4. Distraction by @PervLikeBieber

“I dont think we should do this right now” Justin said and threw the school books aside on the floor along with his purple backpack.

“Okay” I smiled and threw my school bag on the floor next to his, i walked into the kitchen to make some tea while watching justin making his way over to my tv. Me and justin we had been dating for a while now, we’re pretty serious and everyone knows we’ve been together for the longest times, we’ve had a good relationship so far, nothing bad has happened but there’s always times when we pick up fights but they always end up with make up sex.

“Here you go” I gave him a cup of tea while sitting down next to him in the big couch.

“Thanks” He smiled while pulling a brown string of my hair back and staring deep into my blue green eyes.

“No, justin” I giggled.

“What?” He said with that big teeth showing breathtaking smile on his face.

“We’re not doing it now… we have to study remember?” I said trying to pull of a serious face.

“C’mon i wont take long i promise” That sentence made my burst out laughing totally ruining my serious face.


“Youre mean” Justin pout while taking a sip of his tea.

“Awww baby im so sorry” I brushed his hair out of his beautiful brown eyes.

“You are?” Justin reached, i never said i was sorry for anything, that was just my way of showing people that they cant control my feelings, you know making me feel guilty and stuff.

“No ofcourse not, now lets get to work” I laughed dragging him out of the couch into the kitchen thowring his backpack at him.

“Youre still mean” He said while opening the backpack up getting the books out.

“Yea whatever, by now you should know that no one can control me” I laughed.

“Really what about me” He grinned.

“Not even you” I whispered in his ear while opening my books and i started to study, i every now and then glanced over to see justin thinking of something. But when he saw i was looking he prentended to study.

*30 Minutes later*

Justin suddenly got up from the chair but i didnt bother looking, i just thought he was going to the bathroom or something, but he stopped on the way.

He started to kiss gently down my neck while hugging me from behind. I tried hard to continue to study, ignoring him, but it didnt work.

“Do you mind” I said laughing.

“No go ahead” He smiled while kissing up my neck and the side of my face until he reached my lips, his delicate lips gently brushed over mine and i couldnt help but tilt my head to the side and kiss him back.

“You know i cant resist you when you kiss me like that” I smiled as he pulled away gently.

“I know” He smirked while his arms creeped down over my shoulders, his thumbs massaging my back making me moan a little as he squeezed my shoulders.

“Justiiin we seriously need to study” I groaned.

“Cmon, we can take a break and have some fun, just you and me” He whispered.

“Pleeeeease” I sigh.

“What kinda fun did you have in mind” I turned my head to face him and gave him a wink.

“I was thinking we’ll get down and dirty” He whispered sexy in my ear and i could definitly not resist that.

“Mmm sounds good to me” I moan and justins arms creeped over my shoulders and down on my breats rubbing them gently through my clothes.

“You know i love you right” Justin whispered, i gave him a nod while closing my eyes. He started to rub me harder his hands creeping inbetween my breats and my bra, his fingers lighty brushing over my nipples.

“Mmm Justin” I moaned.

“You like when i touch you baby” He moaned into my ear turning me on.

“Mmhmm” I moaned out, his hands travling back for my bra. “Justin we shouldnt…”

“Yes we should, baby i can tell that you want this” He kissed down my neck. He flipped the chair around so i was facing him. I could see the lust in his eyes, he really wanted this. Damn horny teenagers now adays, can you blame us? no. I stopped fighting back and started to enjoy myself instead.

“Hey baby, remember how you said no one could control you, not even me?” Justin stopped and clasped the bra again.

“Yes” I asked looking at him questioning.

“Im pretty sure i can” He smirked.

“What makes you think that” I whispered seductive.

“Because if you dont do as i say, you will be punished” If i knew justin right punished was something good when i came to situations like this, but the problem is he knew i didnt wanna get punished but he also knew i didnt wanna lose. Why wouldnt i want something good? to be “punished” well because that would make me lose again.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked faking a smile.
Justin walked over to his backpack and picked up his cell putting on a song.

“How about this” He pulled me up from the chair and started to swing his hips around mine. I started to grind up on him hard making sure he got pleasure. I could feel his hard on as i grinded my ass up and down his crotch and when i was getting really into it and that was when the song ended.

