36. Mrs. Bieber’s Teenage Dream by @PervLikeBieber

Katie’s POV.
*I hope you dont get cold feet, Mrs Bieber* I read the text that was appaering on my dirty, cell phone screen. I laughed a little and wrote *I wouldnt dare. Mr. Bieber.* Mrs Bieber that’s what they are gonna call me from now on, i thought to myself. In a matter of seconds my father will knock on the door and in a matter of minutes we will pull up at the church where he will walk me down the aisle and hand me over to the love of my life. We are getting married! Ive been waiting for this day to come for years, since the first day i saw Justin in the park when we were five. Now im 25, i have two precious daughters and the day is finally here. IM GETTING FREAKING MARRIED to the one and only LOVE OF MY LIFE.

There was a sunny day, the birds were singing and my mother was sitting on the bench talking to her friend. I jumped around in my pretty little dress on the grass and i decided to run to the slide. But in my hurries i didnt spot the little bump on the ground and eager as i was i ran, tripped and fell. I started crying and crying, but my mom couldnt hear my desperate calls for attention. A little boy walked up infront of me, he streched out his hand and said

“Are you okay?” I sniffled and watched my knee that was bleeding, the blood that poured gently down my leg made me dissy and i felt like i was going to puke.
Ive never liked blood, it was a pain to go through all the bloodtests while being pregnant and it was even worse giving birth, but i dont regret a single thing.

The little boy, hugged me and told me that everything was going to be okay, it was just a scratch. He took my hand and walked with me back to his mom who helped me, afterwards he showed me his firetruck and his ambulance, he said that when he grew up he wanted to become a doctor or a vet and that he wanted to help people just like he’d helped me now. He told me about his family and his friends and he even taught me how to take care of my scar.

At the time i thought he was the smartest guy ive ever met and i still think so. Justin and i have been friends for as long as i can remember, but i clearly remember the day when our friendship started to develop into something else.

Justin and i were at the park where we met, it was our first official date, i was fifteen, which makes this 10 years ago. Justin had taken me out for dinner and movie and he’d given me flowers and chocolate. We’d been walking in the park, holding hands, for about 15 minutes, talking about all the memories we had together. I couldnt believe that it had been ten years since we’ve met that day in the park. Yes Justin asked me out on our ten years anniversary. I remember how Justin led me over to the bench where he’d shown me his toys, that day when we first met. We both smiled and like every other teenager wouldve done we started making out.

Justin was my first real boyfriend, we kissed and we made out, he made me feel special with all his compliments and little gifts. I was in love, or so i thought. Now i know that what i thought back then was just a fraction of what i would call love. What i have now is the real deal. Justins powerful and passionate kisses was enough for me back then, until we finally two years later decided that i was time for us to make love for the first time.
We did it in an empty parking lot, after watching a late movie screening. Justin was supposed to drive me home after that but we ended up going somewhere out in the forest making love again like never before. Ever since that moment we’ve been inseperable.

“Katie its time” My father knocked on the door and opened it slowly. I watched myself in the mirror with a smile on my face. I looked beautiful in my stunning white wedding dress. I wasnt nervous at all, after all, im marrying my best friend since kindergarden.
My dad held me close to his side and we placed ourselves outside the church. I could hear the wedding march start playing and i took a deep breath.

“This is it” I whispered to myself and the doors opened. I walked gracefully down the aisle and watched all my family members and friends smiling at me. They were crying and so was i. Inside. My two beautiful daughters Marissa and Samantha walked infront of me in their little white dresses. Marissa was just as old as i was when i met Justin. I could only hope for her to have the same experience as me. I watched Justin, he looked beautiful as always, he stood there filled with pride and joy and confidence, he didnt look nervous at all.

