47. Serenade by @PervLikeBieber

Katy’s POV
It was my birthday today and my boyfriend had been out working all day long. It sucks being me. I thought to myself as i lay down on the bed sighing. Justin had been in the arena whole day working with his new tour that he’ll be going on this summer, starting next week.

I thought we were going to do something special for my birthday but nooo, he chose work instead of me. I mean i understand that is important that he runs everything through and that he does his little soundchecks and stuff, but aren’t i more important? He hasnt even gotten me a present!

I laid down on my side and started crying.

“I hate Justin” I whispered. My watery blue eyes closed for a second to let the tears run down my face and i sobbed myself into a relax mode. It felt so good to just cry.

“I cant believe he did this to me” I whispered. “I love him, God please, what am i doing wrong? Should i break up with him”

I opened my eyes and saw the photo of me and Justin as kids. Justin and i had been best friends for a long time before dating. We met when we were five. The photo had been taken in a park in startford, we were six and Justin kissed me on the cheek. I was blushing!

My phone made a beep sound that indicated that id got a text but i couldnt be bothered, i was to busy crying over some stupid photo.

“I really cant believe this” I sobbed. I couldnt be bothered to wipe the tears away. My phone beeped again.

“WHAT” I said turning around to grab my phone out of my purse that was on the bed. i flipped it open and looked at the text that said *My mom is coming by your house later but im sorry i couldn’t be with you, happy birthday babykaty.* “THATS ALL I FREAKING GET? A TEXT” I screamed in frustration. “A FUCKING TEXT?!”

I threw my face against the pillow and cried some more, my dark brown hair covering my face as i fell into some kind of sleep.

When i woke up it was noon. Someone was ringing the door bell. I went down and opened.

“Hi” Pattie said with a big smile on her face. “Are you ready to go?”

“Go where?” I said surprised.

“You’ll see, just dress nice, im gonna take you out” She said.

“Okay ill be right back” I said and jumped upstairs, grabbed a black flowy summery dress and rushed back down.

Pattie put a blindfold around my eyes and off we go.

Pattie stopped the car and we walked out, she opened the door and i had completely no clue where we were. All i could hear was that we were in a big house, it was echoing as our heels clicked against the floor.

Pattie picked up her phone and sent a text and five seconds later i could hear Justin’s voice singing U smile. The voice got closer and closer and i could hear the piano too. Pattie took off my blindfold and i could see the big stage. Justin had arranged. There was a table with candles and flowers and on the piano there was a big heart shaped chocolate box, all for me.

Pattie left me alone and closed the door as i stared amazed at the stage. I couldnt get a word out, then Justin motioned for me to look up and i saw the big screens, they were all purple with a white text saying “I love you katy.”

“AWWWWWWW” I said, i couldnt get anything out. I was starstruck. I definitely took back my “I hate Justin” that i said earlier.

Justin walked towards me and hugged me. I felt like crying, his sweet scent entered my nose and i burried my face in his neck. I was still speechless. Justin took my hand and walked me to the stage we sat down and had a nice dinner consisting Justins favorite spaghetti and his mom special homemade sauce. As we ate Justin and i talked randomly about different memories that we shared.

After the dinner Justin pulled me towards him, he licked his lips, making them all wet. We kissed. The kiss ws a long deep kiss, it was passionate and i can almost feel all the love we shared entering my body, giving me lots and lots of energy. Justin sat me on top of his piano and he himself sat down to play for me. He smiled as he started singing

“Happy birthday” His voice was sexy as always and you could hear that he puberty had hit him hard, it was deep and hoarse and raspy and sexy now. Not that it hadnt been all those things before…

Justins playing came to an end and he climbed up on the piano too. He smirked and kissed me, forcing me to lay down. His legs straddled my body as he was standing on his knees, hovering my whole body. He kissed me harder and started pulling off my clothes and i didnt hesitate. I started pulling off his pants and he pulled down my shirt and my bra. His lips continued down my neck, licking and sucking. I gasped a little, his wet lips felt sensational against my sensitive skin.

Justin licked my ear and whispered

“Im sorry i couldn’t be hang with you today”

“Mm, its okay” I moaned. Justin bite my ear and i gasped again.

“Im gonna give you the best birthday present ever” He smirked and looked into my eyes.

He kissed down my shoulders and licked my breast and i moaned. He moaned too and wrapped his lips around my right nipple. He sucked it hard, knowing that it gave me an incredible pleasure.

“Mmm Justin” I said pulling his hair, he smirked and moved over to my left breast giving the exact same treatment.

While sucking Justin started pulling off my skirt and panties, he stuck a finger into my pussy that was soaking wet. He kissed my lips once again, his tongue licking my lips then entering my mouth slowly, he caressed my tongue with his own.

“Baby youre so sexy” He moaned making me feel comfortable and sexy and making my juices flow out my pussy.

Justin pulled out his finger and licked it off sexily, sucking it a little. I moaned as i watched him.

“Justin youre so fucking sexy” I moaned and he smirked.

He positioned himself on top of me, on the piano, and then he entered my wet pussy slowly. Justin groaned a little when my wet walls, wrapped around his hardened dick. It felt so good having him inside me.

“Fuuuck baby” I moaned. Justin loves when i moan, and the be honest, there’s no way i’ll be able to keep quiet anyway.

“Babykaty, you feel amazing, you sexy” Justin moaned, his moans echoed in the arena as we made love. His dick thrusting into my hole harder and harder.

“FASTER BABY” I moaned, Justin picked up his pace going harder and faster making me scream.

“Mmm yes FUCK ME JUSTIN” My words encouraged him to go harder and faster.

“Thats it babygirl, moan for me” Justin screamed.

“AHHH YES” My voice came out in a scream/whimper and i came all over Justins dick. I could feel my cum run down my ass crack. Justin kissed me, pushing his tongue down my throat as he i could feel his cock burring itself in my pussy and shooting its cum, up in my stomach. Mypussy hugging and squeezing it so hard, as if i was milking him out of every last drop of cum.

We both screamed as we orgasmed on stage. Justin kissed my face and my neck and then finally he let out a loud groan into my ear, making me cum some more.

Justin pulled his hard, wet dick out of me and smirked. He kissed down my body like he’d done before, sucking my nipples and so on but this time he didnt stop at my belly. He continued down towards my soaking wet pussy. Justin pushed three of his fingers inside me and his tongue licked around my pussy, licking up all the cum that had splashed all over my legs.

“Ohh god” I moaned. Justin fingered me harder. I could hear my wet juices covering his fingers as he went faster and faster making my pussy ache in pain and pleasure. Justin licked my clit, flicking his tongue over it again and again in sync with his fingers thrusting into my pussy.

After bringing me to another orgasm he pulled out his fingers and licked them off like before. Justin dragged his tongue over my pussy and my pussy hole, licking up some more cum. He stuck his tongue into my pussy making me wet again.

“Damnnn Justin, fuck me with your tongue” I moaned. His tongue flicked in and out of my pussy. He was fucking me with his tongue so fucking fast that i came again.

“Happy Birthday” Justin smirked, his tongue flicking over my tongue, the vibrations that his words caused made me cum once again.

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