3. 69 by @PervLikeBieber

I was walking down the pavement my long light brown curls bouncing on my back while my dark brown eyes stared into another pair of brown eyes.

“So, moms making dinner today wanna come” I stopped and smiled while pulling the dirtyblonde/brown hair on Justins head, his arms were now placed around my waist as we stood in the middle of the road. Luckily there was no cars near.

“Sure” He smiled.

“Okay” I winked and pulled him in for a sweet kiss. Then i dragged him over to my house, my leather boots making a clicking sound against the grey pavement. Justin and i had been together for a long time, we were that couple in high school that everyone wanted to be, we had friends, family, and a great relationship not to mention our sex life.

“I gotta go and change” I said and walked into my closet to change from the casual outfit to something a little sexier. So i put on a skirt not to long and not to short. Im not a slut. Then just a simple top over my bra that i didnt even bother to change.

“Wow your looking sexy” Justin smirked and made his way over to me.

“So do you” I smiled playing with his hair. I loved to play around with his swoopy hair and he loved when i did it.

“Elle dinner’s ready” My mom called from downstairs, i lived alone with my mom my dad had moved away and gotten a new girlfriend.

“Okay” I pulled justins hand and dragged him into the kitchen. We sat down with out finger entwined under the table. I smiled while playing with his fingers. Justin suddenly let go of my hand and his fingers started to “walk” up my legs, first the index finger and then the middle finger.

“So how are you justin” My mom spoke up as she stuffed her mouth with spaghetti, she knew it was justins favorite food thats why she made it.

“Im good thanks how are you” He asked my mom while his fingers danced higher on my legs, my mom knew nothing. I decided it was time to give back.

“Im good” My mom smiled. I moved my left hand over to justins legs and started to lightly stroke it with my fingertips. I could feel justin tense up as he tried his best to ignore my playing.

I smirked as i ran my fingers over his crotch. My mom totally clueless of everything.
“So Elle hows school going” She smiled and i smiled back while giving justin a dirty look. I grabbed him hard and felt his dick harden.

“Its great mom, but its hard tho. Reeeeaaalllyy hard” I almost moaned as i grabbed justin harder.

“Aww im sure you be fine right justin” My mom.

“Mmm yes” Justin tried his best not to moan and i sqeeuzed him under the table.

“I better start doing the dishes” My mom got up and went a few feet over to the sink. I turned my head over to whisper in justins ear.

“You like that baby?” I asked while caressing him. Justin nodded. I grabbed onto him harder than before and he gasped.

“Want me to go harder on you” I asked him dirty.

“Do it” He whimpered.

“Wanna know a secret” I whispered while licking the side of his ear. My moms back was turned to us and the thought of getting caught any second must’ve turned us both on since we really didnt care.

“Mhm” Justin moaned quiet.

“Im not wearing any panties now” I smirked. “And im sooo soooooo horny” I moaned the words “So” “Do you want me babe” I asked while trying to stroke justin, but there was something in my way, his jeans.

“Mmm i want you” He moaned.

My mom turned around to look at us and i started to eat my food that id totally forgot about. I continued to rub justin and i started to laugh.

“Whats so funny” My mom asked laughing even thought she didnt know.

“Nothing” I giggled while seeing the “pain” in justins eyes as he were under my control. My mom turned back around again.

“You know id rather bite something else” I whispered and squeezed him while i took a bite of my meetball.

“I cant take it anymore baby” Justin whispered. “Please”

“Ohh you want to stop” I stopped for a second.

“No, please dont” He begged.

“What do you want me to do then” I smirked. “Want me to go harder”

“Yes” He hurried up and answered.

“Your wish is my command” I whispered and went harder. “You better hurry up and eat, there will be dessert” I smirked while looking down on my legs.

Justin hurried up to finish his food and so did i while i continue to pleasure him.
“Food was delicious thanks mom” I dragged justin upstairs so my mom wouldnt see his boner.

“No problem sweetie” She yelled after me.

I closet the door in a swift motion and popped down on bed laughing.

“Aww you dirty ass girl” Justin smirked while hovering me on the bed.

“Aww Justy im so sorry. Please dont punish me” I bite my lip while feeling his hot breath in my face.

“Oh there will be a punishment for you” Justin said while kissing down my neck his hands working their way around my body until they finally found my bra. Justin quickly unclasped my bra and threw it on the floor along with my shirt.

“Lets keep this on” Justin smirked while looking down at my skirt. He head left kisses down my stomach then up my legs. I could feel myself getting more and more excited and my vagina getting more and more wet.

Justin stuck his head under my skirt and begun to lick around my vagina while his hands caressed my breats.

“Mmm speaking of dessert” I moaned as justin licked me harder his tongue entering me.
“Id love to have some myself” I moaned and removed justins face.

“I wasnt done baby” Justin licked his lips.

“I know but i wanna have your lollipop” I smirked and laid him down on the bed. I quickly removed his jeans and bozers. I sat down on his stomach so my back was facing him and i started to suck hard.

“HARDER ELLE HARDER” Justin screamed, good thing my room had thick walls. I started to suck him harder while holding myself up on my knees. I pulled justins hard dick out of my mouth to get some air.

“Lick me justin” I screamed while going “down” again. Justins tongue started to lick around my bikini line teasing me as i dragged my nails against his hardned dick.
“Dont tease me baby” Justin moaned send vibrations against my wet pussy.
“Ill stop when you stop” I bite the tip of justins dick. Justin forcefully pushed his tongue into my wetness and i started to suck him hard. I could feel justins hands stroking my ass then squeeze it a little.

“OH MY GOD JUSTIN” I screamed. Justin continued to lick me harder while i tried my best not to scream to loud.

“Ohh fuck your good baby” Justin screamed.

“Justin” I stopped.

“What” He also stopped.

“I wanna do it on the floor” I smirked while pushing him down to the floor as i begun to thrust my pussy into his face.

“Lick me harder justin” I moan and he did as he was told.

“HARDER” I screamed as his tongue was entering me deep. I sucked justins dick hard and my hands rubbing the parts i couldnt reach.

“Ohhh fuck” Justin screamed as he cummed in my mouth making me explode.

“Mmm, you taste amazing” I moaned while licking my lips. While justin finished. I lied back down on the bed with my skirt covering me.


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