37. Valentine’s Day by @PervLikeBieber

Amanda’s POV.
I used to spend my valentines days all alone piled up infront of the tv with a bowl full of ice cream and some chick flick, like a walk to remember but this year… 2011, i happened to actually, for the first valentine ever have a boyfriend.
Justin had picked me up at seven, brought me roses and offered me his hand, we’d walked to his car that drove us to a theater where we saw a movie and made out. Later he took me to dinner and now we we’re on out way home. I had planned this day perfectly, Justin would as always go take a shower after our long and perfect day, meanwhile i would undress and put my sexiest black thongs and bra, then id lie on the bed and just wait for him.
Justin walked into the shower, like i had predicted and as soon as i heard him lock the door i ran into my closet and changed. I hurried back to my bed and lied down on my side waiting for Justin to arrive.

It didnt take Justin long to shower, when he stepped out of the bathroom his dark brown hair was dripping wet. He had wrapped the towel around his waist and i swear as soon as he’d spotted i think i saw a hard on coming through. The water was running down his body and without hesitation i walked up to him and pulled down the towel, bringing him back to the bed where we lied down, him ontop of me.

Justins lips crashed down onto mine faster and faster. I stuck my tongue out and Justin stuck his out and we started playing with each others tongues. Justins mouth tasted just like sweet chocolate, his eyes were perfectly focused on mine and his hands where practically all over my body.

Justin pulled away and i whispered

“God, i need you so badly Justin” I saw a smirk forming on Justins lips.

“How badly?” Justins grinned.

“SOOOOOO BADLY” I moaned. Justin grabbed my hands and held them ontop of my head while leaning in a kissing me passionately. I moaned into the kiss and Justin let out a quiet, but oh so sexy grunt. I let his tongue dominate my mouth for what felt like an eternity until he finally broke away, but his tongue and lips were soon back on my body. The traveled down my whole body, Justin used his free hand to unclasp my bra and he freed my arms for a second so that he could get the bra off me.

Justin placed my arms over my head again and i felt like his little prisoner. The pillow that was supporting my neck started to feel a bit uncomfortable as Justin pressed my hands hard against the bed-board behind me. Justin let go off my hands and got up from the bed.

“Dont move” He said stern. His voice was so sexy that it almost made my cum right then and there. Justin walked out of the room and i couldnt stop thinking about what was going to happen. I started fantasizing about his big hard dick in my tight pussy and soon i found myself letting my fingers wonder down to my wet hole. I started to slowly rub my clit in a circular motion while closing my eyes thinking it was Justin. I started moan quietly.

“Ohhh mmm Justin that feels good” I let my finger dance around my wet clit and travel slowly down to my opening. It slowly glided through the opening and i could feel the wet inside of my walls. The butterflies in my stomach was tumbling around and it felt like i was about to cum and i moaned again, imagining Justins dick thrusting in and out of me as i slide my finger smoothly in and out of my pussy.

“Ohhh YES Justin” Somehow without me noticing the door had swung open. Justin, had put away whatever he’d been getting and was now standing infront of me, watching me masturbate. I stopped for a second and Justin out of his demanding, and controlling character said “Dont stop baby.”

Our eyes locked and i continued to shove my finger up my tight hole. Justin watched me intense and i moaned his name, imagining his dick pounding my little slutty pussy. I loved when Justin made me feel dirty, like a little slut, and it didnt matter that he was out of “Character” now cause i knew that later on tonight, Justin would make me feel like a complete whore, and it turned me on even more.

I moaned and moaned and moaned over and over again while my eyes where set on Justins naked body.

“OHH YES Justin fuck me. OH GOD” I screamed as i came all over my fingers, but i didnt stop and Justin didnt stop me.

“Tell me what your thinking off” Justin climbed onto the bed and lied down next to me, he whispered the sexy words in my ear. I moaned at the sound of his hoarse voice digging thought my ears all the way into my brain.

“Im thinking of you fucking my wet pussy.” I moaned and fingered harder. “UGH OHHHH Justin fuck me harder” I moaned. Justin started whispering dirty words in my ear.

“Thats it baby… Finger harder… Cmon do it for me” My fingers were going as fast as they could in and out, i closed my eyes and let everything that was around me fade away. I focused on the sexy voice in my ear.

“Ahhh yesssss” I screamed.

“Thats better baby, now just a little harder” Justin whispered. “I want you to make yourself cum for me baby” Justins words triggered my second orgasm and soon my fingers were soaking wet. I pulled them out of my pussy and Justin grabbed my wrist. He forced my hand into his mouth and sucked the sweet juice off my fingers, not missing a single drop.

Justin let his hand fall inbetween my legs and his fingers started to fuck me hard. I screamed at the new and even better sensational feeling, his fingers were thicker and longer which satisfied my pussy’s needs even more.

