48. Warm, Wet and Wild by @PervLikeBieber

Destiny’s POV.
After getting home from work, Justin always did the same thing, he threw his backpack or whatever bag he had with him on the kitchen floor, ran upstairs, stripped naked and took a shower. And why am i telling you this, you may think?
Well the fun part about it is that everyday id follow him upstairs, watch him undress through the door-spring that he leaves open on purpose, he knows im watching him. Then id follow him into the shower where the hot stuff happens.
Today was not exception. As i walked through the door i could hear Justin turn the shower on. I imagined the hot water hitting his head soaking his hair then run down his perfectly skulped body, his defined chest and his sexy abs. Some of the water would follow another road and run down his back and his perfectly firm ass. Justin knew i was coming, ofcourse, so he turned to me and pulled me in as soon as he saw me staring.

His body was warm and wet and his arms was so strong as they held me in place (Which was against the wall) i could feel the hot water coming onto my head, soaking my blonde long hair that ran down my back. I could feel the water hitting my breasts and my sensible nipples that was now craving Justins attention. (Which ofcourse he knew)

Justin let go of my arms as he pressed his body against mine, his lips would barely touch my skin as he leaned in to kiss my lips softly, then as he moved his kisses towards my ear and down my neck. His fingers tickled the skin on my wet arms and continued as he grabbed my both hands and put them over my head. His lips were no longer soft and gentle but more or less wet and wild as he once again found my mouth.

Justin rubbing his entire body closer to mine as if i were trapped, kissed me, his kiss was intense and hard but full of love. He bite my lower lip and then slipped his tongue through my mouth, the way it gracefully explored my mouth as if it was the first time made me moan.

“Have you been a naughty girl Destiny” He whispered. I nodded.

“Do you need to be punished?” Justin smirked, his lips went off mine and he gently nibbled my ear.

“Yes” That was all i could get out of my mouth as i along with the quiet word, let out a long gasp.

Justin grabbed my hips hard and pushed me down onto my knees, he winked and smirked as he pulled hair and i winced, but i enjoyed it.

His hands then fell down to breast as he rubbed them hard and smacked them with his palm.

“When im finished with you Destiny, you wont even be able to walk” He grinned.

“Please dont do this” I whimpered, but i wanted this more than anything and Justin knew that.

“You’ve been a very veryyy bad girl” Justin smirked as he put his hand behind my neck and pressed my face closer to his cock that was now hard and probably craving a release into my mouth.

“Mhhh” I groaned as i looked at it, it was huge, but i didnt mind, the bigger the better.

Justin looked at me and smirked, the way he was smirking and his dirty talk turned me on badly so i encouraged him to say some more.

“Mmm Destiny you like having your mouth filled up with cum huh? You little slut” I gulped as i heard the words coming out of his mouth, his voice was so raw and sexy, i nodded encouraging him to go on.

“Thats what i thought.” He said. “I can tell youre one of those girls that enjoys sucking cock” Although many people find dirty talking weird, i find it very very sexy and so does Justin, but… ive never heard him talk like this and tell you what, it turned me on so fucking much.

“Especially yours.” I moaned. Justin pulled my hair back with his other hand as he used the hand he had on my neck to push me even closer to his hard cock, that was now practically begging for my attention. I grabbed it with my hands as i swirled my tongue around his head. Justin hissed at the sensational feeling.

I licked the shaft wet using my tongue as if it was a lollipop before i wrapped my lips around his head. Justin groaned sexily and it encouraged me to take him in further. He was so big and so long that i had to ignore my gagsreflexs or this experience wouldve been over way to soon, but when my mouth finally got used to it both Justin and i were in heaven moaning each others names.

I bobbed my head up and down taking his entire cock into my mouth. I could feel his head hitting the back of my throat as i sucked him faster and faster and harder and harder waiting for him to shoot his load down my throat.

After a while i stopped sucking, i start licking along his shaft again with my teeth tickling his skin, like his nails had tickled the skin on my arms. I swirled my tongue around his head and flicked it over and over until i could feel him almost cumming. He was so close, i started sucking hard again and after a few seconds i felt his warm cum on my tongue and running down towards my stomach. I swallowed it all and licked him clean, then he finally broke the silence…

Or well you cant call it silence because we’d both been moaning the whole time, but he finally spoke a word other than “Mmm destiny harder/faster baby”

“Mm thats right baby swallow daddys cum” he moaned as he watched me swallowing his huge load of cum. I licked my lips clean and then he allowed me to stand up.
“Now i believe we have to punish you for being a naughty little slut” He said and turned my body around. My boobs was the first thing to hit the cold wall. Justin turned the shower towards us and he whispered in my ear from behind.

“Not that we need that, my babygirl is already wet” Although i couldnt see him i knew he was smirking as he pressed his palm against my wet pussy.

Without any hesitation he pushed his wet hard cock into my pussy from behind and i let out a huge gasp followed by a moan.

“Mmm Juuuustin”

“Thats my babygirl” Justin said. Justin usually called me that, well, when i was “nice” wink wink. Justins arms wrapped around my body and reached for my boobs, his fingers rubbing and pinching my nipples hard and he slowly began to move inside my body.

“Mmm, my babygirl is really wet” Justin moaned into my ear, his voice was now even sexier than before.

“Only for you Justin” I mumbled as i tried to get my heavy breathing to cooperate with me.

“Let’s see how much of daddy you can handle” Another thing that i guess wasnt so normal about our sexual talking was that Justin enjoyed being in control, as you might have noticed, so ofcourse the idea of me being his little girl and him being my daddy was very appealing. It wasnt that we “pretended” he was my real daddy… it was just simply that he thought the world was sexy and that it was sexy when i screamed it for him.

Justin pressed his big cock in and out of my tight pussy faster and faster now as he continued to rubb my boobs. The feelings my body experienced were amazing, i felt like screaming and coming at right away but i didnt because i didnt want him to ever stop. It felt so good.

“Mmm you like that, you naughty girl?” Justin moaned into my ear.

I gasped. “Yes, harder please… mmmff fuck me”

Justin picked up a faster pace, his entire crotch slamming against my ass as i felt his cock going deeper and deeper inside me, hitting my gspot harder and harder i scream.

“Yes, ohhh fuck yesss”

“Who’s my babygirl” Justin moaned.

“I am” I screamed.

“And who’s your daddy” Justin hit my gspot harder this time, it made my entire body jerk a little and my legs begun to shake as he went faster and faster than before.

“Youuu are” I screamed. I threw my head back and i felt his hands going down my stomach and pressing onto my clit. He started rubbing my clit harder. I was enjoying myself so much that id forgot the shower was still on and now the hot water had changed into cold water, but i didnt mind with Justin fucking me from behind it felt like my body was on fire.

“Mmmm cum for me babygirl” Justin screamed as he rammed his cock into me one last time before releasing another load of cum into my body.

“Ohhh fuck yesss” I whimpered as i came with him, i felt my pussy clenching and holding onto his dick as if my life depended on it. It squeezed every single drop of cum out of him, that he could possibly have left. My legs were shaking and my head was spinning, i thought i was about to pass out, i havent ever experience an orgasm like this before, it was breathe taking. I had to remind myself to breathe as i calmed down.

“Warm, wet and wild thats how i like it.” I whispered.

“Good, because we are definitely doing this again” he smirked.

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