25. The Act of Giving is Better than Receiving by @PervLikeBieber

Justins POV.
It was soon to be christmas and my girlfriend and i had decided to bake some cookies and do whatever people did for christmas. I was waiting in the kitchen for my girlfriend Gabrielle to get down. While waiting i read the newspaper, eat breakfast and i even had time to fix my hair. Gabrielle never takes this long to get herself ready. I was about to go upstairs when she finally came down looking sexy as ever.
She had curled her usually straight long black hair, her thick bouncy curls where nicely tied up into two pigtails that hung lose over her breasts. Her curls bouncing of her breasts with every step. She was wearing a red halternack dress with a white belt around her slim waist. There was a big V showing off more clevage than necessary… not that im complaning. Her dress was made out of satin and reached just over her ass. She also wore knee socks that were black and reached almost all the way up her slim legs and a pair of black pumps that made her look taller.

She smirked as she entered the room, her hips moving from right to left as she swung her legs forward one at a time. She reached over the table and pulled my face into her hands, they felt soft and i could feel the nice scent of perfume that was on her wrist. She kissed my lips as she bent over the table, her ass wiggeling in the air, making me wanna grab it and pull it close to my body.

“So lets bake” She smiled and broke away from the kiss, the lust and passion was still in the air but tonight it wasnt about me. Tonight it was all about her… keyword Tonight. She has to wait and suffer the whole day, like all the kids do on christmas. As she bent over to look in the fridge for the ingredients, she wiggled her ass again knowing i was watching. I tried my best to not but i just couldnt.

When most of the baking was done we didnt bother to clean up, we both had gotten hungry so now we both sat on the floor eating the rest of the cake batter. Gabrielle sat in my lap and licked her fingers clean again and again and again teasing me.

“Mmm this tastes sooo good… do you want some baby?” She said dipping her finger into the bowl to get some more batter.

“No its okay” I smiled. She pulled herself closer to my face and automaticly stuck her finger into my mouth, i licked the batter of quickly and to my surprise it tasted really good. Gabrielle leaned in and kissed my lips one again, she tasted sweet as sugar and when her tongue entered my mouth my whole world spun like it had done everytime we kissed for the past 9 months weve been dating. She scoot herself even closer and put the bowl away concentrating on the kissing, her lips however soon left mine and started to leave a wet trail down my neck as she kissed it fiercly and hungry. Her soft moanings vibrating against my sensitive skin and her pigtails tickling it smoothly.

The alarm went off and i tried to get up and get the cookies out but Gabrielle pushed me back down and continued to kiss me. I pushed her off me and left her with a pout on her lips. When id taken the cookies out i felt two arms wrap around my waist. Gabrielle pressed her breasts and her whole body up against mine, she stood on her tippytoes and whispered/moaned

“Juuustiin” Into my ear. Her voice was soft like silk. She moved her hands a little lower so that they rest just right above my crotch.

“Yes?” I asked, the feeling of her body close to mine made me feel like i was in heaven.

“What do i get for christmas this year” She whispered. “Ive been a good girl havent i”

She moved her hands down and unbuttoned my jeans slowly. Although i couldnt see her, i knew she was biting her lip. She started to kiss my neck while taking off my pants.

“You have” I said calmly. “But you have to wait for your present”

Gabrielle turned to face me and she had a big pout on her lips.

“Thats not fair” She moaned.

“I know” I smirked.

“Pleaseeee” She started to wiggle her body like a three year old.


“Please… Justin… please please please pleaseeeee Juuustin please” She bit her lip.


“Justin… please its not fair” She begged.

“Life isnt fair hunnie”

“Okay… then im going.” She started to walk out the room. Her hips were shaking like before. “I might aswell take this off” She said as she walked towards the door, she pulled down the zipper on her dress and exit, leaving the dress in the kitchen. I hurried after her and grabbed onto her exposed body, i pushed her down the stairs and smirked.

