5. Tease by @PervLikeBieber

I was watching justin flashing smiles for the cameras at the meet and greet. It was getting late almost midnight. I’d been here waiting for justin the whole day. I could see the tiredness and boredom in justins eyes. His smile slowly faded away after every picture it became more and more fake. I saw him glasing over at me more and more but this was something justin had to do. It was a part of the work. It was getting later and later but the line was getting smaller and smaller, i sat backstage waiting for justin to finally finish. Justin and i hadn’t been home for months, because of his interviews and concerts. I couldnt wait to get back to our appartment that we have together. Justin finally finished the meet and greet and he sigh as he walked up to me backstage.

“Lets go home” He smiled one of his real smiles.
He brought me outside to his car and opened the door for me, i hopped in smiling and justin hopped in to the driver seat. We begun are 12 miles long drive back to startford. Silence took over the range rover as i closed my eyes trying to get some sleep, but i just couldnt. The streetlights flashed by one after one as we we’re getting further and further away from town. I looked over at justin who was focusing hard on the road even though there were no cars near. I smiled thinking of how long its been since justin and i last time had sex. He’s been so busy with the tour and stuff that we havent got time. I sigh, i wanted to feel his touch and his sweet kisses against my body. I couldnt wait to get home, so we could finally have some alone time.

I closed my eyes once again, this time i thought of how amazing our sex used to be, before we went on tour, justin knew me too well, he knew how to touch me and how to kiss me, he knew were all the sweet spots were and when to go gently and when to go hard. I moaned as i thought of how much time it would take for us to get home.

“Something wrong baby” Justin asked not taking his eyes away from the empty road. We were driving on the country side and there were no cars near.

“No, im just tired thats all” I groaned.

“Okay” Justin said.

I closed my eyes once again but the picture of me and justin having sex remained in my head, his loud groans echoed in my ears and i wished that we would be home already, so i could make the picture reality. I moaned quietly thinking justin wouldnt here.

“Whats wrong” This time justin turned around, his face was blank of tiredness and his eyes we trying to find mine in the darkness. I thought for a second then i got an idea. Why wait when we could do it here, there’s no one on the damn road anyway.

“Sorry babe, im just really really horny thats all” I smirked while meeting justins eyes. Justins face expression suddenly changed and a grin appeared on his face, but he continued to drive.

“We’ll be home in an hour” Justin said turning his face back to face the road.

“An hour” I moaned. “I cant wait that long” Justin didnt turn around to look at me, he focused on the road, with both hands on the steeringwheel. It was hard to get justins attention when he was driving cause all he did was looking at the road, he was a careful driver, he’s always been. But this time i was gonna break him if it would be the last thing id do.

I smirked throwing my legs up at the dashboard so justin got a clear view of my pussy. I wasnt wearing anything under my mini skirt so he was free to look as much as he wanted.

“Baby not now” He said trying hard not to look at me, i smirked. It was working.

“But pleeeeeeeeease im sooo SOOO horny” I said with a seductive voice.

“Im driving” Justin said not even glancing over at me.

“Fine” I said as i played with my fingers on my thighs. “Ill do it myself” I said grumpy.

“Cant you just wait” Justin groaned.

“No” I giggled. My fingers were playing around my legs moving towards my vagina. I smirked a little while looking over at justin. I started to remove the skirt up to my stomach and my fingers played around my bikini line.

“Pleeease Justin” I moaned. “Pleeeease”

“Katie” He groaned. I moved my fingers around my vagina feeling around a little, my fingers we’re getting wet and i was getting excited well more than i was before. I closed my eyes leaning back while i fingered around my opening.

“Mmm justin pleeease” I moaned. Justin gulped.

“Please st… stop” He stuttered. I smirked while moving my fingers around playing with my clit.

“Ohh justin” I moaned while imagine it was him. I could hear justins breathing trying to calm himself down and concentrate on the road. I continued to play move around my clit while adding my other hand, slamming my index finger up in me.

“Ohh yes baby” I moaned as i started to push in and out. I could hear justin gulp once again as my moanings filled the car.

