10. Meet Justin Bieber by @PervLikeBieber

Rileys POV.
“Guess what” My sister rushed into the room with a poster in her hand it was ofcourse a bieber poster. WOW im impressed that a jerk can look so good. I thought as i looked at the poster. Clearly im not a bieberfan, never has, never will be? He sings like a girl, he acts like a princess and he probably fucks like a Guinea pig ass. OH NO WAIT, the guy is a virgin.

“What?” I sigh as always my sister ran into my room when the beaver had done something, like when he was in the magazine, when he sang a new song, when he was on tv. Who the fuck gives a shit when and where he appears. My sister does apparently, shes 11 almost the same age as Beaver? He’s a 12 year old girl huh? No but seriously, the would make good play mates.

“Mom said you’re going to take me to a Meet and greet with Justin DREW BIEBER” She shouted the last part of his ugly name.

“You mean Justina Biebina?” I laughed. “No way you’ve got to be kidding me”

“Riley its not a joke” My sister looked at me seriously.

“It has to be a joke” I said laughing while pulling my dark brown hair into a ponytail.

“Its not” My sister said with her stoneface.

“Im not gonna take you to see that beaver guy. GOT IT” I gritted my teeth together and motioned for her to leave.

“Mom said you were” she whined.

“OH WELL MOMS WRONG” I screamed then ushered her out of my room. I laid down in my room on my baby pink bedspread and looked around the computer. Then i heard a knock.

“Riley” My mom called from outside.

“WHAT” The word came out angry, more angry than i wanted to sound.

“Youre going to take your sister to that meet and greet” My mom said.

“NO WAY” I whined.

“Or else you can kiss you car goodbye” She said dangling with my carkeys outside the door.

“BUUUUT MOOOOM YOU CANT” I whined. “I dont wanna go to meet that fucking twelve year old kid he’s gay”

“You are taking your sister to meet Justin Bieber end of story” I winced as my mother said his name.

When the weekend finally came i had against my will dressed up for the meeting. I was wearing a black strappless body hugging dress with some white pumps and a white belt around my waist. My sister had gone all the way, make up, curled her hair, nice dress everything. Gosh its just a BEAVER. Beavers doesnt care about how their prey look. I jumped into the car and pulled out the driveway, it was a one hour drive to get to the bookstore where he was signing books. Yes he had a book, the let everyone write nowadays, even beavers.

“Hurry” My sister said scared that we would be late.

“Im doing my best” I replied frustrated. My mom had given my sister money so she could go buy the book and then Beaver himself would obviously sign it.

When we got there my sister jumped out the car and i went right after her as she pulled my hand. I walked with slow steps or i tried to but she pulled me hard, i concentrated on not falling in my stilletoes and i careful with my dress that was not longer than below my ass. My sister finally realised that i was to slow for her so she ran ahead grabbed the book and then waited for me in the store. I looked at the not so ugly face but the ego boy on the cover then grabbed the book as i went to pay for it.

“Lets see whats in here” I said as we waited in line to meet Beaver. I looked on the first page. *First step 2 forever* It said then writers and companies and other shit i didnt care about. Psht forever cheesy.

“Give me the book” My sister tried to reach for it.

“No” I said as i held the book high enough for her not to read as i scrambled through the pages and read some lines under the pictures that was actually not so bad.

“So do you like it” I heard a familiar deep voice. It was the twelve year old himself. I hadnt noiced that while i was “reading” i had moved forward and the line infront of me had decreased and there was only one person infront of me the person Justin talked to.

Apparently she was waaaaay into the book as she hyperventilated all over the floor and table, she touched her blonde stripy hair trying to impress the boy behind the table. No such luck.

I walked up to the table and i noticed Justin staring, he was staring at my clevage first then down my body. Then he finally made eyecontact. He put on the charm and the flirty voice that any girl in this room would die for except ME.

“Whats youre name sexy” He whispered so no one else could hear then he asked me in a normal tone. “Hi whats your name”

“Riley” I murmured low, my sister didnt notice his silent words, she was to startstuck.

“Im Justin” He said and reached for my hand a shook it.

“Listen, im not into you okay, just sign this for my little sister so i can go home” I said low enough for him to hear, no one else. I didnt want hundreds of beaverfans to attack me.

“Sure ill sign anything for you hun” He winked then looked back at my clevage. “Even those if you want m to” He winked again, but for the normal eye it would look as if he got something in his eye.

“Yeeeaahh, this is enough” I pushed the book into his hands.

“Nelly say hi to Justin then we’ll leave” I glared at him as i instructed my sister.

“Hi Nelly nice meeting you” Justin said putting a smile on my sisters face.

“Hi J-J-Jjjjustin” Nelly stuttered.

“So what do you think of my book” He said as he signed it.

“Actually i just bought it” Nelly said nervous.

“Oh thats awesome, are you going to read it too” Justin looked back at me with an evil grin that to my sister appeared as a smile.

“No” I gritted my teeth.

“My sister doesnt like you” Nelly spit out and i hit her on her arm.

“Oh, maybe she will soon” Justin smirked, again to Nelly it looked like an innocent smile.

“What? There’s no chance she can change her mind” My sister said carelessly. “No offence”

“Non taken. HEY Ive got an idea” Justin said smiling at my sister. “Why dont you and your sister come and eat with me and my crew at mcdonals.”

