46. Return The Favor by @PervLikeBieber

Breanne’s POV.
Me and my boyfriend Justin were home alone for the weekend which meant sexytime. Justin and i had never had sex but we’ve done other things. I was brushing my long black hair as Justin entered my house.
“Hey baby” He whispered, he wrapped his arms around my belly, from behind, as i watched him in the mirror still brushing my hair. He leaned in a kissed my neck as i pulled my hair to one side, brushing my split ends.
“Hi” I smiled looking into the mirror. I tilted my head to the side and we kissed. It was a short kiss, the kind of kiss second graders go around and brag about.
“HEY- before we hang out, can i just take a shower… I didnt have time to shower before i came here, im sorry.” He said with a smile or no, more like a smirk on his face.
“Its okay Justin we have the entire weekend together.” I smiled. Justin begun walking, his arms still wrapped around my waist as he lead me upstairs with him.
Justin walked into my bathroom as i sat down casually on my bed, waiting for him. It didnt take me long until i figure out what he was doing in there as his loud moans escaped the room. Justin probably didnt realized my walls were really thin.
I decided to sneak up on him. I stood up and creeped through the door. His moans got louder and i could hear the shower washing his toned body. As Justins profile got into the view, i saw his big cock, his hand held it hard and firm as he jerked it back and forth. Justins moans got more intense as he went faster, he leaned his head back and i got a full view of his body.
As i was sneaking up closer, crawling on my knees, i accidentally pulled the table to my straightner causing it to fall onto the floor. I started laughing as i showed myself to Justin.
“Opps” I bite my lip, since he didnt stop doing what he was doing. I watched his hand stroke over his dick and he smiled naughtily at me.
“Trying to sneak up on me aye?” I bite my finger, which i always tend to do when im horny.
“I tried but it didnt work” Justin smirked.
“Come here” He motioned for me to crawl into the shower. My shower wasnt really a shower it didnt have any shower walls, only three regular walls covering it.
I crawled into the shower, with my clothes on. My shirt was getting wet and Justin could soon see my bra through it. Justin bite his lip at the sight and i stopped, my head right in front of his huge cock. He moved his hand rapidly almost forcing himself to cum.
“Open up” He commanded. I smirked, it was one of those bitchy smirks that Justin loves, the naughty ones. I opened my mouth and as i did Justin let go of every tension in his entire body. The water that was pouring down his body entered my mouth along with a huge load of warm, salty cum. Justin watched me as i swallowed his juices, his eyes burring themselves in mine. I gave him a sexy gaze as i licked my lips.
justin pulled my up, from my knees. He pushed me against the wall. My clothes were all wet and sticky against my body. Justin kissed my lips firmly. Im pretty sure he could taste his own juices as his tongue dove into my mouth, licking and exploring my mouth like it was a whole new universe.
I moaned at the sensational feeling of his tongue in my mouth and i could feel Justins cock, rise up again, begging me for more. Begging for my attention. I rubbed my palm against the head of his cock making it harder. Justin pulled away from my lips. He nibble them a little before letting go.
“Time to return the favor” He whispered. His lips made their way down my neck as he unbuttoned my white blouse. His hands rubbing my breast. Justin kissed every new inch that was exposed. He let the blouse fall to the shower floor and went down on his knees, his lips wrapping around my breast sucking and nibbling a little, then it continued down my belly. Justin fingered my jeans that was sticking to my legs. He made an effort to pull them off gently, but failed. Instead he grabbed them harshly and ripped them off.
“Dont worry babe, ill buy a new pair” He smirked as he looked up into my eyes, his eyes had a puppy gaze to them, yet there was a “im gonna fuck you so badly” look to them.
“Who cares” I moaned pulling his wet hair, that was spread across his head and face.
Justin finally got my jeans of. His lips trailed down to my trimmed bikini line. He smirked once again and looked into my eyes when he saw my thongs. Purple, his favorite color.
“You know those makes me go crazy” He whispered.
“You better take them off then” I smiled a naughty smile.
Justin started pulling them down with his teeth, but it took to much time so his hands had to take over. Justin then stroked my inner thighs as his lips kissed the area around my pussy, making me soaking wet for him.
Justin noticed and stuck one of his fingers inside, digging deep as if he was looking for a hidden treasure.
“Mmmm fuck” I gasped. He started moving his finger in and out of my tight hole, making me jerk my body against his hand.
“Mmm you like that baby?” Justin smirked. His smile was sexy.
“Yessss” I gasped as he pushed another finger stretching my virgin pussy. As i looked down to see Justins reaction i noticed his cock was bigger than ever and it was all because of me.
Justins lips found my clit, which was filled with blood and harder than ever. Justin smirked as he flicked his tongue over it, our eyes from now on never breaking contact. The sexy smile on Justins face was gone and replaced with a smirk that said “Im a naughty boy” which ofcourse is true. Justin continued to flick his tongue over my clit again and again making my body go crazy at the new sensation.
“Oh gosh that feels good Justin”
“Fuck, baby you’re making me so horny” He moaned against my clit, the vibrations from his voice almost sent me over the edge. Justins fingers moved at a steady pace inside my pussy but as my moans started to get more intense and they started to appear more often, he moved his fingers faster.
“Ohhh Justin, fuck go faster” I moaned and grinded against his hand. “Faster Justin, Faster” I screamed. My stomach was getting tense and my head started to spin as Justin went faster and faster, his fingers savoring my pussy in their greatest way.
“Ahh, ohh fuck” I whimpered. I was waiting for my body to react to his skilled fingers and let go of that tension that was building in my stomach.
Justin wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked it, making me scream in pleasure. The tension in my stomach disappeared immediately and i could feel my pussy clenching around his fingers that was resting inside me. My hole tightened up and out ran my cum, making Justins fingers go from wet to clean to dirty and juicy. Justin pulled his fingers out and licked them clean.
“Your a very dirty girl, you know that?” Justin smirked.
“I know, and your a very bad boy” I moaned, my head was still spinning from having the best orgasm ever.


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