Dear Justin,: A Justin Bieber One Shot

Lily’s POV

The fall leaves that had fallen from the beautiful maple trees around me twirled in the slow breezing wind, like miniture tornados all around me. The sky was close to twilight so a pink beam shaded over the usual blueness, causing an orange glow to light my path home. I was doing my best to not trip over my black converse in each dip of the broken cracks of cement in the sidewalk, my hands were shoved in the small pockets of my sweater to keep me from tracing along the nearby bark of trees. Thats what I did to pass the time on my way home from school, but it was too cold to have my bare skin out in the open crisp air. I know what your thinking… what is she doing walking home from school if its already alteast past 7:30 pm? Well as usual I had detention today. This time it was for causing trouble with ‘Bella’ the school’s little princess. Yeah, yeah, maybe her daddy who was the headmaster’s, little princess.
News flash: Bella’s a bitch.
Just like all the rest of the rich snobs that lived in my tiny town. Hardly called a town if you ask me. More like a gated community of pyschopathic adults with too much money for their own good, so they spoil they’re demon kids and shower them with $100 bills. Some call me an outcast, rebel, loser, geek if you must but I was none of those things. Okay maybe a bit of an outsider, but I just didnt fit in cause I didnt dress in designer clothing and my house wasnt exactly in a proper neighborhood for their liking but guess what? Thats life! Its a bitch, and it hates me so yeah I wouldnt have the perfect world like they do.
A smile, well a smile for me considering I didnt smile that often so it was more like the sides of my mouth curved in an upward motion slighty, crept to my face when Down To Earth by Justin Bieber came blasting in my ears from my head buds; drowning out Beautiful by Eminem. This song was amazing, and it fit me so well. Kinda…it was mostly just his voice and the intruments. I loved it.
Like the ‘mommy you were always somewhere, and daddy I live out of town’ part, that fits me sorta in a round about way. You see my mom is always somewhere, like a bar or some strange guys house instead of off working a normal job like Pattie was. And my dad does live out of town. Out of state. Out of country. Out of life. He’s dead. He blew his fucking head off with a shotgun when I was 12 years old and he found out my mother was cheating on him. Worst part?

He did it in my room at the edge of my bed at 1:37 am. His brains and gush went all over my sleeping face, imagine my suprise when I woke up to a gun shot and find the headless body of the only person who ever cared for me. So it wasnt exactly like Jeremy but close enough… Anyway life moves on, just like my mom did. Maybe thats why everyone at school stares at me like I have a whore as a mother. Wait I do? Oh, yeah I do. She works the bars Monday through Sunday from the time she wakes up to the time she comes home to change her clothes and check to see if im somewhat alive. Like she cares.
I sang along in my head till I reached the dead brown grass of my front yard, forgetting the broken path to the porch I cut threw it and headed straight for the backdoor since it was the one that didnt have a lock. My so called mom, Patricia, would lock the front door and then be so wasted and high that she’d forget to leave me a key for when I got home from my public school. So backdoor it was, then straight to the kitchen to open my empty fridge as if to double check that there was no food. Again. My stomach growled in protest to the nothing that sat on the shelves so I just slammed it shut and went to the closet next to the front door. I had a secret stash of cookies that I stole when she passed out last week, hidden beneath the loose floorboards. After snatching them in my skinny hands my feet slowly made their way to my small room on the other side of the smallest house in the world, to shut my door which had one hinge broken just to realize that the bag was empty and a note was in there. It read, in very sloppy handwriting I might add,

‘Nice try Lola. Next time go out and buy your own food, I dont have the money to feed you too.’

Wonderful isnt she? And she couldnt even get my name right!
Running my fingers in my dark brown, almost black, hair I tossed the wrapper on the nearest object that was next to me and let out an angered groan.”Effin A!” a few salty tears snuck their way down my cheeks from the pain in my chest. Not from the hunger, but from the feeling of being unwanted. Un-cared for. It was the worst feeling anbody could endure…and it was controlling me the majority of my life. Looking around frantically I saw it and bit my lip hard to stop even more tears from streaming, then jumped on the old mattress that was on the floor as my bed. My precious laptop.
My dad had gotten it for me when I was 11 so it was a bit outdated but who cares? This was bank for me, and even the junkie neighbors could afford wireless internet so score one for Lily! Steal that and I was ready to go. And by go I mean go automatically to facebook. Yeah I get it, why do I need a facebook? One reason and one reason only… I could send longer messages to Justin Bieber through here than I can through twitter. And by messages, I mean my daily ones… the daily ones.
He was my own personal therapist. A bad one at that,considering he’d never ever replied or atleast took notice to me. I know he probably didnt see my stupid complaining letters telling him of my life, all my problems, and how him as a person has helped me. In a way I couldnt describe it, my feelings for him. Technically we have never known eachother due to the fact that I didnt know him personally… but it felt like I knew him. Like I can understand him. Of coarse I wouldnt dare to repeat that to any human who had ears, did you get how corny and obsessive that sounds? I mean I love him…alot. But im not IN love with him… but it sure damn does feel like it. Whenever I see him or hear his voice my heart automatically quickens and for once I feel, safe. He makes me feel all warm inside and all my worries dissapear. Dear Lord listen to me! Im talking like an actual girl, not the piece of dirt I am. I am trash. I am invisible. And I have nobody…
Everytime my shaky fingers hit the keyboard though I can’t stop myself, I just pour out all my feelings to him as if we were bestfriends. The reason I sent him all these messages even though I know for a fact that he doesnt see them or doesnt care about me, is because I know im dying. Not just on the inside but on the outside too, physically. The diet I was suppose to be getting since I had diabetes was way off the charts and my blood sugar was low it almost hit negative numbers, my living enviroment was less than healthy and I was starving to death. Soon I would dead. Just like my father. And this wasnt exactly a bad thing. A part of me couldnt wait to see him on ‘the other side’ so if my body didnt go naturally in a few days then I would take control of the situation myself.


The word made it sound more creepy than it was. Still it scared me, what way should I take? I could always do the old fashioned noose around my neck and hang myself but that was so predictable. Over dose? This sounded tempting, my mom had plenty of pills I could take from her room…
Pills it was but only if it came to that.
Anyway atleast now nobody could say that I didnt try to get help. I talked to Justin. But he was too caught up in his fame to take notice to my repeating and daily messages. Either way it made me feel at peace in that area so thats all that matters. As each second passed my heart broke more and I became more depressed from my realization of how pathetic I was. Sending pitiful messages to some popstar who could care less. My hands went up to my head, rubbing my eyes gently trying to stay awake. Suddenly I felt light headed and dizzy, sleep was sounding more and more delicious. Thats what I wanted. A never ending sleep. When I slept I dreamed, when I dreamed I had Justin and others who loved me in my arms, and thats what I want more than anything else in the world. To just feel loved.

