23. Leave Your Curtains Open by @PervLikeBieber

Justins POV.
I stared through my bedroomwindow that faced another bedroomwindow, my neighbours bedroom could clearly be seen through the thin glass that was a brief 3 feets away from my thin glass window. The bedroom had a nice bright view, the walls where painted with a bright white virgin color and the furnitures had a darker more settled white color. Her bed was black and her bedspread looked like it was made of white silk fabric. The girl living in the white innocent room was not so innocent herself. Her name was Arielle, she had the name of an angel but was far away from an angel. I know that because every night ive been peeking through the thin glasses the held us apart.
It was as if i knew her, but i actually havent even met her yet, still i know her daily rutins. On weekdays she wakes up at 9 o clock, she goes down to get the mail, she haves breakfast up in her room then she studies on her computer. I figured that she, just like me is homeschooled. Then she usually between 3 and 7 pm hang out with friends, go shopping or just watch tv. She haves dinner at 8 and then at 9 she comes back up, she undress and reads a book for 45 – 90 minutes depending on her mood, then she goes to the bathroom gets herself ready then at 11 clock every single night, the fun begins.
Tonight is no exception. I watch as she goes over to her closet and she pulls out her toybox, i figured she has many different toys. But before she chooses one she makes sure that the curtains are open and that im looking, which i always am and she knows it. I know that she knows that im looking and she knows that i know that she knows im looking but we still pretend for the excitement.
She pulls of her red robe and reveals her underwears pretending she doesnt know im looking at her, her hands softly stroke down her whole body. She reaches her bra and unclasp it slowly. When the lacy garnment leaves Arielles body, her big perky, soft looking breasts are exposed. Every night i think the same pervy thoughts while watching her. Her hands gives her breasts some light strokes and her mouth is opened just a little to let out her soft moanings. Sometimes she even has her window open so I can hear her. She teases her nipples with her fingers lightly running over them again and again and when she cant handle herself anymore and lust takes over she starts pinching them and pulling them hard, sometimes she moans sometimes she screams, it depends on her mood. Watching her gets me really excited and she knows it. When she’s wet she pulls out one of her big gracious toys and put it on her bed. She stands up with her ass facing my way, mmm that gorgeous firm sexy ass, she pulls down her lacy, now wet panties and then she sits back down on the bed. Her lower legs folded under her thighs she spreads her legs wide giving me a clear view of her dripping wet pussy.
I cant help but to undress myself while watching her and by the time she plunge her toy into her pussy my boxers are long gone. She lets the toy stay in her while she plays with her breats and moans. Now i can hear her loud and clear, she’s screaming. Her screaming turns me on so much and watching her head tilted back with her eyes closed stroking her own breasts gets me off. I start to stroke myself doing the same she did… teasing myself first going really slow, my hand smearing out the little cum ive already ejaculated. After a while she pulls the toy out of her and starts thrusting it back in again.

When she does that i start to stroke myself a little faster, she knows what im doing but she never EVER dare glancing over to my window, shes in to much pleasure herself to watch me. I know when she’s really close because by then she starts pinching her breasts again, her body starts to shake and sometimes she even spanks herself which makes me cum in an instant moment.

After she’s done she pulls out her little toy and she licks it all clean. Thats why Arielle is not a saint, she does all those dirty things boys enjoy watching and when she does that i consider myself one of the luckiest guys on the planet. Watching her tongue savoring her own taste, her own cum, that is just so sexy to me. When shes done licking it she puts the whole thing into her mouth and start to suck it as if it was real. She’s probably imagining its real. But the show’s not over just yet, while sucking her toy she puts her fingers into her pussy and then wet her whole hand with her juices. She spit out the toy and then licks her fingers off one after another, then she goes to bed pretending she didnt know i was watching and i went to bed knowing that i had witnessed one of the sexiest things ever.