“There now lets study” I smirked.

“Wow, wow, wow not so easy there” Justin smirked while sitting down on the chair i sat at before

“What else do you want me to do” I smiled.

“Baby why dont you strip for me” He smirked.

“Okay” I said trying to pull him up to my room where no one could see us.

“Down here” He smirked. I groaned.

“Lets hope for your sake that no one will see this” I groaned as i made my way back into the kitchen seeing justins smirk, he was enjoying this alot.

I started to remove my jeans and panties, letting them gently slide down my legs. I sat down on justins lap straddeling him on the chair. See im not a stripper, but i do know how to do “things”. A creepy sexy grin appeared on justins as grinded my ass on his legs while taking off my tshirt anf unclasping my bra.

“There, anything else dear justin horny bieber” I smiled a fake smile.

“Gasp. im offended” He put his hand over his mouth while making a “o” with it.

“Awww” I giggled while biting my lip, he was actually looking quite good today. Maybe just maybe he was turning me on a little?

Ohh who am i kidding why am i so stubborn, he turned me on alot.

“Im hard for you baby” Justin leaned in to my ear pulling me close so i could feel his boner against my naked body, justins hands once again made their way over to my breats and i threw my head back as he rubbed them.

“I might like this” I whispered back in his ear.

“Mmm thats good” He smirked while pushing me off his lap. He pinned me against the wall and started to kiss down my neck and sucking my breats the feeling of knowing we could be caught at anytime mustve turned him even more on since he pushed my towards the windows on the kitchen while settling me down on da counter, my back facing the window.

His fingers pressed against my wet pussy as he started to suck one of my boobs. I threw my head back so that it hit the window and my breathing became heavier.

“Baby you make me soooo damn horny” Justin moaned while looking me in the eyes. “I wanna fuck you right here, infront of every one” He smirked while pulling his fingers in and out, i was lucky if i could get a word out and i could.

“Do it” I moaned.

“Not yet” He said teasing me.

“Whyyyy” I moaned.

“Im not hard enough yet baby i want to be rock hard when i come into you” He whispered dirty in my ear making me even more horny than i already was which i didnt think was possible.

“Mmm so what do you want me too do” I moaned and justin suddenly stopped fingering me. He lifted me up and threw the books on the floor then laid me gently on the kitchen table.

“Touch yourself” He commanded while watching me intense. Were he serious? Judging by his look he was death serious.

I started to do as i was told and moved my hands all over my body while moving my legs sexily over the table.

“Mmmm Justiiin” I moaned while he watched me his eyes where capturing every single move i made.

“Mmm give it to me baby” I moaned as i pushed my middle finger into myself and i did excatly like justin had done before, pulling it out slowly then slamming back in.

“Mmm baby, your making me so horny over here” Justin said while undressing.
I continued lie down in the table facing the roof with my legs spread, while moving my finger in and out.

“Ohhh baby, harder justin” I moaned and started to thrust my hips up and i looked over at justin who were placed on the chair with his dick in his hand, his hand moving in a fast pace up and down.

“Ohh Rose dont stop doing what your doing” He moaned out. I did as i was told and started going faster.

“Mmm thats it baby go faster” I moaned.

“Thats it i cant take this anymore come over here” Justin screamed while motioning for me to sit on his lap.

“Mmm baby i need you so bad” I whispered while sititng down in his lap, i could feel his hard on pressing against my legs.

“Spread them wide for me” Justin moaned as he pushed me inside of him.

“Mmmm Justin” I moaned as we started to rock back and forth on my kitchen chair.

“Harder baby” He groaned and i tried to step it up but it was hard sitting like this.

“Faster justin, go faster” I screamed and justin stood up and carried me over to the table and lied me down.

“Ready” He smirked.

“I was born ready” I whispered and he started to kiss my neck as he thrusted in and out of me, the feeling could only get better and better.

“Oh my god Justin” I screamed while straddeling his waist.

“Ohhhh gooood” Justin screamed and cummed inside of me the feeling of his cum inside of me making me cum to as we laid there in pleasure and silence.

“We really need to study now” I said while panting.

“Way to kill the moment” Justin laughed while kissing my lips.


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