The depression was too deep in my skin, it was taking over me. All at once it felt as if darkness filled my lungs and body, I couldnt breathe. It was as if my soul left my body and was watching from the sidelines as I typed my very last message to Justin Bieber…

Dear Justin,

I cant take it anymore. I have nothing in the world for me anymore, im all alone. You have no idea how proud I am of you, for doing something with your life. You are so very talented and I wish I had the persistance in life to make something of myself but I dont. My grades have slowly been slipping like Ive mentioned before and I now know that college isnt an option for me. Without a scholorship and thats even if I finish high school. Which I wont. Before I leave I just want you to know that this will be my last message to you. Thank you so much for giving me hope enough that ive made it this far but im sorry, I cant do it anymore. The darkness has taken over me and I feel nothing now. Im holding on to my last thread of love to write this to you. Please forgive me and know that I love you so much. You’ve helped me more than I can say by just being yourself. Stay true and dont forget where you came from.

My Last Goodbye,

The cold metal of a razor blade was being held in my fingers. When did I get this? I dont know but the only thing I wanted right now was just for it all to be over. The pills would take too long to kick in, I needed to end this now. My knees buckled and my legs shook as I inched it closer to my wrist, letting hot tears run down my face in an endless river of bleakness. My face was burning red hot from the sobs erupting in my chest and I cried out loud taking one last glance around my room. The peeling paint, ripped carpet, and all too familiar mess of trash littered all across the ground.
As if I was under water a very strange pounding noise was echoeing and I thought it was my heart beating in my ears until I realized someone was knocking on my front door. Just fucking great. That bitch was home and she lost her key so she couldnt open the door! Her presence was a reminder of my life and it gave me a new found motivation of wanting it all to go away. I wasnt sure if I was still crying from my mental pain or if I was balling my green eyes out cause I had just slid the razor over my left wrist, quickly switching hands to watch the sensative skin be split in half and dark oozing blood rush from the slice of my right wrist. There wasnt enough oxygen around me so my knees hit the floor and I just layed down, gasping for more air watching my body go pale from loss of blood.
Taking my last breath of air that Id been saving I let out the loudest, most painful, and amplifying scream anybody could hear.
Before I could close my eyes I saw about three people rush into my room, their warm blood filled bodies touching mine in a worried frenzy. And last but not least a teenage boy stood beneath my broken door frame, his gorgeous brown orbs watering as he ran one hand through his silky Bieber cut hair.

Justin Bieber.

I must be in heaven…

Beep. Beep. Beep.
What the hell was that annoying sound? It wasnt suppose to be like this in heaven, where was my dad?
My eyelids fluttered open in a groggy rush. A white roof stared at me, with swirls like water waves as the texture of it. Blinking a few more times I diverted my eyes to my sides, taking in the butterfly curtains and heavy machines all around me. The aroma of strong alcohol traveled up my nostrils giving my brain a burning sensation which caused me to wrinkle my nose. An idiot could tell where I was.

The hospital.

My throat was so dry and sandy that I knew not to try to speak. My lips were so dry, I ran my tongue along them in an attempt to wet them. Fail. It wasnt until the stinging feeling flared in both my wrist that I noticed a male figure leaning on my bed, his head rested on my thigh while his left hand held my right one in it firmly. He was sleeping. And it was quite a beautiful scene I should say, my heart warmed and I felt safe. Suddenly he opened his eyes and inclined his head up to look at me, wiping the slight drool off his mouth with his free hand.
“Lily?” an angels voice rang in my ears. It was even more breathtaking in person and by breathtaking I literally mean that. After seconds passed I remembered to breathe, gasping slightly then choking on my rough throat.
Okay.. calm yourself. This is only a dream, or im dead. Either way, just play it cool.”Am I dead?” my voice was barely a whisper and at first I thought he didnt hear me but then he scooted closer to me and a gorgeous smile came on his plump lips.
“No, your not. Thank God.” he chuckled then looked at me very seriously and took my hand in both of his. Both my wrist were wrapped tightly in a white cloth type material.”You tried to kill yourself…”
My eyes wandered around the room, acting like it was rude to look at him.”Is this real?”
A puzzled expression came on his face.”Why wouldnt it be?”
“Because your Justin Bieber and I dont know why your here…” I stated with a grimace. This wasnt real. I was dead or these drugs were really kicking themselves into my nerve system.
After taking a breath he smiled wide.”I got your messages Lily. And Im so sorry for what you’ve had to go through but… its over. Your safe now.”
My brows pulled together on my forehead. This couldnt be happening. This wasnt real and I was about to wake up to find myself alone in a hospital, or maybe this was some kind of test to see if I was going to heaven? Maybe I really was dead…
At a loss for words, I was speechless. I didnt know what to say so I just sat there in my hospital bed, looking at him like he was an alien. Was it possible that this was really happening? Could he have gotten my messages?
His face came near mine, so close that I felt his warm and moist breath on my cheek. He smelled delicious.”Lily…” he whispered with a slight grin before pecking my cheek.”I love you… and your not alone. Im here.”
My heart hammered in my chest. By the sound of his voice he wasnt talking about being IN love but it was sincere enough that I could tell he was telling the truth. He loved me…