“No no no NO” I hurried up and answer.

“But Riiiileey” My sister whined. “We were going to eat anyway”

“It’ll be fun” Justin winked at me… again.

“Im sure it will dont miss me to much” I was getting ready to go.

“Pleaseeeee” My sister dragged my arm. Her feet gliding against the floor as i fought against her whole weight that was pulling me back.

“Okay” I gave up.

“Meet ya there” I heard Justin said.

I drove in silence to mcdonals, i was not going to talk or even look at him, i was just going to eat my stupid fries and my chicken nuggest. Not talking, not looking i would stop breathe if i could.

“OMG Im soooo excited” My sister screamed as we pulled up and saw Justin inside. We walked over to order then sat down next to him and his crew, thank god my sister took the seat next to him. I sat down on the other side of the table avoiding eye contact. Justin flipped his hair, it was probably an attempt to get my attention. Aint gonna happen buddy.

“So you live here?” Justin smalled talk with my sister, she told him everything. Like an open book. Ugh she didnt even shut up when Justin started to ask questions about me and why i didnt like him. I sat for a while talking to his mother who was a very sweet woman. She was really nice and down to earth.

“Soooo” Justin said and looked at me. “How old are you Riley”

“Just turned 17” I said stuffing another fry into my mouth chewing it slowly while staring down at the grey greasy table.

“Awesome, what did you get for your birthday” Justin tried to make a conversation.

“That” I pointed at my range rover.

“Sweet, so you’re into cars” Justin asked. I looked at him annoyed by his conversation, i was going to end this.


“Ive got the same car” He said proudly. “Theyre pretty big and roomy” He whispered.

“And what you’re implying is?” I said nonchalant.

“Nothing, nothing” Justin said defensive. I felt something against my leg, it was his foot. It went up my legs and i tried to move away without his mom noticing.

“Soooo” I gave him a glare and tried to act normal as the foot scraped against my inner thighs, where my dress was.

“So what grade are you in?” Justin asked. His foot landing between my legs. I tried to slap it away but it didnt work. He only pressed harder when i did.

“Im a senor” I said proud. I got to skip a year when i was little because i had an easy time in school.

“Awesome, me too. Im working hard so that i can graduate this year” He said, his foot not moving, only pressing hard against what was now becoming my wet pussy. Maybe if it wasnt him id make my move by now, but it was him. He’s good looking but a jerk.

“So whats you favorite subject” I asked.

“English” Justin smirked. “Yours?”


“I suck at math, maybe you can tutor me?” He winked. Then he whispered “I know you plus me = 69” His foot moved a little, his toes stroking me lightly, my body reached to his touch making me shiver and pleasure. I tried hard to hide it from him and his crew but it was hard. I mean im human, im supposed to reach this way, but not when its Justin…

“Uhm i gotta go to the bathroom” I said and ran away from the table, i locked myself into a booth and ugh i had to do something about my wet panties. I figured that it would be best if i just came, that way the wetness would go away. I started to finger myself lightly, teasing it a little, that way i knew for sure that there would be no wetness in my panties after i was done. I fingered harder and i heard the door fly open. I tried to hold my moans inside myself but it didnt work, small quiet moanings that hopefully no one heard escaped my mouth.

“Riley are you in there” Justin said opening the door. SHOOOT i had forgot to lock the stall, damn tenn hornyness. I pulled out my finger fast and tired to cover my pussy.

“Oh did i make you horny” Justin smirked. He closed the door and the stall suddenly got small.

“No” I denied myself.

“Oh i did didnt i” Justin walked towards me, he pushed me up against the wall, before i could protest his lips we’re on mine. OMG He was a good kisser, i kissed him back with force, but responded by pressing a finger under my dress against my pussy, he then pressed it into me. I moaned quietly.

“Mmm youre so sexy” Justin said as he kissed down my neck, still fingering me. He licked slowly then his tongue went inbetween my clevage, he pulled my dress down as i pulled his face up for another kiss.

“I might hate you but oh fuck you make me horny” I whispered against his lips as i kissed him again and again and again.

“I have that effect on women” Justin smirked as he pulled down my dress and his own pants, he didnt bother take off his shirt after all, we had to be quick before people would look for us. He replaced his finger in my pussy with something completely bigger, his dick.

“Ohhh” I moaned. He sucked my neck as he pushed me up against the wall he raised one of my legs so he could hit my spot easier. OH He was a pretty damn good fuck, i have to admit. I moaned again, his lips covering mine so that the moanings wouldnt escape. He kissed me fiercly while pushing into my tight hole harder and harder and harder. I wanted to scream so badly, who fucking cares if i hated him, i wanted him more and more.

“Ugh fuck” I moaned into his mouth as we broke apart for air. Our lips dangeriously close to eachother, he was groaning, UGH Sexy. His breath hit my lips and i pressed myself closer to him, he fucked deeper and deeper with every thrust. He grasped my ass as he pressed me even closer if that was possible.

“Mmm let me feel that sexy ass of yours” He moaned into my mouth. He went faster and faster, he needed to release so did i.

As we both came at the same time we moaned and somewhat screamed into eachothers mouths trying to quiet ourselves.

“I thought you were a virgin?” I whispered as we got dressed again.

“Guess you were wrong” He winked and left. But notice something. He had taken my underwear.


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