1. Competition by @PervLikeBieber




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Chapter notes:

Written June 2010

“Omg claire have you seen that justin bieber’s got a competition on his youtube channel” My best friend screamed into the phone and scrolled over to see justin biebers page and it said.

“To all the girls out there im having a competition for you. Since my single one time is released one itunes. I want you to make a video where you’r dancing to it, the winner gets to meet me and exclusive backstage passes for my concert. So enter now and winner will be picked out in a week. 14 july. Looking forward to see you girls making you own dancemoves Love justin”
“You should enter Claire your an amazing dancer” My best friend continued into the phone.

“Okay but you need to help me sitting up the camera so come over here now” I said excited. Im not the biggest justin fan but what the heck, i wont win anyway, ill just do it for fun, besides i love to dance, why not show the world?

After a brief ten minutes there was a knock on the door to my little pink room. My best friend maria started to set up the camera while i was making room for me too dance. Id been dancing. Street dance (AN: I dont know any dance styles lets just pretend this is a cool dance lol) since i was 5 and i loved it. When i was dancing it felt like the music and rhytm took over my whole body and i just swinged with it. Maria put on the song and i started to do my crazy arm, legs and hips moves swinging to the beat of one time.

*A week later*

“Omg he’s posting them in five” Maria and i both screamed looking at justin biebers twitter where he’d tweeted.

“Just chose a winner i will post the video in five mins”

“Omg, omg, omg” Maria screamed as the bieberfan she was, i was surprised that she could scream that loud for a boy, i mean imagine what she would scream like if they… Ugh what am i thinking focus. As justin posted he link Maria clicked on it quick.
It took about 30 seconds until we both realized that it was me dancing on the screen.

“Omg you won claire”

“I…i.. won” I said trying to get the word out. I mean sure im not a die hard bieberfan but i have to admit this was pretty cool.

“Omg your gonna be famous” Maria screamed. “And you gonna meet justin bieber omg im so happy for you”

“I know but your the die hard fan you shouldve won instead of me” I said smiling at her i couldnt believe that this competition may have changed my life, and my career. Now i might become a professional dancer.

“Yea but i cant dance” She said hugging me while we were lying on the bed.

*Next day*

I went on the computer to check my mail and saw that there was a mail from justinbieber . com i clicked on it as fast as i could and it felt like my computer took forever.

“Congratulations for winning the contest, justin biebers team will call you in one hour to give you the details and the concert tickets will land in your mail in 3 days” I smiled looking at the email.My cellphone called so i picked it up.

*5 days later at the concert*

“Hey” Justin greeted me while i was walking backstage. He hugged me close smiling. He was looking really hot in his red hoodie and white jeans. I mean the guy’s hot i could never deny that but i wouldnt say i had a crush on him.

“Hi” I said blushing a little.

“So tonight, your going to be my one less lonely girl and your also gonna dance to one time” Justin said smiling pulling me down the hallway excited. He was almost more excited than me.

“Wait im gonna dance. I cant dance in this” I said referring to my hot pink strapless dress that was hugging my body closely.

“I know that, thats why i got you some other clothes” Justin said smirking a little. Damn he got even more hotter when he showed of his perfect teeth. “Here you go sexy” He said pushing me into a room full off clothes. “Pick what ever you want and make sure you look hot” He said before closing the door. Wait a minute, was he flirting hardcore with me? Nah. I thought to myself and started to think of something else. Trying to pick out a cute and sexy outfit.

When i had changed into some ripped white jeans shorts and a black tank top and went out from the room and i saw justin waiting for me outside. When i walked up to me, his eyes were staring at me first my face then my body. Oh god awkward i thought to myself.

“Damn” Justin cussed as he’s eyes were looking down my body.

“Umm thanks i guess” I said shyly blushing a little. Okay im not usually shy, but i mean im gonna dance infront of thousands of people which makes me really nervous and shy.

“You look, wow… sexy” Was all justin could get out when his eyes found his way back up to mine.

“Thanks” I said smiling.

“I hope you’ll be waiting for me backstage cause i want a private show” He whispered into my ear as he hugged me close, his arms running a little bit lower than in a normal hug. I opened my mouth but closed it when i realized i didnt have anything sexy to say.

“Well ill better get on stage” Justin said letting go. “But before i go” He said leaning in close to me, our noses touching, he cocked his head to the left and placed his lips over mine. I smiled and before i knew i was kissing him back, his lips moved in a faster rhytm and then his tongue suddenly pressed onto my lips. I parted my lips giving his tongue entrance to my mouth.

“Justin 5 minutes left” The speaker reported and justin finally pulled away licking his lips.