Somebody loved me…


I Love The Way You Lie: A Justin Bieber One Shot

Made by Ex_Belieber

from FanFic


Scarlett slammed the taxi cab’s door with such force that she thought the window might break from under the pressure, and then clicked her heels vigirously against the grey concrete ground with her glossy peach lips pursed into a cracking tight line and her eyebrows furrowed into the middle of her forehead making her have a pouty type of look, while headed straight for the front door to their home. Justin’s Range Rover plowed into the driveway directly after her, so fast that he nearly bumped into the almost scratched white metal garage door, and he swung his body quickly out his door looking a bit aggitated from having to follow her all the way home instead of working out their problems while calmly driving back to the expensive house that he was now paying for, of course, for her. He wanted her to have the best. Thats why he was so annoyed by her anger towards him.
“Scar, can we please talk about this?” he urged her while chasing towards the door in hopes that he’d get there before her and stop the entrance from being opened.
The late teen’s lips didnt tremble at all. She felt confident that she was right and was gonna prove it, her boyfriend for three years now (going on marriage), had been late to dinner for the fourth time in a row and Scarlett could no longer hold in the hatred that exploded all over inside her. He’d done things like this for the past few months now. Giving him the most seriously angry face she could, her lips barely moved to mutter a ‘no’ then she flung the door open and stormed through the framework and into the entrance hall of their home.
Justin followed her inside and then shut the door lightly behind him while taking off his blazer and hanging it on the coat rack, annoyed.”I dont understand why your so mad over this, I said I was sorry at least twenty times already.” He was wearing dark blue skinny jeans, but not too tight, with black converse and white V neck T-shirt that had just been underneath the black blazer, that now hung on the rack.
“But you dont even mean it!” she exploded setting her purse down on the edge of their tan couch and tossing her long soft brown curls behind her back.”Thats the fourth time Justin! And all you can say is ‘your sorry’ and that ‘you forgot'” she mocked him scrunching her eyebrows in frustration. Forgot was an understatement. He had left her waiting at the resturaunt for two hours worrying about him, the first time, and then when she got home she found him safely in bed sleeping. The second time he had to work late and it ‘slipped his mind’ to tell her not wait for him at the theatre, the third time which happend to have her parents included, he had went to hang out with his friends totally forgetting her once again. This last time she had only waited half an hour, already guessing that he ‘forgot’ again like his new upcoming schedule.
“Of course I mean it Scarlett!” he half shouted and used her full name. This meant business if he was using her full name, because he never did even when they were friends at a young age. It was always Scar.”Work has been hectic lately and my mind is forgetting things, I’m sorry!”
“Shut up!” she shrieked now standing in the hallway heading to their huge bedroom.”Just shut up! Im sick and tired of hearing your pathetic apologies!”
“Well I’m sorry,” he retorted sarcastically and followed her quickly trying to make up to her but it just seemed to make her angrier.
Manicured nails went up to reach the headband in Scarlett’s hair, tugging it out and tossing it onto the bed.”Look Justin, this has been going on for months and I cant take it anymore..”
His lower lip trembled slightly so he bit it to stop the sudden emotion.”What are you saying?”
Her clear green eyes met his brown chocolate orbs in a powerful gaze, searching for something that she didnt know she wanted. The green eyes began to simmer with the tears and Scarlett looked down at her black boots anxiously, debating whether she really wanted to say these words.”Im leav-“
“Dont you say that!” he almost yelled but the sadness in his voice cracked and it sounded more like a loud whimper. When he woke up this morning or even when he was on his drive home, following her, he hadnt honestly thought that she would actually leave him. Ever.”Please…dont say it..”
“Justin,” she looked up to see his eyes begin to water and it only made her more confident with her choice…almost.”I dont deserve this kind of treatment. Im leaving.”
“No, your not.” he asserted quickly in an attempt to convince her and himself that she didnt mean what she had just spoken.
“Yes I am.” Scarlett spoke with defiance in her voice.”You cant tell me what to do-” but her sentence was not finished. A loud pop echoed through the walls of their cream colored room and her left cheek began to stinge with pain, tracing down to the corner of her lip. Startled female hands went to her face and felt liquid seeping out of her own plump lip…blood. His engagement ring had busted it open.
Tears now poured out the creases of her eyes from physical pain and Scar stared straight into the eyes of her fiance that were now filled with regret.”Y-you s-sl-slapped…” she couldnt seem to find her voice to finish the statement.
His hands came out in front of him in a surrender type look,”Scar im so sorry..I didnt mean to..” and then he went to cup her face in his hands but she had yelped in fear and turned around quickly to dodge into their bathroom, locking the door tightly and sliding down on the floor against it, letting hot salty tears caress her cheeks.
“Scarlett!” Justin yelled in a pained voice while chasing her but missing the door by seconds, so he pounded on it with his hand and fist halfway gentle.”Baby please, im sorry! I didnt mean to!”
He truly hadnt meant to hit her. Intentionally. One second he was heartbroken from her words and then something, a power, took over him and swallowed him in anger. He remembered thinking that she wouldnt and couldnt leave him. Justin could not allow it. He loved her, more than anything in the world.
“Im sorry Scar…” he moaned sliding down the door, also, to speak more clearly.”Baby…im sorry..”
Scarlett couldnt speak. Her voice was lost in her feelings, she couldnt believe he had slapped her. Loud sobs erupted from her throat unforcefully and she hiccuped through her tears with a flushed face.
“Baby, please, Scar come out of the bathroom. Im sorry. I promise it was an accident and I’ll never do it again.” he whispered alluringly through the door and put his hand on the door before slipping his other hand to the carpet and shoving three fingers underneath the door in desperation that she saw them and believed him, he sighed and held his breath.
She coughed mechanically and then saw his long fingers slip from the other side of the door, almost scooting away from them but then memories of when they first met and when they first kissed, first made love, and when he proposed to her flashed her mind in confusing hot waves. Scarlett loved him more than anything in the world and the thought of being away from Justin permantley scared her. Thats why when she had said she was leaving she didnt truly mean that, just that she would go to her friends house for a couple days to cool off and then come crawling back to him.
“Scar…” he said seriously and slightly wiggled the fingers.”Im so sorry. I love you, baby.”
Inhaling strongly she touched her bloody lip and panicked but then layed her eyes on the engagement ring…
ignoring the feeling in her gut and the screaming in her head she went with her heart and layed her small two fingers on top of his, intertwining them together slowly.”I love you too, Justin.”
He smiled widely at her words and felt her let go, standing up quickly as he did the same then her petite frame came crashing out of the door and into his warm embrace. Justin wrapped his masculine arms around her waist, lifting her off the ground a couple inches in a hug.”Im sorry, love. Forgive me?” he pleaded with deep serenity.
“Yeah..” she sniffled and nuzzled into his neck with a small smile.

