16. The Girl Next Door by @PervLikeBieber

Justins POV.
There she is again Kayla. I stood looking out from my window on the second floor, the window had a nice view over the neightbours house and garden where Kayla was placed right in the middle wearing only a bikini. It was hot outside and id seen her earlier today swimming in her pool, now she had placed herself on the black hot trampoline to tan her already darkened skin. Her legs were spread out on the trampoline and her bikini didnt do a very good job at covering up her breasts but i didnt mind. Her perfect brown curls had over the summer turned a little lighter and she had also gotten highlights, her fringe covered up her forehead and she looked like a younger version of miley cyrus. But alot hotter i must say. Even from the distance i could see her painted long nails, mmm how i wished those nails dug into my skin while we fucked. Her gorgeous blue green eyes that usually was covered up with a pair of shades were now revealed but closed.
I decided to walk over to Kayla instead of admiring her from my window.

Kaylas POV.

I heard someone walk over to me and opened my eyes, there he was the boy that lived next to me, his name that i had mentioned far to many times to my friends and his name that id sometimes accidentally moaned while my hormones went crazy. His hair was wet and so was his amazingly tanned and toned body. He slowly without a word climbed up on the trampoline and i scooted over to make some room.

“Hi” He whispered. His voice was hoarse and sounded raw but it was definitely sexy.

“Hi” I smiled and shifted my body on the hot trampoline.

“Do you mind” Justin smiled and laid down next to me.

“No not at all” I said, i stared down his dripping wet body and his hair that was glued to his forehead. Just the thought of him and seeing him like this made me horny.

“Its pretty hot out here” Justin wiped away the water/sweat on his forhead.

“Yeah it is” I struggled to find the right words and my body trembled to not jump on him right there.

We both laid there in silence every once in a while i glanced over at justin and i even caught him glancing then our eyes suddenly met. He didnt take his eyes away from me, he just continued to stare into my eyes, it felt like hours and years passed by but it probably just lasted for 5 seconds before i pulled my head away from him, embarrased. I still felt his gaze on my body watching my every move.

“I uhm gotta…” I started, i needed to escape this awkward situation so i sat up and adjusted my bikini. I felt two hands grip my wrists, Justin pushed me back down on the trampoline and grabbed my arms, he pushed them down with his wrists capturing me as a prisoner. He leaned in and kissed my lips, his hands never letting go of my wrists, i didnt fight back, i just kissed him back. His lips graced mine over and over again before we stopped for air. Justin breathed heavily down on me as he let go of my hands.
He kissed me once again taking my breath away, his soft lips hugging mine. This time he didn hesitate, he gentle stuck his tongue into my mouth and started exploring my mouth, i darted my tongue into his mouth and did the same as he done to me to him. Justin let go of my hands and stroked my face lightly as i pulled his body closer to mine. He was careful not to crush me under him as he kissed me harder, his hands never leaving my face.

Once again air became a problem as i let go of him panting, but his lips gracefully moved down to my neck and he placed light kisses all over it before sucking it leaving marks. Somewhere inbetween my consantly panting i let out a moan that followed with another louder moan. Justin untied my bikini top and threw it aside, his lips kissed my breasts and his tongure draw invisible circles around my nipples before he took them into his mouth and sucked them.

“Mmm Harder” It was more of a command than a moan. Justin did as i asked and sucked harder, i could feel his hands and fingers dance over my belly, he played with my belly button piercing before his hands slid of my bikini panties.

Justin continued to suck my breast while rubbing the other one with his left hand. His right hand begun to finger me. His finger felt around my wet pussy before it went inside. I moaned not being able to say anything, he pumped his finger in and out adding another finger to the hot mess that was appearing.

“Faster Justin” I moaned watching his lips sucking my breast and his fingers push in and out of me giving me so much pleasure that i thought id die. Justins lips left my breast and licked its way down to my messy pussy his tongue licked up the wet juice that had already escaped.

“Justin” I whispered.

“Mhm” He groaned his fingers still thrusting inside me.

“Lick me Justin” I moaned.

Justins fingers stopped but only to be replaced with his wet tongue that was hungry for me. His tongue made some sloppy sounds as it darted in and out of me much like when we had kissed, only this was better. Much better.

“Yes baby lick me harder” I moaned, i didnt care who could see us and i didnt really care who could hear us either.

Justins tongue thrust into my pussy harder almost sending me over the edge.

“Harder Justin” I screamed my stomach aching for a release and then BOOM. I came all over his face. His tongue licked up all the wet juices that i had shot out all over my legs before he licked his lips.

“Yumm” He moaned.

He kissed my lips once again before leaving me there on the trampoline. He walked back into his house. I watched him, his sexy ass walking away from me leaving me with the orgasm of my life he turned around blew a kiss and shouted

“I heard the weather will be even hotter tomorrow”


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