50. The Secret Life of A Bieber by @PervLikeBieber

AN: I removed the girl’s name here. Not a big fan of hers. You know who it is.


Brianna”s pov.
Theres a lot of things Justin’s fans doesnt know about him that i do know most of the things are sex related. I guess first of all, all those young girls would slaughter me if they found out their idol is not a virgin. Yeah, i actually asked Justin to lie about that, even to his own mother he agreed. Why? you might think. Well let’s just say i know some really juicy stuff about him that he wouldn’t want his mother or any of the press to find out about.
I dont really love Justin, well i love his looks and his money but not necessarily him. He’s to much of a nice boy which makes him very vulnerable. Well if you dont like him why date him? you might ask. Oh well darling, he gives me whatever i want, so why would i leave? I get everything from sports-cars too jewelry too expensive designer clothes but more importantly i get fame. I guess he’s just a sucker for love. He think he loves me and so, why not take advantage of that and get some free publicity and money from it.
Justin also has amazing sex and that, i guess is another reason for me staying. I remember the first time we had sex… i almost liked him.
“So are we really doing this?” Justin asked me with a smile, but i could tell he was kinda insecure.

“Yes baby, unless, you dont want too” I said with a pout. I remember that i was horny as hell, i mean… even if he is a nice guy and a love sucker hes still incredibly hot.

“I do want too” He said and tried to get more comfortable on my bed.

“Good cause i want you so badly right now” I was talking the truth but over the nights ive spent with Justin ive realized that sometimes it was better to fake it than to be quiet. It isnt that he can’t fuck cause trust me beliebers he cant, but… who cares, you wont get to try him anyway, hes mine. Its just that he talks toooooo much.

Justin leaned in and kissed me with his wet lips, he was hovering me on my bed and everything felt amazing at that point, i almost started to believe that i actually liked this guy and not just his wallet. I kissed Justin back with more and more force showing that i wanted him, i suck his tongue a little every time it thrust into my mouth. The quiet moans that escaped my mouth were real and the shivers my legs made when he’d suck my bottom lip were real as well.

Justin let his wet lips slide gently down my neck, knowing what he was doing he sucked all the right spots and made me moan louder. Justin himself let out a nice and loud groan when he heard me moan his name for the first time since our encountering had started. While he leaned in and sucked harder on my naked skin surrounding my fragile little neck i reached down his pants and grabbed his cock that was pressing hard against his skinny jeans. My magic hand moves made Justin groan louder against my neck and the flesh around it.

“Mmm that feels good selly baby” Justins nickname for me was Selly, he thought it was cute. I thought it was childish and stupid.

“I know right, that does feel good huh?” I smirked as i rubbed my hand harder against his aching cock.

“Fuck yes.” I have to admit his cussing was kinda sexy, but that didnt change his personality that was waaay to childish for me.

“You’re being a bad boy cussing for me! Hmm what would mommy say if she heard you?” I started unzipping Justins pants and pulled them down along with his boxers letting his monster pop out his pants. Free as a bee. “Or even worse…” I whispered.

“What would mommy do if she saw you? Being all over me like this”

Justin gulped and i felt his free bee harden in my hand. “She’d think im a bad boy” Justin whispered.

“Are you a bad boy Justin?” I whispered, my hand was moving around his cock and Justins breathing got unsteady and heavy.

“Yes” He let out a loud groan.

“Are you?” I moved my hand faster.

“YES” He screamed as i went faster and faster with every stroke, wanting him to cum all over my naked body.

“Then show me!” I screamed and he did. After releasing an entire load of milky white, kinda sticky and definitely thick cum onto my belly he started to lick down my body, around my breasts and then biting my nipples, as they hardened in his mouth, he licked down my belly where his cum had landed. The cum entered his mouth as he licked every little bit of it up, his eyes were focused on mine as he licked.

Justin, after cleaning my entire belly up from his orgasm went lower. His tongue gracefully moved down around my belly button and towards my bikini line which was smooth and well shaven. Just in case.

He flicked his wet, cummy (I know thats not really a word) tongue around my clit that instantly felt the sharp tongue tip and hardened from the pleasure. He start licking around it when he noticed how sensitive i was down below. His tongue made circle motions around my clit as his fingers begun to travel up my legs. Justin dragged one of his fingers over my slit and the put it in his mouth. His finger was covered with my juices and he quickly cleaned it of before continuing to lick around my clit. He would then when my clit had softened up flick his tongue over it and bite it then going back to his circular motions. Mean while he did that he pressed his two longest fingers inside my wet folds.
I could feel the juice dripping down my pussy towards my ass crack as he fingered me harder and harder. I was surprised of how good he was at this and how much pleasure he actually brought me to then he had to ruin it by opening his mouth.

“Does my Selly belly like that?” He smirked his fingers still burring deep inside my pussy. Selly belly? Who the fuck comes up with that name, i thought to myself as i moaned out a yes.

“Mm, you like having fingers in your pussy?” Justin continued to talk, his voice was hoarse and sexy but for me it just wasnt there.

“Yes i do” I whimpered a litte, not because of Justin but because of his amazing actions down below. Justins actions soon brought me to an orgasm and so he took out his cum covered fingers and licked them off.

“I see my bad boy likes the taste of cum” I moaned, i was still panting from my orgasm.

“Mmm he dooooeeesss” Justin groaned as he licked his fingers clean, continuing on with licking my pussy clean as he dragged his tongue – like he’d done earlier with his finger – down my slit then back up to flick it over my still hard but now even more sensitive clit.

Justin got up and kissed me hard and he started rubbing his body closer against mine, i could feel his hard cock against my entrance just waiting for me to beg him to enter and so i did.

“Justin please…” i whimpered into the kiss and into his mouth. “Please fuck me now” and so he did, like a fucking pro. And may i remind you it was his first time. Either he’d been watching a lot of porn or he was just a natural pro.

Justin pushed his big cock into my tiny little hole that was aching but at the same time high above the clouds because of the intense pleasure Justins cock gave it. Justin went slow in the beginning not sure if he was doing it right or if he was hurting me. But when he realized he wasnt he started going faster and faster making me moan and scream out his name in pure pleasure.

“Ohhh fuck Justiiin” I screamed, the pain his big cock was causing my little, tight hole felt so amazing that i thought id die from having a to strong orgasm but i didnt.

“Faster Justin” I screamed and Justin went faster.

“Harder Justin” And Justin went harder. I dug my nails into his ass as he was thrusting into my pussy harder and harder, it felt amazingly good and i could just feel my wet walls clench around his candy that was briging so much pleasure to my body.

It was so intense and we both knew we were getting closer and closer to our peek. Neither of us managed to get out any words from our mouths now, it was just all weird sounds and noises and grunts and pants and more screams and whimpers.
As my walls started to clench and hold on to their candy harder and harder we both exploded. Feeling Justins cum entering my body was amazing, it was like i was filled up from head to toe, it was just amazing. I felt complete. Justin had let out a huge moan and a loud groan when he came into my pussy, he’d thrown his head back as my pussy walls made one last attempt to squeeze some milk out of him then he’d begun to hump me as fast as he could, riding out his orgasm. Id humped back and brought myself to a breathtaking orgasm and i spilled juice all over my candy.

Justin hopped off me and right into the shower and from that point and on we’d had a lot of sex but what Justin doesnt know is… to me it’s just sex, no love.

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  3. wow, i hope that story isn’t real that it’s just a fake story? Right, Becurse justin is my bitch, and the only person that fucks him, is me, only me.

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