18. What Happens In Vegas by @PervLikeBieber

Felishas POV.
Being Justin Bieber’s girlfriend can sometimes be exhausting. Being constantly on the road, away from home is the downsides to it, also he has lots of needs, if you get what im saying. But thats also a good thing, we get to travel a new city each day, sleep in new luxury hotelrooms every night and we probably have more sex than any other teenager breaking the sexrecord probably, we’ve had sex in over 30 states while he’s been on his tour, we’ve done it in 15 different countries around the world and not to mention those sneak away on the airplanes and backstage.
When it comes to sexlife Justin is a creative lover, he likes to switch it up everytime, sometimes we do it for an hour or so, sometimes we do it all night, the important thing is that its always different. He always find different ways of doing it and different places when doing it. He knows very well how hard i want it and how fast i want it. He knows how to tease me real good and he knows all my sweet spots and he knows what makes me wet and what button to press to make me cum. With other words he’s a sexgod.
But its not only about sex, justin is the most amazing boyfriend a girl could’ve asked for, he gives me thousands of compliments everyday, he makes me feel sexy even if im crying or in sweats.

Justin is like i said creative and so am i. I love to dress up when im alone, i love to dress sexy and to feel sexy, it just turn me on knowing that i am sexy and also i love to hear Justin saying im sexy. I love to surprise him. Thats why im today out in las vegas looking for something sexy to wear tonight.

I found this perfect purple school girl kinda shirt, it was short sleeve with a knot inbetween my breasts that ended under my breasts. (AN: If you dont know what i mean google school girl or something) Along with it i bought a lacy pair of seethrough pink knickers and a pink lacy bra.

When i got home i had one hour before Justin would be back from his concert, i only went to every other concert so that i could spend sometime for myself too. Doing some shopping and stuff, like today. I brushed through my blonde hair it was getting pretty long. It was straight and went down to my waist. I curled it and put in into two pigtails tieing them with two red strings that formed two rosettes. I pulled on my black tight skirt, that grabbed onto my ass and put on my tights that were also black. Then my boots. Before putting on my shirt i made did my make up, mascara, foundation, eyeshadow and a thick black eyeliner to make my eyes bigger. I put on my pink bra that pushed up my breasts and pulled them closer to eachother then i put on my purple shirt. I lied down in bed waiting for Justins arrival.

I had turned off the lights in the room and as soon as the light would go on the game would go on. I may have forgot to mention that Justin likes to roleplay. He likes when i dress up and he likes surprises. Oh well i guess it was his lucky day cause tonight i felt sexy enough to dress up as his student. His naughty student. I know ive done this before, but ive never act it all out and i know Justin thinks its really sexy when i do act it all the way out and i mean since we are in vegas, at the best hotel ever and he gave me tons of money to spend on whatever i wanted today, it would only be fair to give him something back. Something he really wanted.

Justin would know as soon as he’ll enter what his role would be and we wouldnt even have to have a real conversation before getting into our parts. The room was completely dark though as i lied in bed waiting for him, the glasswindows that had a giant view over the entire city and its many clublights and street lights gave the room a glimpse of light. The walls that were made of satin nice red fabric satin and the floor had a nice soft red carpet. There was a flatscreen tv on the wall and a mini fridge near the black couch that was place infront of the tv in the middle of the room. The bed had brackets made out of gold and the bed was red with spreads and sheets made out of soft velvet silk.

Finally the door swung open and Justin turned the lights on. He watched me on the bed, all the way from my curly cheerleader pigtals down to my long black leather boots. He closed the door and made sure to lock it then he gave me a second glance as i got onto my knees on the bed, ready for the time of my life, tonight he’ll do anything he want to me. I thought to myself.

“Hi” I said crawling over the bed to him where he’d sat down on the edge.

“Hello miss” He said as he stripped out of his hoodie. He knew what was coming, all those times we’d played games he’d always call me miss, it was his way of showing he knew what i wanted.

“Look i know why im here” I said.

“Oh and why is that miss felisha” Justin said looking down at my body. I draw my finger over his chest then my teeth grasped it inbetween my lips.

“Cause ive been a bad girl” I bite my lip slowly and looked into justins eyes, i could tell by his look that he was horny. “Im so sorry mr” I said my teeth holding onto my lower lip.

“I think someone needs to teach you the rules miss.” Justin said. “Miss felisha do you think this is acceptable dressing” He said while for the third time in one minute scanned my body.

“No mr” I looked down only to meet the bulge in his pants. “I dont”

“Well i hope you understand that this kind of behavior is not acceptable and that you will be punished miss felisha” Justin continued to say my name.

“I understand that mr Bieber” I said the look on my face was shameful. But inside i could feel a smirk wanting to breakfree on my face and my stomach getting butterflies.

“Why dont we made sure you get rid of thee clothes right away miss” Justin said serious, he eyes down my shirt that was pressed against my boobs.

“Yes mr” I said and i untied my skirt.

“Felisha” Justin stopped his hands on mine.

“Yes” I said.

“You also failed your sex education and as your teacher it would only be fair to make sure youll pass next time” Justin said.

“Ofcourse it would” I said. Justin removed his hands and let me take of my shirt revealing my seethrough bra.

“So how do you feel Felisha, are you still going to act naughty in class.”

“No mr” I said nervously.