51. Justin Bieber’s Breakup by @PervLikeBieber

Justin’s POV.
After being seen with this girl for 6 months she decided to call it quits. I guess i am kinda sad that its over but, i mean im Justin Bieber i can kinda get any girl i want. I mean, except for the haters. But for now im single and that, i guess is very noticable since our break up story is all over the tabloids and im here, in my bedroom being miserable and watching porn on my laptop.
I love how all my fans think im this wishy washy clean cut guy. They would probably never suggest or even think that this is one of my more regular habits. I mean what 17 year old guy doesnt watch porn? Hmmmmmm. They also believe that im still a virgin but that ship sailed along with my 6 months relationship.
I was watching as the girl on the computer started to take the guys cock in her mouth. My eyes we focusing on the screen as i rubbed my own cock thinking of my ex, what went so wrong? That was the question i asked myself everyday. The girl on the computer started moaning and gagging a little as she sucked the boy, he pushed her head closer to his crotch and she made quite the effort to not puke and she tried her best to look sexy for the camera. I zooned out for a second as i watched the girl sucking, i thought of my ex and how she’d wrapped her tongue around my cock for the first time only weeks before our break up. I started rubbing harder as my imagines of her down on her knees flashed infront of my eyes. The moans in the backround made me even more aroused and i thought of Theresa and her loud groans as i pushed my cock into her mouth. An exciting and erotic feeling filled my body and my cock hardened in my hand as i thought of Theresa, the girl that had broken my heart days ago. She was so nice and so good at what she was doing. It wasnt fair, i needed her back.
I kept watching the computer intense as i was rubbing my cock harder and harder, but my mind was trailing off to other memories, the day i lost my virginity. I remember how exotic looking Theresa had been with her black curly hair and her brown eyes. She was wearing a colorful dress with flowers and she had even tucked a flower into her hair. The smell of her perfume had filled my nose, it was a scent of apple and pear and her hair had a light scent of coconut. All the different scents and her beautiful and stunning body all together had turned me on and in a matter of minutes i knew that this was the day id be losing my virginity. I couldnt resist her and her beauty.
I started undressing as i watched the girl on the computer bringing the boy to an orgasm. She let him cum all over her face and into her mouth as she swallowed as much as possible. I groaned as i watched her, she was looking stunning too, not as stunning as Theresa but she definitely wasnt ugly.
When id removed my pants and boxers the girl on the screen had already swallowed another cumshot. I watched as the girl and boy went over to the bed and he went on top of her and the memories flooded back.
I remembered how i was on top of Theresa, i wasnt clueless of what i was supposed to do since id been watching movies and not to mention a lot of porn, so i started to slowly press my cock into her pussy hole. It felt amazing as soon as the two connected. She was so wet and i was so hard. It just felt right.
I watched as the girl on the screen got fucked. Her moaning were loud and clear and they turned me on. I watched as she thrust her hips up meeting the boy that was fucking her halfway. As she got closer and closer to her orgasm she moaned louder and louder. Aroused and wet because of her moans i started rubbing my cock. There was some pre cum coming out which i didnt mind, the feeling of being all hard and wet made me think of Theresa even more, i imagined the pre cum was her wet pussy juices.
I start jerking my hand back and forth spreading the cum out over my cock as i watched the girl whimper and cum all over her guy. I zooned out again and imagined Theresa and her deep moans. Mmm the way my name rolled off her tongue as i fucked her was like music to my ears. She had a perfect high pitched voice and even her whimpers and groans sounded like a symphony. She was just perfect.
Back in reality i watched the girl on the computer riding the boys cock. She looked amazingly good at it, as if it was all she’d done since she was 5, which probably was true. I laughed a little at my own thought but then i remembered how amazingly good Theresa was. Why couldnt i stop thinking of her?
After having our first earth shaking orgasms and after rolling around in our bed, Theresa decided it was time for her to show me how it was done. We’d kissed multiple times and her tongue was burring itself in my mouth as she got on top of me. Her mouth had gone down my face and neck and then licked my chest before her hips had started rolling on top of me and damn was she good! The way her hips moved in sync with my thrusts upwards created an amazing feeling in my stomach. Theresa was rubbing her breasts as she was rocking her hips slowly and i watched as she was clearly making herself comfortable. Judging by her moans she was way up high by the clouds.
The girl on the computer went faster and so did my hand. Her moans got more intense and so did mine. Damn it felt so good to just… fuck myself.
My fantasy went back to Theresa, in our encounter she went faster and harder like the girl on the computer. She moaned louder as she kissed me with passion. I let my tongue thrust into her mouth and grabbed her hips to bounce her neat body down on my cock, she was so fucking sexy in my fantasy. She didnt care about anything, she just wanted more and in my fantasy i gave her more. I could almost hear her scream in reality as i kept imagining us fucking.
The girl on the screen started screaming and she threw her head back as she came all over the boy. I was close too and in my fantasy so was Theresa. I jerked my hand faster and harder. A couple of more strokes and i would be at the edge. I moaned louder and louder as i felt myself getting closer and closer. The girl on the computer had started licking her boy clean. She berried her head between his legs and started working her magic. I let out a huge groan as i came all over my hands and when i did i heard the door open, i was to busy cumming to even bother looking but when i did she was there.
Theresa was back.
That night we both forgave each other for leaving one another and we had the most amazing sex ever.

50. The Secret Life of A Bieber by @PervLikeBieber

AN: I removed the girl’s name here. Not a big fan of hers. You know who it is.


Brianna”s pov.
Theres a lot of things Justin’s fans doesnt know about him that i do know most of the things are sex related. I guess first of all, all those young girls would slaughter me if they found out their idol is not a virgin. Yeah, i actually asked Justin to lie about that, even to his own mother he agreed. Why? you might think. Well let’s just say i know some really juicy stuff about him that he wouldn’t want his mother or any of the press to find out about.
I dont really love Justin, well i love his looks and his money but not necessarily him. He’s to much of a nice boy which makes him very vulnerable. Well if you dont like him why date him? you might ask. Oh well darling, he gives me whatever i want, so why would i leave? I get everything from sports-cars too jewelry too expensive designer clothes but more importantly i get fame. I guess he’s just a sucker for love. He think he loves me and so, why not take advantage of that and get some free publicity and money from it.
Justin also has amazing sex and that, i guess is another reason for me staying. I remember the first time we had sex… i almost liked him.
“So are we really doing this?” Justin asked me with a smile, but i could tell he was kinda insecure.

“Yes baby, unless, you dont want too” I said with a pout. I remember that i was horny as hell, i mean… even if he is a nice guy and a love sucker hes still incredibly hot.

“I do want too” He said and tried to get more comfortable on my bed.

“Good cause i want you so badly right now” I was talking the truth but over the nights ive spent with Justin ive realized that sometimes it was better to fake it than to be quiet. It isnt that he can’t fuck cause trust me beliebers he cant, but… who cares, you wont get to try him anyway, hes mine. Its just that he talks toooooo much.

Justin leaned in and kissed me with his wet lips, he was hovering me on my bed and everything felt amazing at that point, i almost started to believe that i actually liked this guy and not just his wallet. I kissed Justin back with more and more force showing that i wanted him, i suck his tongue a little every time it thrust into my mouth. The quiet moans that escaped my mouth were real and the shivers my legs made when he’d suck my bottom lip were real as well.

Justin let his wet lips slide gently down my neck, knowing what he was doing he sucked all the right spots and made me moan louder. Justin himself let out a nice and loud groan when he heard me moan his name for the first time since our encountering had started. While he leaned in and sucked harder on my naked skin surrounding my fragile little neck i reached down his pants and grabbed his cock that was pressing hard against his skinny jeans. My magic hand moves made Justin groan louder against my neck and the flesh around it.

“Mmm that feels good selly baby” Justins nickname for me was Selly, he thought it was cute. I thought it was childish and stupid.

“I know right, that does feel good huh?” I smirked as i rubbed my hand harder against his aching cock.

“Fuck yes.” I have to admit his cussing was kinda sexy, but that didnt change his personality that was waaay to childish for me.

“You’re being a bad boy cussing for me! Hmm what would mommy say if she heard you?” I started unzipping Justins pants and pulled them down along with his boxers letting his monster pop out his pants. Free as a bee. “Or even worse…” I whispered.