“Ka…katie plllease stop” He stuttered.

“You want me to stop” I said pulling the finger out waving it infront of his face. “I dont think you really want me to stop baby” I said as forced my finger into his mouth, he started to lick it of slowly while i continued to rub my clit. “You wanna know what i think” I asked him seductive.

“Yes” He gulped while trying hard to focus on the road.

“I think…” I said playing with his hair, pulling it a little inbetween my fingers. Moving my face over to his right ear whispering in it. “I think you want some more of that delicious taste” I smirked while licking behind his ear, where his sweet spot were. Justin gasped when my hot breath and saliva hit the spot. Justin continued to drive both hands on the wheel when i pushed one away.

I straddled him on his lap, my skirt falling down over my legs again. I started to kiss his neck roughly while he continued to drive, he tried hard not to close his eyes.

“Baby please stop” He moaned a little as i brusted my wet pussy against his legs, grinding up on his body.

“You want me to stop” I asked him while grabbing his hard on.

“Mmm” He was all he could get out as u rubbed him under his jeans.

“Do you really want me to stop this” I whispered while grinding on his legs, still rubbing him.

“Yeeees” He moaned.

“Do you reaaaally?” I moved closer to him, so that my wetness was rubbing against his hard dick. Justin pulled the car over and pushed me off his lap.

“Thats it come here” He said walking out the car and dragging me out with him pushing me into the backseat. I grinned.

“You finally caved in” I giggled as justins roughness.

“You’ve been a bad girl katie” He smirked while pulling down my skirt.

“Ohh yes i have” I moaned, justin smirked and burried his face in my wet pussy, his tongue flicked around my clit and nibbled it lightly.

“Oh my god justin” I screamed as he pushed his wet tongue into my pussy thrusting it hard. I pulled his har while pushing his head closer.

“Mmm yes baby lick me” I moaned as justins tongue swirled around my clit and his hot breath hitting my wet pussy, chills ran down my spine.

“Oh my god ive been waiting for this forever” I screamed when justin pushed his tongue back in i thrusted my pussy up to his face so he could have more of me.
Justins hands started to run up my shirt and i helped him pushing it off, his hands went behind my back to unclaps it, i let it fall to the floor, justin started to rubb my breast while he continued to lick me.

“Mmm Justin, Youre so good” I moaned, his tongue thrusted in and out faster and faster until i finally came all over his face.

“Thats what you get for being naughty” Justin smirked licking me up. “Now to the hard part of the punishment” Justin whispered with his hoarse voice echoing through the car. Justin pulled down his jeans and boxers to reveal his throbbing dick. I smirked while laying under him. Justin pushed himself close to me his dick rubbing my clit and teasing me. I groaned.

“Justin please” I moaned.

“Who’s the teaser now” He said, his lips crashed down on mine roughly, his tongue pressing inbetween my lips and his hands grasping my body rubbing my breats.

“Justin, i want my punishment” I moaned when he pulled away, his breathing were unsteady as he finally thrust himself into me.

“Justiiiiin” I screamed while he was going down deep into me.

“You like that huh? You dirty little bitch” Justin moaned as he thrusted harder and harder. I wrapped my legs around him to give him full accsess of me. His hips rolling around my and making a smiashing sound when they hit eachother.

“Oh my god baby go harder” I screamed and justin did as he was told. His groanings and moanins filled the air along with my own, it was getting hot in the car and sweat was running down justins face.

“Fuck me justin” I screamed and justin thrusted harder pushing me down against the seat harder and harder. But justin was tired, and he was about to stop when i flipped him over and started to thrust myself down onto him, my hands were on his chest so i could hold myself up. Justin slapped my ass which made me go ever faster.

“Harder” He screamed with his hoarse voice, it made me even more horny than i already was, i did as i was told and slammed my body down harder.

“Oh motherfucking bitch” Justin screamed as i slamed down one last time and i finally came all over him. I cuddled into his chest and laid there in silence.

“Next time cave in right away baby” I smiled.

“I will” Justin giggled while hugging my body close to him.


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