“You should be ashamed of yourself miss” Justin whispered. His lips barely touched my ear,but i could feel his heavy breathing, he struggled to keep himself from jumping on me. I stroked my legs trying to act nervous fiddeling with my fingers making sure my expression was shameless and nervous not revealing any sexual pleasure.

“Yes mr bieber, i am very” I said.

“Dont you know that this bad behaviour can get you in trouble and dressing inappropriate could get you suspended and not to mention someone might sexually abuse you or even rape you” Justin said.

“I wont happen again” I whispered.

“Its okay, miss. You look kinda sexy to me” Justin whispered, he scanned my body a forth time, his hands roaming it now.

“Thanks mr”

Justin removed my tights and my bra before he attached his lips to mine, we kissed a long tasteful kiss. His lips continued down my neck and throat then he left bite marks on my shoulders, he sucked my neck as if his life depended on it, his hands rubbing my brests hard.

“Felisha, you like this dont you.” Justin moaned. “You like being naughty and get boys attention that why you dress like this isnt it” He yelled.

“Yes” I nodded while he continued being biting around my body. He liked this kinda of game, when i was his, he could do anything on me, he owned my body and to know that turned me on. He rubbed harder before letting go. He bit my nipples hard and the become red. He sucked and licked them so they became soft then he bit them again making them hard. His fingers went straight for my pussy, he pushed three of them in hard into my wet pussy and he begun to finger me roughly under my tight skirt.

“You like that huh” Justin yelled while fingering me. “You like boys fingering you”

“Yes” I screamed.

“Youre so fucking sexy and you know it. You think you can get all those boys to fuck you right? AM I RIGHT” Justin screamed while his finger burried deep inside me, he went hard and fast, he bite my nipples over and over again, it felt amazing but at the same time painful, but it was good pain.

“Yes mr” I screamed, the thought of Justin being so rough on me turned me on even more, i wanted him to take out all his supressed anger on me.

“Say it louder” He screamed his fingers pumping fiercly in and out my stomach was aching for a release.

“YES MR YOURE RIGHT” I screamed and came all over his hand, he stopped fingering me and forced his hand into my mouth.

“WELL Its time for you miss felisha to taste some of youre own medicine and pay for all those times youve gone around in school wearing youre sexy clothes teasing me like a bitch” Justin wasnt the perfect angel everyone believed he was actually he was the opposite well atleast when he got into character.

“Yes mr” I obey.

Justin pulled me up from the bed and quickly undressed, his pants and boxers everything went on the floor, he pushed me down on my knees that i spread on the floor so that he could see my dripping pussy. He pressed my head against his dick and shoved himself inside my mouth that was already filled with precum.

“This i what you like huh? Little miss felisha? You like this dontcha” Justin said pulling my hair.

“I do mr” I said sucked hard while he looked down on me seeing his whole lenght dissappearing into my wet mouth. He pushed his hips deeper into my mouth as i sucked, i dragged my teeth against his skin everytime i pulled back out only to pull him in harder.

“Youre sucha bad bad girl miss felisha you know that?” Justin screamed while pulling my hair.

“I know mr, im sorry” I moaned.

“Sorry wont do, now suck harder” He commanded pushing my head closer to his crotch. I almosed gagged. Justin shot his huge load deep into my throat before i could pull away he pushed himself in one last time. I stood up and he grabbed my hands and pushed me against the windows so i was facing the outside world.

“You know what felisha” He whispered into my ear.

“No mr bieber” I moaned.

“You dont know what happeneds to dirty girls like you, that walks around looking to sexy for their age”

“No, mr please tell me” I bit my lip while facing the window which btw had a beautiful view. My boobs were pressed against the clod glass making my nipples stand up and my pussy was dripping wet, making the window wet too.

“We fuck them” Justin whispered into my ear. “Hard, painfully and wild”

“Mhm” I moaned. Justin pushed me up harder against the window, he entered me fron behind I moaned when i could feel him inside my wet pussy. He slammed himself against my g-spot hard going harder and harder while whiping my ass.

“Mmmm yes, ive been a bad bad girl” I moaned in anticipation.

“You have” Justin moaned while fucking me, he grabbed my legs and let my left leg straddle his leg. He thrust into me harder, his dick filling me up inside completely, his hands grapsed my hair and pulled the roots hard.

“Oh yes, fuck me hard” I moaned, he pushed harder and harder into me and i tried my best to meet him halfway while i was pushed against the window.

“Felisha youve always been a very naughty girl in my eyes” Justin whispered while he fucked me, his hands moving from my hair to my breasts. He backed away from the window letting me drop on all four. He fucked me harder and faster than ever before and his hands found my hips, he pulled me onto him over and over again.

“Mmm Fuck me Justin ive been sucha bad bad girl” I screamed and that was it, he came right into me making me release over him, there was a hot mess and the heat was unbearble, our cum was all over the place and Justin pulled out of me he sat down on the floor and pulled me close to him.

“Was i too rough on you baby” He whispered.

“No… Naughty girls needs a little roughness” I moaned still in ecstas.

“Good” He kissed my lips. “Cant wait til tomorrow” He whispered.

“Why tomorrow, when we can do it again” I smirked.

“Ohh like that miss felisha. Youre the naughtiest girl ive ever met” Justin smirked and kissed me hard.

“Oh yeah? Well you better teach me one of your lessons then” I giggled and pulled out handcuffs that was hidden in the beddrawer.

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