19. The Paradise Island by @PervLikeBieber

Belle’s Pov.
Being in a relationship is hard walk, its not only about sharing food and drinks. Its about spending time together, loving and love making, compassion and dedication to your partner. Justin come from a very rich family and he arranged for us to go the little island Gran canaria placed in the atlantic sea near spain. Justin had bought us a luxury suite only a few feets away from Maspalomas beach. The lovely room and big and comfy and love making had already taken place during the week.
As Justin and i strolled on the beach, the sand tickling out feet and the water flushing them with a rhytm that the waves decided. There was stars above us as we strolled alone but, there was a hole. Clumsy as i was i fell and landed in the wet sand. The waves immediately wetting my black wavy hair and my whole body. I sat down in the sand on my knees, i crawled around a bit trying to get myself up, the sand was all over my body as i tremeble to get up, justin gave me a hand. But i realized i maybe didnt want to get up. It had been 3 days since we had sex last and i was getting kinda horny at the moment.

“Justin, we’re all alone. Lets fuck” I smirked.

“Umm i dont know belle” He hesitated unsure.

“Cmoon” I begged. “Pleaseeee” I bit my lip trying to convince him.

“hmm” Was all he could get out from his parted lips. Those hearthaped lips that i wanted so badly to feel against my skin. I wanted them to tocuh my lips, to kiss my neck, i wanted them wrapped around my nipples and i wanted them to taste my wet pussy.

“Aw are you afraid Justin?” I challenged. “Tell me baby what are you afraid of?” I said pulling him down under me. His back hit the sand as i straddled his waist. “Are you afraid of getting caught justin?” I whispered close to his ear, i kissed his cheek and whispered against his mouth “You know justin… i like the feeling of getting caught” I kissed his forehead.

“Mhm” Justin watched me intense as i grabbed a handful of sand. Sitting up straight i smeared it out over my body and my bikini that hide my private parts.

“Justin, i want you” I moaned, my hands gliding over my body smearing the sand out. I leaned my head back and grabbed another handful smearing the sand around my neck.

“Justin please baby im sooo fucking horny” I moaned. Justin gulped, his eyes following my hands movement. “Mmmm Justin your not afraid are you”

“No” Justin gulped, my hands trailed down to my lower bikini part.

“Justin please, i need you” My hands rubbed bikini material as i continued to moan and repeat justins name. “Justin touch me” I soon felt Justins hands on my body, he replaced my hands that soon strolled upwards to untie my bikini top. I let my boobs fall down to whatever direction they wanted to and i rubbed myself softly. Justin was still watching me intense as his fingers went under my bikini bottoms and touched my pussy. My head was stll slightly tilted backwards as i lifted my hips allowing him to slide my bikini bottoms off and he did so.

His fingers entered my lightly and the waves soon washed away all the juices my pussy had produced. I could feel Justins bulge pressing against his swimming trunks as he lied in the sand his hair was all wet and glued to his forehead, his chest was shining under the stars and moonlight and most importantly, his hands were excatly where i wanted them to be.

“Mmm Justin that feels so good” I moaned while his fingers worked my pussy hard and fast. I spread my legs letting his fingers slide in further. I rocked my ips back and forth over his hard dick to get as much of his fingers inside me as possible. Soon i couldnt take it any longer and i jumped off justin and pulled down his pants. I bend my legs so my knees were pushed against my breasts as i leaned down and sucked his big hard cock.

I licked the tip then i slid my head down onto him. He let out some loud groans while i struggled to get past my gag reflex. I started sucking as the waves washed away all the sand from my body.

“Ughh Belleeee” Justin moaned triggering me to suck him harder. I sucked harder and harder i felt him grow in my mouth as i sucked him, working him off faster than ever. I needed him to cum fast so i could fuck him hard, for hours on the beach. Mmm i wanted that big juicy dick in my tight pussy.

“Mmmm Justin i wanna taste you” I moaned biting him a little. Like a milked cow justin shot his load deep down my throat, the taste of his juice cum filling my mouth and pouring out between my lips, it became to much and ran down my face. I climbed ontop of Justin again and placed myself as i gave him no time to recover.

“Now lets do some harmless, wild fucking” I moaned. I pushed my body down onto him and i held him inside for a second adjusting to the new sensational feeling. I placed my hands on his chest and i rocked myself back and forth in and out.

“Mmm Belle” Justin moaned under me. I used my left hand to pull his hair a little. “Ohh yes do that” Justin moaned. I begun to slam down harder on Justin while moaning his name loud and clear.

“Ahh, mfff Justin fuck me” I could feel justin thrust his hips upwards meeting my throbbing pussy halfway, i spread my legs wider, trying to find a new way to increase our pleasure. I slowed down a little to tease him at the same time.

“Belle youre going waaay to slow” Justin groaned.

“I think its good” I kept my face as i rocked in a slow motion. Justin tried to push me down in the sand but i resisted. “Nooo” I moaned.

“Beeeellleee” Justin whined. Justin tried again to push me down, no success.

“Is that all you got Justin? Wow thats weak” I teased going a little faster. “Can go much harder Justin huh? Am i to strong for you huh?”

“Nooo” Justin groaned he tried once agains to push me off. I started to pick up my pace again going down on him harder and faster.

“Is that all youve got justin? HUH” I moaned. “You gotta have to try harder” I screamed as i fucked him harder my legs pushing the sand underneath me away as i rocked back and forth faster and faster Justins dick going deeper in me.

Justin tried with all his force to push me down, but it didnt work i had a good grip. “Sss that all youve got, huh Justin try harder, or are ya a little pussy” I yelled. Justin held his moans inside as i took out my “Anger” and fucked him faster. “Cmon Justin whats the matter, cant take down your own girl friend. Thats sad pussy cat”

Justin gained all his strenght and i finally let go, letting him push me down into the sand he whispered “You shouldnt have said that”

“Ohh yeah whatcha gonna do bout it?” I moaned while Justin was fucking me hard, we’d been going on for what felt like forever.

“Im gonna fuck you so hard that you will regret every single word you said” Justin moaned into my ear, he bit it hard as he went in and out of my body making me tired and my forhead filled with a miz between sweat and water. “You seee….” Justin said. “I dont like being underestimated and i definitely dont like being called a pussy cat” He tried to hold in a smile but i could see it.

“Mhm” I moaned. Justin grabbed my body and continued to slide into me harder and harder it felt as if i would break into pieces… thats how hard he fucked me.

“Ohhhh god” I couldnt hold it in anymore, he slammed himself into me when i lied there helpess and full of pleasure. “Ahhh harder Justin” I screamed and there was not much to do but to go harder.

I finally felt the tingling sensation that his fingers earlier had evoked and i came all over him as he released another big load into my body.

“Mmmm Justin” I moaned closing my eyes, savoring the moment and how great that sex was.

“Oh god belle” Justin grunted. “That was amazing”

“What can i say. I fall for angels” I giggled.

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