2. Anger by @PervLikeBieber

“Justin what the hell did you do” I screamed as i walked into the living room dropping my bag on the floor.

“What” Justin sat on the leather couch looking questioning at me.

“You know excatly what. You promised not to tell the press about us” I screamed in anger. Me and Justin had been together for a very long time, more specific 3 years. It all started when we were only 16 years old, but by that time justin and i were in medias eyes “Best friends” we swore on a one year anniversary to never tell the press that we were a couple. We’d let them think we’re best friends up until now. I held the people magazine up and read

“International pop star Justin Bieber spills all about his secret love. EXPLAIN THIS”

“Tiff baby i never told em we were a couple”

“I dont fucking care how are we now supposed to have a normal life, i mean how am i supposed to have a NORMAL life? I enjoy being normal, do normal things! I dont wanna dress up for some lame award show or a red carpet event. I like to sit home in ma sweat pants. Now that they’ll know you’d have to drag me everywhere” I was about to walk out the door in anger. I need to someway handle the fact that i might lose my private life.

“Tiffany dont you walk away from me” Justin grabbed my hand and pushed me against the wall.

“Dont you dare fucking touch me Justin” I Screamed in anger.

“Reeeally” Justin moved closer, closing the space between us. “Thats not what you said last night baby” He moves his fingers down my body giving me goosebumps.

“JUST STOP” I was somehow enjoying this even though i shouldnt, not now, Im angry at my boyfriend not horny over him. I tried to jerk away from his hard grip but Justin gripped onto my wrists and put my hands behind my back. “Dont you dare touch me again” I tried one more time but it didnt work at all.

Justin started to kiss down my neck while holding my hands up he started to getting sloppier and sloppier.

“Mmm fiesty, i like it” He smirked at threw me down on the couch, there was no point of fighting him. He was to strong. He turned me around so that i was facing the couch and roughly grabbed my arms.

“What the hell” I yelled confused.

“How about we go upstairs” Justin whispered while motioning for me to stand up.

“What kinda game are you playing on me Bieber” I asked while standing up, justin still holding my arms behind my back.

“The game of love” He smirked while pushing me infront of him. He knew i couldnt help to love when he was rough on me, all those times we’d be playing around in bed, he knew excatly what i wanted and i how i wanted it and im afraid this was one of his cocky games.

Justin slammed the bedroom door open and pushed me down on the bed motioning for me to stay while looking for something in our closet. I decided to play along as always, i couldnt resist a game of love, even thought it was in the middle of the day.

“Lie down” Justin motioned to me to lie down facing the bed as the cuffed my hands to my back. Justin turned me around roughly. Ohh did i mention when we play we really get into it.

He looked into my eyes and gave me a weak smile showing that he wasnt serious before going back into charather, whatever he was playing this time? I wasnt quite sure.

“Spread your legs” He commanded and i did as i was told. Justin pulled down my skirt and moved my panties to the side. “Im sorry but you look so damn hot baby” Justin said looking into my eyes getting out of charather for a brief second.

“What are you gonna do to me” I pout.

“Im gonna rape you bitch” Justin smirked while pushing one of his fingers inside my vagina. Now i atleast knew what he was playing so i played along.

“No please dont” I pretended to struggle only to see the smirk appearing on his lips once again.

Justin didnt say anything he was all in for the act while i pretended the struggle underneath him but it was hard since my hands were cuffed.

“Still” Justin screamed while pushing another finger in me and i couldnt help but moan a little. “Listen bitch” He cussed. “Im gonna rape you so hard that you wont be able to walk tomorrow and your gonna lie down still okay” Justins eyes were filled with desire but his face tried to give away the expression of something completely different.

“Please dont rape me” I whimpered underneath him, his fingers slamming into my hard, it was hard to stay in charather when his was pleasuring me like this. Justin didnt say anything, he just ripped of my shirt and threw my bra on the floor while talking of his own clothes. He hovered me on the bed with a smirk he placed my hands under my head so i wouldnt get hurt and when he let go of my hands he slapped my cheek but not full on hard. His waist straddled my hips and he was ready to enter me.

“Dont” I started to tremble underneath him knowing that it would only turn him on even more as i tried to move my hips upwards and find the strenght in my legs to “get away” from him.

“Ready to say your sorry baby” He wasnt playing anymore, i could tell by the look in his eyes.

“Sorry for what” I asked while he kissed down my neck, his hands playing with my breats drawing invisible cirles around my nipples.

“For spazzing out on me” He pushed himself deep into me and the smirk on his lips where back. “Tell me your sorry” He screamed as he smalled his hard dick into me making me bite my lip hard.

“Im sorry” I whimped while trying to not to moan and i started to once a tremble underneath his body. “Im sorry please let me go” I acted. But justin did the opposite, his hands moved down to my hips as he pulled me up so he could only slam down harder on me. I tried hard not to moan but i couldnt let it in.

“Mmm justin”

“You like when i go down hard on you bitch” He screamed as he pushed himself in and out harder and harder while sucking my neck and still painting on my breasts. He then stopped and threw me on the floor, hard yet gently, making sure i wasnt hurt.

“Get on you knees” He commanded as he uncuffed me. I did as i was told and justin smirked while showing his dick into my mouth hard.

“Suck it” He said as he slapped my ass and i started to suck really hard and i could hear him grunt on the bed while throwing his head back, i could feel him getting harder and harder until he finally came.

“Swallow” He commanded and i once again did i was told without fighting after all, i did enjoy this.

Justin got up and grabbed my ass harsh making my arms weak.

“Its a nice ass you got there” He smirked. Then pushed himself in hard i once again couldnt help but to let out a little moan.

“Work with me bitch” Justin screamed and i moaned louder and louder.

“Mmm Justin fuck me” I screamed while he was fucking my ass harder his fingers creeping around my dripping wet pussy. I felt myself being pleasured from both sides and boy did i love this. I yanked my ass back and forth to while justin were hitting my spots from both sides as i moaned out loud.

“Mmm Harder go harder” I screamed, my arms and knees getting weak on the floor as i felt justins fingers playing around in my wet pussy and hard his dick showed up my delicate ass, his free hand pulling my hair back hard.

“Ohh fuck” Justin screamed as he cummed right into my ass and making me moan.

“Mmm make me cum Baby” Justin continued to slam into my harder than ever and it only took me a few seconds til i cummed hard on his fingers.

“Say your sorry” Justin screamed.

“AWWW GOD” I screamed out in ectasy.

“DO IT” He slapped my ass hard.

“Im sooooorrry” I screamed as i lied down on the floor trying to get my breath back.

“Next time be careful with your words” Justin winked.

One thought on “2. Anger by @PervLikeBieber

  1. I keep reading this one over and over cause I love it….. I love when the characters get angry but eventually starts making out…..so awesome story!!!!! 😉

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