41. Movie Night by @PervLikeBieber

Vanita’s POV.
I was preparing for the night, me and my boyfriend Justin were going to have a movie night all alone. My parents were gone and it was just me and him. I had picked out a movie and popped popcorn, bought candy and all that shit.
There was a knock on the door and i went to open it, everything was ready just in time. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me a kiss. He whispered
“Hi” and then we went into the living room. Justin fixed the movie while i went to get us some ice creams.
“Here you go” I gave Justin his ice cream. We both sat down quiet and watched the movie. In the corner of my right eye i could see Justin licking his ice cream, his tongue slide over it again and again. I started to fantasize that he was licking me and my pussy. As his lips wrapped around the ice cream, i imagined them wrapped around my nipples and my clit.

I paid no attention to the movie. I watched Justins lips suck the popsicle and i felt myself becoming wet and the thought of him sucking my nipples and licking my pussy clean and of him tasting my sweet juices. Justin finally noticed me staring, he stopped sucking his ice cream and started licking it in the most sexual way ive ever seen.

“Are you kidding me?” I whispered to myself, Justin didnt hear me. I watched his tongue slowly slide around the ice cream again and again.

“You eat ice cream in the most sexual way ive ever seen” I said out loud. Justin smirked. I crawled over to couch to get closer to Justin. Justin smirked even more when he saw me coming closer, he pulled me onto his lap and i started licking his ice cream, forgetting about my own.

Justin watched me intense as i licked and took his while ice cream into my mouth, i sucked it hard, closing my eyes, moaning, imagining it was his big hard dick entering my mouth. He probably did the same. The sweet taste of the popsicle gushed down my throat, i imagined that it was his wet, salty cum shot down my throat, i swallowed it all. When i opened my eyes, the ice cream was gone.

“And what am i supposed to eat now” Justin leaned in and whispered, his lips were dangerously close to my lips. I leaned back to his ear and whispered

“Me” I spread my legs, while sitting in his lap, my shorts were still covering me up, but i had a feeling that they would soon be on the floor. I could feel Justin tense up and his cock getting hard for me. I smirked while looking into his eyes.

Justin threw me off his lap and down on the couch, i jerked my hips up so he could take off my shorts and he did. Justin got down and started kissing my thighs, when he reached my panties his eyes connected with mine. He watched me as his teeth slowly started pulling down my black thongs. Justin let his tongue wander its path over to my clit. He flicked it gently over my sensitive spot and i whimpered underneath him.
Justin looked up from my pussy and grinned. He took of my shirt and let his fingers, on perpose, brush against my wet hole.

“Your so wet Vanita” He whispered, his hands slide across my stomach and i helped him get rid of my bra. I was completely naked and it would only be fare if Justin would be completely naked to, so i started to undress him, soon his clothes joined mine on the floor.

“Your so hard” I whispered back as a reply and i touched his dick. Justin moaned.

“I got a suggestion” He smirked. “It would only be fair if i got a taste of your pussy, since you ate my ice cream BUT i want to feel pleasure while eating you…” Justin pulled me on top of him. My pussy was right over his face, he flicked his tongue over my clit once again making me shiver. I leaned in and flicked my tongue over his cock. We both moaned. Justin let his tongue run over my entire pussy, all the way from my clit down to my whole, he stuck his tongue in a little just to tease me. I moaned as i took his cock into my watery mouth. My saliva started running down the shaft as i was almost drooling.

Justin wrapped his lips, that were still cold from this ice cream, around my clit, it was filled with blood in a matter of seconds and Justin sucked it hard. I teased Justin taking half his cock into my mouth while running my tongue down his shaft, licking and kissing it, before taking his cock into my mouth completely.

“The harder you suck my cock, the harder ill suck your clit” Justin said, his voice was shaky from the pleasure he got. I sucked him harder after hearing that, i needed a release badly. Justin let his tongue press against my clit as he sucked it.
“Harder Justin” I moaned. “I need to cum, baby” Justin teased my clit with his tongue adding more and more pressure and after a minute of teasing i came. I started sucking Justin really hard, he pushed my face down onto his cock and i felt his head down my throat.

Justin himself let his tongue plunge into my wet pussy hole, tasting my and my holy juices.

“God Baby you taste so fucking good, id love to taste your cum every morning” Justin said, his hot breath hitting my pussy, making me shiver on top of him. I pushed my pussy closer to his face, burying him, leaving him with no choice but to fuck me with his wet tongue.

“And i wouldnt mind having your cock in my mouth all day long” I moaned, or i tried to. His cock was deep down my throat and i wanted to make Justin cum so i could taste his salty juices and feel it run down my throat just like the ice cream had done. I wanted his cum to tickle me as it went into my stomach. I started bobbing my head up and down, letting his hard dick slide in and out of my mouth faster and faster, i started imagining him fucking my pussy like this, in and out, harder and harder. It got me soaking wet. Justin struggled on the other side of the couch, he tired to get as much of my juices as possible into his mouth as he slide his tongue in and out of my pussy.

“FASTER JUSTIN” I screamed as Justin finally found his way up my hole and hit my g spot. “GOD BABY GO FASTER” I moaned. My moans and screams set Justin off and his thick cum entered my mouth and slide with ease down my throat. I swallowed everything and continued to lick him clean.

“OHHH GOD Baby, your so good at this” Justin moaned. “Swallow it all”

“Already done, now make me CUM JUSTIN” I screamed as Justin let his tongue slide into me harder and harder, he was faster. Faster than any other boy ive been with. I continued to imagine us fucking and i pressed my pussy closer to his face. I moaned Justins name over and over again until i came.

My juices landed all over Justins face and he struggled to get a taste of my pouring juices, he let his tongue lick my pussy clean, getting as much cum as possible into his mouth. I moaned unstoppable, the feeling of his tongue dancing around my clit and into my hole was amazing.

“Now lets go upstairs and fuck each others brains out” Justin said sexily, he grabbed my hand and we started walking upstairs.

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