28. Merry Christmas by @PervLikeBieber

Nathalia’s POV.
This was the first christmas i spent without my family it felt so weird waking up knowing this christmas would be so much different i was an adult now. I groaned a rolled around in my big bed that i shared with my gorgeous boyfriend Justin. We had just moved into our own place and we’d been together for about 5 years now. We met when we were only 16 years old. God times flies by, but i still feel young and im still in love. Everyday i wake up i get that ticklish feeling you get when your in love, the experience of young teenage love was still there.
I watched Justin talk in his sleep, his lids covered his dark brown eyes and his hair was all over the place. I watched his lips twitch into a little smile as he continued to dream. I smiled and reached for his face, my hand gliding across the soft smooth skin on his cheeks. I leaned in to kiss his soft lips, careful to not wake him up, i started kissing his cheeks, chin and forehead.

It didnt take long before Justin woke up and started retreating me, kissing me back. His lips landed softly ontop of mine and his tongue gently slipped inbetween my inviting lips. My mouth was soon dominated by his fierce and strongwilled tongue that swirled around inside me. Determined to not miss a single spot in my delicious mouth that tasted mint thanks to my toothpaste. Justin pulled me closer onto his body and kissed me deeply before rolling around so that he was ontop.

His hands started to feel around my body that was covered with only a bra and panties. His mouth started kissing my neck leaving my sweet lips. I moaned a little as his hands caressed my breasts through the thin bra material. Justin carefully unhooked the bra, no words had been spoken since Justin was asleep. The way Justins hands smoothly traveled over my body made me shiver in pleasure and i instictively wrapped my arms around his warm body. I need him closer.

Justin stripped out of his shirt as i let my bra fall to the ground. I pulled him close to my body, his lips touched mine and my whole body filled with butterflies and shivers at the same time. Justin pressed his toned chest against my big breasts, that hissed at the warm feeling. My sensitive nipples stood right up waiting for Justin to give them some attention and once the sparkling, delicious kiss was over he did.

He wrapped his wet lips around my right nipple and flicked his tongue against the most sensitive spot. His teeth hugged it a little, not to light but not to hard. He did the same to the left nipple before sucking each of them. I moaned again in pleasure and the rush that came through my whole body. I arched my back in excitement wanting more. Justin could see that i was eager, he pushed his face and his whole body closer to mine while letting his boxers fall to the ground.

Justin started to kiss a trail from my breasts down to my lower stomach. His smiled against my soft velvet skin and his lips made me go more and more insane as the got closer and closer to their main target. Just as his lips were set over my bikini line he went back up again, leaving my panties on. He licked his way inbetween my breasts and up my neck back to my lips, before going slooooowly back down again.

“Please Justin” I moaned, the first word was finally share inbetween us. Justin smirked but continued to take his time, while his tongue traveled down my body in a new path.
Justin smirked as he got to my bikiniline once again. He took my soft lingerie and captured it inbetween his teeth pulling it down while watching me in excitement. Our eyes locked and he gave me the sexiest smile and the sexiest look ever while he slowly naughtily pulled my lingerie of, his hands massaging my inner thighs.

Finally the lingerie joined the pile of clothes on the floor. Justin started to stroke his hands up my thighs giving me more butterflies. the tip of his tongue traced dangerously close to my wet foldings as Justin licked around my pussy. Justins warm breath hit my clit and sent a warm, ticklish, sensational feeling through my body. I moaned again wanting nothing but for justin to lick me hard and good.

“Justin please just eat me already” I begged.

Justins lips wrapped around my most sensitive spot as the lightly sucked on my clit. His tongue flicked around it and his hands had reached my pussyhole. He pushed one of his long fingers inside me and i hissed in pleasure. The feeling of finally having something inbetween my wet folds was amazing. Justin pulled out his finger and licked and pushed it back in.

“Baby doll your so wet” He whispered, his warm breath and his voice sent vibrations against my clit which sent more shivers through my body. I moaned in reply. His finger started pulsing in and out of my sexhole and my body started to respond to the new feeling, making me moan incontrolably. My breathing was heavy and my body was jerking for more. My hips start to sway up and down.

“Easy baby” Justin laughed. Justin removed his finger right before i came but he continued to suck my clit.

His hands caress my boobs and his lips let go of my clit, he let his tongue drag down my opening and pushed it inside making me scream in pleasure.

“OH Justin, baby that feels SOOOO good” Justin swirled his tongue in and out of my hole faster and faster. He let my juices pour out of my hole and into his mouth with ease. His tongue licking it all up inside me but the juice never ended because with each thrust i felt myself get wetter and wetter and i couldnt ever stop, atleast it felt that way. When i came Justin licked each bit up from inside my pussy and the parts he’d been missing outside.

Justin wasted no time, he smashed his hard dick into my even more wet pussy. My walls wrapped around his long shaft and it took him a brief second before he started thrusting out. Justin threw me legs around his body pulling me closer to him, he sat us both up on the bed and held my body close to his as he continued to pound inside my wet but sensitive pussy.

With every little thrust i felt Justin comming closer and closer. I wanted him to cum so badly. I pushed Justin down on his back and started to fuck him harder and deeper. Justin moaned as i took control of his whole body.

“Harder Nathalia” He screamed and i did as i was told. “Mmm baby that feels amazing” He moaned once again as i started to suck his neck while jerking my hips up his dick.

“Justin im cumming” I moaned out loud as i came all over him and his whole body. Justin let out a loud grunt and came inside me. I lied down ontop of Justin breathing heavy against his neck as i snuggled up against his warm chest.

“Merry Christmas” We both whispered at the same time.


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