But on the weekends her days werent much different BUT instead of staying home studying and watch tv she went out to clubs, but she was always home at the same time and ready for bed at 11 pm. She always brought home different guys and brough them into her room, she let them fuck her right infront of my eyes, she had never EVER slept with the same guy two times in a row, always new guys as if she wanted to tease me for being alone. Everytime she fucked someone i wished it was me, i closed my eyes and imagined her riding me not the guy she was occasionally riding. I wished my hands could feel those big soft breasts, i wish my tongue could lick her nipples. I wish my lips could taste the sweet taste of hers and i wish my tongue could taste her salty cum. I wish it was my face inbetween her legs pleasuring her until she cant take it any longer. I want her to scream my name as loud as she scream everybody elses, i want her to moan while i lick her off as if my life depended on it. I want her to suck me off and show me all of her toys, she’s got herself her own little collection of them. I want her lips wrapped around my dick and i want her to swallow my cum.

Thats what i think every night she fucks someone else. She’s wild in bed, ive seen her in action and man shes rough. I can tell by the way she plays, there is not love, just a pure fuck for pleasure. Shes not an angel in bed, no shes as far away as you can come. She likes to be dominating thats for sure, i know by the way she pushes her victims down onto the bed and how she roughly grab onto them. She likes being that naughty kind of girl that tries out new things every time. She likes to show her men her toys also and she likes to play with them while both me and him is watching. Every weekend theres a different man, a different toy and a different position.

One day when i lied in bed i saw her, she seemed kinda different, not upset just different. I hadnt seen her that way before. She opened the window and i opened mine, i couldnt help but to ask if anything was wrong altho we’ve never talked before.

“Umm are you okay” I asked sincerly.

“Yes im fine” She smiled, she had the most sexiest smile ever, it could probably make any man jizz. That was probably why she got so many men in her bed because she knew how to get them.

“Okay” I smiled. “Im Justin by the way” I said, i didnt want our conversation to end just like that, i wanted to talk to her, see what she was like outside bed.

“Hello Justin” She said, there was something sexy in her voice that appeared. “Im Arielle” She smirked.

“I know” I winked at her and at that instant moment i got hot and my pervy thoughts started to run through my brain, her moanings and screamings replayed echoing in my ears and for a while i thought id stop breathing.

“Im feeling a bit lonely, would you like to come over Justin?” Was that even a question?

Hell yes i wanted to come over.

Arielles POV.

After teasing Justin for months and months i decided that it was time for him to get his night with me. After letting him watch me everyday for over 5 months it would only be fair from him to fuck me, besides he’s incredibly hot and IF i would date he’d probably be my type. I had thought this whole night through and i had already put on my most sexiest underwears, a red lacy seethru bra and matching seethru panties, over it i wore a seethru lacy shirt tucked in a pair of high waist jeans.

I opened the door for Justin when he arrived it was already dark outside. I poured him a glass of red wine and we sat down in th kitchen just small talking, but his face wasnt talking to my face, his face was talking to my boobs. He never once leaved them to look up at me. When the clock striked 11 Justin knew what was awating. We moved ourselves up to my bedroom where i had my college books on my bed. I removed them quickly and pushed Justin down on the bed.

“Lets play” I said and walked over to get my toys. “You know i like to play… Right Justin?” I said seductive.

“Yes” He whispered while i climbed ontop of him, i straddled his waist. His eyes followed my hands every move as i let them wander over his chest.

We both quickly undressed and soon i was straddeling him again, naked. I bend down to kiss his soft moistured lips while i felt his dick rub my inner thighs. Our kiss became more and more intim and his tongue was soon pressed down my throat. Justin was a really good kisser and he was the one id thought about everytime id played with myself… i wonder if he knew that? I wonder if he knew he was the one i thought of having sex with and sucking off when i played with my toys and licked them all clean.

Ive always wanted to taste Justins big juicy dick in my mouth, id seen night after night how big he was while he was playing with himself, he didnt know i was looking at him. Ive always imagined it was him when i fucked other guys, cause Justin has always been so much hotter and ive always wondered how good he is in bed. Well tonight ill get my answer.

