20. New Study Technique by @PervLikeBieber

Rachie’s POV.
Being the new kid in school isnt easy and taking advanced biology with seniors are even harder when youre a junior. Small towns girls like me, im from a little town in oklahoma where only 300 people went to school, might not fit into a place like Atlanta. But trust me the schools around the world are all the same, the society system is built up the same wherever you go.
I entered the dull rum that was supposed to be my biology classroom for the year. I sat down in the back so that no one would pay attention. This time i had planned to get myself a new ranking in school. I was tired of being the schools cheerleader, this year i wont even go anywhere near cheerleading pratice or gym class for that matter. I brushed through my velvet chocolate brown hair, it was long and wavy and had some light high lights in it, the ends were wet and it had a light scent of roses. I had been in a hurry to school and id taken a quick shower not caring to blow dry my hair, i had quickly threw on a pair of black shorts and a white over sized tshirt. I had applied some make up to make my blue eyes pop. People say i kinda look like miley cyrus but i dont know if thats a good or bad thing?
Lucky today i only had biology, i guess mondays wouldnt be so bad after all. The other students poured in one after another. The jocks or jerks as i called them stood in a group in the class room, the nerdy girls and boys took their front seat and the cheerleaders stood as close to the boys as they could showing off more than they had covered. It was as if id never tranferred from oklahoma. When the teacher arrived the cheerleaders moved over to flash him, he was a young teacher who they probably thought that had a chance on. The jerks ignored him until the very end and soon they had to sit down on whatever seats there were left. No one stood out of them, they were all the same to me. Same idiotic boys who thought they ruled the world and the same perverts that all wanted a different girl to suck them off between every period. After all, i had been a cheerleader and i knew how things work.
One of the boys, the head jerk sat down next to me. He was pretty handsome to me, not like the others. He has long brown hair that he flipped every 5th second, he has chocolate brown deep eyes and a nice tanned body, he had a nice sense of style to cover his muscles up and he had what guys called it, some BLING. I didnt realize he stared back at me as i had scanned him, until he said
“Hello sexy” Yup definitely a jerk but atleast he was hot enough to suck. I mean not that i would ive quit doing those things but… on the other hand i havent done anything with a boy in during the whole summer.
No rachel you are not going to get the same reputation on this school. I thought to myself.
“Hi” I said careless. He did his hairflip and i think my heart stopped for a second.

“I havent seen you before… whats your name babe” He asked. Ugh boys they think they have soooo much confindence, well hate to break it to him.

“Rachel, but called me rachie whats yours” I mumbled.

“Which class are you in?” He asked ignoring my question, he was obviously not intrested which class i was in he just wanted an excuse to talk to me so he could later ask me

“excuse me i was just wondering if you inbetween periods want to suck my dick of in the locker rooms”.

“This one” I said turning my head to face the dull board where notes were scribbled. I started to copy the notes writing them down in my notebook with a neat handwriting and only on every other line.

The lesson went on for about 30 minutes, i had copied all the notes and i put my pen on the desk it didnt take long for it to fall.

“Here you go” The boy who i realized i didnt know the name of, said and gave it to me.

When our hands touch it felt like sparks and my body somehow got heated up. Ugh the irony of what young people call love.

“Thanks” I mumbled.

“You never answered my question” The boy said.

“You never answered mine either” I replied.

“Justin” He said “Now which class are you in”

“Junior class C” Justin looked surprised.

“Youre a junior?” He asked stunned.

“Yes?” I said staring at him with my eyes wide open.

“And youre taking advanced biology” He stated.

“Well im here arent i?”

“True” Justin sigh.

“Justin, Rachel please share if you have anything to say” The teacher said. The jerks and cheeleaders looked back at us while the nerds were way to busy watching the teacher.

“Why should we share what we said if you just heard us talking?” Justin challenged the teacher. The teacher was to lazy to borther and turned back around.

“Oh bad boy i see” I whispered, justin flipped his hair again while i stared at him.

“I cant be waaay worse” Justin whispered back. “Only if you want me too”

“Whatever flots your boat Justin” I turned around to continue take notes.