“What would mommy do if she saw you? Being all over me like this”

Justin gulped and i felt his free bee harden in my hand. “She’d think im a bad boy” Justin whispered.

“Are you a bad boy Justin?” I whispered, my hand was moving around his cock and Justins breathing got unsteady and heavy.

“Yes” He let out a loud groan.

“Are you?” I moved my hand faster.

“YES” He screamed as i went faster and faster with every stroke, wanting him to cum all over my naked body.

“Then show me!” I screamed and he did. After releasing an entire load of milky white, kinda sticky and definitely thick cum onto my belly he started to lick down my body, around my breasts and then biting my nipples, as they hardened in his mouth, he licked down my belly where his cum had landed. The cum entered his mouth as he licked every little bit of it up, his eyes were focused on mine as he licked.

Justin, after cleaning my entire belly up from his orgasm went lower. His tongue gracefully moved down around my belly button and towards my bikini line which was smooth and well shaven. Just in case.

He flicked his wet, cummy (I know thats not really a word) tongue around my clit that instantly felt the sharp tongue tip and hardened from the pleasure. He start licking around it when he noticed how sensitive i was down below. His tongue made circle motions around my clit as his fingers begun to travel up my legs. Justin dragged one of his fingers over my slit and the put it in his mouth. His finger was covered with my juices and he quickly cleaned it of before continuing to lick around my clit. He would then when my clit had softened up flick his tongue over it and bite it then going back to his circular motions. Mean while he did that he pressed his two longest fingers inside my wet folds.
I could feel the juice dripping down my pussy towards my ass crack as he fingered me harder and harder. I was surprised of how good he was at this and how much pleasure he actually brought me to then he had to ruin it by opening his mouth.

“Does my Selly belly like that?” He smirked his fingers still burring deep inside my pussy. Selly belly? Who the fuck comes up with that name, i thought to myself as i moaned out a yes.

“Mm, you like having fingers in your pussy?” Justin continued to talk, his voice was hoarse and sexy but for me it just wasnt there.

“Yes i do” I whimpered a litte, not because of Justin but because of his amazing actions down below. Justins actions soon brought me to an orgasm and so he took out his cum covered fingers and licked them off.

“I see my bad boy likes the taste of cum” I moaned, i was still panting from my orgasm.

“Mmm he dooooeeesss” Justin groaned as he licked his fingers clean, continuing on with licking my pussy clean as he dragged his tongue – like he’d done earlier with his finger – down my slit then back up to flick it over my still hard but now even more sensitive clit.

Justin got up and kissed me hard and he started rubbing his body closer against mine, i could feel his hard cock against my entrance just waiting for me to beg him to enter and so i did.

“Justin please…” i whimpered into the kiss and into his mouth. “Please fuck me now” and so he did, like a fucking pro. And may i remind you it was his first time. Either he’d been watching a lot of porn or he was just a natural pro.

Justin pushed his big cock into my tiny little hole that was aching but at the same time high above the clouds because of the intense pleasure Justins cock gave it. Justin went slow in the beginning not sure if he was doing it right or if he was hurting me. But when he realized he wasnt he started going faster and faster making me moan and scream out his name in pure pleasure.

“Ohhh fuck Justiiin” I screamed, the pain his big cock was causing my little, tight hole felt so amazing that i thought id die from having a to strong orgasm but i didnt.

“Faster Justin” I screamed and Justin went faster.

“Harder Justin” And Justin went harder. I dug my nails into his ass as he was thrusting into my pussy harder and harder, it felt amazingly good and i could just feel my wet walls clench around his candy that was briging so much pleasure to my body.

It was so intense and we both knew we were getting closer and closer to our peek. Neither of us managed to get out any words from our mouths now, it was just all weird sounds and noises and grunts and pants and more screams and whimpers.
As my walls started to clench and hold on to their candy harder and harder we both exploded. Feeling Justins cum entering my body was amazing, it was like i was filled up from head to toe, it was just amazing. I felt complete. Justin had let out a huge moan and a loud groan when he came into my pussy, he’d thrown his head back as my pussy walls made one last attempt to squeeze some milk out of him then he’d begun to hump me as fast as he could, riding out his orgasm. Id humped back and brought myself to a breathtaking orgasm and i spilled juice all over my candy.

Justin hopped off me and right into the shower and from that point and on we’d had a lot of sex but what Justin doesnt know is… to me it’s just sex, no love.

49. Booty Call by @PervLikeBieber

Lee’s Pov.
The first thing i heard in the morning was a beep. Id gotten a text *Im horny, lets have some fun. ;)* It was from Justin, hes… well im not really sure what hes but i guess friends with benefits, but we’re not really friends, we kinda just met and had great sex and ever since we’ve hooked up several times. Justin and i are both single and there’s no way either of us could be in a relationship, ive tried that and it just doesnt work out for me. Justin on the other hand have told me he enjoys being in relationships but he just doesnt have time but he still wants sexual pleasure. I guess you can say im his booty call but we’ve both agreed to this, i mean we are both lonely, we have great sex together if great is enough to describe all the crazy things we do and we’re barely friends so we dont have to be worried that we’ll ruin something valuable.
*You know where i live baby. ;)* I texted him back and then i jumped into the shower, it was almost noon i felt like a princess when i walked out of the shower clean and shaved. Knowing Justin, i knew he’d come around at like 4pm then we’d sit down eat something, we need food, it gives ur energy then we’d probably head upstairs and make the bed rock.
I stood in front of the mirror as i curled my naturally straight blonde hair, i watched myself noticing that id gained a little weight but to me it didnt matter, i still felt like a princess with the curly blonde hair, the nice well shaped body, those nice blue eyes and my – well not to brag – big size boobs and well shaped ass.

After curling my hair i got another text *See you at 4 princess. ;)* I did not only feel like a princess but most of the times i was treated like one too, i come from a rich family so i have a big appartment in new york and another one in La, right now i am in new york where i permanently live, my la appartment is for my work, when i have to travel. I work with fashion and designing clothes so i work a lot at home and then i just travel around to show up my work and so on. Justin also treated me like a princess, well depending on his mood ive also heard other nicknames like “Baby, Sexy, Bitch, Slut, Hoe, Whore, Beautiful” yeah… you get it, pretty much every name a boy has ever called a girl.

I started putting on my make up which was just basic golden brown eyeshadows in different shades creating a smoky eye, some mascara, foundation and a little powder. I went to the closet and picked out an outfit consisting a white tanktop and a black skirt that went from my waist and down my ass. I put on my pumps and went out the door to go to a meeting then i went grocery shopping.

