33. No String Attached by @PervLikeBieber

Sabina’s POV.
Ugh, after a long day of working i just wanted to get home, my internalship as an assistent in this huge building is wearing me out. Paper jobs, copy machines, coffee makers their all driving me nuts.
As i stepped into the elevator i saw Justin. He was working as some sort of marketing manager for the business, he was very young and handsome, but HEY im 17, all boys appeal to me. Justin had dark brown hair and a classy, but yet casual style when it came to clothes. Id never talked to him before but i had seen him around a couple of times, but i never got the chance to talk to him, which i wish i had cause i wanted him to know… that i was attracted to him, sexually OR more like i wish he would know, since that sentence right there would probably get me fired.
As we both rode the elevator in silence, going down towards the main entrance, it suddenly came to a stop. Justin panicked, but then after a second he noticed he wasnt alone in the elevator and he calmed down a little, but i could still see the sweat forming on his forehead, attractive. I hesitated, i didnt know if i should say something or pretend that i didnt know about him.
Justin started to press the different buttons but nothing happened so i figured id start pushing buttons to and bang on the doors. Nothing happened, i guess everyone had already gone home?! I stopped since it was no use and soon Justin stopped pushing the buttons to. His face was dripping wet from all his sweat, it glistered under the light, that came from above.
“I guess we’re stuck” He said, he brushed his arm against his forehead and i couldnt help but notice his muscles.
“I guess we are.” I smiled briefly while i forced my eyes to focus on his face, not his orgasmic muscles. “Im Sabrina by the way” Justin gladly shook my hand and returned my smile although his was a 1000 times more attractive. He showed off his white and perfect, straight lined teeth for a second and it only took one second for me to figure out that this was what i wanted.
“Im Justin” He whispered in a low voice, as if he was scared that someone could hear us.
“Nice to meet you” I smiled.
It became quiet, but our silenced mouths didnt silence out gazes as we continued to stare into each others eyes. Justin had these amazing dark brown eyes that reminded me or chocolate, dark, creamy, mysterious looking chocolate. His lips formed into a smile and i couldnt help but to smile back on the floor where we both sat on opposite sides.
It was getting hot in the elevator and the lack of space gave us a hard time breathing, the air was no longer fresh which made us aware of every breath. Its just an elevator, your gonna be out in no time, someone is going to notice that something is wrong, security, a cleaner, whoever. And when that person notice your gonna get rescued. I thought to myself as i sat there, i was trying to stay calm and not panicking.
“Its getting hot in here, do you mind?” I asked as i grabbed onto the side of my shirt, ofcouse i had another blouse under it.
“Ofcourse not” Justin smile, or maybe it was a smirk, i couldnt tell.
I took of my blouse and revealed my white tanktop that was underneath. With no words what so ever Justin crawled over to “my side” of the elevator, he started at my exposed body… well, i was still wearing clothes, but i felt exposed. His hands glided over my arms and his fingers gave me chills as they lightly caressed the skin covering my neck and shoulders.
“Lets fuck, no strings attached” Justin smirked. I smile as a reply, liking the idea of this whole erotic, yet obsurd thing.
Justin placed himself in my lap, on the floor, he was careful not to crush me with his weight as he gently pulled himself closer to me, he kissed me gently at the started but then as we got more into it, he loosened up and got more and more passionate.
He stood up and pulled me up with him, his hands guided me, and pushed me up against the elevator wall and we kissed again. His lips got wet and so did his tongue as we switched saliva. He lifted one of my legs up and placed it around his hip as he pushed himself against me, closer and closer. I could feel his excitement.
Justin started to trace his fingers down my body, he let them explore every single inch of me while we kissed. His tongue caressed me in a magical way that no guy has ever caressed me with his tongue before, not even down town. And if Justin did this to my mouth, then i could only imagine what he could do to my pussy, that was now soaking wet, and got wetter with every single touch.
Justin started to rub his body against mine and i could feel his hard on, pressing against my pussy. We both forgot about the bad air in the elevator and we both forgot that this was morally wrong, like he said, no strings attached. Justin undressed me quickly and as he pulled down WITH HIS TEETH the last piece of fabric on my body, my thongs, he got down on his knees. I stared down at him, getting ready for the best and most intense moment of my life, i assumed.
It didnt take long for Justin to stick his tongue out and taste the liquor that was running down my legs. His tongue glided up my right leg, the it switched over to my left leg, licking up all my juices. His tongue then daces around the edge of my pussy, not giving me the satisfaction i wanted or needed. I moaned quietly while closing my eyes, i was in heaven for a second. Then when i felt the incredible touch of Justins tongue on my clit i got brought back to earth and my breathing, as if i wasnt unsteady before… now became desperate and the sounds of my moanings got louder and louder.
Justin dragged his tongue down to my hole and dug into me. The feeling was orgasmic and i could barely stop myself from cumming right away, but somehow i did. I pushed Justins head closer to my juicy heaven as he licked me out completely. I was in ecstas as i screamed out his name and came right into his mouth.
Justin quickly undressed and pushed me up against the wall, like he’d done earlier. He wasted no time. His hard dick, that earlier had just rubbed my entrance, now pushed itself fully in. He waited 10 seconds for me to adjust. I catched a glimpse off his face as i adjusted myself to his big dick. He looked like he desperately wanted to fuck me and boy was i right. He started to pound himself hard against me, pushing me harder and harder up against the wall. But damn was he a good fucker or what.
I screamed everytime Justin hit my G-spot. Justin grabbed both my legs and threw them around his waist as he started fucking me from a different angle, going depper than before. i screamed louder, as if that was possible, and his screams soon joined mine. His forehead was full off sweat and his face crunched up, because of the hard work he was doing.
He begun to move harder and deeper inside me and i just had to scream and beg
“Ahhh Justin faster… Please” It took all i had in my entire body to form those words and to not scream at the same time but i did it. Justin went faster and faster and i could feel him getting harder and harder inside me and soon i felt his cum, gushing into my wet pussy. Our juices mixed as i came too and our mouths made one last effort to let out a sound before we both collapsed on the floor.


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