I thought about Justin, he was excatly like a guy in my old school, Cole. He was my ex best friend, the typical jerk kinda thing on the outside but on the inside he was nice. But i dont know if justin is the same way. Justin is hotter though but that doesnt change the fact that he’s a jerk.

“So we will do a mini project to get to know eachother, you will have a 5 minutes presentation next lession on all the notes we wrote down today so i hope you wrote them down and also you will find out about a cell type, you can chose if you want plant cell or animal cell. Remember five minutes! I hope you wrote lots of notes this lession. Oh and you work with the person next to you”

OHHH joy. I thought as i looked over at Justin. I walked out of the room and I could feel justins intense gaze on my back along with his possy.

“Do you want anything?” I turned around and snazzed at them.

“Yeah, you see Justin here, he kinda horny for you and he wants a blowjob in the lockerrooms” One of his friends said loud for everyone to hear. The attention was quickly drawn to us, well atleast now everyone knew who i was.

“Aww im sorry Justins friend who looks like a monkey, i dont give blowjobs to people with a tiny dick and STD so Justin you can either one, go jerk of in the toilet or two ask some of your mokey friend to jerk you off, how do you want it?” I smiled and walked of to the librar. Behind me i could hear the crowd go “OOOOO” and the boys go “TZZZZ Burned”. I didnt stare behind me but i knew the boys especially Justin looked after me and the girls ofcourse, yeah the girls were probably furious.

In the library i started to write together all my notes and i looked for information about animal cells in a book. I wrote all kinda of facts down and i was nearly finished when someone sat down at my table.

“What do you want?” I said not looking up from my papers i knew who it was.

“Just came to see you” Justins voice rang in the silent library, his voice jumping from wall to wall.

“Why? Are you a stalker or something”

“Yeah, i track down hot chicks.”

“Oh, well good luck finding one?”

“Already have” Justin said, he leaned in closer to me and without knowing why i kissed him, he kissed me back.

“Thats all you get” I said pulling away. I didnt regret the kiss thought, it lasted for a second but it managed to make my day brighter.

“Im sure youre willing to give me more” Justin said and pulled me up from the chair and to the other side of the library where no one was anywhere near. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed my lips again, his tongue tasting my mouth that I surprisingly had let him into. He started kissing down my neck making it wet, then he sucked my sensitive spot that made me weak. I pulled him back up to kiss me again forgetting how much of a jerk he was. All i needed was to feel his mouth on mine and before i knew it his hands glide up my legs. He pushed himself closer to me, pushing me harder against the wall as he guided one of my legs up around his waist. His fingers quickly fumbled with my shortsbutton before moving to his own pants and before i could react he slammed into me. My back hit the wall hard and i loud “Boom” echoed through the library. Justin continued to rape my mouth with his tongue deep down my throat i threw my other leg around his waist letting him go deeper in me, i moaned into his mouth letting him know i felt pleasure. As a response i got a grunt and a harder thrust. Justin sped up and soon he was slamming into me against the wall, my ass jiggeling while i tried my best to keep up with his speed, our b4reathings became heavy and we had to pull away from the deepthroat kissing. We were both panting loudly afraid someone would hear us we went faster both aching for a release. Justin grabbed my ass and squeezed my cheeks and cupped my breasts through the tank top and bra. He started to go faster and faster knowing we were both near a release.

I gasped when i felt his cold wet lips hit my neck, he sucked it hard marking me with a hickey. I thrust myself with the force from my legs onto his hard swollen dick, increasing the speed, i moaned a ittle finally feeling him hit my g-spot that was located deep in me. Not alot of guys had hit it before. Justins lips crushed mine into another mouthraping kiss preventing me from any moanings that would have escaped if he didnt kiss me. I felt my stomach getting bubbly and then everything went black. My eyes had automaticly closed and soon i realized i had experienced the best orgasm in my life and no one knew, no one fucking knew about it, about us… fucking in a library. OH GOD. I felt like screaming, my mouth was open but i couldnt get anything out of it, except air. Justin shot his cum deep into my juice wetness that soon overflowed from all cum. The cum continued its path down my legs and Justin released me, he licked off the cum that had overflown before putting my shorts back on.

“That was some advance biology you got right there” Justin said.

“Not as good as your stalking skills” I laughed.


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