6. Cheating Game by @PervLikeBieber

Justins POV.

I walked into the club and sat down in the bar. This wasnt what i wanted, i never wanted to break up with Jasmine, but i had to, she’d been a fucking slut. She’d fucked my best friend. God if i knew i wouldve been the one hurting her cause no one hurts JUSTIN FUCKING BIEBER. Thats right no one, not even a slut. The more i thought about her and how id caught her in MY OWN BEDROOM having sex with my best friend, the less i regret breaking up with her. Infact im glad she did it. Now im free, free to fuck anyone.

Cassies POV.

As i was dancing on stage hugging the pole, my legs wrapping around it gliding down, making those old fags cheer it felt disgusting, but i needed the money badly and i was prepared to go a long way. Obviously, the only thing that would be worse than stipping is being a prostitute. As i eyed the crowd i noticed a young handsome boyish looking man, he was sitting in the bar, watching me from the corner of his eye, not really bothering, he looked down, sad, like something was heaving down his shoulders.

After i was done with my dose of stripping i stepped down the stage, earned a few looks, some younger collegeboys whistled at me, one of them grabbing my ass. UGH i hope this pays off. I sigh to myself and sat down next to the boyish looking man.

“Do you mind” I asked while sitting down, not giving him an option.

“Not at all” He smiled a little, or it looked more like a weak attempt to smile.

Justins POV.

I turned around to look at the girl, she had beauty written all over her, long brown curls and brown deep eyes, she wasnt dressed appropriate tho due to her “Work” wait. Is stipping a work? I mean it kinda is right? Well who the fuck cares, ive got other problems to deal with. I stared down her toned body, he firm breats almost peaking out from her lacy black bra, her shorts wrapped tightly around her hips and her legs, long, tanned and they were quite flexible from what ive seen.

As i glanced at her face again i saw Jasmine entering the club, with HIM. This cant be happening, i sigh.

The girl looked at me.

“Something wrong?” She bite her lip carefully, afraid of my answer.

“Nothing” I noticed how Jasmine and Ryan started to “Do their thing” on the dancefloor, now that they were free to grind, hump, fuck, whatever they wanted to. But i wasnt going to lose. IM JUSTIN BIEBER I dont lose games. Its time for me to show them what i got. I glanced over at the girl i didnt even know the name of and asked her

“Wanna dance?” I smirked while looking into her eyes, pulling her out on the dancefloor close to Jasmine and Ryan.

I held her waist as she started to push herself up against my relxed body, her hips moving to the beat, her hair bouncing of her shoulders and down her back, he hands placed around my neck pulling me in closer. Damn, strippers arent that bad. Their eye candy and dancepartners and hopefully – to my advantage for the night – great fuckers.

Cassies POV.

I grabbed his hair pulling it back and i stroked his neck lightly with my fingers, i moved my hands over his tshirt down his chest, letting them rest there for a few seconds before moving under it, feeling his abs. Judging from what i felt he was pretty muscular. I moved my hands down to his croch grabbing it lightly, rubbing my palm against his now hard dick. He bit his lip trying to keep the moanings inside him. I noticed he glanced over at the girl dancing next to us every now and then, im guessing he knew her. Maybe an ex or something? Whatever. It seems that he wants to make her jealous, i guess i can help. Maybe ill get some for the night, i havent had one in quite a while. Im a stripper not a slut.

I turned around and rubbed my firm little ass against his rock hard dick, my arms wrapped around his neck, i started to move up and down slowly, like i did earlier on the pole, only this time i didnt feel exposed. I heard him grunt behind me as he grabbed my hips guiding me down onto his crotch, i started to moan as he kissed my neck and licked my sensitive spots that i was surprised that he found.

“Whats your name baby” He whispered in my ear, i had totally forgot that i hadnt even said my name.

“Cassie” I moaned as he flicked his tongue over my earlobe.

“Mmm well Cassie…” He moaned into my ear. “Looks like your a pretty lucky girl” He didnt whisper, he wanted to make sure the other girl heard him, but he didnt scream ofcourse. “Play your cards right and i might have you for the night”

“I will” I replied. I noticed the time and it was time for my last “Performance” or whatever you wanna call the slutty thing i call work.

“I gotta go i need to get ready for stage” I said as i pulled out of his tight grip.

“But we were just getting started babe” He said.

“Well, ill be back…”

“Justin” He replied fast to not make the situation awkward.

I jumped backstage to quickly get ready.

Justins POV.

I figured i could use that hot girl anyway, that’ll make my game against Jasmine easier plus it gives me a hell of a good night if she decides to go home with me. I havent had a good night since forever. Thanks to ryan. My ex best friend.
I sat down in the crowd waiting for Cassie to arrive on the stage, i figured i might aswell have a look at her movements. The movements shows alot about a woman, their hands expose if theyre carefull lovers or wild lovers, their legs can usually show flixibility and what positions they can do, their lip movements shows how good of a kisser they are or how much they can take in their mouth or how loud they scream. I might aswell observe my target of the night.

I watched as Cassie moved around the golden pole on the black stage, the spotlight in her face, she moved gracefully around the pole, ocasionally rubbing her tight firm ass against the cold pole, bending her knees or straddeling it while doing some acrobatic things. Wow she was quite talented.

Cassies POV.

