12. Vampire by @PervLikeBieber

Justin’s POV.

To walk around in school 8 hours a day is not really my thing, besides i cant eat anything at lunch, the ugly taste of food ugh i dont get how people could eat that. Besides my cravings we’re bigger and worse. Whenever i got real hungry i could feel my mouth fill with saliva, my teeth getting sharp and my tongue starts feeling heavy.
School bell rings, its just another hour before i can run home if im lucky i get something to eat on my way, but i doubt that there’s hardly ever someone walking around in the forest after the darkness has arrived, nobody dares walk into the woods where who know what lives.

I glide down the hall emotionless and without making a sound, i tried to not pay to much attention to the tempting people around me, there were the popular ones, they often covered their smell with perfume, then there was the unpopular that always smelled cheap perfume then there was emo’s that had cuts, tempting! Then there was sports freak that usually were boys and smelled a strong scent of cologne, the normal people that smelled mostly perfume, but not that much, i could still feel the smell of their amazing liquid inside their bodies.

All these different kind of humans i had to live with, to have a normal life. My mom said, but my life isnt really “Normal” if you dont consider hanging out with your food a “normal” thing.

I sat down in class behind a girl, she was pretty looking. Her blonde high lights where shimmering in her long chocolate brown hair that formed a straight v on her back. She wore a black cardigan that defined her high lights even more, other than that he neck was bare, just a tin line of gold wrapped around it. She moved her hair to her right side exposing her delicate -Well too me- neck. I could hear her heartbeat easier now and i could see the fresh blood pumping through her veins that went all the way around her body. I couldnt help but to move closer to her, the smell of her made me weak. I had never ever felt a humans blood smell this good before, never ever. My teeth that was already to bite made a shivering sound as i clenched them hard together, afraid that if i let go of myself i would bite her.

The girl turned around as i stared at her delicate tasty neck.

“Uhm what are you doing?” She asked.

“Uhm I umm Hi” I said trying not to show my teeth through my smile.

“Umm hi” She said and looked at me.

“I umm was umm. You smell nice” Was all i could get out of my stupid mouth without showing off my vampire teeth that was now dripping with poison. I wanted to say youre beautiful or a compliment like that but i couldnt, that wouldve revealed my secret.

What do i usually do with girls that smell this nice and have fresh blood? I usually just charm them, take them home or into the forest then i kill them, but i never take girls from my own school then it would cause scenes. But this girl i wanted.

“Thanks” She smiled, her perfect white teeth made her face shine like an angel and here i was like a devil wanting to eat her fresh blood.

“Do you like math?” I asked casually.

“Yes, do you?” The smile was still appearing.

“No i hate it, im so bad at it” Lies. “Maybe you could tutor me today after school?” She looked at me with a nervous look, her fingers went to scratch her neck.

“Pleeeeease otherwise i will fail this course” More lies.

“Uhm okay i guess ill give it a try” She smiled, her face was beautiful for real, she had light blue eyes shining like when the sun reflects on the sea. Her cheeks were perfectly exposed with only a tiny bit of powder on them, her nose was in a perfect rounded shape and her forehead had no signs of bad skin or any achne. Her lpis were in a perfect ful shape, they had some pink lipgloss on them that was strawberry scent, her breath was minty fresh and over lip had a monroe piercing at the left side.

“Thank you meet you outside after the school” I said smiling not opening my mouth tho.

“Cool” She smiled a big smile, she mustve liked me from the way she looked at me, that intense gaze she had and those velvet sounding words that came out of her little mouth even though she was uncertain of what to say.

We met outside the school later and she introduced herself properly, her name was Kayla. Kaylas smile never dissappeared from her lips as we both strolled home together, my hunger had gone away and now i could talk, laugh and smile properly which she was satisfied that i did. As we reached my house we stopped outside the gate she turned to me and did the unexpective, she kissed me.

Her lpis hugged mine in a soft kiss that soon turned into something completely different, suddenly her tongue was in my mouth, i know she would soon realize that i was different but my urge to kiss her back was strong than my urge to pull away. She put her tongue inside me and i felt my teeth sharpen if she continued like this she would be poisoned. Thank god she stopped.

