7. Jealousy by @PervLikeBieber

Jessicas POV.

Being in college feels so good, theres so much freedom now that ive moved away from home. I can do whatever i want whenever i want, except in class ofcourse.
As i sat in class, my fingers brushing through my straightned dark brown hair. My eyes scrolling over the white board, my hand scribbling down the notes, i like English alot, its just that when having it for two hours it gets kinda boring.
When the bell rang i ran out the door, this was the day my best friend and roommate would be back from her vacation, we were supposed to meet up outside campus and go for lunch.

When i got back from campus i noticed how my other friend stood in a group gossiping. I walked up to them and my closets friend Jamie turned to look at me, into my eyes. She looked sorry as if she knew something i didnt know.

“Jessica” She almost whispered.

“Yes” I said with a “Spit it out” tone.

“We saw Justin and some blonde girl having a lunchdate”

“I think it was a brookelyn” Sasha interrupted Jamie.

I didnt say anything, Justin was or still is my boyfriend, but when im done with him he’ll be happy to be alive. We’d just started dating we met here at college and everything seemed to be working out so good, we went to all kinds of lunchdates, we went out to movies we even snook out to eachothers dorms at night. I turned around without saying anything to my friends, the bell rang and i had to run to not be late. I sat down in the back this time, i usually did that when i needed to text someone. I picked up my phone and texted

*Brookelyn, really Justin? >:(*

*What? :O*

I couldnt concentrate on the class and text at the same time so i was lucky that we didnt talk about anything new today.

*You, brookelyn lunchdate. Ring a bell?*

*Jess it was just lunch, we didnt do anything*

I decided to not reply to that, mainly cause there was nothing to say, i believed him. I guess. But why brookelyn? And if they didnt do anything why did my friends even bother to tell me? Why did they look so sorry?! I tried focusing on class but my mind drift away i tried to think of all the different possibilitys, all the reasons of why and why her? She doesnt have class, she doesnt have brain, she doesnt have anything!

After class i got a message from Justin saying

*Meet me tonight by the beech*

The beech was our tree, we always sat there after lunch talking, gossiping about anything and everything.

I decided to go back to my dormroom after another class and get myself ready, i needed to see him in person, i needed to talk to him or no, i needed to break up with him in person. Cause you know what?! During my last class i heard people gossiping about Justin and Brookelyn kiss. They talked as if i werent there. Idiots. I walked into my room took a quick shower and got ready, it was already dark outside but thats when me and Justin usually met, at night, even thought we werent aloud to. I texted justin back

*See you at midnight as usual*

There was no smiley, no dot, not nothing. Just some simple letters. I went out with my friends for a girls dinner since it was friday and as i came back home i showered again and got changed to something more casual, i threw on a pair of shorts made of the same material as my over sized baby pink hoodie where it said “Im bringing sexy back” on the back of the shirt, near my butt. I walked over the big lawn and to the hilltop where the ONLY copper beech was planted. It was like Ferdinand under the tree, just a single tree with some flowers that you could sniff at, if you felt like it. Justin was standing there in his black skinny jeans and grey hoodie with the top covering his dark brown lush hair.
“Theyre lying” He said as he approached me, coming to give me a hug, but i backed away.

“I know my best friends” I murmured and you could hear the bitter undertone.

“Apparently you dont” He sigh.

“Why Brookelyn?” I asked not looking into his mermerizing eyes. Cause if i’d look i’d get caught up in them. “No wait” I put my hand up in the air. “She’s hot, she’s what boys want, she’s a bitch and she’s a cheerleader” I sigh.

“I dont want her” Justin groaned.

“SHUT UP JUSTIN. You know you want her, even i know you want HER! Everyone wants her. Thats why i just called her a bitch. DID YOU HEAR ME BITCH” I couldnt help but to brust out in tears. I wasnt sad, i was frustrated and i have to admit, i had some wine at the dinner too.

“I want YOU” Justins voice came out in a whisper, the look on his face wasnt going to fool me though, he was lying.

“Is this what you do to every new girl you meet? HUH” I said frustrated. “You get them to fall for you then u break their heart with some SLUT?”

“No” Justin sounded sorry, like a little child that had opened their present before xmas and their parents had caught it.

“THEN WHAT DO YOU DO?” I screamed.

“I do nothing OKAY” Justin raised his voice. “I didnt do anything JEEEZ, it was a freaking lunch. JESS A LUNCH.”

“You kissed her didnt you?” I screamed the tears poured down my cheeks.