I started to move around the pole letting it rub up against my pussy that had become wet. As much as i hated my job it made me feel good. I could do things no other woman could ever do to turn themselves on, i could feel the excitement of people watching me while partically masturbating, and tonight i could feel those two brown gorgeous eyes watching my every move, it made me excited, turned on, horny and wet, alll those things plus much more times twohunderedthousand. I closed my eyes and threw my head back while bending my knees letting the pole grace my wet pussy, i rubbed myself against it, caught up in the moment i started to think of Justin, i imagined the pole being him, his body, no his dick, his hard juicy dick. Damn i needed him. I opened my eyes to look him in the eyes, he knew what i was thinking, i stepped down from the stage and pulled him up with me. The boys started cheering, i dont know why, either they were drunk or they cheered for him or me. Justin didnt mind the spotlight since he knew “That” girl was definitly watching him now. I started to do what i did to the pole to him, rubbing my body close against his, i rubbed my hands on his chest while pressing my breats against his stomach, one of my nipples being sneaky and escaping the lacy material of what i called bra. But i didnt mind, i grinded no i humped my crotch against his, i felt his hard dick rub against my wet pussy, the only thing between us was his jeans and my lingerie that was barely covering anything. I kissed him passionate with tongue and the whole package, i kissed his forehead, his neck and his cheek before i breathed heavily into his ear i moaned

“Im not a pokerplayer but i think im fairly good at this game” Justin moaned, everyone could see and hear us, this was something new, something different, it made me excited, i wanted to see how far justin was willing to go.

I moved my hands down to his ass giving it a light squeeze people whistled and i could see that girl watching us with fire in her eyes and anger plastered all over her face. Justin started to touch me with his hands, they brushed lightly over my stomach, my lacy little bra, they cupped my breats gave them a light squeeze before his hands travelled down to my knees, up my inner thigs, brushing over my wet area, careful not to give me any long lasting pleasure.

I was comepletely stunned of how far he would go cause minutes later his mouth was gracing my nipple, biting it, on stage. His teeth making it swollen from all its teeth marks and his tongue making it dripping wet. The audience was watching intense, everyone cheering and whisteling, i have to admit, being a stripped wasnt as bad as i thought when young boys came around.

“When does this show end” Justin groaned a little.

“Whenever you want it to end baby” I smirked. He grabbed my hand and pulled me backstage, there was no one there thank god. He pushed me down on the couch, his hands unclasping my bra, his mouth played with my two breats, like he’d done before on stage. He stopped for a brief second to pull down my lingerie with his teeth sexily while not breaking eye contact, i felt myself getting more wet. He smirked and inserted a finger as he went back to my breats sucking them hard. He plunged his finger deep into me thrusting it hard making me moan

“Ugh Justin dont stop baby” I moaned loud, loud enough for people to hear me, but i didnt care.

He plunged another finger into at the same time switching breats and he sucked the other nipple hard while thrusting deep into my wet pussy.

“Mmm MMmmm MMMM” I moaned louder and louder, i could stop myself.

“Justiiiin ugh….” I moaned as i came all over his fingers.

“Yeah cum for me baby” He moaned into my ear as he pushed on of his wet fingers into my mouth, forcing me to taste my own juice while he sucked the other finger himself.

He left some cum on his finger, as he draw with my cum on my body, he drew circles around my breats with my own cum. It turned me on.

“Sit down” I ordered him as i got down on my knees unzipped his jeans and pulled out his rock hard dick, my hands gracing his thick stone hard toy. I started to lick the tip and then take the whole thing into my mouth, i fought against my gagging reflex as i sucked him hard. He moaned

“Mmm yeah, Cassie suck that dick for me babe”  Naughty. I thought to myself as i sucked harder.

“I love when you talk dirty babe” I moaned and started stroking him with my hands. “I wanna you to cum all over me Justin” I pledged and begged him. “Cum for me” I stroked him harder and harder.

“Yeah thats it Cassie, mmmm harder, faster so that i can cum all over your sexy body” He moaned loud.

And he came, all over my big erected breats and nippled, he splashed down my face, my stomach and even my hair. I started to smear his cum all over my body with my hands, as if i was showring and cleaning myself. Doing thise turned me on and made me soooo horny. I wanted him bad.

He laid me down on the couch and kneed beside it, he licked all of the cum from my whole body, not missing a single drop, tasting his sweet self as i lied there moaning. I needed him in me. NOW.

“Justin i need you” I moaned.

“You want this…” Justin said while gripping his large dick.

“Yes” I begged. “Yes i do, i want your big dick in me, fuck me justin” I moaned sounding desperate.

I need to say no more, he was hovring me and started to press his big self into my tight pussy making me scream.

“Ahhh Justiiin fuck me” I screamed, i had totally forgot about the people outside so had Justin.

“You bet i will” He screamed while thrusting into me hard.

“Harder Justin harder…. Mmm yeah” I moaned and i start to thrust my hips upwards.

“Yeah… faster baby” He moaned and i thrust my hips faster.

“Mmmm, Mmmm, MMMM” I screamed the last moaning it sounded desperate and that was what i was, i needed to release badly, the tingly feeling that was almost hurting in my stomach, made me shaky with pleasure.

“Yeah justin… Mmmm fuck me” I screamed and the i went overboard.

“Mmm thats it babe, cum for me” Justin grunt in my ear and came deep into me.

Justins POV.

When i pulled out of what was left of Cassies exhausted body i turned around and noticed we werent alone, there was Jasmine, she was watching us.
“I hope you enjoyed the show” I fake smile at her and blew her a fake kiss. “See ya” I walked proudly out the door after i had been dressed.
BAYUM i had officially won the game. 1-0 to BEBAH 😉 BOOYAH

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