35. Teasing Bitch by @PervLikeBieber

Justin’s POV.
Ever since i got free from my ex Selena Gomez ive been going to the club every night with my friends. Its summer and i mean, ive got nothing else to do. After all, Selena is not bothering me with her busy schedule anymore. Hanging around famous people like her where not my thing, sorta. I mean, she was cool and all but, i could never stand the fame. Im glad im not famous, but some people pay attention to me, they see me as “The guy who dated the incredibly famous and wealthy Selena Gomez” but really, im just a college guy having fun with my life.
As i walked into the club, as usual. I saw this gorgeous blonde straight haired girl. She was thin as a stick, but with a nice pair of breasts and a nice shaped ass. I couldnt see the color of her eyes, she was to far away but im guessing they were blue. She was wearing a pair of jeans shorts and a low cut, razorback tanktop. I knew right away that i wanted that girl for the night so i strolled across the room and pushed my way through the half drunk gorilla dancing crowd.
“Hi im Justin” I said, smiling the biggest flirtiest most adorable (At least girls thinks so) smile ever.

“Hi im Annie” The girl said and gave me a crocked smile back. Her eyes were blue, like i guessed and she had a nice set of glistering white teeth in her mouth.

“You look incredibly hot” I said.

“Thanks” Annie said. She didnt blush like the sensitive girls did. She was the kinda girl i wanted, someone with no string attached, someone who wanted nothing but a good night. I mean im not the type of guy that likes to play girls, its just that being in a relationships has its down parts and ive gotten tired of this whole commit thing, this summer or whats left of it im gonna have fun and stay single.

“So are we just gonna stand here? Or are we going to dance” I pulled her out on the dancefloor before she could reply. My friends, which i had totally forgot about, brought me my drink as i was dancing. They gave me a wink and then left to dance with their own girls.

“Sooo Justin” Annie said as we were dancing. “You think im incredibly hot?”

“Indeed i do” I smirked. Annie was swinging her hips to the beat or the songs playing, my hands where nicely set on her hips as i tried to sway along.

“You look pretty stunning yourself” She winked. “Your sucha turn on” Annie put her hands around my heck and let them travel down onto my chest and I smirked. “What turns you on justin” She pulled me down with her arms that had once again wrapped around my neck and whispered into my ear.

I turned Annie around and she pressed her entire body up against mine. She had her arms around my neck still and she started swaying her hips against my crotch. I lowered my head and whispered “Bad girls.” She moaned a little when she heard my word escape from my mouth and into her ear, she had her ears pierced and in them, she had two loop earrings. My fingers played with them a little as my mouth was tempted to dance on her neck, but it didnt get a chance to.

Annie turned around to face me, the smirk on her lips was very visible and the look in her eyes were a turn on itself. She smirked as she asked “Are you a bad boy Justin?” The touch of he small fingers running down my arms then my chest gave me chills, the naughty but innocent smile on her face made me wanna have her even more.

“I can be as bad as you want” I replied. “What about you, can you be naughty?” Annie gave me another one of her vicious smiles and she stepped away from me.

“Yes, you better believe i can”

“I want proof” I smirked, her eyes lit up as she saw the smirk on my face. She looked like a little kid on christmas, satisfied.

“You sure?” She asked. “Cause when i go, i go hard”

“Im sure” I followed her eyes with my own. Her eyes were now focusing on something else, she was staring through the crowd of drunk people, looking for something, a target.

When she found whatever she was looking for she walked towards it. She stopped in the middle of the dancefloor and started randomly dancing with this random hot looking chick. Annie swaying her hips to the beat started dancing and grinding with the hot chick. She was a brunette, a little bit shoter than Annie, who was also short. The brunette was wearing a see through shirt with a high waist skirt. The girls were grinding up aginst each other and i stood there watching Annies every move. She was whipping her head back and forth to the beat and her ass was jigged up against the brunette when they suddenly started making out. It was, LEGIT one of the best moments in my life, I got so turned on by just watching them, and i couldnt help but to get jealous of the brunette, i wanted her so badly. I could see their tongues playing in each others mouth and Annie had something on her tongue, another piercing. Tongue piercings must be one of the hottest things a girl can have, my opinion and ive also heard that it feels great when they give you oral.