I kissed down his neck while squeezing my legs together, feeling his dick rub against my pussy, i started to rock back and forth alittle smearing his dick with my wet juice i teased him, the tip of him rubbing against my sensitive clit as i kissed down his chest. I was about to let him through my hole putting him halfway in before i broke the contact. Justin groan, but i only pulled away to wrap my lips around his big shaft. I could taste my sweet tasty cum on his dick, which turned me on sooo much. I licked the tip a little swirling my tongue, i heard Justin groan even louder. Then i took him all inside my mouth, it was everything ive imagine it would be but a thousand times better. Justins dick filled up my big wide mouth perfectly i bite his tip a little before i start to suck.

“Mmm Arielle baby” Justin moaned. He started to thrust his hips upwards against my face. “Harrrderrr” He moaned. I sucked him a little bit harder trying to get more of him into my mouth, i pressed my face closer. Justins hands gripped the back of my head almost choking me with his huge dick, he pulled my hair and groaned loud when i sucked harder.

“Mmm Yes that feels sooooo goood” He groaned i held his hips tight with my hands so that he would more but when his orgasm came and he shot his load deep into my mouth he couldnt help but shake. I felt his cum slide down my throat and the sweetest saltiest cum taste ive ever tasted filled my body.

“Yuuuum” I moaned as i licked my lips and gave Justin another kiss. I got back to straddeling his waist again this time i started to rock my pussy against his dick, humping it a little. Justin groaned still in trance from his orgasm.

“You like that baby?” I asled him and he nodded.

“You want me to fuck you Justin?” I asked him biting my lip while looking into his chocolate brown innocent eyes.

“Yes” He whispered.

“Whats that i cant hear you DO. YOU. WANT. ME. TO. FUCK. YOU?” I screamed teaseful.

“YES” He shouted right into my face desperatly as i rubbed my body up against his.

“HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT ME TO FUCK YOU?” I scremed excitedly but teasefully. I rubbed his dick against my entrance.


Justins cusswords turned me on and made me even more wet, soaking my pussy the juice continued down onto his dick that was rubbing me.

“Are you sure you can handle me Justin” I leaned over and whispered in his ear while licking the lobe.

“Yes” He moaned.

“Are you really sure?” I moaned. “Cause i fuck reeeaaally hard, almost painfully hard” I ite his ear hard and he gasped before answering me.

“Im sure” He gasped.

“Good” I gave him a peck on his lips before thrusting myself down letting his dick finally enter my wet heaven. I wasted no time and started to thrust faster and faster right away each thrust a little bit harder than the previous.

“Mmm Justin tell me how much you like this” I moaned throwing my head back while supporting myself with my hands on his chest, pushing it hard with every thrust.

“I like this so fucking much” Justin moaned as i went harder and harder, his dick digging deep inside me.

“I CANT HEAR YOU?” I screamed the feelings i had were amazing and no where near the feelings any of my toys had gave me, or any other guy for that matter. Justins dick were so much bigger than everybody elses and it hit all the right spots.


“Mmm tell me Justin what do you love?” I moaned while closing my eyes, with every thrust i felt myself getting a little bit wetter. Justins hands found my hips and he guided me down on his dick, while meeting me halfway.

“I LOVE YOUR TIGHT FUCKING PUSSY” He cussed. His cusswords almost making me let go of my orgasm. I started to fuck him as fast as i could wanting to cum so badly, but i wanted him to cum inside me first so i held it back.

Our sex turned into something extremely heated and wild, moanings constantly leaving our mouths’ as we rocked back and forth. Justin thrust himself harder and harder upwards and i slammed my body down on him harder and harder. Then we stopped, i told him to stand up and he quickly desperately did as he was told. I lied myself down on my stomach on the bed, my pussy was over the floor. Justin quickly catch on and he thrust himself into me from behind. He held onto my hips while hitting a new series of different spots that i didnt even know exist. His dick slammed hard inside me from behind and now i finally made him cum and i could let go of myself. Our juices danced along together as they mixed inside my body and after a brief moment Justin pulled out and laid down next to me on bed. I turned around and whispered

“Lets play again tomorrow” Justin smirked.

“I like to play”

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