27. Have A Very Wet Birthday by @PervLikeBieber

Annabelle POV.
It was my birthday my 16th birthday the day ive been waiting for since i turned 15. Now i can finally get my license but that doesnt matter anymore what matters is that i can finally have sex with my boyfriend. I know it sounds silly but my parents didnt want me to lose my virginity before my 16th birthday for safety reasons and they think im more mature now. Justin my boyfriend is coming over tonight and we have the entire house to outselves so it will be perfect. Atleast thats what i thought.
There was a knock on the door and i simply just shouted “Its open” I was to busy cleaning my room. My brown curly hair was already brushed and i was wearing my coral darkblue strapless dress with a pair of black pumps. The door sprung open and in walked

Justin and his best friend Chaz.

“Wow look at you” Justin smiled and kissed me. “You look hot”

“Thanks” I blushed a little knowing what was going to happen later.

“Are you ready to leave” Justin asked.

“Yes” I smiled. Justin grabbed my purse and we left the house.

After a two hours long dinner with Justin and Chaz i was getting a little impatient, i wanted to go home and fuck Justin, but he was constantly teasing me ordering more and more things for me to eat before we could go. My hair was now pulled up in a ponytail and my curls had begun to soften. Finally when we left the restaurant i could close my watery blue eyes. I was so stuffed with food and so tired that i accidentally feel asleep in the car.

I woke up lying in my bed Justin and Chaz were watching me intense. Justins hand was rubbing my thighs as he watched me sleeping. His hand got further up and traced the outline of my underwear, his fingers lightly storking over the lacy material. Justin hadnt notice i was awake, but he would soon because of the increasing wetness in my pants.

I opened my eyes and Justin finally realized i was awake.

“Are you ready for the best night of your life” He smirked, his fingers rubbed over my underwear that covered up my pussy.

“Yes… Ive been waiting so long” I moaned.

“Yes you have… it would only be fair if i made this night the best night ever…” Justin smirked. “And you know what can make it even better”

“No?” I gasped while Justins fingers were tickling me in my most sensitive places.

“Chaz do you wanna make Annabelles first time the best experience of her life” Justin ignored my question.

“I sure do Justin” Chaz smirked. Chaz had been one of my best friends and he was kinda good looking and i trusted Justin so i thought what the heck. Ive also been watching porn for the longest time and i knew what two boys could do to girls. I bet porn is even better in reality.

Justin pulled down my soaking wet panties as i let Chaz unzip my dress. Justin started kissing my thighs with his hand still rubbing me, he planted his sweet soft kisses all the way up to my bikiniline then he went back down again teasing me. At the same time Chaz had laid me down he kissed my neck and shoulders down my breasts and all the way down to my stomach. I moaned in satisfaction and this was SOOO much better than porn.

Justin pushed a finger into my wet pussy, he laid down on his side facing my left breast, he started sucking while on the right side Chaz did the excatly same.

“Harder” I moaned, their fingers moving in sync in and out of my tight virgin pussy. They both increased the speed and started sucking my breasts harder with every stroke. It felt like i was in heaven and this wasnt even actually sex. I soon came, it was my first orgasm ever and it felt soooo fucking amazing, like i was floating on clouds way up in the sky. I closed my eyes and moaned the boys names in ectasy. Justin started to kiss down my stomach while Chaz started to lick my neck leaving red hickeys all over it, his hands playing with my boobs.

Justin started kissing down my bikini line and soon his lips hit my juicy heaven. The left little kisses here and there and i could feel myself getting excited again. Justin noticed me getting more wet and started to kiss sloppier. He soon stuck his tongue out to lick me, it traced from the very back up to my clit then back down and oh my god it felt amazing.

“Mmm Justin that feels amazin” I moaned. Justin continued to glide his tongue all over my sex.

“You taste amazing babe” He moaned, his voice sent small vibrations against my sex making me immediately cum. Justin darted his tongue inside me, to get the sweet taste of my pussy juices. I started to moan oncontrollably as i felt his tongue crash deeper and depper inside me while Chaz was sucking my neck. The pleasure over took my body and soon i was shaking and trembling under the boys every touch. I came again.

“Mmm this tastes delicious. Chaz do you wanna taste Annabelle?” Justin licked his lips.

Chaz didnt answer he simply removed his lips from my neck and headed right inbetween my legs doing the excatly same thing that Justin had done. I wrapped my legs around Chaz neck in an attempt to pull him closer i wanted his tongue deeper in me.

Justin started to slowly undress himself infront of me making my eyes widened in excitement that there was more to come. Justin pulled out a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket and cuffed my hands over my head, now i was helpless and i must say i felt dirty. OH i felt soo dirty like all those bad girls in porn movies and stuff. Having this feeling just made me go crazy and knowing that my boyfriend and his friend was going to do whatever the wanted to me felt so amazingly sexy.

When Justin was completely naked Chaz stopped licking me, bringing me to one last orgasm before they both got me on my knees. Chaz quickly undressed and i watched his every move. This was intense but oh so hot. Justin moved behind me and grabbed onto my hips.

“Are you ready to lose it all” He whispered.

“Trust me im ready” I moaned.

“Good” Chaz smirked. Justin rammed his whole dick into my pussy and im not gonna lie it hurt like a motherfuckingasshole. But i had no time to scream out in pain cause Chaz shoved his whole thing into my mouth. I had no other choice that to take it all in. Justin started to slowly thrust in and out and the pain soon went away, with every hard trust i sucked Chaz a little harder, it was like a train filled with sex. There i was on my knees trying to balance myself the best i could with two handcuffed hands and a dick shoved into my mouth. Ontop of that i heard my boy friend grunt in my ear. It couldnt possibly be much more porny.

They both thrusted in and out of my body making me feel like the biggest whore in history, knowing that this was what every slut in high school did. But i didnt care because having and orgasm felt amazing and having two boys in my fucking slutty body felt so incredible good. Chaz fucked my mouth over and over again, he hit the back of my throat with every thrust and i couldnt help but to moan at the overwhelming feeling. His cum tasted sweet as sugar as it poured down the back of my throat. He moaned and moaned over and over again. This was probably not only my biggest fanstasy come true, but also the boys biggest fantasy. Justin went faster and faster knowing i was close. My pussy gripped on harder and harder to his dick, with every thrust he released a loud grunt into my ear, letting me know how good it was. I felt him swell up in my pussy and as he went faster and faster desperate to cum it started to scream out his name with every thrust.

Chaz pulled out of my mouth after cumming a second time and he started to lick down my neck and bite my nipples while justin grabbed onto my ass, his final thrusts were harder than before and when he finally came into me i black out. My orgasm ripped my body apart and it was just to much. Exhausted i fell onto the bed and then everything went black.

“Happy birthday Annabelle” I heard Justin and Chaz whisper.

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