45. Tramp by @PervLikeBieber

Nicole’s POV.
I was walking outside with my new sunglasses and my pink bikini on. It was a hot summer day, the sun was at the top of the sky and the grass was gently tickling my bare feet. I walked with my magazine as i was debating whether i should lay down on a regular chair or on my trampoline.
I decided to go with the trampoline. I climbed onto the black surface and laid down. It was hot and the dark material had reflected the sunlight very well… It burned my back as i laid down. I tilted my head to the side and opened the magazine as i put my sunglasses up on my head. I started flicking through the pages to see if there was something interesting but instead i saw something else. My next door neightbour, who’s fairly hot or REALLY hot. He’s name is Justin. We’ve been i guess you can call it “friends?” for about 2 years. Or welll not friends, but we know each other and go to the same school.
My friends consider me lucky because i live next door. Somehow they’ve gotten into their minds that i have the privilege of being able to see him 24/7 i dont and i wouldnt want too either. I mean sure he’s hot but ive never thought hes like HOT HOT just HOT.
Justin was wearing a pair of shorts, he was shirtless and wet which i have to admit looked sexy. I couldnt stop my eyes from scanning his toned body down to his crotch and the more i thought of how hot he really was the more sexy he became in my eyes. Justin grabbed a towel from the grass and leaned forward to shake his head. There was water flying from his hair landing in the grass and my eyes couldnt stop looking at him. The way he teased me without knowing it was horrible. I thought an impulsive thought should i go over there. Then i realized what a stupid thought that was… what was i supposed to say “Oh hello… i just thought you looked incredibly hot”
Justins POV.
I noticed Nicole, my neighbor, staring at me from the moment i went up fro the pool to the moment i shook my head. I wondered if she knew i knew, i was trying my best to not let her know… to tease her a bit extra. Nicole in my eyes have always been one of those hotter girls. There was something about her glittery grey eyes and her wavy brown hair that barely would cover her breast if that bikini… i dont know just happened to fall off.
I could see the way she looked at me with lust in her eyes as i flipped my hair to the side. I grabbed my sunglasses from the table next to the pool and sat down in a chair. I leaned my head back as i pretended to fall asleep but i was secretly looking at her through my raybans. I was planning on teasing her some more.
Nicoles POV.
I watched Justin, he was almost asleep, i watched his whole body in silence not hiding behind the magazine anymore. I watched him move his hand down to his crotch, his hand rubbed his wet shorts a little and i could see his well you know… thing. Rise.
I bite my lip as i realized that his cock was huge and my hormones started to take over my body. I started wondering how it would feel to have Justin inside me. I wanted to know how he felt like, how big he was, how hard and so on… I wanted that cock to please me anywhere and everywhere.
I watched Justins hand, in his sleep rub against his huge cock that was continuing to rise. I wondered how fucking much it could rise. Justin started to dig under the wet material of his shorts. My eyes watched him intensely as he what appeared to me started to jerk off.
My pussy begun to tingle as i watched Justin touch himself in his sleep. His hand doing some rapid movements under his shorts. I wanted to so badly just get over there and pull of his pants and suck him hard. I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted him to make me feel good too. I wanted him to savor the taste of my pussy and i wanted his cock to fill me up. The more i watched and the more i thought of him the hornier i got.
Justins POV.
Knowing that Nicole was watching me get off excited me to an orgasm pretty soon. My hand was shifting from long slow strokes to fast strokes. But my body wasnt satisfied with just one orgasm. I wanted and needed Nicole to make me cum. After my orgasm, which i didnt show her that i had, cause im not sure if you can have an orgasm in your sleep, i pretended to wake up. I put my glasses to the side and she quickly tilted her head away from me.
I sneaked up on her a little bit later when she was lying on the trampoline. She didnt head me until i jumped on it.
“Hi” I said. “Do you mind?”
“Ofcourse not” She smiled. I wonder if she was horny. My eyes did a quick scan down her slim body and i couldnt tell in his bikini bottoms if she was or not.
Nicoles POV.
I watched Justin, he watched me. We had that awkward moment when we had nothing to say to each other, we just liked there looking at each other. My face revealed no expression but inside my head my mind was going crazy thinking of him. Thinking of his sexy body and his huge cock fucking me… HERE, outside on the tramp.
Without thinking further or i guess without thinking at all since it was an impulse move i leaned towards Justin. We kissed and someone how our tongues found each other. Justin hovered me on the trampoline as we were making out. He let his tongue explore my mouth and his teeth nibbled my tongue occasionally. I felt Justin harden as he grinded against my crotch. His cock was even huger now, or it felt and appeared that way to me.
