38. Justin’s Birthday by @PervLikeBieber

Michelle’s POV.
I was waiting for Justin in our bedroom, he was supposed to be home from work at any minute now. I had cleaned up the whole room and lit some candles with a lavender scent that filled the air. When i heard the front door close i went and picked up a pair of handcuffs from our drawer. I could hear Justin call for me
“Michelle baby where are you?” It was Justins birthday and i had planned our “Celebration” since forever, i wanted everything to be perfect. Yesterday i had gone out to pick out the sexiest lingerie i could find, the shortest skirt i could find, the tightest most low cut top i could find and the sexiest heels i could find.
“Im upstairs” I shouted. While Justin had been to work i had tried out my new sexy stuff that made me look awfully sexy and alot younger. I looked like i was in my teens again, haha if only i was it’s been seven years since i put my foot in a high school. I could hear Justin throw his things to the side and walk up the stairs, when he entered to room i welcomed him with a kiss, as i had planned. I led him to the bed and he sat down on the edge, he tried to pull me down with him but i stopped. Instead i climbed onto the bed behind him, i let my lips tenderly kiss down his neck while i grabbed the handcuffs that was hidden under one of the pillows. Justin allowed me to cuff his hands while i continued to suck his neck, he moaned those sweet little innocent moans, which i hope would soon be replaced with darker more sexy moans.

When i had cuffed his hands i walked up in front of him. If his hands were free he would’ve pulled me down onto his lap but instead he was just gazing me. He looked at the tight white top i was wearing, my bra could be spotted through the thin material. Justin continued to look down at the short short black skirt i was wearing and the high heels boots that went all the way up to my knees. I twirled my hair around my finger while biting my lip, i watched him as he got more and more turned on by my appearance.

“You…” Justin started. “Look incredibly sexy” I bite my nail and smirked.

“Its all for you” I could see a bulge appearing in Justins tight jeans and i smirked as i lowered my gaze. I licked my lips slowly. Justin watched my every move as i, on perpose, bend down and “fixed” my shoes, giving Justin a clear view of my ass and my newest invest, my black thongs.

I walked over to Justin and spread my legs slowly as i lower myself onto his lap. I let my legs glide onto his legs as i pulled myself closer to his body, his bulge getting closer and closer to my pussy that is now soaking. I have a tendency to get wet easily, which Justin likes ALOT.

I let my hands fall around Justins neck as i pulled myself as close as possible, my lips finding his and we kiss passionately. I thrust my tongue into Justins mouth tasting his saliva, Justin usually dominates our kisses but this time he lets me explore his whole mouth before he thrust his tongue into my mouth. I moan a little into the kiss then i against my own will pull myself away from Justins sweet, wet lips. Justin groans a little at the loss of my lips. My lips are soon reconnected with his as we kissed this time even more fiercely if thats even possible. We continue to kiss until we have no breath left and automaticly have to pull away, panting to get some air down to our lungs.

I let my arms fall down onto Justins toned chest as i start kissing his neck again, leaving some red marks. My hands travels down his chest then back up under his shirt. I let them rest as i focus on his sensitive skin on his neck. I let my tongue draw circles and squares on his neck and i let my lips caress it tenderly, just like before. I occasionally bite it a little to give him some extra sensational feelings and when i do so, he moans.

I pull Justins white tshirt over his head and my lips continued to travel down over shoulders and his chest.  I let my tongue travel lower and lower as i removed myself from Justins lap and goes down on my knees infront of him. My tongue still playing on his chest. My hands starts to unbuckle his belt and pull down his pants and boxers releasing his huge cock.

My hands moves over to his legs as i caress them slowly, my head going lower and lower, my tongue getting closer and closer to its destination. Justins breathing getting more and more rapid as i do so.

When my tongue hits Justins yummy candy he starts moaning, this time the way i want him to moan, loud and sexy. I let my tongue slide down Justins shaft, licking it like a lollypop. My eyes gaze into Justins as he watches me slowly approach his huge monster. I stop licking and wrap my lips around his head. My gaze getting more and more intense as i take him into my mouth. Justin watch his huge cock disappear into my mouth and he starts moaning as i suck him.

“Oh god Michelle” His words anticipate me to suck harder. I let my tongue press onto his sensitive skin and i can feel him grow harder in my mouth. Justin happy as ever starts moaning louder and louder as he receives one of his best blowjobs ever.

“Harder Michelle, suck me harder” He’s moaning louder now, his hips desperately thrusting into my face, if his hands were lose he’d probably pull my face closer and choke me with his huge monster, thank god their locked up i thought to myself as i try to get as much as possible into my tiny mouth. I choke a little but Justins moans are getting louder so i try my best to get him deeper into my mouth.

“Mmm baby, im gonna cum” Justin moans.

“Please do” I moan, my mouth sending vibrations against his sensitive skin which ticks him off and he shoots his load down my throat. Justin watches me swallow every single drop and licking my lips and i stand up.

I sit back down onto his lap. Our lips reconnecting. Justin can probably taste his own cum on my wet lips as we kiss.

“Happy birthday” I scoot closer to him, his cock dangerously close to my pussy. I reach behind his back to unlock the handcuffs but then, right before i do, i remember that im still wearing clothes so instead i push Justin back onto the bed. I sit down on his stomach, spreading my legs so far that he can see a clear view of my glistering wet pussy.

I lower myself onto his body so i can whisper into his ear

“How much do you want to take off” i teased.

“Everything but the shoes” Justin smirked. I sat back up and started to slowly pull my shirt over my head revealing my bra even more, i unclasped it slowly exposing my bra breasts. Justin watched me, he was trembling i could see it in his eyes, he wished for nothing but to get rid of those stupid handcuffs.

I let my hands glide down over my body just like they had glided over Justins chest a minute earlier. Then i let them glide, just like they had done on Justin, up my legs. I stick my finger into my pussy and grinned a little. I watched Justins eyes fully focused on my finger that was slowly pulled back out. I push my finger onto Justins mouth, Justin gladly part his lips for my finger to enter, he sucks it hard to get a taste of my sweet juices.

I let Justin suck on my finger as i, with my other hand, pull down my skirt and my thongs. Now we were both naked. I climbed off Justin for a second.

“Get up” I said. I uncuffed the handcuffs then i pushed him back onto the bed and climbed ontop of him. My legs were spread like before and my feet were placed next to Justins shoulders.

“Just fuck me already Michelle” Justin groaned, he was getting impatient. I lowered my pussy onto his throbbing dick and we both moaned. Juices started to gush out my tiny hole as i started to bounce up and down on top of Justin, i could feel my breasts bounce along. Justin stroke my legs with his hands while i was riding him.

After about 5 minutes of getting nowhere and lots of moanings i climbed off him and switched position. This time i went down on my knees, my ass sticking up into the air and my face thrown backwards. I started humping Justin faster and faster, letting my ass bounce back and forth in the air. I moaned “Justin” over and over again as he hit my G-Spot, his dick digging deep into my pussy.

“Ohh GOD YESSSS Michelle” Justin moaned. “FASTER” I rolled my hips against his as i was picking up a steady rhytm. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder in my pussy, his size increasing to maximum and i could predict his first load coming very soon.

“MMMM YESSSS” Justin screamed loud as he came for the first time in me. I came to. My juice started to pour out of my tight little hole, down my legs and onto Justins dick and lower stomach. Justin flipped us over and we kissed rolling around in the bed for a second as we continued to cum all over each other, creating the hottest mess ever.


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