11. First Snow by @PervLikeBieber

Cindy’s POV.
There’s always something special about the first snow, how it covers the small streets in stratford and slowly falls to the ground. Its magical seeing the white tiny pieces from heaven falling down, and if you look straight up in the air you see nothing, nothing but snow, like tiny angels in the sky.

This is the time of the year when you let go and for once become a kid again. You throw snoballs at eachother, rush in sleds down the hill, you get to dress in those big cosy winterjackets and drink hot chocolate.

I tied my brown long wavy hair up in a big messy bun, i dont like wearing hats or anything in the winter so i put on my big red winterjacket and pulled the hoodie over my head, it put on some real thick black mittens and my black uggs. We might be 16 but so what? Me, my best friend Holly and her big brother Justin we’re going out to be young kids again. Justin is 3 years older than us i know its morally wrong but, he looks really hot. But i bet people cant even tell that he’s older than us because he has that kinda baby face with a sprint of girlyness. He looks a lot like holly and their mom for that matter but still he looks hot. He has gotten those big brown eye that goes in the Bieber family, he’s got the brown looking hair and those perfect lips that are the reason why he looks like a little baby. No offence, like i said he’s smoking hot.

I hurried around, running along the streets of the small almost fairlytale looking town, it was white and there was a xmas tree in the middle of the town. There was small book stores, grocery stores and other unknown stores that was part a of the charming town startford, the town had not alot of people and everyone knew eachother a love eachother. It was like those small farmvillages in texas.

I think i said hi to atleast 15 people before i finally had reached the Bieber’s doorsteps. I rang on the bell multiple times until finally someone opened.

“Are ya ready?” I screamed excited. Holly grabbed her mittens and then called for Justin to hurry up, we both ran outside and got all the sleds, that way we wouldnt have to wait for Justin to get his. We all went down the street to a big sleddinghill. It was the perfect hill, it was long and steep only problem was to get up on it cause with winterjackets and uggs that were slippery you had to give everything you got to not slip and fall back down again.

“Race ya” We all said at the same time as we jumped into the sleds feeling like kids again, we rushed down the steep hill, the wind blowing our hair and the snow attacking our face. This is how it feels to be a kid.

After going up and down the hill atleast 5 times i fell back onto the ground and made a snow angel, we all made several snow angels, then we decided to make a big snow man. His name would be Snushi, dont ask why, dont know why. It started to get cold and dark outside, ofcourse at this time of the year it got dark really early which somehow affected me cause as soon as darkness set in i got tired. So we walked back home.

I laid down in the snow outside Holly’s house after running around trying to find sticks for Snushi and walking all the way back i was tired as hell. Suddenly something cold splashed against my face, it felt like ice, stone cold. My skin was already red from before but now it mustve looked even worse. My cheek were burning but at the same time they were freezing.

“Oooopps sorry” Holly giggled. I collected some snow and got ready to throw it back at her. Opps miss, the cold ball of hell was supposed to hit Holly but it hit Justin instead, the water that melted ran down his perfect face, his cheeks we’re chubby like a baby’s and his forehead was wet both from sweat and the cold snow that i just had hit him with.

Some of the snow hit his eyes making him scrunch his nose and close his eyes, he looked kinda cute doing that. If only he werent my best friends brother.

“Oh my god, Justin sorry” I ran up to him and brushed the snow away from his face, my fingers stroking his cheeks. The felt so smooth, like a babys butt. He opened his eyes and stared into mine for a brief moment before turning them away. “Are you okay” I asked him while looking at his eyes making sure they werent turning red or anything.

“Im fine” He smile at me, those perfect teeth that once waaaay back in time had braces.

“Good” I smiled and my hands unwillingly pulled away from his cheeks, his forehead was still wet.

“Umm do you wanna come inside” Justin asked, he opened the door and stepped in taking of his winterjacket, it was black and had a hoodie with fur on the edge.

“Sure” I smiled, i noticed that Holly didnt follow us. “Holly?” I asked looking at her, Holly was lost in thoughts.

“Uhm yeah, Cindy im gonna go into town to look for uhm food” She said quickly she waved goodbye and i assumed she’d be back in a sec.

“Did holly just leave?” Justin asked me while i entered the living room, there was a beautiful view of their garden from there, it was snow everywhere. Untouched glittery, shimmery snow.

“Yes” I said.

“Oh good. Wanna go outside?” Justin asked while looking at me, my eyes, then down my whole body.

“Um we were just outside” I said nervously, normally he didnt pay attention to me when i was in the house, normally id wish for him TO pay attention to me, now i felt a bit nervous that he was paying attention to me.

“Yeah but lets go out again” He said, not giving me a second thought he hurried back and got my jacket threw it at my face and he dressed himself again.