I begun to with my feet try to pull down his pants, since my hands were already tangled up in his hair. Justin started to kiss and lick my neck. His saliva leaving a trail that marked its territory on me. I was stunned by Justins every move and the less i thought of how good it felt, the more good it felt. Justins lips and tongue were skilled and i couldnt wait for his cock. The feeling of “Wanting” to know how i would feel like had developed into a “Need!” I needed to fell his hard cock. Said and done i pulled down his pants with my hands instead and grasped onto it.
His cock starting rising even more under my touch as i gently jerked my hand back and forth slowly. Justin murmured something against my neck as he licked it, he’s teeth somewhat digging into my sensitive skin as well. I sat up then forced Justin down on his back as i hovered him instead. My hand was starting to jerk faster and i felt like it was time to give my mouth something to play with.
Once again said and done i attached my lips to his hard dick. It felt bigger than ever in my mouth. I could taste his pre cum as i lowered my head onto his crotch. Justin pulled my hair to the side as i started sucking him, moving my head in the same way i had moved my hand. I heard Justin gasp on the tramp as he tried to grip onto something. He didnt have much choice but to grip onto me.
His hands tangled up in my hair and he begun to press my head down on his cock faster and harder making me almost gag. But i wanted him in me, i wanted every inch of his cock in me, so i didnt mind.
“Ohhh god nicole” Jusin moaned. My tongue was addding pressure to his shaft as i tried to get more of him in me. My pussy was throbbing wet as i stood there on all four, my head down onto his crotch. Justin managed to skillfully with his feet make my bikini bottom magically disappear. He let go of my hair and untied my top as i was sucking him.
Justin moaned for me to suck his harder and faster and i did. I loved the feeling of his cock shoved up into my mouth and down my throat making me almost gag. DAMN. It was so big and hard and i just wanted him to cum into my mouth and spread his cum down my body as well.
“I want you to cum for me, and ON me” I smirked. Justin literally came all over the place. He shot a huge load into my mouth and when i thought he couldnt cum more i removed my head, but he wasnt finished. Justins cock that was still hard continued to shoot his load onto my boobs and stomach as i had moved myself to hover his head with mine. We kissed once again. His tongue tasting the sweet and salty juice that i had tasted.
Justin shifted so that he was hovering me. I smirked, covered in his cum i started swearing it all over my breast. Justin watched me. His eyes were more intense than ever before. I licked my fingers off sexily and finished. Justin smirked at me, he was satisfied. He leaned into my breast and burried his head between them. He run his tongue down my clevage, licking up his own cum and my boobs. He, with his tongue, started drawing circles on my breast, all over them until he’d finally cleaned up his mess.
He bite my nipples and sucked them hard. I felt his cock rub against the opening of my pussy teasing me slowly. I moaned. I just wanted no needed him to fill my pussy. My legs straddled his crotch and i tried to pull him closer to me and get him inside me. I started to jerking my hips upward desperately wanting him to fuck me but he continued to tease me. I was desperately humping the air, i wanted him inside me now… I needed to feel his huge hard on in me. I needed to feel my wet pussy walls clench down on his cock squeezing every last drop of cum out of him.
After a couple of minutes of humping Justin finally gave in. He pushed his huge cock into my wet, tight pussy hole. His one hand was rubbing my boobs, his other was rubbing my clit skillfully. He rubbed them both in circles. Justin pulled back almost leaving me with nothing then he thrust back into me harder. He drew circles around my nipples and my clit at the same time with felt incredible. Justin was very skilled.
Justin started thrusting faster and i moaned. I moaned and screamed his name louder than id every screamed anything before. He was so good at pleasing me. He’d made my pussy wetter than ever before than any sextoy or any boy had ever done to me. Feeling Justins huge cock inside me was amazing. He was so fucking big and it made me sore, but who the hell cares.
Justin went faster and faster as we both got close to out peeks. He was practically violating my pussy that was clenching down on his cock and at the same time he managed to kiss me, rub my nipples and my clit. With every single thrust Justin came into me a little deeper. His cock hit my G-spot which made me shake in pleasure and to our advantage the trampoline was bouncing up and down with us, making this an even better experience.
It took us about 15 minutes from the he’d pushed himself into me, til we both lied there orgasming, screaming each others names. Damn it was the best orgasm id ever had. I had never in my entire life cummed that much and that hard and oh my gosh, if feeling Justins cum shot down my throat was and rubbed onto my body was AMAZING then i cant describe what the fuck this was. It felt so damn good that i almost passed out.

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