39. Forest Secret by @PervLikeBieber

Cindy’s POV.
I was walking through the forest with my best friend and a couple of boys from our school. We were on our way to the beach, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining bright and the waves hit the cliffs next to us. We were walking on a small “road” and on our left there was only trees, on our right the road turned into stone and if you looked down you could see the clear water hitting the stone look alike wall that we were walking on.
Out of nowhere the boys, apparently, felt the urge to dive into the water either they were trying to show off or they didnt feel like walking the last couple of meters. When i reached the sand, that was smoking hot i jumped out of my flipflops. I threw my towel somewhere in the sand and walked towards the bridge that was reaching out all the way from the beach to the very, very deep part of the ocean.

I felt a pair of cold arms wrap around my waist and i shrieked. I looked over my shoulder to see who it was and i shrieked again.

“Juuustin” Justin lets his arms rest around my waist as we both walked towards the bridge. I could feel something poke against my ass and i assumed it was because of the cold water and not because of me, or more like i hope it wasnt because of me because i didnt want to go through that awkwardness. Justin suddenly pressed his whole, cold body against mine and i shrieked once again but before i could say something Justin had jumped into the water and brought me down with him.

Thank god, my hair was up in a wet bun, but i wasnt ready for the cold water to hit me and neither was my bikini top, that felt like letting go off my breasts. Under the water i could feel Justin letting go of my waist, but i could also feel his hands touching my breasts. Either he’d seen my bikini top fall off under the water, or he’d felt it. Either way he started to feel my breasts with his hands. When my head finally got up from under the water and i finally got some fresh air down to my lungs, Justin stopped. I looked at him and he acted like nothing. His smile was covering his face as he climbed up the staircase that was attached to the bridge.

“HEY CINDY” He shouted. “Lets have a diving competition”

“Sure” I said, i quickly adjusted my bikini top and followed Justin up on the bridge. Justin and i were just friends. I mean i guess you could call us friends, we dont know each other that well but he seems to be into me and im kinda into him i guess.
Justin and i both got ready to dive into the water.

“3…2…1…GO” Justin dove into the water and i dove after him. I swam as far as i could under the water determined to win the competition. After ignoring my bodys cries for air i soon couldnt take it anymore so i stuck my head up, over the surface.

“I won” Justin smirked, he began to swim towards me then he dove under the water and i felt his hands trying to unclasp my bikini top. Justins head reappeared over the surface.

“Not here you idiot” I laughed and nodded towards our friends… once again i guess you can call them friends. Justin pouted. There was no other people on the beach, but our friends but i didnt want them to see or hear anything that they didnt need to see or hear.

Justin refusing to take no for an answer continued to work his fingers on my top, he pulled the strap that was attached around my neck and my top fell down, he’d already unclasped the zipper thing on my back so now i was completely bare. He held my top in his hand as he started to swim towards the cliffs and the woods.

“Justin, NO Give me that” I yelled after him and i started to swim. The calm waves hit my breasts and made the jiggle under the water. Thank god we were so far away that the others couldnt see that i was naked. BUT they had heard my yelling and was now watching us from the shore. I swam faster and faster trying to catch up with Justin that was sprinting towards the cliffs.

“Justin come back” I yelled. When we were finally covered behind the cliffs Justin stopped, he held his hand up in the air and smirked. I reached to reach for it, but i couldnt. I was to short.

“Fine” I said grumpy. Justin jumped up at one of the cliff stones. They were soft and the smell of the salt sea entered my nose. We both sat down at the cliffs. Justin watched my bare chest and i didnt mind. After a second i laid down on my back, i thought i might as well get myself a tan. Justin laid down on his side, he supported his head with his left hand while watching me tanning.

Suddenly he leaned over and we kissed. His hands caressed my whole almost naked body as we granted each others tongues into each others mouths. Justin started to pull down my bikini pants but i stopped him.

“Justin, they’re gonna hear us”

“I know… follow me” Justin started climbing up the rocks. They were big and soft so there was no risks of us slipping and falling down the edge, but i was still scared. I tried to be cautious with my feet so that i wouldnt step on something sharp of slip, but it was hard to keep up with Justins fast pace.