“Uhm okay” I said following Justin out the back door, he ushred me forward as he closed the door behind me. Then i felt something pushing me towards the ground and the snow, i got snow all over my face as i faced the ground, i rolled over and Justin hovered me, he looked into my eyes, even thought it was dark i could see his brown eyes shine clearly in the dark. He didnt say anything neither did i, we just stared into eachothers eyes. Then his lips came closer to mine, then closer and closer and closer. The brushed against mine, not properly touching mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him, i leaned in and kissed him. I leaned in a kissed my best friends older brother that i had always dreamed of kissing.

His lips were soft and surprisingly not even dry, opposite they were moistured even thought it was cold outside. I put my arms around his neck and pulled his closer, the kiss was getting deeper. We kissed fiercly as if we were making love. Justin grabbed my face and stroke my cold wet cheeks then he gently rolled over in the snow putting me ontop, i pressed my tongue inbetween his lips and he opened his mouth, his tongue gently caressed mine as we started to roll around in the snow, it felt like love making, but with clothes on. Best kissing experience ever.

Justin suddenly pulled me out of the show. Now the garden wasnt perfect anymore, no there had been two teenagers there, having the experience of their lives, or atleast i had and we hadnt even had sex. There was tracks after us everywhere, we mustve rolled around the entire garden.

“Cmon we dont have much time” Justin hurried me inside.

“Time for what?” I asked.

“Holly will be back soon” He didnt bother explain he just pulled me upstairs and into his room. A typical dark boy room, he had a guitar hanging on his wall, some prices and medals, posters of “hot girls” and hmm i dont even wanna know whats in his drawers. Justin led me over to his bed and placed me gently in his lap, he brushed away my straight bangs to the side and looked into my eyes. He kissed me again. The feeling of his lips on mine was the best feeling ever, it was as if we were made for eachother, meant to be. Soulmates. We kissed for minutes in the same position until he finally laid down me ontop of him, my knees hitting the bed. The kiss sent electric shock through my body, giving me goosebumps. His lips moved in sync with mine and our tongue danced in eachothers mouths. He was as i had imagined an awesome kisser. Justins hands caressed my tiny body with his fingers, he gently stroke my arms, my shoulders, my back, my stomach then his hands felt like no more waste of time, so he looked me in the eyes seeking permission, then he unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. I wasnt nervous anymore, this, this was better than i wouldve ever imagined mine and Justins sex would be. Yes i know its morally wrong to think of having sex with your best friends brother but i couldnt help it, it wasnt like somebody would ever find out.

He pulled down my panties and pulled over my shirt, unclapsed my bra and wasted no time as his lips slid down my neck, he stuck his tongue out, the tip licking down my neck. His fingers massaged my inner thighs and then he went over to my private area, his thumb gently massaged my most sensitive spot i moan quietly. I was afraid that somebody else would enter the house and hear us. Justin licked behind my ear and bit my ear sexily then he whispered

“Ive always wanted this” His voice was soft like velvet but it had a sexy tone attached to it.

“Me too” I moaned, he rubbed my clit faster and his other hand plunged a finger into me. He kissed down my neck and then he threw me down on the bed so he could easier please me. He kissed my breasts, licked down my clevage then he insert another finger.

“Oh Justin” I moaned, not to loud but not to quiet. Justin pumped his fingers in and out rhytmical as his tongue found my nippled, his teeth grasped them nibbled at little. I moaned again. He started sucking my breasts, his thumb moving harder against my clit and another finger in my pussy making my walls clench. My stomach begged for a release, the butterflies that was running around inside went crazy and my head started to spin as i finally release, Justin let go off everything and hurried to undress. There was not much time before Holly would come back home.

He kissed my lips as he slowly entered me. I pulled away.

“Justin what do you i think i am? A virgin” I teased.

Justin smirked and forced well not forced, but pushed himself into my tingly body, i hadnt recovered from the massive orgasm just yet. His hard dick pound into my pussy again and again building up a new rhytm. His face burried inbetween my chest, his tongue licking between my breats, everynow and then he kissed them and sucked them he bit the nipples to when he’d pounded extra hard into me. My legs were now placed on his shoulders to give him new access and his face and lipshad turned away from my breats, now they went all over the place. His supported himself by his elbows. This was the best sex expenrience ive ever had. OH GOD this boy know how to please a woman.

“Mmmm Justin” I moaned over and over again until i finally came all over him and myself, he didnt mind.

“Ahhhh Justin” I screamed and that set him off to.

“That was some raw, pure, hot fucking” Justin said as we both clamed down after the orgasms of our lives.

“Im baaaack” We both heard Holly scream from downstairs.

“Shit hurry” I whispered. We threw on out clothes quickly and i picked up a magazine randomly out of Justins drawers, thank god it wasnt one of his porn thingys. That i assumed he had somewhere. Justin sat down infront of his computer acting as if he was reading something.

“What have you guys done while i was gone” Holly said as she entered the room.

“You know the usual” I said.
Cough “Fucked” cough. Justin whispered and fake cough. I glared at him.

“Oh, okay.” Holly seemed a bit suspicious.


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