22. Wonderland by @PervLikeBieber

Melindas POV.
It was my first time going to a concert, i didnt know what to expect but i knew it was going to be a hell of a fun time watching sexy Justin Bieber on stage doing his thaaang, shaking his sexy ass. Me and my best friend had talked about this for months and months and we’d been true pervs since years back but we were old enough to perv over him and his hotness.
My best friend and i both had put on the sexiest things we could find, pressing out tight slim bodies into even tighter and slimmer dresses. Her’s was pink and strappless it had a heart shaped breast while mine was the exact same as the dress Selena gomez wore to the teen choice award this year. Ive always been obsessed with selena and when i found out where they sold a dress that looked like hers i just had to grab it. Besides it showed off my slim tanned legs and it was thin which was good cause it was going to get hot inside plus it was appropriate to, it showed no clevage what so ever.
Along with the dress i wore a pair of black gladiators that were made out of leather but two black strings was wrapped around my ankle and tied in the back forming a bow. I had put my black raybans on as we waited outside. They covered up my golden bronw eyeshadow and my black eyeliner that formed a smokey look on my eyelids.
We soon got inside and i was blown away at how many people there was there. It was hot and the big arena didnt get any cooler when the show started and the hot spotlights started to light up the whole stage where Justin ran around as if it wasnt near as hot as it actually was. Soon he picked up his guitar and a chair was placed on stage and Justin annonuced that his team was out right atm looking for his ollg. Everyone in the crowd went crazy and screamed as loud as they could. The light flicked around the audience streaming over all the girls looking for Justins team members, i felt the light on me but i thought it would pass it didnt. All the other lights was turned of and the spotlight was on me, it took me a brief second to realize that Kenny was standing next to me. He asked if i wanted to be Justins ollg and i replied with a calm yes.
My heart was pounding loudly as i walked with kenny up on stage. I could hear everyone scream and cheer for me as i climbed up the stairs my legs shaking slighly. Justin meet me on the stage and lead me to the chair that was placed there just for me. No one else, i was the one to sit there. I still couldnt take it in. My heart did kickflips as Justin touched my hand while setting me down on the. He started to sing and the girls finally went quiet. Pervy as i was i couldnt help but to look at Justin up close, his nice face features and his toned body and ohhh that sexy ass.
The music started to fade along with Justins voice and soon i felt him giving me a hug from behind on the chair, the music still playing i could hear his playback voice sing. Justin hugged me tighter and out of nowhere he kissed my neck. I could feel everyone glare at me and him in surprise, some where frustrated others were jealous, some where angry others were supportive. I closed my eyes ignoring the screaming and Justins lips went lower kissing my exposed shoulder and down my slim, breakable arm. The music still playing in the backround his voice still hearble. I turned to look at him and he kissed my lips over and over again we started to kiss eachother more and more each kiss lasting longer and longer. The music still playing justin whispered
“Im gonna make you one less horny girl” Before i had time to reach Justin led me away from the chair, he had nicely laid me down on a madrass that was placed on the stage. He hovered me with his sweaty warm body. I could see the wet hairroots and his forhead that was soaked. He looked amazingly gorgeous as he leaned in to give my lips a passionate ride, his tongue traced along my lower lips and i opened up to him. My mouth was invaded by a sweet taste of fresh mint, his tongue did everything possible to satify me but soon the kiss turned into a battle were we both battled with our weapons for dominance. Soon a realized he was no match, his tongue after the long hard battle took over my mouth and did as much as possible to please me, but i wanted more.
Justins hands had been placed on both sides of my hips the whole time but he now slowly traced them down along the outside of my legs then going back up on the inside of my legs. I could hear him sing in the back of my mind, the music still playing. Justin carefully removed my dress as i sat up for him, so he could pull it of. He threw the dress on the floor and in all hurry i unzipped his hoodie and threw it off and grabbed his tshirt desperate to see what was hiding underneath. To see those abs id been perving over for months. Justin unclasped my bra and everything went in a hurry, soon we were both naked. Justin kissed his way down my neck, he nibbled it and did the same to my shoulders. He grabbed holds of my hands and kissed my knuckles then he kissed up my arms and when i thought was finally going to stop tease me he didnt. He kissed down my breasts and licked my nipples wet. He kissed my stomach and my inner thighs THEN finally he went where i wanted him to go. He left kissed around my sex teasing me so that i became even more wet than i was before. He slowly moved his mouth and lips over my swollen clit. Then he dipped his tongue into my hole tasting me. I could hear him moan in pleasure but i didnt even make a sound. His groans and moaning were low, i could barely hear them. He dipped his tongue in and out of me going faster and faster. His tongue swirled around inside me making me feel like i was on drugs. Id never ever felt this sexy before in my entire life.
After i had cum Justin licked everything in one swift motion, making me cum again. He decided that i was wet enough for him and plus if he got any harder im pretty sure he would explode. He pressed himself deep into me, wasting no time he started to push out of me then thrust back into me with more force. Our moanings and groans were barely loud enough to hear but i was still in so much pleasure. He pressed his hard on into me harder and i wanted to scream soooo loud but it came out as nothing. He kissed my neck and his hands stroke my inner thighs then his thumb traced the outside of my pussy.
He dug his sex deeper into me and i clenched onto him not wanting to let go. I knew i would cum in and second but i tried to hold it back. Justins thrusts were sloppy but felt incredible good almost as if it werent real. His sex was amazingly good and when i couldnt take more of his thrusting and humping i came, most of the cum splashed over the madrass. Justin pulled out from me, as i layed there panting i watched him. He stuck out his tongue sexily and looked into my eyes while he licked my cum of the madrass.
The song finished and i realized that Justin had been singing all the time, his fans started screaming but not because Justin just had sex on stage but because the song was over and he’d been playing guitar the whole time. Without realizing it i had accepted his flowers. Justin thanked me and escorted me off the stage.

“What happened up there… you kinda blacked out”

“Aww did i? well i guess i was in wonderland.”

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