21. Clean My Mess by @PervLikeBieber

Noelles POV.
I was walking to on the street getting ready for another day of work. I adjusted my blouse that was tucked into my black waist skirt, even thought i was only a housekeeper i wanted to stay clean and look proper. But my tasks wasnt only to clean out the house it was also to please the man living in the house while his wife was gone. The couple i was working for had a little kid that the dad Justin stay home with. They were young and the kids mom stephanie spent all days in school trying her best to get a college degree. She worked all nights long on essays and studied for exams, justin had told me that they never had time for eachother and that their boy took most of their time. When Justin the first time ever had sex with me, his wife had let him go 6 months without a proper fuck. Now we do it on daily basis.
The 20 year old Justin lived in an appartment with a nice view. It had 2 bathrooms, a balcony, a kitchen, a living room, a hallway and the couples bedroom. Justin and i had done it everywhere, against the wall in the hallway, bathroom and kitched. On the kitchen table and on the counter, against the fridge and down on the floor. In the living room on the mat, against the wall in the couch and the arm chair. In the shower, over the bathroom sink and on the floor. We’ve done it everywhere, you name it! Except… Their bed. Justin doesnt want his two “different” lives to collide thats why he insists on keeping his bedroom seperate from his “Cheating life”.

I knocked on the door that Justin in an instant opened, he had put the kid asleep and all i needed to do was to vacum and take care of the dishes. I started right away vacuming the big appartment then i handled the dishes. I put the plates and glas in the dishwasher as i bent over i felt justin stare at my nearly exposed ass. When i was done i turned around and without a word he attacked me his lips soft and wet covering up mine. We kissed, he led me outside to the balcony and sat me down on the chairs that were placed with a matching table. Justin sat down in my lap not breaking the mindblowing kiss, his lips continued to caress mine and soon tongue movements was added. He swirled his tongue inside my mouth with big and small motions. As we kiss his hands naturally fell down on my breasts, he cupped them lightly caressing them with the same sincere touch like his tongue did. Justin started unbutton my blouse and it was soon thrown inside along with my bra.

Justin removed his sweet lips form my mouth and leaved soft kisses down my neck moaning against my soft skin. He kissed my breasts and lightly took one of my nipples into his mouth, his tongue caressing it, swirling in circles around it, then he did the same to the other breast. I pushed Justin down on the other chair and ripped his shirt of, my desires for him getting to strong to resist. I sucked his neck and licked until it was all wet. I heard justin gasp my name

“Noellleee” He moaned as i kissed down his chest. I licked the lines of his abs and kissed each one of his sexy abs before i gently tugged at his belt going back to sucking his neck.

“Hurry” Justin gasped while i tried my best to get his pants off. I could tell Justin was more horny than usual his dick harder than ever before almost poking me as i got down on my knees, i pulled down his boxers and started licking the tip of it.

“Mmm give me some of that candy Justin” I whispered taking more of him into my mouth, my tongue pressing hard against his long thick shaft. “YUUUUM” I moaned, his precum taste sweet in my little mouth as i savored the moment taking it slow. Justin ofcourse got impatient and tried to thrust himself into my but it didnt work. I continued to take him in slowly until i had half of his dick in me, i pulled out just to tease him.

“Ugh” Justin groaned. I decided to surprise him taking him all into my mouth, he moaned as i sucked all of it.

“Mmm thats better baby” Justin moaned knowing people down on the ground or neightbours might hear us, but he didnt care. I sucked him with all my force as i swirled my tongue and pressed it hard, it didnt take long for Justin to cum. He shot his full load into my mouth and i swallowed each little drop of it, his cum filling my throat and soon filling my empty stomach.

I pulled down my skirt and my panties sat down in justins lap and spread my legs wide, taking him all in i let him choose our pace. He thrust himself into my slow but hard hitting my spot right away. His dick filled up my tight wet pussy. I wanted to feel more of him so i spread my legs even more while i thrust myself down on him, his hands touching my breasts rubbing them lightly. He sucked my neck as i slammed myself down on him harder and harder.

“Oh fuck” He moaned. “Goood Noelle youre so fucking good” Justin screamed. i slammed myself down on him harder his screamings anticipating me.

“Mmmm Justin” I moaned into his ear, licking the lobe and down his neck. Justin suddenly grabbed hold to me and pushed my up against the balcony railing, he rammed himself into me harder and fucked me senseless. Like an animal.

“OHH GOD Justin” I screamed, his dick filling me up hitting my spot over and over again as he sucked my neck, his hands gliding over my ass. I held onto his neck and started to thrust myself against him.

“Mmm good girl” Justin moaned into my ear. “Now let me hear you scream” Justin fucked me harder and deeper than i thought was possible.

“OHH JUSTIN, YES Right there baby” I moaned he hit my spot, again and again and again.

“Noelle” He moaned into my ear louder. “Cum for me baby” Justin pushed me down against the floor supposting himself with his arms he begun to fuck me faster and faster making me reach climax in no time.

“Mmm Justin im cumming” I moaned.

“Mmm YES Baby cum for me” Justin thrusted faster, i came all over him but that didnt stop him from his animalistic fucking.

“Justiiiiin” I screamed. “Ugh oh god Justin. cum inside my tight pussy” I moaned.

“I will baby” Justin said, he sucked my nipple hard while he started to slow down, his thrustings still hard, he teased himself. Before finally letting himself go he let out a loud groan then he released inside me.

“Mmmmm” was all he could get out from his mouth, his body was exhausted as he pulled out of me.

“Oh god” I panted. “That was…. amazingly good”

“This is why your salary is so big” Justin panted while still lying ontop of me and inside me.

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