“Tonight, im gonna fuck you soooo fucking hard baby. Tomorrow you wont be able to walk or talk, your voice will bail on you cause im gonna make you scream so fucking loud Amanda.” Justin said, his voice was soft yet stern and serious. “Your mine, you know that? Mine and only mine, your my personal little slut, my prisoner… and tonight im gonna fuck you as hard as i want, as much as i want and as fast and i want. GOT IT” Justin gritted his teeth while saying the last two words. His rough fingers still fucking me and his sexy voice echoing in the room… i mean seriously i was so turned on.

“Yessss” I moaned.

Justins hand stopped pleasing me and justin pulled me roughtly out of the bed, he pushed my down on the floor and forced me to take his big dick into my mouth, which i by the way gladly did. He started thrusting his hips in and out of my mouth, at the start being careful not to hurt me, but then when he saw i was okay, going harder and harder.
It felt so fucking amazing to have his big juicy cock in my mouth, filling me up all the way down to my throat. Justin moaned and grunted and i moaned as loud as i could while taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth.

“Im gonna cum in your mouth Amanda” Justin moaned. He shot his load into my mouth and then he pulled out, half of his load smearing onto my face and down my boobs.
“You better lick it all up” He said with a stern voice. I started touching my whole body smearing his cum all over my breasts. I watched him and he watched me, i gave him a sexy look as i roamed around on the floor with his cum all over me. I licked as much as i could up and then i got up from the floor ready to get back on the bed.

“Where are you going Amanda” Justin whispered while following me. He grabbed my whole body and captured me in a rock hard grip. I could feel his cock poking my ass. I bite my lip and whispered


“Thats what i thought” Justin whispered. “You gonna stand right and enjoy me fucking you and your gonna scream loud, like the little slut i know you are” Justin whispered into my ear, he kissed my neck and he had his arms wrapped around my waist. He let his left hand fall down onto my pussy.

“You act like some innocent little girl, but guess what” He whispered, his fingers flicked around my clit and i gasped under his touch.

“What” I whispered.

“Your not. Amanda, your a filthy little slut and your mine and im gonna fuck you until your legs cant bare you and your gonna take it like the little slut you are. Your gonna scream my name until you lose your voice and your gonna make me cum into your tight little pussy”

Justin let his finger wander around my pussy, he insert it to my hole for a brief second and then he leaned in again and whispered

“Naughty girls get all wet for me. Are you a naughty girl amanda?” Justin insert two fingers this time and i moaned a little in reply

“Yessss Justin” Justin pulled out his fingers and pulled my body even closer to him, if that was possible. His dick found my pussy and he started rubbing my pussy with his dick, slowly, then faster and faster, his left hand was not rubbing my clit. I started moaning as i felt Justins lips on my neck, he kissed it softly, then he licked behind my ear and whispered more dirty words that he  knew turned me on soooo badly. He told me exactly how he was going to fuck me and what a little slut i was and that im his dirty little prisoner.

Justin finally pressed his hard dick into my tight hole, he started fucking me hard and fast from behind as we stumble across the room, he pushed me up against the wall, my boobs hitting the cold white wall. He started fucking me harder and harder, i could her his grunts and moanings in my ear. He pushed himself deeper and deeper into my wet pussy and i screamed louder than ever before. It felt sensational.

“You like that you little slut” Justin moaned into my ear. “You like when i fuck you against the wall dont you, you little bitch” I was to busy breathing and humping my hips backwards meeting his dick halfway to reply then Justin started pulling my hair screaming at me to reply and i scream “YES” as a reply.

“OHHH God Justin fuck me harder” Justin let his whole body weight fall on me, causing my boobs to getting crushed against the cold wall. My pussy was starting to ache, but i didnt care.

“OH YESSSS Justin, deeper baby, fuck me harder” I screamed. Justin started fucking me soooo damn hard and i didnt even think it was possible for him to get any rougher on me.

“SCREAM FOR ME AMANDA” Justin screamed while fucking me and you better believe i screamed for him, loud.

“AHH YES HARDER JUSTIN HARDER, FUCK ME, IM YOUR LITTLE SLUT AND I WANT YOU DEEP IN MY PUSSY. DAMNNNN FUCK ME” Justin started humping my ass, he let his left hand palm that had been rubbing my clit this whole time press harder against my sensitive numb and he let one of his right hand fingers please me in my ass. It might sound disgusting, but DAYUM It felt even better. There was a whole new feeling and sensation and god, i was in heaven.


“THATS IT BABY, LET YOUR SLUTTY JUICES CUM ALL OVER MY HARD DICK” Justin screamed, we both started fucking each other harder and harder and then we both came. Our breathing was heavy and no words where spoken for quite a while as we both orgasmed.

“That was fucking amazing Justin.” I screamed when i had calmed down.

“I know baby” Justin whispered into my ear. “Lets go for another round”

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