51. Justin Bieber’s Breakup by @PervLikeBieber

Justin’s POV.
After being seen with this girl for 6 months she decided to call it quits. I guess i am kinda sad that its over but, i mean im Justin Bieber i can kinda get any girl i want. I mean, except for the haters. But for now im single and that, i guess is very noticable since our break up story is all over the tabloids and im here, in my bedroom being miserable and watching porn on my laptop.
I love how all my fans think im this wishy washy clean cut guy. They would probably never suggest or even think that this is one of my more regular habits. I mean what 17 year old guy doesnt watch porn? Hmmmmmm. They also believe that im still a virgin but that ship sailed along with my 6 months relationship.
I was watching as the girl on the computer started to take the guys cock in her mouth. My eyes we focusing on the screen as i rubbed my own cock thinking of my ex, what went so wrong? That was the question i asked myself everyday. The girl on the computer started moaning and gagging a little as she sucked the boy, he pushed her head closer to his crotch and she made quite the effort to not puke and she tried her best to look sexy for the camera. I zooned out for a second as i watched the girl sucking, i thought of my ex and how she’d wrapped her tongue around my cock for the first time only weeks before our break up. I started rubbing harder as my imagines of her down on her knees flashed infront of my eyes. The moans in the backround made me even more aroused and i thought of Theresa and her loud groans as i pushed my cock into her mouth. An exciting and erotic feeling filled my body and my cock hardened in my hand as i thought of Theresa, the girl that had broken my heart days ago. She was so nice and so good at what she was doing. It wasnt fair, i needed her back.
I kept watching the computer intense as i was rubbing my cock harder and harder, but my mind was trailing off to other memories, the day i lost my virginity. I remember how exotic looking Theresa had been with her black curly hair and her brown eyes. She was wearing a colorful dress with flowers and she had even tucked a flower into her hair. The smell of her perfume had filled my nose, it was a scent of apple and pear and her hair had a light scent of coconut. All the different scents and her beautiful and stunning body all together had turned me on and in a matter of minutes i knew that this was the day id be losing my virginity. I couldnt resist her and her beauty.
I started undressing as i watched the girl on the computer bringing the boy to an orgasm. She let him cum all over her face and into her mouth as she swallowed as much as possible. I groaned as i watched her, she was looking stunning too, not as stunning as Theresa but she definitely wasnt ugly.
When id removed my pants and boxers the girl on the screen had already swallowed another cumshot. I watched as the girl and boy went over to the bed and he went on top of her and the memories flooded back.
I remembered how i was on top of Theresa, i wasnt clueless of what i was supposed to do since id been watching movies and not to mention a lot of porn, so i started to slowly press my cock into her pussy hole. It felt amazing as soon as the two connected. She was so wet and i was so hard. It just felt right.
I watched as the girl on the screen got fucked. Her moaning were loud and clear and they turned me on. I watched as she thrust her hips up meeting the boy that was fucking her halfway. As she got closer and closer to her orgasm she moaned louder and louder. Aroused and wet because of her moans i started rubbing my cock. There was some pre cum coming out which i didnt mind, the feeling of being all hard and wet made me think of Theresa even more, i imagined the pre cum was her wet pussy juices.
I start jerking my hand back and forth spreading the cum out over my cock as i watched the girl whimper and cum all over her guy. I zooned out again and imagined Theresa and her deep moans. Mmm the way my name rolled off her tongue as i fucked her was like music to my ears. She had a perfect high pitched voice and even her whimpers and groans sounded like a symphony. She was just perfect.
Back in reality i watched the girl on the computer riding the boys cock. She looked amazingly good at it, as if it was all she’d done since she was 5, which probably was true. I laughed a little at my own thought but then i remembered how amazingly good Theresa was. Why couldnt i stop thinking of her?
After having our first earth shaking orgasms and after rolling around in our bed, Theresa decided it was time for her to show me how it was done. We’d kissed multiple times and her tongue was burring itself in my mouth as she got on top of me. Her mouth had gone down my face and neck and then licked my chest before her hips had started rolling on top of me and damn was she good! The way her hips moved in sync with my thrusts upwards created an amazing feeling in my stomach. Theresa was rubbing her breasts as she was rocking her hips slowly and i watched as she was clearly making herself comfortable. Judging by her moans she was way up high by the clouds.
The girl on the computer went faster and so did my hand. Her moans got more intense and so did mine. Damn it felt so good to just… fuck myself.
My fantasy went back to Theresa, in our encounter she went faster and harder like the girl on the computer. She moaned louder as she kissed me with passion. I let my tongue thrust into her mouth and grabbed her hips to bounce her neat body down on my cock, she was so fucking sexy in my fantasy. She didnt care about anything, she just wanted more and in my fantasy i gave her more. I could almost hear her scream in reality as i kept imagining us fucking.
The girl on the screen started screaming and she threw her head back as she came all over the boy. I was close too and in my fantasy so was Theresa. I jerked my hand faster and harder. A couple of more strokes and i would be at the edge. I moaned louder and louder as i felt myself getting closer and closer. The girl on the computer had started licking her boy clean. She berried her head between his legs and started working her magic. I let out a huge groan as i came all over my hands and when i did i heard the door open, i was to busy cumming to even bother looking but when i did she was there.
Theresa was back.
That night we both forgave each other for leaving one another and we had the most amazing sex ever.

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