When we finally arrived in the forest that we’ve been in before Justin walked into the tree part of it, he walked deeper and deeper into the forest away from the others. It was getting darker and darker. Even though it was in the middle of the day i was getting scared. Besides, how great wouldnt it be if some creepy ass guy lived in the forest and he would see me half naked and rape me. OH YAY WHAT. A. JOY.

I walked behind Justin until he stopped. It was cold in the middle of the forest. The tree’s were covering the sun. Justin backed me up against a tree and we continued to kiss. He let go off my bikini top and let his hands wander down my face and around my neck. The kiss got harder and harder each time he crashed his lips onto mine. We were both desperate and breathing heavily, wanting nothing but for the other person to fuck them. Justin pressed his entire body against mine, he pushed me hard against the tree. I could feel his hard on rubbing against my bikini pants. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer to me.

Justin was hot, really really hot, and wet. His whole body was wet, including his cock. I tried my best to, with my feet, pull down his pants while my hands were busy holding onto his neck. Justin free’d his hands from supporting my ass and helped me. He pulled down his pants and i loosened my legs from his waist so he could pull down mine to.
We kissed again, our bodies rubbing against each others. He rubbed his cock against my pussy as we made out in the forest. Justin kissed down my neck and i moaned into his ear.

“Justin, stop i can take in any longer. Just fuck me already” The last parts came out in a gasp, as his cold lips hit my sweet spot behind my ear. His tongue licked all way up behind my ear and his teeth nibbled it a little.

“What took you so long” He whispered into my ear. “I thought you’d never ask” I grinded my pussy against his dick harder.

“But i did.” I moaned. “Now fuck me, will you?” Justin grinned, his hands fell onto my ass again, he pulled my closer to his dripping wet cock and i rubbed harder.

“Cindy” He whispered. “I dont just fuck anyone” He kissed me and whispered against my lips. “They gotta be hot” He kissed my neck and whispered against it. “They gotta be sexy” He let his mouth and tongue glide over my neck smoothly, before he went to my ear and he whispered “And they gotta beg for it” Justin rubbed his hands all over my ass and down my legs. He went back to my face and kissed me passionate, he took my low lip inbetween his teeth and nibble it softly. I moaned into his mouth. He licked my lips with his tongue and sucked them a little.

I became more and more desperate. I needed him in me and i needed him to please me in every fucking single way. I started to thrust my pussy against his cock begging him to enter me and i moaned into his mouth.

“Please Justin” Justins lips let go off mine.

“Whats that my angel” He whispered into my ear.

“I said Please, fuck me.” I moaned and thrust myself onto him. Justin once again pushed us up against the tree, he let his cock slide into my pussy, but then he didnt move.

“Justin” I groaned.

“What now, sweetheart?” His voice entered my ear bringing me to orgasms already, but i fight with my body to hold it back. His voice wasnt sarcastic or ironic, just teasing. I tried to move my hips and created some friction, but Justin held me in place. I kissed Justin again, i let my tongue slide deep down his throat making him hypnotized leaving him craving more when i stopped. I bite my lip and whispered

“I said, Please Justin be a good little boy and fuck me” This time Justin didnt resist, he didnt tease me or left me hanging. He pulled out and slammed his huge cock into my tiny hole again. I screamed.

“MMM THATS A GOOD BOY” Justin let his cock slide in and out of my hole faster and faster. It almost hurt taking all of him in me, he was to big for my pen hole but who cares. It felt amazingly good and the pain that was added made this whole thing ever better, knowing that i wouldnt be able to walked tomorrow because of Justins big cock, thrusting in and out of me.

Justin pushed my up harder against the tree as he slammed into me, his hands were placed on my ass and i did my best to meet his thrusts. I moaned and screamed over and over again until i came, but we didnt stop. Justin continued to slam deep into my, making my pussy ache.

“Mmm Justin cum in me” I moaned as loud as i could but not loud enough for Justin.

“Cant hear you darling” Justin whispered into my ear as he fucked me harder.


“Thats better” He replied, with another thrust he came deep into me, our juices mixed. Justin pulled himself out of my aching pussy and smirked. “Your really sexy when your being fucked, did you know that Cindy”

“Justin.” I said with a stern voice, i tried to keep myself from laughing. “Im always sexy”

2 thoughts on “39. Forest Secret by @PervLikeBieber

  1. I really enjoyed reading this story cause my name is CINDY and I love reading dirty stories and this one had my name in it so I’d say best freaking story ever!!!!!! ❤

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