8. Soccer and Cheer by @PervLikeBieber

It was the soccer game of the year and as head cheerleader i had alot of responsibility i had to lead my team to victory cause this wasnt just the biggest soccer game ever, it was also the bet of the year. The bet turned into a competition where my cheerleader team Cheetahs had to compete against tigers. Best cheerleaderteam would win 1000$ bucks to their team.

As the hot boys were running around the filed i prepared myself, i made sure my mimi skirt was tight around my ass, my tanktop tight around my boobs and my bellybutton ring was shown. And when the bell went o we were all ready to cheer, doing out handflips and hand motions and god knows what.
We both won our competitions and games and now the biggest PARTY of the year was waiting at the boys house. WOHO i thought to myself as i cheer over to my friend Samantha.

“Rose are you ready for da party of da year” Sam shouted trying to make herself heard over all the cheering.

“HELL YEAH” I screamed as we walked towards the boys rangerover. It was some random boys one i was guessing. I think his name was Justin. But Justin wasnt driving, it was his friend Ryan driving, Justin sat down next to me, his eyes glancing over at me ever so often. But i pretended i didnt notice, cause i couldnt be borthered, not yet, but wait til the party starts. Justin had long brownish looking hair that was covering his ears and forehead, he has brown diamond looking eyes, with diamond i mean they shined like one. He had a nice tanned body and a casual clothing style, on a scale from one to ten id say he was a clear 7, in my opinion.

“Are you ready to party girls” Justin said looking at me and Sam, i noticed we were the only girls on the car, the other girls had been riding with Chaz. The “Hottest” guy in school. Yeah yeah whatever, been there done that, not really big enough, not really good enough.

“Heck yeah” Same said with a loud sqeeky voice.

“YEAH” I cheered. I earned a smirk from Justin. Then when i looked at him i noticed another guy, he looked like probably around 14 15, he seemed to young to party, but who cares.

“Who da guy” I whispered to Sam.

“I think its his best friend or whatever guys call it” She whispered back. Justin looked alot like his best friend, almost as if they were brothers, altho his best friend had a lighter shade in his hair, his face was a little bit more rounded and he wasnt as tanned and he had a little mole over his lip at the right corner.

When we reached our destination Justin jumped out of the car, he offered his hand to help me out and i gladly took it, i jumped out and my skirt flew up a little, i noticed Justin glancing over at my legs but he quickly looked away. The house was big with a huge living room where music was blasting and drinks we’re served. Boys had their beer cans and girls had their red pineapple drinks over whatever was in them. The boys were still sweaty from the game and but most of them had changed while the girls still ran around in the cheerleading uniforms.

I grabbed myself a drink and made myself comfortable in the big living room as i looked around a little, looking for hot boys and such as. I noticed the young boy that was apparently Justins best friend and i walked up to him.

“Arent you a little young to be drinking and partying with us?” I asked curious, but the tone in my voice sounded cheerful, just to hide my curiousity.

“Sooo?” He looked at me as if i were stupid.

“Thats da spirit boy” I high fived him as i took a sip from my strawberry drink.

Apparently the pineapple had just been decorations on the glass and not really the taste of the drink. Shame, i like pineapple.

“So, see anything ya like?” I asked as the young boys eyes scrolled over the cheerleaders.

“That one” He pointed at Sam, her blonde stipes of hair hanging down her front covering her tanktop all the way down to her belly, her green eyes shining like pearls and her slim legs crossing eachother as she was talking to her friends.

“Go get her tiger” I pushed him forward.

I heard someone breathe behind me, it was Justin. Hed probably been checking me out while talking to his best friend, so he followed his best friend and stopped him before he got the chance to talk to Sam. Justin probably wanted to know what id said, but i didnt care. I just went to get myself another drink, a stronger one this time.
When the music got louder and more people were dancing i thought it was time for me to dance too. So i made my way over to the dancefloor a little wobbly after 3 strawberry drinks, but who cares. I swinged my hips lightly around the dancefloor and then i felt two hands land on the sides, a mouth breathing close to my ear.

“Hey babe, wanna dance” The voice was low and husky and i could tell that the boy had been drinking from his breath.

“Sure thing sexy” I turned around to look who it was and to no surprise it was Justin. Justin had turned into a 10 and the hot scale as soon as hed kissed me, his lips tracing hungrily around mine as he urged his tongue into my mouth moving it around in circles making me almost scream in pleasure.

“Uhm” Sam cough next to us, i had been to busy to notice her.

