26. Sex Slave by @PervLikeBieber

Beckas Pov.
I dont wanna brag but i must say me and my boyfriend Justin have the best sex life ever. The reason is that we have sex often and EVERY weekend we try something different, we roleplay as different characters. We have this big bowl with different ideas of roleplayes and each weekend we pull out a note and as soon as we find the “Theme” we act. Today i was going to be Justins sex slave. YUM.
When we entered the bedroom the acting begun. Justin lied down on the bed very satisfied and happy about the theme and i followed him.
“Undress” Justin commanded. I started to unbutton my shirt and hurrying myself. “No… wait STOP” I stopped and looked at him. “Undress like a stripper and… watch yourself in the mirror” He smirked. I had no choice but to do so.
So i started to undress myself infront of the mirror, Justin watching my reflection. I slide my hands down each button of my shirt and soon it glided smoothly off my arms and down on the floor. My tanktop soon joining. My hands glided down my exposed flesh and rubbed up against my breasts that i was soon going to free. I threw my bra over to Justin and let my hands glide over my firm ass Justin followed them intensely. I felt myself getting wet as i rubbed my hands against my ass and watched myself in the mirror. Never in my entire life had i felt so slutty yet soooo sexy. My jeans shorts and undies slowly joined the pile of clothes on the floor.

“What will i do now” I asked watching Justin.

“Climb onto the bed” He motioned for me to sit down. “I wanna see you  watching yourself masturbate while thinking of me” I moaned quietly very amused by Justins actions, i wanted nothing but to touch myself after seeing how sexy i was. This roleplay thing was sucha confidence booster. I watched myself in the mirror as my finger teased my entrance, gliding over it back and forth over and over again.

“How does it feel baby” Justin climbed up behind my back and whispered softly into my ear.

“I feels so good” I moaned continuing to tease myself. I titled my head back so that it hit Justins shoulder and i watched my finger glide into my pussy in the mirror. I felt the wet juice slipper out of my pussy and around my finger as i pulled out then pushed back in again. Justin started to kiss my exposed neck and my free hand started to rubb my breasts. I could feel Justin getting horny… and then i mean feel as i continued to push my finger in adding some fraction against my clit with my thumb.

“Mmm Justin” I moaned watching my fingers in the mirror. Forget what i say earlier, now i felt even more sexy than ever before. This was probably the biggest turn on ever.

Thank god Justin pulled out that note… this was exactly what i needed.

“Go faster” Justin whispered into my ear. “I wanna see you cum”

I did as i was told moaning Justins named over and over again in ecstas. Justin was very pleased of himself and what he acomplished to make me do as i came all over myself i screamed

“Ahh Justin im cumming” Justin sucked my neck and watched the juice coming out of my pussy and land around my fingers and all over the bed. I offered Justin to lick my fingers but he pushed them away instead he pressed them inbetween my lips and watched me taste myself.

“Why dont you make me cum now Becka?” Justin whispered lied back down on the bed.

“Sure but you’ll have to sit” Justin sat himself at the edge of the bed the exact same spot that i had been sitting just seconds ago. He watched me as i went down on my knees and i started to undress him.

Soon his clotches joined mine on the floor and he watched me as i carefully licked the tip of his delicate dick. My tongue swirling around it a few times. Then i started to lick the shaft slowly watching him groan and gasp as i did so. Justin got harder and harder if that was possible and his pre cum increased as i licked him more and more intense.

“Suck me” Justin moaned. I wrapped my soft lips around him and slowly started to suck him off. My tongue pressing against the tip of his dick as i took more and more of him in. Justin moaned my name in anticipation and thrust my head closer to his crotch. I started to suck him harder when he moaned my name and i became more and more wet. Justin watched me bob my head up and down in the mirror while sucking him incredibly hard.

His dick hit the back of my throat over and over again and his moanings filled the bedroom more and more intensely until he finally came deep down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow everything.

“Now let me fuck you as hard as i can” Justin said pulling me back up on the bed motioning for me to get on my knees.

“Please do” I moaned. Justin went behind me and grabbed onto my hips. He thrust himself inside me from behind, his hard dick filling up my tiny wet pussy. My juices sippered down his shaft and he didnt move for a few seconds letting my adjust to the feeling so it wouldnt hurt.

He begun to thrust slowly in and out of me and then gradually go faster and faster. My arms and hands tried their best to hold me up on my knees and justin thrust harder and harder.

“Ahhh Harder Justin” I screamed. Justin started to go harder and harder, he hit my sensitive G spot over and over again making me scream his name as loud as i could. His dick pumped me harder and deeper with every thrust and his hands grasped onto my ass, squeezing it hard. I begun to rock onto his dick, my knees going back and forth along with Justins fast rhytm.

“Ugh ohh Justin” I moaned. My hands could no longer hold my body up so i fell down onto my upper body, my breasts hitting the bed. Justin didnt care, he continued to fuck me hard and rough my breasts now rubbing against the bedspread with every thrust.

“Ahhhh Becka” He moaned while releasing another load into my body this time into my pussy. Justin continued to fuck me even thought his juices were all over the place.

“Ugh Justin fuck me harder” I moaned. “Please…. make me cum”

Justin thrust his hot mess into my wetness harder and harder his hands sqeezing my ass probably leaving marks from his nails but who cares and with a final hit on my g spot for the 1000th time i finally came all over him.

“Mmmmm ill be your sex slave any day from now on” I moaned.

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