“What happened to your teeth” She said panting a little as i took her breath away. I wasnt panting, i was made to hold my breath for days if so needed.

“They got sharp” I said casually.

“Why? How? What?”

“Urm its complicated? I ummm im not what you think i am” I said it was true though.
“OMG What are you then? are you some kind of alien” She paniked. I burst out laughing showing off my sharp teeth. I had four, two on the top row and two on the buttom. They were placed in the front one on each side.

“Im…. im a, um… im a vampire” I didnt look into those gorgeous eyes while i told her the truth, i looked at her delicate neck, her heart started to beat faster, i could hear it, so fast that i thought it would break at any minute.

“Your… your… ah, ah vampire?” She said now her emotion changed, she looked scared.

“Dont be scared” I said trying to calm her down, saving her from a heart attack.

“Why wouldnt i you’re gonna bring me inside, then like eat me or something arent you?”

I was, i thought to myself then you kissed me and made my world spinning and my body, my dead body go crazy for you.

“No” I said. “I just need help with math” I lied. “Look im like Edward i twilight, i wont harm anyone, i promise” More lies. Not that i would hurt her. “Pleeeease i like you and if we were supposed to idk be friends i didnt want to keep any secrets since you asked me” Even more lies.

“So you promise not to eat me” Her heartbeat calmed down and out of her mouth came a laugh.

“Whats so funny?” I asked.

“Its just that, this is like twilight but in reality” She said.

“But we’re not in love” I answered.

“You might not be, but i am” She said. Wait a minute i hadnt seen her before or even spoken to her, how could she be in love with me?

“Wait you love me?”I asked confused.

“I have ever since i first saw you. Your beautiful your dark brown mysterious eyes, your perfect sculptured lips and your relatively brown nude, skin. Speaking of that how come you arent pale?”

“You cant seriously believe those myths everything is just myths except that we eat blood. We are just like humans.”

“So how do you become a vampire?”

“Uhm theres a special place on the body, its below your elbow but over the wrist, if a vampire bites you there you feel no pain, but soon you will feel a need and urge of blood. Thats how it works, no big drama like in twilight or vampires diaries or whatever shit you watch” I laughed.

“Ohhh” she said and smiled.

“Yeah but one myth is true, vampires have better senses, and i must say, your blood smells really nice”

“Ohhh so thats why you complimented my scent in school” She laughed, i was surpised she acted like nothing.

“Yeah” I blushed a little.

“Dont worry, im not scared” She answered as if she had read my mind. “I still have a crush on you”She kissed my lips again,this time my mouth was used to the sweet taste and my teeth didnt react as much as before.

I dragged Kayla inside to so she wouldnt be cold she took off her cardigan revealing more skin, her perfect slim arms that had no cuts, no marks or anything. I took her to a room and she was surprised to see that it looked normal.

“There’s only myths that vampires doesnt sleep or that they die from the sun. The only thing that is extra special with us is our strong senses and that we dont need air, we dont have any organs working, they stop as soon as the venom hits them. My heart is frozen, my brain is dead, im not excatly sure how it works but it works somehow to live without them”

“Ohh” Kayla looked more intrested than anyone that has ever found out he was a vampire. She smiled all the time and she nodded to show that she listened.

“Yeah its pretty sick” I said smiling. Kayla kissed me another time on the bed, his fingers enterwined with mine. Her thumb rubbing my knuckles. She kissed me harder and no reaction what so ever came from my teeth, no poison or anything but then when she put her tongue in BAYUM. I had to gently push her away from my mouth so that i wouldnt poison her to death.

“Im sorry” I whispered. She looked at me, she felt compassion without even knowing what was wrong. “My senses are strong and when we kiss something sets off. The venom in my teeths starts to produce itself and when u pushed your tongue inside its ready to release. Im sorry. I can kill you if it release” I whispered, i was afraid she would leave. This had never happened to me before, i had never fallen in love with a human before, vampires yes. Humans, no.

“Its okay, i understand” She said and blushed. “So how do “IT” work” She said and giggled.

