31. Naughty Bestfriends by @PervLikeBieber

Dereenas POV.
I was sitting in a couch watching tv with my best friend Justin, he’d just broken up with his girlfriend…. again. Justin and I are those kinda best friend that just clicked, we clicked along time ago, before school and its kinda funny how everyone says we are perfect for each other, their “Perfect” meaning wow youre both the most popular kids at school and we are. But outside school me and Justin are just ourselves and we have that relationship where we can talk about anything, including sex and we can laugh and joke and most of the time we flirt, but we both know its a joke so it doesnt matter.
Justin and I have never been in a relationship, thats definitely not what we want, i mean ofcourse ive made out with him a couple of times, we’ve done this and that but we dont wanna date, that would just be weird. Its more a FUN thing. Although i must say he’s a very good kisser and he knows how to please a girl. That doesnt mean we’ve had sex though. But ive thought about it sense everyone i know – that has been sleeping with him – says hes good in bed and rough. Which i didnt have a hard time figuring out after all our talks about sex and masturbation and pregnancy and just all that shiz. Its not that i dont wanna sleep with justin, i do, i mean hes super sexy but its just that we dont have that relationship and i dont think we’ll ever have it. Its complicated for us and i think that even if we got that relationship it wouldnt last long because we both like to party and hook up over nights.
I looked over at Justin, he was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, and a black V neck and some necklaces. His hair was in perfect position and his eyes were staring intense on the tv, until he noticed me watching.
“Checking me out babe?” He laughed. See this is what i mean with the joking.
“You know i am” I winked.
“Sweetie you better be” He winked back. “I was born hot so that people could stare at me” I laughed a little.

“Well i was born naughty and sexy so that people could fuck me” I tried to whisper in a seductive but jokeish kinda way. Justin smirked and looked at me, i started to look down on what i was wearing, i dont know why but i always do that when someone is looking at me. I saw that razerblade forever 21, black tanktop had fallen a little bit to low and my black lacy bra was showing. I noticed Justin staring at it so i pulled it back up. My skinny jeans were perfect though and my high heel pumps that id worn earlier was placed neatly on the floor beside the couch.

“Dereena” Justin laughed. “You might be sexy but your faaaaar from naughty”

“Is that suppose to be an insult” I laughed pretending to be offended. Justin leaned forward close to my face and whispered…

“Yes… until you prove me im wrong” He winked.

“Ill show you naughty” I smirked and sat down in his lap getting ready for some intense making out as i puckered my lips and gave him a kiss, then another one.

The kisses overflood and the room got hotter and hotter for every second. Justin had pulled me closer to him in his lap and we were making out our tongues battleling each other as justins hands were roaming my back. I scooted closer against him and arched my back, pushing my breasts against his chest. It was dark in the basement – yes we’re in a basement how naughty of us – and the only thing that gave us light was the tv.
Justins lips continued to savoring my tasty lips as i fingered his neck and down his shirt. We broke away for a second and i smirked

“Now… you may speak Mr. Bieber” I giggled while playing with the rim of his shirt.

“Not to bad miss Everdeens” I pulled him closer with a little help from his necklace i pulled his face towards mine but i rejected it as i leaned towards him, instead i went for his ear.

“Theres more to come” I whispered and traced the warm flesh behind his ear down his neck, i licked him all the way up to the front and down his exposed skin that his v neck was showing off. Justin moaned a quiet little moan. We’ve done this before, but ive never been this horny for him. Right now i just wanted to fuck him. I removed his shirt and started licking his delicious and toned body, my fingers tracing around his muscular arms and my tongue dancing around his lined abs. Justin continued to moan, i wasnt used to hear his voice thos hoarse but it sounded sexy.

Justins hormones overtook his body and soon there was a hard on poking almost in my face and i have to admit i was becoming kinda wet too. I sat down on the couch and wiped my lips

“Now lets see if Mr. Im so perfect still thinks im a goodie girl” I smirked.

“Youre not that bad” He winked.

“Wait a minute.” I stood up, i tried to look into his eyes and act all serious but it was kinda impossible to look into his eyes when he was infront of me half naked. “How do i know if youre just as naughty as me? INFACT, how do i know your not a goodie”
“Im not a goodie, sweetie havent you heard the rumors in school” He winked. Its true, there was alot of rumors about Justin in school. Some people say he’d got caught fucking a girl in a classroom and then there’s also been tons of rumors and “witnesses” of hearing/seeing him with different girls in the locker room. I know this was partly true, partly not. Justin had a girlfriend for a long time and the people that doesnt love Justin – and me – hates him so not all rumors are true but he did get caught in a classroom, he told me it was true and he have gotten some BJs but its not like he’s getting them everyday from different girls. Thats all bullshit.

“I want proof” I smirked.

“As you wish babe” Justin pushed me down onto the couch and started to undress me, letting my low cut tanktop and my skinny jeans – after some trouble with the zipper – fall to the floor, my bra soon joined the big pile and all that was left with my tiny black thongs that justin pulled down with his teeth.

“Get on your knees” He smirked. I got down on the floor and on my knees thinking this is what ive been wanting to experience since Justin and i started doing things to each, things like making out and fingering… nothing else.

Justin got down on his knees and pushed a finger into my wet, almost dripping pussy. He felt around for a second like he always did then he pulled it back out again and licked off my juice. I was surprise because usually he doesnt lick it off until i cum. Justin, on his knees, lowered his face so that it was facing my ass. He grabbed onto my hips and somehow lead his face under my pussy and started licking from my clit all the way over to my hole then back up to my clit again. My hands started shaking as the pleasure took over my body and i couldnt help but to scream in pleasure, it felt sooo damn good and all those rumors and stories about Justin being a good licker was definitely true.

Justin swirled his tongue around my clit counting loudly

“one…two…threee…four…five” His voice sending vibrations againt it along with his hot breath. He drag his tongue all the way from my clit to the very end off my pussy and then he went back up again and started counting his circles again. My hands got weaker and weaker and i felt my orgasm build up in me and Justin slowly played with his tongue over my pussy, teasing me to the point where my knees literally got weak.
Justin finally pushed his tongue into my neat little hole and started shoving it deep in me as i screamed.

“OHH My fucking god Justin” I desperately pressed down my hips against his face wanting and needing more of his delicate dripping wet juicy tongue. Justin continued to shove his tongue deeper and deeper in me, reaching places no other guy had ever tongue fucked me before.

“Im cumming Justin, FUCK im cumming” I screamed and i did so. My cum flowed out all over his face but mainly in his mouth, he continued to lick me and when my juiced started to decrease he did one last circle around my clit and one last lick over my pussy leaving me it neat and clean.

“Is that naughty enough for ya?” Justin smirked.

“Oh yessss” I moaned.

Now i will never ever be able to look at my NAUGHTY best friend the same way.

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