After watching the girls intense make out session a pulled away Annie and we stumble into the bathroom, i needed her like PRONTO. We pushed each other around the room tossing clothes all over the place, but before we got started we made sure there was no one in any of the stalls then we blocked the door with a broom. We kissed, we made out and we tossed clothes all over the place, we kissed a little more and then we started exploring each others bodies with our hands. My hands slowly felt around Annies whole naked body, she was nice and thin, her legs and pussy were well shaven and her breasts were nice and perky. She had a couple of scars on her body that was either from an accident or cuts, i couldnt decide which one.

My hands played a little with her nicely shaped breasts and then as they were traveling further down i noticed another piercing in her belly button. I started kissing and sucking her breasts as my hands found their way into her pussy.

“Your so wet” I whispered when i pushed two of my fingers into her tight hole.

“All for you” She moaned. My fingers started feeling around a little, exploring her pussy, before they started pushing in and out. I backed annie up against the counter, her ass hit the cold marble and she hissed a little, but the pleasure of my fingers soon took over her body and she began to breathe heavily as i pulled them out and pushed them back in harder. I started to lick from her breasts all the way up to her neck,behind her ear and i moaned quietly into her ear before moving onto her lips.

We kissed again, her tongue was pleasing mine in the most sensational ways, her piercing was a toy of its own as we played around in each others mouths, and when she finally came onto my fingers i licked it all up and gave her another round of playing. Annie turned around towards the mirror and the sink, she spread her legs and moaned loudly

“Fuck me Justin” It took me about 5 seconds to react then i right behind her. I lined up behind her, kissing and biting her neck lightly. I slipped my hands to the front and pleased her breasts with my fingers. Her nipples becoming harder and harder with my every touch. She grinded her ass against my hardened dick and i moaned onto her shoulders.

After pleasing her breasts well enough i grabbed onto her hips and pushed myself into her tight pussy. She screamed and i watched her orgasmic face in the mirror that was infront of us. She supported herself with her hands on the counter and she had thrown her head back in pleasure. I started moving in and out and she moaned louder and louder.

“Oh yes Justin. Fuck me.” She moved her hips back and forth helping me pick up the speed as we went faster and faster, she spread her legs further and further so that she could feel more pleasure.

“Justin your sooooo good” She moaned. Her hands were gliding against the marble as i pushed her harder and harder up against the counter. She watched herself getting  totally screw in the mirror and she liked it, alot. She screamed louder and louder wanting me to fuck her harder and harder and i did nothing but obeyed.

“Mmm thats how i want it Justin. Fuck me hard. I want my boys to be bad as hell” She screamed. My dick pounding hard into her little pussy wasnt enough for her to make her cum, she wanted more. I started to furiously bite her shoulders leaving red marks and my hands started gripping onto her hips harder. She screamed louder now, whether it was in pleasure of pain, i dont know.

“Ohhh Yes Justin dont stop” She screamed. My nails dug into her sensitive skin which resulted in more scars but neither of us could be bothered. I watched Annies face in the mirror, the echoing of her screamings and my grunts had filled the air along with the sound of heavy breathing. Annie never stopped looking into the mirror, i could see her eyes focusing on me and my every move, she watched me intensely with every stroke and every thrust which made me even more turned on. I could feel myself close to the climax so my hands reached down to rub Annies clit in a circular motion which set her off right away.

“AHHH Shit thats… OH GOD” She screamed as we both came. Her juice mixed with mine in her tiny little pussy and it started running down her legs. I pulled myself out of her and turned her around, i set her down nicely on the counter and started licking our mixed cum up from her legs.

She started moaning again, she was desperate as she started pulling my hair. She tried to push my face closer to her juicy pussy, but i teased her taking my time. My tongue slowly savaged the taste of our salty mix it tasted like heaven and when my tongue hit her extremely juicy pussy i thought for a second that i was in heaven. I licked her whole pussy clean and when i was done, she had another orgasm. I cleaned her up once again and then i pushed my tongue deep inside her hole to make sure there was nothing left.

She screamed my name over and over until she came for the fourth time this night. We finished with another make out session and she got to taste a bit of heaven too. I was satisfied with the night and so was she, we unblocked the door and walked out of the club leaving with each others numbers.

Who knows, maybe this is the start of a very intresting sex relationship.

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