24. Sister’s Love by @PervLikeBieber

Natashas POV.
I walked through the door and hurried up the stairs i need to shower like PRONTO, my hair was gross and my body was filled with sweat. As i ran up the stairs i noticed my sister Brandies fiancee Justin was here. I had always had a secret crush on Justin, his long sexy blonde hair and his chocolate brown eyes made me melt inside the first time Brandie took him home. Everytime Brandie kiss i wish it was me, i wish Justin wrapped his lips around mine, i wish it was my throat that his tongue wanted to taste. Everytime i heard them doing their thing i wish it was my name he moaned, not my sisters, i wish he cared for me more than as his girlfriends sister.
I rushed into the shower undressed quickly and put my long brown hair behind in a bun. The hot water poured down my back as i rubbed the sweat of my hot body i couldnt help but to stop thinking of Justin and i know it sounds stupid, but that one second that i saw him i got horny.

As the i let the bun lose i grabbed the showerhead and diriected it towards my head and my greasy hair. I grabbed the vanilla scented shampoo and started to rub into my hair slowly massaging the roots. I closed my eyes and thought of Justin doing this too me, his big hands massaging my back and washing my hair, his nice body holding onto mine, his hands gripping me around my waist to pull me closer.

I moaned a little in anticipation, still rubbing my fingers inbetween my hair i lowered the showerhead down to my breasts, i smeared some soap around them imagining it was Justin doing it and as the water washed the soap of i wondered how it would feel to have his soft lips wrapped around my nipples and his big hands grabbing my breasts. I continued to lower the showerhead and when it came close enough, the water almost hitting my pussy and my sensitive clit. I stopped. I started teasing myself with my fingers and i closed my eyes slowly thinking it was Justin, i wanted him to feel me sooo badly and i was so horny just by the thought of having his long fingers inside me or even better his wet tongue or even better than that, his huge dick.

I moaned as i now pressed the showerhead up against my sensitive button, the water tickeling it and mixing with my own juices that i had produced. I pressed the showerhead harder against my pussy as i started to finger myself.
“Mmm Justin” I moaned quietly. I leaned back up against the wall letting the showerhead please me, my fingers stoppping inside me for a second, i was close, but i didnt wanna cum just yet.

“Mmm that feels soo good” I moaned as the water hit my numb over and over again. I imagined it was Justins wet tongue pleasing my clit. Then i thoughti heard something outside but iwasnt sure andi wasnt going to stop.

My fingers picked up their previous relatively fast pace and i pressed my body harder against the cold stone wall as i at the same time force the showerhead harder against my clit.

“Ohh Justin” I moaned. Then the shower opened. I quickly dropped the showerhead to the floor as i saw who it was.

“Oh Natasha, youre so dirty thinking of your sisters fiancee while masturbating” Justin said as he stepped into the shower. His toned body had no clothes and his muscles were fully exposed. Justin came up close to me, his body was only a couple of inches away from mine as he whispered “I think we need to fix this mess”

Justin looked down at my exposed body, my breast, my pussy and my fingers that were covered with thick juices. Justin closed the space inbetween us and grabbed the fingers id been using, he licked the cum off and start to suck it slowly.

“You think im stupid right? You think i dont see that you want me? That lust in your eyes, the desire that is exposed in your green globes. I know what you think of me Natasha, i know youre jealous of your sister and i want it that way. I want you to be jealous of her!” Justin whispered close to my lips. He moved his head next to my ear and continued “I want you to want me soo badly, i want you to know that you cant have me but most of all i want you to taste the forbidden”

Justin kissed my lips, it wasnt a soft kiss, not one of those sweet ones he gave Brandie. It was a harsh, cruel, hard kiss. He almost crushed my lips and his tongue pressed itself roughly into my mouth. His hands and fingers made their way up my legs, he plunged two fingers inside my pussy hard making me yelp in pain and pleasure. He stopped kissing me and started to desperately suck my neck. His fingers pumped in and out of me hard and i almost cried from the pain, but it was sooooo intense and sexy in a way.

It was the forbidden part that made everything so sexy, there he was, my sisters fiancee digging his fingers deep inside my pussy, showing me his anger toward my lust.
“When this all is over youre gonna look at me again and youre gonna think thats forbidden. When i walk down the altar ill be thinking of you and how i, this day fucked you cruel and raw because you couldnt keep your lust to yourself, you had to stare at me in those sexual ways you did and you had to make me want you. But now its switched roles, im gonna make you want me even more than before” Justins voice was hoarse and stern. I was a little confused if he actually wanted me or not and i didnt really know what this was all about, but i guess it didnt matter cause it wouldnt make a difference.

Without any warning Justin slammed me up against the wall and rammed his big dick into my tight wet pussy. Justin put my hands over my head and started to press my wrists up against the wall. He fucked me brutal and hard but i love every second and he was everything i had ever dreamed of. Justin thrust himself into me harder and harder and when i didnt think he could go any harder he turned me around. My nipples hit the cold walls as he pushed himself inside me harder, my whole body shaking because of the orgasm that was near and because of the cold wall.

Justin grunted into my ear and started to bite it hard probably leaving red marks.

“This Natasha is excatly what you want huh? You want what you cant have, right now its me. Tomorrow it may be someone else.” He screamed but not to loud, cause my sister was downstairs. I nodded, i did want him. “Youre sooo dirty Natasha, you really need to know how to clean up yourself and stop staring at people” Justin continued, he gave my ear another harder bite then he went to suck my neck harder, he wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. He fucked me sooo hard and sooo deep that i thought id pass out any second.

“You know what” I could tell he gritted his teeth as he spoke the words close to my ear.

“Its really rude to stare at people” He plunged himself deep into my pussy then i finally came all over him and he came inside me.

*8 weeks later*

Justin had pretended like that day had never happened, but he had continued to give me dirty glances. All the way up to the altar three weeks ago he had been staring at me as if saying “You cant have the forbidden” as if he mocked me and made fun of me for wanting him. But i didnt care, i had a bigger problem.

Only a few days after the incident i had realized that Justin didnt fuck me for my pleasure, he raped me. The pain from my legs substeeded and i didnt really consider it a rape because it was everything i had dreamed of BUT his intention was rape. But ofcourse i didnt press charges or told anyone but my friend who helped me figure it all out. The physical pain had now long gone and but the memories were there and there was proof of what he’d done. Everynight i tried to figure out why he did it and why i didnt realize it was rape, i still havent got a conclusion but the proof is still here.

Theres proof of his rape.

Im carrying his child.

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