The priest say his words and then it was time for us to say our vows, Justin first.
“Katie Spencer Melissa Montgomery” Justin started, he took a deep breath, mentally preparing for the potential tears. “I have loved you since the day i met you in the park. You were wearing a nice purple dress, which you by that time didnt know was my favorite color. I had watched you all day running around the grass chasing butterflies and birds. To me you looked beautiful. I wanted to walk up to you and ask if you wanted to play with me, but i was scared and when i saw you tripping on the bump in the ground i ran as fast as i could to help you because i wanted to show off my doctor skills”

Justin smiled and the audience laughed a little. “Ive been in love with you for 20 years and i hope that i will be in love with you for the next 20 or even 40 years. Im lucky you scratched you knee that day, and im lucky to call you, soon to be Katie Spencer Melissa Bieber mine”

I let the tears fall down my face and ruin my make up, why did it matter. Justins speech had touched me in every possible single way. He smiled towards me and i smiled back.

“Justin Drew Bieber” I spoke with a sniffle.

“You may have cured me that day from my scartch. You may have saved me from loneliness the past 20 years. You are my friend, my best friend and you are the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for. You are my love. You are my everything, and soon you will be my husband. BUT no matter how many doctor degrees you get and no matter how many cancer patients you will cure in the future, you will NEVER be able to cure me from my lovebug. I loved you once and i never stopped. You Justin Drew Bieber will be the only love in my life. You and these two beautiful children that you have helped brough to life.” I smiled, i didnt know what to say, i had planned on talking about how we met, but i guess Justin was ahead of me. So i improvised.

“Every night i go to bed thinking im the luckiest women on the planet and every day i wake up thinking that i have the bestest best friend in the world. Justin Bieber” I whispered the last few words.

After the cermony, it was time for dinner. I couldnt stop looking at Justin during the whole dinner, i wanted him, this day had been perfect, the best day of my life and all that was left now was our private time, our love making. I started to become a little impatient, i just wanted this whole dinner/speech thing to be over so i could hand over my kids to my mother and Justin and i could drive over to our hotel – that we are staying at for the night since we are going to the airport tomorrow – and have sex. I had changed clothes for the dinner thank god for that, my wedding dress wouldve been ruined otherwise. Justin had changed clothes to, he just sat there in his casual clothes and i sat there in a dress that i had on out 5 years anniversary. I was surprised it still fit me.

When we finally arrived at the hotel after a two hours long dinner and for me a two hours long impatient waiting to have Justin we could make love. Justin and i both run thought the door and stumble into the room. We kissed each other passionate. It felt like or first kiss in the park, but even better. Justins tongue gracefully slide over my lower lip and i ofcourse opened my mouth for him. We undressed in the rush and Justin pushed me up against the wall, his body close to mine. It felt like i was a teenager, like the first time we made love. Justin started kissing down my neck and licking my sweet spot behind the ear. I gasped at the feeling of his wet tongue pressed against my sensitive skin.

His hands were roaming my body contures and his left leg rubbed against my pussy. I moaned in satifaction and pulled Justins face back up. I gave him a kiss and whispered into his ear, as sexy as i could

“Justin, i want you sooooo badly. Lets Make love like we used to do when we were young” I grinned. “Rough and hard” Justin smirked and pushed me down on the bed. He licked like down my neck like a desperate tiger looking for food. He nibbled my shoulders and let his tongue glide down my clevage. He kissed my breasts and licked my nipple, biting it softly. I moaned loud.

“You like that baby?!” Justin whispered. He bite my nipples a little harder making me moan louder in anticipation. Justin moved downwards towards my belly and i got more and more chills the closer his tongue got to my wet pussy. Justin stuck a finger into my pussy and smirked.

“Arent you a good little girl, all wet for me” Justin let his finger move slowly in and out of me, he watched me as i moaned on the bed.

“Harder Justin” I whimpered. Justin lowered his head next to my ear and whispered

“I havent even got started yet, we dont want you to cum to soon do we?” He teased me with his finger that was now stroking my wet pussy from the clit back to my ass. He pressed his finger tip into my wet hole every now and then but he knew that wasnt enough for me. I bite my lips and moaned

“Justin, please put your finger back inside me” Justin smirked, he ignored my command and started kissing my neck again. His saliva was all over my neck and he continued downwards his finger still teasing my hole and my clit. I moaned, in desperation for a release i tried to grab his hand but when i did he stopped.

“No no katie, you need to be a good little girl and be patient… Okay?” The smirk on his face drove me crazy, it made me want him even more and i couldnt stop thinking of the last time we made love and how damn good it felt. Right now i just wanted him to pound his big, hard juicy dick into my throbbing wet pussy.