“What?” I asked not knowing what she talked about.

“The sex, how does it work?” She blushed then laughed.

“Its normal, although i must say, Vampires are bigger” I laughed.

“Mhm” She giggled biting her lip.

“What? Its true” I giggled.

“I want proof” She winked.

“No way”

“Yeah way, do it. Unless… youre scared”

“Im not scared”

“Then do it”


“Why not”

“Its weird”


“Watch it, or ill bite ya” I laughed, Kayla laughed to at the sick conversation we were having.

“No but seriously” She whined. “You not a virgin are you?” She smiled at me.

“No but i havent done it with a human” I said seriously.

“Let me be your first?” Kayla begged, her eyes lock with mine and she was dead serious, her smile dissappeared and her heartbeat went faster again. She leaned in and kissed me one of those soft velvet kissed then she closed her eyes, her hands trailing down my arms. He stroked them lightly with her fingers and then she pulled the rim of my shirt, she was serious. I moaned a quiet moan.

“Okay” I said, he threw my shirt off and then we both hurried to get our clothes off, i had never ever done it with a human before, those few vampires that had said it was amazing and it felt so different. That humans were deeper and tighter. I had fantasised about it but i never thought i would actually try it.

Kayla laid down in the bed naked beneath me. She kissed my softly again, afraid she would set the poison off. She didnt dare press her tongue inside my mouth. Instead she scared cute little butterfly kisses all over my face and down my neck, she bite it a little and making me moan.

“Rawr im a vampire” She giggled then she kissed my lips over and over again. “Im gonna eat you justin” She moaned. She kissed down my neck again, over my chest biting my nipples, then she licked down my abs, her hands wandered down my body then down to my long thick dick. She smirked and grabbed it.

“Oh yes definitly bigger than anyone ive been with” She said as her hand moved around it, feeling around then she started to rub her pussy with it. It was unlike vampires pussies, really wet. No scratch that, it was extremely WET. Wetter than ive ever felt before atleast. She rubbed herself with me teasing herself and me. I moaned into her ear and she let go for a second. I wasted no time and pushed her down on the bed, i kissed his lips and darted my tongue into her mouth, she didnt move hers, she was afraid. I explored her whole mouth before biting her lip with my sharp teeth, i made she sure wasnt hurt though.

I kissed her neck and bite it with my teeth and she moaned loud, i dug me teeth harder into her skin, or atleast to her it felt hard, for me it felt extremely light, i would never bite this light if i was hunting. I kissed down her should and her perfect breats, i sucked one of them while my hand was fingering her wet pussy, my fingers went in and out as i sucked both of her breats. She moaned feeling enormous pleasure. My finger was soaked as i pushed another in and she moaned louder.

“Oh Justin… Harder” I pushed my fingers hard into her pussy, the saying where true, humans where much wetter, thighter and deeper.

“Ohh Justin i want more” She moaned and i press my thrid finger into her while i licked down her stomach. She soon orgasmed and my face dive down inbetween her legs that were covered in cum. I licked everything up, my teeth dragging against her wet clit, my tongue darting in and out of her thight pussy. She came again, this time she screamed.

“Juuuustin please, i want you” It was a mix between screaming and moaning.
I hovered her at the bed and pushed my big hard dick into her, she moaned and so did i.

“Mmmm Kayla” I kissed her lips once again then pushed myself further.

“Go deeper Justin” She moaned and i started to thrust myself in and out, as if my life depended on it. Not that i have a “life”. She moaned over and over again making “Ahhh, mmmm, ugh” sounds that were incredibly sexy. Her screamings filled my ears and her panting was getting heavier and heavier. I on the other hand breathed normal. I could hear her heart doing flips and her blood rushing through her body, the sweet scent of her blood filled the room blended with the salty scent of her cum.

She spread her legs wide and then she came right over me.

“FUUUUUCK” She screamed. Her body shivered and i could hear her heart over anything else, i could smell the scent of her cum and i could feel her tight pussy relaxing around my dick.

Oh well, now i have a new experience to add to my eternal life.


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