30. Underage by @PervLikeBieber

Ambers POV.
Going on an overnight cruise is what my best friends and i always do. We are not old enough to go ourselves but its cool because my parents always takes us. My parents are cool so they let us basically run around the boat all night maybe they dont know that we do it or they dont care.
Even though the cruise only lasts for one night its always something me and my 4 girl friends look forward too we always try to save up money so we can afford the suites on the boat and so we can shop alot and also there’s the drinking part that my parents definitely dont know about. My friends and i are 17 and we can soon drink legal but for the past 3 years we’ve been sneaking up to the clubs and got drunk. Its not that hard to get some drinks, we just have to look “older” and if that doesnt work – which it usually does – we just ask a hot boy to buy us drinks.

“Its time to partaaaay” My girls and i screamed as we closed the door to our luxurious suite. We’d all dressed up in nice dresses i wore a black short strapless one with ruffles at the buttom and a rose on my right breast. I had a pair of sea blue pumps and a big flower necklace with different colored flowers put together around my neck. (Think forever 21 necklace’s) I also had a black rose ring and my a black clutch for my money and my cellphone.

Over excited me and my girls entered the club laughing and i accidentally bumped into someones back.

“Oh im so sorry” I said as the boy turned around. His brown hair swinging in the air for a breif second, but long enough for me to lose my breath. His eyes shining as bright as the sun under the light, although they were really brown and dark. His perfect shaped face had a glowly touch to it and his full lips had a nice heart shape. His black vneck gave me a peek at his toned chest and his skinny jeans hugged his perfect firm not to mention sexy ass. I just starred at him, i wondered is his voice was as sexy as he looked. He was about my age, maybe a little older like 23 but he was definitely my “type”.

“Its okay” His voice was sexier than i thought, the simple words rang through my ear and the music that was playing disappeared in my head.

“Well we’re gonna go and get some drinks” I heard Brianna say, i could barely make the words come together in my head and build a sentence. All i could think or was the sexy boy infront of me. He was perfect.

I managed to release a sure from my mouth while my eyes were stuck on this boy, i was scanning down his whole body until i realized that he was probably looking at me.

“Im Amber” I stretched out my hand.

“Im Justin. you shouldnt be here right? I mean you look young?”

“Im old enough to sleep with a guy like you” I giggled flirty.

“Ill have to remember that in case i get turned on” The boy laughed and gave me a wink. “You want something to drink or are your friends getting you some?” He asked carefully. He seemed a bit nervous which i didnt think he would be. He raised his arm to scratch his neck while he was waiting for my answer. My brain was to busy to think as my eyes scanned his muscular arms and his big hands. I love boys with big hands, they say boys with big hands have big dicks, i wonder if Justin has a big one. I thought to myself as i watched him.

“Soooo you want a drink?” Justin asked once again and i snapped out of my pervy thoughts.

“Yeah, sure. Ill have whatever you have” I said and Justin started walking towards the bar as i sat down  around a table. I watched his sexy ass swing from left to right while he was walking.

Justin came back with two drinks and we sat down and talked while sipping the drinks, i could feel my friends glares at me from the other side of the room and i could hear them laughing, i didnt dare looking over and meet their glares.

“So how come a little girl like you run around all alone on a big boat” Justin asked.

“I wasnt alone i had my friends” i smiled.

“But i meant…”

“I know what you meant” I cut in. I took another zip of my drink and smirked. “I got thirsty” The straw made a sound as i tried to suck in the last drops of the drink.

“Let me go get you another one” Justin offered and before i could say thank you he was gone.

After another 3 drinks i was feeling a bit tipsy so i asked Justin if he wanted to dance. We both stumbled across the dance floor, i tried my best to dance in my heels but we were both to drunk to dance so we soon gave up. Instead Justin took me outside to get me some air. We laughed and giggled and flirted and suddenly Justin pushed me up again the wall, i stumbled back a little and hit the wall hard.

He kissed my lips and i could taste the bitter taste of alcohol on his lips, we were both really drunk as we stood on deck on a boat in the middle of the sea, making out. Justin raised my leg and i let it rest on his hips. We struggled not to break apart as we stumbled and fumbled around looking for the door back in again. Justins soft heart shaped lips left mine but only for a brief second. Justin grabbed me bridal style and we connected our lips once again. Justin managed to somehow stumble down drunk, while caring me all the way to his cabin. He laid me down on his bed and hovered me naked – my dress was already on the floor along with my udnerwear -. We started making out more intense, his tongue running over my lips and then splashing into my wet mouth, we battled for quite a while until we had to break away.

The loss of air in lungs became a problem as we both started panting heavily. Justins hands caressed my legs smooth and gentle, they traveled further and further up towards my soaking wet pussy. Justin inserted a finger in me.

“Is that all wet juice for me” He smirked.

“All for you baby” I slurred.

He started pumping his finger in and out of my pussy and at the same time he came back up so that we could continue our makeout. When the urge for air came back, he pulled his lips away from mine and started kissing down my neck and sucking it. I needed him to fuck me sooo badly, i unzipped his jeans and threw his boxers on the floor and grabbed his hard dick and started pumping just like his fingers were thrusting in me.
I could hear Justin moan onto my sensitive skin, he started licking up my neck and behind my ear and i jerked a little harder. His moanings where ringing in my right ear as his hips thrused into my palm. Justin pushed another finger into my tight pussy and i moaned…

“Justin i need you now” justin replied with a grunt and pressed a third finger into me. He pumped faster and faster until i came. Justin raised his fingers and started to lick them off slowly and i watched him, intense. Justin was almost done, there was one finger left, but he wanted me to taste my own cum so he stuck his finger into my mouth and watched me licking it off as i jerk my hand harder around his hard dick.

When i was done licking his finger i sucked it hard and Justin came right into my hand. I pushed Justin down on the bed and asked him to take his shirt off which he gladly did. When his abs were exposed i got more and more excited. I started drawing the lines with my dirty hand – the hand with justins cum on – and when there was no cum left i started licking it up from his abs. Justin watched me as i did, his dick becoming hard again and poking my sea wet pussy. I grinded up again him a little, wanting to feel his dick rub my pussy.

The cum was soon gone and i was satisfied with my “eating”. I grinded my whole body up against Justin as i whispered

“Mmm fuck me Justin” Justin flipped us over and wasted no time as he banged right into me. Justin was a really really good fucker and he felt alot bigger than i could ever imagine. Im surprised my little hole could handle someone as big as him.

“Mmm girl you feel amazing” Justin moaned while thrusting his hips in sync with mine. I couldnt stop myself from moaning, Justins lips were all over my body sucking and licking me all wet. His big dick pumping in and out of me, while he did so and his hands pleasing my clit.

“Ohh god Justin youre soooo damn good” I screamed over and over again. Every 5th second i made sure to remind him of how good he was. I came multiple times and it felt like we fucked all night but i guess we did because when i woke up it was late afternoon.

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