43. Bieber Treatment by @PervLikeBieber

Dessies POV.
I was backstage waiting for Justin to get off, id been at the arena for over five hours now, ive watching him rehears, do his little dance moves and now he’s finally performing his last song. Justin said his thank you to the audience and then he finally walked off stage. I smiled. He smiled too. The sweat was dripping down his forehead and it made me think of dirty, naughty things. Things that i shouldnt think, UNTIL we were at the hotel.
Justin and i both drove home in silence. Justin hadnt taken a shower yet, he said he just wanted to get to the hotel as soon as possible cause he didnt want me to wait for him. Thats one of Justins “Awww” moments, that i must say, happens very rarely, now that he’s to busy touring to take care of me properly…. Ugh that sounded so selfish.
Justin pulled up at the hotel and we sneak to the backdoor and walked the 11 stairs up to our room, since the elevators was closed down for some stupid reason. Justin was exhaused as we opened the door to our room he stumbled across the room and made one last effort to throw himself on the bed.

“Thank God we are finally home” Justin yelled. His wet hair, from the sweat, was glued to his face, his mouth was wide open, letting out heavy breaths and his chest was heaving up and down as his lungs desperately wanted more fresh air. I closed the door and followed Justins path to the bed. I leaned over on top of him as we shared some kisses. The sound of our wet lips clasping together as we go.

“Well you were amazing tonight, as always” I smiled and Justin treated me with another kiss. This time he pulled my face closer and we rolled around the bed, he captured me underneath him as he begun to take off my clothes then he took off his own. He groaned a little as i held onto his neck and i asked “Something wrong?”

He groaned again as i tried to pull him closer. “Yeah my neck hurts” He didnt smirk, which means he was serious. I gently rolled us over again and told Justin to turn around. He did as he was told and i sat down on his back. He groaned a little more. I pushed as much of his hair as possible away from his neck and started to lightly massage it with my fingers. Justin groaned some more, having no knowledge of what i was doing i was hoping for the sake of my life that he was groaning because it felt good.

My hands massaged his neck for about ten minutes then my mouth took over. I left light pressed soft kisses all over his neck and then i continued down his shoulders. My hands rubbing his back as i moved myself lower, to get more access.

“Although that feels incredibly good, im struggling over here” Justin smirked as he turned his head to face me.

I smirked as i realized what he meant.

“Turn around” I whispered in his ear, and he did. Justin gave me another one of his famous smirks as i watched his hard on rise to my face begging for me to lick, fuck and suck it.

I kissed Justin once again, we tangled our hands into each others hair and we battled using our tongues as weapons. When we broke away, i continued to kiss justin down his body like before. Justin moaned a little as i bite his neck, shoulders and nipples before licking my way down his toned abs. I teased him a little going slower the lower i got. There it was, Jutins cock, facing me, begging me once again.

I pressed my delicate tongue against the head of his cock and ustin hissed a little. I licked around his head in circles and then i started to lick down his shaft. Justins body was trembling underneath me as he moaned and groaned in pleasure. He bite his lip trying to be quiet knowing from past experience that hotel walls are VERY thin. I placed my mouth on top of his cock as i gently slide it into my mouth. Taking as much of him as possible into me, but my hand still had to help me. I started to slowly thrust my head onto his crotch, my hand jerking the places i couldnt get into my mouth.

Justin starts to moan and groan louder as he tries his best to tame himself, but he’s not doing that much of a good job i have to admit. Justin jerks his hips upwards letting his cock hit the very back of my throat, making my almost choke on him. I suck harder and harder wanting to make him cum before he chokes me.

“Cmon tiger, cum for me” I moan as i suck harder. Justin smirks.

“Tiger? Oh thats sexy dess!” Dess is my nickname. I smirk as hes watching me, bobbing my head up and down his hard cock. He’s watching it disappear into my mouth, thats very much like heaven to him. Somehow watching me sucking him triggers his cum shot and soon my mouth is full of cum and my lips are drenched. I moan as i try to swallow as much of it as possible.

“RAWR” I grinned a little. Justin pulls me up and smirks.

“Come here” He whispered, he kiss me hard, like never before, as if he was hungry and i was the bate. Taken away by his action i gasp.

“You really are a tiger” Justin smirks and rolls us over so that he’s on top, he leans in and whisper into my ear

“Trust me, i can be wilder than a tiger.” I giggle…

“GRR Come eat me”

Said and done Justin leans into my neck and starts licking his way down my boobs, biting their nipples hard. He licks down my stomach and i start to moan underneath him. Justin starts darting his tongue against my sensitive clit and i bite my lip as hard a possible, i try my best to not scream. Instead the only thing escaping me are little whimpers.

“Mmmm im starving, this tiger haven’t eaten in weeks” Justin said as he licked down my soaking wet pussy. He moaned pleased my the taste of my juices that was running down my ass as i laid there. Justin lets his tongue dance around my clit and push two fingers inside my tight little hole. I let go of my lip and cant help but gasp loud. Justin pumps his long, but neat fingers into my throbbing wet pussy. He lets them slow down when im almost there and then he speeds up after ive “Calmed” down. Desperate for a release i start to moan and gasp and almost scream begging for him to make me cum. His long fingers finally find their way up to my g spot, Justin hits it hard enough for me to release my cum and relax every single bone in my body.

My walls gently clench around Justin fingers as he lets them rest inside my pussy. Then when im done cumming he pulls em out and lick em off in front of me, making me wet again.

“Just fuck me already” I giggled, it wasnt that funny, i was just tired.

“You sure you can handle me babe? Remember, i was wilder than an animal” I leaned in and whispered

“Show me” Justin thrust his dick inside my pussy and i mean, i havent been fucked by an animal but judging from his performance he was pretty damn wild and cruel. He treated my pussy with no mercy as he slammed his dick in hitting my g spot every damn time giving me multiple orgasms. Before he finally came into me. Exhausted from everything that he’d done today he fell asleep onto off me.

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