40. The Office by @PervLikeBieber

Maya’s POV.
Going to work is one o the best things ever cause i get to me Justin. Justin is my boss, i mean i guess you can call him that, im his assistant. But more importantly, im his secret lover. It all started out one day i think two years ago…

I had walked into to room to deliver Justins daily newspapers along with his personal mail. Justin looked a little bit down and i had asked him what was wrong. He said

“Its my wife” and i said

“Ohh” He started telling me about how they’d fought over something that i cant really remember then somehow we ended up having sex in his office, now we do it on regular basis always at the same time, after the daily mail.


I was just about to knock on Justins door, when i heard a voice inside the room so i waited. Instead i walked to the toilet. I adjust my clothes, i made myself look sexier, by pushing up my breasts and making my skirt appear shorter. Justin liked that. The main reason for Justin cheating on his wife with me was because he said his wife wasnt as “creative” as me when it came to sexy.

Justin and i have done alot o crazy things in his office. We’ve done all kinds of different positions and roleplays and the fact that what we’re doing is morally wrong turns me on and what turns me on even more is that there’s always people around us, cause we never do it outside his office, thats to risky. I like all things related to sex and i guess thats why Justin has stuck with me. I like being in control and controlled, i like sucking and i like being licked, i like being good and i like being bad. I just love everything that has to do with sex. But i have to admit that it turns me on when Justin looks at me as nothing but a piece of meat, it turns me on sooo badly when he treats me like some kind of slut, cause i guess thats what i am. Ive been cheating on his wife with him for over and year now. EVERYDAY that we’ve gone to work.

I saw someone walking out of Justins room and i walked in.

“Here’s your mail” I said and handed him the news papers and all the envelopes.

“Thanks” Justin smirked, getting ready for what was coming. I walked over to his table and sat down ontop o it. I cant even tell you how many times we’ve used this to our advantage. I looked down Justins pants and saw the massive bulge in them. His cock was so big that i felt like it was going to poke my eyes.

I reached for his pants and started to unbuckle them and i pulled his huge cock out of his boxers. There was a knock on the door.

“Fuck” Justin whispered. He pushed me under the table, i was tiny so i could hide there, where his feet were. There was a tablewall thing covering everything up so no one could see me, or Justins lower body. Justin rolled his chair in under the table as far as possible and i thought i could take this to my advantage.

My fingers started playing with Justins dicks, i touched his head and down his shaft. Justin looked down on me, giving me a “Stop or ill kill you” look. The person that had knocked the door was waiting patiently outside. Justin moved his hips forward on the chair giving me easier access to his huge animal. My hand started jerking him off and i could feel his precum spread across my palm. Justin was still watching me. I licked the precum off my palm with my tongue before i placed my mouth infront of his dick.

“NO” Justin whispered. The was a knock on the door again and for a second i think justin forgot about the person outside.

“Enter” Justin called.

“Gladly” I whispered and took his cock into my mouth. Justin hissed at the sensational feeling. My tongue licked him all over and i watched his face. He was neutral, he showed no feelings what so ever. But his voice deceit him as he spoke

“What can i help you with miss” His voice was low and to me it sounded like a gasp. I enjoyed this. I wrapped my lips around his huge cock and started to take him all in.

Justin looked down on me, he watched his cock disappear in my mouth and then the person spoke

“Do you have the copies i asked you for yesterday”

“Yesss” It sounded like a moaning to me. “I do” Justin said quickly. He started to desperately look in his drawers, his eyes taking a sneak peak at me. I sucked harder, i let my tongue caress him hard, adding pressure. He was almost there. I thought to myself, not yet bieber, we havent even got started.

Justin found the papers and the girl went out of the room again. Justin spoke as soon as she closed the door

“Maya, that was not appropriate” I pulled away from my mouth candy and bite my lip.

“Im sorry MR. Bieber. I didnt know” Justin grinned.

“Im pretty sure you did know, you’re just a naughty girl arent you?” Justins words turned me on even more, they made me regret o ever letting go off his huge cock. I needed it in me, my pussy was craving it.
“No, i promise. Im a good girl” I winked. Justin pulled me out from under the table and pushed me onto the table with my face facing away from him, he leaned in a whispered into my ear

“There’s nothing good about you Maya” He held my arms behind my back and i whimpered at his rough touch, but i loved it.

“Im sorry Mr. Bieber” I moaned. Justin pushed my up harder against the table. He undress me with his rough hands and i loved it even more. He gripped onto my waist hard and i felt my pussy becoming extremely wet at his rough touch.

“Its okay, i like bad girls” Justin whispered into my ear.

“What are you going to do with me” I whispered, i wasnt afraid, but i faked it.

“Im going to treat you like the bad girl you are and im going to punish you” Justins voice made me even wetter. I could feel my pussy aching to have his huge cock in it and i that didnt happen soon id probably die. “NOW BEND FORWARD” Justin commanded. I did as i was told and Justin let go off me for a second. He went to lock the door. “You better be quiet” His harsh voice was echoing in the room and it turned me on so freaking badly. I loved when Justin was rough and hard on me, it made me feel naughty as hell, which i should feel since im fucking someone else’s husband.

Justin undressed in a brief second and when he was ready he started his treatment. He begun with a few light hits on my ass. I shrieked quietly in pain, but it felt amazing at the same time AND so fucking sexy.
“Is this what you do to all the bad girls” I smirked while i was bent over his table, and my ass was exposed to him.

“No, just the real naughty and slutty ones like you” He said and hit my ass harder. My pussy became more and more wet with every hit and i didnt know what was aching the most, my ass or my throbbing pussy that needed something in it pronto.
“Im only slutty for you mister” I moaned which caused Justin to lose his focus and sanity, he rammed his huge cock into my wet pussy from behind. His hands gripped onto my waist and his fingers dug into my skin, which hurt but felt amazing and i truely felt like a slut, cause i was one.

I took Justins massive cock all into my pussy and he started moving in and out harder and harder and i moaned.

“UGH Fuck me Justin, GOD Im so bad, i need to be punished fuck me harder” Justin started fucking me harder, the table digging into my stomach, i felt like i needed to puke but the pure sensational feelings down below made me forget about that, i only needed his cock in me. Justin pulled my hair back and i screamed his name which lead to even harder fucking.

My pussy was used to our rough fucking or so i thought… It started to hurt in my hole too as Justin went in and out, my whole body was aching but i didnt care, i needed him to fuck me forever, no matter how much it would hurt. Justin slapped my ass and i screamed again.

“AHH HIT ME JUSTIN” Justin smacked my ass harder this time and i felt myself tense up in my stomach, i was so fucking close.


“You cant cum until i tell you too” Justin commanded, his voice was rough and hoarse.

Justin pushed my upper body down against the table so that my ass was sticking up in the air without a warning Justin switched holes and GOD now theres was not ONE place in my entire body that was aching.

Justin let his huge cock slam into my asshole hitting my g spot from a totally different angle which felt sensational. I needed that. But soon the pain was back and i think that Justin could see it, cause soon enough he went back into my pen hole. He fucked me so hard that the whole table was shaking from our vibrations and soon i couldnt hold back my orgasm. Justin screamed


“MHHM, Cum in my tight pussy” Justin shot a huge load up in my pussy and it triggered me to let go off my orgasm, but i was waiting for Justins commando which thank god finally came.

“CUM FOR ME SLUT” He screamed and he hit my ass one final time as i came onto him.

He pulled out of me and we both got dressed again, i went out the door thinking of what a fun way we would fuck tomorrow. After all Justin is creative and im his slut.

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