44. Lunch Date by @PervLikeBieber

Ashley’s POV.
The bell rang and the people in my class hurried out of the classroom and out the hallway. I walked as fast as i could over the schoolyard my boyfriend Justin was going to pick me up for lunch. Justin goes to another school in town, he’s rich so he goes to a private school.
I ran over the schoolyard in my pumps. I was wearing a pair of white shorts and a tank-top to go with them. My dangle bracelets make a metally sound as they clashed together when i moved my arms. My bouncy brown curls flew all across my face and my bangs frizzed up because of the wind, but i didnt care. Finally i saw Justin in his Range rover. I hurried even more and opened the door.
Justin smirked “Hi.” I was breathing heavy as i sat down next to him, i gave him a quick kiss on the lips and smiled. “Hi” Justin started driving to the near by town. My school was 20 minutes away from town but i liked it. It was quiet and peaceful in my school. We were only about 600 students and there was no bullying or anything… We all knew each other.
Justin pulled up and into the parking garage. He stopped the car and unbuckled his seatbelt and looked over at me. He pulled my face closer to his and smile. He showed off his perfect white teeth right before he leaned in and kissed me. Justins lips wrapped around mine as he hovered me in my seat. It was dark in the parking garage, there was only one place where light came in… through the entrance/exit. Justin and i were alone in the garage, i assume most people were in the actual mall haha.
Justin scooted closer to me and i let my hands fall down on his shoulders then a littler lower, rubbing his chest a little. Justin moaned and bite my lower lip, he begged for entrance to my glorious mouth. I let him in ofcourse.
Justin thrust his tongue into my mouth and down my throat making me moan, while his hands gently fell down onto my breast.

“Justin…” I gasped.

“God, i wanna have sex” Justin smirked. He looked into my eyes and i bit my lip. I moaned a little as the word sex rolled of his tongue.

Justin likes to have sex in new places and we both like the excitement of getting caught.

“Then lets have sex” I smirked. Thinking of how vurnerable we would be while having sex in a fucking parking garage in THE MALL.

Justin immediately revealed his toned chest and i let my face burry in it. I started tracing my tongue around his nipples and then i let it slowly glide down tracing his abs.

“Yum” I moaned sexily. Justin pulled my hair as i licked lower and lower. Then he stood up in the car and i pulled of his pants. He was hard… Oh so hard! I dont think he’d ever been this hard. I smirked and grabbed his delicious cock. Licking the tip of it before taking him all in. I tried sucking as hard as i could while chocking on his big cock.

Justin thrust his dirty hips towards my mouth as i bobbed my head back and forth. I moaned letting Justin know how good it was and Justin moaned letting me know how good i was. Justin threw his head back as i sucked harder. His cock twisted in my mouth and he came down my throat. I swallowed every bit of his delicious candy while he moaned my name.

“OH goood ashley… baby that was fucking good”

I smirked and pulled off my tank-top. I lifted my hips and unbuttoned my shorts. Justin watched me intense, waiting for me to reveal my wet pussy for him.

“You want some Justin?” I winked. Justin was still breathing heavy from his orgasm but he managed to get out a “Yes.”

“Aww… Poor Justin… you’re so tired… Maybe you dont want my pussy?” I teased him pouting with my lips. “MAYBE – Little Justin needs a nappy”

“HELL NO” Justin smirked.

“Mmm good boy” I pulled of my shorts and my panties at the same time. “Get on you’re knees” I smirked.

Justin got down on his knees, he burry his head inbetween my legs and started kissing my thighs. His hands stroke my stomach and my boobs. His thumbs caressed my erect nipples and his tongue caressed the senstive skin around my pussy. I was so dripping wet that i could feel my juices run down my crack. Justin while licking and rubbing my left breast stuck his right middle finger into my pussy.
“Hmmm, someone’s a little too horny” He whispered. He as sexily as he could licked off his finger, with my juices on. Making me even more wet. My pussy was becoming desperate for his big long fingers or his wet tongue… or the bestest thing it has ever felt his juicy hard dick. I grew impatient as Justin continued to lick around my pussy careful not to touch my clit or my pussy hole.
“Please… mfh Justin” I grunt. Justin smirked. He looked into my eyes as he saw me tremble under his touch then finally i felt his tongue swiftly rub my clit. It became hard and filled with blood underneath him. I moaned as he swished his tongue over my clit again and again.
“OH god it feels so sooo good” I moaned. I pulled Justins hair cause i know he likes that and i moaned louder.
Justin traced his tongue down to my pussy hole and licked me juices before sticking his tongue inside me.
“Ohhh yes” I moaned. I closed my eyes for a second and enjoyed his tongue burring deeper and deeper into my pussy. I rocked my hips a little but Justin used his hand to hold them in place.
“Hmm… impatient aren’t we?” Justin teased. He slowly pulled out his tongue from my pussy and poked my clit with the tip of his tongue making me gasp.
“Yesssss” I opened my eyes and i noticed people coming into the garage. Damn…. Justin continued to flick his tongue over my clit again and again. I bit my lip as he did, trying to act normal.
“There’s someone outside… dont move” I whispered.
“Oh this’ll be fun” Justin smirked… He shoved his tongue into my pussy and it took every inch of my entire body strength to not scream and moan. Justin moved his tongue inside me, exploring my entire little pussy, licking me in places where i hadnt been licked before. I had my eyes wide open as i tried my best to not moan. The people outside walked past my car and at that right moment Justin started teasing my soaking pussy with his tongue. I couldnt resist the urge to moan. It was a quiet moan. The people outside looked at me as if i was stupid… They probably knew what i was doing but pretended like nothing. Maybe once in there life they’d done the same.
Justin thrust his tongue in and out of my pussy. Fucking me with his wet tongue. I could finally let my moans lose when the people left the building three minutes later.
“I believe that that Mr bieber is called torture” I smirked as i looked down on him.
I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him. The taste of my juices was still lingering on his tongue and my pussy had the biggest urge ever of getting fucked. I leaned into Justins ear and whispered
“Now FUCK ME HAAAAAARD” I moaned the last word.
Justin did as he was told. He lined up his cock as close as possible to my pussy. His body force pushed my back harder against the seat as he pushed his cock into my wet pussy. My juices helping him glide in smoothly.
“Mmmmm” I moaned as he filled me up completely. He back away a little so i could kinda lay down in the seat, with my pussy on the edge of the seat. Justin standing up, started fucking my little pussy, his hips thrusting against mine as we started rocking.
“Ohhh god yes” I moaned as our hips danced with each other.
“OH god baby youre sooo tight” Justin moaned. He thrust his cock into my pussy harder and i screamed.
“AHHH FUCK ME” My pussy was getting closer and closer to its peak and i started to desperately rock my hips faster and jerk them back and forth with more force.
Justin started thrusting his hips faster and faster treating my pussy rougher and rougher.
“UGHH MORE BABY MORE” I begged for him to go faster. I whimpered like never before as he hit my g-spot over and over again. I felt my eyes getting watery as he fucked me harder. I though i was about to cry. Justin came into my little pussy before i came so he continued to fuck me brutally abusing my tight little cunt with his cock. I moaned and scream and yes tears rolled off my face. I loved how rough he was with me. It hurt, but it was a good feeling of hurt.
“OHHH GOD Justin please” I moaned. I needed to cum so badly. Justin thrust into my pussy harder and i squeezed my eyes shut as i cried out and whimpered like never before. I came all over his dick and oh god it was good.

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