Gabrielles POV.

My body hit those stairs pretty hard, but not hard enough to give any damage. Justin hovered me, his hands on each side of my head so that i couldnt escape… not that i wanted to.

“I just cant control myself when you do that to me” Justin whispered into my ear, he nibbled it while running his wet tongue over it.

“I know” I moaned. Justin kissed down my neck and licked it all wet, he sucked at my sweet spot behind my ear then he finally kissed my lips that was craving for his. He kissed them hard and shoved his tongue roughly into my mouth, our tongue batteling until air became a problem and we had to break away.

“Justin” I whispered. “I lied… i havent been a good girl this year.” Now it was justins time to answer

“I know” He moaned. “But i like bad girls, how bad can you be?” He continued to kiss my neck and i did my best to keep my voice at a fairly good level while speaking… but i really just wanted to scream and moan loud as he pounded into me.

“I can be as bad as you want” I whispered seductive while pulling his hair a little.

“Mmmm i like that” He moaned. I tried pulling his pants of with some help from my feet because he had captivated my arms. I accidentally pushed inbetween Justins legs and i felt how hard he was. Justin helped me pull his pants off and we both laid in the stairs fiercly making out with eachother. Justins tongue was pushed down my throat. He moved his hands so that i could move mine to. Justin wasted no time to get my shoes or socks off. He ripped off my thongs and unclasped my bra in one swift motion. He started to kiss down my body and lick my nipples wet.

His fingers found their way into my pussy and started to push themselves in and out of me and his tongue left trails all over my body, cleaning me.

“Ahh Justin” I moaned. “Stop teasing me baby please”

Justin didnt reply, he just simply continued at his normal pace, his fingers pumping in and out not to fast but not to slow.

“Justin please faster” I moaned. Justin ignored my begging.

“Justin please”

“What?” He said preteding he hadnt heard me.

“Justin please go faster” I raised my voice and started to thrust my hips onto his now wet fingers. Justin with his other hand grabbed my hips and pushed me back against the stairs.

“JUSTIN Please” I begged. “Im begging you… Please go faster” Justin stopped. He kissed my lips over and over again. Then suddenly he burried his face inbetween my legs so i spread them wider. My feet placed on the floor and Justin kneeling inbetween the stairs and the floor.

Justin licked and sucked my clit lightly, he licked all the way from my clit down to my ass then back up again, teasing me.

“Oh my god Justin” I moaned “Please stop teasing me”

Justin looked up.

“You want me to stop” He smirked. “fine.” He stopped and was about to leave.

“Nooo Justin please come back” I begged. Justin turned around but he didnt move.

“Justin please… i need you. OH MY FUCKING GOD I need you so badly please”

I knew all the right words to say to please Justin and all his little so called games and ofcourse i knew he would come back no matter what… But it always took less time when i did what i was supposed to do and not “fight” back.

Justin finally got back and down on his knees again, he now wasted no time. His tongue plunged into my wet pussy and started to move in and out. Justins thumb drew little circles around my clit and once in a while Justin would take it inbetween his lips and suck it clean from my juices that was gushing out of me. Justins tongue felt sensational, it was sooo long and so wet, having it in me felt like heaven. I knew Justin liked to give more than receive and he knew he was giving me a huge amount of pleasure when doing oral.

“Mmm Justin please make me cum” I moaned. Justin darted his tongue in and out faster and i came all over his face. He licked me up and smirked.

“Thats for being a good girl this year” He winked. “And tonight… you will be mine. AAANDDD you will be doing exactly as i say” He licked his lips tasting the last bits of my cum.

“Yes Justin i will be yours and i will do exactly what you tell me too” I moaned.

“Good” Justin kissed my lips and whispered “Merry christmas Gabrielle. You’ll get more presents tonight… After all the act of giving is better than receiving” Justin winked. He licked up the last cum if there possible was any left from my pussy before he helped me up.


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