34. Don’t Worry, Be Happy by @PervLikeBieber

Clarisse’s POV.
Justin stormed into the kitchen, he threw his work things on the little kitchen table and his jacket on the floor, he eyes were set on one object. Me. He stamped with frustration owards me and swiped me into his arms roughly, he kissed me passionately, with his lips caressing mine in a sloppy way. I could tell from his eyes that he was frustrated and maybe even angry over something. The way his lips forced themselves onto mine showed his aggressive side and the way his hands rougly pulled me close and closer with every second only meant one thing. Tonight he wanted me.
Justin pulled away from my lips, he started into my eyes while holding my face between his hands.
“Bad day at work?” I smiled while my arms slippsed around his waist. He nodded as a reply. He pulled away from my grip and whispered
“Go upstairs and wait for me?” I bite my lower lip and hurried upstairs. I could hear Justin sigh behind me as he took off his shoes and went into the bathroom.
When i arrived in our bedroom i quickly got rid of all the fabric covering up my body. I put on the sexiest underwear i owned and lied down on the bed waiting for Justin.
After two seconds Justin walked into the room, he didnt look as frustrated anymore, and if there would’ve any frustration in his face it would’ve been sexual frustration. Justin climbed ontop of the bed and ontop of me, he smirked while he looked into my eyes and whispered
“There she is my sexy girl.” Justin, only wearing boxers, pushed his body closer to mine on the bed as we started making out. His lips and tongue savored the taste of mine as we rolled around in the bed, the smooth silk cover underneath me, stroking my back. Our tongue were dancing and battling and our hands were traveling each others bodies.
After rolling around uncontrollably and almost falling out of the bed an x number off times, Justin pulled me up from the bed. He smiled and started kissing down my neck, his mouth then moved over to the shoulders, he started nibbling them lightly. His hands slipped to my back and started to unclasp my bra, then he let them fall all the way down my back, they ended up resting over my ass. Justin went down on his knees and started to pull down my panties, he started right into my eyes as he did so and he gave me that sexy smirk that says “I want you so badly.” I bit my lip, while watching him undress me, then undress himself.
He then pushed my up against the wall, his hands grasped my breast hard rubbing them together in a circular motion, his fingers pulled my nipples and he used his leg to rub my pussy. My back was pushed up against the cold wall, Justin leaned against my left leg and had his own right leg between my two legs. Justin started to pull my body against his and he started to rub his leg harder against my wet pussy. I was starting to get sooo turned on by his motions that i couldnt keep the moanings away. I needed him badly.

“Mmmm fuck me Justin” I tried to whisper but my moanings constantly interrupted me and it all came out in a big mess.
Justin put both his hands on the wall and thrust his lower body up against mine, i could feel his hard dick pressing up, against my entrance and i let out a scream as he entered me.
Justins sex depended on his mood and today he was angry, which meant, no mercy for me. I took him all in and screamed as he started fucking me hard. His teeth started biting my shoulders leaving red marks and his hands pulled my hair back. His hairpulling caused my head to tilt upwards, but then after i second, his hands gripped my hips and we we’re suddenly moving.
Justin pulled himself out of me and turned my body around, he pushed my upper body down on the bed and spread my legs with his knee. My hands were supporting my upper body as i hovered the bed, waiting for Justin to start fucking me again. Justin grasped onto my hips hard, his fingernails dug into my sensitive skin and i screamed out, once again, in pain and pleasure as he started fucking my pussy from behind. My hands were shaking as Justin shook my whole body with his movings, it felt like he ripped my pussy apart with every thrust but i loved it. His hands traveled up towards my breast and he squeezed them hard while fucking me with more force. I felt my orgasm ripping through my body, it was a mix between pleasure and pain that was building up in my stomach but i still loved it. I was not worried at all that i might not be able to walk in the morning, because this was the best sex ever.
I screamed Justins name over and over again, while i let him fuck me, in each angle possible. He took control over my whole body and he could do whatever he wanted with it, it felt amazing.
“Ahhh Justin baby this feels fucking gooooood” I screamed. If i screamed loud enough, he went harder, that was my reward for being a good girl.

“It does, doesnt it Clarisse?” Justin moaned into my ear.

“Yesssss i does. Fuck me harder” I moaned.

“I cant hear ya?” Although i couldnt see him, i knew he was smirking.

“Fuck me harder” I screamed. Justin started fucking me harder and my arms could no longer corporate with Justins force so they give up. My whole body fell down on the bed, Justin picked up my legs and held them in a firm grip as he continued to fuck me from a new angle.

Orgasm after orgasm had now ripped through my body multiple times, i was turned on by Justins aggresiveness and my own vulgarity. With one last thrust Justin collapse ontop of me on the bed, his heavy breathe hits the back of my red marked shoulders. My mouth makes one last effort to let out a scream as i feel my last orgasm ripping through my bruised and damaged body, after the sex of my life.

Tomorrow is gonna be painful, I think to myself.

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