“WHAT” I snapped Justin had grabbed my hands so we were standing close together his hands in mine, on each side of my body, i leaned my head against his chest while my head was tilted to the right so i could see Sam.

“I was just wondering if u wanted to play 7 minutes”

“HELL YEAH” I said and pulled Justin after me and followed Sam where a bunch of other random kids where sitting.

“Sooo… who wants to go first” The young boy asked everyone.

“I do” Justin said and looked at me, he winked and had a smirk on his face.

“Okay lover boy, spin da bottle” Young boy said with his southern accent.
Justin spun the bottle and i wasnt sure if he somehow managed to get it to stop at me but it did. Justin quickly wasted no time and pulled me up dragging me over to the closet where he pushed me inside my back hitting the wall as he closed the door with his foot. He planted a few kisses on my neck and quickly undressed me, like i said wasted no time. I started to undress him, his lips crashing onto mine with force as we were both naked excitement took over us, he shut the little light that was in the closet of and now we could barely see eachother, making the excitement grow in us he whispered.

“Since we cant see, we have to feel around.” He whispered he was close to my ear.

“Explooore eachothers hot bodies” He moaned. “But we have to do it quick” He whispered in a normal tone, trying to hide his hornyness.

“Yeah we have to do it faaaast” I moaned in his ear and i felt something poking my stomach, it was his dick.

“I wouldnt want it any other way baby”

“Good” I moaned. He pushed me harder against the wall, he kissed my lips his tongue treating me the same as before we got interrupted, then he moved his lips to my ear, flicking his tongue over my lobe, behind my ear then down to my neck, where he sucked and left some i guess visible hickeys. His tongue traced a line down inbetween my breats and down my belly, his warm saliva wet me all over and my skin got goosebumps. I needed him badly so i just grabbed his dick and spread my legs, i started to rub it against my wet pussy.

“Mmmm” A loud moan came out of Justins mouth as he stopped dead in track, surprised of my action. I could almost see his surprised face.

“What…? You didnt think i could be a bad girl Justin? Fuck your so wrong! Im the schools biggest bitch, i even fucked your friend chaz. But tonight i want you, i want you to fuck me so badly, i want your huge dick in my tight little pussy” I cussed, obviously drunk.

“You little slut, i always knew you were bad, badgirls turn me on” Justin was probably as drunk as me but it didnt matter.

“Fuck me Justin” I whispered in his ear. “Fuck me haaaaarrrrd and faaaast” I moaned loud. “I want raw, pure, wild, dirty, slutty sex” I moaned. “I want you to give me the most intense orgasm ive ever had. The most insense orgasm a girl has had in the history of sex. I want your dick” I moaned as i kneeled down infront of me and started to lick the tip of his dick that was wet.

I moaned as i pluged the whole thing into my mouth, i moved my head up and down while sucking him off. I admit it, im kinda slutty, but this was the alcohol speaking and acting.

“Mmmm Justin, i want you and your big dick in me baby” I moaned as i felt him harden.

“Mmm suck that you dirty girl” Justin moaned and i stopped, but my lips found other things to do. I attached them to his lips, sucking his lips, licking them, biting them a little before my tongue entered his mouth giving him a taste of his precum, since i stopped right before he came.

“I thought id share the sweet taste of your cum” I said as i pulled away, i grabbed his dick and this time i didnt rub it up and down my pussy, i pluged it into me while moaning. Justin pushed me up against the wall again, hard and roughly.

“Thats it baby control me” I moaned as my back slammed against the wall, by now 7 minutes must definitly have passed but i guess people were to afraid to interrupt. Not that i would mind, they might as well watch.

Justin pushed his thickness into me harder making me scream his name loud as i tried to catch my breath.

“Mmmm yes you feel so good” Justin moaned. “Your soooo tight. Almost like a virgin” He smirked.

“Mmmm Fuck me as if it was my first time justin. Fuck me hard, make me feel pain in my tight little hole” I moaned, apparently i get drunk much easier than i thought.

Jusitn started to fuck me harder and harder and harder, my hands and nails dug into his back as my legs wrapped around him and he supported me up again the wall. By doing that i felt Justins dick hitting new angles in my pussy making me cum fast all over his dick, he released inside me and i screamed his name even louder. The pleasure taking over me, he was by far, my best fuck ever, even though we were both insanely drunk.
As we walked out the closet after getting out clothes back on i noticed the young boy and Sam making out on the couch. Boyah. Sam and Rose goes Cheetahs. Well i guess now our cheerleading name has a meaning.

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