“Dont forget to wait for me in my dressing room sexy” He said smiling and before i knew it he was gone.

After singing about 4 songs, they finally called me up on stage to be his one less lonely girl. Justin gave my red roses and then it was time for me to dance.

When i was done dancing i ran of the stage but justin ran after me.

“Umm arent you gonna finish you concert” I said trying to catch my breath from the dancing.

“Yes, but rememeber to keep your promise” He smirked. I kissed him fast so no one could see us then i pushed him back on stage, walking to his dressing room. There was a couch the so i laid down on my side smiling to myself.

After 30 more minutes justin entered the room all hot and sweaty he walked over to the couch with a smirk on his lips.

“Ive been waiting” I whispered sexily in his ear.

“Your not the only one” He smirked kissing my lips hard. “Im ready for my private show” Justin grinned at me.

“How about we just…” I said pulling him down over me.

“Yeah lets just do this” Justin said and his lips came close to mine, he looked into my eyes before his lips landed on mine, moving in a fast rhytm just like before, but this time we had all the time in the world to make it perfect. Justin and i both moaned into the hot kiss that was making us both excited, i could feel his hard on against my waist and i threw my legs around his hips, he let out a groan as we both pulled apart just lying down looking at eachother, my legs were still around his waist and a smirk played on both out lips.

“So your not gonna dance for me sexy” justin said with a pout on his mouth.

“Do you want me too” I asked him giggling a little.

“YES” He answered quickly. “How about we dance together” He whispered lifting my up. He grabbed the remote and put on the music. His hand landed firmly on my hips as i was dancing to the beat.

“Damn your good” He said smiling.


His pulled me close so my hips moved against his hips and i could feel him getting more and more excited for every second.I turned around moving my ass down his legs sexily, while i was smirking. Justin lets out a moan as i moved my hips around his waist and i smirked to myself.

“Thanks for letting me win this competition justin” I said smiling while turning back to look at him.

“I chose you, cause i could get enough of those sexy hips in action” He whispered while pressing my close to his body. ”

“Really” I said biting my fore finger sexily, trying to look innocent.

Justins lips crashed on mine and his hands was tugging on my tank top. We broke the kiss apart and he pulled the top over my head whiel smirking. His lips went down my neck sucking a little making me moan.

“You know” I said between my moanings that echoed through the room.

“What” Justin said pulling his lips away.

“Im gonna be the only one that can say i’ve had a real biebergasm” I smirked while pulling the zipper on justins shirt down and pulling his white tshirt over his head.

I was stunned by his sexy body and all i wanted to do was to kiss it. I smirked pushing him up against the wall as my lips travelled down his toned body my tongue leaving little wet trails. I stopped when i reached his jeans and i smirked. He pulled me back up for a wet kiss, his hands trying to unclasp my bra. I smiled guiding his hands to the clasp and he unclasped it and after 5 seconds it was on the ground together with all the other unnecessary fabrics that were covering out bodies.

Justin smiled as he pushed my gently down on the couch.

“Ready sexy” He whispered before entering me. I wasnt a virgin, but it was still hurting a little so i bite my lip. Justin smiled when he saw the pleasure in my eyes and continued to go faster and faster.

“Ugh your so sexy” He grunted while pounding into my hard. I did my best to not screamed but it didnt work as my teeth lost the grip around my lips and i screamed justins name as he went harder and harder. I rolled my eyes back while moanings escaped my mouth every 5th second.

“Dont stop babe” I moaned out as he continued to work with his whole body.

“I wont” He whispered and i started to rock my hips upward.

“Ohh shit” He screamed when i did so.

“Mmm cmon, give me more” I moaned out loud. Then justin suddenly turned us around so i was hovering him.

“Why dont you show me how to work those hips baby” He said smirking as his hand landed on my hips guiding me up and down.

“Sure, ill take you to paradise” I said while rocking my hips up and down harder and harder. Justin bit his lip under me which only turned me on more, and i smirked taking one of his hands smiling. I took his finger and bite it roughly.

“Mmmm” was all justin could get out as i started to suck at his finger, his eyes rolling back into his head. Before i started to rock my hips again. “Faster” He moaned out silently.

“What?” I said playing a little going slower almost stopping.

“Faster” He whispered trying to hold his breath.

“Whats that cant here” I leaned over to whisper into his ear.

“I said faster” He screamed out and i did as i was told.

“Fast enough baby” I said slamming my body down onto his body while kissing his chest.

“Ugh, yes” He said while pulling my hair backwards.

“Good” I whispered into his ear sending chills down his spine.


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