my God…”
“Natalie what did you do?” Caitlin whimpered looking at me horror struck.
“Im so sorry,” my voice cracked from the tears in my eyes and my throat closing up. WHY! “Pattie…” I cried my eyes burning a hole in the side of her head. She wouldnt look at me.
“Caitlin, c’mon. I think we need to leave them in private…” Sandi grabbed her shoulders, leaving the room with a