29. Happy New Year by @PervLikeBieber

Becky’s POV.
New years is just around the corner and me and Justin were boarding the airplane that was going to take us from west coast to east coast. Justin is taking me to times square where he will first perform on the evening then at midnight we will share our first new years kiss.

Justin and i have been dating for quite a while now and ive been with him this whole year ive watched his every concert, been attending each press conference, meet n greet, soundcheck and so on. We’ve done interviews for people like Ellen degeneres, Oprah,tyra banks and so on. Most of his fans knew me from before as his best friend and most of them support our relationship which i think is important to both me and Justin. Then there’s the fans that went crazy and started sending death threats making this whole thing a much bigger thing than it is so now i walk around with life guards when im out with my friends. Its funny since i they say “Oh she thinks shes famous” when clearly they were the one forcing me to have lifeguards and all that.

The performance went as always great and Justin brough me up on stage like he always does. Then it was time for us both to get ready for new years. Its kinda hard to be with Justin sometimes because his fans wont leave us alone and like any other couple we want privacy. The hardest part is that some fans have no respect and they just walk up to us when we may be eating or kissing and i think thats not okay, but i guess Justin cant really help it.

Then theres the paparazzi that is constantly watching us trying to get some good pictures and all that, making up false rumors about us breaking up and things like us cheating on each other when we are clearly just “hanging out with our friends”. When Justin and i were just friends they constantly made all these big headlines about us dating so i quickly got used to the hate from the “Beliebers” but i mean im just a normal girl like them and i dont really see what there is to hate about me. They basically hate on me for being happy with Justin. As fans i think they should support justin and be happy for us because Justin and i are a happy couple and we love eachother.

But there’s also these cute fans that makes scrapbooks and nice posters for Justin and me and they sometimes come up and ask if they can take a picture with us, which we gladly take UNLESS we are eating or kissing ha ha. Theres alot of fans that tweets me on my twitter saying nice things and that makes me realize that those are our true fans and i try just like justin to reply to as many as possible and write them back nice comments and just let them no that i appreciate their support, although im not technically famous.

They made me famous, by they i mean the magazines and the haters. So its kinda annoying when the haters says “She thinks shes famous” because i dont think that at all, im normal, but the attention forced me to walk around under cover and having lifeguards.

The fireworks we blasting up on us already but is wasnt 2011 just yet. Justin and i walked down the street and a sworm of fans surrounded us quickly, we gladly took pictures with them until we had to hurry. They were all so nice and gave us gifts and wished us a happy new year. Gifts is something i really appreciate, that someone actually use their own money to spend on either me or my boyfriend, i mean we never ask for gifts or anything like that and i think its super sweet that they go out and buy us something even if its just a card, i always make sure to get their twitter so i can personally thank them on twitter with a tweet or a dm.

It was counting down 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 Justin and i kissed and the cameras were all over the place capturing our moment, there was no doubt this would be the headlines tomorrow. I could just imagine the headlines “Justin bieber gives his girlfriend a new years kiss”. The fireworks started to blow up over us, making the black dark sky light up in different colors, people all around us were cheering and wishing each other a happy new years. Couples were kissing just like me and justin. Justin grabbed my hand and held me close as we watched the fireworks go off over us. Everything was just perfect, i knew i had done the right thing when i confessed my love to Justin ten months ago, because this felt sooooo right.

After a brief hour of celebrating Justin and i went back to our hotel to celebrate just the two of us. Justin had gotten me flowers and chocolate like he always does and as a new years present he’d gotten me that nice perfume id been saving up money for, for like forever.

“Awwww thank you justin” I smiled as kissed him. You might think that just because im his girlfriend i can get excatly what i want but thats not true. I mean he spoils me every now and then but he doesnt go all over the place and spend 100$ on me everyday. If i want something i usually try to collect money for it myself then if he wanna help me somehow then thats fine with me, but im here for his love not his money.

“No problem, Becky. I knew you really wanted it and i know how long youve been saving up for it so i thought that if id buy it for you you could spend your money on other things. Besides we’re in new york, you could really use the money for shopping” He smiled and kissed me back. The kiss turned into a deeper kiss where there was tongues involved.

The taste of Justins sweet mouth felt amazing on my tongue. Justin lead me over to the bed and we both quickly undressed knowing what a great beginning of 2011 this will be. Justins hands slide over my entire body, his hands were warm and welcoming against my cold skin. His fingers caressed the skin on my arms all the way down to my fingertips then back up. His soft lips planted little kissed around my lips and down my neck. His hands carefully grabbed my breasts and caressed them with a velvet touch. My nipples hardned and Justins warm thumbs started to finger them lightly giving me chills down my spin. His lips attached themselves to mine over and over again making my lips soften.

Justins hands lightly went down to caress my stomach and my legs before he whispered

“Are you ready baby” I replied with a smile and a nod. He slowly pushed himself inside me and the familiar feeling of having him inside me came back but this time it was different, more intense. Justin started thrusting in and out of me slowly, taking some time to kiss my lips with every down thrust. He then removed his sweet lips from mine and kissed me down my neck.

I was starting to get butterflies in my stomach as my arms wrapped around his neck pulling him closer and my legs wrapped around his waist. Justin started sucking my nipples making me gasp as he speed up a little. My hips were jerking upwards to me his now more sloppy and harder thrusts as we steadied a faster pace. I moaned justins name over and over again, the room begun to get or atleast feel alot hotter as the sweat on Justins forehead started to stream down his face.

“Faster Justin” I moaned while pulling him closer to my body. My hips jerking upwards faster to keep up with his new faster pace.
“Ohh goooood i love you becky” Justin screamed. He was clearly struggling to get his words out. He was breathing fast and not to mention unsteady as the words came out in a mess.

“I love you too Justin” I screamed. I squeezed my legs harder around his body as i felt my stomach trembling to hold in the orgasm that was soon to come. “Ahhh this feels soo good” I screamed my breathing was heavy and my body was arching against justins, breasts brushing against his toned chest.

“I knoooow” Justin moaned an thrusted into my pussy even harder.

“Aghh god im cumming” I screamed as i came all over Justin and it didnt take long for him to cum inside me.

“Happy new year” Justin whispered, while trying to get his breathing back to normal.

“Happy new year” I kissed his lips and wiped the sweat away from his face.


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