Justin let his tongue travel back up to my face. He kissed me and stuck his tongue deep down my throat as i moaned into his mouth. His finger finally started pleasing my wet hole. His thumb started rubbing my clit in a circular motion and i could finally have my release that id been waiting for ever since the dinner started.
Justin broke away from the kiss and started pumping his fingers deeper into my pussy.

My breahing started to get heavier and moanings left my mouth uncontrollably.

“Ohhh Justin, finger me harder” Justin smirked.

“Whats the magic word?” I couldnt breathe, this was probably the bestest feeling ive had in my entire sexlife, and we havent even started yet. Trying to focus on justins words that drowned in the sound of my moanings i whispered a reply

“Please Justin, touch me harder” I gasped and i tried to thrust my hips upwards but justin held me down with his other hand.

“Whats that baby girl, i cant hear ya” He sucha tease. UGH. I thought t myself.

“PLEASE JUSTIN” I moaned. Justin started fingering me harder adding another finger. I hissed in pleasure and my moanings become even louder.

“Thats it. I like when you scream for me” Justin and i had always been loud love makers, even since we started. Our love sessions had always brought something new and exotic into our lives and we were not afraid to try out new things. NEVER once had our sex been bad and never once had the opposite partner bailed on a making love to the other.
Justins fingers soon made me cum, multiple orgasms and i screamed as loud as i could knowing that Justin loved to hear my voice loud and clear. He loved to hear how good he was pleasuring me whether it was with his hands, mouth or dick.

Justin put his fingers into his mouth and pressed his dick into my wet pussy at the same time. He support himself on one hand while sucking his fingers on the other hand. He started to fuck me while licking the previous cum of his fingers.

“Mmm you taste delicious babe” He moaned. I moaned back, we both started building up a rhytm as we rocked in the bed.Justin started going deeper and deeper, he found his way to my g spot and i started screaming every time he hit it.

“Ahhhh god Justin” Justin made me cum yet another time and confused by the feelings of my orgasm and the loud noises we made i couldnt tell if he came in me or not but as soon as he pulled out i whimpered.

“Get on your knees” Justin commanded. His voice was dark and hoarse, it was always dark and hoarse when we had sex. It was my biggest turn on. I placed myself on my hands and knees infront of Justin and i let him fuck me from behind. My hands started shaking as they did their best to hold me up as justin was fucking the shit out of my wet and now exhausted pussy. Justin slapped my ass a few times while he thrust himself into me. I screamed over and over again while he pound his dick onto my g spot. Justin knew exactly how i liked it and this was exactly how we’d made love during our 8 years together. I started wiggling my hips back and forth and Justin started humping my pussy harder and harder and then he came for the second time in my. I was exhausted and my pussy made a third attempt to finally cum on Justins dick. He squeezed my ass and i came like never before.

Justin pulled out of me and he shoved me down onto the bed, my breasts and upper body was pressed towards the bed sheets while justin held my hips firm. My legs where placed on his shoulders as Justin let his face and tongue dive in between my legs. Justin let his tongue lick my clit and down to my ass, just liked his fingers had rubbed me before. I moaned over and over again. He let his tongue glide over and just like his finger dive into my hole every now and then.

“Youve been a good little girl Mrs bieber, fucking me like never before” Justin whispered, the vibrations and hot breathe made my pussy tingle and ofcourse i got wet… again. Justin burried his face inbetween my legs and started fucking me with his tongue. In between the darting he spoke

“How… Do… You… Like… This… Mrs Bieber” I screamed in reply, his tongue got incredibly and surprisingly deep inside my pussy and it felt amazing, this was the best oral, he’d ever given me.

“AHH GOD IT FEELS AMAZING JUSTIN” I screamed. He moaed against my clit occasionally, before letting his lips suck on it. It was getting harder and harder and my moanings were getting louder and louder and with one last effort my pussy clenched and i came for the last time, my pussy literally squeezing out the last drops of cum.

“I love you Mr. Bieber” I screamed/moaned.

“I love you to Mrs Bieber”

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