I got back home at 3.45pm stressed out as hell. How would i be able to cook a dinner in 15 minutes?! Beep. There was another text. *Looking forward til tonight, what is my princess wearing? 😉 i hope nothing.* I smirked as i replied trying to sound as sexy as possible *Im wearing a white tanktop and a blackwaist miniskirt, but i can easily take them off for you baby.*

I decided id go for pasta and then some sauce mixture or something that id read online that it was supposed to taste really good. As the food was on the stove i immediately ran around the kitchen trying to find wine glasses and candles and stuff like that. During our dinner Justin and i usually talked casually, i guess almost developing a friendship, it was never awkward and quiet, we always had something funny to talk about but you might think, why are you giving the kitchen a romantic appeal, well… it gives a nice calming feeling and im not gonna lie, those feelings always create sexual tension.

I had just poured the spaghetti and with the sauce mixture into two bowls and poured up the red wine when Justin knocked on the door. I ran up to it, my heels clicking against the wooden floor. Justin immediately gave me a wet kiss and whispered “I hope im not to late.” From the outside this would probably look like a nice romantic couple having an even nicer evening and a romantic date but for us it was casual and focused on sex.

After consuming two glasses of wine and a fantastic dinner Justin and i went upstairs. Justin followed behind me and like always he’d wrapped his arms around me, he knew i liked that.

“So how does my princess want it tonight?” He whispered in my air as we walked up the stairs.

“Fast and hard” I moaned as Justin pressed his hands against my breasts.

Justin groaned a little “Mmm so you’re a naughty princess?”

I opened the door and walked in, justin closed the door with his foot and i replied. “Yes very. Do i get punished for that?” Justin let go of me and started to undress himself, i undressed too. Justin was actually not so bad looking, he had a nice brown color to his hair that was messy and sexy on top of his head. He had two nice brown eyes and a very toned body which i liked.

“This is gonna be a long night” I smirked. Already naked i went behind Justins back and pressed my body against his, pressing my big firm breasts against his back. His body was cold, it was so cold that my nipples hardened against his skin.

“I guess im not the only one who’s hard.” Justin let out a giggle. It was definitely one of those “Omg what a cute guy giggle.”

“Nope.” I let my hands run over his defined chest and his sexy, sixpack that was forming on his stomach. My fingers traced every single bump before going down towards Justins now hardened cock. Justin groaned once again. “Mmmm you like that baby?” I whispered into his ear and gave it a quick nibble before licking down his neck and then finding his sweet spot that i immediately started sucking at.
Justin breathed in heavily and gasped out a “Yeees.” I moaned “Are you a bad boy Justin?”

“Mhm” Was all he could moan out as i grasped his big cock and squeezed it hard.

“Mmm will you punish me tonight?”

“Yes, whatever you want princess” The way Justin called me princess was so sexual, i thought to myself as i continue to suck his neck. I rubbed Justins hard dick against the palm of my hand before rubbing his entire shaft, jerking him off hard. Justin moaned and i could feel his body tensing up as he was about to cum so i stopped and i went down on my knees in front of him. I bit my lip as i whispered

“Justin i want you” Moan. “To cum all over my boobs.”

Justin started to rub his dick against my boobs, it wasnt gross like i thought it would be, cause my friends had told me it would feel kinda gross and dirty but i was fine with it. Then he started to full on fucking them as i was still on my knees, using my hands to rub my hard nipples.

“Ohh goood lee, im gonna cum.” Justin moaned and burst his cum all over my tits and i started spreading the cum out over my nipples. Justin pulled my up by my hair and pushed me hard against the cold wall.

“Youve been a naughty girl baby.” He whispered and kissed me hard, he left kisses in my entire face and down my neck then he stuck his tongue out and licked the cum, id spread out, off my breast.

“I need you to punish me and fuck me hard Justin” I screamed as i felt his tongue wrap around my nipple and swirl over it again and again until he was sure all the cum was cleaned of my body.

Justin pushed me down on the floor on all four and he lined himself up behind me. He pressed the head of his cock into my pussy teasing it as he rubbed my clit with his hands.

“Ready princess?” He smirked.

“I was born ready, now FUCK ME” I screamed. Justin needed me to say no more and pushed his hard cock into my soaking wet pussy.

“Mmm, youre so wet, princess.” The way he called princess just made my pussy squirm out even more juices to cover his hard dick.

“Only for you baby”

Justin started to slowly fuck me his both hands on my hips guiding my pussy on his dick.

“Faster baby, i want it faster.” Justin slapped my ass and went faster. “Oh yes baby thats it, mmm i like that” I moaned out as i was standing on all 4 feeling trapped. Justin was controlling me and my body and it felt pretty damn fucking great.

“Mmm you like that princess?” Justins thrusts didnt just get faster they got harder too.

“Yes, ohhh fuck yesss” I moaned and threw my head back, balancing on all three i used my left hand to rub my clit.

“Let me do that for you baby” Justin said and his hand reached down my stomach and onto my clit, he used his index and long fingers to rub it teasing it by going slow then faster then slow. It felt amazing but i wanted it harder and faster so i started to thrust my hips back onto Justins cock and i swayed to the invisible pace that Justin had created.

Surprised by me actions Justin screamed “Ohhh, damn baby, fuck your tight little pussy feels so good. Mmm fuck yes princess.” Justins moans and screams made me almost wanna burst but i wanted him to cum with me so i tried my best to hold it in.
Justin and i both slowed down, going slow but still as hard as before. Justin rubbed my clit slow now, then as we picked up our pace again he rubbed faster and harder. Both of us screaming and doing noises no one could ever put a word for felt amazing and it triggered us both to one of the best orgasms that we’d experienced together.

“Ohh my god princessss” Justin screamed. I was kinda annoyed now that he was still calling me princess, i guess the word was over used but i couldnt care less cause i was in fucking bieberheaven when i felt my pussy hug his dick and squeeze his cum out of him and into my belly.

48. Warm, Wet and Wild by @PervLikeBieber

Destiny’s POV.
After getting home from work, Justin always did the same thing, he threw his backpack or whatever bag he had with him on the kitchen floor, ran upstairs, stripped naked and took a shower. And why am i telling you this, you may think?
Well the fun part about it is that everyday id follow him upstairs, watch him undress through the door-spring that he leaves open on purpose, he knows im watching him. Then id follow him into the shower where the hot stuff happens.
Today was not exception. As i walked through the door i could hear Justin turn the shower on. I imagined the hot water hitting his head soaking his hair then run down his perfectly skulped body, his defined chest and his sexy abs. Some of the water would follow another road and run down his back and his perfectly firm ass. Justin knew i was coming, ofcourse, so he turned to me and pulled me in as soon as he saw me staring.

