32. Teacher, Teacher Watcha Gonna Do? by @PervLikeBieber

Raegan’s Pov.
I entered the dull and boring old classroom in hopes of no pop quiz of the homework we had over the weekend and in hopes of seeing some sexy parts of my history teacher Mr. Bieber.
I sat down in my seat, that was ofcourse in the front. I brushed my hands through my blonde curls as i waited for the other students to arrive. My blue green eyes focused on the desk in front of me, it was a big brown desk where Mr. Bieber had his papers and computers but i didnt think of that. I thought of him fucking me on his desk.
The students started pouring in after a few minutes – i had been the first to arrive – and the last one to arrive right on time was Mr. Bieber. I watched him intense as he turned around to close the door behind him, he was dressed like any other student in a pair of black jeans and a white v neck t-shirt, not something a normal old boring teacher would wear. No Mr. Bieber is more of the young sexy kind of teacher that any girl would dream of and the kind that almost only exist in movies. Mr. Bieber walked over to his desk, the old brown desk that just begged for us to fuck on it.

Mr. Bieber started talking about the homework we had and he asked us one after another to give him the answer to the questions on the sheets he’d given us before the weekend. After every answer he turned around to write it on the board so that we could take note if we got the question wrong. This usually happened every time we had had homework sheets but i never studied the answers on the board, i didnt even care.

Instead i watched Mr. Bieber’s gorgeous and firm ass while his muscular arms was moving, his big hands holding the pen close and tight, that formed the letters that would spell the right answers.

“Alright class i have prepared a little pop quiz just to see what you know about the section that we are going to talk about” Mr. Bieber started handing out the papers, walking around the classroom without knowing my eyes were focused on his ass.

The pop quiz was on the french revolution which i honestly didnt know a thing about so i tried my best then i wrote as always a little note for Mr. Bieber where it said write your name here. The note said “Your favorite student Miss Raegan Everdeen.” and i put a kissy face next to my name.

When class was over i stayed a little bit longer to ask Mr. Bieber some things about the homework, that i already knew ofcourse, i just wanted to hear his sexy voice and watch his sexy face up close. Mr. Bieber never told us how old or how young he is, but im guessing he’s about 6 maybe 7 years older than me, which for being a teacher is not a lot. I took out another note that i had been secretly writing during class it said “Mr. Bieber i want to get with you. / Your favorite.”

*Next class*

After sitting through another history class focusing on my sexy teacher and his lush hair that fell perfectly over his forehead and his brown eyes that every now and then connected with mine but today they looked different, as if they were hiding something and they wanted something.

“Miss Everdeen can i have a word with you” Mr. Bieber said after the class and i ofcourse stayed behind. I watched as Mr. Bieber walked over and locked the door to the classroom i continued to watch as he slowly walked back over to me and then he out of nowhere slammed me up against the board and said

“iknowthisiscompletelyinappropriateandthaticangetfiredbutohwhothefuckcares Raegan you have to swear on your life to not tell ANYONE about this” Mr. Bieber started to speak with a fast pace, he was getting nervous but he soon managed to calm down as he watched my eyes give him a promising glance.

Mr. Bieber kissed my lips hard and the feeling of us both being completely stupid and careless at the moment overwhelmed us both and we put all our worries behind and focus on the kiss. My brain started to clear up and then i suddenly realized that everything ive ever wanted was going to happen, all thanks to a note and so i thought to myself “why didnt i do this before”. Like two teenagers – well im a teenager but Mr. Bieber isnt – we stood against the board, our bodies tied up in a big knot and our tongues dancing in each others mouthes. Mr. Bieber had locked me up against the board, he’d put one of his legs inbetween mine but after we broke away from the kiss he grabbed me in a swift moment and sat down on his desk. As if he’d read my mind he started undressing me quickly, furfilling all of my dirtiest imaginations.

No words we’re spoken and the sound of our heavy breathing was the only sound in the whole classroom, that was no longer boring. Mr. Bieber quickly undressed in front of me. I watched him as he quickly took off his v neck, showing of his toned body and his breathtaking abs. He continued to unzip his jeans revealing his big, hard dick to my eyes. I gasped at the thought of having that in my tight hole. My thoughts wandered away and i started to imagine how it would feel, these thoughts were well familiar to my brain so i had no problem with my imaginations.

But soon my thoughts and fantasies were interrupted, i felt a hand glide over my well shaven and neat little pussy that instantly became wet from the touch. I didnt say anything, no id didnt even move or show any reaction to his touch, i just sat there waiting for him to fuck me and he did.

He grabbed onto my hips as stood in front of me, he adjusted me and my body so that my pussy was tilted, facing upwards. He grabbed my hips, supporting both me and him, before he slammed his hard dick into me. I concentrated so hard to not scream that i had a hard time enjoying the feeling of having his huge dick in me, but when i relaxed i enjoyed the feeling a lot. He continued to thrust his hips into my while letting my legs rest on his shoulders, the desk started shaking as he went harder and harder and soon i couldnt hold myself from screaming. My screams echoed over and over again in the classroom and we were lucky, it was late and everyone had probably headed home by now. I screamed over and over again as his hard, juicy dick pressed up and inside my tight hole, hitting my sensitive g spot over and over again. Mr. Bieber was everything i had ever imagined and i knew that right now he wanted this as much as me. I started wondering if he’d fantazised about fucking a student and if he had if that student was me.

With each hard thrust came another scream from my lips and soon i couldnt hold it in, so i orgasmed all over Mr. Bieber and his desk, as the cum ran down my ass. He stopped fucking me and i felt his huge warm load shoot right into my pussy, our cum mixed and increased the flood that was traveling down my buttcrack. But no worries, Mr. Bieber licked it all up.

“Miss Everdeen” Mr. Bieber finally spoke for the second time, i hadnt said a word to him since class. I mean unless you count me screaming his name as words?

“Yes” I said.

“Not a word” He mouthed.

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