17. Bad grades by @PervLikeBieber

Rose POV.
Being a young home school teacher for Justin Bieber must be every teenagers dream and im living it. Its fun following him on tour each day in a new city, we always go explore the different towns before his sounchecks and shows. I enjoy being with him and i can tell he enjoys being with me. But then there’s this moments when sexual tension inbetween us appear. If justin wasnt my student i would have probably already hooked up with him, but because of my job i cant. I have to admit he’s really handsome and he’s very smart for being just 16. I mean he’s waaaay smarter than i was 3 years ago. He’s also very funny and we always joke around, sometimes he gets a little bit to close to me and a little bit to flirty then i have to remind him that im his teacher. But i dont wanna remind and just let him continue. I know he likes me more than a friend and i mean what wrong with “Us” we are both teens, i happen to be 3 years older so what? and being his teacher, only his teacher? Im not technically breaking any rules. I mean since im not a legit school teacher, as in teaching 25 other students at the same time.

“Justin im sorry but you failed your essay”

“Aww its okay miss taylor” Justin said he smiles and grabbed the piece of paper he’d worked on the whole week.

“Miss taylor?” He asked.

“Yes Justin” I said, i sat facing him on the otherside of the table. He had his mac computer and his iphone along with a pile of books placed on the wooden table.

“Can i make it up somehow?” He said and winked. There was no one else in the room or should i say in the bus. We were on our way to the next stop on his tour and ahead of us lied a 4 hours long bus ride, i was alone. With Justin.

“Umm yeah” I said unsure. Justin stood up for his chair and moved over to my side.

“How” He whispered. His lips close to my ears, i could hear his breathe, the warm air coming out from his mouth hit my ear for what felt like a thousand times before he moved away.

“Umm well, you can…” I started.

“Miss taylor” Justin said cutting me off.

“What?” I asked, he looked into my eyes before replying.

“You look really hot today” He said, his smile of pride showing on his face. I looked down to see what i was wearing, i had a white blouse that covered up my arms, this morning i hadnt bothered to button it up all the way as i usually do. I wore a tight skirt that was about knee lenght then i wore some black tights to cover up my legs.

“Umm thanks Justin” I replied fluttered but surprised that he’d said something like that.

“I might know how i could make it up too you” Justin said. “But you have to promise not to tell anyone” Justin said, he was already pushing away the table with the books and computer on. He came down to my eye level cocked his head to the side and kissed me. After a while i kissed him back, even if i knew it was wrong, but this was what i wanted. This was why i had come to work today. To be alone with Justin.
His lips caressed mine in all the different ways they possibly could. His fingers fingered my buttons on my shirt and without saying anything i dropped the shirt to the floor. We both knew it was wrong but we both wanted it. Justins eyes widened when id dropped the shirt, his lips removed themselves quickly to kiss my new exposed skin. He kissed my neck and shoulder, down each arm and then back up. He kissed inbetween my breasts as he desperately tried to unhook my bra. When it was finally off he kissed my breats sucking them lightly. His hands hurried themselves down to my skirt. I lift my hips so he could pull it off along with my tights.

“Miss taylor” Justins mouth let go off my nipple.

“Please Justin say Rose” I gasped.

“Okay, rose you’re now fired” Justin smirked.

“What?” I gasped.

“I have to fire you for being to sexy. You are no longer my teacher. GOT IT” He whispered and winked. He continued doing what he was doing before, now his hands glide up my slim legs, his fingers tracing the inside of my thighs. “After we are done” He kissed my lips again. “I might consider to hire you again” He kissed my other breast and gave it the same treatment as the first. His fingers traced around my pussy, Justin could clearly feel my wetnnes through the lacy thin material that kept his fingers away from their goal. Justins fingers grabbed a hold of the thin material and smirked, he ripped them off and his fingers reached paradise. He took his time feeling me completely exploring every inch of my sex before he pushed them inside.

His fingers filled my up inside, he crocked them a little feeling the walls close in on them, he pulled out and slammed back in harder this time. He crocked his finger a little more trying to find the right angle before he pulled back out. He pushed back in deeper this time increasing his pace, he crocked his finger again then pulled it out. There he was kneeling infront of me, he watched his fingers dissappear in my pussy. He pushed in and out harder and harder everytime and he crocked his fingers a little more each time until they finally found my g-spot making me scream.

“Justiiin” I breathed heavily. Justin added another finger into the hot mess and slammed his fingers inside me. I felt something warm and then i realized he’d added his tongue to my clit. He swirled it around in circles, his fingers made sloppy sounded as they hit my spot and juices came down his hand.

“OH MY GOD” I screamed, the feeling was intense, his tongue pressed hard againt me and his fingers moved faster and faster. It was as he was trying to kill me with all his pleasure.

“Mmmm” He moaned sending vibrations against my pussy.

“Faster Justin” I screamed, he obey, his fingers and tongue both working my sex fast now, id never before been with someone this good, i thought to myself before i screamed as pleasure took over me and i reached my peek.
Justin licked me off then he licked his fingers off well satisfied he stood up and gave me a big hard sloppy kiss.

“Justin” I gasped when he broke free, the taste of my own cum still lingering in my mouth. “You never failed you essay” I winked. Justins face turned into stone when he realized i knew he’d do this if id told him he’d fail.

“See you in next class Miss taylor” Justin said, he grabbed his books and opened the door that led to the other side of the bus, where the beds were. He winked before closing the door leaving me alone. Thats when it hit me. On the other side of the bus where the bunks are there is also a driver.


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