His body was warm and wet and his arms was so strong as they held me in place (Which was against the wall) i could feel the hot water coming onto my head, soaking my blonde long hair that ran down my back. I could feel the water hitting my breasts and my sensible nipples that was now craving Justins attention. (Which ofcourse he knew)

Justin let go of my arms as he pressed his body against mine, his lips would barely touch my skin as he leaned in to kiss my lips softly, then as he moved his kisses towards my ear and down my neck. His fingers tickled the skin on my wet arms and continued as he grabbed my both hands and put them over my head. His lips were no longer soft and gentle but more or less wet and wild as he once again found my mouth.

Justin rubbing his entire body closer to mine as if i were trapped, kissed me, his kiss was intense and hard but full of love. He bite my lower lip and then slipped his tongue through my mouth, the way it gracefully explored my mouth as if it was the first time made me moan.

“Have you been a naughty girl Destiny” He whispered. I nodded.

“Do you need to be punished?” Justin smirked, his lips went off mine and he gently nibbled my ear.

“Yes” That was all i could get out of my mouth as i along with the quiet word, let out a long gasp.

Justin grabbed my hips hard and pushed me down onto my knees, he winked and smirked as he pulled hair and i winced, but i enjoyed it.

His hands then fell down to breast as he rubbed them hard and smacked them with his palm.

“When im finished with you Destiny, you wont even be able to walk” He grinned.

“Please dont do this” I whimpered, but i wanted this more than anything and Justin knew that.

“You’ve been a very veryyy bad girl” Justin smirked as he put his hand behind my neck and pressed my face closer to his cock that was now hard and probably craving a release into my mouth.

“Mhhh” I groaned as i looked at it, it was huge, but i didnt mind, the bigger the better.

Justin looked at me and smirked, the way he was smirking and his dirty talk turned me on badly so i encouraged him to say some more.

“Mmm Destiny you like having your mouth filled up with cum huh? You little slut” I gulped as i heard the words coming out of his mouth, his voice was so raw and sexy, i nodded encouraging him to go on.

“Thats what i thought.” He said. “I can tell youre one of those girls that enjoys sucking cock” Although many people find dirty talking weird, i find it very very sexy and so does Justin, but… ive never heard him talk like this and tell you what, it turned me on so fucking much.

“Especially yours.” I moaned. Justin pulled my hair back with his other hand as he used the hand he had on my neck to push me even closer to his hard cock, that was now practically begging for my attention. I grabbed it with my hands as i swirled my tongue around his head. Justin hissed at the sensational feeling.

I licked the shaft wet using my tongue as if it was a lollipop before i wrapped my lips around his head. Justin groaned sexily and it encouraged me to take him in further. He was so big and so long that i had to ignore my gagsreflexs or this experience wouldve been over way to soon, but when my mouth finally got used to it both Justin and i were in heaven moaning each others names.

I bobbed my head up and down taking his entire cock into my mouth. I could feel his head hitting the back of my throat as i sucked him faster and faster and harder and harder waiting for him to shoot his load down my throat.

After a while i stopped sucking, i start licking along his shaft again with my teeth tickling his skin, like his nails had tickled the skin on my arms. I swirled my tongue around his head and flicked it over and over until i could feel him almost cumming. He was so close, i started sucking hard again and after a few seconds i felt his warm cum on my tongue and running down towards my stomach. I swallowed it all and licked him clean, then he finally broke the silence…

Or well you cant call it silence because we’d both been moaning the whole time, but he finally spoke a word other than “Mmm destiny harder/faster baby”

“Mm thats right baby swallow daddys cum” he moaned as he watched me swallowing his huge load of cum. I licked my lips clean and then he allowed me to stand up.
“Now i believe we have to punish you for being a naughty little slut” He said and turned my body around. My boobs was the first thing to hit the cold wall. Justin turned the shower towards us and he whispered in my ear from behind.

“Not that we need that, my babygirl is already wet” Although i couldnt see him i knew he was smirking as he pressed his palm against my wet pussy.

Without any hesitation he pushed his wet hard cock into my pussy from behind and i let out a huge gasp followed by a moan.

“Mmm Juuuustin”

“Thats my babygirl” Justin said. Justin usually called me that, well, when i was “nice” wink wink. Justins arms wrapped around my body and reached for my boobs, his fingers rubbing and pinching my nipples hard and he slowly began to move inside my body.

“Mmm, my babygirl is really wet” Justin moaned into my ear, his voice was now even sexier than before.

“Only for you Justin” I mumbled as i tried to get my heavy breathing to cooperate with me.

“Let’s see how much of daddy you can handle” Another thing that i guess wasnt so normal about our sexual talking was that Justin enjoyed being in control, as you might have noticed, so ofcourse the idea of me being his little girl and him being my daddy was very appealing. It wasnt that we “pretended” he was my real daddy… it was just simply that he thought the world was sexy and that it was sexy when i screamed it for him.

Justin pressed his big cock in and out of my tight pussy faster and faster now as he continued to rubb my boobs. The feelings my body experienced were amazing, i felt like screaming and coming at right away but i didnt because i didnt want him to ever stop. It felt so good.

“Mmm you like that, you naughty girl?” Justin moaned into my ear.

I gasped. “Yes, harder please… mmmff fuck me”

Justin picked up a faster pace, his entire crotch slamming against my ass as i felt his cock going deeper and deeper inside me, hitting my gspot harder and harder i scream.

“Yes, ohhh fuck yesss”

“Who’s my babygirl” Justin moaned.

“I am” I screamed.

“And who’s your daddy” Justin hit my gspot harder this time, it made my entire body jerk a little and my legs begun to shake as he went faster and faster than before.

“Youuu are” I screamed. I threw my head back and i felt his hands going down my stomach and pressing onto my clit. He started rubbing my clit harder. I was enjoying myself so much that id forgot the shower was still on and now the hot water had changed into cold water, but i didnt mind with Justin fucking me from behind it felt like my body was on fire.

“Mmmm cum for me babygirl” Justin screamed as he rammed his cock into me one last time before releasing another load of cum into my body.

“Ohhh fuck yesss” I whimpered as i came with him, i felt my pussy clenching and holding onto his dick as if my life depended on it. It squeezed every single drop of cum out of him, that he could possibly have left. My legs were shaking and my head was spinning, i thought i was about to pass out, i havent ever experience an orgasm like this before, it was breathe taking. I had to remind myself to breathe as i calmed down.

“Warm, wet and wild thats how i like it.” I whispered.

“Good, because we are definitely doing this again” he smirked.

47. Serenade by @PervLikeBieber

Katy’s POV
It was my birthday today and my boyfriend had been out working all day long. It sucks being me. I thought to myself as i lay down on the bed sighing. Justin had been in the arena whole day working with his new tour that he’ll be going on this summer, starting next week.

I thought we were going to do something special for my birthday but nooo, he chose work instead of me. I mean i understand that is important that he runs everything through and that he does his little soundchecks and stuff, but aren’t i more important? He hasnt even gotten me a present!