“You know WHAT JUSTIN? I wanna believe you, i wanna believe you soooo badly because i love you, but the fact that everyone on campus talks about you two makes me believe its over between us” I cried. Justin wrapped his arms around me as i stuggled to get away from him, i was mad at him, but yet his hug was so inviting. His scent was amazing as the lavender filled my nose, his shirt smelled Justin. His breath was minty as he held my face and wiped the tears away.

“Listen to me Jess, I didnt kiss her”

“Why does everyone say so then” I tried to stop myself from the uncontrollable shaking.

“I dont know” Justin shrugged.

“WHY?” I asked once again my voice louder than before.

“Becauseileanedintoheroverthetable OKAY?” Justin said quick, his voice was really low.

“Why did you do that?” I asked.

“Because i couldnt hear what she was saying and when i turned my head to the right our lips accidentally touched but i pulled away right away and so did she.” Justin breathed out, he lowered his head and his mouth moved close to my right ear. “I want you and only you” He whispered he kissed my neck before looking into my eyes. “Youre smart, beautiful, funny, hot and everything else there is to be. And besides, youre great in bed.” He chuckled a little and i couldnt help but to laugh at him, but i was smiling at the same time because i knew all those things he said he thought about me was true. The whole story was just a sick rumour.

I backed away from him and looked him in the eyes while my fingers played on his chest.

“Well youre smart, funny, nice, cute, sweet, sexy and a beast” I giggled and bit my lip. I kissed his lips and leaned against his chest, my head resting over his shoulder i whispered

“Fuck me Justin” He turned to look at me confused, from one second i went from tears to horny.

“Yes im serious” I replied as if id read his thoughts. “Do it right here”

Justin groaned as i dragged my fingers over his chest, when i came low enough i pulled his shirt over his head, it was dark, so i had to feel around a little but justin didnt mind.
We kiss passionately our tongue dancing around in eachothers mouth, his minty fresh breath fading into my mouth. As we broke away from the kiss we both panted heavily, i kissed down his neck and shoulders, i licked his chest and down to his stomach, kissing every abb and nibbling his bellybutton a little.

I earned moanings every now and then as we somehow made our way down in the grass. His mouth was open wide i pushed one of my fingers into it, i loved when he sucked my fingers, it was sucha turn on. Weird but what people doesnt know is that its really hot. He sucked my finger as i unbuckled his belt with my other hand making it hard for me in the dark, i felt around and finally it slipped open. I pulled down his pants and boxers as i whispered sexily in his ear

“What do you want me to do” I climbed ontop of him, but sadly i was wearing clothes, i grinded my body against his a little, my hips cirling around his erection.

“Fuck me” Justin moaned his voice was dark and hoarse. I leaned in and gave him a sloppy kiss, then i stood back up, i threw my hoodie into the pile with clothes and my bra got off right after it, my shorts leaving my body soon after and last my panties.
Justin pulled me over himself, he kissed me his lips almost eating mine, his tongue moving as if it was filled with desire. I started to grind my now wet pussy against his hardened dick. We both moaned into eachothers mouths, as we continued to roll around in the grass.

I ended up underneath Justin after the intese make out session. We wasted no time. He pushed his big rock into my tight hole and i whimpered, i bit my lip to prevent any screaming but as he started to fuck me harder i couldnt help but to moan.

“Mmm, harder Justin” I felt so vurnerable i couldnt do anything under his tight grip i starting shaking as pleasure filled my stomach, making it hurt, i wanted so badly to release but it was to soon.

“Mmm Jessica, I want you, only you” Justin moaned, mmm his voice was like orgasms for my ear. It almost made me cum right away.

“And i want you Justiiin.” I screamed, Justin leaned in a kissed me hard, but his lips soon abandoned mine for my nipples. He took one in a bit it hard before his tongue started to caress it with circular motions, i was in ectas. Justin kept moving inside me harder and harder and harder. I could feel him hitting my spot over and over again making me scream his name loud. He loved it when i screamed loud. He said he wanted to hear how much pleasure i was in.

Justin thrust harder, so hard that my pussy start to almost sore, i thought i was going to bleed, buti didnt care, i was in to much pleasure.

“Mmm yeah Justin” I moaned as his hands finally let go up my hips and settling themseleves on the ground. Now i could finally thrust myself back upwards meeting him.

“Mmm yeah Jessica, fuck me” Justin moaned against my ear as he went faster. Faster than i thought was possible. We soon found a rhytm good for us both and we continued on and on. Some mmm, yeaaah and uuggh escaping our mouth and lots of screaming. Until we both finally reached our peek.

“Fuuuuuuck…. mmmmm yeaaah” I screamed as i finally felt the pain in my stomach go away my juice cumming all over Justin, he didnt mind.

“Did i mention you were good in bed” Justin winked.


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