I laid down on my side and started crying.

“I hate Justin” I whispered. My watery blue eyes closed for a second to let the tears run down my face and i sobbed myself into a relax mode. It felt so good to just cry.

“I cant believe he did this to me” I whispered. “I love him, God please, what am i doing wrong? Should i break up with him”

I opened my eyes and saw the photo of me and Justin as kids. Justin and i had been best friends for a long time before dating. We met when we were five. The photo had been taken in a park in startford, we were six and Justin kissed me on the cheek. I was blushing!

My phone made a beep sound that indicated that id got a text but i couldnt be bothered, i was to busy crying over some stupid photo.

“I really cant believe this” I sobbed. I couldnt be bothered to wipe the tears away. My phone beeped again.

“WHAT” I said turning around to grab my phone out of my purse that was on the bed. i flipped it open and looked at the text that said *My mom is coming by your house later but im sorry i couldn’t be with you, happy birthday babykaty.* “THATS ALL I FREAKING GET? A TEXT” I screamed in frustration. “A FUCKING TEXT?!”

I threw my face against the pillow and cried some more, my dark brown hair covering my face as i fell into some kind of sleep.

When i woke up it was noon. Someone was ringing the door bell. I went down and opened.

“Hi” Pattie said with a big smile on her face. “Are you ready to go?”

“Go where?” I said surprised.

“You’ll see, just dress nice, im gonna take you out” She said.

“Okay ill be right back” I said and jumped upstairs, grabbed a black flowy summery dress and rushed back down.

Pattie put a blindfold around my eyes and off we go.

Pattie stopped the car and we walked out, she opened the door and i had completely no clue where we were. All i could hear was that we were in a big house, it was echoing as our heels clicked against the floor.

Pattie picked up her phone and sent a text and five seconds later i could hear Justin’s voice singing U smile. The voice got closer and closer and i could hear the piano too. Pattie took off my blindfold and i could see the big stage. Justin had arranged. There was a table with candles and flowers and on the piano there was a big heart shaped chocolate box, all for me.

Pattie left me alone and closed the door as i stared amazed at the stage. I couldnt get a word out, then Justin motioned for me to look up and i saw the big screens, they were all purple with a white text saying “I love you katy.”

“AWWWWWWW” I said, i couldnt get anything out. I was starstruck. I definitely took back my “I hate Justin” that i said earlier.

Justin walked towards me and hugged me. I felt like crying, his sweet scent entered my nose and i burried my face in his neck. I was still speechless. Justin took my hand and walked me to the stage we sat down and had a nice dinner consisting Justins favorite spaghetti and his mom special homemade sauce. As we ate Justin and i talked randomly about different memories that we shared.

After the dinner Justin pulled me towards him, he licked his lips, making them all wet. We kissed. The kiss ws a long deep kiss, it was passionate and i can almost feel all the love we shared entering my body, giving me lots and lots of energy. Justin sat me on top of his piano and he himself sat down to play for me. He smiled as he started singing

“Happy birthday” His voice was sexy as always and you could hear that he puberty had hit him hard, it was deep and hoarse and raspy and sexy now. Not that it hadnt been all those things before…

Justins playing came to an end and he climbed up on the piano too. He smirked and kissed me, forcing me to lay down. His legs straddled my body as he was standing on his knees, hovering my whole body. He kissed me harder and started pulling off my clothes and i didnt hesitate. I started pulling off his pants and he pulled down my shirt and my bra. His lips continued down my neck, licking and sucking. I gasped a little, his wet lips felt sensational against my sensitive skin.

Justin licked my ear and whispered

“Im sorry i couldn’t be hang with you today”

“Mm, its okay” I moaned. Justin bite my ear and i gasped again.

“Im gonna give you the best birthday present ever” He smirked and looked into my eyes.

He kissed down my shoulders and licked my breast and i moaned. He moaned too and wrapped his lips around my right nipple. He sucked it hard, knowing that it gave me an incredible pleasure.

“Mmm Justin” I said pulling his hair, he smirked and moved over to my left breast giving the exact same treatment.

While sucking Justin started pulling off my skirt and panties, he stuck a finger into my pussy that was soaking wet. He kissed my lips once again, his tongue licking my lips then entering my mouth slowly, he caressed my tongue with his own.

“Baby youre so sexy” He moaned making me feel comfortable and sexy and making my juices flow out my pussy.

Justin pulled out his finger and licked it off sexily, sucking it a little. I moaned as i watched him.

“Justin youre so fucking sexy” I moaned and he smirked.

He positioned himself on top of me, on the piano, and then he entered my wet pussy slowly. Justin groaned a little when my wet walls, wrapped around his hardened dick. It felt so good having him inside me.

“Fuuuck baby” I moaned. Justin loves when i moan, and the be honest, there’s no way i’ll be able to keep quiet anyway.

“Babykaty, you feel amazing, you sexy” Justin moaned, his moans echoed in the arena as we made love. His dick thrusting into my hole harder and harder.

“FASTER BABY” I moaned, Justin picked up his pace going harder and faster making me scream.

“Mmm yes FUCK ME JUSTIN” My words encouraged him to go harder and faster.

“Thats it babygirl, moan for me” Justin screamed.

“AHHH YES” My voice came out in a scream/whimper and i came all over Justins dick. I could feel my cum run down my ass crack. Justin kissed me, pushing his tongue down my throat as he i could feel his cock burring itself in my pussy and shooting its cum, up in my stomach. Mypussy hugging and squeezing it so hard, as if i was milking him out of every last drop of cum.

We both screamed as we orgasmed on stage. Justin kissed my face and my neck and then finally he let out a loud groan into my ear, making me cum some more.

Justin pulled his hard, wet dick out of me and smirked. He kissed down my body like he’d done before, sucking my nipples and so on but this time he didnt stop at my belly. He continued down towards my soaking wet pussy. Justin pushed three of his fingers inside me and his tongue licked around my pussy, licking up all the cum that had splashed all over my legs.

“Ohh god” I moaned. Justin fingered me harder. I could hear my wet juices covering his fingers as he went faster and faster making my pussy ache in pain and pleasure. Justin licked my clit, flicking his tongue over it again and again in sync with his fingers thrusting into my pussy.

After bringing me to another orgasm he pulled out his fingers and licked them off like before. Justin dragged his tongue over my pussy and my pussy hole, licking up some more cum. He stuck his tongue into my pussy making me wet again.

“Damnnn Justin, fuck me with your tongue” I moaned. His tongue flicked in and out of my pussy. He was fucking me with his tongue so fucking fast that i came again.

“Happy Birthday” Justin smirked, his tongue flicking over my tongue, the vibrations that his words caused made me cum once again.